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Die Flèdermaus

Who insults the tax collector?

tax collector government insulter insulter's employer $$$ date
Phil Amicone,  Mayor

John Spencer, former  Mayor

Kathy Spring-Spencer, chief of staff for both

Yonkers, New York Rich Calder The Journal News

CBS New York


Feb 08, 2004

Department of Labor, with

WCBS Radio

"several businesses"

New York State Fredric U. Dicker

 Party Chair, Michael Long

The New York Post

State Conservatives


Feb. 21, 2004

Bank of America Social Security California jury none

$75 million-$1 billion

Feb 27, 2004

United States Army's Comanche helicopter Pentagon Ralph Peters The New York Post


Feb. 27, 2004

monthly payments to Ahmed Chalabi's Iraqi National Congress Pentagon ? The Daily News $340,000/


May 22, 2004

money designated to rebuild financial district around former World Trade Towers, went to developers of prime real estate in midtown Manhattan and Brooklyn, and to builders of luxury housing. Congressional Liberty Bonds

Michael Powell and Michelle Garcia washingtonpost.

com and msnbc

$8 billion

May 22, 2004

 purchases of rarely used commercial airline tickets between 1997 and 2003 Pentagon Chip Reid msnbc

$100 million

June 23, 2004

taxation of pump-prices.  Example:  "Last week in Texas, one gallon of regular unleaded gas averaged $1.89....If you filled the 15-gallon tank on your mid-size Sedan at that price, you spent $28.35." $2.76 federal government 9.7%; "to build roads and name them after congressman." James Scott


The Daily Texan


30.44% of pump-gas goes directly or indirectly to federal, state and local taxes

June 28, 2004

$3.00 State of Texas 10.6%
$1.72 sales tax 6.07%
$3.99 Exxon's tax bill 14.07%
$11.47 not us 30.44%
government officials who fail to direct any monies into alternative energy sources.


gas station in Manheim, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania

 Noah Wenger and other dignitaries who helped pump-gas

Kathleen McGinty

Worley and Obetz


State Senator


State Secretary of Environmental Protection


? June 28, 2004
two arrested in alleged defraud scam concerning construction and school repair contracts. Brooklyn public schools ? United States Attorney General $70 million

July 01, 2004

Schering-Plough, pharmaceutical manufacturer Medicaid Gardiner Harris

Federal Prosecutors

and three whistle-blowers:

Beatrice Manning, Charles Alcorn & Raymond Pironti

The New York Times




$350 million

July 16, 2004

Lockheed Martin allegedly sold 50 planes which do not meet military standards United States Air Force Defense Department Investigators

Associated Press

$2.6 billion

July 23, 2004

FBI In 2002, this government agency fired translator who attempted to blow-the-whistle on compromised work and henceforth, compromised national security. victims of September 11, 2001 Sibel Edmonds FBI ?

July 28, 2004 FBI admitted to retaliation against Edmonds.

United Nations Oil-for-Food Program to serve subsistence needs of Iraqi citizens United States Justice Department and Federal Court hundreds of millions

January 19, 2005, Iraqi-American businessman pleaded guilty in embezzlement conspiracy

Who humiliates the flying mouse?*

flying mouse nature of droppings humiliators humiliators'





General Electric

Vice President Richard Cheney

supporting terrorism. Leslie Stahl

William Thompson

 Police and Fire-Fighters

Roger Robinson

David Peterson

60 Minutes

New York City Comptroller

New York City

research firm in Washington

Arizona State Retirement System

Jan. 25, 2004

Halliburton overcharging Pentagon. Wyatt Andrews CBS News Feb. 02, 2004  
North Korean leadership developing nuclear weapons and lying about it.* My Students Feb. 04, 2004  
Founder of Pakistani nuclear weapons program, Abdul Qadeer Khan developing nuclear weapons, and proliferating these into Iran, Libya and North Korea.* My Students Feb. 04, 2004  
Exxon must pay $4.5 billion for Exxon Valdez oil spill Judge Holland Supreme Court Jan. 28, 2004  
Vice President Richard Cheney still on Halliburton payroll, one million dollars-per-year Robert Bryce and Julian Borger The Guardian of the United Kingdom March 12, 2003, still available on Feb. 08, 2004  
Car financing industry creating systematic over-charging of customers Duane Overhold

Jim Acosta

former car salesman

CBS News

Feb. 12, 2004
Environmental Protection Agency "knowingly using unreliable data when it denied a petition to halt the use of sewage sludge for fertilizer." David Lewis

Erica Werner

fired EPA whistleblower

Associated Press/CBS News

Feb. 05, 2004
Department of Energy--nuclear weapons factories and research laboratories

Linton Brooks, head of the National Nuclear Security Administration

inadequate security


Ed Bradley

General Accounting Office

Richard Levernier

Matthew Zipoli

Charles Grassley

Chris Steele

60 Minutes

Federal Government

demoted within Department of Energy

fired from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

United States Senate

suspended from Department of Energy, Los Alamos security

Feb. 12, 2004
Plum Island Animal Disease Center inadequate security

release of bacteria

Michael Christopher Carroll

Jennifer McLogan

author, Lab 257

CBS local news

Feb. 16, 2004
Wall Street's Mutual Fund Industry--Janus, Bank of America, Invesco, etc. insider trading after bell- closings in anticipation of opening prices as these respond to the interim news Noreen Harrington

Bob Simon

whistleblower, mutual fund industry

60 Minutes II

Feb. 18, 2004
New York State Attorney General Eliot Spitzer

Dean Faiello

issuing a physician-certificate without a license to Faiello resulting in alleged murder of bank analyst Maria Cruz Greg Gittrich

 Jonathan Lemire

 Leo Standora

The New York Post

Feb. 19, 2004
Sal Sodano, CEO Amex

Peter Quick, Amex President

American Stock Exchange Membership Co.

Sadano will receive $22 million dollars

Quick will receive annual salary and bonus totaling $1.1 million, & $1.5 million for negotiating Amex from NASD.

Jenny Anderson Feb. 24, 2004
North Korean Prime Minister Kim Jong II

United States Democratic Party's John Kerry

Is it possible the Prime Minister is awaiting  presidential election of a democrat before negotiating termination of nuclear arms program? Peter Brooks senior fellow, National Security Affairs at the Heritage Foundation, and writer for The New York Post Feb. 24, 2004
Dale Hilpert, CEO


Hilpert worked two months, and will receive $6.1 million in pay and bonuses if predictable bankruptcy filing occurs this week. Paul Tharp The New York Post Feb. 24, 2004


Military ignored obvious defects in Patriot missile system manufactured by this company at a cost of $6 billion. Ed Bradley

Air Vice Marshall Tony Mason

Robert Riggs

Joseph Cirincione

Phillip Coyle

60 Minutes

British Parliament advisor, British military

Dallas, Texas KTVT

Congressional investigator

former Assistant Secretary of Defense

Feb. 24, 2004
United States Senate Their stocks outperform market. Deborah Brewster msn.com Feb. 25, 2004

United States Transportation Department

Manufacturing tires  "catastrophic tread separation" tires cleared by government. Sharyl Attkisson CBS News Feb. 26, 2004
New York State Attorney General Eliot Spitzer

Dean Faiello

(see Feb. 19)

Attorney and prosecutors compromised investigation thereby allowing Faiello to continue medical practice which led to Cruz's murder. Pablo Guzman CBS Local News Feb. 27, 2004
Prince William

Haiti's Aristide

Latter is Uranium smuggler promoting the terrorism regime of the former. Feb. 26, 2004

CBS News & 60 Minutes

Westchester County Bar Association Grievance Committee Chair, Robert P. Dohn

Participated in harassment of me before and during overthrow of Aristide. Feb. 26, 2004
Thomas Butler convicted of signing bogus research contracts and improperly shipping bubonic plague overseas.  Sentenced to two years. ? FBI

Texas Jury

Mar., 2004
Sandy Weill, Citigroup

Stan O'Neal, Merrill Lynch

Jimmy Cayne, Bear Stearns

Hank Paulson, Goldman Sachs

Ivan Seidenberg, Verizon

Gary Forsee, Spring

annual pay-packages--$16 - 44 million.

Nancy Dillon The Daily News Mar. 23, 2004
Bush and Clinton Administrations ignored obvious terror threats Richard Clarke former top counter-terror official of this Administration and author of bestselling book about the debacle. Mar., 2004
New York State Judges fixed elections Jeremy Creelan

Richard Schwartz

New York University's Brennan Center for Justice

The Daily News

Mar., 2004
Qwest CEO Richard Notebaert received 2003 pay raise; $1.4 - 4.0 million in salary and bonus. ----- Reuters April 04, 2004
ChevronTexaco Corp.

Net income rose from $1.92, to $2.56 billion this last quarter of 2004.  It refines oil in North America, the U.K., South Africa, the Philippines, and Central America.  This company had $6 billion in cash as of March 31, 2004. Joe Carroll reporter, Robert Dieterich, editor Bloomberg.com May 01, 2004
Phillips Petroleum




GREKA Energy

Saba Petroleum

All United States companies doing business with Chinese oil/gas companies without any interest in human rights issues. ? Stanford.edu: "Swimming Upstream; Foreign Oil Companies in China" September 19, 1999
Riggs Bank of Washington, D.C.

governments of Saudi Arabia and
Equatorial Guinea

failing to place/follow money laundering safeguards. Mark Felsenthal Reuters


May 13, 2004
Shell Oil shutting down refinery in Bakersfield, California earlier than expected to boost gas prices.




California Senator Barbara Boxer

Attorney General Bill Lockyer

whistleblowers who complained to the Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights in Santa Monica.

Associated Press (author anonymous)

Oakland Tribune (author anonymous)

Federal Trade Commission (official anonymous)

State of California

May 19, 2004
Hollywood celebrities financing terrorism David Wright National Enquirer May 22, 2004
Queens Councilman Alan Jennings

Council Speaker Gifford Miller

Top counsel Tom McMahon

alleged sexual harassment and conspiracy to intimidate alleged whistleblower-victim Saphora Lifrak

Frank Lombardi

lawyer on council's legal staff

The Daily News

May 28, 2004
Martin Grass, Rite Aid's ex-CEO one of the largest cases of accounting fraud in history of corporate America, as well as obstruction of justice Sylvia Rambo

David Voreacos

Federal Judge

The Daily News

May 28, 2004
Archer Daniels Co. settled price-fixing case by agreeing to pay $400 million in penalties plaintiffs of civil class-action lawsuit June 17, 2004
Richard A. Grasso, former chairman of the New York Stock Exchange received $250 million in benefits and compensation possibly in violation of New York's not-for-profit law those who pressured New York State Attorney General Elliot Spitzer to file the action one year after his resignation. May, 2004
Khartoun government of Sudan possibly encouraging new genocide in Darfur. Physicians for Human Rights

Marc Lacey, The New York Times

June 24, 2004
Army Spc. Jeremy C. Sivits  received maximum penalty for perpetrating abuses of Iraqi prisoners. United States Military May 19, 2004
Two 19-year-old Marines:  Andrew Sting and Jeremiah J. Trefney pleaded guilty to Iraqi prison torture practiced NOT as part of an interrogation, but to satisfy power hunger. June 03, 2004
J. P. Morgan Chase

Bank One

$70 billion lawsuit filed concerning distribution of monies to shareholders Shareholders July 01, 2004
Chinese Government 530,000 freely rally in Hong Kong demanding democratic freedoms Chinese citizens July 01, 2004
Sir Peter Davis, chair of J. Sainsbury, Britain's oldest supermarket chain heavily criticized for receipt of £2.5 million/$4.55 million bonus despite companies poor 2003 performance. Those who were critical July 01, 2004
eight oil giants received subpoenas from Floridian investigators concerning gas-pricing methods. Florida's Attorney General and Attorney Genrals of Vermont, Ohoi, Pennsylvania, Alabama and Nebraska



July 03, 2004
President George Bush Issued 19 pardons during his presidency to those convicted of fraud. United States Justice Department

The Associated Press


July 07, 2004
Bernard J. Ebbers, former chief executive officer of MCI, formerly known as WorldCom Allegedly borrowed $408 million for personal usage and guaranty his financial obligations to third parties.  And allegedly masterminding $11 billion in accounting fraud which led to MCI's bankruptcy.  Mr. Ebbers plead not guilty to charges of conspiracy, securities fraud, etc. MCI as plaintiff

Bloomberg News

The New York Times

July 10, 2004
CSX Railroad

Federal Department of Transportation

Tennessee Department of Transportation

Decade long failure to respond to excessive fatality rates at crossings. Parents of victim, Hilary Feaster

whistleblower, Terry Cantrell

journalist Walt Boganich

Tennessee Department of Transportation

The New York Times

July 12, 2004
Riggs National Bank

former Chilean Dictator Augusto Pinochet

Equatorial Guinea (uranium and oil mining country)

Exxon Mobil

Amerada Hess

Marathon Oil

Allegedly co-conspirators in money laundering

Timothy l. O'Brien of The New York Times

Senate sub-committee on investigations

July 15, 2004
finance minister Emmanuel Ndindabahizi, finance minister Rwandan government in 1994 helped finance 100 day genocide of 800,00 Tutsis and moderate Hutus The New York Times July 16, 2004
Sankoh, leader of rebels against people of Sierra Leone

Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi

co-conspirators in genocide perpetuated between 1991 and 2002. war crimes court of Sierra Leone June


July  2004

Britain's blue-chip engineering group, Weir rescinded denial it made payments to Sadaam Hussein as part of its participation in the United Nations food-for-oil program. British Courts and

Terry Macalister of The Guardian

July 23, 2004

*If any mouse would like to tell his/her side of the story, I would be happy to print it in unedited version on this website, and apologize.

*This is the reason for the Ricin attacks.  Do NOT NOT NOT let this stop you.

Who is invited to the New Year's Eve Party?

MIA soldiers declared non-existent in 1992 by Senator John Kerry ask adopted company.
recovered schizophrenics, particularly those who were homeless diagnosed as "demonically possessed" from Biblical times, until last century.

encourage medical researchers.  Even if their speculation of grain-allergy is incorrect, they are still pursuing this intelligently; ruling-out ineffective treatments is as productive as finding remedies.

Brazilian non-OPEC oil company expanding its business potential by $2 billion.

With appropriate human rights encouragement, this should allow us to divest from OPEC.

Tommy Hook, whistleblower

Susan Hook, encouraging family member

Robert Rothstein, attorney

Associate Press, involved journalists


As he is about to testimony about financial inconsistencies occurring at Los Alamos lab, Tommy was severely beaten by a gang of men.

June 07, 2005

to be continued...

Who will dance?

Speculation of link between grain-allergy and schizophrenia (i.e., "demonic possession").

British Medical Journal


The New York Post

February 21, 2004

Jordan Lite of Daily News*

April 05, 2004

Rania al-Baz, "Instead of sticking to tradition and staying quiet about the abuse, the attractive (Saudi) news anchor on state-run Saudi Channel One courageously....allowed Saudi newspapers to publish pictures of her bruised and bloodied face..."  A Saudi court convicted.  (See Targets for larger reproduction.)

Bill Hutchinson of Daily News*

June 01, 2004

17-year-old Brooklyn valedictorian, Tiffany Schley, who was escorted out of her high school building and denied her diploma because she exercised freedom-of-speech in her graduation speech complaining about the school's problems and inability to discuss such.

The Daily News

June 26, 2004

Frieda Hanimov and prosecutors who exposed Brooklyn divorce-court/child-custody bribery conspiracy now at trial.

Nancie L. Katz of Daily News

September 01, 2004

*I hope neither The Daily News, Bill Hutchinson nor Jordan Lite are offended by my decision to act without permission to reprint the first page of this article on my website, but I was so delighted to see this I could not restrain myself.  They can contact me anytime and demand of me to remove it.