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Saturday, July 14, 2007 1:54 PM
Jeff Suarez <jeffsuarez@verizon.net> Add to Addresses Block Sender
Vivian Lehman <vlehman6463@charter.net> Add to Addresses
7 KB


I am writing to you to ask you to please stop referring to me as Ayman al-Zawarhi. 
I can assure you, I am NOT him! In addition, my wife is NOT Mrs. Anthrax!
I would also like to correct the perception you have that my wife and I are responsible 
for complaining about you to the Bedford police. We did not call the police, they contacted us! 
Someone had complained to them about your website.
I wish I knew why anytime someone show's you the slightest bit of kindness, you turn on them. 
I'm also not sure why you think that everyone you meet had something to do with 9/11. 
Whatever the reason, please understand this: WE ARE HONEST, HARD WORKING  PATRIOTIC AMERICAN CITIZENS
I am not related to Fidel Castro, and we are NOT associated with Donald Trump in any manner.
(I'm sure he wouldn't give me the time of day even if I asked him!)
The money for the purchase of your house came from our Merrill Lynch account and a Home Equity Loan, not 
from drugs or any other illegal activity. 
I really hope you are getting some help for your paranoia and your anger! 
If you continue with your libelous and slanderous accusations on your website against me and my family, I will have no choice but to 
contact my lawyer and start legal proceedings against you.
I urge you to get some help and stop posting lies against people you barely know,


Jeff Suarez



Before I issue the promised apology I need a few things.

  1. Photo of him and his family.

  2. His signature on this statement.

  3. His request of an apology from the Coventry Police Department for their  libelous comment that he has been convicted and sentenced to the death penalty.

  4. His identification of the "someone who complained to the Police about (my) website"?

  5. His explanation of how he obtained my e-mail address.  In New York, I was connected to a different Internet-Service-Provider.

My e-mail will be released shortly.

6:25 pm------no response e-mail with photo.  Maybe it doesn't exist?  Would any Bedford resident like to help me?  All you need is a digital camera and my e-mail address above.

7:10 pm-------no response/no photographs.  But, you have Jeffrey Suarez's e-mail address above.  If you have any specific questions for him, you now have an opportunity to ask.

7:30 pm-------still waiting.  But not leaving anything to the last minute.

United States Government Photos

Jeffrey Suarez's Photos of His Family Disproving my Theories



8:10 pm---------I just transmitted the following e-mail:

I am waiting to publish photographs of your family.  I have set-up the table on
my website featuring United States Government file-photos of Mrs. Anthrax and
Ayman al-Zawarhi.  I am waiting to do the comparisons which you insist will
disprove everything I have said.
Just a reminder...Any attorney will have you commit a notarized signature to
your written  testimony that you are not Ayman al-Zawarhi and your wife is not
Mrs. Anthrax.  Notarization means it is under penalties of perjury.  The judge
will have to meet with you and will see your height and age is identical to the
FBI profile of Ayman al-Zawarhi.  If you take legal initiatives, my money is the
only thing I have at risk.

Sunday July 15, 2007

At 9 pm last night, guess who called?

We spoke for exactly one hour between 9 and 10 pm.  This the time slot al-Qaeda allows its people to make such phone calls.  I will explain how I know that another time.

He was at work.  He said he works as a camera technician for one of the networks and was monitoring something.

He started out our conversation using profanities.

I threatened a police report.

He stopped and used all the English he knew:  lunatic, crazy, delusional, etc.

He was outraged I published his e-mail address.

What did he expect?

He found one neighbor who was willing to testify that he does not look like Ayman al-Zawarhi.  He suggested I call her.

I am not wasting my time with someone who is obviously not offering photographs.

I repeated my request from him for pictures.

He said he did not have to answer to me.

While he was denying my allegations, a co-worker yelled he looked just like Ayman al-Zawarhi.

I laughed.  I didn't ask, but wish I knew if this person knows of my website.

I asked Jeffrey Suarez, "If the United States had sided with Germany during World Wars I and II, would September 11th have happened?"

He didn't want to answer.

I followed-up, "So Eva Braun could be telling the truth when she says it was Germany which was under a terrorist attack?"

He didn't answer.

He insisted over-and-over that his wife is not Mrs. Anthrax.

I insisted that in January of 2002, I lay in a hospital bed watching her for 20 minutes.

I told him I knew of a lab connected to the American Museum of Natural History which is located uptown from this location on Central Park Avenue West.  I demanded the exact address.  (I'll explain how I know that later.  But when I was a student at AMNH, I witnessed one of the weapons-developers arriving on a bus and walking there.  She experiments on animals in Africa.  Her first name is Jane and she has a British accent.)

He said I was crazy.

I said that 200 pills of the generic form of Ritalin were stolen from a pharmacy local to Bedford Village.  And that such theft occurred shortly before September 11th.  This controlled substance keeps people calm, energetic and able to concentrate.  But I insisted there must have been a second substance used which ignites the testosterone.  I demanded to know what it was they developed.

He called me all the names.

We also discussed Detective Larry Haines of the Bedford Village, New York Police Department.  I said that he offered the opportunity for Jeffrey Suarez to state on the public record that he is not Ayman al-Zawarhi.  And that the invitation was declined.

Jeffrey Suarez denied this.

I suggested he make the effort anyway.

He insisted that if he entered an office of law enforcement, he would be arrested.

Monday July 16, 2007

Let's talk about the American Museum of Natural History (AMNH).

For the undergraduate and graduate schools I attended, I often had to commute to AMNH which is where such classes often met.  I was one day on a bus and saw Dr. Jane Goodall sitting quietly reviewing some paperwork.  I watched her for a long time and she never noticed me.  We exited at the same stop.  I went into the Museum and she went uptown on Central Park Avenue West.  I concluded it wasn't she, just a look alike.  I never told my mother I saw her.

Dr. Goodall has spent her adult-lifetime, over 50-years, observing the chimpanzees of Gombe, Africa.  As the National Geographic films document, shortly after her arrival, there was an outbreak of the polio disease within such group of animals.  No explanation was offered as to how it happened.  But it always amazes me, where-ever the British go, either small pox or polio goes with them.

According to the documentary, they injected the vaccine into the bananas, and the study was rescued.

I don't think it was the vaccine, but rather the disease itself which was so injected.

After ten-years of her research, the documentary explained, Dr. Goodall observed an unexpected phenomenon--Her peace-loving chimps had turned into war-mongers.  They divided into two groups.  There were fatalities.  Outside of warfare, there was infanticide in the form of one female tearing another female's baby from her, and eating such infant.  Then, the perpetrator hugged the mother explaining she didn't mean to do it.  The perpetrator's daughter did not exhibit the same character traits when she grew-up.

The problem with this is since Dr. Goodall made this discovery, many other researchers have visited chimpanzees and gorillas in other regions of Africa, and have NOT made the same observations.  This would suggest to me that the perpetrator gave a truthful hug, after performing drug-induced murder.

I will name this mysterious drug Goodall.  It does not appear to be a virus, bacteria or parasite.  And I believe it was used in conjunction with the Ritalin on September 11, 2001.

Tuesday July 17, 2007

I'm Lovin' It!!!!!




9.89 -0.22 (-2.18%)



I just found two interesting facts on Wikipedia.org.  The first is from an article about the history of immigration into the United States.  The second is about the history of polio epidemics.

"The Immigration and Nationality Act of

1952 (the McCarran-Walter Act) revised the quotas again, basing them on the 1920 census. For the first time in American history, racial distinctions were omitted from the U.S. Code. As could be expected, most of the quota allocation went to immigrants from Ireland, the United Kingdom and Germany who already had relatives in the United States. The anti-subversive features of this law are still in force (emphasis supplied)."



"In the United States, the

1952 polio epidemic would be the worst outbreak in the nation's history. Of the nearly 58,000 cases reported that year 3,145 died and 21,269 were left with mild to disabling paralysis."

Thursday July 19, 2007

The FBI is jealous of the German government.  So they are attempting to promote any future legal efforts Jeffrey Suarez may take against me.  They are trying to provoke me to ask them for some of the reward monies.  I can't ask, and will NOT accept.

The legal definition of libel is a written statement which is


The statement issuer knew it was false when saying such and

intended malice.

As to the first issue, Jeffrey Suarez's attorney would have to help him prepare an affidavit stating under penalties of perjury that he is not Ayman al-Zawarhi and his wife is not Mrs. Anthrax.  If he is considered believable to a preponderance of the evidence (i.e., 51% in a civil action, not 100% in a criminal action) then...

The legal argument must be made that despite his age, height and facial similarities, I knew it wasn't he.

And money would be a malicious motive.  And all such rewards are recorded in the public domain.

I would like to ask of the FBI to stand back, and watch the experts do the work for them, which should have been done two years ago.  I don't know what took me so long to request their involvement.

But what their FBI-masculine-egos really want is grotesque begging.  I would like someone to explain to me why this ignites their testosterone.  Donald Trump asked of my former phony and real attorneys to help him play this game.  Barbara Pickett insisted I must accept her help to prepare a list of monthly expenses counterbalanced with interest income.  Then I must go out into the world and see how much of an income I can receive, and then recognize that I must beg him for his money.  This was after he insisted I cannot pursue him for financial dependency.  Why the contradictions?  Because these are two different areas of the brain which do not communicate with each other.  That is, there are no neurons connecting the two.

But if I accept such FBI-reward-monies, then the married-man-with-AIDS-and-the-ten-million-dollar-debt will never propose to me because he does not want me working full time while being a mother.  This situation also involves different areas of the brain, but I don't know which two.  Perhaps these haven't been discovered yet.

The difference between a chimpanzee and human brain is that the former has MORE neurons-per-cubic-centimeter.  You probably guessed less.  But the human brain is larger.  And most importantly, each human neuron makes more connections with other neurons.  This is an essential component of our species.  And these masculine lack-of-connectivity issues prove that the female brain is superior.

8:30 pm, Eastern Standard Time

I just received the subliminal information that I should call Jesus in my desperate attempts to survive everything they are doing to me.  And if I told you everything, they would shut-me-off again.

I can't make that call.  I can hasten the announcement that Azzam-the-American/Adam-Yahiye-Gadahn/Robert-Trump is next on our list of terrorist priorities.  Fupi will follow.

Don't defy me!

Friday July 20, 2007

Onto happier things...


Dr. Max Lehmann



 Die glckliche Geburt eines

krftigen knaben zeigen hoch-

erfreut au

It is with pleasure that the

lucky birth of a strong boy of

August 27, 1900, Grlitz


Frau Selma geb. Peiser



Dr. Ernst Leopold Lehman


Personal Philosophies

Medical; Do not operate unless it is 100% necessary.

Surgical; The key is to enter the correct layer, and then you excise everything.

Matrimonial; She thinks I come home from work rested.

As WWI refugee; At any expense, travel 1st class.

In 1976; There is something wrong with my brain cells.





From the childhood Stamp Collection of Ernst (1900-1976), son of Dr. Max Leopold Lehmann and Selma Peiser Lehmann.  Selma, the daughter of Marie Posener Peiser of Posen, corresponded with descendants of immigrant Charlie (Charles Peiser) in the United States of America. During depression of 1930s, financial help transmitted from USA to Germany as reciprocity for help after 1906 earthquake of San Francisco.



My employer sent me into a store in a region where I don't usually travel.  Guess what I found on the clearance rack?  Frames for $1/each.  And the receipt printed a $2 coupon off of my next $2 purchase.  (I bought shampoo with that.)  These frames are 4-inches high and 12-inches wide--very unusual.  These are silver-color and of similar character in design to that of the frame I selected for my grandfather with a plaque of his advise.  Such large frame is gold and silver.  And these small frames included the matting.  But it is very thin.  The framer explained to me that the purpose for this is not just decoration, but also to prevent the picture from clinging to the glass.  Such  damage is irreversible.

But the matting does outline for me how each set should be performed.  It is in three segments, in a semi-circle. I would have never thought of that.  I placed one upside-down, the other correct-side-up in positions above and below him.  I intend to one day replace this inexpensive matting with red.  And I intend to add a second matting of the same red to the framing of my grandfather.  I don't like the black.  It looks like a memorial.  Someone several generations from now is not going to cry over him, but hopefully, they will follow his advise.  I will leave the black as a secondary, interior matting.

Sunday July 22, 2007

As to my health, there have been improvements.

In the year 2000, a gastroenterologist explained to me that what was causing my asthma was abdominal swelling pressing against the lungs.  This was at the time I worked in the pharmacy.  And as I watched customers pick-up collections of anti-asthmatics, whereas I only needed one inhaler, I witnessed that almost all of these patients had swollen abdominal regions.  And I doubt if such was fat, as this is very soft.  Rather, I believe it is what the lymphatic physician explained to me--a heavy  protein within such system.

I am the same size, but the area is no longer as dense.  The tumor at the base of the lymphatic system has shrunk.  And my asthma is much improved.  I am no longer using one over-the-counter inhaler per week, but rather, one-per-month.

It is a very slow recovery.  This is good, because I was afraid of a sudden discharge and cleansing of the lymphatic system.  I am not capable of such work.  I was certain I would return to the hospital.

A few weeks ago, I was severely weak with a blood-shot eye.  The latter issue was peculiar because I have never seen such before.  For the past few months I have been experiencing symptoms which have not occurred in a few years.  As painful as some of the conditions can be, I am always glad to see these because it means I am going backwards.  The backaches in the lower back returned.  And the migraines are back.

But nonetheless, the day after the blood-shot eye, my energy level returned to almost normal.  This means I am going to survive this.

One symptom which is new, is a red ring around my neck near the end of the monthly cycle.  It is a nearly complete ring.  The front of the neck is where it discontinues.  Instead, there is a red line a few inches above it.  It a broken, full circle.  And I don't know what it means.  As I am beginning a new month, it is now dry and pealing.

But I am certain there is some nerve damage.  This is not from the disease itself, but rather the Marinol which was injected into me while I was in the hospital in January of 2002.  If you will recall, I went unconscious and did not awake for my male visitors who, when they found me alive instead of dead-on-arrival as the hospital announced, lost control of their passions.  The nerves in my system which should have responded at the time, do not awaken for my midnight strangers.  So I sleep through everything.  The only difference is that instead of remembering the events six months later, I reminisce the following morning.

But the FBI Special Agent has not visited me since I demanded venereal disease and AIDS tests.

Tuesday July 24, 2007

As to Jeffrey Suarez's e-mail to me, let's consider one fact.  He explains that the Bedford Village Police Department telephoned him.

All incoming and outgoing phone calls of this law enforcement agency are tape recorded.  When I spoke to Detective Larry Haynes a few days later, he indicated to me that he was familiar with my website and understood my allegations.

But it seems to me that the tapes were never turned-over to the FBI.

Why not?

It was before this infamous date that I informed a detective of the Mount Kisco Police Department (a nearby town) that an individual from Pakistan with a felonious background may have stolen 200 pills of Methylphenidate from the CVS pharmacy.  This drug is the generic form of Ritalin.  The individual was a pharmacist who was convicted of conspiracy in the fourth degree, class E felony.  (I believe he was the one who poisoned my asthma inhaler when I met him in England.  He was acting as a physician. The date I saw him there corresponds with the time frame in which the New York State Board of Regents lost track of him.)

The date of his last appearance in that Mount Kisco pharmacy was the same date as this bottle's last appearance in its vault.  It doesn't take a law enforcement genius to figure-out what he was going to do with that.

But it seems to me that the detective never informed the FBI of this either.

Why not?

Wednesday July 25, 2007

And one more piece of the puzzle...

On November 23, 1999, Amy Robbins Salerno received from the New York State Board of Regents a certificate to practice  medicine.  The only problem was she had no such license.  On this same date, I received the results of my follow-up chest x-ray.  Contrary to the information I received a few weeks earlier, I was normal.  Apparently, I was driving al-Qaeda crazy.

The pharmacy in Mount Kisco, New York was CVS.  I worked there from the Summer of 2000 through the Spring of 2001.  Riaz Hussein was the felonious floater pharmacist.  A floater is an individual who is not assigned to one store but rather goes where there is need, such as to fill-in for someone's vacation.

William Riccardi was the head pharmacist.  He was the one who suspended and eventually fired me.  And at the time he sent me home, he asked of me repeatedly to sign a blank disciplinary form.  When he did finally fill-in the information on what he claimed was the problem with me, I watched him struggle to assemble two paragraphs.  The guy has a master's degree.  I don't have such educational credentials.  And I don't struggle like that.  Is this to the credit of my Alma Mater, Lehman College of the City University of New York, or to the discredit of the institution which conferred upon him his degree?  I don't know.

At the time I began my employment, I knew Billy was married and that his wife was pregnant.  He one time stayed late to talk-out his issues with a pharmacist visiting from another pharmacy (not the floater).  Billy explained that his wife is from Cuba and that every penny she earns goes there.  He said that when he comes home with a new pair of shoes, she sends him back to the store to acquire another pair for transmission to her native home.  It was also my understanding that she was a registered pharmacist, working for another store.

It was also my understanding that she is Spanish-proficient.  There was one event in which we had a customer who spoke no English.  He telephoned her and she conversed with such individual.

If I recall correctly, I once answered the phone when she was calling.  I don't believe she had an accent, but I wasn't studying the situation either.

Their baby was born in January of 2001.

During the years of 2002 thru 2004 I worked at Staples which is next door to this CVS.  My three ambulance rides occurred in such first year.  In 2003 was the law suit in which I demanded the return of the $1,300 I paid the hospital for my first visit.  My argument was that I was treated by the unlicensed Amy Robbins Salerno.  The judge did not believe that was reason for a refund.

In 2004, Amy Robbins Salerno was no longer an employee of the hospital.  She opened her own practice as a psychiatrist.  Her skills as such were proven to be extraordinary.  In the January of 2002 report on my emergency room visit, she interpreted my high white blood cell count (i.e., infection) as a "psychiatric disorder".   She also said I was depressed because I did not enjoy vomiting.

Crystal, my co-worker, was a high school student at the time.  She was taking biology.  They were studying white blood cells and such function.  She said if she placed such answers on the exam, there would be issues.  So this was a "doctor" who could not pass a high school biology exam.

Before her practice opened, she frequented Staples purchasing her office supplies.  We had in the store a section where we displayed all the computer monitors.  At the time, we were playing a DVD which featured cartoon animals.  I one day found a child seated on the floor before such, watching.  There seemed to be no responsible adult around.  Finally, Amy Robbins Salerno decided to check on her child.  She saw me standing over her and assured me that wasn't necessary.   But she did express appreciation for my concern when she returned the next day to make another purchase.  I was her cashier.  She handed me a check and I finally recognized the face.

I talked to her.  The child's name is Francesca.  My guess is she was approximately 3-years-old.  The same age as Billy's child.

Tuesday July 31, 2007

Trump Entertainment Resorts (TRMP)

6.89 -0.33 (-4.57%)

When this hits $5, I want Wall Street to deliver to Mr. Trump our agenda.  Please do not accuse or suggest he is the brother of one of the FBI's Most Wanted Terrorists.  It was one thing for me to accuse Jeffrey Suarez of being Ayman al-Zawarhi when he telephoned me.  But you will be telephoning Donald Trump.  It could legally be considered harassment if you make any allegations.  Rather than accuse, what you can do is nicely ask for his help, rationalizing that al-Qaeda doesn't like tall buildings, and he owns a few.

Next on my agenda is ADAM YAHIYE GADAHN, also known as Azzam the American.  The person who will follow is Fupi.  I have my own agenda with her.

But after your losses on September 11, 2001, I am certain you have your own issues.  Perhaps there are others on the FBI's Most Wanted you want to focus on.  You have $1.69 worth of time to decide what is currently most important to you.  You can dedicate each of our next initiatives to each of the individuals who died, or survived with permanent physical and/or emotional injuries.

Start making your telephone calls whenever it hits $5.  Don't wait for my prompt.  I will probably be at work when this happens.

Wednesday August 01, 2007

6.22 -0.48 (-7.16%)

$1.22 worth of time left.

You can thank Detective Larry Haines of the Bedford Village, New York Police Department for my new anti-terrorist strategy.  When I telephoned him in December of 2005 asking about the complaint the Suarezes made against me, he explained it was actually made by a third party, but refused to give me the name. I concluded it was Donald Trump.  For even though the agreement was reached for me in January of 1995 that he would leave me alone if I worked extra hours as a $5/hour cashier to pay for the $2,000 in damage he did to my book...he decided that because I didn't pay, he didn't have to comply.

By September 11, he should be bankrupt.

I am only asking Wall Street to make these telephone calls to him.  And this is why.  I want them to understand that making money begins with placing human rights on the negotiations table.

As to the 60 law enforcement officers who died, I have decided to ask of their associates to stay out of this.  I witnessed three different police precincts encourage this behavior before and after that fateful day.  Are they just-following-orders, as per their protocol, or is there something else going on?  I can't help them.  If they haven't learned anything by now, they probably won't learn it at all.

On another subject...

I corrected the typographical error in one of the most recent framings.  One of my dates was off by 100 years.

Thursday August 02, 2007


6.06  -0.16 (-2.57%)

Next week should be the end of al-Qaeda.

Friday August 03, 2007


$5.84 -0.22 (-3.63%)

I would like to repeat my request that you not wait for my prompt to make your telephone calls.  I will probably be at work when it hits $5.

On a related subject...

Today I was at Staples.  While I was waiting for my copies to be printed, I visited the furniture section.  It looks almost the same as on the date of my last employment for this company in October of 2005.  There was one significant difference--TRUMP OFFICE.  There are four chairs featured.  One is called the Bedford.  Another is called the Westchester.  This is the name of the county this New York village is located in.  Another is named Briarcliff.  This is also of this county, but Trump tried to build a golf course in it and lost to a steadfast supervisor of the Town of New Castle.  The fourth is a modified name of Bedminster.  He probably named this after Robert Flanagan.

And where did Mr. Patriotic American manufacture these products?

You guessed it!


If I recall correctly, Ronald L. Sargent was and probably still is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Staples.  I never asked for anything, until now.  Please cease marketing these products.

Saturday August 04, 2008

On another subject...

I suddenly noticed a mistake a made in the Targets 2002-04.

This is the way I presented it.


August 2004

Stimulus Exteroceptive
Mechanism Medulla Inferior
Bodies Cortex Wernike's
System Frontal
Lobe Broca's
Area Pre-Central
  Muscles Behavior


This is with the correction.  This Visual Association Areas may or may not be involved with conversation.

August 2004

Stimulus Exteroceptive
Mechanism Medulla Inferior


Cortex Wernike's
System Frontal
Lobe Broca's
Area Pre-Central
  Muscles Behavior

Monday August 06, 2007

Sharpen your tongues...

5.51 -0.33


Tuesday August 07, 2007 2:25 pm


6.70 1.19

Wednesday August 08, 2007


Thursday August 09, 2007

$7.50 -0.22

I think you need more information about the trap we set in 2004.

In early of 2005, my Bedford, New York home went on the market.  I didn't want to leave after 38 years of not knowing any other life.  But the tax burden to pay for door-to-door bus service for select children was too much.

But it was a trap.

My house had three original bidders.  After the house inspection, the primary and secondary buyers, for no apparent reason, cancelled.  My realtor was amazed at my good attitude.  But I knew who was coming next.  Although I didn't know exactly who.  I am a student of terrorism.

I have never complained about the $38,000 I lost as the selling price went from $626,000 to $588,000.  Did you ever wonder about that?

I spent as much time as possible conversing with the new buyers. My assignment was to study their faces and life histories.

And to extract from them all details about their finances. Why? Because I had to prove to Kathy McTigue, and others like her, that Monica Christiensen did not have $30,000 to pay her upon my demise.

Their down-payment was from a Merrill Lynch account.  I said I spoke to this institution and learned they did not have financial clearance for the remaining balance on the $588,000.

I lied.

I needed those financial documents.

Although they had no obligation to do any such thing, they provided exactly that.  I will never know why.  Their attorney should have forbidden it.  Maybe he didn't know who I am and what I am about, but they did.

As we now enter the final stage of the entrapment, I have been watching the DVD, Runaway Jury.  Do they understand why?

There is now one-half hour of trading left.

The goal is a few Most Wanted Terrorists by September 11th.

And all Most Wanted Terrorists by December 21st.

We can do it.

You may have noticed a decrease in gas prices.

Friday August 10, 2007  

10:45 am...6.9401 -0.6599

11:45 am...6.72  -0.88

Sunday August 12, 2007

When Trump Resorts Entertainment hits $5,


 Wall Street will telephone Donald Trump and nicely ask of his assistance in finding and convicting Most Wanted Terrorists.  They will explain he should want to help because such people don't like tall buildings and he owns a few.  They will dedicate each telephone call to an individual directly affected by September 11, 2001.


A public boycott will initiate against all Atlantic City Casinos.  The Casino Control Commission could have helped the FBI in its endeavors, but didn't.  Pennsylvania and, of course, Connecticut, have such resorts.


A public boycott will initiate against Trump's business partner, General Electric.  They co-own the Miss Universe, Miss. USA, and Miss. Teen USA beauty pageants.  General Electric is also in the business of inventing parachutes for astronauts such as those of the Apollo missions.


A public boycott will initiate against a company owned by General Electric.  It is the nationwide television, cable and radio network called WNBC.  This is the possible employer of Jeff Suarez who denies he is Ayman al-Zawarhi and the husband of Mrs. Anthrax.


A telephone call will be made to the

Town of Bedford Police Department

914-BH(Bedford Hills)1-3111


requesting an official statement as to my allegations that Reverend Robert Flanagan of St. Matthews Episcopal Church, and Jeffrey and Marie Robbins Suarez, residents of Millertown Road in Bedford Village, are Qusai Hussein (who never died), Ayman al-Zawarhi (who was never in Pakistan) and Mrs. Anthrax (who was never imprisoned in nor released from Guantanamo Bay, Cuba).

We have a busy week ahead.

Are they wondering why I didn't provide these instructions one week ago?  Maybe I knew?

Wednesday August 15, 2007

My anticipation is that the 17th will be the day we foreclose on the rump of al-Qaeda.

10:50 am... 6.01-0.04

Or maybe not...

12:50 pm... 6.03-0.02

1:50 pm...   6.01-0.04


Let's do it at $6

for Trump


and for December 21st






4:00 pm...  $6.02-0.03

4:00 pm... $36.80 -0.88

Dear Mr. Carl Icahn;

I realize you are very busy managing your company, Houlihan Lawrence Real Estate, as well as other companies in which you have an interest, such as Motorola, but as your former neighbor and client, I would appreciate your attention in this matter.

It is my understanding that you performed an internal investigation into the sale of my New York home.  Of particular concern, was the compromised price of $38,000 to Jeffrey and Marie Robbins Suarez, as I witnessed your real estate agent receive both the buyer and seller commission checks at the closing.

I would appreciate if you would personally deliver all evidence against these people to Robert Mueller, FBI director.  I am certain you two have met before as you are a prominent Republican.  I would like ALL the appropriate arrests made by tomorrow before the market opens.

Please tell the Chief of the Town of Bedford Police how much I will appreciate his willingness to help.

Thursday August 16, 2007


9:30 am... $16.21



And $6 is one-third of the original price of Trump Resorts.  He owns 30%.  My uneducated guess is that we will not be able to push this lower than this dollar amount.  I wanted it at $5 because I was offered extra hours as a $5/hour to pay for the $2,000 in damage he did to my property.  But this works too.


9:30 am...  $21.90



Four stocks, one inexpensive price as goal.


I am NOT NOT NOT involving Icahn's other investments, such as Kraft.  This is a client of my current employer, Crossmark.  It is currently my favorite assignment as it involves assembling store displays.  This is as close to a museum as I can come.  My employer is NOT NOT NOT involving itself with my problems.  It is the only employer which has never done any such thing.  As we are currently entering the final stages of the trap, it is nice to know I can count on one thing.

I highly recommend Crossmark's services to Wall Street.  We do our job well.  And what we do is help retailers market their goods.

Friday August 17, 2007

You don't want to do to General Electric (GE) and Motorola (MOT) what we did to Trump Entertainment Resorts.  I understand.  It is your bread-and-butter.

If you will agree with me, this is what I want to do.

If Carl Icahn gives the FBI the evidence he has and if the appropriate arrests are made by the 25th of this month (i.e., early Christmas), I will waive my right to sue for the $38,000 I lost in the sale of my former home.

If Ayman al-Zawarhi is not in custody by this date, we will go forward with stock market pressure on GE and MOT.

And when I say in custody, I don't mean show me pictures of Bedford Village as his place of imprisonment.  I know the difference between New York and Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

Do we have a deal?

Saturday August 18, 2007

Today I would like to completely change the subject.

I was born in 1966.  My brother was born four years before.  He was held back in Kindergarten.  My father then left my mother explaining he was "disappointed in his six-year-old son."

My brother became completed isolated.  Both my mother and grandmother took the position he is in a state of shock over the loss of his father and if we are all just really nice to him, he will "snap out-of-it, pull himself together, and become a brilliant academician we can all be proud of."  We waited 15 years for that moment to occur.

My brother was later held-back in the ninth grade.   He would have had to repeat it one more time except my mother exercised some tough love.  She had him attend summer school.  With no bus service, she told him to walk home.

Both my parents have college degrees, and both my mother's parents had graduate degrees.  The whole family had the philosophy that we must have college degrees.  So my mother enrolled him in a local community college.

At the end of my junior year of high school, a local college admitted me.  We were now one grade apart.

We began the Fall semester of 1983.  By this time, my brother had his own car.  When the local mechanic saw the Subaru my mother selected for him, he said it was in excellent condition.  So my brother drove himself. And everyday, my mother dropped me off at the local bus station and picked me up in the evening.  It was a few miles out of her way.  For the drive home, I usually arrived at our meeting place early.  There was a vitamin store across the street, and my mother had me shop for her.  On evenings when we had to do the grocery shopping, I would also pick-up a healthy snack.  We ate that, and when we came home, told my brother to fix his own dinner because we weren't hungry.

Then one day I stepped off of the bus to find my mother waiting for me, as expected.  And he was there also.  She explained he had an accident and his car was a "total".  What happened was that he was at a traffic light exiting his college.  A female hit him in the back.  He felt the car rolling, panicked, and decided to jump-out.  He placed the car in reverse, but later speculated it may have been in fourth gear.  The car rolled-off, crossed four lanes of traffic, jumped-over a high meridian, and rolled-over into the abyss.  The female said she would get the police.  She drove-off, and never returned.

He was personally never hit as he stood in the middle of an intersection of heavy traffic.  Not only was this the primary route into the college, but there was also a very busy hospital down the street.

A few days ago, I wondered what the size of the towing bill was.

But at the time, that evening, my mother was furious that my brother had told the police about his theory that the car may not have been in reverse.

A few days ago, I wondered why his insurance premium never rose.

But at the time, my mother had him commute via the train.  The local train station was a few steps away from the bus.

My mother found at the junk yard a Subaru of the same date.  They removed the hood, and placed it upside-down upon her car.  With the purchase of a new windshield, the car was ready-to-go again.

I guess it was in February of 1984 (i.e., a few months later) that my mother's co-worker, Tim, decided to sell his Subaru.  It was half the price of my brother's (the story of my childhood life).  Tim delivered it to our house with his wife and two small sons.  It was a family event.  As I was seated in the driver's seat, he told me to push on the button of the secondary odometer.  He said when that hits 3,000, I must call him for a complimentary oil-and-lube.

After the purchase, I took it for a standard New York State inspection.  It failed.  The carburetor needed $75 worth of work.  He also explained that the engine has a knock in it and at 30,000 miles, it would blow.  If I recall correctly, it was purchased at 15,000.  Eventually mechanics would realize it had been in a serious accident, and that the hood was not closing properly.

But at the time of the inspection, my mother told Tim all the bad news, and he was very apologetic.

I hit 3,000.  He came and serviced it.

A few weeks later, my mother had to pick-up my brother from the service station he used.  What happened was that he arrived a few hours earlier as the oil light was flashing and ringing.  He tanked.  Drove down the street, and it no longer functioned.

So I drove him to college.  It wasn't far from my college.  Although he was failing all of his classes, every effort had to be made for him.

But nonetheless, my mother decided she couldn't go on anymore with him.  She telephoned my grandmother to transfer his scholastic care from her custody to her mother's.  My grandmother was living in California at the time.  It was decided that he would fly after the end of the semester.

Before such end, I was one day driving alone to college.  I looked at the dashboard and saw the lights on.  I learned from him that I must pull the car over when this happens.  The oil plug had fallen out, and it had no oil.  I found professional help.  And when I arrived late for French class, had to find a way to explain what happened.  The instructor was very nice and answered it happened to her twice.  My mother told Tim he had not properly reinstalled it.  He was amazed with himself.

My mother and I had a peaceful summer together.  We had much work done on the house.  I was home to receive the carpenter.  We tiled the bathrooms together.  I prepared for my new college in the Bronx of New York City.

And during that summer, my grandmother enrolled my brother in a California college.  He failed that and was returned home.  So he attended Lehman College of the City University of New York with me.  I drove.

In February of 1985, I reached 30,000 miles.  As I was driving from home to class with him beside me, I looked down and saw all the indicator lights on.  I pulled over.  I had two quarts of reserve oil in the trunk of the car.  You can guess why.  The engine greedily drank that.  As I looked under the hood, something didn't seem right.  I decided I was not driving this car anymore.  I walked in the rain to the nearest exit.  A nice lady whom I never met before understood my facial expression and picked me up.

When my mother heard I had the car towed she said I would have quite a bill.  But when it came to the fore that the engine had blown, she realized I may have made the correct decision.

But by then she was good friends with the junk yard who took her personal check.  They found two Subaru engines for her.  We had three cars again.

At some time during, before or after all of this, I don't remember when, my mother and I were in her car, driving off from home.  We had to stop because she had no oil in the car.  There was no explanation.

My car had a better engine, but new problems.  After routine checking of the oil and fluid levels at the gas station, the hood seemed to close properly.  But a few miles down the street it would fly open on me.  After the second such event, I had enough.  I decided it was getting serviced every 3,000 miles, and its fluid levels were not going to be checked during such interims anymore.

I one day had to go to the Subaru dealer for some maintenance, although I don't remember exactly what.  I arrived and the engine squeaked.  It had no oil.

A few days later, my brother had to drive me someplace, I don't remember where.  His method of driving was to throw the car into first gear, and then abruptly remove his foot from the clutch, then he did the same with second gear, etc.  As we drove home from college, we were once sitting in traffic as the engine was very loud.  Someone driving-by said, "Don't blow-it-up."

Then I acquired a better car--Toyota Celica.  It passed inspection,  and was never in an accident.

A few weeks later I had to pick-him-up from the service station.  His engine blew.

That night my mother screamed at him, "Get out of my house."

So he telephoned my father.  It was the first communication with him in ten-years.

Neither of our cars ever again lost any oil.

My brother failed at his studies at Lehman College.  So my father tried another college.  It would be his fourth failure.

Tuesday August 21, 2007

Dear President Pooh;

You have 38,000 reasons to arrest Ayman al-Zawarhi, the second-in-command of al-Qaeda, but you won't do it.  Perhaps you need some incentive?

Ask the man who attempted to assassinate President Ronald Reagan, if this was one of Osama ben Laden's first projects.

And ask Kathleen Sampey how I know that.

It is my understanding that our best hope is with the Town of Bedford Police Department.  This is very surprising to me, as I was certain that money always does the talking.  May I suggest to the FBI to visit the precinct personally?  You may also want to talk to Town Justice Charles Banks.  His law firm was the administrator of my mother's estate.  His retired partner was the phony attorney with the Addition Consulting Business.  When my mother and I met him a few years before she prepared her Last Will and Testament, I think I remember him as an associate of St. Francis Church.  (I could be wrong.) When I began attending St. Matthew's Episcopal, I found him working beside Robert Flanagan.

Wednesday August 22, 2007

It was in the Fall of 1984 that Kathy Sampey and I were sitting in the office of the student newspaper conversing.   At the time, I thought she was a wonderful friend to have.  She told me that a few years earlier, the editor ran an ad explaining, "The Committee to Assassinate Ronald Reagan will have a meeting on_________in________."  She said the Secret Service then converged upon the place, and concluded it was a bad joke.  Shortly thereafter, the event occurred.

For all these years I also thought it was a bad joke.  Recently, I changed my mind.  Law enforcement dropped-the-ball on this one, after it was firmly placed in its hand.  I wonder if they walked by what I think I walked-by.  If they did, it had access to underground weapons.  All the gun control in the world could not have prevented what happened.

I would like President Pooh to stop to think about what might have happened next if the operation had been successful.  Would the Committee have stopped there?

Otherwise, I think the FBI followed my suggestion.  If I am correct, I would like to recommend suspensions of all those who never blew-the-whistle.  Maybe the agents could assume the shifts and patrols themselves?

Thursday August 23, 207

The Bedford Police cannot make the excuse that "No one would listen."  According to the written report of one lieutenant, he telephoned my doctor and asked of him to refer me to a psychiatrist.

Saturday August 25, 2007

Dear FBI-Agent/Midnight-Stranger;

I am not washing the bed-sheets until Ayman al-Zawarhi is in custody.

And if you want me to move into the other bedroom, you will have to buy deep-pocket fitted sheets.

Midnight tonight...

Tuesday August 28, 2007

My suspicion is that Ayman al-Zawarhi is in custody.  If I understand the subliminal information I received from my German cousins, the United States Justice Department never had much of a challenge.

Like Mrs. Anthrax, Ayman will get lost in the system.  Some might argue that this is a violation of their civil rights.  In 2009, I will try to set a precedent that if such people disappear in a system they helped create, it is their own problem.

And in 2009, we can make deals.  Visitations with their children in exchange for testimony before Congress.

If their children are in the court system awaiting new homes, the judges need to understand one thing:  Offsprings of spies are not allowed to communicate with anyone outside of the home.  If the FBI has any special agents trained in child psychology, I would like to ask of them to offer to help.

Saturday September 01, 2007

I don't know what to think now.

But onto another subject...

In 1996, my issues with The X-Files began.  They signed a million dollar contract with a museum for the production of the earliest draft of my script.  As the deadline was approaching, they needed me to give them the exhibit specifications.  The superior-family-brained-Jews told everyone there was something psychologically wrong with me because I did not recognize the following letter as a marriage proposal.  I would scan it into this web-page, but for the fact I have no scanner now.

Dear Ms. Lehman;

This letter is in reply to your numerous attempts to contact various personnel involved in the production of "THE X-FILES" television series.

Your constant telephone calls to the production office can only be characterized as harassment.  Your behavior interferes with the production of this series and can no longer be tolerated.

In light of your conduct, I must demand that you cease and desist from any further contact with either the production staff of "THE X-FILES" or Twentieth Century Fox Television.  We will seek any and all legal remedies available to us should there be any further contact by you.

Very truly yours,

Anatole Klebanow

cc:   Paul Bristow (Corporate Security)

        X-Files Production Staff

        Central Files

I was made aware of the superior-business-qualities of Mr. Klebanow's Jewish brain when he telephoned me at an earlier date informing me that they will use my material without my permission and without compensation to me.  His telephone call was made a few minutes after David Duchovny's seductive poses were posted on a news show.  Apparently, my sex-drive was supposed to enable them to steal everything.

A few days after the transmission of this letter, they lost the one million dollars and blamed me.  I did not have a sex drive and I hated children because I was working full time as a $7/hour cashier rather than risk criminal prosecution by pursuing this opportunity.  So eventually, they had me fired from my job and terrorized all prospective employers.  Money to buy food was not a problem for me because, their superior-brains-rationalized, I could always take-out a home-equity-line-of-credit.  Such money does not have to be paid back to the bank, rather, it is a situation in which cash pops out of the walls.

They told Lord & Taylor there was a wonderful opportunity awaiting me.  All I had to do was pursue it.  By then, with Klebanow's authorization, they had paid-out ten million dollars in breach-of-contract fees.  Lord & Taylor gave them the cash without a contract and waited for me to exercise some good judgment and give this store guaranteed advertising.  Lord & Taylor compensated themselves by denying raises to those who earned it.  Good workers left.

That was my fault too.

If this letter was a marriage proposal, then why did Joseph Mengele of Auschwitz assume that Jewish girls would like to have their uteruses chemically burned-out so they could lie on a bed all day and receive the Jewish Police?  These girls served as payment for law enforcement's services of delivering their fellow Jews into the tax-exempt-camp-financed-by-the-taxpayers.

At the time of the letter, I believed everything the textbooks informed me about the Holocaust.  Within a few years, I believed nothing.

The Jews were in control of the German banking industry when this occurred.  Their status as victims is impossible.

The Jews claim to have superior brains.  By their own definition of themselves, the Holocaust was impossible.

According to the textbooks, the purpose of those girls was as payment to the German soldiers.  But according to one savvy contributor to the Wikipedia forum on the subject, such government did not permit such intercourse between Jews and non-Jews.  It took me a few more months to put the pieces together.  I could not have assembled such without the help of Elli Weisel's latest book in which he talks about the "Jewish Police".  It was the first time I ever heard that term.  I finally researched the word Gestapo in my computer's German-English dictionary.  It isn't there.  I concluded it is a Yiddish word.  That makes sense.

The letter was a Jewish marriage proposal which I, with my Lutheran background, did not understand.  So the Jews concluded that I did not understand that my biological clock was ticking.  Instead of giving me a contract, they took that approach and tried to help me with my problem.

As irrational at it may seem, these are the behaviors of people who already spent the money which they expect of someone like me to give them.  Their inability to blame themselves is not unusual among the Pagans.

My favorite such story is of a Saxon I went to college with.  It was before I was editor-in-chief of my college newspaper.  I was such business manager at my first college.  I replaced him after the editor-in-chief reached her limitations with him.  The following happened at a much later date.

He had no driver's license, and was operating his uninsured car.  He crossed the double-yellow line to pass another vehicle and had a head-on collision.  His car was a "total".  It was his understanding that the accident wasn't his fault because the person driving in front of him was too slow.

Sunday September 02, 2007

It was on June 08th at 8 pm that a car slammed into the telephone poll a few feet away from my driveway.  The poll broke in-half and wires were dangling in the street.

A few days later, my neighbor heard the rumor that the driver had been drinking, but passed a sobriety test.  If such test occurred at the police station, then it must have been a few hours after the fact.

It was at midnight last night that a car slammed into the same poll.  The poll was unaffected but the car was badly damaged.  While I was asleep, I heard the noise of the accident.  At first I did not want to get out of bed, but forced myself.  I went into the computer room and looked outside the window.  There it was.  But it did not look strange.  I called the non-emergency number of the police department and, unlike the last time, had an easy time explaining the location.  As we were talking, my neighbor's 9-1-1 call came through.

The dispatcher informed me that there were two police cars on duty.  I was amazed to hear that.  Because the last time I had a trespasser on a Saturday night, there was only one.  On this website, I expressed my shock at the threat to public safety.  But nonetheless, that one arrived immediately.  But last night the dispatcher also informed me that both cars were busy.  So I decided I had a few minutes to devote to my vanity.  I took my bath and dressed.  My neighbor greeted me outside and informed me it was a teenager who just received her driver's license and was too young to have passengers in her car.  Nonetheless, there were two with her as she was operating her mother's car.

Even though there was no immediate public threat, the fire department arrived.  There were two ambulances as they decided to give each occupant a basic medical exam.

As we were talking, two other occupants of my neighbor's home arrived in their car.

If these accidents involve me, the only explanation I can think of is that someone is rehearsing something.