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Whatever is the outcome of the November 2, 2004 election, there is nothing to stop us from initiating our goals.  We can lobby on local, state and national levels.  Federally, only the House of Representatives can commence tax and money-allocation bills.  And tax and money-allocation bills are the only legislations the House can commence.  The Senate introduces everything else.

I have listed everything to date below in backwards numerical order such that anything new in the future will be immediately visible.


This will only pay for three-children-per-family, not ten.  And will cease to provide $1,000-per-year-per-child for baby formula for those who refuse to breast feed, or are failing to properly treat what is inhibiting the production of breast milk.

Teenage Pregnancies

In my opinion, the best way to stop these unplanned acts of passion which occur exactly nine months before graduation, is to pass new laws disallowing anyone too young to adopt to keep custody of their biological children.



Herbal & Vitamin Supplements

I want to know why B-17 (Laetrile), Comfrey and Akinoit were illegalized in this country.  If there is no intelligent explanation, I want such legislation reversed.




We need an amendment decreeing this instrument applicable to issues of male impotence.  I am certain that my story is one of many.


Lost Pensions

The bankruptcy laws protect debtors from creditors, not trustees from shareholders.  This must be legally reinforced.  Additionally, the personalized Fifth Amendment cannot be deemed applicable to depersonalized trustees.  But until these matters are resolved, can individuals who lost their pensions receive unemployment insurance?


Personal Income Tax

With completion of all necessary audits, is there a possibility that this can be completely eliminated?



Child Protection

We need an official of such department in each school.  And we need a temporary amnesty for all parents who want to make a change, but don't know where to begin.



Socialism and OPEC

All new immigration laws which apply to Moslems must also be applied to all those from socialist nations:  England, France, etc.



We may have the necessary prowess for a Constitutional Amendment protecting such rights in the first trimester.



Licensing and Loyalty

When an attorney, physician, or any other professional, accepts a large fee such as $200/hour, it is remuneration for services including loyalty to the client.  If the professional opts to compromise this, no fee can be charged as the client can never fully verify if victimization has occurred.