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Wednesday November 27, 2002

I have decided to ask of all those too young to vote to find and adopt a corporate executive.  I would like you to make a personalized Christmas card and explain very VERY nicely that you look forward to a productive working relationship.

For those of you whose parents decide you are old enough for this additional assignment, I would like you to also ask for the list of political prisoners they were given responsibility for by human rights groups.

Friday October 31, 2003

On a related subject, it has been my understanding that my students each want to adopt an endangered species.  I think that's an excellent idea.  When you do, you must tell President Pooh's Environmental Protection Agency.

But I want you to select carefully.  Take a few weeks to think about this.

Eva/Jean educated me to understand that if you want to protect the Panda bear, for example, you might want to think about a plant of its ecosystem, even if the animal does not eat it.  You might also want to protect an insect which nourishes it.  In simpler terms, you must work with the whole picture.

I would also like you to find and adopt, if this is possible, an artwork stolen by the Nazis, which remains un-recovered.  You must remember what Mr. Ceibert taught me, always learn how to identify immediately the age (e.g., impressionistic, classical, etc.), and artist at first sight, even if you never saw the painting before.



January's target country:  Korea

                  target concepts:  nuclear weapons

                                                oriental culture

                  target words:       radioactivity


January's Animal

Zoological classification;  Ursine

                   concept;  environmental impact

                   word; ecology

January's Stone-Age Culture

Society;  !Kung

Location; ?

Issue; Resource Depletion

Question;  Do male hunters always have authority over female non-hunters?

February's Targets

Country; China

concepts; political alliances with Iraq and Korea

word; diplomacy

Supplemental country; Saudi Arabia

                         concept; OPEC

                         words; acronym



Stone-Age cultures; Bedouin

location; choose from selection

concept; animal husbandry

words; nomad


Animal taxonomic classification

Order, primates

       Superfamily, Hominoidea

       Family, Hominidae

       subfamily, Homininae

concept; study of supply and demand

word; economics

Research equipment (for current and future use);

works by Elizabeth Warnock Fernea

Statistical question; What is the ratio of male to female trading partners (e.g., Arab Sheiks, etc.) of your adopted company?

Original February Targets

This is the material I selected before I realized there are children of soldiers who need to contribute to the safe return of their parents.

Country; Ivory Coast

concepts; child slave labor

                   negative reciprocity

                   international law

Papio hamadryas

Order, primates

Superfamily, Cercopithecoidea

                 family, ?

subfamily, ?

words; genus


Supplemental animal; Mandrillus sphinx

concept; dominance hierarchy

Paleolithic culture; Netsilik Eskimo

question;  Do they have social stratification?

word; culture

Neolithic culture; Papuans

location; ?

question; What is a Big Man?

word; anthropology

Research equipment;  any thorough anthropological dictionary.

Statistical question; How much is spent on labor by your adopted company?

Additional February Targets

Extant society; Kwakiutl

Cultural issues; shamanism

Archeological suborder; Plesiadapiformes

Questions;  Did primates and dinosaurs coexist?

What does paleo- mean?

What is onto-?

What is -logy?

Research equipment (for current and future use); any thorough work on animal nomenclature.




...see inserts

April's Targets

Region; not fully defined by anthropologists.

words; clitoridectomy   PARENTAL DISCRETION ADVISED

            clitoridotomy     PARENTAL DISCRETION ADVISED


Region; Europe

concept; Occidental culture

words; ethnography



question; What are the various marching styles, and how do these compare to that practiced by masked Iraqi soldiers?

Biographical targets

King James

What was his purpose?

Mohammed the Prophet

What was his attitude toward women?

Archeological cultures


Ancient Egyptians

Which culture built pyramids first?

Contemporary cultures

Native Hawaiians

Native Marquesans

Nagas (all)

Are they neo- or paleolithic?

What are their holiday rituals?

Animal; Jaguar

What is this animal's role in South American cultures?

Animal; manatee

Is this a real mermaid?

Supplemental words






Supplemental concept

socially adaptive pretext

Legal issue


What legal actions has your adopted company and its executives been a party to?

Were trials held?

Were these bifurcated?


civil versus criminal actions

circumstantial versus strict evidence





Supplemental question

Is a fingerprint circumstantial or strict evidence?


Your fingerprints were found on the trigger of the gun.  Was that the trigger, and did you pull that trigger?

Research equipment

Find a legal library and explore it (such as in your state courthouse).

Find a thorough representation of the Koran.

Political issues

What candidates will your adopted company sponsor in 2003?

How much money will be spent?

September Targets

Target country; Mongolia (I am very suspicious of this nation)


  What is your adopted company's links to this nation?

 Who is this nation's closest ally?

 Is there any information on stone-age cultures available?   What rituals were performed to honor women?

Target continent; South America


 Which Nazis fled to live there after World War II?

What dirty wars have occurred since then, and before?

Who was the famous explorer of Tierra del Fuego?

 What did he observe about stone-age peoples?

Target biography; select from deck of cards of most wanted Iraqis


 What direct or indirect links do your adopted company have to your selection?

 What actions could they have taken to minimize his/her influence on international political events?

Research equipment; Arabic-English dictionary.

Target animal; Pan


Who has more neurons per cranial cubic centimeter, Homo sapiens or this genus?

Whose neurons make more connections to other neurons per cc?

Target legal concept; beyond a reasonable doubt.

Question; Does this serve the alleged victim(s)?

First legal scenario

You have just graduated law school and are looking for a job.  You would like to tentatively live rent-free with your parents, but unfortunately the law school which conferred upon you your degree did not have an anthropology program, and the Bar association of their state includes a rigorous section on this subject in their qualifying exam.  You search and search as your first payment on your college loan will soon be due.  You finally find one job.  The law firm, which is offering you an adequate salary, is hiring two temporary lawyers.  They are promising to convert one position into permanent status.  You will each have the assignment of helping the partners prepare their defense of the member of the deck of cards now on trial.

Second legal scenario

You are prosecuting the member of the deck of cards.  A long and difficult trial against a well-equipped team is upcoming.  What trial exercises should you practice?

Third legal scenario

You are prosecuting the member, and are now at trial.  In an unusual move, the defense has called the defendant to the stand insisting he was never associated with the Iraqi regime.

You; "You were politically active in Iraq?  Is that correct?"

Defendant; "Yes."

You; "What were your political associations?"

Defendant; "I was active."

You; "Objection, Your Honor."

 What was the nature of your objection?

Fourth legal scenario

You are on the prosecution team at trial.  You are at the podium.  You have failed to extract a confession.  You want to continue the cross-examination, but don't know what to do next.  You turn around and look at your fellow teammates.  You look back toward the defendant, and then at your notes in front of you.  You look at the defense table hoping to find something there.

What psychological condition are you practicing?

(Note; I don't know if there is a name denoting the practice.)


Ethological scenario

You are a member of the genus Pan merrily procuring your lunch.  You see a banana you would like.  You reach for it.  You can't access it.  You do NOT have in front of you a tool you or any member of your genus has ever used.  Behind you is a new potential tool.  What happens next?  (Hint; look to Elaine Morgan's books for the answer.)

Archeological scenario

You are an animal living in the cold northern regions of Europe many millions of years ago.  Immediately to the north is a species similar to your own.  But because it is slightly colder there, they are slightly better adapted to the cold.  And to their north is another species similar to them, etc.  To your warmer south, is another similar species, etc.

Every year you and your similar species migrate in a circular pattern to follow the source of water.

A cooling trend occurs.  You have two choices, you can either adapt or move south.  You like yourself the way you are and decide to be physiologically unresponsive and move south, as do all the others.

The cooling trend intensifies.  You continue to choose the latter, as you do for the next million years.

It is the year 2003, an archeologist excavates the layer of the region you originally stood as well as all the later date layers of this same small region.  What is his/her interpretation of the variations in physiology?

December Targets

Country; United States

website; office of professional discipline

exercise; find all your namesakes (last name only) listed in all professions (e.g., accounting, engineering, etc.) and verify both licensure and certification.

vocabulary; epidemiology, nephrology, neurology, psychology, psychiatry.

exercise; select a hospital or medical clinic, go to your local or State supreme court, or Federal Court (whichever is convenient) and research past litigation issues.

research equipment; any book on anatomy

laws;  select one hospital regulation and pursue.

    select one environmental issue and pursue as it relates to your adopted company.

concept; blue sky laws

archeological culture; Anasazi

20th century culture; choose from those photographed by Edward Curtis:

Do they have a great flood story in their religious text?

Does their religious text have any other resemblance to the Bible?

Do their holiday rituals have any resemblance to ours?

movie; Gone with the Wind

exercise; find a DVD or video, select favorite scene, view in English and the language of your choice repeatedly.

Country; Canada

same questions as above, yet I don't know if Curtis crossed the border, it won't be as convenient to research in courthouses, and Scarlet never visited there.

Country; Germany

find the relatives of the Prussian Generals who were executed by Adolph Hitler, and try to find out what the world wars were about.


Your neighbor is an innocent person who never harmed anyone.  Yet one day your father was feeling very mischievous and decided to tell everyone at a local party he killed the Hindenberg baby.  This cost the neighbor his job.  He hired a licensed female attorney, whose certificate is in effect, who filed a legal action against him demanding damages for the "libelous" act.

What was HER mistake? 

2004 Target Leadership

Saudi Royal Family

Target issues;  EVERYTHING

(The Pooh Administration won't like it because they are Vice President Richard Cheney's best friends.  But my intention is not to sabotage the re-election campaign, but rather to target the largest money source.  I believe it is their weakest point.  And, of course, I need to target Canaan.)

Target Question

What evidence was recently found in the private life of Sadaam Hussein indicative of Old Testament worship?

January's Saudi Arabian Target


With which family member(s) of this ruling family has your adopted company had direct contact with?  Choose one.

Has the United States Vice President had any contact with this member as he (Mr. Cheney) functioned either in the public sector as a United States government official, or private sector as a corporate executive?

What is this Saudi individual's educational background?

In which country was this education acquired?

Did this individual visit or live-in any other country for any other reason(s)?

What is the individual's personal wealth?

How is this money invested?

History target; How was the nation of Saudi Arabia established?

Archeological target; What excavations (if any) are in progress in this nation?

Ethnographic target; What is the ancestral Bedouin culture of this individual?


Other Targets

Economics;  Have your adopted company provide an example of a situation in which higher sales rendered lower profits.


Who was Gigantopithecus?

Who is the mythical animal haunting the country of China known as wild man and the counterpart to Sasquatch?

Politics;  Find an elected individual new to his/her office, and formulate a letter explaining your priorities including the necessity for financial audits and fiscal responsibility.







    Review previous target of Tunisia and suffrage.

Geological target;  find the faults upon which the two recent earthquakes in California and Iran were upon.

Hint; I don't believe these exist.

Kennedy Administration target; What is the evidence that the landing on the moon was a fraud?

Aerospace target; What is the purpose of the recently failed mission by Japan to send a rocket to the moon?

Biographical target; Condoleezza Rice

This is my concern with her.

On the day of September 11, 2001, Russia's Prime Minister Putin was the first to telephone President George Bush to express his condolences.  Georgie-Pooh used this to attempt to convince me that Russia was not involved.  I used it to prove it was.

Rice was hired as National Security Advisor because of her expertise on the subject of Russia.

So what was this?  A mistake, I decided.  So I let it go.

Recently she made a second very serious mistake and asked of me to prove that a terrorist attack was coming rather than using her position within the Republican party.

Why am I her babysitter?

January Supplemental Targets

City; Los Alamos, New Mexico

subject; development of first atomic bomb

find photos of all scientists and look for resemblances with Adolph Hitler.

find names of all scientists and find who were accused of being a communist.

January Supplemental Targets


Saudi Arabia--Ancestry

How did the ancestors of the Saudi Royal Family procure food?

What was the status of women before British occupation?

Did the ancestral tribe or chieftainship interact with other groups?

Is your adopted company old enough to have interacted with such ancestors?

Other Targets



history of concentration camps.


      history of biochemical attacks.


CIA's failed attempt to assassinate Fidel Castro during the Kennedy Administration era.


How does your adopted company provide retirement accounts for its employees and trustees?

How does your adopted company provide Christmas bonuses for its employees and trustees?  Does the anticipated and actual annual utility costs influence these figures?


Find the reptile(s) which re-generates its own limbs.

Research equipment

Bishop Museum Bulletins

Hint:  look for these in older libraries.


select from research equipment.

Saudi Arabia Target


Which political leaders does the Saudi Royal Family interact with?

What are their political objectives?  How do these compare to that of your adopted company?


2004 Corporate Target

Family;  Is there anything we should know?

Political, domestic;  What government bureaus use their software?  Does Microsoft manufacture software other than what is available to the general public?

Political, international; Who does Bill Gates consider his friends?


February 2004

Saudi Arabia--Relationship with United States

Are U.S. citizens employed by this nation?

Which U.S. company does the most business with this country?  What is your adopted company's relationship with this corporation?

Does the Saudi Royal Family make campaign contributions to U.S. politicians?

Have they taken U.S. citizens prisoners?--PARENTAL DISCRETION ADVISED

Microsoft--Relationship with United States

Who is the favorite politician of Bill Gates?

To which politicians does he give campaign contributions?

What is the historic relationship between Bill Gates and IBM?

Other Countries


Is this a socialist nation?

What is the British Mandate of Palestine?


What is this country's relationship with other nations, particularly those with a history of deploying and employing biochemical weapons?

Kennedy Administration

What was the Bay of Pigs invasion?

Target review

What is economics?

Corporate issue

Does your adopted company own any patents or copyrights?  Which type of patent(s)?  For how long is the patent in effect?

Scenario, financial

You have a ten-year certificate of deposit with a balance of $10,000.  It is earning 7.2% interest annually.

You have a ten-year loan at the annual interest rate of 14.4%.

Study the relationship.

Scenario, archeological

You are a member of a mammalian species of twenty million years ago.  You and your band migrate in a circulatory style to seasonally follow water sources.  As a result, you are displaced by one kilometer-per-year.

In 2004, an archeologist finds your fossil remains as well as another nearly identical fossil collection located 5,000 miles away and aged at 10 million years old.

Should the archeologist conclude you two are the same or different species?


Trois Frres cave of Europe

What is the first known musical instrument of Europe?  Is there a remaining specimen?

Stone-age culture


How do they keep the dead away?


Should the Yanomam be acculturated with occidental civilization?



What does this tell us about earth's history?

Legal issues

What is the controversy surrounding the herb comfrey?

What are the only legal forms of a business monopoly?

What is the difference between the appellate and appeals courts?

What is a bifurcated trial?

Research equipment

Unknown Mexico by Carl Lumholtz.

Man and his Symbols, Carl G. Jung, editor

Herbal Healing for Women, by Rosemary Gladstar









February Supplements

Choose one country from each of these two lists and research relationship.

Uranium mining countries
OPEC & OPEC-friendly countries
Algeria Algeria
Angola Indonesia
Burundi Iran
Central African Republic Iraq
Chad Kuwait
Congo Republic Libya
Equatorial Guinea Nigeria
Gabon Qatar
Guinea Saudi Arabia
Malawi United Arab Emirates
Mali Venezuela
Niger Afghanistan
Somalia China
South Africa France
Zambia India
Kazakhstan North Korea
Tajikistan Pakistan
Uzbekistan Russia
  United Kingdom

Formulate your own lists of

oil/gas mining countries which are NOT part of OPEC nor its friends,

and your own list of small-sized, consumer-friendly United States oil/gas companies,

and attempt to promote divestiture from this Organization.


learn how to hem your own pants.

Gone with the Wind

What was Rhett and Scarlet's relationship with the staircase?  Review scenes in English and language of your choice.

Islamic Art

1306 Edinburgh Rashid al-Din depicting Jonah and the Whale

late 14th - early 15th century Jonah and the Whale

March 2004

Saudi Arabia--relationship with United Nations

choose one UN official who has the same, or nearly same name as yours, and choose one who works in a field of study of interest to you, and choose one from a country you have found particularly of interest (excluding Saudi Arabia).

What is the relationship between the Saudi Royal Family and these individuals?

Have these individuals ever visited Saudi Arabia?

Does your adopted company agree with the practices of these individuals?

What is everybody's relationship with the Secretary General?

Microsoft--relationship with United Nations

select three officials:  one who has the same, or nearly same name as yours, one who works in a field of study of interest to you, and one from a country you have found particularly of interest (excluding Saudi Arabia).

What is the relationship between all six individuals?

Do the Microsoft individuals agree with the practices of these UN individuals?

Do the UN individuals agree with the practices of these Microsoft individuals?

Has any of the Microsoft individuals ever visited the country of particular interest to you, or Saudi Arabia?

Does your adopted company agree with the practices of these individuals?

What is everybody's relationship with the Secretary General?

Other target countries


What resources are available?

What resources have been used?

What stone-age peoples resided there?


Who are the Agta?  What was the status of women before the arrival of Occidental Civilization?

What is the status of women now?

When were the Tasaday discovered?  What is the Eye of Day?  If they hear a bird and NOT see it, what does that mean?


What is this country's ecology?

Economic scenario

The business cycle is at its peak.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith want to buy a house.  What they have in the bank is inadequate for a down payment.

The business cycle slightly declines.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith find the same houses at lower prices and purchase their selection.

The business cycle slightly rises.

No new people are drawn into the housing market.

What happens next to the business cycle?


What is the bubonic plaque? What affect does it have on the lymphatic system?

What are the close relatives to small pox and herpes zoster?


What is a precedent case?

What is the surrogate's court?


What is the difference between a democracy and a republic?

Why must a state of the United States have a minimum of three representatives at the Democratic and Republican National Conventions and Electoral College?

Art as History

What is Noa Noa?



How are they related to the Aztecs?

What is their literature?

Research Equipment

Any thorough atlas which includes statistics on issues such as mining, population, etc.

A catalogue of the Louvre.

Let's Get Well by Adele Davis.

Gone with the Wind (review in English and language of your choice)

Who is Jonas Wilkerson?

What does Scarlet never forgive Rhett for?

What do the chickens represent?

What does the barbeque tell us about the end of the story?

What is the death of dampness?

What is the significance of the shawls?

What is red of earth?


Make a skirt.

Islamic art

Choose a mosque, and study it.

Kennedy Administration

What did JFK's father do for a living?

Debate issues

According to botanists and zoologists, how should species be defined?

Should corporate affiliation with OPEC automatically disqualify a politician from pursuing elected governmental positions?









Who raises the children?


April 2004


In 448 B.C., this country was at peace with Persia.

In 440 B.C., this country constructed a temple at Sounion.

In 430 B.C., a city of this country experienced a plague.

In 400 B.C., this country evolved from the Classical period.

In 331 B.C., this country conquered the Persian Empire.

The Forbidden City of ?????

Long March

Gate of Heavenly Peace

Red Guards

Special Economic Zones

Gone with the Wind

In language of your choice besides English, formulate an antebellum script in which Rhett approaches Queen Victoria, and blows the whistle on the fact that contaminated blankets cannot be rolled-up and stuffed into canons in a potential war he characterizes as cotton/slaves/arrogance-versus-factories/shipyards/coalmines.  While such technology worked in the 18th century against Native Americans, it could not work in this conflict.

The Shipping News

In English and language of your choice, review what Quoyle attempts to blow the whistle on?

Art as History

Jacques Louis David, The Death of Socrates


What laws protect whistleblowers?

Does the whistleblower have to be correct?


Has your adopted company ever attempted to blow the whistle on any legal violations affecting wildlife or wilderness?

Kennedy Administration

What happened to Apollo I and why?

Animal--Panda Bear

What is its species name?

Before its habitat was eviscerated, did anyone attempt to blow the whistle?

Literature--Oedipus the ????

"O Princes always honoured by our country, what deeds you'll hear of and what horrors see, what grief you'll feel, if you as true born Thebans care for the house of Labdacus's sons.  Phasis nor Ister cannot purge this house, I think, with all their streams, such things it hides, such evils shortly will bring forth into the light, whether they will or not; any troubles hurt the most when they prove self-inflicted."









2004 Supplements


April 2004 Supplements

Did Margaret Mitchell suggest between the lines that a family named Schick acted as carpetbaggers?

Why is the international headquarters of OPEC located in the same country where, according to the history texts, Adolph Schicklegruber Hitler was born?

Why did the United Kingdom, one of the winners of World War II, have to surrender its Middle Eastern territories after the victory?

In Gone with the Wind, Scarlet's sisters were asleep "like kittens" while they battled typhoid.  When else do we see a kitten in the story?  Look closely at Bonnie's last ride.  Was the horse jumping when she fell off?  What did Scarlet want to name her baby?  Where was the Confederate Army's first announced victory?

May 2004

Uranium mining countries connected to Haiti's Aristide  ---

Uranium purchasing countries

Central African Republic Gabon South Africa




North Korea      

Choose a box.  Then establish the following:

gross national products,

standard of living of ruling and working classes,

their role in the United States Civil War and World Wars I and II,

diplomatic relationship with each other including United Nations voting records,

diplomatic relationship with Saudi Arabia and Microsoft,

historical relationship as colony.

Kennedy Administration

What was the Cuban Missile Crisis?


What was the quantity of war dead experienced by the Russians as a result of the World Wars?

Was this country an associate of the League of Nations?  Was it an associate of the United Nations?

Could the allies be responsible for the high quantity of war dead?  What would have been their motive?

Legal question

Is it legal for trustees who receive dividends to also receive bonuses?  If not, are these monies recoverable?

Scenario, legal

You are an undergraduate student undecided about your major.  Your friend convinces you to become a lawyer and join his/her association with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission as a clerk to become a future intern, and eventually attorney.  Which of the following does your collegiate counselor advise you to major in?


Environmental Law


Scenario, financial

You used your ATM card at the supermarket and received cash back.  You proceed to another store and attempt to make a purchase with one of the bills.  The clerk recognized it as counterfeit.

How did the clerk recognize this?

Who now owes you replacement money?


No one



 United States Government

Debate question

Should procreating children as financial dependency mechanisms be declared a prosecutable form of child abuse?

Mesopotamian Art

In 1307/8, the temptation of the first male and female in the garden of paradise is exhibited.  What is the name of the work and where was it found?


Who are the Honey Hunters of Nepal?  How tall are their ladders?


circumstantial versus strict evidence

Gone with the Wind, in English and language of your choice

In Elaine Morgan's book, The Descent of Woman, she discusses babies.  Even though her book was originally published long after Margaret Mitchell's, what scene exemplifies this moment of evolution?

What does the music played in accompaniment with the acting say over-and-over?

Scarlet dons her barbeque-bonnet in her pink dress and is surrounded by her plantation boes.  When is this?

What is the relationship between Scarlet and India Wilkes?

After her nap, Scarlet is without her hat and is wearing something she was not before.  What is it?

How are the first and last few moments of the story identical?

How are the last few moments of each half of the story identical?

Chronicle, in language of your choice, the life of Dr. Mead.

The Shipping News, in English and language of your choice

What does the theme music say over-and-over?

Where is Newfoundland?

Who feeds Quoyle?

What does the necklace represent?


Make a cape.

Animal and Botanical

Which is the biggest bear?

What are the various species of olive trees?  How do stone-age peoples associated with them use such in ritual, medicine, and both?


What is the difference between Manet and Monet?

Biography--Zbigniew Brzezinski

What was his role in the Kennedy and Carter Administrations?



In addition to focusing on one country and company throughout 2004, I have also decided to do one governmental office.  Of course, that is the White House National Security Advisor.

January;  Why and when was this office established?

February; What corporate connections has each advisor had?

March; What educational backgrounds has each advisor had?

April; What economic childhoods has each advisor had?

May; How much money has each advisor had to donate?

Supplemental Scenario

You are still working for the law firm defending the captured member of the deck of cards.  The other recent law school graduate is still employed there.  You are both still temporaries.

You work late at the office to help prepare the firm's case.  The other temp. doesn't.

You help with jury selection while the other temp. pretends to have the flu.

Your boss's mother is hospitalized.  You send flowers.  The other temp. doesn't know about it due to excessive absenteeism.

In the closing argument, you make the case that the government has a look-alike with the same name--an easy mistake in this culture.

In 15 minutes the jury reaches a not-guilty verdict.

The firm converts the other temporary into a permanent associate.  You don't know why.

You go home.  Your parents blame you.  You must have done something to deserve that:  "Just look at your father!!!  Thirty-years with the same company!!!"  They are especially angry because they were counting on you to help pay for your younger siblings' college tuition.

You find a job in retail.  Your intelligence and ability to negotiate with customers quickly earns you an entry-level managerial position.  Near your place of employment you find a small cottage to rent which enables you to commute to work by bus in the winter, and long walks in the summer.  You discard your car payments for rent and bus passes.  In your spare time you take the necessary anthropology courses to pass this State's Bar exam.  (This was not required in the last State you were employed.)

What should these courses be?

Send your recommendations to the American Bar Association.

All the while, you are furnishing your cottage.  You purchase items imported into the United States.

What did you buy at retail cost?

Your landlord notices this, and insists you return everything to the store and buy Made in the USA.

What did you buy at retail cost?


May 2004 Supplements

Saudi Arabian target

relationship with Belgium and Switzerland

Microsoft target

nature of dispute with Belgian government


Belgium and Switzerland

Is college tuition free?

What is socialized?


What are rice terraces?

Kennedy Administration

What was JFK's relationship with the author of The Crucible?

Legal target

Practice the death of your family's primary income earner.


Make a sun-dress.

Go to the clearance rack.  Find something which does not fit and make it fit.


ichthyologic convergence

Gone with the Wind--in English and language of your choice

How long did Scarlet, Melanie, India, and Caroline Mead have to wait for Ashley, Rhett and Dr. Mead to return?

Who are the blockade runners?

What is the date on the check?

Find on the map Scarlet's journey with Melanie, Prissy and the baby.

Will Scarlet have in her lifetime the right to vote?

When Scarlet's mother returns home, what is the object which has to be retrieved from her carriage?

Is Scarlet's green dress in fashion?

Before Scarlet is attacked, she converses with Rhett.  What is the significance of her activity during this talk?

In language of your choice,

females; which of Scarlet's husbands is the character type you would like to marry?

males; which of Scarlet's sisters (including Scarlet and her sister-in-law) is the matrimonial character type for you?

How does Scarlet fulfill each segment of her vow (e.g., kill)?

The Shipping News--X-Rated material involved--in English and language of your choice

Who has two heads?

Who is pushed?

Who pushes back?

Is Aunt Agnes looking at Newfoundland as they approach it?


What is the language of a Middle Eastern rug?

Debate question

Does the United States need a Constitutional Amendment decreeing this legal instrument applicable to issues of male impotence?

Research equipment (with parental permission)

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Sex, but Were Afraid to Ask.

Archetype  (The theory I copyrighted as to the definition of this concept is slightly varied from that of C. G. Jung.  I believe these are evolutionary adaptations which we still have, but are not in use.  Henceforth, these manifest themselves in our artistic expression.)

Witch's cauldron

Ice Age--In English and language of your choice

Does the squirrel represent evolution?

Is it possible that their settlement is in North East Asia?

Compare the feline and hominine predatory technique.


It is my understanding that some of you suddenly achieved proficiency in the language you selected.  This is earlier than I expected, which is good.  What is not good is that I have to issue your next assignment earlier than I anticipated.  You may not be ready for this.  You will need to find and adopt a government official in each of the following countries:

Morocco and Senegal  of Africa

Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, and Peru of South America

These are each corrupt regimes, with petroleum resources.  You will have to begin by making a list of your demands before your adopted company can do business with them.  You will have to bear in mind that they each speak derived forms of the language you learned, West African French and South American Spanish.

The other related issue is that you will have to begin to put pressure on the Israeli Government that because the Hasidic community refuses to serve in their military, they cannot hold positions in Parliament.  This should weaken their international stronghold and provide relief of our welfare bill.

You will also have to find and adopt a corporate executive of a small gas/oil company which is willing to do business with one of the alternate countries.  Upon completion of this union, let me know the name of this business.  I am willing to invest $100 if it is publicly traded.

In language of your choice, write a script about the relationship you would have established with Johnny Gallagher.  Did Scarlet have to give him a free-hand to make money?

What did the sign over Mr. Kennedy's store say?

In language of your choice, explain how would you have acquired money from the man who went to Tara as a refugee from the war.

Green was out of fashion, scarlet was in.  How does this translate into the script?

I would like to ask my students to watch, in language of choice withOUT English subtitles, The Recruit starring Al Pacino and Colin Farrell.  You may use a dictionary, but your primary such reference tool may NOT be one which translates into English.  For example, you may only use French-French, or Spanish-Spanish, NOT French-English/English-French.  You may only use the translator-version to help you with the primary dictionary.  You must watch three times, with as many scene repetitions as you need, then you may watch the English version.

Because of the damage inflicted by the satellites on my television/DVD player, I am unable to view The Recruit because I am unable to open the menu screenI have never seen the movie before and purchased this on my birthday with a gift certificate I earned at my place of employment.

June 2004

Saudi Arabia  Relationship with Chili and Morocco

Microsoft Relationship with Chili and Morocco

Office of National Security Advisor  Relationship with Chili and Morocco

Countries  Chili and Morocco

Does your adopted company have any business link(s) with either country?

Did any of these cultures live in either country?

Aeneze Bedouin


Bedouin of the Negev








Rwala Bedouins




Kennedy Administration  Research JFK's credentials as an attorney.

Research equipment Art books, Collection des Maitres.  These are tiny art books printed in France--one per artist.  In several languages, these provide a synopsizing biography.

Legal target  You need to purchase legal forms.  What kind should you buy and where are these available?

Medical  fill in the unreadable information of this diagram of the human brain.

Archetype  Snake (see Elaine Morgan's book)

Sewing  Make a vest using velvet with an un-presentable reverse side, and which has the grain on the presentable side producing a different appearance from each polar perspective.

Biography  Alfred Russell Wallace

Review  Citation Index

Art  Lascaux and Trois Frres

Research equipment  Carl G. Jung, Man and his Symbols

                                      J. Bronowski, The Ascent of Man

Gone with the Wind  In English and language of your choice.

What is Scarlet stirring the soap in front of?

In the English version of the scene when Scarlet approaches Ashley for help with the $300 tax bill, she makes a grammatical error.  The same character-error is made by Amy Slattery.  What is it?

What do the women of the barbeque do while manatees routinely do?

Who are Katie Scarlet's friends at the barbeque, and how do they dress?

What does Rhett pay for in gold, besides a dance with Scarlet?

When Rhett abandons her at the turn toward Tara, how do their final moments resemble the hospital fund raiser?

The Shipping News  In English and language of your choice

What does Billy Pretty cover?

What does Aunt Agnes call Quoyle?

Considering the climatology, should Quoyle have survived the accident?

Ice Age  In English and language of choice

Describe the evolution of the sloth.

Does Manni love or hate the baby?

Is the baby dressed for winter?

Humans can't talk.  What cranial mechanisms are they missing?

July 2004

Saudi Arabia What was the status of women before British occupation?

Microsoft  What is the status of women in this corporation?

Office of the National Security Advisor Look at the whole department and establish role of women.  Are they in positions where men can easily sign their names to their work?

Countries  Tunisia and Ecuador

(I am not aware that Tunisia has any petroleum resources, but I would be delighted for the opportunity to do such business with them.)

What is the status of women in each of these countries?  Has it changed historically?

Kennedy Administration  What was the status of women in the family?

Research equipment  Any book by Ann Wilson Shaef  (I am uncertain of exact spelling of her last name.  It was she who said that women are compulsive liars when talking about their emotions.  We always hide our anger and frustrations.)  And any book written by Peggy Reeves Sanday.

Legal target  Do the divorce laws favor women or men, historically?  How does the issue of primary wage earner influence the system?

Medical  hysteria/hysterectomy

Economics  Which countries are most prosperous, those which practice sexual egalitarianism or others?

Archetype  mother  (see Peggy Reeves Sanday's book)

Biography  The life of Eva Braun.  Did Hitler sign his name to any of her speeches? Try to reconstruct.

Review  Tuareg

Stone age culture  Of the many cultures you have researched, find one in which the men have an active role in child rearing, and another in which this is prohibited.  Which has the better quality of life?

Art  Try to verify the gender of the artist of your favorite painting.

Scenario  When I worked at Lord & Taylor, a friend of mine noticed a routine which she told me about.  I watched for it and finally confirmed it.  On payday, the husband of one of our co-workers would sit in the car as she would go upstairs, acquire her paycheck, run as fast as she could with her three-hundred pound stature to deliver it to him.

Have you ever seen anything like this in your personal life?

Gone with the Wind  In English and language of choice

While the South owned slaves, how did the North treat factory workers?  Were these workers male or female?

The Shipping News In English and language of choice

Did Guy Quoyle only rape women?

Ice Age  In English and language of choice

If this same script had been written at the time of Margaret Mitchell, what would have been different?

Debate question  Is gender equality in the best interest of men?

August 2004

Stimulus Exteroceptive
Mechanism Medulla Inferior
Bodies Cortex Wernike's
System Frontal
Lobe Broca's
Area Pre-Central
  Muscles Behavior  


The above is a diagram of a chain of events which involve the human brain.

What sequence is this?

Which areas must have experienced evolution from the time of the common ancestor we share with the chimpanzee to the time we evolved into Homo sapiens modern?

Which mechanisms do NOT involve the eye, and which do NOT involve the ear?


Research the taxonomy and ecology.

Is this botanical species a subject of predation?

Is this botanical species a predator?

How does this species reproduce?

Is there any information available on its evolution?

Does this have any remedial purposes in Western or other medicine?



Saudi Arabia Do students on any level learn about cranial structure?

Microsoft What is this company's relationship with Euell Energy?

Adopted company What is this company's relationship with Euell Energy?

Kennedy Administration What is this family's relationship with Euell Energy?

Politics Which politicians have received endorsements and campaign contributions from Euell Energy?

Legal What legal actions has Euell Energy been a party to?

Review  Big Man of Papuan culture.

Art  The Getty's Museum

Archetype Mermaid

Ongoing scenario  You are still working as an entry-level retail manager.  You observe one of your cashiers entering prices too low, yet charging correctly.  This person's drawer count is always OVER by at least $10.  What should you assume?

Gone with the Wind  In English and language of your choice  Why did author Margaret Mitchell include in the story Ashley's injury after they attempted to clean-out the woods?

What is the significance of the fact that Rhett gives the Captain his assurances as a "gentleman"?

When else in the story do we hear the word gentleman?

Did Melanie know that Rhett abandoned her in unconscious condition?

What is the significance of the fact that Scarlet stirs soap in front of the burned-down barn?

Just before the confrontation Scarlett has with Amy Slattery and Jonas Wilkerson, what is her father doing?

The Shipping News  In English and language of your choice  How many wives did Guy Quoyle have?

What is Bunny's relationship with the cables?

Why did Quoyle's family leave Newfoundland?

Ice Age  In English and language of your choice  Write an essay on Doe-Doe philosophy.

What is the purpose of the female participant in the hunting expedition?

Sewing Using stripes which must be aligned, make a dress with sleeves.  You must be careful in that the shoulder-to-waist height of the pattern might be different than yours.  Henceforth, you might want to avoid complex back designs.

May 11, 2004  Just as I was ready to give-up on our fight to control oil/gas prices, and just as the Dow closed below the psychologically important 10,000 mark, this happens.  I awoke this morning, turned-on the computer, attempted to print from my website only to find that my printer would not work until I scrolled the mouse upon the money icon of the MSN Home Page.  There I found Jim Jubak's three part article which they had been waiting all month for me to read.  It is an attempt to discourage The Bar offensive:  "When China brakes, the world slows", "8 ways China affects all our lives now", and "3 big threats to China's economic miracle".

"Case in point:  On April 28, the Chinese banks reported they would go on a three-day lending moratorium on government orders.  The same day, the Reuters news service ran an interview with the premier of China, who promised very strong action to rein in excessive growth.  In the United States, shares of companies selling iron ore, aluminum, nickel and copper to China tanked on fears that the Chinese were about to stop buying the raw materials that fuel their economy."

I need you to ask your adopted companies if they could provide a United States market for these raw materials.

I don't know if this will help the stock market immediately.  But I want Wall Street to promise me that in the interim, if there is any terrorist threat, the market will jump above 10,000.

July Supplement

Scenario A certain country is at war.  A large population of working class, blue collar males are in the military.  Who must achieve employment in the factories to build the tanks, weld the machinery, etc?

      In this country, the men return home.  A second income is nice, they find.

    The culture then changes in that the washer/dryer, vacuum cleaner, dishwasher, modern plumbing, etc., becomes an average way of life.  What might maintain the monogamous, matrimonial relationship?

      Then a deep recession strikes.  Many couples recognize that if they want to maintain their standard of living, they must be realistic about the fact that only the wife can find a job with an adequate salary.

      What country is this?

August Supplement

Scenario In the post-war/post-dishwasher era described above, a male is composing his dissertation.  His sister-in-law is qualified as an executive secretary and through six carbons, types this for him for NO charge.  His mother also has such qualifications and helps.  His wife has excellent organizational skills and also inputs many hours.

    His daughter one day is this age.  She composes a manuscript and requires six copies.  She goes to the copy store and waits a few hours.

    The difference in production price is not considered when this country calculates inflation rates because it is not a bread-and-butter issue. 

Nathaniel Hawthorne's

 The Scarlet Letter

chapter drug-rape issue literary issue      future issue vocabulary



burdock, roses, pig-weed, and apple-peru--what are the first two herbs used for?  (I don't know if any information exists about the last two.)

Upon what type of soil is the cemetery placed?

Who were the Puritans?  







Of what type of fabric would one of the female spectators like to replace Hester's gown with?

"her beauty shone-out, and made a ???"

To what other mother-and-child does Hawthorne compare Hester-and-baby to?

What "years" does Hester reminisce upon?

Who is Mistress Hibbins?   augured













With what character traits does the Indian eventually look upon her?

What is "unadulterated sunshine"?



How did Reverend Mr. Dimmesdale's speeches affect his listeners?

How did this Reverend's speech affect the baby?

Who has the authority to remove the scarlet letter?

When the Reverend leaned over the balcony and "awaited the result of his appeal", how did he gesture his hand?







What is the significance of the fact that her husband is a physician?


Why doesn't anyone know who her husband is?








 at Her


"There dwelt, there trode the feet of one whom she deemed herself connected in a union...":  What does this mean?

How is Cain discussed?

What is malicious alchemy?

"Women derive a pleasure, incomprehensible to the other sex, from the delicate toil of the needle":  Which area of the brain is deriving this pleasure?
















What is Pearl's relationship with witchcraft?

Research the definition of phantasmagoria.

How does Hester perceive Pearl?













The Governor's Hall  

a free-born Englishman converted into a bonded servant--What was his status compared to Confederate slaves?  Was this a time in which slaves were brought to this country?

What is the significance of the rose bush?















The Elf-Child and the Minister What is Pearl's relationship with witchcraft?

Who is Governor Bellingham's sister?

Who is suggested a Pearl's father?  







The Leech According to Elaine Morgan, what is the archetypical significance of a leech.    









May 31, 2004  As you already know, I typically post targets a few months in advance.  This is because in January of this year, when the snow trapped me in my home, I decided to work through April to emphasize the point that April 08th, Holy Thursday, is National Whistleblowers' Day.  Since then, I sometimes have to hasten my month-to-month pace because of the speed with which my students thoroughly work through everything.   But since I entered on X-Targets that September is a month in which we will focus on issues of child-abuse in the home, particularly that which my students may experience, there has been "a silence more terrifying than the pounding of the canon."

It is a difficult subject for all involved.  Parents have to deal realistically with the possibility that relatives they trust and/or need may be systematically abusing their children during holiday visits, such as Christmas.

Not a day goes by in which I don't become angry at my mother for everything which happened.  But at the same time, I must remember it was her guilty conscience which killed her, and I also must remember it was a different age.  Tolerance of abusive behavior was considered pro-family.  It was institutionalized.  Ours is the generation which must cope with the difficult transition.  Productive evolution is an act which can only be accomplished by aquatic apes.  Non-aquatic apes develop their acting skills instead--they improve their ability to pretend nothing is wrong, and discreetly live-off of the profitable economy.

There is no choice of words I can use to reduce this to a simple mathematical formula.  These next few months will be very painful.  I posted it before the beginning of Summer vacation because this is when time is available to work through these issues.  By Christmas, it must be adequately resolved.

The following appeared in the June 1st, 2004 issue of The Daily News;

I would like to ask of my students to write a letter to either this woman or any of those involved with the successful litigation, and express gratitude for this development.  I would also like you to copy-correspond this to the Saudi King.

I would like to ask of everyone to go to the web-page,


for help in this matter.

On this date of June 25, 2004--six months before Christmas--I have noticed no progress on the self-x-target.  I will have to take the next necessary, very drastic step.

As you already know, if there is any suspicion of child abuse, it must be reported.  And if it is a professional such as a nurse or a teacher who is noticing it, such individual can face prosecution for such failure.

The feminists are not going to like me for this, but every domestic rape case I have ever had any knowledge of involved an alcoholic.  I would like to ask of anyone who has ever known an alcoholic to report such individual to child protection services, and I would like such agency to proceed on the assumption that a child in such care is in danger.


I have decided it is not going to happen that I encourage the victim to initiate the emancipation from the cycle of abuse.  I have decided an amnesty to encourage perpetrators might be better.  I have also decided that one month probably won't be enough.  It should be from Thanksgiving thru Easter.  Please contact your Congressional representative and explain this.


September 2004



How do these ichthyology specimens resemble Homo sapiens?

Are these fresh water or salt water fish?

How are they related to each other?

What is an anomaly?

How are pelvic structures and bipedal-gait interrelated?

What is their relationship with Homo sapiens?









Saudi Arabia  Do students learn about evolution?

Microsoft  In all your research on this company, have you ever found an employee by the name of Schick?

Adopted Company  How do they treat whistleblowers?

National Security Advisor  Who was such official of the Kennedy Administration?


Make a list of all the African genocides

all the famines

all the regions visited by former President Jimmy Carter

all the regions visited by Jesse Jackson


all the countries as categorized by past or present European colonization.

Look for patterns.

Art  The Codex of the Aztecs

Archetype  Flying horse

Review  Is a fingerprint circumstantial or strict evidence?

Legal  Select a local bridge in your area.  Find its designer and ascertain if the attorney general's office certified this individual with or without a license.

Ongoing Scenario  You are still working as a retail manager.  You receive an employment application from a person you believe is 12-years-old--too young.  However, she presents her driver's license which proves her age to be 18.  So you turn the application over to the human resources manager for an interview.  This individual hires her and presents her with some forms to sign in front of him.  He does not notice the signature is inconsistent.

As this individual works for the store, you become conversational.  You learn about her older sister and brother.

She one day tells you she takes at least three showers-per-day.

What should you infer from that?

Movie  The Hand that Rocks the Cradle (view in language of choice using dictionary translating foreign language into foreign language (e.g., French-French).  Use English/foreign-language dictionary only as back-up.)  And be prepared for the fact that its final twenty minutes are terrifying.  Parental Guidance is suggested.

What glass shatters in the beginning and end?  Why?

Did this whistleblower have a supportive family?  Was this important?

Who was the Biblical Solomon?

What is the game divide-and-conquer?

Sewing  Go to the sewing section and find a book of patterns.  Open to the bridal section and use one of the patterns (e.g., hat) to make something non-bridal.

Gone with the Wind Convert into different verb tense the script you wrote in language of your choice about Rhett blowing-the-whistle.

Debate issue  Should all newborn babies be subjected to a paternity test?

Rituals  Describe the cultural role each of these animals has in a certain modern culture, and how it evolved.

October, 2004









Are these species reproductively compatible? If not, why not?

Different fur coloring, albeit biological compatibility?

Different pre-mating behavior (i.e., engagement period)?

Any other reason?

Does your adopted company in any way interact with these or their close relatives?

Ecology  With the help of your adopted company, find a forest designated for defoliation for the purpose of production supermarket paper-bags.  Then take the necessary next steps.  (As per request of one of my customers to address this issue.)

Kennedy Administration  What was Jack Kennedy's educational background?

Adopted Company  What was/is their relationship with the Kennedys?

Gone with the Wind  In language of choice with foreign-language/foreign-language (e.g., French/French) dictionary only.

$50, $150, $300--How much was each woman worth to Rhett?

When Scarlet's mother returned home, what was the object which had to be retrieved from her carriage?

They dance together for a few seconds, and he demands that she professes her love for him.  When was this?

Scarlet and Ashley stand before a window as she demands that he admits he loves her.  When was this?

When I was preparing for college, we were required to take three Achievement Tests in addition to SATs.  On a scale of 200 - 800, 650 or above is considered good.  If this is still required, you may be qualified for the foreign language exam.  Completing this at your earliest convenience will give you one less thing to do as a high school upper-classman.

Saudi Arabia  What is the geological history of this country?

Art  Study the major Occidental artists of the same country as the foreign language you are learning.

Debate Issue  Should Islam as a religion be taught in United States grammar schools?

National Security Advisor  How has the role of this office changed since it was first established?

Country  Tibet

What is the nature of the conflict?

Archetype  Great Flood

Rituals  Do any stone-age cultures ritualistically remember the Great Flood?

Research equipment  The Outline of History by H. G. Wells

Review  What is an arboreal Colobine?

November, 2004



   How are his ears human?

   Why does he have wrinkles?

   In which continent(s) does he live?




Kennedy Administration;  What are the male/female relationships within the family?

Saudi Arabia; Why is this country no longer part of the United Kingdom?

Country;  Switzerland  Is college tuition socialized?

National Security Advisor;  Choose one of United States history and make a list of all the places s/he traveled to.

Rituals;  How do different stone-age cultures of South America request of the deities to deliver a good harvest?

Debate; Should a capitalistic country such as the United States exact a MAXimum wage?

Art; What 1800's painting exemplifies a class struggle, is found at the Louvre, and resembles the statue of liberty?

Linguistics; What does lieben mean in German?

Archetype; Long hair (see Elaine Morgan's books).

Research equipment;  Find in your library pre-18th century (i.e., before 1701) maps.

Gone with the Wind (in language of choice)

Why is Scarlet the only female to use the word lick?

Does Melanie know Rhett abandoned them?

How does Margaret Mitchell make reference to herself in the scene following the burning of Atlanta?

Sewing; Using a McCall's pattern, make pants.

Review;  Mohammed the Prophet and women.

December, 2004

Sewing; Instead of making something, I would like you to make a list of all expenses incorporated into each item crafted.  And focus in particular on the following issues:

Failed projects (I calculate $1/item)

Notions ($2)




Fabric bought but not yet used ($2)

Durable equipment purchased ($2)

 sewing machine

 cutting mats

storage containers


This is dedicated to the professor who dragged me into the field of anthropology, Dr. Eric Delson.

Country  Sumatra of Indonesia

economic relationships with

Mobile Corporation, originally Standard Vacuum Oil Company of New York

Uniroyal, originally United States Rubber Company

Caltrex, joint venture between Chevron and Texaco


political relationships with

Condoleezza Rice, current National Security Advisor

Kennedy Administration

historical relationships with



diplomatic relationship with

Saudi Arabia

linguistic relationship with

other Indonesian countries

Review  negative reciprocity

Gone with the Wind

Who is India?

Who is Hamilton?

Who is Kennedy?

Archetype  varmint

Research equipment  Bock, Carl  The Head-hunters of Borneo

Ritual  war dance