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Sunday October 03, 2010

Is Senate candidate Linda McMahon ever going to take issue with the fact that her opponent, State Attorney General Richard Blumenthal, is unwilling to take action on an illiterate jack-ass?

Thursday October 07, 2010

I would like to remind everyone in the State of Connecticut that the precedent is set as per Wells Fargo Bank versus Vivian Lehman.  Anyone can alter land records to reflect a change of mortgagor for the price of $1.00.  And the courts must acknowledge the transferee, whether or not the transferee wants acknowledgement.

Friday October 08, 2010

I would like to remind everyone in the State of Connecticut that the precedent is set as per Wells Fargo Bank versus Vivian Lehman.  Anyone can alter land records to reflect a change of mortgagor for the price of $1.00.  And the courts must acknowledge the transferee, whether or not the transferee wants acknowledgement.

Saturday October 09, 2010

I would like to remind everyone in the State of Connecticut that the precedent is set as per Wells Fargo Bank versus Vivian Lehman.  Anyone can alter land records to reflect a change of mortgagor for the price of $1.00.  And the courts must acknowledge the transferee, whether or not the transferee wants acknowledgement.

Saturday October 16, 2010

As residents of the State of Connecticut already know from the campaign blitz, attorney General Richard Blumenthal is running for a seat on the United States Senate.  His opponent, in her never-ending campaign attacks, has overlooked one obvious vulnerability of his.  He stopped functioning as the chief law officer.  And in the process, forgot one major publicity issue.

Throughout the United States, many attorney generals are freezing the foreclosure process.  Part of the reason is that it is a good campaign mechanism.  The other part is that many banks are performing such because their executives are noticing how many mortgages are missing, such as mine.

Remember this...

In Connecticut, please contact Mr. Blumenthal and remind him that you still pay his salary, and he is still expected to show up for work.  And ask of him to take an official position on the issue of freezing the foreclosure process.


In all other states, please do the same, whether or not your chief law officer has aspirations for a higher office.

And let's not forgot how, in 2009, the $700 billion dollars United States banks accepted as bailout monies.  I believe the origination of such monies was the guaranteed pardon I demanded during the election season of 2008 for all those returning stolen and embezzled taxpayer funds.  This was followed by the invention of the pre-emptive pardon which former President George Bush signed for all such individuals.  Many of these recipient BANKS claim that such monies were recently returned. I do not believe that.  Because if that were true, my unemployment insurance bonus would have risen from $25/week to at least $50.  In simpler terms, they already collected our monies.  In United States law, they cannot collect twice.


Sunday October 17, 2010

For Halloween, I would like everyone to dress as an elected official running for a higher government office.  On such morning, I want you to call your supervisors and explain that you will not be showing up for work for a few weeks because you are busy looking for another job.

Friday October 22, 2010

As the election is heating-up, it is my understanding that the issue of separation-of-church-and-state is becoming an issue.  I would like to remind all religious fanatics that tax-exempt status is such separation.  If they want the two institutions integrated, then their churches must pay their property taxes on all real estate, and sales taxes on all purchases, etc.  And I would like to ask of these fanatics where they were when...

A married man with AIDS and a $10,000,000 debt wanted to do me a favor and sign his name to my copyrights so he could have one erection with me


I watched the religious fanatics side with Donald Trump when he said, Adultery is no sin.

Sunday October 24, 2010

I was again at church today.  Although it has been recommended that I join a congregation closer to my current home, this is the only fellowship which understands and accepts me.

We were asked to publicize our annual event...

Ye Old English Christmas Faire

Saturday, December 4
8:30 am - 2:00 pm

Even if you have no spending money, such as myself, it is still a worthwhile journey back in time.  It is almost a museum featuring an antique village.  I was there last year as they were assembling it.  The congregation was so experienced with its set-up that they did not need my services as a merchandiser.  The only thing I was able to help with was placing lights on a tree.

So please mark your calendars.

Thursday October 28, 2010

If you will recall, on the night of March 15, 2007, foreclosing attorney Linda St. Pierre broke into my Coventry, Connecticut home and loaded her favorite weapon of Wicca (i.e., Ricen, as per the King James version of the Book of Ezra, Chapter 4 when the Jews "weakened the hands" of the Israelis who refused to share their identity with them) into my overnight soda.  The police department, with nothing else to do, awaiting my dying phone call.  During the wait, she had intercourse with all these men.  It probably occurred in the miniature jail positioned in the barracks.

On the night of the break-in, I believe she had her period.  Her lack of good sterility habits caused her to tampon the poison into herself.  Henceforth, she burned-out her uterus, Auschwitz-style.  She blamed my garage door.  This is because the area of the brain which enables her to blame herself for what she does to herself, does not exist.  This is why it is physiologically accurate to characterize her as an inferior brain.  She has a biological need to hear this insult as often as possible.

The following night, when I realized I was attacked, I took a birth control pill, as well as Solaray's Tart Cherry and Butterbur.  It was ridiculously easy to me because this conflict has been a fact of the Germans and French for many centuries.

However, the men she had intercourse with experienced severe urological damage.  And I believe she is now dead.  My curiosity drove me to invite from Germany my grandfather's former students.  He was a urological surgeon.  They unofficially reviewed these officers and confirmed my suspicion that Linda St. Pierre must be dead.  They also believe that at some time, a second biochemical attack occurred (i.e., Sergeant Mush).

On the Internet, I looked at the proposed budget for my former Town of Coventry, Connecticut.  As you know, the vote is on Tuesday, November 2nd.  The Town budget increase is $395,277.  I believe this corresponds to the medical expenses of these officers.  My guess is that their insurance will not cover because there is no official diagnosis.  Wicca is an invisible killer.

I am demanding of the residents of Coventry to NOT vote for such budget increase.  The actions of these law enforcement officers are their own responsibility.

Part II October 28, 2010

And anyone who does not believe me, please talk to the Coventry, Connecticut Town Manager about the peculiarities of the budget.  There is no need for a budget increase while highly paid civil servants have nothing to do but play Auschwitz.

(860) 742-6324


On another subject...

Now that Mara Addison has been the assistant managing editor of Dorrance Publishing for 16 years, I would like for her to provide her sales statistics:

Which book in her domain had the highest sales?

Which book in her domain had the highest profits?

Which book in her domain generated the greatest royalties for its author?

What are the numbers?

How do these statistics compare to that of the company before she decided to deign her superior Jewish brain to rescue the Dumb Goyem?

As a merchandiser, I know that my statistics are monitored.  It is my responsibility to enable the record to reflect that because I was sent to a store, the sales statistics increased.  I do not concern myself with profits because such is not in my domain.  Mara Addison's counterparts have to worry about that.

Saturday October 30, 2010

If they really want to know what I want for my birthday, they should understand I want no competition for the Presidency in 2012.

Sunday October 31, 2010

Now that it is established that Mara Addison's statistics are zero, and that the publishing company experienced a severe decline in sales since she contributed the superior qualities of her Jewish brain, I would like the facts presented to my former neighbor/banker Sue Hallinan.  And I would like her reminded of the event which occurred a few months after I fired them, when I walked into the bank, and she yelled across it, "Hi Vivian!  Sold a lot of books?"  It was part of the emotional abuse to convince me to pay for the damage which a billionaire did my property so I could keep my publisher.  Then Citibank promoted her to a financial consultant.

The married-man-with-AIDS-and-the-ten-million-dollar-debt-who-wanted-to-do-me-a-favor-and-sign-his-name-to-my-copyrights-so-he-could-have-one-erection-with-me assured them that he would beat-me-up until I complied with their demands.  They decided I had a psychological disorder because I could not be lured into the death camp.

The attorney general of the State of Connecticut, senate-candidate Richard Blumenthal, will not set the precedent that punishably-dumb behavior is a prosecutable offense.  I would appreciate if Citibank would set the civil precedent and fire Sue Hallinan.



Part II  Sunday October 31, 2010

It is now being required of me to help the Presidential Administration with their new issues of terrorism.  Of course, this is without pay.

I understand that President Barack Obama has only been in this country for five years, and that his native country of Kenya did not educate him on such history.  This is a good excuse.  However, slavery was abolished in the United States awhile ago.  I do not remember the history lesson exactly.  I was absent that day of class.  But I think it was after some kind of war or other conflict.

But if he insists that I should work without pay, I know a nice little cotton field with his name on it.

Additionally, I would like to remind him that former Secretary of State, Dr. Condoleezza Rice, devoted her dissertation to this issue.  It was an award winning document that she wrote despite her illiteracy.  The President is insisting it is invalid because her skin is the wrong color.  She was given this White House job due to the pressures of affirmative action, but in fact, it is for white people only.  If you do not believe him, ask her predecessor, General Colin Powell.  He said he could not do anything either because his skin is the wrong color.

Colin Powell
1317 Ballantrae Farm Drive
McLean, VA 22101-3028

Monday November 01, 2010

Is Secretary of State Hillary Clinton ready for my insults?

Or does she want to insult herself, like her predecessors?

I realize she was born with her Saxon brain.  It is not her fault.  But I appreciate her one woman crusade to prove that Eva Braun is telling the truth when she claims that it was Germany which was under attack.

Tuesday November 02, 2010

Today is Election Day.  I voted Independent as often as possible, even though I know that many do not have a chance of winning.  I voted for such candidate for Senate.

Otherwise, there is only one other thing I have to say.

Between 1995 and 1997 I worked for a supermarket.  I was a front-end cashier as well as an office clerk.  We belonged to one labor union.  The deli belonged to a different union.  According to the latter's union contract, Election Day is a holiday and henceforth, must pay time-and-a-half.  Our union only required such extra payroll for those who could prove they are registered to vote.

On my day off, I did not mind visiting Town Hall and acquiring such evidence.  The Town Clerk pulled-out the list of registered voters, and copied the page which included my name.

I thought that was a good union policy.

Sunday November 07, 2010

Today I have something very different. 

In 1995, I was editor-in-chief of my college newspaper.  We had no advisor.  We were under pressure from the administration to find someone.  While that was my fourth semester in college, it was only my second semester at Lehman College of the City University of New York.  I had no idea who to ask.

One day I was visiting the campus bookkeeper to file paperwork.  I learned that the Dean of Students, Glen T. Nygreen, noticed a serious discrepancy in the books.  It pre-dated the beginning of the preceding semester.  In simpler terms, it occurred in the summer.  None of us were responsible.  It concerned the printing/typesetting company we used.  There was a bill (for $1,000?) which pre-dated our first issue by one week.  Was a newspaper published?

I went upstairs and met his administrative assistant.  She said he would be available shortly.  I decided to quickly return to the newspaper office and research this.  "COME BACK," she sweetly yelled after me.  I assured her I would.

I searched all over our filing system, also known as the floor.  Nothing.

I returned.  The Dean and I met for the first time.  He was as nice as possible because he was so surprised to meet me.  Apparently, my predecessors avoided him.  He started to chat.  I immediately directed the conversation into the bookkeeping issue.  He explained.

As a team, we recovered our money.  Throughout the semester, I invited him to our meetings.  He insisted on a personal invitation for each meeting.  I do not know why.  I assume that his acceptance by the students was very important to him.

It was he who explained to me that I must keep management properly informed.  He could not find himself answering to his supervisor on issues he knew nothing about.  I also came to understand that what I assume is trivial and important, is important and trivial to him.

As you know, I now work for companies for whom I visit and service stores.  Almost all of my communications with my supervisors are via the Internet.  I recently received this e-mail from one of them...

"Hi Vivian:

I really appreciate your communication to me each week. It helps so much to keep up with all of the stores..."

As you might expect, many of the instructions which I receive on the projects page can be difficult to understand without a live demonstration.  So I take digital pictures, transmit these to her, and she helps me to understand everything I missed.  We recently found that on one issue, I did not miss anything. I was provided with the wrong information.  It is a reality of a situation in which mine are a few of thousands of stores which are serviced.  But it is also nothing we cannot work out.

This communication from her was transmitted on October 27, 2010.  So I found myself thinking about Dean Nygreen and all of that time I spent in his office, as well as all of that time he spent with us at our meetings.  And there were many.

He died on February 16, 2010 at age 91.

Wednesday November 10, 2010

I would like Carolyn Cuello Smith to explain why it was so easy for her to tell the Department of Social Services that her "baby sister" is her daughter, whereas it was so impossible to tell her "baby sister" that she is her mother.

This would suggest that it is easier for her to collect welfare than be a parent.

I would also like to know what her minister had to say.

Saturday November 13, 2010

Tomorrow, I am the lay reader in church.  I enjoy that task.  My college did not allow me to graduate without the skill of being able to stand in front of an audience and speak.  I appreciated that, but never had a chance to maintain it, until now.

Otherwise, my life in the labor market is improving as I have a very different opportunity maintain very different skills.  I have not needed an unemployment check in several weeks.  I still have to report every week.  However, when the information is added to the list, it reads that no check was issued.  I like looking at that list.

One company I have been working for, Baker and Taylor, called me and offered me the job in July.  It was on one of the days when the temperature reached 100-degrees.  I was almost too confused to take it.  I am glad I took it.  I have been having much fun.  I merchandise the magazines and books.  At Lord & Taylor, my manager Filomera Serra taught me how to organize items on the floor such that these sell.  Of course, we were working with clothing, not readable material.  She is an absolute genius.  While this department store has rules such as left-to-right/light-to-dark, sometimes she overruled that.  Our statistics were so good, she was above criticism.

I service two Michael's Crafts stores.  One is a larger, newer store.  The manager and I have the same mentality.  The planogram (i.e., diagram on how merchandise must be displayed) is great.  However, if the warehouse ships the product out of proportion to this, we agree it cannot linger in the stockroom.  So I found and was granted some flex-space.  In theory, this is a violation of Michael's rules.  In fact, the first rule of retail is to sell it.

In September, the manager and I discussed the fact that there was no room on the sales floor for the $1.00 coloring books.  I said I would think of something.  I found an empty spinner rack in the back.  He granted my request.

I e-mailed these photos to my out-of-state supervisor.  I also explained that the manager had since told me that the vendor who originally brought this rack into the store, will soon want it back.  His company paid for it.  In my e-mail I proceeded, "So if you see a headline, TWO VENDORS ARRESTED, as we are photographed beneath a pile of coloring books, and a few legs and feet look like mine, it is probably I."  She answered, "Keep my number handy so I can bail you out!"  Then, to avoid any disputes, she called the manager and explained we are planogrammed for a bin for these items.  The rack was returned its original owner and replaced with such.

In September, I also found an empty power wing, see below.  At that time, the store was beginning its Christmas.  So I asked the manager if I could have that for such magazines.  These were not selling by the registers.  I believed such should be marketed in the holiday aisle for the few customers who were beginning such shopping.  As you can see, the rack has changed characteristically.


The picture on the right includes four $19.99 books.  There are planogrammed for the book cube.  This is a small square which features children's books.  What happened is that after Halloween, I performed the reset as per the new planogram.  This specified that Side A has holiday books (as always), whereas Side D remains unchanged.  But there was a box of books like these which were not included.  I thought another Christmas planogram was in the pipeline, and that the warehouse was ahead of schedule.  So I selected TWAS THE NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS for this adult section of the store.  The story is a universal classic, whereas Sesame Street, another such $19.99 book, is not.  I was very proud of myself for being ahead of schedule.  I photographed and e-mailed such to my supervisor.  She wrote me back and explained it is for Side D.  I defended myself.  We went back-and-forth for one hour until she finally did some research.  We received wrong information.  This planogram is unique in that two sides are dedicated to the seasonal holiday.  Someone in corporate forgot that detail.

While we were e-mailing, it seems that the books sold.  I returned a few days later to find four empty pockets.

The flex-space which I have in the children's section is of very different character.  What happened was that (in September?) the store was reorganizing this section, as per new planograms.  I observed that in the children's book aisle, there were 2.5 feet which were untouched and only featured clearance material of another domain.  I asked if that could be moved to a clearance section, and if I could have such for overstock.  The manager liked that idea, as did one of his supervisors as she jumped to perform the move and help me with the placement of these racks which were in the backroom.  The clearance material, in its new location, finally sold, whereas I had another opportunity to maintain my Lord & Taylor skills.

On the left is an earlier version of my personal planogram.  The two photos on the right are the current.  What you may not notice is that the section to its left has green paper backing on the wall.  We were required to install these during the reset.  I had to perform such task as I reset the 12.5 feet of children's books.  But this flex-section was never included in the project, and received no such backing.  By the time management and I did this reorganizing, the store was out of such paper.

There are other challenges for which my Lord & Taylor skills do not always counter-balance.




As to the flat-book-issue, one of my co-workers had the brilliant idea of placing this on an easel, whereas my supervisor placed a 4-inch tall grid behind it to force it to stand upright.  She e-mailed pictures of both techniques to all of us in her North-East territory.  As you can see, shelf-spacing makes both impossible for me.  On the right, is my current solution to the problem, using a pocket in a different area of the store.  I think I will move this to the grid on the left.  This is where the bows are.

For Halloween, this is what the magazines by the register and book cube looked like.

I was given permission to decorate.

As Thanksgiving is approaching, this is what I arranged by the registers.

My supervisor said I should not have doubled any items.  I answered that I do not have eight meals to display.  On Monday, I will assembling another such rack by featuring cookies.

Wednesday November 17, 2010

I have been hearing rumors of L&G.

To my knowledge, these are false.  Although I did sense something approximately one week ago.  However, I did not receive the information of who is next in line to march into FBI state headquarters and answer all of the Special Agents' questions, as well as the questions they do not know enough to ask.

If these rumors are accurate, then we need volunteers.

Friday November 19, 2010

As I have said before, the FBI is not much, but I have them.  So therefore, I care about them.

I would like to remind the Special Agents that the people and associates of their Most Wanted have the technology to wear these biochemical weapons.  Henceforth, these suspects must be greeted outside of FBI offices by Agents wearing environmental protection uniforms. Then these suspects must be stripped naked and hosed down.

It might be both daughters of Mullah Krekar-a-Pooh.

Saturday November 20, 2010

This is what my Michael's Department now looks like.

Paula Dean rises.

Power wing changes fuel to exclusively feature the $1.00 coloring books.

Top two racks of children's flex space, including Harry Potter (lower left).

For him, we were given a planogram which was ahead of its time.  So I had the option of inventing one.  These other items are from the Book Cube and such backstock.

Bottom two racks of children's flex space.

Christmas Book Cube, Side A.

Christmas Book Cube, Side D, without Twas the Night Before Christmas.

Tuesday November 23, 2010

As Thanksgiving is two days away, I would like to remind everyone that this is the busiest day of the year for hospitals.  Please enjoy the meals, but do not over-enjoy.

If I were traveling, I would pack Solaray's Tart Cherry and Butterbur because my experiences are that these are good for the cardiovascular system and heart muscles.  I would also pack Ginko biloba and Alpha Lipoic Acid because these are also good for  the former.  Dandelion Root is good for liver.  If I suspect such an imbalance, a good cleansing would be a good preparation before the trip.


Saturday November 27, 2010

As January 31st is approaching (i.e., national 1099 and W-2 day), another mad-house is starting up.  This time, I have nothing to worry about.

The German scientists have performed enough research that they understand which of their hormones is not functioning correctly. Although the law firm never noticed (despite the superior qualities of the Jewish brains of two of the partners), they were observed closely while their hair samples were procured. The scientists intend to borrow Linda St. Pierre's distribution techniques and return all the favors.  However, they would first like volunteers from her staff of colleagues.  Such research subjects should check themselves into Heidelberg University.  Unfortunately, this institute received much notoriety during World War II as such predecessor-scientists measured various skulls attempting to prove German superiority.  They know better now.  No measurements will be taken, only hormonal levels evaluated.

And while the German scientists were in-and-out of the law firm's offices, they never saw Linda St. Pierre.  This adds additional evidence to the theory that her biochemical weapons of Wicca fatally backfired in 2008.

Sunday November 28, 2010


Friday December 03, 2010

I have been working for Baker & Taylor for six months now.  I have spent much time in this store.  The Cookies did not occur within a few weeks.  Besides that issue, I am often in the stockroom packing-out product while noticing empty racks.  I know that if the manager had to choose between allowing these to linger uselessly in the back, or feature sellable product in the front, his selection would be the latter.

I also spent much time studying the planograms.  It was after a day-long reset of the children's mainline books that I realized 2.5 feet of non-planogrammed area.  And then it was a long time before I formulated a personal planogram which satisfied me.  Hence, I did not mention it on this website before such time.

Paula Dean presented a very unique challenge.  It took me awhile to resolve it.  Taking photographs and bringing these home helped.  Of course, now it seems obvious to place each of these in a pocket and hang such upon the grid.

The Book Cube is still evolving.  I recently decided that the talking-books, including the replacement shipment of Twas the Night Before Christmas, should uniquely occupy side D.  I moved the silent Christmas books of such bottom shelf to the bottom shelf of Side A.  What was originally on such bottom shelf of Side A were the books now seen on the top shelves of the children's flex space.  These are called The Classics and include Great Expectations, Mutiny on the Bounty, Moby Dick, etc.

At the epicenter of all this is all the e-mails exchanged with my supervisor, including that in which she requires of me to keep her number handy so she could bail me out when I became over-protective of one of the racks.  Although we have different opinions on many issues, that is a professional reality.  And without that, none of this would have been possible.

Wednesday December 08, 2010

As the law firm's frustrations are exploding again, I would like to legally council them.

The only thing they can do is motion the court to open the judgment.  Because it has been over four months since it was rendered in April of 2008, I would have to agree to this.  While it is true that a confession of fraud would have to be structured into their motion, it is also true that Linda St. Pierre is dead.  They can transfer all of the blame to her.  She is defenseless signatory of the original paperwork which decreed Wells Fargo as the mortgagor.

My current price to open the judgment is $50,000.  With every element of harassment, it will rise by $1,000.  If they deliver Mara Addison to an Orthodox Jewish Settlement Camp and use the satellites to video-tape everything, I will reduce the price to $10,000.

Current Price

Aggravating supplement


Mara Addison factor


Thursday December 09, 2010

They could not wait to get started.

Current Price

Aggravating supplement


Mara Addison factor

$51,000 Used satellite technology to shut-off my computer

Dec. 08


$52,000 Interfered with my website-transmission-connection

Dec. 08


$53,000 Shut-off my computer as I was reaching to convert it from sleep mode. Dec. 10 n/a
$54,000 Used connections to National Capitol to discontinue $25 bonus in each unemployment insurance check for all such recipients.

Dec. 11


$55,000 Shut-off my computer as I was reaching to convert it from sleep mode.

Dec. 12



I would also like to remind them that I have the letter from Officer Dexter affirming that the owners and occupants of 891 South Street in Coventry, Connecticut, are Michael and Holly Blouin.

In simpler terms, I can play the court any way I want to.

Friday December 10, 2010

see table above...


Side D, before bottom-shelf-content moved.

After (including new shipment).


These classics were originally on the bottom-shelf of Side A.  Above is the current position of these in the children's flex space.

Side A after both revisions.

Saturday December 11, 2010

You are probably wondering why I did not make this retail effort for Crossmark.  This is the company which stood by me during the most difficult moments.  If you will recall, as I was about to be thrown out of my home in 2007, they offered their attorneys to help me.  (Unfortunately, these people understand Texan Housing Law, not Connecticut.)  And through the most brutal financial harassment, I never worried about loosing my job.

The fact is that I did make this effort for Crossmark.  For a few years, I was given the assignment of merchandising the Kraft cookies and crackers (e.g., Ritz, Oreo Cookies, etc.) in two Kmart stores .  (If you will recall, after I was forced to vacate my home, I spent as much time as possible in the Kmart in the town of Cromwell because I was, and still am, treated as a member of the family.)  This store gave me much flex space, especially during August school supply season.  (In theory this is a violation of Kmart's policies.  In fact they sent more cookies and crackers than the whole State of Connecticut could eat.  And the manager and I shared the same philosophies, let it linger in the stockroom or sell it on a non-planogrammed sales floor.)  I did not then have a camera.  I am no longer performing this service because, for a reason unknown to me, we lost this account.

A third company that I work for, The Pet Firm, recently required this digital equipment.  Although they did not like demanding of us all to spend money, the clients were requiring photographs of their products in the stores we service.  I budgeted myself for $20.  After a long and diligent search, I found such in the children's section of Kmart.  It is a Vivitar.  I wish it was made in the United States.  It is made in China and I hope under excellent labor standards.

If you research this camera on the Internet, you will find many people complaining that it does not function as a $500 camera.  It only holds 30 photographs and is not very sharp.  For my purposes, it is perfect.  And after spending the $20, I changed my profile on Crossmark to include that I am digital-camera-capable.  I then received more work and the money was back in the bank in two weeks.

December 12, 2010

see table above...

Friday December 14, 2010

I just watched the local news.  It is my understanding that the Social-Security/payroll tax is lowering from 6.5 to 4.5%.

Is it possible that is because the Social Security Administration stopped issuing Food Stamps to the residents of the Orthodox Jewish Settlement Camps?  Is this why the anti-assimilates took an active role in the New York State Gubernatorial election as they attempted to counter-balance the process?

Sunday December 19, 2010

I know they are preparing another attack.

I have seen the worried faces on the Fox media.  These are the same facial expressions as this time last year.  Of course, what was in the pipeline was the act of throwing me out of my home at the behest of a terrorist (i.e., Josephine Sunshine Overaker also known as Beth Huntington).

Instead of worrying about me, would they please make the following threat?

If the attack occurs, they will broadcast aerial photographs of the activities in the Orthodox Jewish Settlement Camps as they process Jews of other sects.

Friday December 24, 2010

I was going to exclusively discuss Christmas this evening, but before I do, I have been asked to comment on the Connecticut Census of  2010.

It is my understanding that a serious discrepancy has been found.  I am glad the Census Bureau found it.  In May of this year, I did not want to initiate the discussion on this website because of the confidentiality laws.  And I did not feel comfortable enough to discuss such with my supervisor.

As I discuss it now, I know I cannot mention names.  I do know where and how the negligence and fraud occurred.

This is a summary of the negligence problem...

Many children of the ages of one-day through Kindergarten-entry-day were excluded.  This is because one of my fellow employees fraudulently achieved the status as one of the highest statistical performers (i.e., one of the people who procured the most enumerator questionnaires) of the State of Connecticut.  I had some interactions with her, as I listened to her talk about her personal and professional life outside of the Bureau.  Although it would seem impossible that she could do all this work for this government agency, as well as have another part time job for the Court system, as well as work for the schools, as well as try to supervise her grown son.  There is a logical explanation, in my opinion.

The only household visits she could talk about were those which did not involve families.   Henceforth, it does not take a genius to reach the conclusion that she was using the school computers for her data.

As to the other issues, I would like to ask of the Census of Bureau to interview the retiring Senator Christopher Dodd.  Or does he want me to tell them myself?

Back to Christmas...

When I lived in New York, every year I watched Gabe Pressman of Channel 4, NBC Local News, repeat his favorite story about the most famous editorial in United States history.  This has been his continuity project for 30 years.  It is the recounting of eight-year-old Virginia writing a letter to the editor asking if there really is a Santa Claus.

According to Pressman's story, before her letter was written, her father explained; "If you see it in The Sun, it's so."

The way I always understood this, the father meant if it is upon such feature of the solar system.

Today I researched this in Wikipedia.  The Sun was the name of the newspaper.

An interesting irony.

Friday December 31, 2010

Christmas clearance.  This space was allocated to me by the manager.  It had no shelving.  So I had to completely invent my own planogram.

I asked the assistant manager to assign someone to help me pull the last book merchandiser from the back room.  I did not expect her to climb the ladder and perform such task, but she did.

As the assistant manager and I were reviewing the book cube, separating the clearance from non-clearance items, a supervisor walked-by with a u-boat full of garbage, including this corrugate-merchandiser.  I grabbed that.  I used the price-labels to cover the words, "Chosen by Mozart".

This is what is left of the Christmas books for adults.

There are four talking books left: two bears, two Sesame Street.  These are not planogrammed for any location.  However, I completely reset the book cube today, as per the new planogram.  This bottom shelf should feature the classics.  However, this side also features Elmo.  So I decided to place these instead.