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I would like to reconstruct the events of 2001

 based on all of the information I have

 and my imagination.

Diary of a Septic Tank

It was the year of the death of Christ.  The New Testament was evolving as all information was being recorded for posterity, including the composition of Padma28, and its complimentary supplements.

Augustus Caesar (or one of his descendants) removed this from the public record, but kept it in his private documents because the biochemical weapons often backfired.

It was approximately 900 A.D.  In the Arab world of Persia, a man named Abu Bakr Muhammad Ibn Zakariya al-Razi successfully distinguished the difference between measles and smallpox for the first time in medical history.  Among the many symptoms of smallpox were back pain, itchy nose, heaviness of the head, slight difficulty in breathing and cough, and an inflamed colon.

It was 1754 - 1767.  The French and Indian Wars were occurring in North America.  British soldiers distributed to the Native Americans blankets used by smallpox patients intentionally genociding 50% of many affected tribes.

It was the mid-1800's.  Queen Victoria wanted power over Germany.  The biochemical attacks did not have such intended effect.  She had her eldest daughter, Vicki, marry the Crowned Prince of Prussia.

They had a son.  The Princess then proceeded according to plan and attempted to imbue British loyalties into the new heir.  Instead, Bismark prevailed turning him against Vicki.

In an act of fidelity to Germany, the young Crowned Prince explained everything to the Prussian generals.

Queen Victoria took revenge against her daughter by targeting her with biochemical weapons ensuing her death from spinal cancer.  Such death was nearly simultaneous with the death of the Queen.

It was 1861.  The Consort of Queen Victoria of England died of typhoid.  His death was surprising since the Crowned Prince, his son, survived this many years earlier.  Perhaps it was his age.  Nonetheless, Queen Victoria continued the use of this weapon.

It was 1870.  The United States Civil War had just ended.  England was on the side of the South for the cotton it needed for its textile industry.

To make itself more competitive in the marketplace, it launched biochemical weapons against Germany.

It was the late 1950's.  Osama Ben Laden's father said goodbye to his good friend, Mohammed, the father of Riaz Hussein. Mohammed was going to the United Kingdom to study medicine for the purpose of formulating biochemical weapons strategies.

He and his favorite pregnant wife arrived at Heathrow Airport in London and were greeted by an officer of Scotland Yard.  They shook hands.  The officer then drove them to the apartment the British Government provided and later that day, he drove them to the Queen.  They entered her office and Her Majesty curtsied to them.

He attended classes and took his first exam.

Which of these ailments will cause a skin rash?

a.  measles

b.  smallpox

c.  shingles

d.  all of the above

He chose "c".  (Correct answer is "d".)

Which of these terms best describes the two forms of E-coli bacteria?

a.  aerobic

b.  anaerobic

c.  neither

d.  both

He chose "c".  (Correct answer is "d".)

Which of these infections are spread through the air?

a.  aerobic E-coli

b.  smallpox

c.  neither

d.  both

He chose "a".  (Correct answer is "d".)

Which of these descriptions characterizes a smallpox rash?

a.  pimples which convert from vesicular to pustular

b.  hairy pimples

c.  green pimples

d.  none of the above.

He chose "b".  (Correct answer is "a".)

Which of these causes encephalitis (brain inflammation)?

a.  smallpox

b.  shingles

c.  neither

d.  both

He could not answer this question because he ran-out of time. (Correct answer is "d".)

He sat in class.

Professor;  "You all did exceptionally well.  There were only a few failing grades and one zero."

The students were leaving at the end of class.

Professor;  "Mr. Mohammed, may I speak to you briefly?"

Reluctantly, he agreed.

Professor;  "You are unprepared for this course."

Mohammed then offered him some cash.  He refused.

Another professor directed him into a  medical program with incompetent professors.

Such professors borrowed exams of other professors because they could not formulate their own.  They always gave a copy to Mohammed before administrating each exam.  He always scored over 80%, but never over 90% because his memorization skills were too poor.  If a student appeared from another department with a background such that they asked these professors questions they could not answer, they received failing grades.  These professors went further to suggest that such students should write their professional papers for them.  If they failed to comply, it was demanded of other professors to issue failing grades for ensuing dismissal.  The administrators complied.  The only way these students could return to this school was to agree to such demand.  But all established themselves at other medical schools.  Nonetheless, these professors continued this strategy.  It was their only way of life.

Eventually, Mohammed was invited into the smallpox laboratory.

Professor;  "The Prussian Generals never found this."

Mohammed;  "Where are the stockpiles kept?"

Professor;  "We only do the research here.  The stockpiles are in Russia."

Mohammed;  "Next to my country?"

Professor;  "Exactly.  Do you think you could help us?"

Mohammed returned to his room and found the exam with the red marks all over it.  It became his most important research tool, especially as he continually attempted to assert his status over this professor.

The new strain of shingles/smallpox was eventually invented.  This professor was his first experimental victim.

It was 1970.  Mohammed met with the Queen.

Mohammed;  "My son has finished his masters thesis in pharmaceuticals."

Queen;  "What is it about?"

It was 1972.  There was a meeting on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C.

Government Official;  "They have invented a strain of smallpox immune to our inoculations."

Elected Official;  "We will therefore discontinue routine childhood vaccinations."

It was 1980 at the New York City office of the World Health Organization.

Official A;  "They are using a strain of smallpox immune to inoculations."

Official B;  "Good."

Official A;  "Should we cease our worldwide campaign against this disease?"

Official B;  "Of course.  We will make the excuse that it has been eliminated."

Official C;  "But if the vaccination is ineffective against this strain, why are we doing this?"

Official A;  "So everyone will think we don't know what is going on."

Mohammad came to the United States with his favorite wife and his children, including the son he named after his 10th century hero.  He assumed a last name after his contemporary hero, Sadaam Hussein.  The Queen issued such false papers.

It was the fall of 1998.  An itch began at the base of Vivian's spine slightly to the LEFT of the anus.  And in November, she suddenly experienced the severe congestion and very red face of a bad cold.  Although the congestion was unlike any she had experienced before.  She went home from work early.  A few days later all these symptoms disappeared.

It was January of 1999.  Vivian had her first nose bleed.  It was very minor.

It was June of 1999.  Vivian was treated for seven days with Valtrex for shingles.  The only symptom was a rash on the RIGHT side of her body just below the rib cage.  Then a few weeks later an abdominal swelling began.

It was late 1999.  Vivian woke-up in the morning feeling a severe heaviness on her RIGHT side of her head.  Although she had experienced this symptom before, never was it so intense.  She had a difficult night's sleep with her asthma and discomfort.  She had been sleeping with the asthma inhaler in her hand for over a month.  She reset the alarm for another two hours of sleep awaking at the time she was due into work.

She telephoned the assistant human resources manager who thought this would be her first sick or leisure day off since she began with the company one year earlier.

Executive (very nicely and forgivingly);  "Are you coming into work today?"

Vivian;  "I'll be late."

When she arrived at work she found her co-worker, Karen Norfleet, struggling with the shipments which came in for her department and Vivian's.

Karen;  "They kept coming with these rolling rods.  I was ready to take out a stick and beat them back."

Vivian;  "I'm sorry."

Lorraine Spence then saw Vivian's condition.

Lorraine;  "You better go home."

Vivian;  "Alright.  I'll tell Filomena when she comes in."

Filomena began her strategies for distributing the new inventory.  She began giving Vivian instructions.  She once stopped long enough to give Vivian a chance to say something.

Vivian;  "I was two hours late for work today."

Filomena;  "Good!  Then you can stay two hours late.  Now this fixture must be moved..."

Vivian stayed three hours late.

On another day, Filomena, Karen and Vivian were in this manager's office.

Filomena;  "What if they fire me?"

Vivian (turning toward Karen):  "If Filomena is ever fired, we are all going to go and sit out on that lawn."

Karen (raising her hand to shoulder height);  "With signs."

Then they all laughed.

At a later date, Vivian reminded Karen of this.

Karen;  "I'll just make some signs right now."

A few weeks later, Vivian's glands swelled and she was too sick to finish her day at work.  Filomena gave Vivian her managerial cell phone to make an emergency appointment with the nurse practitioner of her physician's office.  Vivian then went to tell Lorraine she was leaving for the day.  Vivian began to turn and walk away.

Lorraine;  "Are you crying?"

Vivian;  "Almost."

She was sent in for a chest x-ray which showed a partial collapse of the upper RIGHT lung.  She saw her gynecologist, who found a growth in the RIGHT part of her uterus.

A few weeks later, Vivian inhaled her Amoxicillin thereby reversing the infection in her lung.  A few days after the infection was dead in her lung, her bodily symptoms of gland swelling returned and she realized the infection had reentered her body before she killed it in her lung.  She was terrified it would reenter her lungs.

She asked the operations manager if she could go home because she needed to buy vitamins.

Chris;  "Why don't you go buy your vitamins and return?"

Vivian;  "I never thought of that."

She began to pour Solaray Olive Leaf into her system every hour.  She would take the bottle, hold it over her mouth until her mouth was full, and swallow it with water.  She took over 100 pills in 24 hours.

She had severe diarrhea, but decided not to take anti-diuretics.  She hoped the infection was departing.  She called-in sick.  Then she used a paid-day-off she won in March of that year to compensate.

Then her chest x-ray showed two normal lungs.

In January of 2000.  Vivian had another nose bleed.  She lay in the ladies' lounge unable to stop it.  A co-worker, Marie Kazami, saw this and told her you need ice.  She ran to the restaurant to retrieve this for her.

The nose bleeds became more and more frequent.  These were always the LEFT nostril.

And her abdominal swelling progressively worsened.  Vivian went to see a gastroenterologist and, eventually, an infectious disease specialist about this.  Despite all the talk about the potential for a smallpox biochemical attack, and despite Vivian's allegation that she had been a biochemical victim, neither specialist interpreted her inflamed colon as a smallpox symptom.

It was April, 2000.  In Connecticut there lived a Cuban-born pharmacist.  All of her income was directed toward clothing her family in Cuba, and financing their biochemical weapons program.  She anticipated huge rewards in the future.

She was more sophisticated than the other associates of al-Qaeda.  She therefore maintained a certain distance from them.

Vivian was beginning to pick-up many prescriptions as her appetite problems persisted and nothing seemed to work.  She would have transferred into the pharmacy Vivian used, except she was licensed in Connecticut only.

The pharmacist chose this moment to become pregnant and marry one person who could get near Vivian.  However, she decided not to give this individual any information, and so therefore, did not influence his actions.

It was June, 2000.  Vivian was fired from Lord & Taylor.  They expected her back with the return of the 10-cents-per-hour raise and declaration that Hitler was Catholic or Lutheran.  She never returned.

It was August.  Vivian applied for a job at CVS pharmacy in Mount Kisco.  The recently appointed head pharmacist, William Riccardi, had the day off.  She had to return for her interview.

In January of 2001 President Billy-Goat turned over the White House to Georgie-Pooh.

Billy-Goat;  "It is Vivian's responsibility to prevent a smallpox biochemical attack."

Georgie-Pooh;  "How much do we pay her."

Billy-Goat (laughing);  "Nothing.  If she fails, you have her fired from her $8.05/hour job."

Georgie-Pooh laughed.

In January of 2001, Riaz Hussein began his employment as a floater pharmacist with CVS pharmacy.  His first assignment, after his two days of training, was the overnight shift at the Mount Kisco store.

Riaz arrived at the pharmacy wearing the aerobic form of E.-Coli.  It was odorless.  Vivian's severe congestion returned.  Until this moment, Vivian thought her "bad cold" of November of 1998 was unrelated.

Next time, he wore the Shingles/Smallpox combination and Vivian experienced intensification of the symptoms she already had.

He would have used the slow-acting version of E.-Coli which he invented.  However, that is anaerobic.

After all of the pharmacy associates left for the night, Riaz received a few visitors, including his good friend Osama Ben Laden.

Osama:  "Is she dead yet?"

 Riaz (holding his head down):  "No."

Osama:  "Why not?"

Riaz:  "I don't know.  But I have enough to put into her system to kill her.  If she survives, Prince William has assured us that he will financially manipulate her into starvation."

Osama:  "I love British tradition.  Will he live long enough to do this?"

Riaz:  "Yes."

Osama:  "How sick is she?"

Riaz:  "Prince William could not lure her back to England for an opportunity to sexually attack him.  She must have severe liver damage."

Osama:  "Very good.  When will you poison the Queen?"

Riaz:  "When I return to England, when we celebrate Ms. Lehman's death."

Osama:  "We should be able to colonize England by the end of this year, and then extort more money from the United States.  I am here to pick-up methylphenidate pills.  You cannot mail these to me from the United States.  We do not have British friends in this postal service."

Riaz (picking-up an 8.5 x 11 inch binder):  "They carefully keep inventory of all narcotics for the New York State Board of Regents."

Osama:  "So give me a prescription."

Riaz (holding-up a form):  "All such prescriptions are on these triplicate forms and signed by a doctor who keeps one copy."

Osama:  "Can you at least give me a few pills?  Would Ms. Lehman know?"

Riaz:  "Prince William has arranged with Cathy Calcutti, the lead technician, that she will not become a pharmacy technician."

The overnight store manager then entered the pharmacy and ordered Riaz's friends to leave.

 Manager:  "If anything is missing, they will blame you."

They left.

In January of 2001 the baby was born and her husband was assigned to bring home adequate supplies of baby formula.  She was a non-aquatic ape.  Ten-to-four million years ago her ancestors were fully exposed in the swamp.  They felt unnatural, and behaved accordingly.  While she refused to breast-feed, her wedding dress had been designed to fully expose her breasts to her dance partners.

Riaz Hussein worked at various CVS pharmacies.  The World Health Organization of United Nations had a computer link to his work.  The corporation supplied this without a court order. They also closely observed his actions with a video camera.

Every patient for whom he filled a prescription, either with his own or someone else's initials, was telephoned by the WHO and asked not to use it.  They were reimbursed.  And every patient who received a prescription filled by anyone else, yet for whom the medicine was tampered with, was also contacted.  But nothing was in writing, except the reimbursement.

Each pharmacy experienced a sharp decline in business.

The corporate executives met.  Before them were the ledgers.

Executive A;  "I'm not worried.  I am certain we will receive a big award.  In the interim, we will restrict raises for the cashiers and pharmacy technicians."

Executive B;  "How many pharmacists will not receive their paychecks this week?"

Executive A pulled a calculator out of his/her pocket.

It was February of 2001.  Riaz Hussein had just left the pharmacy of Mount Kisco after the confrontation with William Ricciardi.  He quickly flew to England where he knew he would be legally protected.  An officer of Scotland Yard greeted him and his wife at Heathrow Airport to drive them to the apartment they provided.  They shook hands.

Officer;  "I'm sorry you have a reputation problem at your job."

Riaz nodded indicating it was not such a tragedy.

The officer drove them to the Queen.  They entered her office and Her Majesty curtsied to them.

Queen;  "I'm sorry Vivian is still alive.  We have tried everything.  Perhaps you can return to the pharmacy on better terms.  Her allegations are jeopardizing the future of the monarchy.  I have worked hard to preserve it."

Riaz;  "You should be very proud of your efforts."

William was in his bathroom with a bottle in his hand while vomiting.  He emerged and walked toward his bed bumping into his dresser and almost knocking-over the 8.5 x 11 inch photograph of Vivian at age three in a coat and hood.  He collapsed onto his bed.  The heart-shaped picture of her fell out of his shirt pocket, onto the floor, and underneath the nightstand away from his shoes.

A few feet away from him was a tabloid with a headline that his younger brother was not fathered by his father.

Queen;  "Please try to return to the pharmacy."

Riaz contacted his executive-friend at the corporation and asked for the home telephone number of one of the technicians he met.  He telephoned her.

Riaz;  "I would like to return, but Vivian doesn't like me.  I can't stop her from saying these things about me.  Would you please help me prove to her that I am a good pharmacist."

Tech;  "What do you need?"

Riaz;  "I would like to recommend a prescription for one of your children."

Tech;  "They are all healthy."

Riaz was silent.  The technician then looked at a family photograph and focused on a child which did not look like the father.

Tech; "What do you want me to do for..?"

Riaz;  "Take home a prescription of....Make certain Vivian sees this package so I may impress her."

The tech followed these orders using his initials yet not giving any pharmacist an opportunity to perform the legally necessary final check.  Instead of placing the package directly into her bag, she left it near a computer terminal Vivian would eventually use.

The World Health Organization telephoned her.  She hung-up the phone.

The child became sick.  She continued to administer this.

At a later date, William Ricciardi, the head pharmacist, confronted Riaz Hussein with the act of poisoning Vivian Lehman's inhaler in 1998.  Riaz then stole 200 pills of methylphenidate (brand named Ritalin) and left permanently.

In mid-March of 2001, Vivian confronted Cathy Calcutti, the lead technician.

Vivian;  "Do you remember the time you said Riaz's felonious disciplinary history with the New York State Board of Regents was upper management's problem?"

Cathy;  "Yes."

Vivian;  "Why did you say that to me?"

Cathy;  "Because it is."

Vivian;  "I had to be all alone with him at 11 o'clock at night."

Cathy;  "They would not hire anyone who would hurt you."

Vivian;  "He poisoned my inhaler at Heathrow Airport."

Cathy;  "Nothing happened to you at Heathrow."

At a later date, Vivian would confront her again.

Vivian;  "Are you sure this is upper management's problem?"

It was March of 2001.  President Billy-Goat had just turned over the White House to Georgie-Pooh.  Georgie-Pooh addressed the first issue on his priority list.

Bug Vivian's telephone.

Vivian had two telephone carriers, Verizon and AT&T.  He telephoned one of these.  With their computer technology, he had a pocket-sized listening devise on him.  He even placed it in his pajama pocket when he went to bed.  It didn't bother Laura.  It was one more barrier between them and she never orgasmed anyway.

Vivian's phone wasn't working correctly.  When it rang, it appeared to be struggling thereby delivering an interrupted ring.  She telephoned the phone company.

Vivian;  "These are 1966 rotary telephones."

Then they both laughed.

Customer Service Rep;  "I'll guess one phone had a problem and it bled-out to the other phones."

Vivian;  "Will I have to replace these?"

Customer Service Rep;  "Yes."

Vivian;  "Where do I get a touch-tone phone."

Customer Service Rep;  "In your local store.  We will replace the first jack for free."

And at the pharmacy, she selected the cheapest phone.  She decided to buy the other two at a later date, after the repairman closely analyzed the problem.

The phone company repairman came and installed the new phone.  He looked-over all the phone equipment looking for the problem.  He looked at the poll near her home, and down the street.  Later on that day he finally called her.

Repairman;  "I've been with the company for 13 years and have never seen anything like this.  It requires more electricity for the telephone company's office to ring those old rotaries than the new phones.  And the office wasn't delivering enough electricity.  Over 200 customers are affected."

Vivian;  "Am I the only one complaining?"

Repairman;  "Yes."

Vivian was using her new touch-tone phone.  She called her bank to monitor her bank activity.  Georgie-Pooh recorded her pin-number.  She then hung-up the phone and telephoned her credit card company to communicate with their computer.  Then she hung-up the phone and it rang.  She found herself still connected to the bank.

This happened often, although not always.  Why?

Georgie-Pooh told no one, not even his good friends, the Hitlers.  He never gave a hint that he knew every detail of her bank records, tax records and everything else.  He made one exception.

In late August of 2001 she telephoned many people close to her home looking for someone who could help her open a web-site.  She finally found a small local business.

Georgie-Pooh announced immediately that she had a web-site.

She could not understand how they all knew so quickly.  It was not a great tragedy.  On September 10th, the phone at the World Health Organization rang all day of people from around the world including Japan asking for their report on the activities at Heathrow Airport.  So they would have found out anyway.

It was late March of 2001, one week after William Ricciardi suspended Vivian.  William discussed the issues with other associates of the pharmacy who were complaining that they could not fill all of her hours.

William;  "She should be coming-in to pick-up her last paycheck today.  I'll tell her that if she produces a letter from the World Health Organization substantiating that an investigation is in progress, I'll let her come back."

The tech who had received the telephone call was quiet.

She came in to pick-up her last paycheck and approached him.

Vivian;  "I need a copy of my termination papers."

He gathered a few papers and led her into the break room--the same room in which he announced with great hostility that she was suspended.

Of course, she could not produce any such document.

It was July of 2001.  Vivian thought she was healthy again and resolved to return to work.  She acquired the job at The Vitamin Shoppe.  She began to deteriorate again.  Prince William witnessed this through her website.

This Shoppe had a unique customer service feature in that there was a non-internet computer in which there was health information.  It could deliver print-outs.  Customers appreciated this.

William arranged for its revision.

Vivian decided to research the spine one day.  After all of her research for many months, this, with great ease, led her to the disease Multiple Sclerosis which led her to the Padma Basic.

On August 28, 2001, Vivian Lehman established her website.

British Airways lost much business and expected greater losses.

American Airlines converged on this business opportunity.

England's Prime Minister Tony Blair and his good friend Osama Ben Laden insisted this must be stopped.  But by this time, she had enough sympathizers that this was not possible.  So these two friends resolved to force the United States to change its mind.  Osama explained the plan to Tony with Condoleezza Rice on the telephone.

Osama:  "The plane from Dulles will take-off at 8:21 am, and the one from Newark will take-off at 8:43 am.  Your friend(s) with the biochemical bombs should be out of the World Trade Towers before the crash.  Did you acquire the security codes from American Airlines for AA and United?'

Tony:  "Yes.  I told them they could not further their negotiations without providing this information.  These are..."

Condoleezza Rice; "Do you need any more help from me or my husband?"

Osama and Tony; "No, thank you."

The National Security Advisor received her phone call from Osama ben Laden as she sat at her desk down the hall from the Oval Office.  On her wall was a photographic list of the FBI's most wanted terrorists, including Ahmed Khalfan Ghailani.  He was characterized as "armed and dangerous" as he was indicted on December 16, 1998 for his alleged involvement in the August 7, 1998 bombings of United States Embassies in Tanzania and Kenya.  On the other wall was the Deck-of-Cards listing most wanted Iraqi government officials of the tyrannical regime of Sadaam Hussein.  It including the Jack-of-Clubs.

Osama met with his lead hijacker.

Osama:  "You are well enough trained to know better than to tell the other hijackers that this is a suicide mission.  They must only know at the last minute, but will have no way of escaping.  Here are some pills of methylphenidate to keep them calm, energetic and able to concentrate.  There will be four planes.  The first two will leave Boston's Logan at 7:58 am and 8:00 am.  You must kill the British official(s) inside of the World Trade Towers.  The second two will go towards Washington.  Prime Minister Blair does not nor will not know that there are four planes and that two will go to the capitol."

Hijacker:  "Does President Bush suspect anything?"

Osama:  "You're kidding me, right?"

Osama used the British Embassy limousine to travel to the American Museum of Natural History. Emmi was the chauffeur.  He met with the curator of the Department of Anthropology, Ian Tattersall.

  Osama; "Hello Sayf."

The curator took him from his office into the Hayden Planetarium.

  Sayf;  "I can only send the radio transmissions before the arrival of the general public."

  Osama; "Alright.  I'll re-schedule this from four o'clock in the afternoon, to eight in the morning."

  Sayf; "It should still receive news coverage.  Especially if you execute at 7 am."

  Osama; "No.  That would make you too noticeable."

It was September 11th, 2001, 8:30 am New York time, and 1:30 pm British time.  The Queen, Prince Charles, Prince William, and Tony the Pony all sat in Her Majesty's office awaiting their joyous celebration.  The television was on WNBC morning news.

Suddenly, they heard the news that a plane had struck the World Trade Towers.

It was too early.  The Royal Family looked at Tony the Pony wondering if he had failed them.  He telephoned their New York Embassy.

Tony the Pony;  "Are they out alive yet."

Consulate General (beside his window which had a view of the Towers);  "Uh.....Uh.."

Tony the Pony;  "Answer me!"

Consulate General ;  "We have not heard from them."

Tony the Pony;  "Did they telephone you?"

The Consulate General was silent.

Tony the Pony (crying);  "Please answer me."

Consulate General;  "They did not all carry their cell phones."

Tony the Pony;  "Why not?"

Consulate General;  "We did not believe it would be necessary.  It was such a simple operation."

Tony the Pony;  "But..."

Tony the Pony stopped himself.  The Consulate General was crying uncontrollably.

Condi was in her National Security office at the White House.  She was informed of the pre-8 a.m. attack on the World Trade Towers.  She called her husband as he sat in his chief executive office of his namesake energy company.

Renard Euell; "They are early.  Is a counter-attack being prepared for the other two planes?"

Condi ran into the Military Command Center and called the Pentagon Secretary, Donald Rumsfeld.  It was explained to her that he was unavailable because he was helping dig through debris.

Condi went over to the radar screen.

Condi; "That one!  Shoot it down!!!"

And they did.

Osama was upstairs in the New York City British Embassy, in his bedroom.  He looked very satisfied as he heard the crying.  Very soon, the whole Embassy was wailing.  He laughed.

Osama reminisced on his childhood.  His earliest memory was as a three-year-old being fondled in the genitalia constantly and uncontrollably by his mother as she and his older sister laughed at his helplessness.  He then watched the same happen to his younger brother.  And later his wives did the same to his sons.  He watched this but did not take action because in his culture, fathers are expected to be distanced from all babies.

Soon, the images of the besieged Towers was before the Royal Family and Tony the Pony.  The Queen began screaming.  Prince Charles vomited into the nearest sink, and William was ashen.

Later that evening, the Queen sat on the edge of her bed reviewing a letter written to her by Osama Ben Laden's father dated from the 1960's.  In it, he explained the nature of the toxins he was asking permission to use at Heathrow Airport.  It was a very detailed scientific review of the way these attack the brain and spine and how all victims would quickly die of a medically diagnosed emotional condition.  It would be a "safe" and effective technique to attack diplomatic officials, and all other enemies with.

She thought about Vivian's pale, swollen, and deteriorated condition.

Suddenly she noticed William standing before her.

"What are we going to do," he asked.

"Pressure her to find the cure without admitting to her that she is sick."

"She already knows the truth."

"A psychologist can alter that.  He will declare her delusional and appropriately medicate her," she answered.

"What if she never goes?"

"She will probably be soon hospitalized and then we'll send someone.  Northern Westchester Hospital has already been instructed on what we require."

"What if she finds the cure before hospitalization?"

"I will confine her to a mental institution."

"And what if she does not take her medication?"

"I will have it forcibly injected into her," the Queen authoritatively asserted.

"What if that doesn't work?"

"Once she sees you, she will forgive everything."

"I won't be able to have an erection with her."

She handed him a box of jewelry.

He smiled, "Of course."

On September 11th, Tony the Pony realized he had been lied to.

He was as angry as President Georgie-Pooh was for the loss of 3,000 US citizens.  So he resolved to perform a military role equal to that of the US.  This would also ensure British leadership within Afghanistan which would certainly prevent anything like this from happening again.

It was September 12, 2001 in London.  Tony the Pony met with the Queen who was taking a sedative, Prince Charles who was drinking a stomach-relaxant, and Prince William who was pacing back-and-forth in the room.

Queen;  "You failed us.  Not only are 11 important military officials dead, but such a spectacular collapse was not in our plans."

Tony the Pony;  "How was I to know that if you hit a building it might fall down?"

Osama finished his meeting at the Embassy.  He went to bed.  Instead of sleeping, he reminisced further on his childhood.  He remembered a time when he was three-years-old and his mother took him to his grandparent's funeral.  As she arrived, she carried him with one arm across his chest, and the other constantly fondling him.  She sat with other women who did the same.  The infants were fondled throughout the services.

The following day Prince William was talking to an executive of The New York Times.

Executive;  "If you don't want her to have a job which pays over $9/hour, we won't let her have one.  The young lady has no family values.  If such a job upsets you, she should not seek this.  And all she has to do to pay her bills is take a trip to London to make herself your financial dependent.  We are still trying to understand why Vivian did not sign-over her copyrights to a married man so he could pay off his debts, satisfy his wife, and marry and impregnate Vivian.  For some reason, she does not want children.  Of course if she had to choose between a man and her books she should choose a man.  But she refused to let him and the company he worked for have all the money.  She wanted equal pay for equal work.  She is obsessed with money and her career.  He insisted on withholding all of the money from her because he did not want her working full time while being a mother.  And then he was going to do her a favor and sign his celebrity authorship on all her future writings.  And then he was going to spend all the money on himself because he did not want a wife who is greedy for material objects."

William;  "Her biological clock is ticking."

Executive;  "I know.  And when we finish financially manipulating her, she will pursue you.  Time is on our side.  You can beat her and her finances-up all you want.  She will not take legal action especially since President Bush, Prime Minister Blair and the Queen will legally protect you anyway."

William;  "I'll be doing her a favor.  She should appreciate the fact that there is a male in her life willing to beat her up routinely.  She should enjoy her battered wife status.  Many women would be honored to be my battered wife.  She has no other technique to create a family."

Executive;  "You're a bright boy.  We will continue to pressure her to seek a psychiatrist so we can find what is inhibiting her from accepting this wonderful opportunity."

It was September 12, 2001 in New York City.  Osama was due to receive some visitors in his apartment in the British Embassy of New York City.

Among the officials of the embassy was Emmi (male or female, but hereinafter referred to as female for arbitrary reasons only).  Her body was riddled with large cancerous rumors.  Like everyone else in the building, she had been reading the madcow website.  According to this, biochemical weapons can be employed by wearing these odorlessly.  Unfortunately, her doctor discouraged herbal self-experimentation.

She knew she first felt ill after Osama first moved-in eight months earlier.  And she knew she only had short period of time to live.

She carefully hid a camera in the room in which Osama was about to receive his friends.  He did not use his office for gatherings because he kept there confidential information, and his bedroom was too small.

The video was fuzzy, and the cream colored walls could be misconstrued as rock.  It was disappointing.  But nonetheless, she left this with her husband to be released after her demise.

Since her diagnosis, other embassy officials have visited their physicians frequently complaining of mysterious symptoms such as digestive problems, shortness of breath, red meat eating binges, hormonal imbalances, swollen glands, and memory problems.

And they were all referred to psychologists.

As the aquatic apes progressed to close all leaks in their oil and gas lines, a reduction in dependency on imports became inevitable.  It was the Embassy's worst nightmare that the US would no longer be OPEC-dependent.  After all, OPEC not only extorted, it also distributed money.  Otherwise, Her Majesty, the Queen, might have to waitress tables.

It was late in September of 2001.  Tony the Pony was in the Queen's office.  He was very angry.

Tony the Pony;  "Why do we have to wait until she finds the cure?  Why can't we kill her now?"

Queen;  "I need to know how to eliminate the abdominal swelling."

Tony the Pony could not understand why.

The Queen gestured toward her own stomach behind the desk.

Queen;  "I have tried everything, including the Dandelion Root."

He reluctantly understood.

Vivian was at the fabric store selecting fabric.  One of the experts was explaining something to her.  The manager interrupted.

Manager (to the expert);  "How long is this going to take you?"

Expert;  "Approximately two hours."

Manager;  "Too long."

It then did not take two hours as Vivian purchased $600 in black silk and lace for lingerie.

It was early December of 2001. Osama ben Laden sat before his television set in his office in the British Embassy observing United States citizens ease their fear of flying.  They enjoyed returning to their business trips, and family reunions.  This, it was anticipated, would help reinvigorate their economy.

Hatred filled his eyes.

He planned another attack.

He called his good friend Prime Minister Tony Blair of England.

Osama:  "I need more security codes.  I would like a small remote airport which may not have tightened its security."

Tony:  "I only have codes for international airports such as Newark, Logan and Dulles.  American Airlines had no reason to give me anything else."

Osama hung-up the phone.

Tony was startled. His dog looked at him.

Tony (petting the dog):  "It's okay.  As soon as she closes-out her web-site, our nation's economy will receive much more cash than we were receiving before. I have no other economic stimulus package. We would have received it after September 11th, except we had to invade.  We would have received it after her death, but she is still alive.  We would have received it at the time she was poisoned, but we had to wait for her death, and the deaths of certain diplomatic officials.  We would have..."

The window outside of Tony's office was a mixture of clouds of various dark shades.  And a dense fog hovered over the building.

Osama then remembered that springtime bloom would soon return to Paris, boosting its tourist industry.  He knew he could only colonize nations with devastated economies. 

He called Tony back.

Osama:  "I'll take the code for Charles de Gaulle airport."

Tony very kindly gave him the information, forgetting about the earlier rudeness.

It was December 23, 2001.  The hijacker arrived at Charles de Gaulle airport.  Security stopped him and questioned him.  He had to leave.  He called his good friend Osama Ben Laden and told him what happened.  Osama telephoned his friend in the leadership structure of the French government.

 It was December 24th, and the hijacker was allowed to bypass security.

The French government expressed its horror over the events.  Almost magically and heroically, they immediately knew the hijackers real name and his birth place of Sri Lanka.

It was after Christmas.  Vivian was again in the fabric store.  The ladies were talking about the arrival of the manager's Christmas presents awaiting them in their in-store mailboxes.

Vivian decided to wait to include this in her script.  She already accidentally froze the market for this store, and did not want to jeopardize the jobs of these ladies.  But she did want the manager to know how much he should appreciate people of such talent.

There was some wool fabric which Vivian liked, but decided she could not afford and really did not need.  William arranged that one of the ladies make for her the classic cape featured in the store, while another a classic scarf, and that a third should monogram these.  And the rest of wool was set aside for her sewing room in England.

It was January of 2002.  The aquatic apes proceeded to close their oil and gas leaks.  The United States imported 150 million barrels-per-day of such, and they found an equal number of leaks which each discharged at least one barrel-per-day.  OPEC contributed 15% of this supply, and was no longer needed.  Russia and Mexico's contributions were slowly being eliminated also.

The money stopped for the French and British.  It was income they needed to manage their otherwise impotent economies.  In France, medicine was socialized and all such workers stopped receiving their governmental paychecks.  They promptly went on strike.  The French government did not know how to explain to them that extortion-money had stopped coming-in.  And they did not know how to ask the United States for help without admitting to the cause of the financial trauma and the explanation as to how it happened at the same time OPEC could no longer extort money from the United States.

It was January of 2002.  Vivian continually heard a movie commercial on the radio.

Finally on a Sunday, Vivian was too sick to eat.  She decided she might eat a warm bucket of popcorn while watching a movie.  She searched for that movie.  It stopped playing in theaters long before those commercials aired.  She finally found The Shipping News.  She saw it four times.

During her third viewing, she suddenly became ill as the hero was reminiscing on his ancestors' days as pirates.  She went to the bathroom continually saying to herself, "Let me die."

Vivian finally decided to go to a massage therapist.

She looked at her back.

Therapist;  "You must be in chronic pain."

Vivian;  "No, I just have severe asthma."

Therapist;  "You are in chronic pain."

Vivian;  "No."

It was January 25, 2002 in Bedford, New York.  Vivian called 911.  President Georgie-Pooh listened-in.  He notified everyone.  No one asked how he knew.

William received the phone call at 10:45 pm British time.  He was in his pajamas.  He knew what awaited her.  He boarded a plane.

The IV pack was already in her arm.

He arranged her room would be at the end of the wing, farthest away from the nurses' centrally positioned desk.  His room would be between this desk and her room.  If they wanted her, they would have to get through him.  It was enough to discourage them.  William then spoke to the emergency room nurse.

William;  "Is she crying-out for me?"

Nurse;  "No."

 The Queen telephoned the hospital at 9 pm.  The IV pack was in Vivian's arm.

Queen;  "Is she dead yet?"

Hospital Rep;  "No."

Queen;  "Why not?"

Hospital Rep;  "I don't know."

Word spread quickly amongst al-Qaeda.  No one knew what to do.

Word soon reached the Cuban-born pharmacist.  She was contacted at home and asked if her husband was there.  She replied he was still at work.

She recommended that Vivian's next IV pack contain Marinol.  While it is a narcotic, its unique feature is that it is not an opium derivative, but rather from marijuana.

Pharmacist;  "Like the other narcotics, it will act on the central nervous system.  Her asthma should intensify, and nerve damage will expand.  Unlike the other narcotics, it will boost her appetite.  So do not feed her."

The prescription was prepared, but because it was a narcotic, it was unavailable at the hospital pharmacy.  They sent someone to a 24 hour pharmacy.

Around 11 pm, Vivian was transferred to her room and the old IV was removed, and replaced with the new 12 hour one.

When Vivian arrived in her room she found on the back of her neck, large, red, non-pustular pimples.  These were unlike the pustular pimples she experienced from the thyroidism and other vitamin imbalances.

Vivian began wheezing.  They refused to bring her pocketbook which contained her asthma inhaler.

William entered his room next to Vivian's.

Vivian soon became quite hungry.  William's nurse provided her with all the crackers she could find.

Vivian fell asleep with her hands clasped together in front of her.

She awoke with her hands on either side of her.

Breakfast was served but they missed Vivian's room.  Nurse technician Carol Case threatened her with no breakfast.  She retrieved the breakfast anyway.  William never handled it.

The Padma Basic pumped throughout her system.

Arrangements were being made for William's supersonic plane to arrive at Westchester Airport.  He did not think to ask Georgie-Pooh if he could by-pass customs by arriving at a non-international airport.

Westchester Airport reported that their runway is not big enough for a supersonic plane.

The pilot emerged from his cockpit to talk to William.  He explained this.  William sat in his pajamas and looked at him.  His assertiveness was waiting to explode.

The pilot backed away into the cockpit.

Pilot;  "I'm sure we will think of something."

William looked at him, unaltered.  Then he thought about the picture of Vivian in a coat and hood at age three.

The plane landed.  It went directly through the fence and landed on the road next to it.  Fortunately, the Police had closed the road earlier.

He departed the plane and ran through the wooded area into his limousine as his nurse struggled to keep-up.

It was January 25, 2002 in Manhattan.  The FBI agents stormed the British Embassy of New York City.  They took Osama and his close associates, including the leader of the Taliban, into custody. The Consulate General telephoned President Georgie-Pooh.

Cons. General:  "They took Osama Ben Laden while storming the place."

Georgie-Pooh:  "I thought you said he wasn't in there."

Then the Consulate General's face turned colors and he hung-up the telephone.  He telephoned Kofi Anon, the Secretary General of the United Nations.

Kofi Anon telephoned President Georgie-Pooh.

Anon:  "You can't do that."

Georgie-Pooh:  "We didn't do anything, except take Osama and his friends into custody."

Anon:  "But he wasn't in the Embassy."

Georgie-Pooh:  "Neither were we."

Anon:  "But you have them in custody."

Georgie-Pooh:  "That is correct."

Prime Minister Tony the Pony then called a press conference.

Tony the Pony:  "They have no legal right to storm an embassy!!!!!!!!"

ABC news reporter:  "Why did the embassy officials violate international law by storing biochemical weapons in there?"

Tony the Pony:  "We could not have had any biochemical weapons in there because they are illegal.  The FBI video was not of the inside of our Embassy."

ABC news reporter:  "Then how do you know they stormed the British Embassy?"

 Tony:  "Ah...But...Um...It was illegal.  They will pay.  We need that money or our markets will collapse."

Georgie-Pooh gave a press conference.

Georgie-Pooh:  "We found them standing in front of the British Embassy.  The video was of the inside of his apartment in New York City.  Vice President Cheney figured-out where they were standing all of this time, and he will receive the twenty-five million dollar reward."

WQXR's advertisers cancelled reserved time slots, so they appealed to the German companies for help, which WQXR immediately received.

Prince William was attending college.  He proofread his term paper.

Prince William:  "The Taliban local leader needed money.  He looked at the homes of a nearby village.  He noticed one which was more ornate than the others.  He researched the bank records of the owners.  He accused the father of stealing from the government and ordered his hand publicly amputated.  Then, to reimburse the victimized institution, he arranged for the acquisition of all of his family's properties including land cultivated and owned by his brothers.  The Taliban leader then purchased personal luxuries such as..."

Prince William attached photographs he took, including one of the gold watch he wore.

It was March of 2002.  Vivian telephoned her health store in Manchester, England to purchase more Padma 28.

Vivian;  "The illness is taking so long to die."

Jan;  "A circulatory system ailment does."

Vivian;  "It is the central nervous system."

Jan; "Same thing."

Vivian;  "And the St. John's Wort is working so well. It is my understanding that it is a natural antibiotic working on misdiagnosed people."

Jan;  "It is actually working on your liver."

Vivian knew from experience that if several experts say different things, when all is said and done they all said the same thing.  She concluded it is a natural antibiotic working through the liver.

Cathy Calcutti's child was diagnosed with arsenic poisoning.  Her doctor contacted the New York State Department of Health to ask if there has been a cluster case of this.  They told him/her to call back later.  And when s/he did, there was no answer because they went home early for the day.

Riaz had dinner with his wife.

Riaz;  "I can't return to the United States so the British Government will continue to provide our apartment, free limousine service, the groceries we extort from the supermarket, and everything else."

Wife;  "Hooray!"

It was May 23rd, 2002.  Vivian spoke with Amy Hoag, one of the pharmacists she used to work with.  Amy did not know to whom she was speaking nor that they were talking about an IV pack.  Amy very carefully explained to Vivian that numbness and asthma could be induced by Marinol in very high dosages only.  Vivian assumed that 5 mg in an IV into her damaged body would be adequate.

Vivian arrived at the Museum.  She went directly toward the model of a human brain which individuals can walk through.  The exhibit was NOT based on information derived from animal experimentation but rather human injury.

She went to the exhibit devoted to emotions.  Each emotion has its own section.  She went to the Status section.

There she found an actress playing the role of a nurse technician.  She wanted the status of a nurse without making the effort to become one.  She told everyone she was a nurse, and most people believed it.

This "nurse's" complete background of pharmaceuticals was from watching television commercials.  It was her understanding that psychologists only dispense Zoloft and Prozac.  She did not know about the anti-depressant medications named Celexa and Paxil, and she had no knowledge of medications which treat other conditions.

And it was her understanding that the psychiatric definition of normal is depressed.

The nurse technician had once signed a document vowing to never reveal patient information.  So she bellowed the entire chart of her patients down the hospital wing while speaking to their doctors.

Next to this was the Unknown Emotion exhibit.  There she saw a publisher throwing a tantrum over a 25-cents-per-hour raise received by an $8.50/hour worker.

Publisher;  "We must reduce her status to cashier."

Vivian proceeded to the Anger exhibit.  There she found a head-pharmacist standing before a government wall poster proclaiming the laws regarding safe working environments.  He ignored that and only responded to crying pharmacy technicians.  His law was that employees are suspended for making technicians cry, and he didn't care what the facts were.

Also on the wall was his decree that all employees of the pharmacy must be on time.

One of his technicians was a Saxon who almost never showed-up for work on time, almost always went home early, had frequent absenteeism, and fussed extensively about the particulars of her schedule.

He thought it was cute.  So he permitted this behavior.

As she left home early one day, he became angry when the New York State Board of Regents arrived.

State Official;  "We were here in April of 2001 searching for 200 pills of Methylphenidate, brand named Ritalin."

Pharmacist (bitterly);  "I remember."

State Official;  "This time we need to review the Marinol inventory.  Do you have a prescription for each pill dispensed?  Where is your lead technician, Cathy Calcutti?"

Pharmacist;  "In September of 2001, she was promoted to tech-trainer in a district nearer to her home.  Then in January of 2002 she was transferred back here.  A few months later she was gone again."

In part II of this exhibit, a male is throwing a tantrum because his wife his crying.

State Department officials reviewed her phone bill as it relates to calls to Cuba.

Vivian then proceeded to the next exhibit, but did not know which exhibit it was because a museum worker was erecting signs.  He had next to him two large signs, Greed and Aggression.  In this exhibit she saw a woman with long blond hair, blue eyes, and very fair skin, talking to a co-worker who was her warrior-ally.  Behind them was Margaret, the Cuban-born manager.  She was standing in front of a computer putting in pay-orders.

Blond;  "What is she doing putting pay-orders in?  She is not seeing claimants."

Ally;  "And why does she always complain that she does not have a private office computer?"

Margaret had a masters degree in microbiology which, she complained, was never applied to her life as a civil servant.

Vivian then went home.  In the middle of the night she woke-up and found on the inside of her entire RIGHT arm,  a collection of short scratch marks.  She had something similar over a year earlier in 2001.  She went to the nurse practitioner in her doctor's office who looked at the few scratch marks on her LEFT front waist, and said that there were no vesicles or pustules so therefore it was not a medical concern.

It was late May of 2002.  United States troops were slowly but surely gathering all al-Qaeda and Taliban fighters in Afghanistan.  The Queen met with Tony the Pony.

Queen (enraged);  "This must be stopped."

Tony the Pony;  "I'll incite Pakistan and India to fight against each other thereby providing the necessary diversion."

Queen;  "I'd rather see a nuclear war than jeopardize the future wealth they promised us."

Vivian finally decided to buy a television set (with a DVD player).  What could she do?  Leave Georgie-Pooh on his own?

She requested the following information:

Which area of their brains understood Vivian's demand for equal pay for equal work (despite its affect on the sexual virulence of a married man who offered to impregnate her) as an expression of the demand to work full time while being a mother and a manifestation of child-hating?

And if they didn't want her working full time while being a mother, why did her prospective husband assure his employer that he will beat her up if she did not meet their requirements for the composition of scripts?

Which area of their brains cannot understand that their secret pact with OPEC will lead to the destruction of Israel and the United States leaving them with no place to go?

Vivian also wanted them to confess that the real reason why they wanted her to marry the married man was because they were attempting to kill her.

Vivian picked-up her phone.  Without dialing, she spoke to Georgie-Pooh and explained that the real strategy concerning India and Pakistan was to create a change in our anti-terrorism strategy.

The Queen met again with Tony the Pony.

Queen (enraged with eyes swollen from crying);  "We must take that web-site away from her."

God;  "This will require another act of My wrath."

Georgie-Pooh soon realized another such act was coming.

Georgie-Pooh;  "We must demand next of Vivian to stop the act of wrath, while maintaining my corporate status with OPEC, my image of leadership before the general public, and ensuring my re-election."

Laura (with her hands clasped together upon her cheeks);  "Oh George, you are so brilliant."

Vivian bought her first DVD;  Gone with the Wind.  It had been over a decade since she last saw the movie.

She watched the movie over-and-over.

Vivian observed the fact that Scarlet's mother never arrived for the barbeque at Twelve Oaks because she was settling accounts with the overseer she just fired.

She observed the scene in which Rhett characterized the upcoming war as cotton/slaves/arrogance versus factories/ship-yards/coal-mines.

Vivian froze the picture to read the letter from the military to Scarlet informing her of the death of her first husband.  He died of a pneumonia after a measles-affliction.

Measles is a close relative of small pox.

Vivian observed the scene in which Rhett brought Scarlet the green bonnet.  At the end of the visit, he explained that the war may soon be coming to an end as a decisive battle is being fought in Gettysburg Pennsylvania.  Scarlet then broke his heart by asking if Ashley is in it.  The scene is finalized with Rhett's departure through the front door.

She watched as Scarlet had Prissy find Rhett to obtain a horse and buggy for their flight from Atlanta with a new-born and his temporarily disabled mother.

As Rhett arrived he explained to Scarlett that the explosions are not Yankee offensives, but rather the Confederate Army destroying its own ammunition before the arrival of the enemy.  Then as they emerged from the home with Rhett carrying Melanie, Prissy carrying the newborn, and Scarlett with the candlelit lamp, Charles' sword and Ashley's picture, they noticed the fire on the horizon.  Rhett explained that the Southern military must have set fire to the warehouse.

And, of course, the ammunition was the LAST to be destroyed as the burning of Atlanta occurred.

What ammunition was Rhett talking about?

Biochemical weapons which were backfiring because, as their ally Queen Victoria did not understand, soldiers could not roll-up contaminated blankets and stuff these into canons?

It was a weapon so ridiculous the Yankees never noticed it.

Rhett stopped the journey on the bridge at the turn toward Tara.  They discussed the army's upcoming last offensive and his intention to be a part of it.  He left Scarlet with the gifts of the horse, buggy and gun. She never mentioned Ashley.  And Rhett missed this prospective opportunity to meet her mother.

Scarlet visited Twelve Oaks, a mansion large enough to serve as a warehouse, and blamed the Yankees for its arsonic destruction.

Then she arrived at Tara and learns that the Yankees assumed it as their headquarters, but never burned it when they departed.

She also learned of the bout her two sisters and mother had with Typhoid.

Typhoid, like measles and small pox, causes an inflamed colon.

There was something about the colon which had the British Monarchy mesmerized.

Vivian also heard the name Sherman over-and-over.  He was the Yankee military commander.

She remembered the Queen once referring to Vivian as her Sherman Tank as they began to prepare their case against those who murdered Princess Diana.

Was this a true compliment?  Or exemplification of the Monarchies' frozen position in the moment of time in which they lost the Civil War and the cheap labor which benefited their economy?

At the barbeque at Twelve Oaks, Scarlet eavesdrops on a conversation the men in the dining room are having about the upcoming war.  Rhett states it is "difficult to win a war with words."  Scarlet's first husband then demands to know if he is suggesting they can "lick" us.

After the burning of Atlanta, Rhett and Scarlet sit in their carriage, with Melanie, her baby, and Prissy in the back, and observe the retreating Confederate military.   He ridicules, "And they were going to lick the Yankees in a month."

When Scarlet makes her vow, she initiates by stating, "They are not going to lick me."

"Lick" is the only slang used.  I suspect it is a code word for biochemical weapons, which is probably still in use.  If you suspect you are in the immediate presence of an al-Qaeda associate, and you have heard this word at least once, probably more often, it must be reported to the FBI.

It was September 11th.  The Royal Family had originally selected this date for the wedding to ridicule Vivian's patriotism.  It was also a Jewish Holiday, and Shin Fein would be busy with other priorities.

But the Royal Family soon realized that they would loose much of their audience of the United States and therefore postponed the date for one week.

It was the eve of September 18th and another Jewish holiday.  William was alone in his room.  The Queen telephoned him.

Queen;  "Don't forget to take your pills."

William;  "For what do I need these?"

Queen;  "As I explained before, you don't need to know right now.  My doctor recommended it."

He reached into the CVS bag of stolen merchandise.  He selected one pill labeled Amox-500 and another of Valtrex.  He took both these.  He and Vivian went to say good-night to the well-wishers.

The following morning, Vivian could not eat breakfast.  The Queen watched this.

Queen;  "Of course you are nervous.  It is a tremendous honor to be married into my family."

Vivian then experienced the hick-ups.

Queen;  "You are very nervous and honored."

Vivian;  "That's my diaphragm muscle."

The Queen laughed in ridicule.

William again took his pills while he was alone.  He then walked from Buckingham Palace to the Cathedral and waited for her at the end of the aisle.

Vivian emerged from the Palace quite pale, unable to smile and fighting nausea.

She arrived at William's side wheezing heavily.  One of the bride's maid's handed her an inhaler.  It wasn't enough.

William (disciplining);  "Just what do you think you are doing to me?"

Vivian was wheezing too heavily to talk.

William called from the audience a psychiatrist who was ready to take her case.

Vivian pulled together enough energy to say one thing.

Vivian;  "I need a nebulizer."

William;  "No, you don't."

They all went into a private room, including the Queen.

Queen;  "Vivian stop it.  You are ruining everything."

William (turning toward the psychologist);  "She says she doesn't like the way I beat-her up.  She refuses to understand that her biological clock is ticking.  She is almost 40-years-old.  She can't handle it.  There are many girls out there who would handle well the status as my battered wife.  It is a great honor to be beaten by me.  I should throw her away for one of them.  I had to batter her finances just to get her to chase after me.  She was so obsessed with her money that she wanted to keep it."

Psychiatrist (turning toward Vivian);  "There is nothing wrong with being a battered wife.  And people are more important than money.  Would you rather never marry?  Why don't you want children?"

Vivian could not speak.

Psychiatrist;  "I have some medicine with me which should help you."

She refused to take it.  It was forcibly shoved down her throat.

She began vomiting violently.

Queen;  "How dare you do this to your dress!"

Psychiatrist (pulling-out his cell phone);  "It would be easier for the medicine to work if we re-hydrate her.  I need an IV pack."

The nurse technician he telephoned selected the pack labeled, Vivian.

It was forcibly placed into her arm.

She closed her eyes.