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Friday October 23, 2009

I am back!

My computer crashed the day after my last entry . Although this has happened before, never like this. I lost all of my files. Additionally, I could not connect to the Internet. A technician from the Internet Service Provider came to try to fix it. He was completely perplexed as to the problem.

I decided it was for the best. The Presidential Administration does not stop trying to abuse the TARGETS. I had a convenient excuse.

As you know, I have been renting a room. This is my landlord’s computer.


As to the law suit, as you already know, in May of 2008 the Court granted my opposing counsel motion to add a third party defendant, Wells Fargo Bank. The motion was a follow-up to my motion to substitute defendant. As a manifestation of the granting of the motion, the Court directed my opposing counsel to file a revised writ. He never did. In mid-September, I served-and-filed a motion for dismissal for lack of diligence. I cited Connecticut Practice Book. Although this reference does not state how much time of inactivity is minimum to enable this motion, I cited another statute of this same book. According to such, after a judgment has been entered, either party has four months to motion the Court to open it. I asked of the Court to interpret this to mean that four months of inactivity is acquiescence. And my opposing counsel’s inactivity is acquiescence to the condition of his case as a nullity. The Court date is on November 13th.

I also found on the Connecticut Judicial Branch’s website a form for complaint against attorney. I filled it out describing my opposing counsel’s activities and lack thereof. I explained that the heating bills at issue were not mine, but rather those of the current occupants of my former home, Michael and Holly MacPhearson Blouin. I included a copy of the letter Officer Dexter wrote to me. I explained this was because they did not like my suggestion that they pay their own debts.

I sent a copy of this complaint to both the Hartford Bar Association and the Connecticut Attorney General’s Office. The latter immediately forwarded it to the Department of Consumer Protection. An attorney is handling the case. The former was dismissed because I was never the client of Mr. Reveley. Henceforth, the issue is not in their domain. I should have known that.

As to my health, for several weeks, my migraines became severely worse. Then, after my last period, these suddenly stopped. My energy level is also returning to normal. I am no longer careful about limiting my work load such that I do not over-exert my system.

There was another symptom I never discussed before.

In 2004?, I began having a toothache involving my second, upper left molar. I asked everyone at work about it. They said if it was a cavity, I would see tooth-discoloration. The region suggested to them that it was root canal.

The pain was near my left nostril. This was always the one which gave me the nose bleeds. My first nose bleed was in early-January of 1999. As you probably already know, researchers have concluded that migraines are caused by the bones in the nose making contact without the protection of soft tissue. I concluded that my migraines, nose bleeds, and this pain were the same issue. I decided it was not a dental issue.

While it was true that I had no dental insurance, it was also true that some doctors who approached my health situation made it worse. I decided that even if the tooth fairy paid the medical bills, it was best not to allow a drill near it.

In the past few months, the pain eased, even with the migraines. Then one day, as I was eating spaghetti, I found myself chewing on something hard. I wondered what I did wrong when I boiled the water. While it is true that I do not know much about cooking, it is also true that I never made a mistake this serious. When I looked in the mirror, I observed that half of this tooth had broken away. The pain was gone.

I am still convinced that dental instruments should not go near my nervous nor lymphatic systems.

I decided that if I could cure my own cancer will Solaray’s Dandelion Root (in 1999), I should be able to rebuild the tooth by taking another of their products. I have been taking Calcium EAP. It is their patented version of Calcium for soft-tissue-absorption. (This should also extend my years of reproductive potential. In menopause, the soft tissues drain the bones of Calcium. As I am turning 43, such drainage should begin. It won‘t.) On a related issue, I am also taking Solaray’s Fo Ti, also known as Ho Shu Wu. This works on the uterus. The Zinc Oxide cream I have been using down there is no longer being absorbed in large quantities. These products control the discomfort. Before my last period I was using much cream and taking no pills. Now, I am taking three pills, three times per day, and using a small amount of cream.

Hopefully, weight loss will begin soon as the lymphatic system will release the 80 pounds of fibrin it stored.

Friday October 23, 2009

Otherwise, I have been thinking much about what my grandfather taught me. The Hippocratic Oath was a very important part of his life as a physician. This is a vow which must be taken at the conclusion of medical school. It means that each patient will receive the same treatment.

I contacted some of my grandfather’s former students. They reside in Germany and understand my concern for the men of the Coventry Police Department. My concern is not just medical, but self-defense as I have to cope with the manifestations of their hormonal imbalances. I e-mailed to these doctors photographs of these men I found on the Town’s website. They will be coming to Connecticut to review the problem. If the officers refuse their help, the purpose of their visit will be for research purposes only, not treatment. The scientific question is if this much damage could be done by inhaling the fumes of a woman who practices Wicca, or did she have intercourse with all of these men? I would appreciate scientific honesty on this issue.

If they would like to refute what I am saying, they can mail to me copies of their medical profiles. I will not publish these, but I will apologize for any non-malicious misunderstandings I created.

Sunday October 25, 2009

I guess I can now tell you.

It is my understanding that the Big Baby and his family were invited to his homeland. His father had a jealousy tantrum!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday November 01, 2009

Dear Hilary;

I understand how inferior brained you are. I will help you.

Your Targets are on E-bay, under HOMO SAPIENS. One of them will help support the Dolphin Communication Project of Mystic in Connecticut. I do not know anything about it. I do know that I have been in contact with the research staff and have been assured that I can have input in how the proceeds will be spent. This is what he explained:

The money received from our various fundraising efforts and from donations is allocated as follows: 55% scientific research, 32% education programs, and 13% fundraising. It helps fund the following projects:

· The purchase of new research equipment (e.g., cameras, underwater microphones)

· Conservation and education programs on Bimini, the US and around the world

· Publication and dissemination of DCP's research results to the scientific community and the general public

· Maintenance of the DCP website, field reports, and our podcast The Dolphin Pod

· Classroom education programs for school-aged children including DCP Youth Program, Dolphin Research Trainee,Classroom Connections

· Volunteer, ecotour and internship opportunities for the public

You can read more about DCP and our research, education, and conservation efforts by clicking on the above links and browsing through our website: http://www.dolphincommunicationproject.org

I believe that we’ve allocated donated funds to specific projects in the past, although these have typically been rather substantial donations. If you would like to have your funds used for a specific project, program, or acquisition of a specific piece of research equipment, please let us know and I will see if we can make sure the money is used for that.


I selected this Project because it is the one of the second greatest distance to my current home. The one closest was the local library. I tried to donate to both with separate items. I encountered the many technical problems E-bay has been having with this new GIVING WORKS domain. After several live chats with several different agents, I finally found one who explained what went wrong. I am only entitled one donor-item at a time. I had to cancel the library because I established it as a donor-item after I established the Dolphins.

After there has been some accrual, we can Target what to do. Perhaps we will have a vote. I will probably have to visit Mystic Seaport to figure out a list of possibilities.

Otherwise, I have received a few visits from those running for local office. Many people trivialize these elections. Although you may not know it, any of these people can be your governor or senator in a few years. Furthermore, if you are a whistleblower, your vote to these people is currently one of a few thousand, rather than a few million. It is with this inspiration that I have established a new strategy for next Holy Thursday, National Whistleblowers’ Day. We will concern ourselves with local issues only and focus on the politicians who have aspirations for the primaries. Issues such as embezzlement of taxpayer monies will be of primary concern, with appropriate refunds. So please begin preparing your diaries and other paperwork. If you preparing to blow-the-whistle, or considering such, the most important thing you can do is keep a diary.

When I talk to these local politicians, I ask each of them the same question which takes them by surprise. It relates to one issue.

If you will recall, my mother was a whistleblower. She worked for the New York State Department of Labor, Unemployment Insurance Division. Her new manager, Margaret Herrera Joblonski, a Cuban native married to a computer programmer, was placing false claims into the new IBM computers. I now believe that Margaret is the daughter of the current Cuban dictator, Raoul Castro. These are the monies which finance socialism. My mother did not know how big this was. She did know how clever Margaret was at arranging for everyone in the office to sign their names to her embezzlements. Mario Cuomo was Governor of New York at the time. He is connected with the Kennedy family. I believe they are associates of the Castro regime. The rest is standard whistle-blower’s history.

My question to these politicians is if my mother approached them with her concerns, what would they have done. They have no answer. I suggested that they establish a hyperlink on the Town’s website for whistleblowings. They don’t seem to like the idea.

Tuesday November 03, 2009

Dear Hilary;

How are the inferior qualities of your brain handling the terrorism issues?

Otherwise, there are other events which I have never discussed. As you already know, I work for Crossmark. I perform surveys in stores, and report on the internet. This is a company which attempted to take a proactive involvement in my personal situation. They could not help because their attorneys know the laws of Texas, whereas I am in Connecticut. As to the never-ending harassment, they do their best to control the actions of their people. Once in a while one decides to participate. I bring it to the attention of the executives and it is quickly resolved.

I also work for another company; Convergence Marketing. I perform nearly identical duties for them. They are located in Maryland. While they did not attempt to take a proactive involvement, they also do not tolerate menacing behavior. In December of 2005, my first paycheck of $12.00 was stolen. The issue was quickly resolved and nothing like that ever happened again.

After I left Coventry, Connecticut and moved to the Town in which I now reside, I contacted both companies and informed them of the change. The change of address was necessary information not only because of the paychecks, but also because of the Federal Express and United Parcel Service shipments of point-of-sale materials. These, of course, do not arrive in my mailbox but are placed at my doorstep. I moved here in April of 2008. Between December of 2007 and March of 2009 there was no work available for me from Convergence. When I received my first assignments of 2009, I contacted Convergence and verified that all updates had been made. Then came a nasty game which, of course, was quickly resolved by management.

The materials which had to be shipped to me were mailed to the old address as Sargeant Ochtera waited to arrest me for trespassing. On the day I was expected, I arrived at a store near the area to perform work for Crossmark. The Loss Prevention (I.e., security) person cornered me in a dark area of the stockroom, while fully erect. He attempted to engage me in an argument. I let him do all of the arguing. He eventually said, “I don’t like your attitude. Leave and don’t come back until after you have spoken with management.” I went to my next store and telephoned my supervisor. I asked her if I should make a police report. She said she would handle it. I have not returned to that store since, although she said she would accompany me if I did.

The shipment I was expected to pursue were planograms (I.e., diagrams explaining how product must be organized on store shelves). I did not go to the house. Not just because I knew it was an obviously dumb trap but also because I was not spending $5 on gas to correct my employer’s mistake. My supervisor with Convergence eventually e-mailed the planograms to me and the project was performed on time, of course.

Dear Sargeant Ochtera;

How dumb can you be! Why would I buy gas to correct my employer’s mistake? And please explain why the residents of the Town of Coventry should pay you a salary do perform no law enforcement duties but rather to engage in attempted entrapments and malicious prosecution.

Please do not include having children in your future plans. It is not fair to the human species.

If you have a different opinion on the events in March of 2009, or if you would like to explain what your genes can contribute to our progress since Australopithecus, please place such in writing and mail to me. I am waiting to apologize.




Tuesday November 10, 2009

My father called me yesterday. I told him about the legal action against me to pay for Michael and Holly Blouin’s $2,000 heating bill at my former residence. I also told him that the court date is on Friday. I amazed him as well as those eavesdropping on my phone when I stated my plans to not bring any paperwork.

It is not my case.

The purpose of the hearing is to establish whether or not it is a nullity.

What paperwork should I bring?

Friday November 13, 2009

I arrived at the Courthouse safely. This is to the credit of the Deep River, Connecticut Police Department. Officer Cope, Officer Cypher and Officer Smith took care of my car overnight and then escorted me to the town line this morning. This is also to the credit of my neighbor who blew-the-whistle on the fact that her fiancé’s son was assigned to vandalize my car on November 12th. Otherwise, I would not have deposited my car with the Police Department.

Magistrate O’Keefe denied my motion for dismissal. We will be doing trial in approximately one month. I have to bring my invoices to prove that I purchased oil from another company during the dates in question, as per my sworn testimony of today. My opposing counsel still has not offered invoices to the Court.

Saturday November 14, 2009

The only other news I have involves the German physicians. They need to know exactly what type of Wicca Linda St. Pierre practices. The easiest way to ascertain that is by scientific verification of the damage she inflicted upon herself when she entered my bedroom on the night of March 15, 2008 and poisoned my soda. As I have explained, I neutralized the damage with a few pills. The biochemical weapons backfired against her and burned-out her uterus. This should have affected all those with whom she had intercourse. In compliance with the Hippocratic Oath, I invited my grandfather’s retired students to the United States from Germany to treat these men.

Her deteriorating tissue should have an odor.

They need samples of the airborne particles.

Sunday November 16, 2009

Trial is set for February 26, 2010. This is what will be served-and-filed by me in the next few days.

















I, VIVIAN LEHMAN, am the defendant pro se in the above-captioned action. As per the directive I received from the Commercial Recording Division of the Secretary of State of the State of Connecticut, I would like to respectfully request that the plaintiff’s attorney provide a Certificate of Legal Existence of the plaintiff known to this Court as Protech Oil.

WHEREFORE, I am respectfully requesting of this Court to vacate trial readiness status until my opposing counsel can provide evidence that his client exists.

__________________________________November 16, 2009

VIVIAN LEHMAN, defendant pro se




On this date of November 16, 2009, I enclosed this motion in a pre-paid postage envelope and transmitted such via the United States Postal Service to my opposing counsel:

Juris No : 423840
P.O. BOX 657
VERNON , CT 06066

______________________________ November 16, 2009

VIVIAN LEHMAN, defendant pro se


Tuesday November 17, 2009

A few days ago, I decided to mislead those who stalk me. Yesterday, I served-and-filed something very different.


















1. I, VIVIAN LEHMAN, am the co-defendant pro se in the above-captioned action. As per the directive of the Court on November 13, 2009, I am herewith attaching evidence required. Magistrate O’Keefe directed me to prove to the Court that after August of 2007, I was no longer doing business with Pro Tech Oil, the above-specified plaintiff. Rather, I was doing business with Scasco Energy. As the attached two documents prove, I completed all transactions with a zero-balance-due.

WHEREFORE, defendant requests dismissal of the action against her and award to her of costs, disbursements, and all other relief as the Court deems proper.

__________________________________November 16, 2009

VIVIAN LEHMAN, co-defendant pro se

Top of Form 1

My Account Home Page

SCASCO Energy Acct No.:


Account Name:


City, State Zip:

COVENTRY CT 06238-0000

Telephone No.:



Account Balance:

$ 0.00

Bottom of Form 1


Delivery history for Account # 64753L

* Excludes deliveries made prior to 1/1/2005








Tank #



Invoice Amount
































Wednesday November 18, 2009

Today I served the following, and will file in a few days. I am giving permission to everyone including those identified in the brief…














I, VIVIAN LEHMAN, am the defendant pro se in the above-captioned action. I am herewith requesting of the Court and my opposing counsel to perform the following research before trial.

On the Internet, please type in the address-window; www.scasco.com. Please use the drop-down window of MY ACCOUNT and click VIEW MY ACCOUNT. Please then type-in the account number; 64753L. Both the Court and my opposing counsel have my permission to check the box identifying yourself as the “owner” of the account. Please then view the information. Copies of such pages are attached as Exhibit’s A and B.

At the pre-trial hearing of November 13, 2009, it was required of me to verify that during the dates identified in the Revised Complaint against me, that I was not a client of plaintiff but rather rendered identical services from another company.

WHEREFORE, pursuant to the verifiable information, defendant respectfully requests dismissal of the claim against her as well as judgment in her favor of costs, disbursements, and all other relief as the court deems proper.

__________________________________November 18, 2009

VIVIAN LEHMAN, defendant pro se




On this date of November 18, 2009, I enclosed this motion in a pre-paid postage envelope and transmitted such via the United States Postal Service to my opposing counsel:

Juris No : 423840
P.O. BOX 657
VERNON , CT 06066

_________________________________ November 18, 2009

VIVIAN LEHMAN, defendant pro se


Thursday November 19, 2009

Otherwise, it is Autumn. The women of Wicca should, by now, be receiving their positive pregnancy test results and preparing their weddings, for which the possible father may or may not show. But it is the women’s understanding that they have to. The females who are pro-choice will have their clinic-abortions in the first trimester. Those who are pro-life will have their self-induced abortions in the third trimester and will bury their children in the yards. The few exceptions, will give birth in motel rooms or the school bathrooms. The extremely rare exceptions will give birth properly. The babies’ grandparents will declare themselves late-in-life parents. Their self-characterization is as Christians, while bearing false witness on this issue.

If you are in middle or high school and observe a sudden change in their temperament in that they are constantly ridiculing you while secluding themselves, this is why. They are complaining that people don’t receive enough money. What that means is that they went to the welfare office only to learn that the Orthodox Jews already cleaned-out the system while claiming to be anti-assimilation.

Your fellow students are also jealous of you because in their world of Wicca (women-infants-children), this is required of them. The parents insist they taught them better, but it is not true. The parents informed the daughters that they must produce financial-dependency-mechanisms and leave home.

Just ask Sarah Palin.

Friday November 20, 2009

Dear former presidential candidate, Mike Huckaby;

You stated during your campaign that you believe in miracles. The miracle required is for you to read the Bible. There is a phrase in there you may eventually encounter; Thou shalt not steal.

Today, you made a Paganistic decision to participate in sending me subliminal messages that I should allow the White House to manipulate the Targets to promote the phony attempt to provide socialized health insurance to the United States.

The Targets are a product of my hard work, research, and commitment to moving our species forward. You participated in a conspiracy to steal.

You will counter-argue me that the subliminal offer was Targets in exchange for a key to the house which was stolen from me.

You aborted Christianity today. Why?

Saturday November 21, 2009

If the law firm of Hunt & Leibert cannot provide a sample of the airborne samples of Linda St. Pierre’s office, the German scientists will accept the following piece of information.

Did her uterus burn-out Auschwitz-style? Or did it fall out?

Monday November 23, 2009

Dear Michael and Holly MacPherson Blouin;

Over-and-over I have stated on this website that the object of the action in the case of ProTech Oil vs. Vivian Lehman is not my debt, but rather yours. You purchased $1,800 worth of oil and charged it to my former account.

You never asked an attorney to contact me and demand a retraction with appropriate apology.

However, when I forwarded to you demand for payment, you called the Police.

The court date before Magistrate O’Keefe is February 26th. May I recommend that you make an appearance and specify for the record that my statements on this website are wrong?

If you don’t, I would like to alternatively recommend that Michael Blouin resign from his position in the financial services industry. He cannot be managing the money of clients. I would like to ask of First Alliance Lending to audit his accounts.

I am ready to apologize.




Wednesday November 25, 2009

I would like to remind everyone that Thanksgiving Day is the busiest day of the year for hospitals. Please have a happy and healthy holiday.

Thursday November 26, 2009

To you, this is Thanksgiving Day.

To me, it is ten years since I the tests concluded that I defeated my cancer.

The cancer was in the lung, uterus, and anywhere else unchecked.

I am grateful to the Solaray company for manufacturing Dandelion Root. I took 100 pills-per-day for one week in late October. With this, I also took 100 pills-per-day of their dry vitamin-E 400 units, as well as 100 pills-per-day of Glucosamine Sulfate in the Twinlab brand. The latter two were to reconstruct the lung. Although the Glucosamine is to treat arthritis and injuries, my position was that it shouldn’t matter if I am reconstructing the soft tissue of a leg or a lung.

In mid-November, the nurse practitioner of Dr. Cameron’s office listened to my lungs, and found no cancer but the infection was still growing out-of-control. The antibiotics were minimal help. In this time, I also had a sonogram of the uterus. The cancerous tumor which the gynecologist found was defeated.

I decided to take the antibiotic Amoxicillin, open the capsules, and dump these into a tea kettle full of boiling water. I inhaled this for ten days. Then I decided to have the follow-up chest x-ray. I thought Thanksgiving Day was a good day to do that. At the hospital, I learned it is their busiest day of the year. I didn’t mean to interfere with their emergency services. So I have been trying to compensate ever since.

I was working at Lord & Taylor.

The next day, the 26th, I was working during the Black Friday sale. A customer sent me to the stockroom to get something in her color. The phone rang. Katia, who knew of the situation, ran over to the aisle, and, from a distance summoned me with a wild waving of her arm and a big smile. I knew she had interpreted his vocal tone.

I took the call while caring for customers.


We completed the call. Katia hugged me.

The next day was the 27th. My manager, Filomena Serra, had her last day with us. She finally received the promotion she wanted into human resources as a manager. She was transferred from Stamford, Connecticut to Danbury. Monica Christiensen was transferred from the third floor to our second floor department.

My problems were only beginning.

Saturday November 28, 2009

The German scientists are arriving in January. A German urological journal which specializes on the subject will publish the paper. I explained that Sargeant Ochtera did not have sex with Linda St. Pierre. He will be the control subject of the study. Although I do not believe that is a good idea, no one else is available.

I understand that German scientists received much notoriety during World War II for measuring peoples heads attempting to prove that such dimensions of their people are larger than the Barbarians who practice Wicca. However, I would like to remind the reluctant study-participants that the theory was disproved. Furthermore, they will not be analyzing skull-size, but they would appreciate saliva samples.

Sunday November 29, 2009

As you are probably already aware of, the current news headline is an ambush in Washington state against police officers. It has been demanded of me to Target these.

I would like to remind them that in 2005, the Coventry, Connecticut Police Department demanded of me to encourage Jeffrey Suarez to continue his cop-killing activities. As you already know, I believe he is Ayman al-Zawarhi, second-in-command to Osama ben Laden (also known as Robert Crowe, real name Antonio Mendez). I believe these are the sons of Fidel Castro. When I lived in Bedford, New York, the former lived across the street from me with his wife, Marie Robbins Suarez (Mrs. Anthrax).

I would also like to remind them that this local New York Police Department appreciate their act of murdering 60 of their colleagues on September 11, 2001. While they went down, these officers cheered burn-baby-burn.

Before September 11th, I began to notice something wrong and discussed it with the Bedford Police Detective. He telephoned my doctor and asked of him to refer me to a psychiatrist.

Thursday December 03, 2009

Today I received a letter from James Field Spallone, State Representative of the 36th District. He was welcoming me as a new voter of his region. He invited me to call his office with any concerns.

I called.

I spoke to Adam. I explained about the issue with my mother’s whistle-blowing 20-years-ago and asked what type of support they provide to those who perform their civic duties as such. He initially began bragging about a new law. I stopped him explaining that the necessary laws existed when she demanded investigations. He was at a loss and then began providing excuses as to why whistle-blowers are not within such domain.

I provided my full name and referred to “who I am“. I originally provided 30-days for my goal for him explained below. Adam was alarmed and repeated “30-days?!” I eloquently remembered it was December 3rd and revised my deadline.

I nicely explained that the Representative has to find a whistle-blower and make that person’s Christmas. So if you are in Southeastern Connecticut, 36th District, and are also a whistle-blower who would like an enjoyable Christmas as justice is served:


FAX 860-240-0206


“Adam” is the person I spoke to.

If you are in any other region of Connecticut, I would appreciate such a phone call to this same office explaining that your representative needs a good role model.

And then we will work our way to Holy Thursday.

Tuesday December 15, 2009

I have excellent news.

Rabbi Yale Butler of Squirrel Hill in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania can resolve the financial issues of Mara Addison, the assistant managing editor of my former publisher, Dorrance of this same city.

Mara Addison has an appointment with the Rabbi tomorrow morning at 10 am.

Friday December 18, 2009

For several weeks now, the satellites have NOT been watching my every move. They are retreating, although I don’t know why. With my added privacy, I have been interacting with new people with the faith that the events of the past will not repeat.

The only other news I have involves my obsession with Ebay. They still observe that. I have been buying $20/yard wool for $7.50/yard and making my winter pants. I have also been buying threaded bobbins. My tiny little sewing machine will thread these, but not effectively. I find the prices on Ebay to be consistent with the price-per-yard of spooled thread. So I don’t mind making the purchase.

Otherwise, I decided not to let another Christmas go by without entertaining my need for luxuries. On Ebay, I found a beautiful pearl necklace for $5.50, including shipping, as well as a matching pair of clip-on earrings from another seller for $3.98, including shipping. The pearls are 5/8-inches wide, ivory color. The sellers are of the USA. I researched on the Internet the techniques for verifying if pearls are authentic. It is my understanding that authentic pearl material is often combined with faux material to create a perfect shape. These are perfectly round. It is also my understanding that the best test is by taking these out into the sun and searching for flaws. These have flaws. Whatever is their status, it looks like an expensive set and make me feel great.

I don’t wear these to work. Everyday, I come home thinking to myself, I haven’t played with my jewelry all day.

For $3.75, including shipping, from another seller, I found a corresponding bracelet. The seller has a quantity of ten available. I decided to wait with that.

For $4.99, including shipping, I found a beautiful jewelry box. I bought it on Sunday, around midnight, at the same time my unemployment insurance check was prepared by the State of Connecticut. It had an extra $5.00. Someone paid for this. But I don’t know who. This person hasn’t even given a hint and it has not yet been shipped.

Saturday December 19, 2009

In two days it will be December 21st, the most important Jewish holiday as per my interpretation of the decade-and-a-half of harassment I received. I believe that according to the “missing” Hebrew version of the Book of Matthew, this is the day which Joseph and Mary were rejected by the inn. Henceforth, a Jew has a Biblical obligation to attack a Christian.

In 1994, this was the month-and-day I received from my former publisher the sabotaged version of the book. The assistant managing director was responsible for the date of the shipment. Her name is Mara Addison. At the time, she informed me she has “superior Jewish intelligence”. I found the sabotage on Christmas Eve.

In 1996, while I was working at a supermarket, this was the month-and-day the Tantrum complained against me to the welfare program. Of course, this backfired. She lost some of her privileges as the program recognized I observed policy and she didn’t.

In 1997, this was the month-and-day Monica Christiensen was entered into payroll at Lord & Taylor in Stamford of Connecticut. It was over a month after she and I began working there. I believe this was also the day she poisoned my asthma inhaler.

In 2008, this was the month-and-day I received my first collection letter from my opposing counsel. We are now in litigation for non-presented invoices of $1,700.

I am certain there are other events corresponding to this month-and-day which I cannot currently remember. I am also certain I no longer have Mara Addison to worry about. Nonetheless,

BE CAREFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday December 21, 2009

One of the German scientists made a brief visit. According to him, urological mutilation this severe must have been consequential of vaginal contact by a female experiencing very serious internal damage. If this occurred in the Spring of 2008, that person cannot be still alive.

Do you notice how the powerful law firm of Linda St. Pierre has never even hinted of the legal ramifications for the things I say on this website? Why are they not at least threatening to sue me?

I said over-and-over that she invaded my home on March 15, 2008, poisoned my Pepsi soda with Ricen as if she stepped out of the pages of the Book of Ezra, Chapter 4.

I said over-and-over that her utilization of the local law enforcement officials and judicial marshals must have been coupled by her promiscuity with these individuals.

I said over-and-over that at the time she poisoned me, she must have had her period and, without washing her hands, tampon-ed herself with the poison which ultimately affected all of her male partners.

A whore and an attempted murderer. Is there cause of action for a civil suit against me? Why is the Police Chief of the Coventry Police Department not angry with me? He has my telephone number even though it is listed under my landlord‘s name. It is my understanding that residents of the area all attempt to perform their own urological analyses on the officers in his command, as well as himself. None of those law enforcement officials can walk down the street without someone studying their pelvic area.

Is it possible that Linda St. Pierre collapsed on the job, either in the law office or police station? Perhaps the partners, other lawyers and/or officers observed emergency-service-technicians attempt to revive her? Perhaps they are too shocked to say anything? And the lesson they learned was not to handle the biochemical weapons themselves, but rather assign someone else to do it?

If she can’t testify, they can’t sue me.

Tuesday December 22, 2009

And I said her vagina smells so badly, the whole law office must stink. I forgot to mention how to scientifically verify if her uterus was burned-out Auschwitz-style, or if it fell out. If an associate of the Gestapo is sexually aroused by the smell, it is the former. If not, it is the latter. Gestapo is Yiddish for Jewish Getto Police. These were the Orthodox Jews who, by dictionary definition, had the responsibility of bringing other Jews into the “settlement”/concentration camps. But as per this definition, their behavior was excusable because they were just following orders. The teenage girls at Auschwitz, by definition, were available to service the German soldiers. I am certain that is another Jewish lie. The Orthodox Jews cannot reproduce outside of their sect. They can, however, have sex with other Jewish girls. So these girls had their uteruses chemically burned out with the threat that if they did not satisfy three “German soldiers”, they were shot and tossed into a mass grave.

As to December 21st, they struck.

I cannot access the Connecticut Department of Labor Unemployment Insurance Benefits website such that I can file this week’s claim. I tried all day Sunday and Monday, as well as all this morning. I can rarely access the log-in page and enter my social security number. When this happens, I am informed that the system is busy. If I can get past this and access the first page of the claim form, I am interrupted with the busy message. If the problem is resolved on Wednesday, then I will receive my check on Saturday. If it is resolved after, I won’t be able to receive my check until after the Christmas weekend.

My guess, and this is only a guess, is that this cannot affect the Jews.

My guess, and this is only a guess, is that they each have a social security number which includes the word Jew; 539. They will probably receive their checks before Christmas because they are not Christians, while the Christians must wait.

I would like to ask one favor of the current Presidential Administration, whoever is in charge. I would like you to research this theory. If I am correct, please remember that anti-assimilates cannot accept our money. Please do them a favor and help them to be honest, and remove them from the welfare system.

Wednesday December 23, 2009

I still can’t log-into the website to claim this week’s unemployment insurance check. Last night I received a phone call. It was another attempt to have me apply for a mortgage. One year ago, the phone calls were so frequent I had to call the law firm of Hunt & Leibert, speak to their very competent paralegal, and request that the phone calls stop. We had a very professional conversation. She knew what I was calling about. She placed me on hold while discussing the issue with one of the partners. She returned to our phone call and assured me, “Ms. Lehman, the phone calls will stop.”

And these did, from Countrywide. Now these are from “Home Loans“.

Usually, when I receive these phone calls, I ask, “How is Linda St. Pierre’s burned-out uterus and her fried-out ovaries?” One individual once asked why I asked. I explained that was their attorney. He was shocked. Another individual asked who she is. I explained the same and suggested that he look out the window. He will find her lying on the lawn in front of their building, naked. I didn’t believe what I was saying until he placed me on hold and confirmed it.

Last night I said, “How is the smell of Linda St. Pierre’s burned-out uterus? Are the Orthodox Jews lining-up to sniff it? They like that.” He was too shocked to say anything. That is the most common response I receive.

I believe that the deal being offered to me is no unemployment insurance benefits until I remedy the issues they created for themselves. The partner involved is probably Mr. Leibert. According to what I read about him on the Internet, he is a Jew active in his synagogue. My question to him, and I expect it answered, is

What does it take to get a Jew to blame himself for the atrocities which he commits against himself?

If he does not answer me directly, not subliminally, I will begin a campaign to have Governor Jodi Rell fired from her job, without unemployment benefits.

Jodi Rell,

you have until 6 pm Christmas Eve.

Ten minutes later…

It just took my claim. This means that Jodi Rell was in control, and has the ability to push those buttons. Of course she is allied with Mr. Leibert. Both the Jews and Saxons practice Wicca. She is the latter.

I expect other claims will be received today by other claimants. Those who, like mine, were kicked-out of the system earlier this week. These checks will not be mailed tomorrow, as per normal procedure, because on Christmas Eve Day and Christmas, this office is closed. It will be mailed on Monday. I want it on the earliest possible day, which is Saturday.

So I would like to ask of everyone who successfully files their claims today to telephone her office and demand that she take time out of her busy shopping schedule, visit the Wethersfield, Connecticut office, and mail these herself. She will carry these herself to the mailbox. I do not care if she has back trouble or not.

Governor Jodi Rell

Tel: 860-566-4840
Toll-Free: 800-406-1527



If you cannot successfully file your claim, please call her office. According to Luigi, the person I spoke to yesterday, they are flooded with such phone calls. The only thing I want you to say is,

Jodi Rell, you are fired!

Then hang-up.


Saturday December 26, 2009

Yesterday, I went to a very nice party at the house of my landlord’s mother. I hugged the dog often and ate an Italian dinner. We also played SCENE IT. This is a version of TRIVIA PURSUIT which focuses on sports and movies. My partner solved a few questions correctly. I solved none. A nine-year-old humiliated us all and won both rounds for himself and his partner. The latter is the brother of my landlord. My partner was his brother-in-law and father of the small victor.


I have been doing some research. On November 09th, Jodi Rell announced that she will not be running for re-election. That is good news for the state of Connecticut, but bad news for the country. She may have ambitions. I am begging the Democratic Party to find alternatives!

As to the issue of James Spallone, my local representative (who probably now hates himself for writing me a circular letter), I am not aware that he did anything for any whistle-blower. He is up for re-election in 2010. It is very important that we make an example out of him. He is a Democrat. Please contact your local Democratic committee and ask for an alternate. If you are out-of-state, please contact such committee on the nationwide level. Explain we need the ripple-affect.

As to National Whistle-Blowers’ Day on Holy Thursday, I have been doing much thinking. The reason why we attack everything, and accomplish nothing, is because we are too diversified. In 2010, we will focus on stolen and embezzled taxpayer monies. We will attempt to recruit aspiring politicians by convincing them that returning, refunding and recovering such can easily convert dollars into votes. The process must begin now as the candidacy selection process begins. Please contact your local Republican, Democratic or Independent Party committee and explain your commitment to the situation. And make certain that each candidate understands that when they knock on your door during the primary and general election seasons, you will confront them with this issue. You do not want to hear about new legislation. You want to hear about enforcement of old legislation. You want an impressive track record or you will refuse their brochures and free pens.

Tuesday December 29, 2009

To: Mr. Kimball Hunt

Senior Partner, Hunt & Leibert

Dear Coward;

Instead of sending your wife to nauseate, infuriate and aggravate me, why don’t you come out and fight like a man---the one she pretends to be with when she fakes her orgasms.

Let’s go face-to-face, Saxon-to-German, if you are sure you are man enough (and brained enough) for me.

P.S. I am certain she was not unfaithful to you. She is too repugnant to any other man.

Thursday December 31, 2009

This is the last day of the decade. My gratitude must once again go to the customers at Staples who, in 2003, made me realize that the Adolph Shick, who I found in the phone book living near me, is the son of Adolph Shicklegruber (known to the world as Hitler), as well as an affiliate of his corporate neighbor, IBM. What would this decade have been like for me had I not had this crucial piece of information?

Much happened to my health this year. In January, my asthma exploded to the point that I was sleeping with the asthma inhaler with my hand. As it was in 1999, it was the over-the-counter inhaler. As it was not in 1999, I did not follow-up with a visit to the general practitioner doctor followed-up by a visit to the pulmonologist followed-up by a visit to the pharmacy followed-up by a very expensive credit card bill.

Before I provide an explanation of the changes, I would like to turn the clock back to the days when I was 13-years-old. During the summer, I had an infection which had all the symptoms of mumps. The glands on one side of my neck swelled. When that subsided, my right side of my neck swelled. I looked like I swallowed half-a-grapefruit and it was stuck in my throat. The asthma began a few weeks after my recovery. It steadily became worse. In 1999, it was unofficially diagnosed as a walking pneumonia probably compounded by a second pneumonia which entered the same lung in 1998 which was officially diagnosed.

In January of this year, I suddenly heard clicking noises in the back of my neck. These were identical to that which you hear when you visit the chiropractor. The more I clicked, the more the asthma eased. I stopped using the inhaler. Instead, whenever wheezing began, I waited patiently for a click. I am still clicking, but for 11 months, I have not purchased any medication. It is a savings of $220.

Otherwise, all year long I have been applying Zinc Oxide cream to the infectious tumor at the base of my spine and above my vaginal cavity. I have been doing this daily since March of 2006. In October of this year, it lost its effectiveness. The itching was unbearable. I switched to a Strawberry-Champagne cream by Victoria’s Secret. It was free because every year this company sends me a $10.00 birthday gift card. When I made such purchase, I received an identical card for the Christmas Season. I made my second purchase. I was going to make a third purchase, but had no money. I decided to re-try the Padma 28 pills. These worked. I originally had to take high dosages, but since my last period, I only require a few-per-day. I am still calculating exact dosage requirements.

In 2003, if you will recall, I had three ambulance rides: January 24th, June 24th and October 3rd, I think. When The fourth was upcoming in January of 2004, I decided to look at the dates on the hospital bills. It was the middle of the month. I went to the gynecologist. He said my estrogen was too low. Ten birth control pills reminded my system of what it was supposed to do and placed me back into a cycle. But I still occasionally fell out of cycle and needed one or two pills.

I concluded that the dropping of the estrogen coincided with my system letting go of a facet of the infections. A few weeks ago, my estrogen dropped again. I felt the familiar chest pains and thought about taking a pill. Instead I waited. My system pushed the estrogen level up on its own and I had an early period. The conclusion which must be drawn from this is that I will survive this ordeal. I opened this website on August 27, 2001, 101 years after my maternal grandfather’s birthday, because I believed I could not.

What a way to end the decade!!!!!!!!!