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I have listed everything to date below in backwards numerical order such that anything new in the future will be immediately visible.



Is risen poisoning the cause of this condition?





What biochemical weapons are the socialists currently working with?



National Health

Was the United States polio epidemic the result of a post-World War II biochemical attack engineered and performed by our former allies whom we liberated?





Do the socialists currently have the technology to employ biochemical weapons by wearing these as odorless gases?




Why do certain women's breasts not produce milk?





Is Dandelion Root in the Solaray brand the cure for this?




Grave's Disease (Thyroidism)

Is the herbal combination Ginko biloba, horsetail, Saw Palmetto and bilberry, brand-named Avacor, the cure for this?




Is the act of applying the appropriate antibiotic by inhaling it through a tea kettle full of boiling water the cure for this?




When will medicine be able to compute all such necessities, including dosages, from a blood sample, saliva sample, etc?



Nervous System Disorders

When will medicine invent an x-ray or sonogram which analyzes such systems?