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Eve of 25th



What is Three Kings of New Zealand?

Student research concluded that three Oriental Kings included at least one female.

February 10, 2004

What kind of bells are 112-degrees East of Greenwich, and 38-degrees North of equator?



In which Scandinavian country is the Manger?

What should the voltage and wattage of Rudolph's nose be to guide the sleigh into the foggy night?


What South American Angel stands 3212 feet tall?



What should Santa's minimum weight be such that he is not involuntarily ejected from the sleigh while traveling at 65 miles-per-hour at an altitude compatible with the descent down the elevator shoot of the highest apartment building in your area?  And should such weight be muscle or fat?

Going down a chimney wider than he, at what weight would Santa accelerate the fastest?


Which herb should Santa take so he can find his way through dark homes?  (Hint; it has the word berry in its common but not scientific name.)


Should Santa's eyeglasses be shaped concavely or convexly?


What are the degrees of difference between the European Saint Nicolas and Saint Niklaus?


In the 1500's what cartographic polar bearing directives did Santa receive?


Father Christmas has weighed-in before boarding the sleigh.  After gaining 1.5 pounds/day for 100 days, he is at 375 pounds--above the Christmas normal of 350.  What is his seasonally adjusted weight?

12 Steps of Journey

January - February


What is a desert or aquatic mirage?


Which areas of the brain do the sun, and gift-giving entertain?


Fish and birds propel themselves with horizontal mechanisms.  Which animal(s) and human-made technologies use vertical equipment?


What culture of the world uses for transport a sleigh mobilized by a set of quadrupeds?
5th Who is/are St. Nicholas, Chris Cringle, and Santa Claus?
6th Which culture(s) of the world don their cows with bells to track their whereabouts?
7th For how long has such bell-donning practice existed?
8th What Eskimo and non-Eskimo cultures reside in the North-East of North Asia?
9th How tall are the Eskimos?
10th What is the archeological record of stone-age cultures in Siberia?
11th What is the history of Apollo in Greek mythology?
12th Are there any snow-adapted Antarctic stone-age cultures?

February - March

1st What adaptations do snow monkeys have which enable them to adapt to hot climates?
2nd Are there any Christian linguistic connections to the Nagas of Assam, India?
3rd What is the history of tailoring in Siberia?
4th What is the history of Apollo in Roman mythology?
5th How can we be certain that the Greek sun-deity is the same as the Roman?
6th Where in the world is gold mined?
7th What is the evidence of Paleolithic rope-making practice at Lascaux?
8th Are there any Greek linguistic connections to Christianity?
9th Why is the olfactory bulb called such?
10th What other bulbous physiological features do we Hominids have?
11th Is there any phylogenic possibility that a winged, horse-like animal was associated with sub-arctic cultures as late as 2,000 years ago?
12th In any Eskimo culture, is there evidence of a visit to the desert?

Letters to the Pole

follow-up to activity of Write a letter to the person you believe is a point of guidance

    January, 2004

 and explain which OPEC country you no longer want to do business with.

February Demand full refund from flying mouse Raytheon for $6 billion Patriot missile system.
March Without declaring an emergency, you need to work on the safety of our troops in Iraq.
April Contact gas/oil floor traders of Wall Street and explain while making demands.
May Look at the tree ornaments with this footnote ********** and follow-up by helping the mentioned expanding United States oil/gas companies to understand our standards.

Look at the economic calendar.  The Federal treasury deficit for May of 2004 was $62.5 billion.  Research what is anticipated for August (release date September 13th?) and use your accounting skills to attempt to nullify it.  This should ensure presents under the tree.  Do the same for your state and county.
Research $400 million penalty exacted against Archer Daniels for price-fixing and encourage such action against oil companies.
Brazilian state-run oil company, Petróbras, has expanded its operations potential by $2 billion.  Help them understand our standards.
The Democratic National Convention is on July 26 -28.  The leading economic indicators to be released on these dates are Existing Home Sales, Consumer Confidence, New Home Sales, Durable Orders and Fed's Beige Book.  I know what some of these are.  I have observed these on the msnbc's Economic Calendar.  Each month, for each, this provides the actual, forecast, prior and original.  My father has taken much time with me to help me understand the latter two.  Prior can either refer to last month (e.g., Non-Farm Payroll) or last year (Treasury Budget).  Original is the pre-revised prior number.  It is easily predictable that these will be discussed in their Convention speeches.  Try to understand and follow-up.

July, 2004

ExxonMobile, ChevronTexaco and Petronas of Malaysia have teamed with the World Bank to develop the Doba oil fields in Chad for $1.5 billion, and to build a shipping facility in neighboring Cameroon for $2.2 billion.  Contact these companies and such government to help them understand our standards in that the newly found prosperity of these countries should be appropriately distributed.

Follow-up on any of above. August, 2004

September, 2004

Select a year in the life of Prince Charles, and reconstruct where he was and when.  Are there gaps?  Then research the same year in the life of Liberia's Charles Taylor.  Are there consistencies?
See Energy Pipeline News page of anvilpub.com, and look-up August activity of Royal/Dutch Shell.  Nigeria's Senate has ordered its subsidiary to pay a fine of $1.5 billion US dollars for oil spills, but can't enforce the resolution. October, 2004
November, 2004

November 24th, the day before we celebrate our successful flight from Bloody-Mary's Turn-or-Burn, and the day we celebrate our first inter-racial feast, is also the day we will launch the next step of our anti-socialism campaign.  You may or may not have the day off from school.  If you do, at 9 a.m., I would like oil and gas companies flooded with requests for the information of the origin of the products we purchase, as well as our demand to only buy American.

Wheel of Fortune





Feb. 07, 2005


Feb. 07, 2005



















Ho! Ho! Ho!









Gone With the Wind

How many Civil War Christmases does Scarlet have?

September 07, 2004

Who is Scarlet's absentee date at the dinner?


What Christmas gift(s) does Ashley keep?


What does Aunt Pitty-Pat tell them about her family that we already know?

Why does Scarlet refuse to discuss the war? 11th


Empanadas (snack or sweet version, miniature or large size, baked or fried)

learn foreign language.

"In a medium sized bowl, combine the flour and salt.

establish relationship with petroleum or natural gas-mining company not associated with OPEC and non-Uranium-mining.    
make basic human rights demands.    
make advanced human rights demands.    




one Die Fledermaus tune


one Christmas carol


one piece by Handle


one piece by Bach


tune from favorite Christmas story


foreign language carol


find Christmas tune which pays tribute to the Three Kings and change to non-specific gender language.


peruse Eskimo music and attempt to find Santa Claus as one of the Three Kings/Queens is in its history.


select from various interpretations of A Christmas Carol.


select from foreign language translation of A Christmas Carol.


any favorite.


January make place mats
February make tree skirt
March make shawl
April make gift bags
May make table cloth with ruffle
June make waterproof floor cloth
July using striped fabric, make apron and chef's cap.
August make stockings
September make shawl to wear with Christmas po-teer dress.
October make apron for someone else.
November select appliqués for Christmas clothes.
December using remnants, make table runner(s)


January Madonna and Child with Angels ? c. 1455 Renaissance 
February The Epiphany Gioto ? ?
March ? Gerard David c. 1500 ?
April Last Supper Ugolino da Nerio ? ?
May The Miracle of Christ Healing the Blind ? ? ?
June Find Impressionistic or Neo-Impressionistic depiction of Mother and Child.
July What does Notre Dame mean?
August What is the history of Sainte Chapelle?
September Find stolen Nazi Christmas art.
October What religious portraits did Renoir create?
November Find three different portraits of Madonna and Child by artists of three different countries and compare.

Public Speaking

January What fabric should be used for Santa's suit?

How should the reindeer be prepared for the trip?

March What would Santa do if a hijacker attempted to climb aboard?

Of what materials should Santa's sleigh be constructed?

May In which country should Santa stop first?


What is the present you yearned for the most, but never received?


In language of your choice, describe the role Mrs. Claus must have, but has never been acknowledged.


Statistically, does child abuse tend to worsen during the happiest time of the year?


derive from this month's X-Target below (e.g., atlas linguistics).


In language of choice, formulate your family's Christmas card.


Describe the best, worst, cheapest and most expensive gifts you ever received.  Does cost correspond to satisfaction?


What does it mean to be good?


January How do stone-age cultures use the herbs frankincense and myrrh?
February What is the taxonomy of the Christmas tree?
March Where do reindeer live?
April Was the Star of Bethlehem a comet?
May For how long was the Roman occupation before His birth?
June What is the adaptation Santa shares with raccoons and other animals?
July Attempt to reconstruct the status women had before and after the Roman occupation.
August Target; yourself Students; I want you to write down every familial Christmas interaction you found uncomfortable or disturbing and submit to your teacher.
Parents; I want you to prepare yourselves for the possibility that Child Protection Services may become involved.
September Target; yourself Make a list of all you want for Christmas.  On September 07th when the stockings are placed over the fireplace, insert the list.  But it is not an ordinary list.  For example, if you want an atlas, describe the linguistic application of this word.  Include translation into language of your choice.
October Who are the reindeer-herding Finno-Ugric speaking residents of the Kola peninsula?
November What is the difference between the North and South Poles, and why does Santa prefer to live in the former?
December What is the geologic potential for a white Christmas?

A Christmas Carol

in English and language of your choice

January Can evolution of conscience occur independently or with external imposed help?
February What does the name Marley signify?
March What was original release date?
April What is the significance of the fact that Marley was dead for seven years?
May How did the life of the author influence its formulation?
June What material is included in the book, but is not typically, if at all, included in scripts?
July How do we know that Charles Dickens was a man?
August Write a script about what kind of abusive behavior Scrooge may have experienced in his childhood.
September Find written translation into language of your choice, and review your favorite scene as often as necessary.
October Convert your favorite translated scene into different verb tense.
November Convert into another foreign language verb tense.

Answers to Letter to the Pole

As you already know, I never had anything nice to say about ExxonMobile, until today.  On Wednesday, November 24, 2004, I sent several e-Mails to corporate points of guidance requesting the option to purchase oil or gas which is labeled, Mined in the USA.  I received one response from a computer:  That was Shell Corporation.  And one response from a person who identified herself, and with whom I engaged in a few correspondences these past few days.   She appears intelligent, and responsive.  Before I ask everyone to contact her I would like to remind you not to vent your angers on her.  She is an employee who likely has her own utility bill problems.  And since everyone is looking for a grande finale to this year, maybe this will be it.


Susan's final reply on November 26th



Thank you for your suggestion on having mined in the "US"
pumps at our locations.

Comments such as yours help us to better judge
what is of interest and/or concern to our customers.

Since we function as a single point entry system and route e-mail
to the appropriate business unit, we have forwarded your e-mail
on for review.

Again, thank you for contacting ExxonMobil.

Susan Mitchell
Exxon Mobil Corporation


My Final Reply


I understand that ALL of the gas I buy at the pump cannot feature Mined in
the USA.  But can I at least have a choice?
 ----- Original Message -----
 From: customer.relations.e-mail@exxonmobil.com
 To: vivian lehman
 Sent: Friday, November 26, 2004 10:00 AM
 Subject: Re: General Comments


Susan's Reply



 Your email was sent to me for response.

 The crude oil market is global.  Oil traders, not just major oil
 buy crude from  oil producing countries around the world and sell or trade
 it to refiners around the world.  Approximately one-quarter of the world’s
 crude oil is produced in the Middle East.  The Middle East consumes only a
 small portion of the crude it produces and thus has a large surplus to
 export.  By contrast, U.S. demand for products produced from crude oil far
 outstrips U.S. capacity to produce it.  About one half of U.S.
 must be met by imports of crude and finished products.

 Given the reality of supply and demand, it is inevitable that Middle East
 crude oil will be imported into this country.  Whether it is ExxonMobil,
 other major oil companies or independent oil traders, Middle East oil is
 needed to meet U.S. demand.

 As background, approximately 85% of the crude oil for our U.S. refineries
 comes from domestic and other foreign sources including Canada, Mexico and
 Venezuela. The remaining 15% is sourced  from the Middle East.  In
 addition, like virtually all other marketers of gasoline in the U.S., we
 times purchase gasoline on the spot market.  Much of this spot market
 gasoline is refined in the United States, Europe, or elsewhere from a
 variety of crude oil, some of which is of Middle East origin.  Thus,
 all U.S. gasoline marketers may, at some time or another, sell gasoline
 refined at least in part, from Middle East crude oil.

 I hope you find this information helpful in regards to the issues raised
 the e-mail.

 Susan Mitchell
 Exxon Mobil Corporation


My Reply


 Dear Susan,

 Some gas is mined in the USA.  Some is mined in the Middle East and areas
 of Africa which exploit their laborers.  I would like to buy Made (Mined)
 in the USA as often as possible.

 From where does your company procure its gas?  And when can I drive up to
 the pumps and see this slogan?

 Thank you for your prompt response and integrity.

  ----- Original Message -----
  From: customer.relations.e-mail@exxonmobil.com
    Sent: Wednesday, November 24, 2004 4:03 PM
  Subject: Re: General Comments


Susan's Original Reply



  Your email was sent to me for reply.

  Unfortunately I do not fully understand your request.
  Please respond with additional details concerning your request.

  Thank you for contacting ExxonMobil.

  Susan Mitchell
  Exxon Mobil Corporation


My Original Message on November 24th


  First Name:   vivian
  Last Name:   lehman

  Category:   General Comments
  When will I be able to buy gas labeled Mined in the USA?