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Presents Under Tree

I would like to ask of all certified public accountants to take a small unit of each governmental budget and review it with a fine-toothed comb.



foraging technique; find waste

monthly dollar amount

date completed

January, 2004

social security tax


February state sales tax -1.225% by 12-25  
March unemployment tax $12.25/household  
April property taxes $12.25/household  
May utility taxes $1.225/household  
supplement Vanguard European Stock Index--Mayor Bloomberg's only securities investment according to The Daily News, May 18, 2004, p. 3. ?  
June government sponsored research grants -1.225% by 12-25  
July teenage unplanned pregnancies conceived exactly nine months before graduation  
August taxpayer-financed Republican and Democratic National Conventions  
September taxpayer-financed voter activity  
October election reforms in Florida ?  
November United States tax dollars allocated to protect European countries. -1.225% by 12-25  
December United States tax dollars to United Nations    



Star on Tree

confessions by leaders




historical background



date completed


United Nations General Secretary Kofi Anan

Did a biochemical attack ever occur against the African continent by any European nation which ensued a famine?

The biochemical attack of mustard gas against Ethiopia by the Italian military immediately after World War II.


Jan Prime Minister Kadafi Does Libya deploy nuclear weapons? Libya handed UN inspectors drawings of nuclear weapon. Jan. 23, 2004
Feb American Airlines chairperson  Is there a connection? September 11th occurred at the time this company was considering taking-over British Airways. ?    
Feb North Korean leadership Does North Korea have a nuclear weapons program? Yes, which it is considering freezing.*

Feb. 04, 2004

Feb Founder of Pakistani nuclear program, Abdul Qadeer Khan Did Pakistan proliferate its nuclear weapons program into Iran, Libya and North Korea? Yes.*

Feb. 04, 2004

Mar Russia's Prime Minister Putin How was this accomplished? You were the first to contact President Bush to express condolences over Sept. 11th. ask him.    
Apr Senator Ted Kennedy & Environmental Attorney Robert Kennedy jr. Was moon- landing a biochemical attack? Look at the astronaut's uniforms. ?    
August Iranian Government Have you ever built Uranium-enrichment centrifuges and do you intend to do it again? Yes.  They have recently re-initiated this program.

August 01, 2004--date of press release.

*This is the reason for the Ricin attack.  Do NOT NOT NOT let this stop you.

Height of Tree and Size of Wreath

      progressive information

first twelve branches are for the wreath

6 (6th greatest story ever told after Marc, Matthew, Luke, John and Thomas) x 12 x 25 is ultimate goal for tree


branch organization issue answer/date completed
first American Medical Association When will research be initiated as to how humans can regenerate lost limbs?
second United States Government, anti-trust law enforcement division Is it legal for Microsoft to enforce a registration system such that software cannot be shared, while it charges exorbitant fees per disc (e.g., $200 for Word 2003)?
third American Medical Association When will x-ray or sonogram equipment be invented which analyzes the nerves?  

United States Legislature

Why do the bankruptcy laws, designed to protect debtors from creditors, also protect trustees from shareholders?  
fifth Why are depersonalized trustees allowed the personalized protections under the bankruptcy laws?  
sixth Why are depersonalized trustees allowed personalized fifth amendment protection?  

White House

Why are trustees allowed bonuses and dividends unlike shareholders which are only permitted the latter?


eighth Why are gas and oil companies permitted to charge per gallon more than 10% of the country's minimum wage of $6.15 (i.e., more than 61.5 cents-per-gallon)?
military leadership of United Kingdom Was the United States polio epidemic a result of a biochemical attack?
tenth surgeon general of the United States Is cancer a liver disorder?  


surgeon general of the United States Is multiple sclerosis treatable with the Padma Basic?  
twelfth United Nations Which regions of the world have experienced polio epidemics?  


American Bar Association Why are there no attorneys who specialize in whistle-blowing?  


American Bar Association How are they preparing for National Whistleblowers Day scheduled on Holy Thursday?  


Congress When are gas pumps going to display the region from which the dispensed product is from?



Prime Ministers of China, England, France and Russia If the United States had sided with Germany during World Wars I & II, would Sept. 11th have happened?


Alan Greenspan Is there any way of raising interest rates on savings accounts, while lowering those on loans?


financial sector

Are United States citizens innocently financing terrorist groups?

yes/Jan. 25, 2004



Northern Westchester Hospital Center Did Mrs. Anthrax practice as a nurse in this clinic?  


Office of Professional Discipline Is it possible for a professional to obtain a certificate without a license?  


American Airlines & Federal Aviation Administration Why did the general public wait 2-1/2 years for the release of the pre-crash tape of stewardess Betty Ann Ong identifying the hijackers to the ground crew?



United Airlines, American Airlines & Federal Aviation Administration

Why doesn't United have conclusive evidence that the hijackers were connected to Osama ben Laden, whereas American does?  


Credit reporting agencies How can crimes of identity theft be prevented?  


2nd- wreath

British Prime Minister Tony Blair

Are you the insider to al-Qaeda who is enabling attacks on high-ranking United States and United Nations leaders?

subliminal yes/

Feb. 13, 2004



National Nuclear Security Administration Is Los Alamos (the location where the first nuclear bomb was developed) and other such research facilities, wide open to spies and terrorists?

yes/Feb. 12, 2004



Plum Island Animal Disease Center Is it a coincidence that the Unitarian Society of South Suffolk is near this?



Plum Island Animal Disease Center Is it a coincidence that terrorist Riaz Hussein was educated at a City University near this Long Island facility; Brooklyn College?  


Lehman College of City University of New York Is it a coincidence that this Bronx institute is not far from Plum Island?



English Writing Department of Lehman College of CUNY Were you issuing phony degree to terrorists associated with Plum Island, and did you use the student newspaper as a domain within which they could make on-campus appearances?


Andy Wolf, Commissioner of Human Rights to New York City Mayor Edward Koch, and publishing sub-contractor to Lehman College newspaper What was your involvement with terrorism?  


Lehman College of CUNY At the time I attended in 1984-87, why did your accounting system not have a voucher system?  Were you financing terrorism?  
thirtieth United Kingdom Why did you have to surrender your Middle Eastern colonies after you won World War II?  


Schick Razor Company

Austrian Government

Does your family have links to the lineage which procreated Adolph Hitler, as well as the family which carpet-bagged the South after the civil war--robbing from Caucasians while leaving freed slaves at the mercy of lynch mobs?  


Why is the Middle Eastern OPEC headquartered in your capitol?  



United States Pentagon Is the military death toll in Iraq in part caused by defective US military equipment?

yes/Feb. 24, 2004



Prince William Is Haiti's President Aristide a Uranium smuggler for worldwide terrorism?

yes/Feb. 29, 2004



Prince William What is your most important goal?

To not work/Mar. 01, 2004



National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice After completing your Masters Degree, you spent six years pursuing your Doctorate in political science.  As part of the fulfillment of this discipline, you achieved proficiency in the Russian language.  During this six-year-period, did you live in this nation?



Thomas Butler (March Wreath Ornament) Are you my former neighbor, Lawrence Lawton (a.k.a. Levine) who died in 1985, and was an associate of Adolph Schicklegruber Hitler?  And are you also my recent middle-of-the-night trespasser shining lights into my room?




Deans of Law and  Medical Schools Doesn't it bother you that any high school drop-out can acquire a certificate to practice without a license thereby eviscerating the job market of your graduates and jeopardizing the reputation of your school?  



British Royal Family

Did Queen Elizabeth work with Adolph Hitler?

yes/March 2004



Walter Reed Hospital Is Solaray's Dandelion Root the cure for Depleted Uranium Contamination recently incurred by United States soldiers in Iraq?  


All legislators Why is it legal for someone too young to adopt a child to maintain custody of their biological financial-dependency-mechanism (child)?  


Is it reasonable to infer that someone who becomes pregnant exactly nine-months before graduation as a result of an unplanned passionate act, is going to abuse their child?


fortieth National Organization of Women Why did former president Jill Ireland take the official position, as her response to President Bill Clinton's telephone call to her for help, that the Constitution is non-applicable to issues of male impotence?

forty-first All feminists


Why was there no outrage when feminist-lawyer Gloria Alred filed the law suit on behalf of her former client, ex-fiancée of Dodi al-Faed, that because her client anticipated financial dependency status and henceforth scaled back her work calendar, and because he cancelled the engagement, he owed her compensatory damages?
forty-second Why did they allow a sexual predator to become California's governor in an election which could easily have been upset with a small effort of selecting one candidate and performing one press conference?  
forty-third former presidential candidate Walter Mondale and Executives of 1983 Democratic Party Was Geraldine Ferraro selected as the first woman vice-presidential candidate because her husband had more money than the other female candidates?  
forty-fourth President George Bush Why was the tenure of chair the of economic advisors, Alan Greenspan, extended rather than appointing to his position  someone who has created more jobs than he ever wanted to create; one of my pre-teenage students?  


United Kingdom's Socialized Government How much per-gallon of United States pump-prices is directed into socialism?

13¢/June 27, 2004

forty-sixth Saudi Arabian Government How much per-gallon of United States pump-prices is directed into terrorism?  


United States Military


Was interrogation the reason for Iraqi prisoner abuse by United States soldiers?

No, power hunger was reason (see Tax-Mice)/June 03, 2004


10th- wreath

President George Bush


Will the December 2001 indictment of Enron's former chief executive officer, Kenneth L. Lay, ever be followed-up on?

Yes, minutes after Governor George Pataki initiated his campaign for vice president/July 07, 2004


11th- wreath

United States Pharmaceutical Industry--particularly Pfizer Can prescription drugs be marketed to UNinsured patients at the same price as these are contracted to insurance companies?

Yes, minutes after Governor George Pataki initiated his campaign for vice president/July 07, 2004


12th- wreath

The Daily News

When will the May 2003 conclusion of the accounting of the $24 million of charitable gifts issued by Dick Grasso, former head of the New York Stock Exchange, be made known to the general public?  And when will the general public learn of the $188 million pay package he received?

The day after Governor George Pataki initiated his campaign for vice president/July 08, 2004



United States Justice Department

When will the general public be informed about President Bush's policies on issuing pardons to those convicted of fraud?

Hours after Governor George Pataki initiated his campaign for vice president (see Tax-Mice)/July 07, 2004



International Atomic Energy Agency Director General Mohamed ElBaradei How many companies are violating international law and selling nuclear arms supplies to rogue nations, and which countries are involved in these?

20 companies including one of the United States to Iraq, Iran, Libya, and North Korea, and possibly Saudi Arabia and Syria/July 10, 2004



Cuban Government Is Luis Hernando Bustamante, a leader of Colombia's largest drug cartel which is suspected of smuggling more than $10 billion of cocaine into the United States, in Cuba?

Yes.  He was captured on July 02nd and the information was released to the general public on July 09, 2004/July 09, 2004



United States Military Were the Iraqi citizens tortured by United States soldiers suspected terrorists?

No.  These were possible criminals./July 13, 2004




When will your people begin responding to the Saudi Arabian amnesty of militants who turn themselves in?


July 13, 2004--confident of Osama ben Laden, named Khaled bin Ouda bin Mohammed al-Harby, turned himself in.



Western diplomats How was such precise targeting of Iraqi utility infrastructure possible?

With help of industry employees and other insiders responding to blackmail and threats/July 12, 2004



United States Senate Are there any illegal links between the banking industry of the United States and worldwide dictators (i.e., former Chilean General Augusto Pinochet)  and Uranium and oil mining countries (i.e., Equatorial Guinea)?  And is such activity involved with our oil/gas industry (i.e., Exxon Mobil, Amerada Hess and Marathon Oil)?

Yes.  The Riggs National Bank which allegedly laundered money for these./July 15, 2004




Securities and Exchange Commission When will appropriate regulation of 401(k) plans begin?

In early July of 2004/July 06, 2004



Federal Judicial System When will the pharmaceutical industry (i.e., Schering-Plough) be prosecuted for defrauding insurers (i.e., Medicaid)?

see stocking stuffer and Tax-Mice/July 16, 2004



Chinese Military How was the SARS epidemic exposed?

By a prominent surgeon/whistle-blower Jiang Yanyong, who also condemned the 1989 Tiananmen crackdown.  On June 01, 2004, he was taken into custody, and released on July 20th.



British Government Why did you wait until January of 2002 to stop the 11-year genocide of the people of Sierra Leone who were defending their diamond fields against rebels?

Because by July of 2002 the Bush Administration would complete the termination of the illegal smuggling of diamond jewelry into the United States which financed the Royal Family's extravagant lifestyle./July 21, 2004



United States Justice Department When will there be follow-up on the February 02, 2004 report by Wyatt Andrew's of CBS News concerning Halliburton's (Vice President Cheney's current employer) overcharging practices against the Pentagon?

Five months later, in July of 2004, subpoenas were issued alleging $61 million overcharge.



Inspector General of Military Investigations

When will the report on the abuses by United States soldiers against Iraqi prisoners be released as per the demand of Senator John Warner, Republican chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee?

Parts of report released the day before Congress leaves for the summer, on July 22, 2004.



How many alleged cases of abuses are on record, and of these, how many were performed as part of an interrogation?

94 total cases, 8 cases part of interrogation./July 22, 2004

forty-eighth Jesse Jackson Are two of your prominent organizational members, Regis Groff and Renard Euell, the same person as well as secret husband of National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice?  (Euell being the current CEO of Euell Energy which has ties to the illegal Iraqi pipeline marketed as a Russian gas line.)  

ninth/ 16th

Former President Jimmy Carter and

Jesse Jackson

Why can I not find any photographs of former Liberian genocidal dictator Charles Taylor acting as president?  Is it possible that the few photos I find on the Internet are hoaxes to conceal the fact that the real president was Prince Charles of England?  Are there any photographs of your 1991 attempts to negotiate a cease-fire?

subliminal confirmation that Charles Taylor was Prince Charles of England and that when William was a small child, he was brought to the thatched hut which serviced as his Liberian headquarters.  And that he was strictly told to NEVER mention to anyone that this exists.  He witnessed some dismemberments./July 24, 2004

fiftieth President George Bush When you visited Liberia earlier this month, did you meat President Charles Taylor?
fifty-first Jesse Jackson In your 1988 speech at the Democratic National Convention, why is it that the only labor union you referenced, albeit without mentioning its name, is the same union which Mrs. Anthrax joined?


Cuban leader Fidel Castro When will you begin to release political prisoners, such as the only female jailed in your 2003 drive against dissidents, Marta Beatriz Roque?

She was unexpectedly released on July 23, 2004

fifty-second Former President James Carter and Jesse Jackson The only initiative you had to take to stop the genocide and dismemberments perpetuated by Charles Taylor and his guerrillas was to threaten to reveal his true identity as Prince Charles of England.  Why didn't you?  
fifty-third President George Bush When will the public be allowed to listen to the black box of the September 11, 2001 hijacked airplane which landed on the fields of Pennsylvania?  


United States Air Force

Using high school level physics, can you confirm or deny the black box interpretation presented by the 9-11 Commission that the hijacked airplane which landed on the fields of Pennsylvania, was turned upside-down by the hijackers acting as pilots?  This would, henceforth, reject my theory that National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice, realizing Osama ben Laden lied to her by telling her only two planes were in the plan and that these were post-8 a.m. and had the only destination of the World Trade Towers.  Upon realizing that there were two pre-8 a.m., and that one post-8 a.m. had already struck the Pentagon, she ordered the fourth destroyed.  
fifty-fifth former President Jimmy Carter

Jesse Jackson

Did you promise the European socialists that if your candidate John Kerry is elected president, they will be allowed to resume their tyranny of the Sierra Leone?  
fifty-sixth British Military As per the investigation of the courts, did your soldiers senselessly torture and kill innocent Iraqi citizens?



FBI Does this Bureau of Federal Investigations fire people for attempting to blow-the-whistle on its own failures before and after September 11, 2001?

Yes, as exemplified by the case of Sibel Edmonds, a translator dismissed by the FBI in 2002 for attempting to blow-the-whistle on a co-worker./July 28, 2004



Prince William Why does your military acquire colonies and massacre its occupants?

Because its stone-age peoples might one day throw rocks across the Mediterranean and genocide the people of England./July 29, 2004

fifty-seventh Senator Edward Kennedy It is my understanding that the Cuban Missile Crisis terminated when the Soviets removed their nuclear installations in Cuba.  How was this verified by your brother?  


Prince William Do members of your biochemical weapon wielding culture have to surrender one child for fatal experimentation?

Yes, except the Upper Party/July 31, 2004



President George Bush


Senate September-11th Commission

Did Bush cover-up involvement by Saudi Royal family in this attack?  And was such cover-up motivated by his oil-profit interests?

Yes, according to former Senate Intelligence Committee Chair and current Florida Democratic Senator Bob Graham's new book, Intelligence Matters/September 08, 2004

/ 21st United Nations

Did Sadaam Hussein exploit the United Nations' oil-for-food program?

Yes, according to Charles Duelfer, Iraqi weapons program investigator/October 07, 2004

/ 22nd How much was the alleged exploitation?

$1.7 billion of the allocated $60 billion between 1997 and 2003, the years of UN sanctions, according to Duelfer report/October 07, 2004

/ 23rd Did any associate of the United Nations receive bribes from Sadaam Hussein in exchange for their cooperation in the $1.7 billion alleged theft?

Allegedly, Benon Sevan, the former head of the oil-for-food program according to Duelfer report/October 07, 2004

/ 24th Chinese, French and Russian Governments Are these involved with the exploitation by Sadaam Hussein of the United Nations' oil-for-food program?

Allegedly yes, and were selected by the Iraqi regime because they wanted sanctions lifted, according to Duelfer report/October 07, 2004

/ 25th Switzerland Were you involved in the oil-for-food exploitation?

Allegedly yes, according to Duelfer report/October 07, 2004

/ 26th British Monarchy

Who is Prince Harry?

The Sun, January 13, 2005

/ 27th United States Military Is just following orders an excuse to abuse Iraqi prisoners?

No, as spoken by the jury after less than five hours of deliberations as they convicted Army Spc. Charles Graner Jr. of the Abu Ghraib prison/January 15, 2005

/ 28th United Nations

Is your Development Program routinely funding two Hamas front organizations?

Yes, according to Israel Defense Forces and Dore Gold of powerlineblog.com/January 19, 2005

/ 29th If the answer is yes to the above question, which organizations?

Tulkarm Charity Committee & Jenin District Committee for Charitable Funds, the latter having been characterized by Yasser Arafat as "the capital of the suicide bombers".

/ 30th How much?

Donations between $4,000 up to $10,000 formalized by receipts and thank you notes.

/ 31st Anything else we should know?

The United Nations Relief and Works Agency is dominated by many Hamas members.

/ 32nd Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice When will you loose your I'm-getting-away-with-it smile?

As soon as someone notices you look just like FBI most wanted terrorist Ahmed Khalfan Ghailani/January 29, 2005



United States Government Who is going to find all the other Most Wanted terrorists wandering around the White House on such payroll?

George Bush is./February 08, 2005


Tree Ornaments

to pay the taxes on tara

ultimate goal is (6 (6th greatest story ever told after Marc, Matthew, Luke, John and Thomas) x 12) (6 x 25)












terminate Tony Blair leadership

threaten to discontinue oil/gas business with his comrade Putin of Russia by plugging the leads.

1st step completed on Jan. 21, 2004; worldwide demand for oil from OPEC declined over three billion barrels-per-day.*

Feb politics convert Presidential Bush into a useful public servant increase Disposable Income (as it is chained to inflation figures of the year 2000) Late February release date of Department of Commerce's January figure; 0.6****
Feb politics reduce level of acid rain which potential state candidate has best plan? 1.225%  
Mar politics larger savings accounts recover monies lost by Mario Cuomo as New York State Governor, and Andrew Cuomo as Housing Secretary. $12.25/ household  
Apr politics ? find local whistle-blower. ?  
Apr politics terminate Tony Blaire leadership threaten to discontinue oil/gas business with his Comrad Putin of Russia

OPEC declines production by one million barrels-per-day--we can handle it!



shift control of oil/gas pipelines from overseas companies into United States.

Plains All American Pipeline announced that its subsidiary has acquired the a pipeline system of Unocal Canada Limited.

May 07, 2004 announcement, effective date January 01, 2004.




shift control of United States oil/gas pipelines from OPEC-friendly to others.

Duke Field Services acquired for $74 million ConocoPhillips assets of southeast New Mexico.

May 3, 2004




politics focus on Initial Jobless Claims for year-to-year reduction of 122,500 year-to-year comparison of week-ending April 26, 2003 to week-ending May 1st of 2004, Initial Jobless Claims declined 135,000; from 453,000 to 318,000 revised 2004 figure released May 08, 2004


politics expose Sadaam Hussein's relationship with corporate England One of the Britain's blue-chip engineering groups, Weir, rescinded its denial that it made payments to this Iraqi regime as part of the United Nations food-for-oil program. July 23, 2004



politics focus on Initial Jobless Claims for week-to-week reduction of 25,000 week-to-week comparison of week-ending January 08 to week-ending January 15, Initial Jobless Claims declined 48,000; from 367,000 to 319,000 revised figure released January 22, 2005



larger savings accounts


$122.50/ household

Jan economics higher consumer sentiment biggest one month jump in more than 11 years--10.6 points to 103.2 Jan. 16,



Feb economics terminate Tony Blair leadership examine financial source for socialism $12.25/ household  
Feb economics larger savings accounts Jan. unemployment rate drops to 5.6%--lowest level since Oct. 2001.* Feb. 06,



Feb economics larger savings accounts Dec. factory orders surged 1.1% after Nov. 0.9% drop Feb. 04,


Feb economics lower statistics renders greater strength consumer confidence falls sharply, resulting in stocks breaking five-day losing streak: 9 point drop, 35 point Dow-gain and 18 point Nasdaq-gain. Feb. 25, 2004
Mar economics strengthen economy increase Disposable Income (as it is chained to inflation figures of the year 2000) Late March release date of Department of Commerce's February figure; 0.3****
Mar economics reduce acid rain ask adopted company what extra expenses they have as a result of this (e.g., building maintenance, etc.) $12.25/ household in dividends  
Apr economics ? find local whistle-blower. ?  
Apr economics encourage corporations to keep experienced high-paid workers with seniority in their company. dismiss from the DOW 30 companies such as Kodak who practiced such massive dismissals.** April 02, 2004
Apr economics divert United States gas/oil control from naughty to non-naughty U.S. corporations. Sunoco Logistics Partners completed acquisition to buy from ConocoPhillips two refined product terminals in Maryland and Virginia for $12. million. April 28, 2004


May economics close the gap between excessively greedy mutual fund investors, and working class investors. Securities and Exchange Commission ordered mutual funds must have board chairmen who are independent of the company managing a fund's portfolio. June 24, 2004
June economics full scholarships to students who exercise freedom of speech. Smith College gave such to Tiffany Schley before she exercised such--see Who will Dance.  They must be doing something right. June 26, 2004--date of exercise
July economics publicly forced resignations of CEOs who receive grotesque bonuses, especially those of poorly performing companies. Sir Peter Davis, chair of J. Sainsbury, Britain's oldest supermarket chain, resigned after heavy criticism of his £2.5 million/$4.55 million bonus despite 2003 performance. July 01, 2004
July economics divert United States gas/oil control from naughty to non-naughty U.S. corporations. Buckeye Partners purchasing pipelines and terminals from a unit of Shell Oil for $530 million. July 02, 2004



July economics reduce initial jobless claims by at least 25,000/week Labor Department reported week-to-week decline of 40,000 to 309,000 week ending July 02, 2004
July economics corporate America allows itself to be influenced by the average salaried worker Consumer Confidence hits two-year-high, 106.1, after four straight months of rising. July 27, 2004
Aug economics larger savings accounts most of the 1,000,000 job gains April-June of 2004 are in fields which pay above national average:  professional services, construction and health care. July 31, 2004--date of press release
Aug economics Wall Street strength July Consumer Confidence plunged to 98.2 from 105.7--first drop since February.  Stock market responded with 51.40 increase. August 31, 2004



reduce level of acid rain

ask adopted company


Jan ecology  find alternate energy sources Royal Dutch Shell Group will build largest solar energy plant near Leipzig, Germany to power 1800 households.

To maintain position, this company must provide post-construction accomplishment of elimination necessity for at least one OPEC country.

Jan. 20,


Feb ecology larger savings accounts enforce penalties for ecological infringements $12.25/ household in offsets of state and local taxes  
Feb ecology find alternative energy sources Dow Chemical and General Motors partnership in that the latter is providing hydrogen fuel cells potentially powering 2% of the chemical plant, or 25,000 homes/year, with only water as emission. Feb. 25, 2004*
Mar ecology eliminate biochemical warfare ask adopted company how much of their insurance premiums is devoted to this issue. $12.25/ household in dividends  
Apr ecology ? find local whistle-blower ?  
May ecology pressure oil/gas companies to respect environment. Colonial Pipeline Company plead guilty to largest fuel spill ever in East Tennessee waters and agreed to pay $400,000 in penalties. May, 2004


July ecology encourage European socialist nations to find alternative energy sources Spanish village of Higueruela builds 15-story windmills. July 13, 2004
July ecology direct tax monies designated for wildlife preservation into wildlife preservation projects. California and the United States Fish and Wildlife Service bought 16,500 acres of salt ponds in San Francisco area for $100 million restoration. July 20, 2004--date of press release.
July ecology  improve quality of life while saving money Californian Central Valley's $4 billion dairy industry converts what was ozone damaging cow manure, into electricity;



energy- conservation



July 27, 2004--date of press release


human rights eliminate fatality rate of US troops in Iraq tell Cheney the penalty exacted for each $1.225 billion  


human rights reduce level of acid rain how does such affect arability of lands abroad? reduce need for United Nations funding by $1.225/tax contributing household  


human rights eliminate child slave labor ask adopted company how much is actually saved or spent (e.g., added shipping costs abroad) $12.25/ household  


human rights ? find local whistle-blower ?  


human rights de-throne Prince William stop importing oil/gas from Russia (i.e., Iraq) by removing Russian and associated workers from Iraq.

April 14, 2004


human rights divert United States gas/oil control from naughty to non-naughty U.S. corporations. Philadelphia terminal of Exxon Mobil acquired by Kaneb.

May 06, 2004



human rights cultivate a non-racially selective Christmas African Americans increase stock and mutual investing; 68% of such households and others plan such countered by 80% of Caucasian.  In 2002, 75% African American invested, and in 2003 this declined to 61%.

June, 2004*


human rights encourage gender egalitarianism Boeing will pay as much as $72 million to settle sexual discrimination class-action suit.

July 16, 2004


human rights prosecute those who help finance genocide Rwandan former finance minister, Emmanuel Ndindabahizi, sentenced to life-imprisonment for his role in genociding 800,000 Tutsis and moderate Hutus in 100 days.

July 16, 2004


human rights time a non-issue for deliverance of justice Springfield, Massachusetts Diocese reached $7 million settlement with 46 people who alleged priests molested them when they were children.

July 22, 2004

Jan health        
Feb health        
Apr health        
Apr health strengthen economy increase Disposable Income (as it is chained to inflation figures of the year 2000) Late April release date of Department of Commerce's March figure; 0.2****
June health find inexpensive ways to treat deadly diseases vitamins may delay development of AIDS June 30, 2004
July health focus on Initial Jobless Claims for year-to-year reduction of 122,500 Year-to-year comparison of week-ending July 5th of 2003 to week-ending July 2nd of 2004, Initial Jobless Claims declined from 441,000 to 309,000; 132,000. revised 2004 figure released on July 15, 2004


Prince William de-throne invent tamper-proof asthma inhaler by first finding tampering technique ?  


Prince William eliminate fatality rate of US troops in Iraq inquire as to how such was eliminated for troops from United Kingdom ?  


Prince William ? ? ?  


Prince William ? find local whistle-blower. ?  


Prince William de-throne General Motors will release in the Fall a coal-generated backup generator which also serves as a pickup truck--40 million tons of United States mined coal rather than 200 million-barrels-per-year of foreign oil.

May 11, 2004


Prince William divert United States gas/oil control from naughty to non-naughty U.S. corporations. Louis Dreyfus Energy acquired West Texas natural gas pipeline system and Hattiesburg terminal from Exxon Mobil.

April 23, 2004



Prince William larger savings accounts highest national price-per-gallon for pump-gas declined from $2.99 on May 11th, to $2.57.

May 17, 2004**


Prince William evisceration of socialism ensuing stronger European economy. European Union's economy expected growth likely to exceed 1.7% forecast for this year.  (I will guess OPEC receives large kick-backs for financing socialism.)

July 02, 2004


Prince William blue chip companies prefer solar to gas. General Electric expects $1 billion-a-year in solar sales resultant of its less than $200 million purchase of Enron's former wind turbine business:

more sun


less gas


more profits


less socialism.

July 28, 2004--date of press release


leadership account-ability ? $122.50 /household by  12-25  


leadership account-ability ask adopted company $122.50/ household by  12-25  


leadership account-ability preserve social security funds by ordering California's Bank of America to pay at least $75 million, up to $1 billion.

Feb. 26, 2004


leadership terminate Tony Blaire leadership research Osama ben Laden's status before Tony became British Prime Minister. $12.25/ household  


leadership ? find local whistle-blower ?  


leadership encourage corporations to keep experienced high-paid workers with seniority in their company. After 3,726 complaints against Dell to the central Texas Better Business Bureau and 504 to this State's attorney general's office, this corporation moved its product support from India back to the United States.

April 28, 2004


leadership larger savings accounts reduce price-per-gallon of gas at the pump in the state at the center of the illegal pipeline controversy; California from $3.19 on May 08th, 2004 to $2.99.

May 11, 2004**


leadership strengthen economy increase Disposable Income (as it is chained to inflation figures of the year 2000) May 28 release date of Department of Commerce's April figure; 0.4****


leadership distribute accessibility to oil/gas Enron's $2.2 billion sale of North American natural gas pipeline business to NuCoastal. May 21, 2004



leadership monies equitably distributed between shareholders and CEOs $7 billion lawsuit filed concerning merger between J.P. Morgan Chase and Bank One   July 01, 2004


leadership executives held responsible for frauds and conspiracies which lead to collapses of multibillion-dollar corporations. Adelphia Communications Corp. founder John Rigas and his son, Timothy found guilty on 18 counts of bank fraud, securities fraud and conspiracy and each face up to 30 years in prison for most serious charge. July 08, 2004


leadership improve quality of life while reducing energy costs. With financial incentives by its government, Japanese solar-power engineering company Sharp is developing its business. July 28, 2004--date of press release.


leadership reveal true character of The New York Times Justice Department began probe of post-September 11th link between Times and Texan- Palestinian terrorists. September 29, 2004--date of press release.


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whistle-blowing encourage testimonies of victims Morgan Stanley settles sex bias lawsuit by agreeing to pay $54 million.

July 12, 2004


whistle-blowing requitals by corporate America for National Whistleblowers' Day of April 08, 2004 According to Advisen Ltd., for period of April, May and June of 2004, sale prices of major lines of commercial insurance policies either fell or stayed the same:  39% fell, 17% same, 44% rose.

July 15, 2004--date of New York Times article


whistle-blowing requitals by corporate America for National Whistleblowers' Day of April 08, 2004 Schering Plough must pay total of $31 million to three whistle-blowers who endured emotional abuse for several years for refusing to cooperate with, and ultimately blowing-the-whistle on, $345 million of fraud against Medicaid.

July 31, 2004


whistle-blowing Prosecutions. Frieda Hanimov, Brooklyn mother, and prosecutors, used under-cover work to expose alleged divorce court-bribery/ custody-fixing conspiracy--trial in progress.

August 31, 2004

*This is such an extraordinary accomplishment by you, that I expect your adopted companies to award a special scholarship for you based on their savings on their utility bills.

****Goal is minimum of 0.25/month.  Economists believe 0.15 is good.

*To maintain ornament, I need assurances that these jobs are not going to people who can best grotesquely supplicate to and entertain the egos of employers, but rather to the most competent for the jobs.

**See Notes of April 14, 2004 for more elaborate explanation.

**source; gaspricewatch.com

**********source; anvilpub.com.

*The Daily News, June 24, 2004 citing Ariel/Schwab 2004 black investors survey.