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Last year we focused on foreign languages and it was my aspiration for you that you could precociously take a foreign language Achievement Test and score at least 650 on a scale of 200 to 800.

This year we will continue on that, and focus on a few other issues.

It has also been my aspiration for you that you are performing well in school.  Perhaps you know your subjects, and are not achieving good grades.  It may not be your fault.

When I was in eighth grade I was enrolled in a French class.  The class was dichotomized into self-teaching and instruction.  At the end of the year I found myself one lesson ahead in the former.  The instructor asked me what I wanted to do.  I decided to repeat the lesson.  She was surprised.  But I had reasons I don't remember.

The exam came and I relaxed and answered all the questions.  I scored a 76%.

"What happened to you?"

I didn't know.

A few days later the final exam came.  She said we had that day and the next for the written segment.  I forgot we had an additional day so I zoomed through as fast as I could.  The next day she handed everyone back their exams for completion and informed me I scored a 90.5%.  I sat through the period with nothing to do.  I had not brought reading material.

For many years I interpreted this to mean that I cannot take classes that are too easy.  This led to misjudgments in class selection.  But in 1996 something happened which a few months ago I finally linked to this incident.

It was as I was working in the supermarket.  Cathy, the head bookkeeper who never played dirty, was training me to do the morning cash report.  I worked accurately at a normal rapid pace with the adding machine.  I suddenly slowed down and began making mistakes.  She immediately noticed it: "Vivian, you are thinking.  Do not think.  There is nothing to think about here."

I stopped thinking and returned to my normal speed.

My first aspiration for you of this year is to stop thinking when thinking isn't necessary.

My second is to concentrate on an Achievement Test which existed when I was in high school, and perhaps still does; English Composition.  It was a must do if you wanted to enter the Ivy Leagues.

And while we are on the subject of Ivy Leagues, I would like to talk about the time I considered Harvard University.

When I was in high school, representatives of various colleges and universities would visit our school to recruit.  When this individual came, it was not during school hours but rather in the evening as he stood on a podium before a small audience of people including my mother and me.  Before the seminar began I talked to his wife.  She explained something unique is required.  I asked if the fact that I had taken the Physics Achievement Tests and scored in the 500's without taking the course would suffice.  She didn't answer, but pondered.

While he was on the podium he discussed the fact that a New York State Regents Degree required three years of Regents English, plus one year.  He explained that if a fourth level Regents-style English class is available to the applicant, and the applicant does not take it, s/he has no chance of admissions.

Debate question

Before the year 2000, did President George Bush know Condoleezza Rice's alleged real identity?  If not, and if she is Fupi de Pooh-pee, should he be characterized as the worst president in United States history?

July, 2005

In foreign language of choice, what does the movie The Recruit tell us about the road of President George Bush Senior, Shell Oil, and the CIA?

August, 2005


Thief of Hearts

****Caution--contains nudity, sex acts and profane language.****

The latter may not be good for translator-purposes.

Careful what you wish for...

I have had to think this over carefully.  Should I give you this material which claims to be R-rated, but is probably X-?  I have finally decided that the movie can't tell you anything you did not already learn on the school bus, except for the fact that it will give you the facts accurately.


This is what I don't expect you to be able to interpret:

He thought he murdered a security guard.  But on the news he learned he was a retired police officer.  Law enforcement will always catch those who kill their own.  The career criminal must have known this, and realized he will soon be arrested.

How do the lyrics correspond to the script?

Is the writer male or female?  (I guessed wrong.)

What does the thief mean when he says, This one is all yours?

What does the thief replace the painting with?

Guess how much they paid for the paintings.

What is the significance of the bouquet of flowers?

The heterosexual will reform his criminal ways for the beautiful woman he loves, but what of the homosexual?

How do you feel when someone quotes from something you wrote?

The script's author attempts to understand head.

Write a script about the thief gaining immunity from prosecution for his testimony against the A.S.S.

Ray Davis has a March deadline.  What month is it?

Mickey Mouse visits Disneyland.  Would she want to live there?

Where is each male injured?

Ray Davis has a good salary.  After the mortgage, car expenses, health insurance (he does not have an employer), and everything else, how much, do you think, goes into a savings account?

Who lives upstairs?

In our culture, if a female invests in her husband's future by putting him through college and/or graduate school, that is considered an investment.  If a male invests in his wife's career, what is that?

Write a script about one of Buddy's co-workers blowing-the-whistle on circumstantial evidence.

What is the name of the restaurant?

Where does the story take place?

How does the gun stimulate testosterone production?

Does Mickey recoil?

I believe the actor who portrays the thief could have assumed Clark Gable's role in Gone with the Wind.  I do not believe the actress who portrays the wife could have assumed either Vivien Leigh's or Olivia de Havilland's role because of the expression in her eyes.  I don't believe I have enough information on the husband's character.  What do you think?


After he extinguishes his cigarette, he speaks with a grammatical error.  What is it?


How should the crime scene be investigated?



White House Target

Georgie-Pooh wants you to stop Condi from setting bombs all over Iraq, without upsetting her.  She is the only African-American in his Cabinet.  And her assignment is to clean-up the mess left by the other only African-American.  In fairness to the Civil Rights Movement, I would like to ask all Caucasians to NOT accept this assignment as we do NOT want to validate the argument of the KKK.

As soon as I figure-out what to do next, I will tell you.


October Target

This is the most difficult assignment you have ever received from me.  It will emotionally drain you and leave you in shock for years to come.

Many parents set the end of this month as the deadline for their teenagers to become pregnant.  That is, to procreate a financial dependency mechanism such that they are no longer their parents' liabilities.  And they know it is irrational.  But it is also the only way of life they understand.  For those who intend to graduate, it is their senior year.

For children of socialist families, particularly IBM, it can be any year as the intent is to create laboratory specimens for whom there will likely be no birth or death certificates.  Henceforth, the statistics of teen-pregnancy are actually unknown.  It may be as high as 90%.  Of my high school friends whom I thought I knew, the actual and intended pregnancies totaled 100%.  Although I did not understand any of this until I was over age 25.  And then I needed another 13 years to fully understand it.

If I understand correctly, the routine is to flirt with the male and push him to the ground.  It is the female who rapes.  I may not correctly understand because I wasn't raised in such a household.  And would not recommend to you that you marry into any such family.  (This eliminates most of the possibilities.)

Abuse and secrecy tend to be coupled conditions.  The remedy of the former, is to find new and improved ways to hide it.  It will be your job to nullify this.

We appear to have one friend in the Bush Administration--the head of the FBI.  I hope he will help us.  By December 21st, I would like you to make a recommendation as to whether or not we should keep him in 2008.

If your friends appear nervous, it is because this is one long, extended rape.  Use caution.

Capitol Hill Target

If you tell me who we are going to fire, the list will never end.  Just tell me who you want to keep.  Write-down all your thoughts, then formulate the information into a letter and, if your senator will be in office in 2008, send such to him/her.

Debate Question

Should Mohammed Mossadeq's son and/or grandson receive the death penalty?

This is what I want for Christmas

I want everyone to find and adopt a government official who enforces the environmental protection laws and I want fines exacted for all oil/gas leaks.

Each federal official must collect $1 billion.

Each state official must collect $1 million.

Each county official must collect $100,000.

And I want a list of all those who comply with our demands.

I also expect full cooperation by the press.


Television series target

Hogan's Heroes

(With nothing else to do with myself, I found this childhood favorite.  To my knowledge, no translation is available, but it is worthwhile.)

The prison camp has perfect statistics, but is it perfect?    Does this scenario sound familiar in the context of your life?

What if Schultz blew-the-whistle on the monkey business?

Hogan capitalizes on Klink's worst fear.  What is it?  Does this scenario sound familiar in the context of your life?

Which do you drink:  protium, deuterium or tritium?

The prisoners have an underground system unnoticed by camp management.  Does this scenario sound familiar in the context of your life?

In the episode of the arrest of Klink's old friend for conspiracy to murder Hitler, I believe the script writer could have created a better conclusion.  Formulate your own.

The British submarine asks and asks for their effective assistance, but never seems to smuggle-in any demonstration of gratitude (e.g., extra bread rations, etc.).  Does this scenario sound familiar in the context of your life?

Thursday September 29, 2005

Your help has been subliminally requested.  Under normal circumstances I would refuse but this is a situation I can easily empathize with.  My problem is that the local news station does not have a printable version of the story available on their website.  Aside from the fact that I do not have the video equipment required to review it,  I have a rule that without a print-out, I do not include the information.  This is because I will need to understand my state of mind many years from now.  Notes are deficient.

I have decided to make an exception because residents are complaining about $7,000/household in out-of-pocket expenses, as a local company attempts to exploit their basic necessity.  The invader is attempting to blame the drought.  And while it is true this is occurring, I have not had to drill a new well, nor have any of my neighbors.  So that argument does not work.

Please visit the website www.wtnh.com and look for this icon which will direct you to the video:

Some wells run dry in Oakdale, residents blame company draining lake- by Chris Velardi

Tuesday October 11, 2005

TARGET  Harry Potter

The British author asks of you to believe that her books are based on her imagination.  These aren't.  These are based upon the Paganism practiced by the English before the introduction of Christianity.  Their modern practice is that on the exterior they claim to be reformed, on the interior they stir cauldrons full of herbs.

I suspect that somewhere in her books is the information as to what was injected into my asthma inhaler and any protections they may have for themselves.  If you can find it...