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February 19, 2004

On 60 Minutes last night I saw a very informative report by Bob Simon on flying mice who have exploited the trade of mutual funds.  I appreciated the feature of a whistleblower.  I would like to ask of him and other journalists of CBS to recognize one detail of his report:  He explained that each investor only felt this problem by a few dollars.  If we all made a list of all the forms of corruption which only cost us a few dollars, the list would be very long.  It has been this mentality which has destroyed the economy (i.e., just a few dollars for Tantrum-tax, Door-to-Door bus-service tax, etc.).

February 19, 2004

Last night on CBS National News I witnessed anchor Dan Rather explain that IBM was forced by a civil court to reform its pension practices.  I  did not include this on this website because when I visited their website, I could not find material.  With no print-out, I did not want to include it.  I have print-outs of all entered information because in six months it is unlikely I will remember what I was trying to say.

February 22, 2004

I have just visited napm.org.  They have restructured their website for the better, although it took me a few minutes to find my way through it.  On their opening page, you must find the icon, ISM Report on Businesses.  The first entry on the list which follows is Latest Manufacturing ROB.  What follows is a more detailed explanation of the Index, as well disclaimer of misconceptions.  If one scrolls down, one will find a detailed explanation of how the figure can be improved:  supplier deliveries slowing, customers' inventories too low.  I assume customer refers to Staples, J.C. Penney, etc.

Feb. 22, 2004

Today I watched 60 Minutes which included a very interesting report on boosting--groups of well organized and skilled South American immigrants who steal from stores thousands of dollars in merchandise in a few minutes.  Helping stores with their loss prevention problems would add sprinkles to our dessert, but only microscopically.  I asked the district head of Loss Prevention of Staples who steals more, customers or management.  He said the latter steals over eight-times as much.  He explained it is because they typically have keys to merchandise.  Inasmuch as I understand his reasoning, at Lord & Taylor I had access to the same merchandise as the granddaughter of Adolph Hitler.  I would never have been allowed the grand larceny she was permitted, but management fired the store's head of Loss Prevention because he would not "let it go."

Feb. 24, 2004

CBS News appears to be dismayed by my decision to cancel the ornament dedicated to the Consumer Confidence Index.  They are correct in representing this figure as the "common person" who has power over the stock market as Wall Street typically follows the vicissitudes of this.  My problem was that after January's number declined into February's, and after I found myself working with the "revised" January figure, I realized I was in over-my-head.  So I called my father asking for THE leading economic indicator.  In response to CBS, this is what I am going to do.  If the figure declines (which I hope it doesn't), and if the market responds by finding ways to correct the adversities thereby ensuing an immediate rise in the stock market, I will call it an ornament.  In simpler terms, lower figures must make us stronger.

February 25, 2004

I just finished another long distance conversation with my father.  According to him, the social security crisis now being addressed by Alan Greenspan, can be remedied either by increasing social security tax by 30%, or reducing benefits by 30%, or 15/15%.  He explained that the problem is that people born during the 1946 baby boom are now 58 years old, and had only a few children who are now paying social security tax.  These people anticipate selling their stocks to finance their retirement.  It used to be (more-or-less) 2 or 3 people entered the market, for every 1 which left it.  Now it is 1.5 - 2 for every 1.  These people will also be selling their homes to a smaller market.

February 29, 2004

It is my understanding that the pressure is on corporate America to reach a better balance between the salaries of lower level employees and upper management.  I am glad to hear that.  But the issue goes deeper than numbers into mentality.  The best example I can give of occurred in 1997 when my former publisher, Dorrance, told me they were going to do me a favor and let me pay for the damage which billionaire Donald Trump did to my property.  The New York Times and NBC News agreed as they approached my employer to find innovative ways to harass me.  This was guaranteed success for the book.  The most peculiar aspect of all this was that the publisher already informed my retail supervisor that she will not be allowed to market my book, nor will her parent company.  Nonetheless, she offered me extra hours as a cashier to pay for this.  When I did not call the publisher to explain I will pay, she withdrew her offer.  We live in a culture which believes that tolerance of abusive behavior is a good thing, with profit potential.  This attitude included the publisher allowing themselves to work for Trump for free as they began production of this third book.  It was guaranteed profit, which was lost because I did not cooperate.  Trump knows he can exploit this cultural condition, which is how he made his money.  Lord & Taylor performed a similar stupidity when they gave X-Files David Duchovny $10 million dollars from employee payroll to finance his personal debt.  This would lead to guaranteed profit potential if only I would cooperate.  In the interim, many of us were denied 25 cents-per-hour raises, and I was endlessly harassed by Hitler's granddaughter over a 10 cents-per-hour raise.

March 02, 2004

I have just reviewed an atlas and made a list of all petroleum, natural gas, and oil-mining countries.  Included in the list is Vietnam.  We have been a  position to negotiate release of MIA's for many years.  The only other nation which interests me is Benin, formerly known as the land of the Dahomeans--a fascinating people.  Amnesty International had nothing about it.  But according to my Encarta, their petroleum resources are nearly exhausted.  My inference is that their drilling techniques are what is depleted.  But I will leave the rest to my students.

March 04, 2004

There are two people in the Georgie-Pooh White House Administration whose job is always turned-over to me; Federal Reserve Chair Alan Greenspan and National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice.  The former is economically completely impotent, which is why the Pooh likes him.  He is not afraid to leave him alone with his daughters.  The latter always needs me as a babysitter, and doesn't know enough to be embarrassed by this.  But I am not allowed to ask for a salary.  They have explained many times before that if I use supermarket coupons and spend less money on asthma remedies, they would not have to be bothered with this issue.  But if Georgie-Pooh would change his ideology about the applicability of the Constitution to issues of male impotence, his daughters may change also--if it isn't too late.  I often wonder how many abortions they have each had.  I don't want to know about both, I can't count that high.  Both these executive officials must be fired.  It is not possible that an economy was created in which trustees could illegally receive multi-million dollars bonuses, in addition to their dividends, at the expense of the pension funds of their employees.  And it is not possible that Haiti's President Aristide could smuggle Uranium right in front of the President's right-hand-lady, without her understanding it was wrong.  Unless she is receiving a kickback.*

March 05, 2004

Today I purchased the book, Condi; The Condoleezza Rice Story, by Antonia Felix. The author demonstrates a enthusiasm for her future career as a politician appearing to champion the idea that she could be the first female president.  But the more I read, the more I believe she is KGB.  On page 245, the author describes her 2001 visit to Moscow, Russia, explaining that such a trip had not been made since Henry Kissinger's visit.  That's no compliment.  On page 230, the author describes her pre-2000-election  representation of Bush's plan to withdraw United States troops from the Balkans, and the European uproar which followed.  On page 231 we learn that during the first few months of his term, Bush used a "hands-off approach to the Middle East."  What the book does not describe, but I would like to repeat, is that the President took the position that because Russia's Prime Minister Putin was the first to transmit a condolence call to him, he was innocent of involvement in September 11th.  I concluded from this that he was guilty.  Condi must know that Putin is the former head of the KGB.  Does she really believe that he erased all his anti-American training?  But nonetheless, we must find out what her interest in the Balkans really is.  This is the region which former President Billy-Goat Clinton signed a peace agreement for, without a Russian military clause.  And of course, the Russians moved right in on the peaceable conditions.  Condi's good friend Madeline Albright was the Secretary of State involved in that moment of historical stupidity.

March 06, 2004

One obvious question might be why I believe Condi is my nemesis rather than the other Pooh Executive officials.  It isn't just because of her Russian oil dealings as a former member of the Board of Directors of Chevron [pp. 192-93]. On Sunday, February 29th, I was asked by my manager to take Monday off.  She had some explanation I somehow understood.  I complied--glad to have the rest as the benign tumor was dissolving by combining Solaray's Grapefruit Pectin with Bromelain.  When I picked-up my mail from my post office box that day-off, I found the letter which had been mailed on the 25th from the Westchester County Bar Association Grievance Committee informing me that my case was dismissed because there was no record that my former attorney went to law school or passed the Bar.  Sunday was, of course, the day President Aristide was forced to leave Haiti.  Condi couldn't handle the situation and whipped the hide off of me by selling me South.  In simpler terms, she is my slave master, and the Pooh hers.  My other slave-master is Alan Greenspan, who did us all a favor and enabled us to finance multi-million dollar illegal corporate bonuses, by lowering interest rates and creating record-high personal debts.  It is a Canaanite disaster he and the Administration are proud of.

March 06, 2004

As the harassment continues, I must counter-attack.  For a long time now I have been trying to decide which oil/gas company we should boycott.  We can't do them all, but we can make a brutal example out of one.  I am not as worried about Trickie-Dickie Cheney's connections as I am about KGB-Con's.  She is intelligent, he dumb.  She avoids CIA Director George Tenet, he doesn't.  I have decided to target CHEVRON.

March 07, 2004

It is official.  It is a no-holds-barred cat-fight between me and Condi.  She is determined to nullify the anti-slavery laws and have me address her as master.  Today she took her only contaminated blanket, and informed me she is rolling it up and preparing to stuff it into a canon:  She will influence New York State Attorney General Eliot Spitzer to dismiss my claim against the hospital.  Considering the fact that I already guessed I was going to loose, it really isn't a blanket, but rather a thread.  I must go into maximum fire-power earlier than I intended.  I will need complete scrutinization of her campaign contributions to the Republican party.  Did she acquire her job because she was the female who donated the most money, just as Geraldine Ferraro was the first female vice presidential candidate because she assured nominee Walter Mondale that her husband has more money than the other candidates?  And this was to the delight of the feminists.  I also need analysis of Chevron's human rights issues in Nigeria:  "The corporation was charged with aiding Nigeria's military police in crushing public demonstrations [p. 193] ".  And I don't believe this author when she explains that the people were protesting the "exploitation"  of the region where most of the oil reserves are located.  Thank you in advance for your help.

March 08, 2004

I suppose you are wondering why I stopped developing the rest of this Christmas page.  At the time the harassment began on the 25th, I stopped watching the news.  Not because I was blaming CBS but because they stopped giving me information.  During my breaks at work I read The Daily News and New York Post.  They stopped too.  But I am still hoping someone will explain to me why the overthrow of Aristide was not a Secretary of State issue.  How did it change offices?

March 12, 2004

On March 01st, I noticed the ISM website was reorganized again such that the first thing seen on opening page is the information we need.

March 18, 2004

I finally remembered!!! I went to college with an author of a cookbook. At the time we were both anthropology majors.  She was my sports editor on my newspaper staff.  And it was only she who had a story (outside of her domain) which the networks could only drool for.  She found celebrity singer Prince on campus entertaining physically challenged children.  But she had a problem.  She lost her notebook.  She called me at the newspaper office.  I hadn't seen it.  Late at night she called my home.  I was out but my mother took the call and asked if this was about the missing notebook.  She appreciated that.  I finally found it--on her desk in the newspaper office.  I first read about her book in the alumni newsletter.  It was published in 1995 and on the paperback bestseller list; The Flavor of Cuba, Royal Palm Press, New York.  It was good to read her style of writing again:  "Many are shocked to discover that (Cuban cuisine) is not the hot and peppery cuisine that (people) believe it to be.  Others erroneously assume it to be unsophisticated and limited to the renowned "rice and beans" only."

The picture on the right was taken by Elizabeth Ianuzzi.  I am in the back with my arms around Ellen with the glasses, and Laura.

March 23, 2004

The stock market only declined one-point today.  I admit I neglected the situation since the incident in Madrid because I haven't been watching the news.  But that is not an excuse for what happened.  I don't want to have to say it again.  The stock market must shoot-up every time any threat looms over it.  I read the Daily News in the break room today.  The whistle-blowing has begun.

March 29, 2004

It is my understanding there has been recent discussion about raising the minimum wage to $7.10.   This is how this translates into my proposal.  The price at the pumps should go down to $0.71/gallon; multiplying this by 20,000 renders $14,200.  At 35 hours/week for 50 weeks/year, this salary without a tax burden is $12,425.  But Earned Income Credit could compensate.  This may seem excessive, except for the fact that many union contracts demand $0.25/hour raise every six months.  The following year such an earner will receive $13,300.  We can raise Earned Income Credit by allowing rent as a tax deduction (within reasonable amounts). 

March 30, 2004

I recently attempted to investigate the location of the gravesite of Caitlin McTigue--the daughter of the general manager of Lord & Taylor who ingested food poisoned by Monica (the granddaughter of Hitler and Weiskar) at a children's fashion show for the employees.  The site does not appear to exist.  I do not believe she is in a mass grave as I suspect these people learned their lesson about evidencing their actions in this way.  My suspicion is that she was fed to a boa constrictor.  If this is true, then she may have been fed alive.  And if this is true, then one must reside at the hospital in which she died.  Northern Westchester Hospital Center is not closest to their home.  And if any of this is true, then one group of people must be witnessing everything:  It is a department called Transportation consisting of volunteers and employees who move patients throughout the building on wheelchairs and stretchers. 

March 31, 2004

Holy Thursday is approaching.  I will be working full shifts on this day, Good Friday, and Saturday.  They apparently do not want me to find a reason to put China out-of-business.  Their excuse is that China can and will retreat into seclusion.  My attitude is that I cannot do everything for everyone and if they don't like that, they can talk to Mrs. O'Hara.  I must hold the reigns tightly, as emotions can explode very quickly and violently.  But since they have pushed me aside, I must place one of the reigns into the hands of people they fear more than me--my students.  You know where I work.  If there is any trouble such as a threat of a reprimand, politician who hangs-up the phone, etc., I will act decisively.  I would like to remind all attorneys real and fake, that the whistleblower need NOT be correct, only reasonable, and that a request for an investigation is NOT an accusation.

April 01, 2004

I heard the news that OPEC is about to lower production and generate an increase in oil/gas prices.  If the stock market had risen at the time we felt threatened, I believe lower production would lead to lower prices.  I am about to check the ISM Index.  I hope I am not disappointed.

April 04, 2004

As Holy Thursday is approaching, William is becoming increasingly nervous.  He vandalized my car, again.  This time he struck the outside door mirror twice.  I will have my mechanic remove the few shattered pieces remaining.  But this is good news.  On this Palm Sunday, I would like to ask of those who know anyone who is considering blowing-the-whistle this Thursday, to telephone that person and offer encouragement.  Perhaps not ironically, when I was a child and our Unitarian congregation did not have a minister, this day was my mother's to take the pulpit.  The other interesting news is that, as you know, the reason why Condi Rice challenged me to this cat fight is that Richard Clarke's bestselling book reveals that the Bush Administration knew that the events of September 11th, 2001 were inevitable, but because she never heard of al Qaeda, she decided it did not exist.  And Georgie-Pooh was obsessed with finding an excuse to invade Iraq and grab its oil.  And, of course, this is my fault.  On the issue of Iraq, I have been thinking back on the time President Billy-Goat Clinton wanted me to help negotiate peace with Sadaam Hussein.  The response by New York's Jews of leadership, The New York Times, was to withhold the message for one year, to have me fired from my job at the supermarket, and then terrorize any employer who wanted to hire me.  They continually had people everywhere ask me if I was working.  Their objective was to force me to beg David Duchovney for marriage and resultant financial dependency, after he did me the favor of selling my X-Files' script with his celebrity authorship.  David was avoiding pre-nuptial blood tests because he had AIDS.  Hussein is a privately practicing Jew, as are many Moslems.  His downfall did not lead to the destruction of Israel.  I suspect the hike in oil/gas prices has preserved it.  They need a lot of money.  Their Tantrums do not want to breast feed their financial dependency mechanisms, so the leadership uses its voting power to set-up the United States welfare system to accommodate her over $1,000/year substitution.  This, I am certain, is one exemplification of their grotesque financial needs.  If we succeed in turning over OPEC, Israel will cease to exist, and the war over who can claim the lie of the identity of the true original Biblical developers of the land, will terminate. (see Ezra, chapter 4--Israelis versus Jews)

April 07, 2004

It has been demanded of me to use my Made in the USA wet-bar recipes to manipulate someone into marrying me.  But which one?  They can fill-out their applications and mail these to me.

April 08, 2004

I recently noticed this Xmas04 file was becoming too large to easily transmit from my computer onto the Internet  I knew before too long the virtual memory will be prompting me to correct the problem.  So Eric came to add the page Xmas05.  I transferred all issues we will work on this year, but have not yet many any real progress on it, and I suspect won't until the socialist world understands we own our money.

April 10, 2004

It is still to early to accurately estimate, but it is my understanding that one million people may have blown the whistle on corruption on April 08th.  As the date approached, I knew I only needed one to change the course of history.  One issue appears to have been a project by Boeing of phony intention.  The estimation is billions of dollars in savings to taxpayers.  I don't have enough information to establish if it is dessert sprinkles, a stocking stuffer or  present under the tree.  But I do believe that if it is, for example, five billion, and if there are one hundred other such whistle-blowings, then the United States deficit could be resolved by Mother's Day.  I am so amazed, that I have resolved that the next National Whistleblowers' Day will be September 11th.

April 14, 2004

I need to explain why I interpreted Kodak's exit from the DOW 30 as an economics ornament to pay the taxes on Tara.  Joseph Kiley, my photographer who owns the store Katonah Image, has been complaining that Kodak fired all of its experienced employees, and replaced these with low-paid inexperienced laborers.  Joseph's problem is that Kodak is relying on its old reputation in that customers continually ask for this product.  He does not want to say yes or no.

April 15, 2004

Inasmuch as I have tried to arrange these Christmas web-pages such that you can print these in portrait-style to save paper, I can no longer conserve space vertically.  You will have to print these in landscape form.

April 16, 2004

I have decided to cease my fire.  Not because they want the title of heros for helping maintain the fragile truce in Fallujah, but because I have my own priorities.  I want to affect three ISM/NAPM reports.  The first I hope will be May 1st.  The third will be October 01st--after the next National Whistleblowers' Day on September 11th.  The second will be after the day the Boston Tea Party will, I hope, finally manifest its message.  It has already begun with the withdrawal of Russian and Russian associated oil workers from Iraq who pretend to export from Russia while a boycott against this Middle Eastern nation is theoretically in effect.  On July 04th, pursuant to the fact that equal-pay-for-equal-work is a male impotence issue, I am decreeing that all men over age 18 must be financially independent of all women.  No loans!!!  And the last gift received will be on Fathers' Day which will not exceed the cost of $50.  Since there are no presents under the tree yet, and probably won't be until next year, I don't have to address the Christmas 2004 issue.  I am targeting China because it is Prince William's groin.

April 17, 2004

The cease fire does not include gas hikes.  My objective is to render the entire male population completely impotent because I am tired of being told to curtail my spending practices so no one has to be bothered with my demands for Constitutionality.  And I am tired of being forced to apologize every time I spend any amount of money.  If they are worried about my holding-onto the house, why don't they have Staples issue me a raise?  I have been called a "strong woman".  My former publisher called me this when I refused to pay for the damage which a billionaire did to my property.  And this billionaire, Donald Trump, remains unapologetic.  I am considering suing the Town of Bedford demanding that I should only be charged 70% of the property taxes male homeowners are charged because women are making 70-cents for every dollar men make.

April 18, 2004

Since I reproduced my father's e-mail, Eva Braun has been hinting she would like a role in the Christmas Administration.  She has been getting around the fact that I stopped watching the news since William was allowed to transmit to me the information that he is willing to give me the $1 million compensatory damages I am demanding, if I understand that his impotence is an issue.  (I was especially shocked that CBS local news would broadcast this since he went skiing with that beautiful super-model.  He isn't mine.)  There can be no question in anyone's mind that I did not learn world leadership from any member of family.  My mother could not have taught me this, my father is a professor, my grandmother an instructor, and my grandfather a physician.  My father has an architect-brother and executive secretary sister-in-law and mother.  His father died before I was born.  There can also be no question in anyone's mind from reading Eva Braun's letters, that my style of writing imitates hers.  I always emulated her.  I can probably guess what she wants a role in.  It is related to her post-graduate studies.  She told me she never completed these because of her husband's career.  She almost had a doctorate.  She probably wants to help promote awareness of preservation of non-glamorous species; insects (not butterflies), etc.  I will allow her this, on the condition that she goes to a psychiatrist and admits she is a serial killer.  And I would like to remind Georgie-Pooh's Attorney General, that the Constitution is non-applicable to issues of male impotence, and henceforth, she is non-prosecutable.  In addition to the fact that if our cultural condition of forced enslavement of women drove her insane, the White House has only itself to blame for what happened.  But even now, a few hours after my earlier entry into these notes, as Eva begins to subliminally explain that she was second in command, at least, and also begins to explain that the story of World War II is not as simple-minded as the textbooks explain, I would rather she told her story directly as she taught me to.  But I appreciate the way she smacked everyone over the head over the way my e-bay account and other website was interfered with.  As old as they may be, a good maternal tongue-spanking always has its affect.

April 19, 2004

Should I have Eric return and set-up a fifth set of pages?

 Eva Braun    Eva's Story    Eva's Menu     Eva's Mass

And should President Pooh begin to set-up the East Wing for her?

April 19, 2004

For the past few months, William has had co-workers harass me because I do not do a good enough job penny-pinching to hang-onto this house.  Craig, the general manager, was very responsive when I complained to him.  But today, as I purchased another Cosmi softwear for $3.33, one of them said to me with the tone of voice I was so familiar with, "Spend it all.  We need the sales."  I am going to watch the 5 pm news today, more for Eva than anyone else.  But if, by 5:15, I do not hear

William is seeing someone else so therefore he is no longer allowed to break into the house,

William can never claim ownership of this house because he did not allow me to take financial care of it,

William will pay me back the $371.00 I spent today on the vandalism he, on two occasions of breaking-in, inflicted on my car,

I will smash the television set on the driveway.

April 21, 2004

I am certain you already guessed, I ceased my cease fire.  The $371.00 repair bill and all the threats pushed me over the edge after I smashed the television set at exactly 5:15.  Their emotions were about to loose control.  And I finally noticed that William began calling and visiting my bedroom in the middle of the night immediately after I said I had a list long enough to put China out-of-business.  I have done additional research in the Hammond World Atlas and have learned that Israel's gross domestic product was estimated in 2001 at $119-billion/$20,000-per-capita.  This is more than double the figure for Iraq; $59-billion/$2,500-per-capita.  That is impossible, unless it is reflective of revenue from the illegal pipeline (Daiquir at The Bar).  I am officially concluding that the $119 billion was that revenue for Israel.  And if they don't like what I am saying, they can stop the threats, put their responses in writing, mail it to me, then I will publish these on this website and apologize.  The GDP for Russia was $1.2-trillion/$8,300-per-capita.  I believe that is also the revenue, minus the kickback to Sadaam Hussein.  Russia and Mexico combined contributed 127.5 million barrels-per-day to the United States supply.  OPEC supplies 22.5.  I don't know what they charge but these figures seem proportionate to the GDPs.

April 22, 2004

I have a question for Dorrance Publishing, my former publisher:  Would they have demanded of me to pay for the damage which a billionaire did to my property if the perpetrator had been female and I male?  Why was it automatic that I should pay for it?  All the executives involved were female.  When they turned this over to a male collection agent, he agreed with me.  I have in my lifetime observed other issues of men, women and money.  When I was growing-up I knew a family rather well.  It took me years to understand that he married her because he was promised her father's and mother's inheritance.  They waited for them to die, planning the renovations of their attic. After college I knew one male who drove an old rusty car.  He dated a female a few times, then they broke-up.  But during the relationship he acquired a better looking used car.  I suspect she bought it for him.  This must have been what was expected of me, and I was called crazy for failing to understand.  Judge Judy does not see the worst.  These women are too embarrassed.  I suspect the feminists who turned against me are those who never experienced a male offering them such an opportunity.  I want Jill Ireland, the former president of the National Organization for Women, to deliver an answer.

April 23, 2004

I have a very naughty, and unfounded theory about our National Security Advisor, Condoleezza Rice.  I suspect that the CEO of Euell Energy, Renard Euell, is her husband.

April 23, 2004

It is my understanding that my entry into these notes earlier today is correct.  But I do not know if The Pooh knew.

April 26, 2004

I am aware of the fact that socialist Europe and Israel are about to starve.  Earlier on this website I offered to help their textile industries.  The offer was refused.  I now cannot help because I will encourage a repeat of past events.  And, of course, it is all my fault.

April 27, 2004

Today I researched on the Internet Renard Euell.  I found one entry; AARL: Research Archives - Finding Aids - Regis Groff Papers...Box 2.  FF37 - Renard Euell. 4/12/78.   www.aarl.denverlibrary.org/archives/groff.htmlIn the Regis Groff Papers, the name in the website description does not appear, but the name in its title, Regis Groff, does.  It chronicles his life in great detail from his birth in 1935, until 1981.  His life since 1963 has revolved around Denver, Colorado.  Between 1974 and 1981, after a long history in the schools, he was elected to the Colorado State Senate, and then "retired" from politics and went on to work in the Juvenile Correctional System.  According to the euellenergy website, this company was founded in 1970 and has an interest in the Colorado River Water Diversion.  According to the book, Condi, this National Security Advisor received her doctorate from the University of Denver in 1981.  The one thing which both men have in common is an association with PUSH.  Regis Groff has been involved in its Denver Board, and Renard Euell has been a coalition member.  This means that there is one person who can answer my questions; Jesse Jackson.

April 28, 2004

In Diary of a Septic Tank I explained that I believe that the co-conspirator of September 11, 2001, British Prime Minister Tony Blair, only knew of the second later pair of planes.  Henceforth, his "British tourists" incinerated as it was the earlier set which attacked the World Trade Towers.  (And to this date, he still has not given us any information about these victims.) I believe he had no knowledge that the post 8 a.m. set would go toward Washington, D.C.  I believe Condi had the same information as Tony, and never expected to be a target.  But on that fateful morning, she must have thought differently.  According to the book Condi [p. 226], after she learned of the second impact on the Towers, she went directly to the White House military command center.  I do not know if this was before or after the Pentagon was struck.  My inference is that she knew immediately which airline they should target before it became the fourth terrorist attack, and ordered it destroyed.  The alternative scenario is that occupants of this flight which ended in the fields of Pennsylvania, used their cell phones to call 911.  These operators telephoned the FBI.  These agents contacted the Federal Aviation Administration, who contacted the Air Force with the geographic coordinates, who contacted a military official with the authority to order the plane destroyed, who contacted the pilot and gave the orders.  All of this, between the time the plane changed course at 9:37 a.m., and crashed 33 minutes later.

April 29, 2004

It is in President George Bush's best interest if he responds to this obvious issue of the most serious Security breach in our National history, NOT by relaying to me subliminal messages to the general public, but by placing his denial of involvement in writing and hand-delivering it to me for publication on this website.

April 30, 2004

I looked in greater detail into the book, Condi.  After the second pre-8 a.m. plane hit the Towers, she attempted, upon her arrival at the military command center, to call a meeting of the top members of the National Security Council which included Donald Rumsfeld, Defense/Pentagon Secretary.  This was as he was helping the injured after the Pentagon was struck at 9:43 a.m.  He was henceforth, unavailable to take her telephone call [p. 226].  I am inferring she must have somehow learned about his situation.  The only subliminal information I received these past few days about President Bush's reaction to my reconstruction of these events is that when eye-witnesses confirmed the first sequence  I suggested, he beat-her-up.

May 01, 2004

Since mid-February of this year, the Euro currency has reversed its growth trend.  Before this date, it was on a steady ascent almost reaching a record high of $1.30.  Now it is in a free-fall as it struggles to stay over $1.18.

May 02, 2004

President Bush is allowing Prince William to harass and threaten me.  Henceforth, I am concluding that he knew as much as Condi did on September 11, 2001, and recently beat-her-up because she was the one who was caught.  If Bush was a patriot, he would either arrest William or send him home, and not allow him to use our satellites.

May 03, 2004

It has been my understanding that someone is interfering with my Internet connection such that I am having difficulty transmitting.

May 04, 2004

May 07, 2004

The current condition of the Euro, as I understand it, is that before I said I could put the nation of China out-of-business, $1.30 purchased one Euro.  Today it is $1.20.  I am going to guess this may be our best defense against re-activation of the illegal pipeline.  And don't worry if they are going to starve.  They will think of an honest solution to their problems if they want to.
The question still remains of why September 11th (of 2001) was the attack day.  I have only two thoughts.  The first is this may have been the birth-date (albeit 1998) of the child of the customs official of Heathrow Airport in London. That is the child who died, because, according law enforcement and her testimony, I never told her that babies are treated by pediatricians.  In fact the real problem as that her supervisor was the father, and she had to turn over one child for human experimentation for the development of biochemical weapons.  My second thought is that this may have been the date of the appearance of the Archangel Gabriel.

May 08, 2004

What gaspricewatch appears to be suggesting is that what is tilting the nationwide average price at the pump is the $3.19 highest price found in California.  That is a product of a having a predator as Governor.  I suspect that there are many of you who supported him, invested money in his campaign, and expected to receive something in return.  You didn't.  But his price list rose, and you gave and gave.  What you can now all do is threaten to abandon his ship.

May 09, 2004

The transmission of my August X-Targets entry was interfered with in that someone attempted to purge the section below the headline Targets.  This must have been Prince William.  This must mean he had a very abusive childhood.

May 11, 2004

The bad news is that the national average for gas is up to $1.97.  The good news is that the Californian highest price dropped in three days from $3.19 to $2.99.  This is an ornament.

May 30, 2004

Gaspricewatch referenced an article today by the South Illinoisan suggesting that building more oil refineries in the United States may be the answer to our problems.

June 04, 2004

As you may already know from watching ISM/NAPM and non-farm payroll, the numbers are still good.  And, as you already know, I decided to listen to my father by encouraging steady growth.  The goal for the former is 61.225 monthly, without the ascension I originally specified.  The goal for the latter is 250,000/month.  I have decided that a surge will render a spike because what comes-up must go down.  It would be better if each of these numbers become normal status, as I believe these have.  What is not likely to normalize is the only usable statistic on salaries.  It is published by the Department of Commerce; disposable personal income as it is chained to inflation figures of the year 2000.  According to my father today, a good figure is 0.15, although it is not measured two digits to the right of the decimal.  Our standards will be 0.25.  It is a tree ornament issue.

June 07, 2004

I have been trying to research which economic indicator will be released on September 10th, the default date to Saturday, September 11, 2004.  We already know it is not ISM/NAPM as this is released on the 1st of every month.  It is not Non-Farm Payroll as this is released on the first Friday of the month.  And it isn't the Department of Commerce's inflation adjusted disposable income as this is released around the 28th day of the month for the previous month.  My father today referred me to the economic calendar found on msn money.  It is too early to predict, but it seems to me the most likely is unemployment insurance weekly initial claims.  As I look at its history, it does not appear we have had any impact on it.  It may appear that we should have had an impact because of the one million new jobs we created in the past three months.  But I believe it is also a mix-and-match game best exemplified by my workplace.  As we all struggle to get out of there, one individual who recently graduated from college found a job in the field where he wants to be.  But it is only clerical and does not have the benefits he needs.  So he remains in the store on Sundays.  Another individual with some college education found another job but refused it because it pays less and has fewer benefits.  Eric K., the military trained computer programmer who set-up my home computer, acquired one interview after a long nationwide search.  I know you have been patient for a long time for economic relief, but we are all just going to have to hang-in there a little longer.

June 08, 2004

I may be wrong.  But I think that the Kennedys, in their exhausted condition, want credit for what I suspect they negotiated.  The recent United States decline in oil prices to below $39/gallon appears to be corresponding to the time the British are paying $6/gallon for pump-gas.  Henceforth, the British are probably paying for their own socialized medicine.   (And of course, the real definition of socialism is the redirection of gas/oil monies from OPEC into Europe in exchange for European United Nations votes.  Not coincidentally, OPEC headquarters is in Austria--Hitler's birthplace.)  Not surprisingly, William has begun calling me again.  His owner in the background tells him when to disconnect without explanation.  The best way I can help the British is by attempting to influence the next election--either you are pro-Christmas or you are fired.  I would like to ask all British citizens to take this time to confront all candidates.  Tell them you know the real definition of socialism and that you are quite capable of being self-supporting.  Tell them you know the mad cow problem is a result of the tolerance of all forms of Middle Eastern abuses in exchange for these monies.  And tell them that socialism is the only reason for your economic crisis.  You should also make Prince William aware of the fact that he can be fired too.  You want your agricultural and tourist industries back by Christmas of 2004.  But do not avail yourselves to slander and libel suits.  I am certain you will think of some way.

June 18, 2004

I can no longer access the website I was using to monitor casualties of United States soldiers in Iraq.  For the first few days the page could not be displayed, I assumed it was a temporary technical issue.  Now I don't know.  But I did ascribe the decline in gas-pump prices with a wreath  .  On another subject, there is another issue.  On the 10th of this month, I declared an Xmas 04 Emergency explaining that if British Prime Minister Tony Blair's party does not do well on these same date elections, he must be watched closely because a terrorist event will inevitably follow.  Henceforth, this morning's emergency.  Another unrelated issue has been attached to this.  In December of 2001, I attempted to market my book on E-Bay.  The account was blocked by The New York Hitlers.  But the bidding occurred.  I don't know how.  They had to produce an autographed book.  My former neighbor was one of those who bought one.  They produced it.  But it was not autographed because at the time I did not think of these things.  Subliminally, they begged me to perform this task explaining the down payment had already been received.  I don't know what they expected me to do.  Find them somehow?  They moved-out in 1996.  I suspect one of the daughters and her husband used the money to buy a house.  I will additionally guess these parents co-signed the loan.  It was over one year ago that I met my priest Patty at the store where I work.  At the time I looked at her credit card and saw she was from St. Matthew's, and explained I almost attended Christmas services.  I did not know there was a microphone on each of the registers.  I did know about the video cameras.  Then Robert Flanagan became the assistant priest.  Patty is also an assistant priest as she has two small sons.  I do not believe he is a real priest.  And if you look at his sermons on stmatthewsbedford.org, you will understand me.  I have been attending Patty's Wednesday morning services because I love her sermons, and because I could not listen to another one of his. Robert's wife Lani attends Wednesday morning services also.  I believe she is carefully hiding the fact that she is Jewish.  Robert Flanagan reminds me of the supervisor at London's Heathrow Airport.  He was the father of the baby who died because I never told the mother that babies are treated by pediatricians.  When I first began attending Wednesday mornings I met another woman who had just endured a mastectomy and was in the process of chemotherapy.  I could not say to her:  "Hello!  Nice to meet you.  Your medical nightmare was a fraud.  I found the cure for cancer.  It is the root of that nasty weed you always pull-out of your garden; dandelion."  Earlier this year she announced she was about to marry.  But as Patty pointed-out this Wednesday the 16th, she never told us her new name.  And on the 16th, I finally learned the wedding is on Saturday the 19th.  We had a gift for her that I knew nothing about, but I did not attend last Wednesday.  For the past few weeks radio subliminal messages have been full of static.  I now understand even the Hitlers did not want me to give a copy of my book as a gift.  But on Wednesday, Lani left at my Bible study seat her mailing label.  And then she and the bride left together.

June 20, 2004

At The Bar, Daiquir, seventh step, I exhibit a filing cabinet I bought at Staples.  Upon another filing cabinet next to it (which I found on the side of the road with a big sign FREE upon it) there is a lamp and two statues.  One is of an elephant.  The other we acquired when I was in college and we attended Christmas Eve Unitarian services at the Fellowship.  It was a grab bag.  We each contributed a wrapped gift anonymously and took one.  My brother took that one, and the artist noticed he was young and may not appreciate it.  He explained this to my mother and she assured him it would be well cared for.  She never told me who this was.  For many years I thought it was an owl.  Now it reminds me of the image of Iraqi prison torture perpetrated by United States soldiers.  What happened in Iraq was not an isolated circumstance.

June 22, 2004

I entered two detailed pictures of the statue at the end of the Eva Braun page.

June 26, 2004

As you already know, a major issue in the news lately has been the abuses of Iraqi prisoners by United States soldiers.  The Bush Administration is attempting to defend it by arguing it is necessary to extract necessary information.  I have had to give much thought to this issue  because one prisoner, although not in Iraq, is Mrs. Anthrax.  I believe I had a personal encounter with her as she was my emergency room nurse at Northern Westchester Hospital Center.  I believe there was small pox in my IV pack.  If one looks at the photographs of prisoner abuse, one sees no evidence of an interrogation in progress.  And the status confirms, in my opinion, that these actions had only to do with manipulating the innocent.  If these were interrogations, we would have the necessary information to minimize soldier casualties, and I would have the assurances I need that the hospital will not allow anything like that to happen again.  Henceforth, I would have one reason to stay in my current home.

June 27, 2004

As you may already have noticed, gas prices stabilized around $1.93/gallon from its peak of $2.06.  On Wednesday, June 23rd, Norwegian oil workers went on strike.  After Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Russia, Norway is the fourth largest exporter of this.  The strike halted 372,000 of the daily three million barrels.  And they threatened a more extensive strike.  Just before this occurred, gas dropped to $1.91.  Just after, it was $1.93.  But after I watched all the other United States markets barely move in response (June political wreath ornament), I concluded the 2 may have been an unrelated adjustment.  This means that we no longer need Norway's input.  Henceforth, it is not surprising the Norwegian government ordered them back to work.  I am concluding that 13/gallon is the United States input into United Kingdom's socialized medicine.  We must now move on to wean another country.  The obvious choice is Norway.  Please contact them and tell them we no longer need them.

June 30, 2004

It has been asked of me to broaden the issues I discuss.  One issue is the death penalty.  I am a proponent.  I was relieved when they executed one of the perpetrators of the Oklahoma City bombing.  But at the same time, I did not want the second defendant to be executed.  I felt that he was more likely to one day talk.  And I don't believe we know everything which happened.  I don't believe their explanation that they selected that building because it was an inviting target with nice big windows.  I would like to ask of everyone employed in that building at the time to think hard about what the motive may have been.  But I do have a problem with the death penalty in that any unlicensed high-school drop-out can acquire a certificate to practice law and thereby claim to be an attorney.  Can you imagine a courtroom in which the judge, and both attorneys are phony?  What is even more amazing is the fact that the American Bar Association finds nothing wrong with this, even though they are eviscerating the job market.  And what is even more amazing than that, is the fact that these drop-outs blend in with the attorney-crowd.  I know why.   Many attorneys are acting majors.  And many undergraduate schools compromise the academic requirements for these because they know law schools prefer them.  We are not, as a culture, ready to exact the death penalty.  The first priority is that the American Bar Association must prove its sufficient competence.  That won't be easy.  Another issue we haven't discussed is gun control.  As you already know, I work only with what I witnessed.  The only thing I witnessed was my one time consideration to acquire a rifle.  I appreciated the fact that the Constitution left that to my judgment.  I would like more witness input.  On another subject, it has been suggested that we do an ornament of the day.  I can't input that much time.  Instead, I will place on X-mas 10 a memory of the week.

July 01, 2004

Because I am pro-choice on abortion, I cannot tolerate abuse of this Constitutional freedom.

July 03, 2004

Everyone is so disappointed concerning the job growth last month.  In addition to what I said on ISM, I would like to add one more thing.  The original to the revised figure can vary up to 50,000.  My father explained these are companies who filed the form late.  Last month non-farm payroll was originally released on the 8th.  This month it was on the 2nd.  This is because its normal release date is the first Friday after the 1st.  This suggests to me the revised will be good news.  But besides that, our goal is 250,000/month.  For these four months, we have definitely surpassed one million.  On another subject, we have begun the more challenging wreath.  The goal for this will be completion by Christmas of 2006--although it may take longer.

July 06, 2004

I have made my final selection for Vice President.  I believe he has been a silent guardian angel.  He is the reason why my local police and fire departments were non-corruptible.  If you will recall, the ambulance workers were assigned to deliver me dead-on-arrival.  But he has never boasted to me or anyone else about this.  He probably feared retribution.  If you will also recall, I explained much earlier in this website that he arranged that I, and everyone else like me who does not have children in this county, receive School Tax Relief--STAR.  The most recent figure is $1,300 for the academic year 2003-04.   In addition to helping me, he also developed and expanded the New York State prescription program for senior citizens; EPIC.  I witnessed this when I worked at the pharmacy.  I never heard any recipient complain about it.  I believe that when he supplanted Mario Cuomo, he stopped much of the leakage into the Cuban biochemical weapons program.  And that is where all of this money is coming from.  He had no control over the actions of the attorney general because that official is elected separately.  I would like to ask of all registered Independent voters to please send a postcard to your State Board of Elections:

Vivian Lehman


residing at

16 Peters Lane

Bedford, New York  10506

New York State Governor George E. Pataki

Vice President

residing at

New York State Capitol

Albany, New York 12224

November 27, 2004

I have to provide a real list of what I want for Christmas, or they won't play my favorite carols on the radio.  In April of this year, I smashed the DVD player which was part of the television set so I can't play these either.  They have suggested a $500 gift card to Sears, which is exactly correct.  I do need a new dishwasher and stove.  The former has not worked in over a decade, and the latter should be replaced.   My dryer also has not worked in over a decade.  My mother had a laundry line.  When I tried to use it, I sent the laundry out wet and it was returned frozen.  She used to iron often.  But I found that ran-up the electric bill, in addition to the fact that my air conditioner did not work for a few years and I decided not to combining ironing with the hot climate.  But my most important wish, unknown to anyone, is that I need a new ceiling lamp for the dining room.  The current one is moody.  And during the reorganization, I pushed the table over six inches.  I was throwing-out the old living room rug, replacing it with the old dining room rug, and replacing the dining room rug with two little rugs I purchased on clearance for $150 (slightly damaged and non-refundable) and $80.  This accomplished two things:  The room looked bigger, and the buffet table was half-exposed enabling me to use it for sewing as I cut on the mats upon the table.  The ceiling lamp now hangs next to the table.  It looks terrible and swelters me as I sew.  I would also like ceiling lamps in other rooms of the house because the floor lamps take-up too much space.  I am still reorganizing.

December 09, 2004

They still won't play my favorite tunes.  I repeatedly hear No One Should be Alone for Christmas and All I want for Christmas is You.  They need to re-word their question to  Which would I like to see vandalizedhouse-and-car, car-tire, or transcript?

December 20, 2004

What I really want for Christmas is for Eric Delson, Donald Trump, and David Duchovny to team-up to compose a script for the ABC telelvision series, Desperate Housewives.  I want to know what

Delson was waiting for me to do when he had me rejected from graduate school and then told Chairperson Jane Mafia Schneider not to allow me to take classes.  And I don't want to hear that he did not know that my mother's insurances would no longer cover me when I lost my status as a full time student.  As a New York State civil servant (the City University system is part of the State) he has the same policies;

Donald was waiting for me to do when he insisted that I NOT pursue him for money, then attempted to steal money from my terminally ill mother in anticipation that this would force me to pursue him for money.  He had my attorney with the Addition Consulting Business, Barbara Pickett, attempt to prove to me that it is cheaper for me to stay in the house, but that I could not afford it.  So therefore I should pursue him for money.

Duchovny was waiting for me to do when he had me fired from my job and arranged that all prospective employers would be terrorized thereby attempting to force me to pursue him for money, although he had already instructed me NOT to pursue him for such.  He would be my provider after signing his name to my script.  I did not understand because I did not know my biological clock is ticking.

Were they waiting for me to do what the teenager did to the famous basketball player:  sneak into his hotel room illegally, drool all over him for sex, and then tell the police it was a rape because it was not enjoyable?

January 11, 2005

A few days ago I received in the mail a JCPenny cooking catalogue which includes many items made in the USA.  I originally thought it was routine advertising.  I will follow-up.

January 12, 2005

I am not certain what to do with the catalogue.  This retailer, like any other, has a constant turnover in their inventory.  This means we would have to use this for the short term.

*If anyone mentioned in this website would like to tell their side of the story, I will publish it in unedited version and apologize for any misunderstandings I have created.