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The Presidential Cabinet

President Bush's Secretary of State, Defense Secretary, Health and Human Services Secretary, Surgeon General, CIA and FBI Directors

will all be fired.  Because I told them where Mrs. Anthrax was practicing as a phony nurse in a New York hospital, and distributing her biochemical weapons in IV packs, and they failed to respond.

President Bush's Transportation Secretary

will be fired.  Because I reminded him of the fact that at the time September 11th occurred, American Airlines was considering a takeover of British Airways, and no investigation followed.  I also drew their attention to the fact that all four hijacked planes originated from international airports.

President Bush's Secretary of Labor

will be fired.  Because I told them about my mother's whistle-blowing, as an employee of the Department of Labor, as well as my speculation that this may be how September 11th was financed, and there was no follow-up.

President Bush's Attorney General

will be fired for failing to take initiative on all the doctors, attorneys and everyone else who acquire certifications withOUT licensure.  This made it ridiculously easy for Mrs. Anthrax to practice in a hospital emergency room.

President Bush's Energy Secretary

will be fired for failing to scramble to find alternative sources of energy after September 11th.

President Bush's Chair of Economic Advisor's, Alan Greenspan,

will be fired.  Because the only thing he has accomplished is allowed us all to go into debt to finance grotesque spending of others.

President Bush's National Security Advisor

started a cat-fight with me.  I'll finish it.

I want to know why Condoleezza Rice initiated the cat-fight with me at the time I refused to do her job for her while she was salaried and I not.  Specifically, I am talking about the 2004 overthrow of Haiti's president Aristide.  Why was he so important to her?  She was so outraged with me that she arranged that the New York State Bar Association and the Attorney General's Office dismiss my claim against my former law firm.  My complaint was they collected their fees even though the attorney had a certificate (issued by the attorney general's office) without a license.  (i.e., The attorney who had an Addition Consulting Business.)  Condi then threatened to have my smaller-sized claim dismissed which was against the emergency room which had me treated by doctor with identical credentials.  (i.e.,  The one who interpreted a high white blood cell count (infection) as a "psychiatric disorder".)  Condi put me in a position in which I had almost nothing to loose.  This was her negotiating technique.  It's dumb.  She is not the type of person who should be serving in her position as National Security Advisor.

There is no question in my mind that Aristide was a Uranium smuggler.  There are 202 countries in the world today.  Of these, less than 15% mine Uranium. As his asylum was negotiated, every country which was involved, besides the United States and France, was of this 15%:  Central African Republic, Gabon and South Africa.  He finally settled in Nigeria, which is not on the list but next to Niger and Chad which are on it.  That can't be a coincidence.  And it can't be a coincidence that he was overthrown a few months after a hurricane destroyed the airport of Bermuda.

Then there is a separate issue of Condi and September 11th.  I believe that before this date, Osama ben Laden, her good friend and partner of Chevron (her former employer) informed her of what he informed British Prime Minister Tony Blair--that there would be only two planes AFTER 8 a.m. that would go into the World Trade Towers.  Instead there were four planes and it was the two BEFORE 8 a.m. which reached this destination.  She was recorded to have gone directly into the White House military command center after receiving news of the first two attacks.  But nothing is recorded as to why she would choose to go there.  From there she attempted to telephone the Defense Secretary only to learn he was helping with the recovery from the attack of one of the post-8 a.m. planes, which was also the third plane.  Condi then knew what was next.  And with her knowledge of which flight was going toward her, ordered it destroyed.

The 9-11 Commission attempted to counter my theory by arguing that the black box proves the hijackers were in command of the cock-pit, who turned the plane upside down and crashed it.

But they have not released the black box content to the public, nor applied high school physics to the scenario.

My suspicion is that Condi has another secret; a husband.  And I suspect he is the CEO of Euell Energy which is a business associate with one of the Russian companies which exports gas.  But I do not believe this gas is mined in Russia.  Rather, I believe it is mined in Iraq and transported to Russia for export.  This practice began when the United States boycott against Iraq began.

Bush did not appoint her for her expertise on foreign policy.  But rather for her expertise on exploiting the American people.  Their purpose in exploiting me is to preserve their profits without coping with the adverse consequences of such actions.

They want adult status without the responsibility.  September 11th was the inevitable consequence of this attitude.



Pro-choice.  But I am against third trimester abortions and stem-cell research.  The medical community is not sufficiently competent for this responsibility because many physicians are certified and UNlicensed.  And because such phonies blend-in with the medical community.

I witnessed two phenomena in high school and college which took me years to understand.  The anti-choicests become pregnant exactly nine months before graduation as the result of an "unplanned act of passion".  They become the heroines in that they sacrifice their lives to have their financial-dependency-mechanisms.  They have children because they love them.  I refuse to pay because I hate them.

The pro-choicests become pregnant several times in their school careers.  And thereby destroy their health.

I will try to enact a Constitutional amendment preserving a woman's right-to-choose in the first trimester.  I don't believe that such an amendment is possible for all the specifics of Roe-v-Wade, but I do believe this is possible.

I only have one question for the Conservatives who I know will never endorse me:  At the time the Reagan/Bush Sr. Administration neglected the environment in the early 1980's, and caused countless numbers of miscarriages and still-births, why were none of you critical?


Before the Russians invaded this country in 1980, no one ever heard of this country occupied by nomadic herds-people.  When this invasion began, it was not surprising that the United States, and a few other countries, made the decision to boycott that year's Summer Olympics arranged to take place in Moscow.

Based on everything I saw as a pre-teenager, I suspect the father of one of the potential US Olympians was a mathematician associated with IBM.  And I suspect that one of his female associates, who was successfully seducing him at his other job as a school teacher, was FBI.  The KGB had scheduled a major meeting in 1980, which the Olympics would have been used to conceal.

They had to cancel it.

Central Intelligence Agency

De-classification of Civil War, World Wars I and II documents concerning British distribution of biochemical weapons.

Centralized Computerization of all Law Enforcement Agencies (i.e., CIA, FBI, etc.)

I am against this because a prominent IBM scientist who designed the FBI computers took a Cold War trip to Moscow to teach the KGB how to hack-into FBI files.  If this was one system, this security breach would have been much worse, and September 11th would have been more disastrous.


Bankruptcy laws protect debtors from creditors, not trustees from shareholders.  The status of trustee is de-personalized.  Henceforth, neither the bankruptcy laws nor the Fifth Amendment are applicable.  Furthermore, they will no longer be allowed dividends and bonuses.  Either new laws will be passed, or, preferably, pre-existing laws will be enforced.

Child Protection Services

An official of such will be placed in each school, public and private, for educational and law enforcement purposes.


I would like to eliminate the production of pennies, nickels and dimes, and continue quarters and coin-dollars.


We do need an amendment decreeing this instrument applicable to issues of male impotence.  What happened to me during the Clinton Administration will be the precedent case.  David Duchovny of The X-Files television series, was going to do me a favor and impregnate me while he was married to someone else, but he had to first sign his name to my copyrights so I could be his financial dependent and he could finance his ten-million-dollar debt.  This was necessary because he did not want me working full time while being a mother.  His employer continually made financial commitments for the production of my script, which were continually breached because I refused to fly-out to Western Canada to drool all over him for sex.  They were certain I would cooperate with their demands after the nuptials, because he assured them he will beat-me-up if I don't.  He also assured them that I will write more scripts, but will not receive equal-pay-for-equal-work so I could devote full time to maternal issues.  He eventually became tired of waiting for me, so they had me fired from the only job I was allowed to have--a $7.25/hour supermarket cashier.  I looked for other work, but each employer checked my past references.  Store manager John Acocella continually relayed the information to these stalkers, and they threatened potential employers.  All the while they had people constantly ask me if I was working.  It was their obsession.

Billy-Goat Clinton instructed the FBI not to take my phone calls so Acocella was never arrested.  And when I finally acquired an action in the courts, they murdered my witness 12 days before the court date; Princess Diana.  It was the happiest day of Bill's life.  He enjoyed that more than the birth of his only child.

At some point during all of this, Billy-Goat contacted the president of the National Organization for Women, Jill Ireland.  She agreed the Constitution is non-applicable to issues of male impotence and the harassment was justified.

But at the time there was another facet to the harassment.  Billy-Goat wanted me to help unseat Sadaam Hussein.  My services would be for no pay, of course.  The members of the Jewish community who had arranged the television courtship of me by Duchovny, refused to relay the message, and began an intense harassment campaign against me.  I did not know then that many Moslems are privately practicing Jews, and that Hussein was financing the Jewish State with an illegal gas pipeline.  Self-genocide is a way of life for these people.  The only way of life they know.  And no one can take it away from them.

Death Penalty

The American Bar Association is not sufficiently competent for this responsibility.  This institution finds no fault in those who have an attorney-certificate withOUT licensure.  Even more amazing is the fact that these phony attorneys blend-in the with the crowd.  This is consequential of our cultural condition in that many attorneys are acting majors for whom their undergraduate institutions compromised their academic requirements because law schools favor such.

Democratic National Convention

You might not take my aspirations seriously if I do not attack my opponents.  And that is the only excuse I have.  I researched the keynote speaker, Barack H. Obama.  He is a licensed and certified attorney of Cook County, Illinois.  This was a battleground area for John F. Kennedy's election.  I've heard its residents joke that after they die, they want to be buried in this county so they can remain active in politics.

Obama has a very impressive educational background which includes Harvard and Columbia Universities.  His father was an economist.

Like the nominee, he will not be discussing the leading economic indicators.  His role model is a keynote speaker of the Convention past, former governor of New York State Mario Cuomo.  (And you already know I believe he directed welfare and unemployment insurance monies to Cuban President Fidel Castro to finance his biochemical weapons programs and socialism.  My mother attempted to blow-the-whistle on what she witnessed as such an employee of the Department of Labor.  She was then harassed out of her tenured position.)

Obama is Of Counsel for the law firm of Miner, Barnhill & Galland.  Very few law firms have an attorney with such title.  Their primary purpose is, typically, to act as a collection agent for the law firm whose services few people want to pay for.  These firms often have a member in politics.

So the question becomes, Whose money are they pursuing?

Economic Stretch Goals

I haven't mentioned this earlier on this website because I am not certain any of this is possible.  But nonetheless, I finally decided to put it in writing.

I would like to try to eliminate personal income tax.

And I would like to try to enact legal policies that render milk, eggs, and frozen concentrate orange juice for free.  You might think that retailers would respond by refusing to market these.  But the reason why these are always positioned in the back of the store is because these are the primary reason why people enter the store.  We would not have to worry about a black market, because of perish-ability.


No more miserable faces on the school bus.

Energy Prices

Continue to plug the leaks!!!  And continue to negotiate with other third world countries about human rights issues first, and energy contracts second.  Gas pumps will display the region of the world the product was mined.


See September 27, 2004 entry for citation of information.

Inauguration Day Vehicular protection removed for 58.5 million acres of national forestry.
February Associate of anti-environmental organization, Mountain States Legal Foundation, Gale Norton, nominated Secretary of Interior.
March Power plant emissions of carbon dioxide de-regulated.
April Air conditioner efficiency de-regulated, and snowmobiles permitted to return to Yellowstone National Park.
May One-third reduction in federal spending on energy-efficiency research and alternative power sources.
July EPA Administrator Christine Whitman petitions federal court for 18-month delay on the ruling under the Clean Water Act.
August House of Representatives passes proposal for oil-drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.
September Negligence of energy-efficient rail projects.
October Interior Department disallowed veto power of mining permits, and the department reverses its own key requirements for mining operations.
November Army Corps of Engineers allow developers to infringe upon critical bogs, swamps, and coastal marshes.
December General Electric, Chevron, Texaco and Enron issued tax-breaks.
January Gas and oil exploration permitted on Utah's Dome Plateau desert.
February Mercury, Sulfur Dioxide and Nitrogen Oxide emissions deregulated.
March EPA's head of regulatory enforcement resigns thereby surrendering fight against White House.
April New energy plan passed by Senate which avoids increases in fuel-efficiency standards.
May Deregulation allows dumping into streams and rivers.
January Dolphin-safe tuna no longer exists.
February EPA funding for clean water cut 40%.
March Sludge-dumping into Potomac River permitted.
April U.S. Bureau of Land Management approves expansion of gas-drilling in the Powder River Basin of Montana and Wyoming ensuing pollution of rivers and streams.
July Rocky Mountain Energy Council created to further oil industry profit motive.
August Residents around World Trade Towers misinformed that air is breathable and safe, and clean-air standards for nation's oldest and dirtiest power plants compromised. 
September Financial burden for EPA's Superfund shifts from polluters to taxpayers.
November EPA abandons at least 50 investigations into violations of Clean Air Act by power plants.
December Compromised standards of toxic mercury emissions from coal-fired plants.

Equal Rights Amendment (ERA)

I do NOT want any feminist requesting that I re-introduce this proposal.  It will inspire many men to sue Sports Illustrated magazine because they are not allowed to model the bikinis.

The second obvious problem is situations such as that of a gynecological/obstetric practice near where I live which only hires female doctors, nurses, receptionists and technicians.  I would guess that many feminists use such services.  And I am certain many urological offices are staffed by men only.  The ERA would illegalize this.

According to one of my favorite anthropologists, Peggy Reeves Sanday, gender equality is typically defined as sameness.  She suggests equal-but-different.  In my opinion, the best exemplar of this is the Agta of the Philippines.  Women and men are equal participants in hunting, gathering, child rearing, public authority, etc.  But there is one difference:  The women withdraw from fishing activities at an earlier age than men.

Eva Braun

If she testifies before Congress answering all questions, she may have the position of choice in the Christmas Administration.

Gun Control

The primary issue is handgun ownership.  Background checking is a good idea.  I believe testing of the pituitary (i.e., hormonal) gland is a better idea.

The focus of everyone's concerns has been the images of school children lying on the playground covered with blood, victimized by an underage assailant.  So the question becomes how to prevent the teenager from acquiring the weapon.  There is, in my opinion, another more important question.

Was there any parental pre-attack pressure to achieve financial independence?

And I would like to emphasize that the amount of money the assailant has in the bank is a non-issue.  People have an irrational fear of personal financial responsibility, which is why many teenage females become pregnant exactly nine months before graduation.  I suspect many of these young mothers are heavily pressured by both parents.

Health Insurance

If I am correct in that Dandelion Root in the Solaray brand is the cure for cancer (because cancer is a liver disorder and such herb is documented to clean-out this organ), then a large portion of the crisis will be resolved.

If I am correct in that Aerobic 0-7 by Arizona Life is the cure for e-coli, then another aspect of the problem has been inexpensively resolved.

If I am correct in that the combination of Ginko biloba, Saw Palmetto, Bilberry and Horsetail (brand-named Avacor) is the cure for the form of hypothyroidism called Grave's Disease, then...

If I am correct in that some forms of pneumonia are curable by placing the antibiotic in a tea kettle filled with boiling water and inhaling such, then...

If I am correct in that menopausal women should take Solaray's patented Calcium ethyl-amino-phosphate (EAP) because it is for soft-tissue absorption (i.e., this phase of a woman's life involves soft-tissue taking Calcium from the bones, henceforth this is a front-door rather than back-door approach), then...

But self-strategizing which vitamins to take is complicated enough, but herbs are almost impossible.  These each have multiple ingredients, and the patient may require high dosages of one while rejecting another.  I would like a blood test which produces a profile that is used to custom-design pills.  While this may seem expensive, it is still cheaper than what I had to do:  Go through each vitamin/herb store and purchase as many bottles as I could fit in the basket, and try each one-by-one.  Then there was a limit to what medical treatments my insurance covered because there was no diagnosis.

But there is another facet to the problem rarely discussed--Munchausen's-by-Proxy and Munchausen's syndromes.  Every case of serious childhood illness that I have had a personal encounter with has been diagnosed as a result of a mother, yearning for the attention of the child's father, going from doctor-to-doctor until she finally finds one who tells her what she wants to hear.  Sometimes it is about her child, sometimes about herself.  The primary objective is exploiting the child as a financial dependency mechanism, and/or presenting herself as a financial dependent.  In simpler terms, she doesn't want to get a job.  And if either she or her child has to endure mutilating surgeries and chemotherapy treatments to avoid such, she'll do it.  And because of the scientific deficiency of appropriate diagnostic equipment, this is ridiculously easy, while making it impossible for those of us with difficult to diagnose conditions to acquire the necessary help.

This must be an unduly burden on our health insurance bill.


What two people do in the privacy of their own home is none of my business.  However, I believe I witnessed that this is not an alternative biological lifestyle.  I believe that the social recruitment mechanism of isolation is used to transform sexual orientation.  And I believe these people hate themselves more than anyone.  But it is the only way of life they know, and they will defend it.

Henceforth, I am against such couples adopting or having custody of their biological children.  I am also against such marriages because these facilitate such adoptions.


As you may have already guessed, I have no background in sociology.  I did not even take its introductory course in college.  So my strategy will be to find people who have collegiate as well as eye witness backgrounds on this issue.

Iraqi War


I would like Jerome Adams to take a brief break from his divide-and-conquer game and explain to the world what Shin Fein means in Hebrew and/or Yiddish.  I am going to guess it means National Socialism.


Anyone who votes in both the Israeli and United States elections, will loose the right to vote in the latter.  I will require full cooperation from the Israeli government for this.


When we began to work on the economy, to my surprise, the ISM index responded first by pulling over 50 to 51.8 in July of 2003. In November of 2003, it reached the Christmas standard of 60.1 (i.e., 61.225, /- 2.5) and has remained there since.  I have decided to listen to my economist-father and not aspire to raise this:  "Why would variation be good?"  If I understand this correctly, what goes up must come down.  Whereas if we establish the Christmas standard as normal, it will generate a stronger economy.

The July activity was followed by Non-Farm Payroll which went from -41,000 in August of 2003, to 125,000 in September of the same year.  All this while Initial Unemployment Claims began its drop from the 400,000 level, to 300,000 .  It hit its highest level in 2003 in the week-ending May 31st when it reached 447,000.  It was last at 400,000 in the week-ending September 27, 2003; 405,000.  For the week-ending July 02, 2004, it dropped to 309,000.  The Unemployment Rate was last at 6.0% in October of 2003.  The revised figures for January thru May of 2004 is 5.6%, its lowest level since October of 2001.  Although according to my economist-father, it is currently not as high as 5.6%.*

And between March and May of 2004, we maintained the Christmas Non-Farm Payroll standard growth of 250,000/month, on average.

This led to increased Consumer Confidence for four months straight which rendered its two-year high in July of 2004; 106.1.

All of the above statistics, except one, are quoted from msnbc's Economic Calendar.

This chain of events is not what I predicted.  But it is a pleasant surprise.  I am not going to attempt to predict what will follow.  This, I believe, is because now begins the mix-and-match game best exemplified by my place of work.  One person found another job, but it does not pay as much.  So she stayed.  Another, after many months of submitting resumes, acquired one interview.  And another acquired a clerical job in his industry of choice--financial sector.  So he changed his primary place of employment, while remaining part-time with us.

A major issue restricting professionals is that many attorneys, physicians, etc. have certificates withOUT licensure.  Licensure is for life, whereas certificates must be renewed every two or three years depending on the profession.  It is actually a brilliant system in that if a licensed professional lives out of the country for a few years, no one, in theory, should be able to practice on his/her licensure.  IBM set-up the computers such that certificates can be acquired by anyone.

These phonies are typically high school drop-outs such as my former attorney and emergency room doctor.  Attorney generals have not been prosecuting, because it is they issuing the certificates.  So our first priority will be to have my students continue to do their work for them by performing such verifications.  And the second priority will be to fire as many attorney generals as possible.

Laetrile (B-17), Akiniot, Comfrey, etc.

Unless someone can give me intelligent explanations as to why these were illegalized, I will reverse all such legislation.

Labor Safety Standards

Working in retail, I was legally required to wear closed-toe/closed-heel shoes.  In theory, it should prevent injury.  In fact, in an environment in which sneakers are prohibited, these shoes inflict the injuries.  I would like to change this law.


In a COURTROOM, when a witness takes the stand, s/he must solemnly swear to tell the whole truth so help you God.  And then people fearlessly lie.  I believe the word God should be substituted by the phrase under penalties of perjury.  The maximum in this State being....  That might work better.  In any religious activist would like to take issue with this, I would like to remind such person that tax-exempt status is the separation of church-and-state.  So such individual should first pay church property taxes, then allow a state and federal audit of all church finances, and finally protest this.


When we are finished auditing social securities monies, there will be plenty of money for everyone.

Megan's Law

This law deals with the issue AFTER prison-release.  I would like to address BEFORE.  I would like pituitary (i.e., hormonal) gland testing of all violent criminals before they are released.  And, hopefully, we will soon invent an x-ray or sonogram which analyzes the nervous system.  And, hopefully, this will provide us with much needed information.

But to go beyond that, I would like more information on this case of Megan.  Was the perpetrator stalking her before the attack?  At the time, New York State had anti-stalking laws.  But New Jersey, to my knowledge, did not.  If he had been stalking her, and if such laws had been in effect, then the only thing the parents would have had to do was invoke these by making a report to local law enforcement.  As far as I knew, he had appropriately registered with them as a sex-offender.  And competent officers would have known what to expect next.

Minimum Wage

Minimum wage will be ten-times the nationwide average of the pump-price for gas.  On this date of July 04, it must be $19.00/hour.


All new legislation to scrutinize Moslems, will also be applied to those of socialist nations: United Kingdom, France, Norway, etc.

Munchausen's-by-Proxy Syndrome

There is, unfortunately, nothing unusual about a woman taking her child from doctor-to-doctor until she finally finds one who tells her what she wants to hear;  that her child has a devastating health condition.  The objective is to acquire the attention of a particular male.  It doesn't work.  So she continues this strategy finding new and improved techniques to reinforce it.

There are also many women who have Munchausen's;  the diagnosis is for themselves.  Does everyone recall the woman on the front page of The New York Times Magazine who exhibited her mastected breast?  She was on the Donahue Show a few weeks later and boasted proudly about how she finally heard what she wanted to hear from one of the many doctors she saw.

This isn't helping our nationwide health insurance problem.

National Anthem

I don't know about you, but I can't listen to the old one anymore.  I don't have any of the words memorized.  We weren't required to in school because no music instructor could teach it.  We need a new one we can dance to.  And all finalists, except for that chosen, I will use in my script if it is ever produced into a movie.


While it is true the book of Ezra, chapter 4, declares that Israelis and Jews are NOT the same people, but rather that Jews are counterfeit Israelis, this does NOT mean the title of Israelis defaults to the Palestinians.  We must find the real descendants of the Israelis.

Physician-Assisted Suicide

I am an advocate of such merciful deaths.

Pledge of Allegiance

If the religious zealots want to maintain the presence of the phrase under God in the Pledge of Allegiance, then the separation of church and state has been discontinued.  Therefore all churches, synagogues,  Mosques, etc., must loose tax-exempt status.

And, as a devout Episcopalian, I would like to tell all infidels, turn-or-burn.

Princess Diana

I would like to take appropriate initiatives to prosecute those who murdered her.  The problem is Prince William has taken the official position that the Constitution cannot be applied to issues of male impotence.  She was murdered as she about to testify on my behalf on such issue (i.e., X-Files David Duchovny's sexual need to sign his name to my script to pay-off his debts and achieve sexual excitement with me and his wife).  Prosecution is not possible, albeit William's different issues.

Republican National Convention

This year's keynote speaker is Georgian Senator Zell Miller, born on February 24, 1932.  I have a very fair question for him:  Did you ever witness a lynching or any acts of any lynch mob?

Retail Employment

One of the Federal regulations, is that such workers must wear closed-toe/closed-heal shoes.  When I worked at Lord & Taylor, this was compounded by the regulation that these must be dress shoes.  I understand the philosophy of the law is to protect my feet.  But it was these shoes which was causing injuries.  At Staples, we are only required to wear casual shoes, no sneakers.  For breaking one such pair in, the bruise of my foot was so severe that I found myself using a prescription steroid cream left-over from another injury I once had.  A few weeks later I summoned my third ambulance of 2002.  My neighbor, Austin Jacobsen, was the technician and in attempting to diagnose the problem he noticed the bruise and asked me if I fell.  (The real problem was low estrogen for one year, and this particular event included the fact that I exhausted my ability to process one of my asthma medications.)

We must change these laws.

School Lunches

All SCHOOLS must provide free oven-fresh lunches (not microwaved).  And I would like such meals to include optional vitamins such as Avacor (Saw palmetto, Ginkgo biloba, horsetail and Bilberry for pituitary gland stabilization) Solaray Dandelion Root (for liver cleansing), Econugenics' Thymic Longevity Compound (TLC for immune system strengthening), Solaray Calcium Ethyl-Amino-Phosphate (for soft tissue absorption and henceforth, relief of menstrual cramps as well as many other masculine and feminine usages), and the medicine Celexa.  When I worked at the pharmacy in the year 2000, several customers informed me that this is the best anti-depressant.  While it is true that it is still by prescription only, I would like to see small dosages available on-demand.  This financing will not be from increasing taxes, but rather recovery of stolen monies.


Socialism is oil/gas revenues re-directed from OPEC into European, Israeli and Cuban socialized medicine, college tuition, etc.  If one carefully observes the military activity in Iraq, one will witness the United States troops doing all the fighting, and the British doing all the acquisitioning.  If one carefully observes many Moslems, including Sadaam Hussein, one will see they are privately practicing Jews. Henceforth, the Israeli gross domestic product of $119 billion--double the Iraqi--is a product of socialismSocialists are jealous of those they subvert.  They know there is something wrong with themselves.  So they use microbiological weapons to genocide.  The practice is a manifestation of the pre-Christian Paganism of England.  In the 1600's, the British performed drug-rapes to destroy the lives of young female Puritans--witchcraft, as Nathaniel Hawthorne tried to explain and understand; The Scarlet Letter.  In the 1700's the British used blankets laced with small pox to genocide North American Natives.  In the mid-1800's, they attempted to use typhoid and measles to help the Confederate Army win the Civil War.  But as Gone with the Wind tried to explain and understand, soldiers could not roll-up contaminated blankets and stuff these into canons.  So the Southern military incinerated Atlanta to destroy the backfiring microbiological ammunition, as well as destroy their conventional ammunition. In the 1800's and early 1900's, they used it against Germany, initiating World Wars I and II.  Today, they work with al Qaeda to distribute the new biochemical weapons--ricen, e-coli, and small pox crossed with shingles.   The ricen, I suspect, is the cause of Mongoloidism because it causes a sharp decline in the victim's estrogen level.

Stem-Cell Research

I have to research who is doing what and why.  And if such people are certified and licensed.

I have reviewed a list of all they are researching.  It includes nervous system disorders such as Parkinson's disease.  As I have stated many times, the first such priority is the invention of an x-ray or sonogram which looks at this mechanism.


In a SUPERMARKET, one type of welfare-WIC (Women-Infants-Children) check specifies that it will be buy milk, certain cheeses, certain peanut butters, certain sugar-less cereals, and certain beans, such as Goya.  I would like to see a nation in which such is free to anyone.  I find it ridiculous that everything costs money, even the basics.  There must be a way of accomplishing this without jeopardizing corporate profits.  We have to find that way.


Audit.  Audit.  Audit.

Prosecute.  Prosecute.  Prosecute.

Teenage Pregnancies

I believe that if an individual is not old enough to adopt a child, they should not be legally considered old enough to maintain custody of their biological children.  I never witnessed them care for their offspring, although they are very playful with them.  They typically hand-over all the serious responsibility to another member of the family who is called anti-child/anti-family if they refuse to co-operate.

United Nations

It is now finally coming to the fore that between the years 1991 and 2002 there was a brutal war within the Sierra Leone of Africa for control of the diamond mines.  Murder and dismemberment were some of the commonly found features.  Liberian president Charles Taylor was a facilitator.  I believe this man was really Prince Charles of Wales.

The British military wants heroic status for breaking-up the fighting in January of 2002.  They neglected to mention that an investigation was in progress by the Bush Administration concerning an illegal jewelry trade which financed al-Qaeda.  This pipeline was terminated later in the year.

The United Nations Secretary General, Kofi Annan, is from Ghana, a nearby country.  There must have been a reason why he did not attempt to interfere with the fighting for 11 years.  We must find that reason.


Welfare will only pay for three children-per-family.  And welfare will cease to provide $1,000/year to women who refuse to breast feed and require financing of baby formula.


After we are finished auditing each department for financial fraud, we will direct some of the monies to a department within each cabinet dedicated to this issue, and staff with certified/licensed attorneys who are NOT acting majors.


Unfinished Business of


Carter/Ford, etc.

Amnesty* &


*Amnesty must be with congressional permission, of course.  But if we don't begin the Administration like this, I am afraid we will overload the judicial system.

January...child abuse--all forms

February...licensure/certification fraud

March...tax fraud within government

April...academic degree fraud

May...on-the-job sexual harassment

June...utility overcharge fraud

July...Munchausen's-by-proxy syndrome--phony medical diagnosis--fraud

August...safety standard negligence

September...association with al-Qaeda

October...welfare fraud

November...property/school tax fraud

December...insurance fraud



According to the July 07, 2004 press release of the Associated Press/msnbc, economists are predicting the overall United States economy will grow by at least 4.6% by the end of this year--the fastest in two decades:  "There were strong 4.5% growth rates in 1997 and 1999, when Bill Clinton was president...But if this year's growth ends up a bit faster than that, it will be the best since the economy roared ahead at a 7.2% rate in 1984, a year when...Ronald Reagan was running for re-election."

But according to Forbes' Dan Ackman, it is Bill Clinton, who served in the White House from 1993-2001, who is considered the most successful economic president in post-World War II history.   The Gross Domestic Product growth averaged 3.5%/year.  The public's confidence was at an all-time low during the summer of 1992, before he took office.  This same statistic hit an all-time high in the summer of 2000.  His success in adding jobs to the economy was second only to Carter (1977-1981).  The study does not include the current President George Bush because his term is incomplete. And the study does not include what this successful job-growth rate was.

Of course, the Christmas economic growth minimum is 12.25%.

National Whistle-Blowers' Day

Our first such day was on Holy Thursday, April 08, 2004.  One million people blew the whistle leading to many audits and arrests, and many more to come.  The secular such day will be on September 11th.  And the one which will follow will be on the day Joseph and Mary were rejected from the inn; December 21st.  Such date is recorded in the lost Hebraic version of Matthew used by privately practicing Jews (Moslems) and publicly practicing Jews.

When I worked at Lord & Taylor, I began my training by the human resources manager explaining that part of our responsibility was to recognize potential shop-lifters and inform Loss Prevention.  Deborah explained "Sometimes it is just a hugh."

December 21st will be the targeted day.  And the target will be IBM, although all whistle-blowings are welcome.  All IBM-ers bury one child.  They are required to turn-over one child for human experimentation to develop biochemical weapons.  These children are strapped-down and injections performed.  IBM designed many of the computers for the United States Federal Government, and for many state governments.  It sent one of its prominent scientists of the Kitchawan Laboratory, Dr. Henderson Cole, to Moscow during the Cold War to teach the KGB how to hack-into FBI files.  The child he buried was named Dawneva.  IBM also designed the computers for the division of New York State Government my mother worked for; the Department of Labor, Unemployment Insurance Division.  After the computerization of the Peekskill office, an IBM office opened in nearby Somers.  And a Cuban born manager, Margaret Herrera, took-over.  She demanded $25 for a day-off.  She buried one child--a Mongoloid.  She had a masters degree in microbiology--a subject related to biochemistry.  My mother tried to blow the whistle but Governor Mario Cuomo forbade it.

If I am elected, all whistle-blowing at all times will be welcome.  But I will maintain the momentum of the afore-mentioned three national days for three reasons:

1. People like to be in good company.

2. It is very helpful to investigators when different people with no connection to each other give identical testimony.

3. And most importantly, future Administrations may attempt to turn the clock back on this issue.  This national observance is a preventative.

September 11th is currently titled Patriot Day.  This is nice, but misses the point.  If the Bush Administration had not ignored people such as Sibel Edmonds, a former translator of the FBI who tried to help stop espionage in her department before this 2001 day of attack, the event would not have happened.

I would like to change the title of this day.

Oklahoma City Bombing

I would like to ask of everyone employed in the building that day, and their families, to think hard as to why they chose that building, and why that particular side.  I do not accept the explanation that it was an inviting target with nice big windows.


In 1997, Terry Cantrell, a Tennessee State Transportation official, attempted to blow the whistle on negligence by CSX Railroad.  His particular concern was its maintenance of crossings and responsiveness to fatality rates.  The lack of appropriate governmental involvement was also an issue.  His whistle-blowing began by inviting the parents of one victim, Hilary Feaster, to the lobby of the state Performing Arts Theater one-and-a-half hours away from their home.  He didn't want anyone to notice.  He wanted to discuss the history of that intersection.  As The New York Times reported on July 12, 2004, as part of its series, The Cost of Silence, no progress has been made since, and the fatality rate continues to rise.

My personal concern involves the daughter of a friend of my mother's.

My mother died on November 27, 1991.  Word spread throughout New York to as far away as Ithaca.  A woman, of approximately my mother's age, who I grew-up with at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, wrote me a very nice condolence letter.  A few hours after mailing it, her daughter was innocently driving near her home in the South.  She arrived at a railroad crossing.  There was a gate, and a traffic light on the other side.  Common sense would dictate that these should each be connected to different information lines.  These weren't.  The gate was up.  The light was green.  They kept her alive for 16 hours.


I have made my final selection for Vice President.  I believe he has been a silent guardian angel.  He is the reason why my local police and fire departments were non-corruptible.  If you will recall, the ambulance workers were assigned to deliver me dead-on-arrival.  But he has never boasted to me or anyone else about this.  He probably feared retribution.  If you will also recall, I explained much earlier in this website that he arranged that I, and everyone else like me who does not have children in this county, receive School Tax Relief--STAR.  The most recent figure is $1,300 for the academic year 2003-04.   In addition to helping me, he also developed and expanded the New York State prescription program for senior citizens; EPIC.  I witnessed this when I worked at the pharmacy.  I never heard any recipient complain about it.  I believe that when he supplanted Mario Cuomo, he stopped much of the leakage into the Cuban biochemical weapons program.  And that is where all of this money is coming from.  He had no control over the actions of the attorney general because that official is elected separately.  I would like to ask of all registered Independent voters to please send a postcard to your State Board of Elections:

Vivian Lehman


residing at

16 Peters Lane

Bedford, New York  10506

New York State Governor George E. Pataki

Vice President

residing at

New York State Capitol

Albany, New York 12224


Comparative Campaign Strategies




































"humble, homely, smart,

 courageous and loveable"





"dignified, strong

 and intelligent"


























































































































































"Stronger at Home,

Respected in the World"








"Fulfilling America's Promise by Building a Safer World and a More Hopeful America"




Absentee Ballot

I, ____________________________, residing as a registered voter of the United States of America at the residence of  _________________________

of the Town of _________________

 County of _________________________

 in the State of __________________

do hereby submit this as my written vote as I will be unable to personally appear at the polls on Election Day of November 02, 2004 because

I am confined to a

Veterans Hospital

Nursing Home


located at






I will be out of the County because










My choice for President of the United States is Vivian Lehman, residing at 16 Peters Lane in the Town of Bedford of the County of Westchester, New York 10506, and my choice for Vice President is New York State Governor George E. Pataki residing at the New York State Capitol in Albany, New York 12224.

My choice(s) for other Federal elections is/are


My choice(s) for State elections is/are


My choice(s) for County elections is/are


My choice for local election(s) is/are


My decisions for proposition #             is

                           proposition #             is

                           proposition #_______is

This ballot was transmitted using the postal service named

United States Postal Service

Federal Express

United Parcel Service


 on the date of                                                                              , 2004

 tracking identification #_________________________________

I am herewith enclosing a machine-generated true copy of my absentee ballot labeled COPY and am requesting of you to stamp this RECEIVED and that such affixation should identify the name and location of your office.  This should be transmitted to me in the enclosed self-addressed, stamped envelope.


printed name                                                                              

social security #                                                                          

dated_____________________________________________, 2004


Comparative Presidential Strategies

Obsequious Magnanimous Inquisitive

Cacophonous Omnivorous Culinary







Temerity Audacity Validity










Western Occidental


Obdurate Malfeasant

















Pernicious Malicious Non-Duplicitous

Certified Licensed

Perfidy and Pernicious

The Story of Erudite the Cat

nce upon a time, in the land of Frithbreach, there lived a perfidious and furtive member of the genus Mus.  He was an assiduous embezzler of the elephants' fiduciary, and an embraceor of the donkeys' emissary.

The elephants were indigenous to the east, and the donkeys to the west.  The emissaries were the ichthyologic occupants of their fluviatile geological division.

In this land of purple and pink foliation, there also lived a small colony of felines.  They were ostracized by other cats because they were uniquely aquatic and could swim across the division, and because their auditory mechanisms glowed in the dark. The mouse had his own vegetal method of nautical transportation. The donkeys could not swim.  The elephants could walk over, with their trunks above the surface enabling respiration.  But they did not do this that they could do because first territorial issues had to be concatenated.

All these animals were the consequence of reticulation over many millions of years.  What they all had in common was that their leaders practiced a higher fecundity rate than anyone else.

But it was not the mouse which was opprobrious, rather the cats.  It was they who were deemed the absconders of the mouse's articulately stored nutritional resources, and the obstructers of the failed agglutination between the elephants and donkeys.  They lived in ignominy, and surrendered their diurnal lifestyle for nocturnalism.

The mouse was a respected and certified attorney specializing in medicinal law.  It was he who enforced appropriate physicians' conduct.  And it was he who successfully negotiated the expatriatism of the owls who malfeasantly distributed Laetrile, Comfrey, and Aconite.

He was the only friend of the cats.  He would occasionally visit them and bring a snack.  They found his companionship enjoyable and always invited him to return.

Unknown to anyone, the mouse was really an unusually small, anomalous member of the genus Rattus.  In the evenings he would flow with the tide to meet down south with his cohorts, and in the mornings he would reverse.  And in the evenings, the cats swam Nordically, where a profusion of fresh trout could be found.

One of the cats was named Erudite.  She lived the life of the other cats.  And like the other cats, she was not aware that their circular seasonal migration pattern was ensuing a Nordic displacement of one-kilometer/year.  But one year it became evident to her that something was changing.

She explained what she had seen to the other cats.  They looked for what she witnessed and attempted to concur with her story.

They decided to resolve the issue by fishing further south so she would never discuss it again.  And it was Erudite who eventually witnessed the inevitable.

They were now certain she was a liar.  They berated and ostracized her and remonstrated her allegations by cacophonously expounding all that the mouse had done for their community.  She was quite capable of independence, and attempted to ignore the subsequent constant harassment.  For example, she would climb upon a tree branch, and someone would chop it off.  So she had to confine herself to tree trunks.  Or she would enjoy a favorite water source, and find that an elephant had maliciously consumed it.

She wanted to collect the evidence of what she had seen.  She slowly moved south.  But she would have to disguise herself.

No good, it showed-off her ears.

Still no good.



And she climbed through the trees as if she were one of them.

Amongst the colony of rats she witnessed a witch's cauldron, as well as the leaders of the elephants, donkeys, and even her own former feline community.  Their young infants were tied to trees, and were each eventually transported to the mass grave beyond.












Dumb Oil Blood Oil Finicky Oil












Expensive Economy Arabian Economy Elegant Economy












Same Old Politics

Padded Politics

Controlled Politics













Anti-Terrorism Anti-Terrorism Anti-Terrorism



For  President

Why is the Cow Mad?

bored game

Democratic Party


step 1


Where are these?


Republican Party





msnbc news provided substitute.



$3.2 billion for public college tuition that will come from .........?


step 2



Increased federal educational spending 50% by taking the money from......and giving it to




step 3


Why does msnbc not accommodate a page for this subject matter, and why does neither party use this word?


laine Morgan is not only my favorite zoological ethologist, she is possibly the only person of such profession.  And, of course, she was my inspiration.  She rescued the Aquatic Ape Theory from being lost to the archival world of sensibility--the facet of science no researcher acknowledges exists.

In 1972 she published the book, The Descent of Woman.  Her intention was to follow-up on Charles Darwin's Descent of Man and Jacob Bronowski's Ascent of Man.  Her point was that many theoretical mistakes have been made as a result of male philosophers focusing on male evolution and forgetting about the women.

I agree with her, up to a point.  I believe part of the problem restricting theoretical development has been the unplanned separation of the fields of cultural and physical anthropology.  So while physical anthropologists ponder on when men began to hunt in the past ten million years of human evolution, cultural anthropologists understand that in many stone-age cultures, such as the Agta of the Philippines, women are as active participants in the hunt as men.

And if anthropologists can't get that right, what else can go wrong?


One of the most important statements Morgan made I believe adequately synopsizes the current condition of the Pentagon:  "Male weapons and male aggressiveness are for dominance, not for protection [p. 195]."

Not surprisingly, those who planned the attacks on September 11th, were not afraid of us.  Our weapons are designed to impress militaries with similar technologies and had no affect on our predators with different weapons of mass destruction.

Erasmus Darwin, the grandfather of Charles, observed birds are equipped with spurs for fighting each other to gain access to the females; intra-specific disputes.  He concluded these are not for inter-specific defenses against predators, because the females do not have defense mechanisms identical to the males.

Those who classify themselves as of a different species than ourselves are armed with spurs.  Not only are they capable of noticeable attacks--hijackings--but also unnoticeable--microbiological attacks.  And some masterfully present themselves as our allies, such as British Prime Minister Tony Blair.  To him, the Revolutionary War never ended.

And we paid for all of it.

Morgan defined human "true communication" as "limited to the ritual posturings of swaggering arrogance on one side and cringing submission on the other."

We saw the ritual posturings now we must evoke the cringing submission.  We can begin by telling the martyrs that the virgins which await them, won't sleep with them.