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Sunday October 06, 2013

It has been a while since my last entry.  I had another computer crash.  Fortunately, my landlord is a military trained auto-mechanic.  This is working again.

Most important news is, of course, the guy with the tattoos.  The next court date is scheduled for November 13, 2013.  On October 1st, he plead NOT GUILTY to EVADE RESP-PROP DAMAGE/INJURY and UNSAFE BACKING.  As to the other charge, the file has been "statutorily sealed".  Since I am only familiar with civil practice law, I cannot make an attempt to understand why.  However, I have been reviewing the criminal facet of the Connecticut Judicial system.  This is not unusual.  Maybe he did not do any of this.  And I still do not know if this is the same person with which I had the incredible date.

Secondly, is the issue of the Federal Government shut-down as the stand-off proceeds between the Executive and Legislative Branches of our national government.

While it is true that I have not been able to afford health insurance for a few years, I am against this program for several reasons.

1.  I believe it is a convenient technique for President Primitive to send monies home to his native territory of Kenya.

2.  It had nothing to do with my health issues.  The only thing I needed was a sonogram to analyze the lymphatic system and find the benign tumor at the base of the spine.  Instead, it took the medical community five years to diagnose me.  And this was through circumstantial evidence only.

3.  I believe the essence of our national health insurance crisis is all the phony physicians in practice.

a.  Recall the 2003 events at Northern Westchester Hospital Center in Mount Kisco, New York.  The phony physician, Amy Robbins Salerno, interpreted my high white blood cell count (i.e., infection) as a "psychiatric disorder".  She also reported I was "depressed" because I did not enjoy vomiting all over the emergency room.  And please remember that what really led to the ambulance ride and hospitalization, was that my estrogen was slightly too low in the middle of the month.  One year later, as I felt the fourth ambulance ride coming, I finally looked at the dates of all the hospital bills, and realized these were the middle-of-the-month events.  I finally discussed it with my gynecologist.  Ten birth-control-pills over a period of ten days resolved the issue.

99% of all health care costs should never have happened.

b.  Most people would have a supervisor who was unsympathetic to the above events.  Mine, was very understanding.  This is because at the same time, she visited the emergency room of a different hospital complaining of extreme pain.  Several tests were performed.  Finally, they wanted to inject her with dyes and perform another test.  She declared she was going to her doctor.  The emergency room physician looked at her expressing her diagnosis of crazy.  My supervisor's personal physician then directed her, "bend over for me and cough...You have a hernia."

99% of all health care costs should never have happened.

c.  In 2001, I was on jury duty.  The petitioners first name was Darlene.  For a reason which was never explained at trial, she visited a psychiatrist.  This doctor observed her complete Medicaid package.  Then, an ambulance arrived and she was confined to a mental institution, diagnosed as delusional.  As per court order, she had to take certain medications, or they would forcibly inject her.  The testimony of her hospital physician provided a complete profile of a delusional patient, then provided her case history.  There was no resemblance.  It took us 15 minutes to reach a verdict that she must be immediately discharged.

99% of all health care costs should never have happened.

d.  Every time I learn of a student who wins a national science contest, such winner is always an individual who found a technique to drive-up the bill for treating cancer.  You already know I believe the cure for such is found in any vitamin store, Solaray's Dandelion Root.  And the health care community will not answer me on this issue.  But I would like to see one doctor or nurse diagnosed with this, go through the rigorous treatments prescribed for their patients.  I do not know of any.

100% of all health care costs should never have happened.

I very strongly believe that the problem of health care is not money, but the people managing the money.

Thursday October 10, 2013

Did Mara Addison assure Donald Trump that my book would never be published, while she accepted investment monies from people such as Sue Simmons, the other Stupid Sue (Sue Hallinan being the first)?

Friday October 11, 2013

I have a unique issue.

I am signed-up as a tutor on Wyzant.  On this website, there is a page in which students can ask, for no charge, questions.  It is homework help.  For the past few weeks, I have been participating.  It has been wonderful exercise.  Originally, as I was getting back into the mentality of algebra, I made a few mistakes.  Other Wyzants corrected me.  Now, I seem to have embraced it.

A very unique question surfaced.  I need help!

If a ball is 27.9 grams and 3/4 in in diameter.  What kind of metal is it?

I answered...

Obviously, one unit is metric, the other Old English.
Let's convert...
1 inch=2.54 cm
(2.54 cm)/(1 inch)=(x cm)/(0.75 inches)
If we multiply both sides by 0.75 inches, the results are...
This is the diameter.
The radius is half this.
0.96 cm.
We need the volume of the sphere...
I am using 3.14 because I cannot find the pie sign on my computer.
V=(4/3)(3.14)(0.96 cm)3
V=3.69 cm3
The ball weighs 27.9 g/3.69 cm3=7.56 g/cm3=0.00756 kg/cm3
I do not know how to convert this to atomic mass units such that we can research which element this is.
I need help from other Wyzants.

In college, I minored in physics.  But the issue of how to take an object and ascertain which element it is based on the weight per cubic-unit, was never covered.  I guess it was too practical for the professors.

October 12, 2013

On October 21st, the post office will stop forwarding mail from my former PO Box...


PO BOX 1041


I have stated many times, anyone who disagrees with anything I enter herein, please place such in writing.  I will publish it and apologize.  There was no malice intended.

So if the Stupid Sues, the Mara Addison, the daughters of Barack Obama, the pharmacist Billie Ricciardi, the Northern Westchester Hospital Center, or anyone or anything else, want to give me a counter-argument, please do so in the next few days.

Part II-------October 12, 2013

Just arrived home from work.  Today, my employer was Advantage Sales and Marketing.  We operate the demonstration carts in Sam's Club.  One of my customers had a t-shirt featuring NASA.  I asked if he is an associate.  He said at one time, he was.  I asked about the physics question.  He resolved it.

According to him, I should not have been trying to research this through the Periodic Table of the Elements, but rather through Density of Metals.  Henceforth, the result of grams/cc should have been adequate.  I did not need to perform a conversion to atomic-mass-units.

I will do the research now and check the Wyzant website to see if anyone else added this.


I just arrived home from work.  The company I worked for today was Advantage Sales and Marketing.  If you ever visit a Sam's Club, you will see us at the demonstration carts.  One of my customers had a NASA t-shirt.  I asked him if he is associated with NASA.  He said at one time, he was.  I explained the above.
According to him, I should not have attempted to convert this to atomic-mass-units and use the Periodic Table of the Elements.  Instead, I should use the above g/cm3, and then use the Density of Metals chart.
I Internet researched the latter.
Samarium, abbreviation Sm, 7.52
Thank you very much.  I believe that I, as tutor, must have learned more than you.  It is an adage that the teacher learns more from the students.


Sunday October 13, 2013

As to my issues with the Unemployment Insurance, here is the update.

Recall the Disposition and Order...

"The administrator's determination is modified to reflect that the claimant was discharged and, as modified, is reversed.  The claimant's appeal is sustained.  Benefits are awarded effective June 12, 2011.  The claimant's account is not overpaid in the amount of $559.

The referee remands the issue regarding the amount and weeks of the claimant's fraud overpayment to the administrator for further investigation and recalculation of the claimant's overpayment.  The referee does not retain jurisdiction over this matter."

The original bill, dated July 01, 2013, was for $6,378.00.

The modified bill, dated September 01, 2013, was for $5,697.72.

The new bill, dated October 01, 2013, is for $12,179.20.

I would appeal.  However, there is no Decision, only a bill.  The original Decision was deemed a nullity by the appeals referee.

Barack Obama's daughters must be pregnant again.  He has to go looking for two more fathers, and it is my understanding that he only found one of the four.

Would he like to disagree with me?  Perhaps he did not find any of the four fathers?

Tuesday October 15, 2013

In the next few days, I would also like the Bedford Central School District of New York, explain the following...

Why is it that Whitney Whalen was allowed to graduate elementary and middle schools without knowing how to read-and-write?

Why is it that everyone witnessed her mother, Margie Whalen, encourage Whitney to present herself to the world with her hands clasped together upon her hips, her head down, and a frown on her face expressing, poor-me-can't-do-anything-poor-poor-me, but no one called Department of Child and Family to report a neglected child?

Why is it that Whitney Whalen accepted without question her mother's explanation of life in that our dog, Fluffy, was responsible for her helpless condition.  Henceforth my mother was permanently financially responsible for her, and that I inherited this liability?

Why is it that I was called an anti-child, child-hater because I did not understand that more money results in better education?  Would more money have inspired the appropriate telephone call to DCF?

This is the Facebook page of Whitney Whalen-Carter...


It features photography, no write-ups of her current life in Waco, Texas.

As per the subliminal messages I have been sent through other sources, her husband cannot support her, their small child, and newborn baby.  That is also my responsibility.  Fluffy has far-reaching affects.

Furthermore, I would like to ask of Department of Child and Family of Waco, Texas, to look at the photo of her child in the back of the pick-up truck.  While I realize this may not indicate that she has been driving around with her child back there, I would like to highlight a few issues.

If she has been driving, she could not possibly have a drivers license because she could not have passed the written test.  In New York, I once witnessed her driving her parents' car.

When Whitney was an infant, there were issues with her mother playing with oncoming traffic.  One day, while my mother was driving up our hill, the neighbor's child, Anthony Cupaioulo, jumped with his bicycle in front of our car.  She slammed on her breaks but missed him.  A few weeks later, as I was driving up the same hill with my instructor next to me, I observed Margie, with Whitney in her arms, coach Anthony on exactly when to jump.  My reflexes were not yet developed.  My instructor slammed on his brakes.  We missed him by a few inches.  Margie looked disappointed.

Munchausen's-by-Proxy syndrome can be passed down through the family lineage.  But either way, someone should tell Whitney that as her children are going to school, she can help them with their homework and acquire the education which eluded her.

Thursday October 17, 2013

I heard the rumor that there is an order to "beat me up".

I am programmed to win.

Saturday October 19, 2013

As to my left ankle, a few weeks ago, it was at its worst.  I went to work, ate lunch, then was barely able to stand-up to return.  As I moved, the pain disappeared.  On my way home, I stopped by the supermarket.  After I stepped-out of the car, I found myself crying in the parking lot, I can't walk.  I finally did, and the pain disappeared.

One of my co-workers at Big Sam's is a nurse.  She just moved to the area and is looking for a job in her field of study.  She observed my condition and diagnosed it as arthritis.  I went to the joint relief section of the vitamin store and found Solaray's IbuActin.  It helped.  I then purchased the Super IbuActin.  It helped a little more.  I took these every time I anticipated the pain.

Last, week, after much research on the Internet, I concluded arthritis is both a joint and circulatory disorder.  I added Solaray's Tart Cherry to my temporary herbal regimen.  I began with three pills of this per day.  I finally experienced dizziness.  I reduced it to two.  I am much better.

I took the Tart Cherry in the evening.  I remembered my New York chiropractor explaining that most of our heeling is in our sleep.  I therefore concluded that supplements for healing should be taken at the end of the day, supplements for maintenance should be taken at other times.

I would like to ask of Solaray to consider adding Tart Cherry to IbuActin.  While I have come a long way and have a distance to go, I believe this combination is the cure for arthritis.

Sunday October 20, 2013

More issues on Wyzant...

This was the initial question...

Find the domain of each function.

Find the domain of each function.
1.) f(x)=(x^2-4x+3)/(x-1)

2.) g(x)=(x^2-4)(x-3)/(x^2-x-6)

3.) F(x)=(x^3-2x^2)/(x-2)

4.) G(x)=√(x-1)

5.) f(x)=3/√(x-4)

It has always been my understanding that when establishing domain and/or range, the equation must be first reduced to its simplest form, and then the limitations are interpreted.  This was my answer.


Hi Paige;
1.) f(x)=(x2-4x+3)/(x-1)
At first sight, we might guess that the domain is...
(-infinity,1)U(1, +infinity)
1 must be excluded because it would render (x-1) as zero.
However, the denominator can be factored with one of the parenthetical equations as (x-1)...
Let's verify (x-3)(x-1) with FOIL...
Let's cancel...
The domain is infinity.
2.) g(x)=(x2-4)(x-3)/(x2-x-6)
Let's factor (x2-x-6)...
Is one of the parenthetical equations (x-3)?
Let's FOIL...
Let's cancel where appropriate...
Initially, it would seem that the domain is infinity excluding -2 such that the numerator can render 0.  However, it would seem that the current denominator can also be factored to include (x+2)...
Let's cancel where appropriate...
There are no limitations on the domain.  It is from negative infinity to positive infinity.
3.) F(x)=(x3-2x2)/(x-2)
Can the denominator be factored to include (x-2)?
Let's cancel where appropriate...
There are no limitations on the domain.
4.) G(x)=√(x-1)
We already know that a negative number cannot be square rooted.  Therefore, let's begin with the one number which would set the limit...
The domain is (1, +infinity)
5.) f(x)=3/√(x-4)
This equation cannot be factored.
We already know that the domain cannot include 4 because that would render the numerator as 0.
We already know that a negative number cannot be square rooted.  Therefore, let's begin with the one number which would set the limit...
The domain is (4, +infinity).

I executed some research on another website.  According to this, limitations on domain and range are established using the original equation only.  The simplification is a non-issue.

Rarely, I have provided incorrect information on other answers.  I received help in the form of comments and follow-up answers from other Wyzant tutors.  I issued a few apologies.  These people have also added to my correct answers.  This time, I soloed the answer.  No one else commented nor answered the question.  Paige answered, "Thank you very much Madam! I really appreciate your detailed answer!"  She also gave me a positive vote.

I am worried.  Can anyone help me?


I would like to add one more thing...

It is my understanding that mathematics is about simplification, and then everything else, such as domains and ranges.

Monday October 21, 2013

I am again on Wyzant.  Three hours ago, a student posted the following question...


How would you find the domain for f(x) = 2x - 4x^1/2 + 2 ? I'm not exactly sure what to do/what steps to take. Do you factor out a 2x1/2 from the whole problem and then get 2x1/2 times x2-3x+2?

The answer provided included the information, "The range is 2 to + infinity."  However, the question of whether or not to "factor out" is not answered by this tutor.  Furthermore, no one has attempted to answer this question, or comment on the provided answer.

I communicated again with Paige, the student of my original question...


Good Day Madam,
My instructor haven't said anything yet as of now. He gave us this as an assignment and it is due tomorrow. I tried to ask help from my cousin who is also good at math, and he said that my answers starting from 1 to 3 are quite different from what he expected, but rest assured that your answers from 4 to 5 are correct. :) For example, he said that the answer for number 1 is "all real numbers except 1" for number 2 he said that the domain is "all real numbers except -2 and 3" while for number 3 he said that the domain is "all real numbers except 2". But I really appreciate your hardwork for answering this! :) Please do comment if you have any ideas too :)

Wednesday October 23, 2013

Another interesting day on Wyzant.

A student asked the question...


I have to define each of the four algebraic processes and provide an example of each.

She then commented...


It is a Nature of Mathematics class very basic...she (the instructor)  outlined four:  simplify, factor, evaluate and solve.  Simple question to you most likely, but I want to be on track.  Thank you.

Simplify first.

Factor second.

Evaluate third.

Solve fourth.

Solving was not part of the question at issue.  But evaluating was.  This means I did it correctly.  While I am not criticizing the other website which suggested otherwise, I would like to ask of them to consider this.

Sunday November 17, 2013

I am back!

Two days before the temporary shut-down of this website, I received my $10 birthday gift certificate from Victoria's Secret.  If they are trying to apologize to me for what happened last year, they should think again.  The Constitution of the United States deserves the demonstration of remorse.  It is the freedom of expression which it guarantees that allows these corporate executes to have a paycheck.  What happened last year was a grotesque violation of my right to privacy.  President Primitive cannot be held responsible for that.  He was born and raised in Kenya and understands the laws of his country, aside from the fact that he cannot know any better.

After the website shut-down, I believe I received a different biochemical weapon from him.  After a few days of severe pain around my heart and particularly in my feet due to poor circulation, I finally realized this is what they mean by a heart attack.  The Solaray herbs Butterbur and Dandelion Root, as well as the Padma Lax and Basic, controlled that easily.  The condition is resolved, and it never occurred to me to go to the hospital.

I would like President Primitive to take all of his biochemical weapons and shove these up his ass.  It would render an improvement in his appearance.

Otherwise, I had a nice birthday, while battling the severe pain which was then a mystery to me.  After all the labor hours I received this year, I had a small amount of spending money, a $15 Shop Rite gift card, as well as the $10 and a free breakfast from Denny's.  While the computer randomly gave me the latter, I have not forgotten the free meals I received after I was thrown-out of my home in Deep River, Connecticut.

The main issue was the need for a new bed-comforter.  The old one the homeowner gave me four-years-ago, tore during the summer.  As comfortable and warm as it was, I never liked it because was not very decorative.  I went shopping for a new one.

The prices of all such packages began at $50.  These often included ornate pillows, which I did not need.  These sometimes included bed skirts, which I did not want.  And almost all were wrapped in expensive, fancy plastic bags--useless.  I also wanted the color magenta to match my sheets which are white with such a floral design.


It features purple.  I decided I could not do any better.  It included two pillow shams. I was not certain if I found that necessary because I had been sleeping on a rolled-up blanket.  A few weeks before my birthday, it went on sale for $21.99 plus tax.  The trip to the nearest Kmart cost almost nothing in gas because it was near a store I was servicing.  I knew it was in stock because I checked it on the website.  When I arrived, I found two.  One was purple, as per the photograph.  The other magenta.  The sales clerk did not believe me.  I showed her the comparison.  She realized I was correct.  These were not the same color.  I had what I wanted at the price I wanted.  One reason why it was so inexpensive was that it was not wrapped in an elegant plastic wrapper.  She gave me a big bag for it.  I asked for a second to wrap it in the opposite direction so that it was fully protected.

I waited until my birthday to open it.  In the interim, I found myself becoming very energetic as the tumor (i.e., hogwart) was shrinking.  I decided I wanted everything super-clean so it does not become dirty.

I cleaned every inch of the bathroom, took the car to the car wash, swept everything under the bed, and wiped everything else in my room.

My birthday was on Saturday, November 9th.  Because I work in retail, and because it is so close to the Thanksgiving Holiday, my supervisor of my weekend job could not give me this day off.  No one had the day off.  We all had full shifts.  So I arranged for November 8th off.

On this day, I had my breakfast, then went to Walmart across the street.  I found pillows for $2.50/each.  I then proceed to Victoria's Secret.  In front of the store was a big sign that the five for $25 cotton panties were seven for $25.  However, I made such purchase a few months earlier when I could not go on with what I had.  I used my gift certificate to purchase lip-stick.

I also had an exchange.  One week earlier, I purchased my Strawberries-Champaign Cream.  Although I wanted to wait until my birthday, I never let my supply run low.  This is what I use to dissolve the tumor and relieve the discomfort.  It was also on sale, seven for $30.  However, they only had six in stock.  It was recommended that I purchase another member of the set and exchange such.  On such day of November 8th, I found one cream on the shelf, as if it were waiting for me.

I then proceeded to Shop Rite for which I had a $15 gift card.  The day before, I placed my order with the florist.  I requested a bouquet which included chrysanthemums.  These clean the air.  The money I spend on such typically returns to me in the form of savings on asthma medication.  Every year at this time, these are cheap and plentiful.  I explained all of this to her, and asked for other recommendations.  She included carnations.  I also requested a container which cannot break.  She said she only had a small plastic dish.  That was perfect!

I went home and set-up my new bedding and bouquet.  I removed the cats' toys from their box, folded the old comforter and placed it in the box with the toys on top.  I went through the house and found the cat I often sleep with.  I brought her into the room and showed her the new set-up.  I placed her in the box.  She then ran in terror under the furniture.  A few minutes later, she emerged and jumped onto the bed.  She took a nap and would take many more on it.  The other cat eventually discovered the new comforter and also often naps on it.

Neither like the box.

Wednesday November 20, 2013

After the most recent biochemical attack, I would appreciate if the Secret Service would abandon the President for a few days.  If I cannot have any protection, neither can he.

If President Primitive does not like what I am saying, he can easily research my current street address.  If he would like to answer and disagree with anything I say on this website, he may place such in writing over his signature.  I will publish it herein and apologize.

He can begin with explaining whether or not his teenage daughters are pregnant again, and whether or not this is a source for his frustrations.

Thursday November 21, 2013

I am now also taking Ginko biloba which has finally resolved the heart attack and is attacking the ankle-arthritis.  I previously suggested to Solaray that they add to Tart Cherry to their joint herbal formula.  Perhaps this would be better?  It is nice to be able to step-out of the car and be able to walk after only a few seconds, rather than a few minutes.

To counter the heart attack, I originally took a few Solaray herbs, Butterbur, Tart Cherry and Dandelion Root.  I also took non-Solaray Padma Lax and Padma 28.  These are each blends of multiple of herbs.

I also took Xtend.  Over a decade ago, I purchased this.  I was the only one in the United States who was not annoyed by the invasion of our e-mail privacy when this company spammed all of us.  It is an herbal blend to lengthen male penises.  A few years before I purchased this, I went to the vitamin store and purchased every Solaray herb I could find as I was desperate to become well.  Through trial and error, I learned that the supplements which treat male impotence would help me.  This is because such is a circulatory disorder and the benign tumor, also known as a hogwart, at the base of my spine, is creating a circulatory disorder.  When I received the e-mail, I researched its list of herbs and saw products I never heard of.  I called the company to buy such.  The customer service representative carefully asked, "Do you know what Xtend does?"  I answered, "Yes, how does it work?"  He said it works on the circulatory system.

Between the Xtend, two forms of Padma, and other Solaray products, I  ingested over 100 different herbs within two weeks.  The money for the recent purchases came from the fact that the assailants also cut-back on my labor hours.

Although that may seem like a contradiction, work is not the only way to acquire money.  Liberty Bank offered $100 for entering one of their four, new Connecticut branches, and opening an account with direct deposit.  I had some extra time, and did that.  It cost almost nothing in gas because I was able to combine it with a trip to one of the stores I service.  I opened such on September 9th, aware that they promised deposit within 60 days--that is, my birthday of November 9th.  This paid for my herbs, new comforter and pillows.

In mid-October, I believe the assailants noticed extra money at my disposal.  Then, I think, they wondered where it came from.  Liberty Bank did not seem to release such information.  I am grateful and highly recommend them.

Thursday November 28, 2013

I have my first real day off in a long time.  I am saying real because I had Monday off.  I went to see a gynecologist for the first time in over a decade.  I needed another prescription of birth control pills.  I used these to control the heart attack.  I learned that even though my body is behaving as if it is 27-years-old, because I am 47-years-old, I cannot have this.

Today, I am just resting.  The person who owns this house is making the dinner, as he does every Holiday.  He likes to cook.  I never learned how.

So I would like to talk more about what went wrong with my book publisher.

I contracted with Dorrance Publishing in 1994.  I began writing the book as part of a term paper in 1986.  As the contractual relationship began, I had a wonderful production assistant, Karen.  A very intelligent production manager, Dianne.  A great promotion assistant who wrote a wonderful back-ad.  I do not remember her name.  There was also a promotion manager who must have done something correct to hire such a wonderful promotion assistant.

We had our early disagreements, but these were resolved with maturity.

The first step of the procedure was for an editor to review it.  Then, the edited version was shipped to me.  The top of the mailer was not closed properly.  When the United Parcel truck arrived at my home, it was sunny outside.  This individual left it in front of the closed garage door, unaware I was home.  The following morning, it was raining.  I stepped outside to acquire the morning paper.  I found the pitiful sight before any internal damage was done.

As I reviewed the edited version, one issue that was of concern to me involved the long quotations I entered.  I indented such paragraphs with quotation marks...

"xxxxxx, etc.

As per Chicago Style, the editor eliminated these quotation marks.  I knew that if one jury sets the precedent that this is plagiarism, we can be sued over-and-over-and-over again.

Another issue was that Chicago Style believes it can overrule the dictionary in that it instructs that a parenthetical comment is in brackets.  I do not know why anyone would think that, nor why any publisher would validate it.

The final major issue was that the structure of the citations had been revised.  To make a long story short, I constructed the index, reference list and citations to work together such that anyone, especially myself years after the authorship, can find anything with little effort.

A small issue was that the editor changed the fact that I titled the reference list, References.  She changed it to Bibliography.  It has always been my understanding that the latter refers to a list in which the entries may or may not have been cited item-by-item throughout the text.  Whereas a reference list is a list of all sources which have been been cited item-by-item.  I executed the latter.

Another small issue also involved Chicago Style.  According to this, a quotation may require capitalizing the first letter within the beginning-quotation-marks, and adding an end-punctuation-mark before the end-quotation-marks.  This may or may not be a reflection of the quoted material.  Some of the books I cited are very rare.  Works on stone-age cultures do not routinely hit best-seller lists, particularly if these are published before World War II.  Suppose you have to use my quotations to reconstruct what one of these authors said?  Would the changes in capitalization and punctuation marks affect something of significance?  I think so.

I decided I was not going to open a dialogue of whether or not we are available for multiple legal actions.  I was also not open to dialogue of whether or not we can overrule the dictionary.  And I was not open to dialogue of whether or not the reference list and index should or should not work together.

The editor had some good things to say.  I had a few of the usual spelling mistakes and grammatical errors.  I therefore decided to switch manuscripts and enter her appropriate corrections.  They had no choice but to accept.

The typesetter/designer, Cheryl, was next to become involved.  Her workmanship was incredible.

Originally, they characterized her as working "in another building".  Eventually, I would learn that she worked from home.  To their surprise, I loved hearing that news.  It was explained to me as I expressed my concern that Donald Trump may sabotage.  Her work-at-home condition meant that there were two copies of the computer disks--one in her home, the other at the office.  While it is true that the latter is an earlier version, it would still save much trouble if trouble happened.  Of course, Donald Trump was not the only threat.  Other routine issues can occur.  I also liked the fact that she has the option of working in her pajamas, if she likes that.

After a few months of waiting for the page-proofs, I became nervous.  Managing director Elizabeth House was informed of this.  She allowed me to see the galleys.  This was the typeset piece that was not justified on the right so it appears as though it was executed on a typewriter--that it, it is aligned on the left only.  It was also double-spaced.

Everyone was happy.  I was made aware of a problem the typesetter/designer was having.  It concerned many of the accent marks of the names of the stone-age cultures I discussed.  These were in bold-face type, rather than regular type, because she had not yet inserted the accent marks.  It affected approximately 1/3 of all of approximately 300-pages.

After about one year, I was given the page-proofs.  The issue of the accents was still not resolved.  For a reason which I do not understand, the page-proofs were single spaced and the typesetting justified on the right.  As per the instructions I received, I entered the page numbers in the index.

During this time, I learned that the production manager was no longer with the company.

During this time, I learned that my promotion assistant was no longer with the company.

During this time, my production assistant, with whom I had substantial contact, informed me that she was leaving and going back to school.  I asked her where she would be attending.  She did not yet know.  Pamela Chapla, who had been with the company long before this happened, was my new production assistant.

As I proofread, I obviously found some sentences missing and a few other small, normal issues.  Then, a delay occurred.  I demanded the explanation from Pamela.  She answered that the typesetter/designer was having a problem in that the insertion of the accent marks would be cumbersome.  I answered if it is that much trouble, do not do these.  If the readers want to know exactly how to spell each name, they should refer to the original, cited material.  I saved this company many labor hours.

But there was another complication Pamela told me about which I could not correct.  Converting all of the bold-faced names into regular-face would cause everything to move because the former occupies more space on the page than the latter.  Additionally, inserting missing sentences also caused everything to move.  In simpler terms, I realized I had to proofread the pagination of the index.  Obviously, there were changes.

Early in November of 1994, it seemed we were almost ready-to-go with the publication.  I would review it one more time.  Suddenly, everything stopped.  I yelled at Pamela.  She referred me to the assistant managing director, Mara Addison.


I never heard of her.  Today, as I review her public profile, it explains that she joined the company a few years before our contract.  I am certain this could not be true because, as I am about to explain, I had to tell her what was in the standard contract we signed.  She was definitely new.

I talked to her.  She explained that the typesetter/designer locked-up everything in her apartment and left town indefinitely for the Holidays.  This was my responsibility because, according to the contract, staffing their company was my responsibility.  I answered, "Staffing is your problem."  She had no answer.  Over-and-over she said, "I don't know."  That in itself is breach-of-contract, of course.  It is her responsibility to know.

Even though I never mentioned the issue of legal action, she said that this could never see the inside of a courtroom because it would destroy the reputation of Dorrance Publishing.

Over-and-over in the conversation, I expressed my concern that Donald Trump was sabotaging.  She assured me that the typesetter/designer's computer disk will be checked against the office copy.

The following morning, Pamela called me at work.  With a big smile, she explained, "I just spoke to the designer's assistant, and she said it should be Friday."  While my supervisor sat next to me, I began yelling.

Finally, Elizabeth House became involved.  I received a phone call at work from her administrative assistant explaining that she was going to FAX a letter to me.  According to this, all production delays were my fault.  Among the criticisms, were the changes to the pagination of the index.  She never mentioned the most recent delay.  She did offer to terminate the contract.

On December 21, 1994, the page-proofs were shipped.  On Christmas Eve, I found sentences cut-in-half.  On Christmas Day, I fired them.

It was $2,000 in damage which they were going to do me a favor and let me pay for so I could keep them as a publisher.  They even threatened to sue me for the money, forgetting that Mara Addison already said this could never see the inside of a courtroom.

Then came a never-ending harassment campaign to collect this money, while I was called crazy for failing to understand that having a publisher would guarantee sales.  They recruited my neighbors, bankers and employers to assist with the invasions of my privacy.

If proceeds are guaranteed, they should not need any money for anything.

If sabotage is occurring, what profits could possibly be made, especially if Mara Addison assured Donald Trump that the book would never be published?

I do not know who Mara Addison is, or where she came from.  I think she was from The New York Times  and her purpose was to collect the kickback for the effective review.  For Christmas, I would like some information.

And I would like to know when she is going to jail, and for how long.

Wednesday December 04, 2013

Brenda was the name of the promotion assistant.

Otherwise, the arthritis has been moving from my left ankle up through both legs.  Both feet have been aching probably due to poor circulation.  I have been trying a collection of herbs.  One is St. John's Wart.  While it is commercialized as an anti-depressant, this is misleading.  Its purpose is to revitalize nerves.  I have been taking up to ten pills-per-day of the Solaray brand--a large dosage.  As the ankle is healing, I have been feeling that the epicenter of the pain was beneath the toes.  I was finally able to move that area this morning.

I went to work, and coped with all the pains.  I wanted to stop by the supermarket on the way home, but was too weak.  I came home, rested, and then decided I had enough energy to shop.  The evening before, I also wanted to go shopping, but could not.  The homeowner fixed my dinner.

I arrived at the store, stepped-out of the car, and began walking as per the recent standard.  I then realized that the disabled walk was a habit and not necessary.  I instructed myself to discontinue the practice.

I walked normally.  It was such a surprise and a delight.

Friday December 06, 2013

Today brought a major physiological change.  I was working a six-hour shift for Advantage Sales and Marketing.  I had my usual half-hour lunch.  When it was finished, and I stood-up, my left ankle/foot immediately allowed me to walk.  When I arrived home and stepped-out of the car, I had a small amount of trouble walking.

Saturday December 07, 2013

Today, I came home from work, stepped-out of the car, and easily walked, with a small amount of pain.

Friday December 13, 2013

In high school I had a friend, Carolyn Cuello.  She often talked about her "baby sister".


This individual is actually her baby.  She became a mother at age 13, during the Presidential Administration of Jimmy Carter.  He very much believes that minority females cannot control their reproductive mechanisms.  Therefore, he arranged for generous welfare programs.  Medicaid paid for the delivery, financing the outdated technique of placing her to sleep, whereas the taxpayer often performs natural childbirth.  Department of Social Services gave her WIC checks financing baby formula such that she could go to school while her grandmother raised her child, whereas the taxpayer typically nurses her baby.

There was also a program available which would entitle her to an unfurnished apartment.  She believed it was due and owing to her because she "became pregnant as a result of an unplanned act of passion."  Obviously, the taxpayer planned it for her.  She forgot to mention that she told me that she scratched him down the chest.  In the European nations, this is called Wicca.  In the Dominican Republic, it is called Voodoo.  I do not know if it is the same biochemical technique of drug-raping the male.

She was ready to move into her apartment and sleep on the hardwood floor with her "baby sister".  However, Ronald Reagan was elected President.  Although Carolyn did not realize it, he complimented her by eliminating this program.  She threw tantrums which I did not understand until the teenage offspring of one of her caseworkers began talking throughout the school.  Carolyn had exhausted this office in her demands for such, while characterizing herself as a pioneering civil rights activist.  But what was most horrifying, were the names, in Spanish, which she called people like my formerly liberal parents who created the swing vote which elected the Republican President.

If we are going to execute effective welfare reform, we need to begin with having her explain why she could easily explain to Department of Social Services that this is her daughter, whereas she could not tell her daughter this.  And if you look at the information on her Facebook page, she still hasn't told her.

Saturday December 14, 2013

Today, as the snow storm began, I decided to go to work.  My supervisor adjusted my arrival time from 11:45 to 10:45 am to coordinate with the expected weather problems.  As I drove home, I made a left turn with such traffic-light-left-turn-signal at a busy intersection.  There were several cars behind me making the same turn.  As I entered the secondary road, my gray car spun 180-degrees.  All the cars behind me kept back.  The oncoming cars kept their distance as I entered opposing lanes to turn the car around.

Thank you to everyone!

Sunday December 15, 2013

I would like to remind everyone that the deadline for answering this website was October 21, 2013.  I do not want to hear that I do not "get it".  If this is what she believes, then she should have said something.  But any e-Bay seller who is dumb enough to be responsive to a perfect stranger (such as Mara Addison) who contacts her, explains that my account was invaded, and requests cooperation with the harassment, should be penalized as per the German principle of punishably dumb.

Part II-----December 15, 2013

I have been watching the 60 Minutes report explaining the National Security Agency's side of the story concerning the leaks by former contractor Edward Snowden.  According to the NSA, all invasions of privacy were for the purpose of National Security.

I would like to remind them that they invaded every facet of my privacy including my telephone calls and Facebook page.

Until now, I did not know if Snowden is a legitimate whistle-blower.  After watching this report, I believe he is.

Thursday December 19, 2013

Dear Satan;

Welcome back!

Would you consider destroying his Presidency?

Saturday December 21, 2013

It is four days before Christmas, the day Joseph and Mary were rejected by the inn.  I would like to remind some people that the Constitution of the United States was written as a result of turn-or-burn.  Our Forefathers decreed that this type of genocide in the name of religious self-righteousness or any other reason, would never again happen.  So if the Hitlers want to desecrate this legal instrument and attack me, they are creating the inevitability.

I will be one of those who laughs and applauds as they are dragged out onto the streets and beaten.  The end of their lives will be the beginning of mine.

Sunday December 22, 2013

For some mysterious reason, for the past few days, I have been constantly thinking about the McMartin Preschool trial.  It occurred in the 1980's.  When the news broke, my mother said, "The social workers blew it!".  The eventual trial lasted 15 months and ended with a not-guilty verdict.  At the time, I watched several talk show programs about it, including Donahue.  I also watched 60 Minutes.  I wrote to both of these shows and asked for the opinions of the pediatricians who treated these children who were the alleged victims of severe abuse.

After the trial, the legal question was, What went wrong?  Fifteen months and millions of dollars spent followed with no conviction.  I now understand that the prosecutors and social workers were trying to break the cycle of Wicca.  I also now understand they did not fail.  These practitioners are programmed not to talk about it nor reveal its secrets. It has likely been practiced for several thousand years, at least.  Furthermore, the children were allegedly severely drugged.  They could not effectively testify because of the language limitations all children have, and because of the memory deficiencies these biochemical weapons of Wicca ensue.

One suggested fact of the case was that the preschool had underground tunnels in which the abuse occurred.  Archeological excavations cannot confirm this.  Another suggested fact is that these children were transported to a local church for Wiccan sadism.

I would like to suggest that archeologists look for the tunnels again.   But this time, look beneath the church allegedly connected to this.  The practice is probably continuing.

And then I want someone to explain to me why I have been thinking so much about this lately.

Tuesday December 24, 2013

On Youtube, I have been watching over-and-over the movie, Indictment.  It is about the McMartin Preschool trial.  The initial accuser, Judy Johnson, is characterized as schizophrenic and alcoholic.  However, no indication is provided as to the source of this information.  The 60 Minutes report by Mike Wallace also did not provide any citation of this.  It does not appear to be her doctor.  I wonder why her Estate did not sue for libel. 

When I began to notice what the people of Wicca are capable of, for which they leave no record of except perhaps a W, their first initiative was to destroy my reputation.  I was characterized as a child-hater and having a sex-drive-problem because I did not understand that a married-man-with-AIDS-and-a-ten-million-dollar-debt-wanted-to-do-me-a-favor-and-sign-his-name-to-my-manuscripts-so-he-could-have-one-erection-with-me.

I am therefore declaring such diagnoses of Judy Johnson as null-and-void unless her doctor states otherwise.  Her Estate can release the information. Furthermore, according to the movie, Judy Johnson was found naked and dead just before the defense attorney was going to analyze her mental situation.  I would like to know if the coroner's report mentions an engraving of a W upon her body or surroundings.  If so, that is adequate for me to reach the conclusion that all of the allegations presented at trial were true.  This was a valid witch-hunt by the prosecution and social workers.

I want an answer from Peggy Ann Bucky, the granddaughter of the founder and owner of the former preschool.  The charges against Ms. Buckey were dismissed.  In addition to being a former defendant, she is also the daughter and sister of the two preschool associates who were tried and acquitted.

Do you practice Wicca?

And do not try to launch any of your biochemical weapons against me.  I have cures for all of them in addition to the fact that my ancestor was the only one of nine children to survive a small pox epidemic.

Saturday December 28, 2013

Dear Mara Addison;

Did you, or did you not, assure Donald Trump that my book would never be published, while you were ridiculing me for failing to understand that my book needs a publisher?

Please answer to me and the other Stupid Sue, Sue Simmons of News 4 New York.  Unfortunately, she did not inherit her mother's intelligence.

Tuesday December 31, 2013

Dear Mara Addison;

Did you, or did you not, assure Donald Trump that my book would never be published, while you were ridiculing me for failing to understand that my book needs a publisher?

I began a new book today.  It is called, The Legend of the Stupid Sues.

Thursday May 22, 2014

I finally updated.

Better late, than never, albeit over five months...

January-June 2014