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Thursday September 01, 2011

A very big THANK YOU to Dunkin Donuts located across the street from Stop-and-Shop in Cromwell Connecticut.

Over the last weekend, Hurricane Irene came through.  Although it was the easiest hurricane I have ever seen, it left unprecedented amounts of damage throughout Connecticut.  We lost electricity on Sunday morning around 5 am, and regained it yesterday around 5 pm.  It would not have been a problem except for one detail.

This has been the first time in my asthma life that I was continually using a nebulizer (i.e., breathing machine).

It required all the will-power and Prednisone (i.e., steroid) pills that I had to endure the weekend.  But on Monday morning, the only thing I could do was pack-up this little device and find a place to use it.  Crossmark indirectly helped me with this endeavor.  Approximately three years ago, my supervisor took me to lunch at a different Dunkin Donuts.  Because they provide free Wi-Fi, she brought her laptop and connected it physically and virtually.  Remembering this, I plugged-in and puffed-out.

The Dunkin Donuts which was closest to my home was closed due to power outages.  The shop I visited borrowed such staff and had its own.  They all worked hard.  Those lines moved.  So when I ordered breakfast, I did not have to wait long for it.  I needed such an oven-fresh fortitude as my throat was irritated.  I purposefully inhaled too much medication.  It was the only way I could ensure that I could effectively go to work.

This problem has been developing for a long time.

A few months ago, I saw the doctor.  My asthma was a horror.  My nebulizer was in storage.  (In April of 2008, when I was given 41 hours to vacate my Coventry home, I was certain I would never need it again.)  I arrived at the doctor's office without an appointment, needing immediate care.  This is both a walk-in and full-service clinic.  They informed me that it was their policy to require up-front payment under such circumstances.  I informed them that there is no money in the bank.  So I turned and proceeded to the door resolving that I had to go to the emergency room.  They called me back and insisted that I receive appropriate treatment and they would make an exception and bill me.

The doctor found a $500 nebulizer which was paid for, but never acquired by the purchaser.  And he prescribed Prednisone.

For the few weeks before my hospitalization, I took a turn for the worse.  I was nebulizing at home constantly.  The wheezing woke-me-up a few times each night.  Only the machine delivered the medication to where it was needed.  The inhalers and pills were no longer effective.  I would go to work, perform minimal duties, while tolerating a certain amount of breathing difficulty.  I became an expert at conserving my energies in the morning, and then collapsing upon my arrival at home.

I could feel the dysfunctional location.  It is where the diaphragm muscle crosses with the spine.  I am glad I was able to feel it because I have always believed that it is the pain and discomforts I do not feel which are more dangerous than that which I do feel.

Another symptom which was developing with equal intensity was incontinence.  I believe that is also a diaphragm issue.

Finally, on the night of Saturday August 13th, the nebulizer no longer worked, and I had no urinal control.  My landlord drove me to the emergency room.  He later explained it was the most frightening visit yet.

In 2010, I had three visits to this emergency.  For the first, I drove myself.  On that night, my blood pressure was out-of-control.  This was a new symptom.  The other two visits involved a migraine and an asthma attack, although I do not remember the sequence.  I do remember the excellent care given by Middlesex Hospital.  I had no insurance.  I applied for their programs.  I received a very nice letter explaining that I am entitled to a 100% discount in effect for six months.

This time, I arrived at the emergency room, and was barely able to walk to the desk.  This was the first such visit for which I did not have to await care, but rather a page was immediately issued.  The clerk needed my identification.  I had enough energy to open my pocketbook, pull-out my driver license and flip it across the desk.

For the first time, I needed a wheelchair.  They nebulized.  The first dosage included the Albuterol, which I had been using at home.  It also had Atrovent.  They gave me a large dosage of Prednisone.  They needed to inject this.  But, like my mother, accessing my veins is almost impossible.  So they admitted me.

The following morning they placed a warm rag around my arm and then found a vein.  They would then proceed with round-the-clock injections.

Middlesex hospital is uniquely equipped with in-house physicians and their students.  They explained it is because doctors should not be compelled to abandon office patients who may not be having emergencies, but will have these if they do not receive proper care.  I appreciated the arrangements and had many long conversations with many different people.  I learned a few things.

A nurse explained that the nebulizer formula will work better with some saline solution mixed-in.

A doctor explained that the reason why my previous attempt (a few years ago) to use Advair failed was because I had to be dilated before the medicine could enter the bronchial tubes.

As I was lying in a hospital bed, I saw FOX and CNN news for the first time in a long time.  I saw the word Targets over-and-over.  I waited to see Congressional and Senatorial leaders in diapers.  It never happened.

On August 15th, I was finally discharged.

It was in 1999 that these events began.  I was diagnosed with cancer, a partially collapsed upper right lung and pneumonia.  When I recovered, I thought it was over, but it seemed peculiar.  The eating binge which always followed any recovery from any affliction never came.  I knew something was wrong with the recovery and eventually realized that my problems were only beginning.

A few days ago, the eating binge began.

Tuesday September 06, 2011

I do not want any discussion of anything until...

1.  I receive an apology for what happened on Monday morning;

2.  The two participants plead guilty to a felony and are sentenced to a minimum of 30-days in prison;

3.  Said participants leave their professions for the unprofessional conduct;


4.  The Magistrates acknowledge that this occurred because I was the only one in that courtroom telling the truth.

I will give you a hint as to what this is all about...

I now know that a certain "attorney" has no pubic hair and NEVER had intercourse with a woman who practices Wicca, including Linda St. Pierre.

I also did not know that the latter condition was possible.

Wednesday September 07, 2011

My very special gratitude for the Connecticut town police officers, particularly Officer Drapala of Middletown, for their extraordinary professionalism in handling this difficult to understand situation.  I know I am much safer because of them.

Thursday September 08, 2011

I would like to ask of everyone to telephone Donald Trump and very nicely invite him to the 9-11 memorial service in Manhattan.

Friday September 09, 2011

If Donald Trump is convinced to visit the 9-11 Memorial in New York City, please show him the area where the names Patrick Joseph Driscoll and Stephen Patrick Driscoll are engraved.

I would like to ask for media assistance with this.

Tuesday September 13, 2011

There is a guaranteed pre-emptive pardon for anyone who wants to sexually harass someone's mother whose first name begins with a P.

Thursday September 15, 2011

Would somebody please move Judge Judy's brain ahead one century and explain sexual harassment to her.  She was absent that day of class in law school.

Sunday September 25, 2011

How is it possible that in the year 2011, I have to explain sexual harassment to anyone, particularly lawyers and doctors?

Wednesday October 05, 2011

I am too radical for the feminists.

When he walked up to me and dropped his pants, I did not give his client any money.

Can anyone explain what is psychologically wrong with me?

Tuesday October 11, 2011

It is my understanding that a Republican presidential debate is scheduled for today, at Dartmouth College in Vermont.  It is also my understanding that religion is expected to be an issue.

I believe that the presidency and Christianity should NOT be separated because this country was founded as a result of turn-or-burn.  I am therefore asking of Congress to revoke tax exempt status for every church in the United States of America.  I am also asking of every such Republican candidate to demand of his/her church to pay appropriate property taxes, and to pay sales tax for all purchases of office supplies and other materials, as well as all other taxes.

Since the concept of separation of church-and-state must be deemed a nullity (i.e., never to have existed), I would also like all retroactive taxes paid as of the date of the foundation of each such establishment.

Payments should be submitted before the next debate.

Tuesday October 18, 2011

There was another biochemical attack.

On Saturday, October 15th, someone must have walked by me or interacted with me while wearing the biochemical weapons.  For the past 24 hours, I have had grotesque congestion which my personal remedies can minimally control.

I would like to remind everyone that we are still in L&G.

By midnight tonight, the individual responsible must turn his/herself into the New Haven, Connecticut office of the FBI.  I would like to remind these Special Agents to wear environmental protection suits, while stripping this person and washing his/her.  Additionally, I would like the unpleasant event video-taped and delivered to all such co-conspirators.

And as to my primary tormentor, your time will come...

Thursday October 20, 2011

The rule is that if a delinquent debt exists, then the creditor has the Constitutional right to approach the debtor and drop his/her pants.

Donald Trump still owes me $2,000 for the damage he inflicted upon my book.

Prince Herpes still owes me $8,000 for the vandalisms of my home and car.

How should that be resolved?

Friday October 22, 2011

Dear Bank of America & Hunt and Leibert;

The more you harass me, the more I know how much trouble you are in.

And I would like to remind you that if I die, the house must go through probate court, in addition to the fact that the Superior Court judgment must be opened.

I know how important it is to you to make fools out of yourselves.  Can you try to be normal and healthy just once?

Saturday October 29, 2011

Dear Michigan State University;

I have a rule.

You play with the dirt, you are OUT.

So stop tampering with my Internet connection.  I am NOT applying.

Tuesday November 01, 2011

Dear MSN;

You have one hour to fix your stupid e-mail system before I trash your reputation beyond repair.

Wednesday November 02, 2011

My very special gratitude to the owner of Tschudin Chocolates & Confections located next to Amici Restaurant.  It is on the corner of Main and Court Street in Middletown, Connecticut.

We had another vicious storm over the weekend.  We lost electricity on Saturday at midnight, and the phone connection was lost on Monday morning.  My landlord used his outdoor barbeque to fix a meal.  Otherwise, I went to McDonalds and Wendy's where I found ridiculous lines to order and await meals.

Many gas stations were closed because they could not pump.  Those that were open had lines onto the street with one hour wait times.  This caused severe traffic congestion.  Fortunately, I always have a policy of having at least half-a-tank of gas on the car.  My mother's policy was one-quarter.  She decided that a trip to the hospital can occur without warning.  I have a life of trips to the emergency room without warning.  So my standards are higher.  I still needed a  routine fill of gas.  So I jumped out of bed at 5 am and drove to the 24-hour station.

I had to plug my breathing machine in.  Dunkin Donuts was not open, unlike during the last power-outage.  My landlord suggested I call the Red Cross.  I reached someone in North Carolina.  She recommended the fire department.  I called them.  They invited me.  I used such as well as a local shelter arranged at the high school.  There, I had an opportunity to express my gratitude to the Town Treasurer.

But I had no computer access.  All local libraries were closed, unlike in the last storm.  My jobs require computer reporting.  I had not reported since Saturday and it was already Tuesday.  While my supervisors understood, the system did not.  I wondered if I was fired from the job which requires daily reporting, even if it is zero-hours.  Furthermore, I was late with reporting Monday's tasks, although I could not perform these because of the severe traffic congestion.  On Tuesday, I decided to do these even though I did not know if I was fired.  For this employer, our client is Discover Card.  We are preparing the stores for the Holidays by ensuring they have adequate counter and window signage.

I went looking for the Anastasia Group.  I was at Amici Restaurant.  Next door, was the chocolate confectioner.  He speculated the former is the company which owns the latter.  He first decided to research this on his telephone.  I realized he had Internet access.  I asked if he would research my employer and verify that the computer did not kick-me-out of the system.  He had an extra phone in his pocket, explained to me how to use it, and had me sit in his store and perform such task.  I asked if I was using his battery.  He explained these phones are rechargeable.

I found my employer.  I learned I was not fired.  The computer seemed to have a built-in forgiveness.  I was so relieved.  I re-scheduled all tasks for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday while reporting that on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, I worked zero-hours.

Even though this confectioner was not on my list of stores to visit, I learned he accepts Discover Card.  So I gave him some signage.  During this project, I observed the ability of such to boost sales.

Then I bought some gourmet chocolate.  It was delicious.  I highly recommend such for your Holiday parties.

Thursday November 03, 2011

My e-mail system went down again.

The first thing we are going to do is paternity tests on the children of Bill and Melinda Gates.

The next thing we are going to do is discuss his phony Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation for which the couple filmed a phony video pretending to be in a Third World Country helping children who do not receive Western vaccines.  This was obviously filmed in their basement.  For a reason I do not understand, ABC National News then recognized them as Persons of the Week.

Punishably dumb.

And then we are going to review any tax exempt status this Foundation may have.  I want a complete IRS audit.

Saturday November 05, 2011

It is my understanding that Princess Kate's sister, Pippa Middleton, is publishing a book.  Before such is released, I would like to remind the publisher of a legal technicality.

Because the last name is a pseudonym, any liabilities are the company's.  This is because the caption of any law suit can only identify real names.  Her real name would be unknown to any potential plaintiff.

To any potential plaintiff, my suspicion is that the real last name is Christiansen.

Sunday November 06, 2011

A few days ago, on television, I heard the expression witch-hunt.  This is, of course, from Arthur Miller's book The Crucible.  The context in which such was used indicates that the potential prosecutors are searching for a non-existent enemy.

I would like to remind the user of a few facts.

1.  By dictionary definition, a crucible is a "container for melting something".  In other words, it could be for the formulation of biochemical weapons---invisible killers.

2.  Arthur Miller never made the claim that the allegations described in his book were false.

3.  If you research the websites of the people of Wicca, they confess that the allegations against them made by the people of the Town of Salem, Massachusetts during the 17th century, were all true.

4.  Author Nathanial Hawthorne's grandfather was one of the judges in such trials.  The younger Hawthorne was, of course, the author of The Scarlet Letter.

5.  If you analyze the Scarlet scene at the governor's home, he is the father.  Between-the-lines, Hester Prynne finally realized she was drug-raped, and that he was the father.  She initiated a confrontation, and almost lost custody of her child as he confessed while claiming paternity.

6.  As this book's author is trying to understand why these women could not identify the father(s), it is suggested these were clergymen.  But as Hawthorne is making the suggestion, his vivacious style of writing deteriorates thereby indicating he does not believe such, but cannot resolve the situation any other way.

7.  Another invisible enemy.

Monday November 07, 2011

Dear Mr. Gates;

Are you sure you want some more?

Before you married her, was your wife a manager, or a stripper who helped you acquire contracts?  The expression in her eyes suggests the latter to me.  I have worked with many competent managers.  That is not the expression I always find in their eyes.

If anyone has any photographs, please post on the Internet.

Tuesday November 08, 2011

GREAT NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was at the polling station today and found a real whistle-blower running for

mayor of Middletown, Connecticut.

She blew-the-whistle on mis-appropriated tax dollars in the Board of Education.  Her name is...


She is neither Republican nor Democratic.  She is running as a


I would like everyone in this city to vote now!!!!  Stop everything else you are doing.  If you are eating, pull the food out of your mouth.  If you are cleaning, sweep it under the rug.  If you are sewing, maybe we can make one exception for five minutes.

GO!!!! GO!!!! GO!!!!

NOW!!! NOW!!! NOW!!!

Wednesday November 09, 2011

She received 2% of the vote.  The Republican incumbent lost.  He gave her a job when the Democrats fired her.  This is a problem.

Sunday November 13,2011

My employers keep trying to give me assignments in Coventry, Connecticut.  I continually unassign these.  This is too long a drive from my current residence in Middletown. 

I know they want me to pass 891 South Street and find, to my surprise, an ERA--FOR SALE sign, as well as neglected landscaping because Bank of America has stopped paying for the latter.  It is also my understanding that Peggy Gregan has agreed to be such realtor.

We cannot do anything while we are in L&G.  If they do not believe me, Bank of America can proceed to approve a mortgage, and Peggy can feign closure on the deal.  They will push-the-buttons, and nothing will happen.

They can continue with the harassment.  They may have noticed I am unaffected by their acts of interfering with my law school applications, as well as the attempted sabotage of my birthday.  I was only upset by the intrusion of my Internet connection and e-mail.  But I cured that by requesting photographs of Bill Gate's wife soliciting clients.

My primary tormentor must turn him/herself into FBI headquarters, provide a full confession, and face capital punishment for other activities of domestic terrorism.

Must we perform a sample L&G?

Tuesday November 15, 2011

I sense much frustration.  I believe they did push-the-buttons, and understand.  Now all of their secret strategies are terminated.  Although they may not know it yet, it is over, and I won.  The ending can be as dignified for them as they want it to be.

Part II--------Tuesday November 15, 2011

On a completely different subject...

I know there has been much frustration about Casey Anthony's acquittal for the death of her daughter, Caylee Anthony.  This is my opinion...

I realize that Casey Anthony's smile at the time of her initial arrest was very suspicious.  And I also realize that a juror interpreted that to mean that Casey had no connection with reality.  I have a different interpretation.

The fact is that the smile was wiped off of her face after the body was found and date of trial scheduled.  This means she was extremely well connected with the reality that without a body, it is almost impossible to make a case.

But everybody, including the prosecutors, are overlooking a few facts.


The body was found near her home after cause of death could be established.  This can only mean one thing...such recovery was scheduled.

But I do not suspect she scheduled such.  If I understand the situation correctly, Casey's father, the victim's grandfather, is a retired police officer.  He had the connections to perform such act.


The suggestion has been made that Caylee died of a broken-neck.  While it can never be proven, if we temporarily work on the premise that such was the cause of death, we must raise the question if Casey is physically strong enough to perform such.  Although I know nothing about this field of study, I doubt the possibility.

But the father must be so strong.


Working in retail, I, fortunately, have never had to cope with a murder investigation.  However, I have been aware of co-workers who were arrested for shoplifting and other financial offenses.  It is always the people I am least suspicious of who are taken out of the building in handcuffs.  Although I recognize the presumption of innocence and have no knowledge of whether or not the cases were proven, I am working with all of the information I have.  And such is that Casey is obviously guilty and her father is not.  Therefore the opposite must be true.

I believe that Casey dumped the body.  While the evidence may not have indicated such beyond a reasonable doubt, I believe that for future investigations, the evidence is adequate to work on such premise for the reconstruction of the events immediately after the murder.

I would like to ask of the investigators and prosecutors to proceed on the possibility that the father performed the murder, and Casey dumped the body.  I would like a second trial.

Friday November 18, 2011, 3:50 pm

I am giving Federal auditors until 5 pm to contact the following person and have her explain what happened to over $4,000 of taxpayer money which was earmarked for the payment of my August hospitalization at Middlesex.  This was as per my application for financial aid because I have no health insurance at this time.

It is not difficult to find stolen money.



I expect the appropriate arrest at 6 pm.

Part II------Friday November 18, 2011

As I have stated many times on this website, anyone who would like to dispute anything I herewith claim may place such in writing, submit it to me, and I will publish it and apologize.  Middlesex Hospital has my home address and phone number.  And for everyone else...

Vivian Lehman

PO Box 1041

Deep River, CT  06417

The information I have now is that Princess Kate stole such money.  Her father is a bum who never worked a day in his life and has a payment due on Monday morning.  The money is being taken away from her.  Therefore, she will be donning prostitution clothing so she may stand in front of Buckingham Palace tonight.  She will be charging the British equivalent of $5 for every car she enters and performs any solicited sex acts.  She needs 800 clients in less than three days.

Saturday November 19, 2011

Prince William and Princess Kate arrived in Canada on June 30th of this year.  I was hospitalized with a dysfunctional breathing (i.e., diaphragm) muscle on August 13th-15th.  Is that a coincidence?  Although I understand that in July, the State of California did not admit them because this country has enough problems without adding a herpes-whore to the venereal disease stew, is it possible that a few weeks earlier, the State of Connecticut did admit them?  If so, either Connecticut's Bradley, Boston's Logan or New York City's JFK International Airport is involved.  Can any such employee and/or Federal Marshal verify if she was carrying biochemical weapons?  Such would not be of Saxon Wicca, but rather of one the Jewish sects.  Although I do not know which one.

Sunday November 20, 2011

For those of you who have been observing the spectacle in front of Buckingham Palace, I would like to answer a few of your questions...

Why have the Orthodox Jews been soliciting this Jewish girl whose uterus has not been chemically burned-out thereby rendering it possible for these men to reproduce outside of their sect?

She is already pregnant.

Why did she stop accepting the solicitations of Orthodox Jews?

They did not pay.

How can the State of Connecticut enforce the return of the $4,000?

Because the United States taxpayer finances socialism and all military protections, the United Kingdom is legally our colony.  We therefore have the authority to arrest and charge her with embezzlement.  If the Natives do not like it, we can cut these financial ties.  Since these little people do not have the superior work ethic of the United States taxpayer, they will freeze, starve, succumb to the most minor and untreated medical conditions, while being left defenseless against any intruder.

Why should the United States taxpayer finance the distribution of her Jewish biochemical weapons?

It will not.  She will be directed to reimburse us for a total of $8,000.  Furthermore, there will be other reimbursements by the Jews.  We can expect an increase in our take-home pay by Friday, November 25th.  In retail, this is known as Black Friday--the busiest day of the year.  Please spend it wisely.  Perhaps on a book at a Michael's Crafts store?  I can recommend a few on sewing.  I would also like to suggest Record-a-Story so your descendants may hear your voice.



Monday November 21, 2011

I would like to ask of anyone to invite Princess Kate to any high profile event occurring in the next few days.  This is because I want to witness her decline of such invitation.  Her last car was a difficult one.  Her face tells the whole story.

But her father made the payment.  Now she must work on the next $8,000.

Tuesday November 22, 2011

Despite a black eye and a shattered cheekbone, Princess Kate marches on to reimburse the United States taxpayer.  This is because the Natives are restless about the threat to their socialism.

Some of you have also been raising the issue about the distribution of herpes.  In medical theory, she should be quarantined by the Board of Health. In fact, Pagans enjoy swimming in dirt, but they do not enjoy paying for it.  So this is the reason why she cannot charge more than $5.

Thursday November 24, 2011


I would like to remind everyone that this is the busiest day of the year for the hospitals.  Please eat wisely.

Tomorrow is, of course, Black Friday.  As you already know, among the four companies I work for is Baker and Taylor.  We deliver and service the books for Michael's Crafts.  I have two stores located in New Britain and Newington, Connecticut.

As you collect your coupons, please be advised of the fact that the company I work for does not participate in such.  The discount does NOT apply.

As you decide which store(s) to visit tomorrow, I should let you know how well I am treated by all of the stores in my territory.  For Crossmark, I care for Targets and Walmarts, among others.  For the Pet Firm, I care for Petco.  (For Premium, I recently had a project working in physicians' offices.)  Please consider the fact that I never drag myself out of bed to go to work. In 2005, when I moved away from New York, I resolved there would be no such jobs ever again.

Most of my time is currently spent in Michael's Crafts, especially since we were given extra hours for the Holiday Season.  The product is typically arriving early.  Because my New Britain store is so big, they could find ways to accommodate such before Black Friday.  This is called "flex-space".  It is not planogramed so therefore I can invent my own design.  I found this extra pamphlet holder in the backroom.  It is typically used for knitting and crocheting manuals.  The other shelves and pocket-merchandisers are also from my act of scavenging in the backroom.



Identical in merchandise, yet different in character, here is my Newington store.  Although the same planograms applied, there was too much merchandise to be compliant with such.  I had to work with any shelves and merchandisers I could find in their attic...

Sunday December 04, 2011

The Prince and Princess of Herpes arrived in Canada on June 30th.  However, I believe they were in the United States before such date.  At such time, did His Royal Highness visit his girlfriend in Massachusetts?  If so, she has to see her doctor immediately.

Monday December 12, 2011

Today, as I do every Monday, I visited one of my Michael's Crafts stores.

Last Monday was a very unique visit.  As the staff was about to have their usual morning meeting, I told the manager I had something to talk about.  It was that I believe that some additional mystery shoppers are entering the store.  He insisted they do not fail mystery shops.  I answered they will fail this one.

As the meeting progressed, I decided he did not want to listen to me.  I walked-off.  He called after me.  I returned.

I started by saying that when I worked at Lord & Taylor department stores, there was an additional set of mystery shoppers who came directly from the designers.  Then I explained that it was these shops which would make or break a manager.  I then observed the smile depart from his face.  I explained this was because it was these shops which the designers and buyers talked about.  I continued by saying that at my other Michael's store, I observed a woman who I believe to be such a shopper.  I found it peculiar that she was there the day after the shipment at issue arrived.

What I did not say, and everyone knew, is that even under the best of circumstances, merchandise from my employer cannot instantly go out onto the selling floor.  This is because the merchandise must be entered into inventory, and then I must arrive on one day, Monday-thru-Friday, for the pack-out.  If a manager or receiving clerk could routinely stop everything they are doing for such data entry, and if I was there five business days-per-week, then such immediate service would be possible.  Hence, whoever sent her in, does not understand retail.

I explained to the staff that something "big" is going on and that I was "beginning to panic".  I asked of them to familiarize themselves with the items at issue and, if any customer comes into the store who seems to be interested in such, to go by the rule of "when in doubt, do" and show them the merchandise.  I also requested that they observe other facets of Lord & Taylor protocol.

Two days later, as per routine, I visited my other store.  I did not give the same lecture.  There was a reason for that which everyone has been nagging for.  I can assure them, their guesses have no resemblance to the explanation.

They were almost sold-out.

Tuesday December 13, 2011

Am I ever going to receive an apology for the fact that I was viciously called a child-hater because I did not understand that a married-man-with-AIDS-and-a-$10,000,000-debt-wanted-to-do-me-a-favor-and-sign-his-name-to-my-manuscripts-so-he-could-have-one-erection-with-me?

And I would like the religious Republicans to explain their Christian opinion on such, and explain where they were when such intense harassment was occurring between 1997 and 1999?

Presidential candidates Michelle Bachman, Newt Gingrich, etc...Do you have anything to say about this?

Thursday December 15, 2011

The store which was almost out-of-stock of the item at issue last week, was out-of-stock upon my arrival this week.  However, ten more were in the shipment I packed-out.  The question now is why I did not call a meeting to explain there is a mystery-shopper-issue.  The answers are because it is not my place to do so, and this is not a large quantity.

Otherwise, the district manager visited both my stores during my visits.  Arrangements were made with store management to move my employer's product into more visible locations.  I was also given assignments on what to move and where.  So as we enter the final days of Christmas shopping, I am witnessing what my supervisor verified in statistics:  One of my stores is up 21% whereas the other is up 46% compared to the same week last year.

I observed him survey one of my displayers.  A few months ago, the associates of my company were instructed to remove these.  My supervisor witnessed my refusal in one store and directly instructed me to comply.  I directly defied her.  A few weeks later, she informed me that I did the right thing.  It enabled me the flex-space to place the high volume of Christmas product on the floor.  In both of my stores, no merchandise is lingering in the stockroom.  And it is this semi-retired merchandiser which is selling the items at issue for the mystery shopper(s).  It is my understanding that it too, will be moved to a more visible location.  As you can see, the information on the sign has changed to accommodate the product.

Saturday December 17, 2011

Not that long ago, I began the process to apply to law school.  I needed recommendations.  However, every time I researched a professor, I found an obituary.

I work for four different companies.  I have wonderful supervisors.  But only one, to my knowledge, has a college degree.  The quality of her writing is excellent.  So I asked her to perform such, while explaining it has to be written such that the reader does not immediately understand that she is not an instructor.  She was delighted to have the task, but panicked at the time frame.  I had to assure her that the deadlines are not for many months from the time of my request.  I appreciated the fact that she prioritized my personal interests over hers.  She did not seem worried about loosing an employee, even though I already assured her that I am not leaving.  I explained that I cannot predict if I will graduate and pass the Bar Exam.  However, I do have this job.

I realize there have been problems beyond my domain.  I have volunteered a few hours of my own time in the stores.  Unexpectedly, this was rewarded.  On Black Friday, after I was finished with two hours of work, I went to the break room.  There I found a free meal which included home-made lasagna.

The problems are the reasons why somebody sent the mystery shopper(s).  I believe I can guess who this mystery client is and what is considered actionable.  I cannot specify too much as this supervisor confided a few things with me, although not everything.

Before I proceed, I would like to talk about this mystery shopper program.  As I explained, the individual who sent her does not understand retail.  And, for such reason, believes that a mystery shopper can acquire higher quality information than a non-clandestine program.  Let me explain this alternative by providing an example.

One of my employers is Crossmark.  (I am grateful to them because during the most intense harassment, I never worried about loosing this job.  And at the time, I did not work for this other employer.  But that is another episode in my life.)   Recently, we were given a project to go into supermarkets and look for a particular antacid display.  If we did not find such on the selling floor, we were directed to find it in the stockroom and place on the floor.  I had six stores in my territory.  I entered each store with a project on my clipboard which included photography of the display.  After I signed the vendor log-in-book, I explained myself to any staff member I could find.  Whether it was a store manager, general merchandise manager, full timer or receiver, not one person had any knowledge of what I was talking about.  I reported all this, including names of contacts.

Obviously, this is more reliable information than any mystery shop.  This is because if anyone doubts the validity of the reports of any one of the Crossmark associates, they could enter any such store and review the vendor book.  Mystery shoppers do not sign such.  Furthermore, they could ask those identified in the reports if they remember the visit.  A few might, even though they see many such people every week.

While the research has been compromised, this may not change the outcome.  The only suggestion I can make is NOT to perform the post-Christmas RTVs.  Only a small percentage of the merchandise is specific to the December Holiday Season.  Easter is the next major holiday.

Sunday December 18, 2011

I will produce new photographs.   I understand that I made many rearrangements since I placed the above on this website.  This is because new merchandise came in, and the balance of quantity changed in both stores.   This has been time consuming.  But I enjoy the tasks.  I like organizing.  and as my merchandising skills improve, I am better prepared for the day when my book (and, hopefully, script) is reintroduced onto the market.  When I tried to release it myself in 1996, I did not understand any of this.

I would first appreciate one favor.

I realize that both Michael's Crafts and Baker & Taylor are responsible companies.  Unless they have performed these tasks already, I would appreciate if they would thoroughly research all issues of child-slave-labor and sweet-shop conditions.  They must have already realized that I did not include the Disney endcap in my presentation.  This is because this company had very serious issues with this in the past.

Tuesday December 20, 2011

Tomorrow is December 21st.  As per the "missing" Hebraic version of the Book of Matthew, this is the day Mary and Joseph were rejected by the inn.  This is also the month-and-day which Jews must attack Christians.  It is built into their brains because they are a "people" not a religion.  The King James version of the Book of Ezra, Chapter 4, confirms this characterization, although not this historical fact.  The latter condition is because this Book was formulated before the events of the New Testament.

I understand Mara Addison is preparing her attack against me tomorrow.  (As you already know, I was a publishing author until she touched my book and enabled sabotage.  She expected me to believe this would not affect the marketing.  People such as my former New York neighbor, Stupid Sue, believed it.)  Therefore, I would like to preemptively ask of the Pennsylvania attorney's general's office to require of Addison to bear truthful witness.  As you already know, she is this company's assistant managing director who is still waiting for me to pay for the $2,000 in damage.

In 1994, at the time I signed the contract with Dorrance Publishing, it was my understanding that they rented shelf-space from various bookselling retailers.  It is now my understanding from my recent research on the Internet, that the only marketing source they currently have available is Amazon.  This is a marketing resource in the public domain.

I would like a legal explanation as to why this company has not been required to change its name to Dorrance Printing.

Saturday December 24, 2011

Final warning...my primary tormentor must turn him/herself into the FBI by midnight tonight.  I am not certain of who s/he is.  I suspect it is Mara Addison's husband.

Saturday December 31, 2011

This was the year of the married-mafia-hit-man-with-herpes-who-embraced-the-man-who-mudrered-his-mother-as-his-primary-role-model.

And at least one religious fanatic appreciated that.