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Saturday November 22, 2008

Before I become sick again for no apparent reason, would the FBI please look at the occupant two-doors-down from me? Specifically, does he have a tattoo on his inner arm? Was he the third person in my hospital bed in January of 2002?

He moved-in with the single female occupant on the same day the giant hornet’s nest appeared. He knew more about its classification than anyone else.

I believe he is working for Hilary. She likes mixing violence and sex. I wonder how her new boss feels about it.

Tuesday November 25, 2008

Dear President-Elect Barack Obama;

I know there is $500 billion in the rebate account.

The sum of $160 billion is required for checks to be issued at a rate of $600/household member--a repeat of the Spring rebate rate.

There is enough for three checks:

December 1st

January 1st

February 1st


Furthermore, you have some extra money. How about embracing the philosophy that if a taxpayer is entitled to a double-deduction (e.g., senior citizen, etc.), then s/he is also entitled to a double check?

You already met with President Bush. You have a powerful bargaining chip. You can blame the Republicans if the check is not in the mail by Christmas.

I don’t expect you to understand the significance of this Holiday because Kenyans have a very distinct religion. I am certain you have fond memories of such national celebrations as these occurred in your early childhood. Do you have an equal-but-different annual celebration that perhaps you can relate to?

Friday December 05, 2008

Dear Bank of America (formerly Countrywide);

You wanna play?


Saturday December 06, 2008

Yesterday, I telephoned the law firm of Hunt & Leibert and spoke to their paralegal. At first, she did not remember who I am. I explained to her that Bank of America will not stop telephoning me offering me a mortgage possibility. I told her I wanted it to stop. She acknowledged my concern and placed me on hold. When she returned, I believe she did know who I was and, with the professionalism I always receive from her, said, “Ms. Lehman, the phone calls will stop.” Then she was anxious to end the telephone call and did not want to hear my gratitude.

I was receiving as many as three of these calls per week.

If Linda St. Pierre was available, I assume she would have been assigned to return my telephone call to refute my claims on this website. If you will recall, I predicted that her death will occur by my birthday resultant of backfiring biochemical weapons. It is a reasonable assumption that she is dead.

I want State Marshal Tim Poloski, Sargeant Ochtera, and Lieutenant Solenski to visit her grave. No negotiations will be possible before.

And one more thing…

President-Elect Obama’s daughters have asked of me to NOT help their daddy. They have seen the shame which the Bush daughters have of their father and do not want to experience the same.

But I would very strongly ask of the President-Elect to consider what happened to me in that hospital bed, ask Hilary if she had anything to do with it, and if he receives a confirmation, consider the fact of this two daughters.

I want Hilary’s name withdrawn as a candidate for Secretary of State.


Saturday December 13, 2008

Why do the women of Wicca burn-out their own uteruses and lie on a bed all day with a law enforcement officer lying on top of them?

Tuesday December 16, 2008

Last night I telephoned Tim Poloski, the Judicial Marshall.

He said he did not know the name Linda St. Pierre.

He said he is right-handed.

He said he does not smoke.

I referred him to my website. He wasn’t interested.

He declined my invitation to provide his side of the story.

On a related issue…

I would like to ask of Bank of America, formerly Countrywide Home Loans, to please not induce another IRS red flag on my account. I would like to ask of them to officially report to the Connecticut Attorney General’s office that the law firm of Hunt and Leibert stole a mortgage worth $278,000. Although I am not an accountant, I believe I have enough experience filing annual taxes to say that they can take this as a tax deduction.

As to Hunt & Leibert, they will probably deduct their expenses for the property taxes and landscaping. I don’t know how much, I will guess at least $10,000.

I am certain they can’t do that.

In 2006, the mortgage of Vivian Lehman, mortgagee, with Countrywide Home Loans, mortgager, was of issue to us because we liked it.

But the name Countrywide Home Loans was too long for our attorneys to memorize. So we changed it to Wells Fargo by filing a phony Transfer of Mortgage with both the Superior Court and Town of Coventry. In this, we specified that the transfer amount was $1.

But it is still worth $278,000.

Vivian Lehman defaulted on her monthly payments to Wells Fargo. She is behind by a fraction of one cent.

Said Transfer of Mortgage is not herewith attached because it does not specify the who, what, where or when. Superior Court Judge Sferrazza is the only individual ignorant enough to recognize it, because he was never trained as a $7/hour supermarket cashier.

Our phony attorney, Andrew Barsom, signed and filed a Certificate of Foreclosure with said Town. Even though he is unlicensed, it is valid.

Since then we received a Judgment of Foreclosure. Copy not enclosed because it doesn’t exist.

In January of 2008, Countrywide Home Loans and Wells Fargo had to explain 2007 activity. The IRS was confused. It red-flagged Vivian Lehman and the corporations.

Then we decided to perform an eviction. But we never showed for the court date.

Then we decided to perform an ejection. We gave said mortgagee 41 hours to vacate.

Since then, the annual property tax bill was issued to her. But before she received it in early September, we paid the first half. We are planning on taking it as a tax deduction. We will also be deducting our landscaping and cleaning expenses.

The second half will be due on January 31st. We don’t want to pay it.

And in January, more tax forms must be filed declaring 2008 activity. Neither Countrywide nor Wells Fargo can explain it comprehensibly.

In all of our activity, Countrywide Home Loans never presented itself to the Courts and ascertained its interest in the property known as 891 South Street. Henceforth, it is non-enforceable.

Countrywide’s new owner, Bank of America, is now demanding $278,000 for compensation.

Would you please give us the money?

My prediction is that the insurance company will find it shocking, then amusing. They will surmise a Christmas drunk wrote it as a bad joke. It will probably be tossed in the garbage, or used for training purposes to teach newcomers to recognize phony claims.

This means that by Christmas, Hunt & Leibert will have to file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy. And while it is true that the Bank of America will not collect its money by December 31st, my additional guess is that some form should exist to explain to the IRS that the matter is pending, and does not involve me.

Friday December 19, 2008

Of course, I was referring to the malpractice insurance company. And it is my understanding that they are refusing to consider the claim.

It is also my understanding that Bank of America’s in house attorneys and tax accountants are agreeing with me.

And it is my understanding that Hunt & Leibert, a firm specializing in debt collection, has reached the responding conclusion that this must be resolved by a Federal Bankruptcy Court. They are going to try for a Chapter 11 which will allow them to remain in practice. But this may become a Chapter 7 liquidation.

And it is my understanding that the Bankruptcy Courts do not grant petitions for protection, unless the petitioner (i.e., Hunt & Leibert) can demonstrate its resolve that these same mistakes will not be repeated.

In my opinion, the only way they can satisfy the Courts on this issue, is by the partners blowing-the-whistle on attorneys Kenneth Pollock, Sean Sweeney, Peter Ventre, and, if she is still alive, Linda St. Pierre. They will also have to explain that Judge Sferrazza issued an ejectment order without a foreclosure judgment. They will have to file their official report with both the Attorney General’s office and American Bar Association.

They will finally understand that the answer to their problems does not depend on my behavior and the emotions which they believe they can manipulate.

Sunday December 21, 2008

According to the “missing” Hebraic version of Matthew, this is the day Joseph and Mary were rejected by the inn. The counterfeit human species of the Book of Ezra, Chapter 4, decrees this as a must-attack day against the Christians.

This year, it defaults to Saturday December 20th.

Dear Bank of America;

You wanna play some more?

Wednesday December 24, 2008

One week left of 2008. Much happened this year. I know I am more fortunate than most. What dominated the news was the tragic fate of Florida toddler Caylee Anthony. This I my understanding of what happened.

The news media has mentioned the fact that her date of birth was August 09, 2005. But they don’t recognize the significance of it. The mother became pregnant on Halloween night. That wasn’t a broom she was straddling on at age 17.

Of course, this was an unplanned act of passion which resulted in pregnancy. In her Pro Life heroism, she decided not to abort. She then explained to the father that he has to assume financial responsibility for her.

But if this occurred at a Halloween party, she might not know who he is. It doesn’t matter. Someone has to.

No one did, except her parents who allowed her to stay at home. Of course, she could not get a job because the child was a full time responsibility.

As the child approached school age, she was no longer a convenient excuse. The mother had no further use for her.

As she is in jail and prosecutors try to decide what to do, her every move is recorded and watched. Among these, is a conversation she had with her parents through a glass window and microphones. She insisted the child is still alive, will come home, and she wants to be there for the arrival. I believe that she believed this is what law enforcement wanted to hear. She then probably calculated that her release was about to occur, with all suspicion eliminated.

Why would I believe that?

Let’s look at a few other cases.

1997. Princess Diana was murdered as she was about to make a Federal Court appearance on my behalf. The driver of the perpetrating car was a married man with AIDS and a $10,000,000 debt who wanted to do me a favor and sign his name to my copyrights so he may have one erection with me to achieve my pregnancy. He told the Clinton Administration that the murder was performed so he could have a second erection with his wife. President Clinton agreed it wasn’t his fault.

1998. I was in England and had an encounter with a pregnant government official. A few months later, she murdered the offspring, as per Wicca custom. She told law enforcement it was my fault because I never told her that babies are treated by pedestrians. Instead, she took her ailing child to a pharmacist with a suspended New York license who was living in London to avoid penalties. She insisted she didn’t know any better. Scotland Yard agreed I should have known enough to take such initiative. She was never criminally charged.

1998. I was surviving the poison which the people of Wicca had injected into my asthma inhaler while I was in England. They sent Monica Christiensen, the great-grand-niece of a man known as Adolph Hitler (real name Schicklegruber), to administer more poison. In early November, I had just began working at Lord & Taylor. She also acquired a job there, but was not entered into payroll until December 21st. By Thanksgiving, she had perpetrated the act of entering the stockroom of our department, opening my bag, and injecting more poison into my asthma inhaler. Security video taped it, and turned the information over to the general manager, Kathy McTigue. She summoned the Nazi into her office who promised her $30,000 upon my demise. Monica also answered that she did not have enough disposable cash with which to buy the clothes to conform to the dress code. Kathy agreed to allow her to steal all of the clothes she wanted, while waiting for my demise. One year later, upon hearing the word I was considered terminal, Kathy signed an expensive contract to have her kitchen remodeled because she didn’t like it when guests entered her home, and could see directly in the kitchen.

2005. I have realized that Robert Flanagan, an Episcopal minister of the last church I routinely attended while living in New York, looks just like the supervisor of London’s government office. And they both look just like Qusai Hussein. He realized he had to remedy this. So he contacted Sargeant Ochtera and Lieutenant Solenski of the local police department. He explained he was partially responsible for the murder of 60 of their colleagues on September 11, 2001, and that he wanted to murder all law enforcement agents. But I was in the way. He asked of them to visit me and tell me that he doesn’t look like Qusai Hussein. Instead of contacting the FBI, Ochtera and Solenski were delighted to help with this task. They told me that the dead bodies identified as Qusai and Uday Hussein were verified with DNA materials. Of course, the FBI had blood samples of both men from before the date of their demise. In fact, the military claimed for the record that dental records were used. Both men just happened to visit the dentist a few days before the attack, a full set of x-rays were taken, the FBI acquired these and compared to both undamaged faces. And that remedied all suspicion.

Today is, of course, Christmas Eve. I haven’t seen the FBI-Agent/midnight-stranger for a year. He was too much of a coward to go near me throughout all of the turmoil. He has sent the subliminal information he will be here tonight. I am not certain what is planned.

Either he will be here, and attempt to manipulate me into signing something.

Or he won’t be here. The cruel tease is expected to soften my emotions and I will be easier to negotiate with. If not, it isn’t Bank of America’s fault that I have a sex drive problem.

But I did receive one present from them.

I just researched my case on the State of Connecticut Judicial Branch’s website. My silent prediction which I made earlier this year did not come to fruition.

December 29th is the last Monday of this year. Henceforth, it is the last day of 2008 for short calendars of the Superior Court of Tolland County. The prediction I had was that my opposing counsel would file some motion to place us on this. Judge Sferrazza would demand a settlement as well as my explanation of the septic stench in the house.

Didn’t happen.

Sunday December 28, 2008

I would like to make the IRS aware of one more issue.

When the action against me was commenced in 2006, I stopped paying property taxes. As long as President Georgie-Pooh (and now Baby-Bama) was on their side, I knew I had only a small chance. After the Certificate of Foreclosure was filed in October of 2007, Hunt & Leibert paid all back taxes---$10,000.

My guess is they took this as a tax deduction.

I don’t believe they can do that because there is no authorized action against me. Wells Fargo has nothing in its records, not even my social security number, and Countrywide never filed any action against me. Would the IRS please audit? And if this is not the only phony foreclosure they have successfully filed, then there may be other inappropriate deductions. All proceeds should be deposited into the rebate account. I would like the check before the Eastern Orthodox Christmas.

To slightly change the subject…

On December 21st (defaulting on December 20th), this what they pulled…

In April, I left behind a tank-full of oil---350 gallons at approximately $4/gallon. I told the oil company to bill them. It went to collection. (This can’t damage my credit scores because I never signed for the deliveries.) On December 20th, I received a letter from William G. Reveley and Associates, attorneys-at-law demanding $1,804.75.

I immediately researched Mr. Reveley on both abanet.org and the Connecticut Judicial Branch’s website. He has two juris numbers--one for himself and one for the firm. However, there is no record of him on the former.

When researching on the American Bar Association’s website, this is what confuses people. It lists those who passed the Bar exam, as well as those of this group who are “members”. The latter, are people who pay their annual fee for their magazine, referral services, and other amenities.

I understand that Mr. Reveley is not a “member”, but unlike many other “non-members”, there is no record that he ever passed the Bar exam.

But if he tries to sue me, I will name Hunt & Leibert as a third party defendant. I can’t identify Countrywide because no Judgment is on file. I could identify Wells Fargo and force them to make an appearance. Unquestionably, the representative will state for the record that my name is not in their files and they don’t understand what the Courts are talking about.

The following are the cases on the Connecticut Judicial Branch’s short calendars of the Superior Courts for which Mr. Reveley is representing the plaintiffs on January 5th. Although I am not an attorney nor a paralegal, what I would do if I was one of the defendants, is I would make my appearance and nicely explain that I do not do business with any professional until after I see a copy of his/her license. Additionally, I would make my plans known to Mr. Reveley before the Court date. Hopefully, a default judgment would be entered in my favor.

Jan 05 2009 WELLS FARGO BANK, NA V. XXXX CV-08-5003454-S

Windham County


Jan 05 2009 WELLS FARGO BANK, NA V. XXXXX CV-08-5003454-S

Windham County


Jan 05 2009 RAMAPO REALTY V. XXXX CV-08-5009916-S

Waterbury County


Jan 05 2009 RAMAPO REALTY V. XXXXX CV-08-5009916-S

Waterbury County


Jan 05 2009 COUNTY DISTRIBUTORS V. XXXXX CV-08-5009443-S

New London County


Jan 05 2009 CHASE HOME FINANCE V. XXXX CV-08-5019973-S

Bridgeport County


Jan 05 2009 CITY OF NEW HAVEN V. XXXXX CV-08-5020505-S

New Haven County


Jan 05 2009 DEUTSCHE BANK NAT'L V. XXXX CV-07-5003814-S


Jan 05 2009 NEW HAVEN REGISTER L V. XXXX CV-08-5024536-S

New Haven County


Jan 05 2009 NEW HAVEN REGISTER L V. XXXX CV-08-5024536-S

New Haven County


Jan 05 2009 NEW HAVEN REGISTER L V. XXXX CV-08-5024536-S

New Haven County



Part II---December 28, 2008

Today I heard a news report that Wells Fargo is a recommended stock purchase. The argument is that it is a profitable bank despite the collapse in this financial sector. And such success is resultant of the fact that unlike companies such as Countrywide, it has strict lending practices.

However, if you examine the foreclosure activity of the www.jud.ct.gov, you will see that they are plaintiffs just as often as anyone else. For Mr. Reveley, it is disproportionately high.

Wednesday December 31, 2008

As this year comes to a close, I researched my current credit status. Although I haven’t asked for a print-out of the details, it states I have four open accounts. I know that my car lease is one, my Victoria’s Secret charge is second, my Visa is third…

The fourth must be the mortgage. I assume it must be connected to the fact that the property taxes are still in my name. The second-half is due on January 31st. This month they will either intensify the harassment campaign, or finally realize such is inconsequential. Only they can rescue themselves from their self-inflicted financial injuries.

Throughout all that happened, it was good to know that I could always rely on my job with Crossmark. It is the best job I ever had. Not only is it the best paying, but many of the projects can be fun and interesting. The leadership did not involve itself with the terror campaign, and disciplined anyone who collaborated. In March it will be my third anniversary. This is the longest I have been allowed to hold any job. In my script, my character works in a museum store. I am going to add-in that she is fired, and then returns routinely as a Crossmark representative.

(The FBI Special Agent also wants me to change her preference. He wants her to select him instead of the cat for the exotic moment. I am going to change it. She never notices the former.)

This year, my payroll is up 20%, whereas my mileage is up 40%. While it is true I am also paid per mile, I prefer the former as income. The problem is my new position within the territory. But as I am becoming stronger, and finally routinely working five-days straight, I can perform more hours within a day. Hopefully, this will counter-adjust the problem.

Included in my character’s assignments are resets of the book department, making clothes for exhibits, and placement of signage in the theater regions. And the executives of the company will find her former boss for a lesson on how to merchandise.

One thing we at Crossmark have to do is merchandise without a planogram. When I worked at Lord & Taylor from 1998-2000, I learned how to do this. We could not work with a permanent or semi-permanent planogram. The fashion world moves too fast. Filomena Serra was my first manager and an expert at setting up the colors and styles to maximize sales. (On November 27, 2000, as I received a clear diagnosis, she was promoted and transferred to another store, Monica was transferred from her department into ours, and Amy Robbins Salerno was issued her certificate to practice medicine even though she had no license.)

But during that year, I learned plenty.

In 2003, when I lived in New York, I routinely visited a store named Pins and Needles in Mount Kisco. If you will recall, my mother’s classic Singer sewing machine was not working. I now finally understand that the rayon I routinely work with is very sensitive. It requires a new sharp needle with every garment, not the universal needle my mother worked endlessly with. But at the time, I gave-up on her machine. For $10/hour, I worked with their Bernina machines in their classroom. I was once operating such during a class. They were preparing garments for a local museum.


As the new year begins, I want one thing from Wall Street. For the month of January, I would like them, under the guidance of my students, to place human rights on the negotiations table first. This includes OPEC.

I believe that the market will become so strong, that we will have to remind ourselves of one small principle.

During the year 2004, we were watching the scale which my father characterized as THE Leading Economic Indicator---ISM---Institute of Supply Management. I wanted it to increase from 62%. My father had a different idea. I hope I am correctly characterizing it.

If our statistics are too high, then what goes up must come down.

If we establish good statistics as normal, then we have strong, long-term economic growth.

But nonetheless, but the end of this month, I would like Wall Street’s Dow to cross the psychologically crucial 10,000 mark. But I do not want it to go to 20,000.

President Obama wants to know my secret for expanding the job market at the rate of 300,000/month. I didn’t do it.

During the year 2004, my students had the idea of pressuring their adopted companies into converting their multi-million dollar bonuses into $30,000/year jobs for the general public. That’s what did it.


In language-of-choice

What is your birthday?

What is your favorite book?

In English,

How is your favorite cartoon created?

In language-of-science,

Does the right side of the brain control

the right side of the body?

In language-of-geography,

What is the United 50 States of North America?


In language-of-choice

View favorite DVD.

Give synopsis to class.

In English,

How are movie-special-affects created?

In language-of-science,

Where are the controlling mechanisms of the brain?

In language-of-geography,

Are the terms United States of America

and North America