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Thursday July 03, 2014

Last week, my supervisor and I decided it was not in my best interest to return to that store.  Another company then gave me some additional work.  Later this month, there will be some big projects for the first company.  Everything is working out.  Otherwise, I still have no other information as to the missing shipment and missing same-day incident report.

As to my health...

During the past few months, I amazed myself at how much work I completed.  When I first returned to the labor market in 2006, I could not work five days straight.  Furthermore, if I had a big-day scheduled which involved a shift at least six hours, I had to take the day before off during which I could not do anything which would involve turning the car on.  And during my period, I could not work at all.

Between substitute teaching, weekend work at Sam's Club, and everything else, I went seven-days straight for a few months with the exception of a day off sometime in early April, May 10th, June 13th, June 20th and June 26th-27th.  These work days were all full days of at least six hours.  All of the days off were unplanned--my health issues were NOT in control.  My work cycle was in control.

I also have today and tomorrow off with a very relaxed scheduled next week. 

My strength is returning while the benign tumor at the base of the spine is shrinking.  However, the weight is not yet coming off.

As to the fibromyalgia, I was taking the herb St. John's Wart, the vitamin D, the hormone melatonin, and the amino acid L-Carnitine.  I also had a full-bodied massage.  It all helped, but was not enough.  My feet were still agonizing.  I finally took the advise of a customer at Sam's and went to Footprints in Newington, Connecticut.  There, I purchased a $100 pair of sneakers which provided the appropriate arch-support.  I am cured.

I am certain that my love of teaching, and the love that so many of these students gave back, also helped promote my health.  Remember the day I had to merge two English classes and everyone cooperated?  I also remember another day I asked for a lecture from one of the math students on matrices.  We were not studying such in my scholastic days.  She went to the board, and gave an extraordinary explanation.  She was going to continue, but I stopped her and said, "My brain is full."

Thursday July 17, 2014

Dear Barack Obama;

Why don't you tell Russia's Prime Minister Putin that you are resigning as one of his KGB Agents?

That should teach him a lesson about blowing Malaysian airplanes out of the sky, and then blaming the Ukrainians.

Tuesday July 22, 2014

Today, my asthma went out of control again.  I went to the doctor.  My Medicaid covered for everything.

A few hours later, when I arrived at the pharmacy, I learned that President Barack Obama cancelled my coverage.

As per the decree of Barack Obama, I am not allowed to earn more than $12/hour, with $15/month Food Stamp allotment.  This is because he manipulated himself into a job which he cannot execute.  His only purpose was to send money home to Kenya.  When he assumed such presidency, he realized there is also real work to do.  Only I can do that.  He is trying to force me to execute such for him.

I do not take home the full amount of my paycheck.  This is because pregnant teenagers such as Monkey Feet Carolyn Cuello billed me for the fact that she wanted an apartment while refusing to breast feed her child.  As a taxpayer, I was obligated to give her $1,000/year specifically allocated for baby formula.  Fortunately, former President Ronald Reagan eliminated the apartment program.  I would like to know the total bill for her teenage pregnancy(s).  (I am assuming there was a second pregnancy because she was not at our high school graduation.)

I do not have any savings because of people such as Prince William who inflicted $8,000 worth of vandalisms on my property.  (Then, he worried about how I would pay for my personal necessities.  Therefore, he had my fellow employees, such as George Silverstein, pressure me to do a better job penny-pinching.)  But I cannot blame William for that.  Recall one of the reasons why my grandparents voted for Hitler.  He said "The world will thank him for solving this British problem."  If Germany had not avoided bombing the Royal Palaces, he would not be a problem.  My lineage is at fault and I must accept such expense.

I do not take home the full amount of my paycheck because of people such as my former New York neighbors, the Pearlmans.  First, I had to finance their nanny who was on school payroll.  Then, I had to finance the purchase of nine school buses so that the three children of this family, as well as their associates, could have door-to-door bus service.  Then, when such eldest daughter became pregnant at age 15, I received the bill for the fact that her breasts do not produce milk for her baby.  As she dropped-out of school at age 16, I received the next set of bills.  I would like to know how much she cost me.

As a child, I saved my allowance.  Because of my brother's repeated vandalisms of my car while I was functioning in college and he was not, $5,000 was wasted.  He refuses to pay me back.

I do not take home the full amount of my paycheck because I have to finance law enforcement's efforts to control Sarah Latimer's daughter, Catherine Anne MacDougal.  She is homeless and therefore tree-sits on the properties of others while pretending to be an environmental activist.  As you can see from her on-line mug-shot, she enjoys going to jail.  I do not enjoy paying for it.

And then, of course, there is the $35,000 I lost in the sale of my New York home.  This is because Donald Trump had his good friend Carl Icahn dismiss the real buyers, and have his good friend Ayman Al-Zawarhi (Jeffrey Suarez) and his wife Mrs. Anthrax (Maria Robbins Suarez), second in command of al-Qaeda, buy the house instead, at a compromised price.  I had no choice but to accept the offer or I would be called a child-hater by President Bush.  This was because this was the only way Donald Trump could have an erection with his wife and thereby impregnate her.

President Obama could hire me to do his work.  However, I might see all of the corruption.  He therefore executes a financial and personal terror campaign.  Many of my associates, such as Rolley Polley and Stupid Sue, just follow his orders.

Presidents Bill Clinton and George Bush treated me the same way.  Furthermore, the former took the official position that the Constitution does not apply to issues of male impotence.  The latter is the father of twin-whores.  I wonder if paternity tests have ever been executed on the children of the bleach-blonde now working for NBC News.

I am no longer allowed to nude model for money the way I did over one year ago when I fell behind on the car payment and car insurance.

The total amount I have in the bank is, $167.66.  I need my medications:





Please send donations to...

Rite Aid Pharmacy

for Vivian Lehman's prescriptions

10 Main St, Middletown, CT 06457
(860) 346-8601

I also have a car payment due at the end of the month...


Please send donations to...

Account # 7830116580

Wells Fargo Dealer Services
P.O. Box 25341
Santa Ana, CA 92799-5341

I also owe property taxes on the car, due August 1st...


Please send donations to...

List # 2013 03 0068374...Vivian Lehman

Tax Collector

City of Middletown

245 DeKoven Drive

Middletown, CT  06457


In the interim, if anybody makes any demands on me to do anything such as resolve the issues in Israel or the Ukraine, I will stop taking the medications I have.  Sooner or later, someone will find me dead.

Wednesday July 23, 2014

I have routine news and excellent news.

The routine news is that President Obama's daughters are pregnant for the third time.  He will eventually have six grandchildren running around the White House, where the press cannot see.

The excellent news is that Congress unanimously passed a bill that all pregnant teenage females will have their tubes tied.  If they can identify the fathers, they will also be fixed.

This should have been done to Carolyn Cuello when she became pregnant at age 13.  She would not have become pregnant again at age 17, and we would have a relaxed tax bill.  She cost us thousands of dollars.

This should have been done to Sarah Latimer when she became pregnant at age 13, then stalked and harassed the father until she was arrested.  It made no sense to her that he did not want his child.  The juvenile officer advised Sarah that she must abort.  The way she understood this, is that if abortion were illegal, he would have arrested the father and forced him to marry her and assume financial responsibility for her and her child.  If she had her tubes tied then, we would not currently have to deal her daughter, Catherine Anne MacDougal, and her domestic terrorism.  This civil disobedience is now tree-sitting and trespassing while feigning environmental activism, and tomorrow will likely be something very different.


I need everyone to look at Sarah Latimer's cover photo on Facebook.  The females are, from left to right, her youngest sister, Katherine, herself, her older sister Elizabeth, and her mother, Anne.

Sarah has been participating in the harassment against me.  She believes there is a big financial reward.  Of course, there will be nothing.  If she does not believe me, she can ask Kathy McTigue.  Her big reward was the funeral bill for her daughter, Caitlin, after she watched her painfully die.

This is what I need everyone to study...

Sarah has a tightly lipped smile.  This is characteristic of the people of Wicca.  It is a matter of survival to recognize this for what it is.


I have decided to pursue Donald Trump for his money.  However, I first need for him to explain to me how much money he has.  If it is not enough to satisfy me, I do not want him.


I bought gas today.  That is, I made my donation to Israeli/anti-assimilate socialism.  I now have $142.27.

Thursday July 24, 2014

Dear Mr. Walker;

I have seen your advertising as you are running for the position of Lieutenant Governor.  You make the claim that you are an expert auditor and will apply such talent.  Here is your first challenge.

Since Governor Dannel Malloy began his re-election campaign, money has disappeared from Husky pharmaceutical.  My prescription coverage has been rejected within two pharmacies.  It is my understanding from talking to pharmacy technicians, this has been a recent common occurrence.

I tried calling two numbers on the back of my insurance card.  One was for membership, the other for pharmacy.  There was no answer.  When I returned home, I telephoned the Governor's Hartford office.  There was no answer.  I telephoned his Bridgeport office.  The number was disconnected.  I finally telephoned his home and left a message.  There has been no return call.

There is no question Governor Malloy stole the money to finance his re-election campaign.  If he does not agree with me, he can place such objection in writing.  He has my home address on file.  I herewith give him permission to access my tax records for such purpose.  I will publish his rebuttal on this website, and apologize.

Please audit this Husky account as well as his campaign finances.  Furthermore, I would like to ask if there is anyone in the world who can offer any assistance to Mr. Walker, from funding such research to useful tips and insights based on experience with such audits, please contact...


Friday July 25, 2014

I would like to ask of everyone in the State of Connecticut who has a prescription which should have been covered, but was not, to take a copy of such, and mail or hand-deliver it to the State Capitol.  You can ask the pharmacy for a duplicate of the cover-sheet, and circle the appropriate information.

Governor Dannel Malloy


Saturday July 26, 2014

I watched some television last night.  I only saw a few commercials advocating the re-election of our current Governor Dannel Malloy.  These included his voice of approval.  During the same programs, I saw many more advertisements for the challengers.  This suggests to me that the networks ran the ads already paid for by the incumbent, but are not accepting new money.

The FCC might take issue with the imbalance.  However, it is a legitimate practice to ask of the customer, "Where did that money come from?"  For all the same reasons that a cashier in a supermarket cannot knowingly accept stolen money, these networks cannot allow Governor Malloy to purchase these ads with dollars he embezzled from Husky Pharmaceutical Insurance.  Furthermore, I have a few curiosity questions.  Were such paid for by campaign checks and/or debit cards, or did he use Husky checks?  How obvious was Malloy about the theft?  Can they provide investigators with copies of such payments?  If an associate accepted such a Husky check, this individual must be terminated.

What may follow is that some of Malloy's advocates may run their own advertising, without the acknowledgement that it was approved by the candidate.  However, this would tacitly announce that I am correct about the fraud, and they know it, thereby raising the possibility that they are co-conspirators.

Monday July 28, 2014

Today I learned that my Husky Medicaid did not cover the $140 medical bill of Tuesday, July 22nd.  It was at my doctors office for a double-dose of asthma nebulizer and, of course, the prescriptions.

I am now fully brain-washed.  There is no other option for me except to believe that Barack Obama's Columbia University senior thesis must be accurate in its claim that it was African Americans who held Caucasians as slaves for the purpose of picking cotton.  All the textbooks said it was vice versa.  The books/movies Gone with the Wind and Roots must be re-written and re-produced.  Furthermore, this paper would explain why the Dominican, 13-year-old Carolyn Cuello attempted to send both my Caucasian parents into the labor market to finance an apartment for her and her "baby sister".  She has me brain-washed too.

Friday August 01, 2014

I want an apology from the German military for the fact that during World War II, they did not bomb London, England out of existence.  If they had, I would not have experienced $8,000 in vandalisms coupled with the terror.  Additionally, I would never have been ridiculed as it was interpreted by such saboteur/terrorist that the reason for my lack of affordability was that I am not a good enough penny-pincher.

I cannot blame the people of England for such actions.  They are stupid.  The master race must assume appropriate responsibility. This philosophy was verified by Scotland Yard when, in 1997, I was blamed for the death of a British baby because I did not inform the mother that babies are treated by pediatricians.  Recall the fact that such report stated, "Descendant of German ancestry failed to take initiative on the inferior qualities of the British brain."

Henceforth, Germany owes me $8,000.

Tuesday August 05, 2014

On Saturday, July 26th, I walked to a tag sale and spent $2.50.  I purchased two, four-yard pieces of fabric and one spool of thread, approximately $50 in merchandise.

Thursday August 07, 2014

Dear General Martin E. Dempsey;

As the Commander-in-Chief seems to have his mind made up on the issue of military strikes in Iraq, I would like to address this note to you.  The problem is not just that I disagree with President Idiot, it is also that it is an established fact that he is not legally in this country and that his only priority is sending money home to Kenya.  Henceforth, his orders do not have to be followed.  These are null-and-void.  Therefore, I would appreciate if you would overrule such.

As I have discussed before, one of the former Iraqi leaders, Qusai Hussein, has the real names of Dennis Thompson and Robert Flanagan.  He speaks no Arabic and an accent-free English.  Using the latter name, he pretended to be an Episcopal priest at St. Matthew's Church in Bedford Village, New York.  The only problem with that is he displayed no knowledge of the New Testament.

While it is true that the rector, Rev. Terence Elsberry, Rector, has indicated he did not know, I have given this much thought in the past decade.  I believe he must have known he was harboring a terrorist, even if he did not know which one.  The best evidence I have is the police reports he filed when I began questioning the real identity of this Reverend Flanagan.  Elsberry never denied my allegations.  While this is not enough for a criminal prosecution, it should be enough to reconsider this congregation's tax exempt status.

In fairness, the church should be given one last chance.  If he tells you everything he knows about Robert Flanagan's contacts, they will not receive the $100,000+ property tax bill.

I am certain that Qusai Hussein and his family are Jewish.  I witnessed the fact that his wife records all Jewish holidays in her calendar. Furthermore, if you will recall, immediately after Saddam Hussein was captured, the Prime Minister of Israel, Ariel Sharon, visited President George Bush.  I believe this was to maintain high fuel costs for Americans to finance Israeli/anti-assimilate socialism.

In simpler terms, if you want to control military activity in Iraq, the only thing you need to do is ask the current Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, as well as the afore-mentioned rector, for the information required to control this.  Some of the individuals orchestrating the activities of the Iraqi militants may be in the United States.  Furthermore, it would not surprise me if they can be found at such Episcopalian Church.

If the Prime Minister does not want to provide such, it is my understanding, as per Google research, that the United States provides the anti-assimilates with $8.5 million/day in military aid.  This can be easily discontinued, especially since they cannot accept it.

If they try to claim sanctuary, the United States Government should claim taxes.

Furthermore, if you hurt one animal, I will never let you hear the end of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday August 08, 2014

I should offer Reverend Elsberry the opportunity to respond to my allegations.  The problem is I cannot e-mail him.  He instructed the police to forbid this activity (probably because he is guilty).  However, he can e-mail me.  If he still has my address on file, he should know it has remained unchanged.

I will publish his response on this website, and apologize for any NON-malicious understandings which ensued.

August 12, 2014

Forty-years-ago today, we brought home our cat, Meetzy.  As I lay in bed that night at age seven, I resolved never to forget this date.

When I was a teenager, we brought home our dog, Fluffy.  The puppy gave the cat a very difficult time as she wanted to play, whereas the cat was getting too middle-aged for games.  A few weeks later, we took The Fluff to the veterinarian to be neutered.  When we returned home without her, the cat sat on the kitchen floor yelling at my mother as we were talking.  We finally noticed the disciplinary action and realized he was expressing;


Wednesday August 13, 2014

Four yards of flannel.  I do not know the content (i.e., cotton, polyester).  It feels like the former. 
For the pre-wash, the neighbors let me use their clothes-line for drying, as always.

This is not fabric I would normally purchase.  I like flowers, not stars, and the color white does not look good on me now.  However, I love pink.  Other tag-sale customers convinced me to buy it.
New winter pajama pants and bed jacket.  I have no sewing machine.  Everything is hand-stitched.  The cat likes to watch me sew.
This is a frequently worn pink shirt.  I bought it one year ago.  The colors correspond.  This suggests to me that the fabric is one-year-old.
I am in the process of inserting interior pockets by using a white, pima cotton remnant of a past project.
I have learned my lesson that if I do not leave a mistake in my sewing, no one believes me when I say I made it myself.  This is a top of a pocket.  I used the selvage (edge of fabric) making the claim, "Not suitable for use in children's sleepwear."



Four yards of fabric purchased at a tag sale for $1.  If I bought such on sale at a fabric store, I would pay at least $5/yard; $20.  However, I would not normally buy this because it is similar to a rayon skirt I made before.

On the selvages are the words, "A V.I.P. Print İCranston Print Works Co.  100% cotton and printed in the U.S.A.   http://cranstonvillage.com"

This is located in Rhode Island.

New casual or career pants.  The other two yards will be liner for my new winter, wool pants.  This has to wait for me to purchase the shell-fabric, as well as a sewing machine.  It is one thing to manually stitch for easily repairable, single-layer clothing.  It is another to manually stitch for impossible to repair, dual-layer clothing.
The mistake is that I intentionally used two different colors of thread.  For the seams, I used a corresponding blue.  To secure the fabric edges (photo), I used black which was also purchased at the tag sale.  This was to avoid purchasing more thread.
My first interior pockets.  It seemed so easy in that all I had to do was cut two pieces of fabric and install.   The initial was a huge struggle.  The second was easier.  I now have to practice this technique. 


Sunday August 17, 2014

As I have been considering buying a new sewing machine, I have been thinking about my unfortunate history with this.


My grandmother bought a new Singer sewing machine during the decade before.  Eventually, she found herself hand-stitching everything.  After she died in 1990, my mother and I cleaned-out her apartment.  We shipped it from California to New York.  As we tried to make it work, I found a note from such mechanic begging with her to have it routinely oiled-and-lubed.  (We also shipped the television set, wrapped with her polyester remnants.)



While still living in New York, I began my sewing career using my mother's classic Singer.  This was purchased before I was born.  My paternal grandmother paid for it.  She also bought a large table.  I was in and out of the fabric store purchasing much silk.  As my rapport with such customer service representatives developed, they asked me why.  I explained I have a skin sensitivity issue.  They answered that I require rayon.  It is made from wood pulp and the tree has all the same issues as me.  I am now a rayon fanatic.  Eventually, I would find myself fighting with the machine's tension.  I took the machine in for an oil-and-lube at another store.  There was no improvement.  I therefore began using the Bernina machines on display in the classroom at the latter store.  I finally purchased an older, student machine, floor model for $150.  I would eventually find myself fighting with the tension.  I discussed the issues with both stores.  I brought the machine into the store where I purchased it.  It was then that I made my biggest mistake.  I did not bring a swatch of the rayon.  They took a cotton swatch and observed there was nothing wrong.



Living in Connecticut, I have been using a $20, Shark mending machine.  I eventually found myself fighting with the tension.  After much research, and with the help of another customer at another fabric store, I realized that I cannot use universal needles with rayon or polyester.  These require a sharp needle.  I purchased another such machine, used such needles, and, appropriately, changed such with each garment.  I eventually found myself fighting with the tension.



My new job required black pants.  For the hot summer, I wanted rayon.  I hand-stitched such and walked up-and-down the street looking for someone with a machine to strengthen the important seams.  I found one person who opened her home to me.  The machine skipped stitches.  She noted it must be the tension.




I finally understood it was not just the needle.

I have another neighbor who formerly worked in the sewing machine industry.   I asked him if it was possible that my grandmother's polyester and my rayon damaged such.  He thought for a minute and answered there may have been some internal over-heating.

Those are the first two issues.  After much thought, I believe there could have been a third.

Is it possible that, unknown to the sewing machine industry, the textile companies improved their technologies to weave these fabrics?

Wednesday August 27, 2014

It was 114-years-ago today that my maternal grandfather, Dr. Ernst Leopold Lehmann was born in Görlitz, Germany.  He survived two world wars and died in 1976.

It was 13-years-old today that this website was born.  It survived the wars each United States president launched against the Constitution as I have tried to make each one understand I am not his slave.  The 13th Amendment appears to be null and void.

Friday August 29, 2014

Did Mara Addison assure Donald Trump that my book would never be published, while offering to do me a favor and allow me to pay for the $2,000 in damages he did to my book?

I would like to remind her that the Constitution of the United States was written as a result of turn-or-burn as our forefathers said never again such a genocide in the name of religious self-righteousness.  If she wants to render it null and void, I do not want her complaining if her publishing house is a victim of any Kristallnacht.

Monday September 01, 2014

On September 11th, 3,000 families will have memorial ceremonies for their loved ones.  I would like to ask of each one to print a postcard featuring a photograph of such deceased individual on one side, and a warm-hearted invitation on the other.  Whether it is just a simple dinner, or something more elaborate such as a trip to the 9/11 Museum in New York, please include on your guest list...

 Donald Trump

The Trump Organization

725 Fifth Avenue

New York, NY 10022

On this invitation, please also handwrite the personal note that this will include a tribute to his late brother, Fred Trump junior, who died of alcoholism in 1981 at age 43.  He was a pilot for TWA.

Wednesday September 10, 2014

Today, I was a substitute teacher at a middle school.  The subject was technology.  The assignment was to create a Power Point presentation on mathematical terms and definitions such as sum, product, etc.

Some students informed me that they already did the assignment.  Having no textbook to work with, I invented another assignment:


by...(name of student)









Then, as per the original assignment, they had to insert art.  This includes clip art found in the computer, as well as materials found through Internet searches.  Some of their presentations were very impressive.

Sunday September 14, 2014

Dear Barack Obama;

Please note the fact that I am not addressing you as president.  This is because it is my understanding that you are an illegal immigrant from Kenya.  Henceforth, your status is null and void.

It is also my understanding that you have begun a conspiracy to destroy my birthday on November 9th.  You never celebrate your birthday nor that of any family member.  This includes yourself, your wife, the phony Hawaiian grandmother you claim you have, your two children, and four grandchildren.  When the next two grandchildren arrive soon, you will have two more birthdays.  Also, considering the fact that you found one of the fathers of your first set of grandchildren, you must also want to celebrate his special day too.  This will be a total of 12 such dates, an average of one per month.  Your practice of blowing out candles should be noticeable.

I understand your issue.  You cannot read a Western calendar.  You are jealous of me because I can.  I have good news for you.  Next week, one of my co-workers will be substituting for a first grade class.  They will be studying this instrument.  I realize you are too big to sit at such an elementary school desk.  Therefore, they will all sit on the floor and you can join.

If you pass the test, I will help you manage the Middle Eastern terrorist movement, ISIS.  I must warn you, some of the questions may be over your head:

How many months in one year?  (You will not be allowed to count on your fingers to answer this.  So please try to immediately break this habit.)

How many days in one year?  (Careful, this is a trick question because we occasionally have leap-years.)

Do all months have 30 days?  (This is also a trick question because you must remember that February only has 28 or 29 days, while you recollect the months which have 31 days.)

It is my recommendation to you that you begin studying now.  You have a long way to go with that brain of yours.

If you want to disagree with me, I know you have been reading my IRS returns.  You can copy my address onto an envelope, place your rebuttal in writing and enclose such (do not forget a stamp).  I will publish it on this website, and apologize.

Good luck with your educational equals!  Don't let yourself be outsmarted too easily!

Monday September 15, 2014

And if you cannot urinate properly into the toilet seat, but rather spray all around it, your penis is probably mush and non-erectable.  One possible explanation is that it has been at least ten years since your last act of intercourse.  Or you had intercourse with a Wiccen practitioner after s/he used the biochemical weapon of ricen and then touched his/herself in the genital region.

German scientists have a possible breakthrough treatment.  Some of these urologists are descendants of the students of my grandfather, a surgeon in this field of study.  The research for such was initiated in 2008 after the law enforcement officers of Coventry, Connecticut had an orgy with attorney Linda St. Pierre.  It was the night she broke into my home and poisoned my bathroom drink with such ancient biochemical weapon.  After the attack, she must have used a bathroom somewhere and wiped herself with her fingers rather than toilet paper.  She probably never washed her hands.

That night, they all waited for my dying phone call.  This, of course, never came, because these people have been attacking us with their biochemical weapons for centuries.  We have built-in resistance and the necessary intelligence to counter it.  Nonetheless, the ensuing urological damage on the police officers was witnessed internationally by the medical community as they came from all over the world to see this.  The stalked them to their girlfriends' homes, and videotaped the attempted acts which were no longer possible.

To regain your masculinity, I would like to recommend that you go to Heidelberg University in Germany for experimental treatment.  This institution's name may sound familiar because this is where the World War II research was performed to prove German superior cranial capacity by measuring skull sizes.  It is my understanding that the research was discontinued and deemed inconclusive.  Size and functionality do not have a linear relationship.  In reality, our brain is a complicated system to measure.  One factor involves each neuron's ability to connect with other neurons.  The more connections, the greater the level of intelligence.  Unfortunately, they do not yet have a devise to measure that.

I suggest you hurry before they invent this devise and scientifically conclude that you are dumb.

Saturday September 20, 2014

And whatever you are planning for me today, do yourself a favor and do not do it.  Never forget the fact that I am more intelligent than you.  You make that claim every time you rely on me for anything as you establish the case for master race theory.

If you need help managing your Presidential administration, why don't you ask Carolyn Cuello Smith for help?

Tuesday September 23, 2014

Dear Orthodox Jewish Community;

It is now sundown in my State of Connecticut.  In 24-hours, every available individual with a private airplane, every available pilot who is a member of the Army Reserve, and every available pilot of the National Guard, and every available helicopter pilot of local law enforcement agencies, will fly over your settlement camps to bear witness to what happens when the electricity is shut-off.

You have two choices:

1.  Release your prisoners now.


2.  Be on the worldwide stage as you execute your routine.

If you choose the former, you should also return the taxpayer monies which finance your activities.  I am going to guess that in the United States, this is one billion dollars.  Please correct me if I am wrong.

I would like to ask of Barack Obama to distribute such in the form of income tax refunds.


Dear United States Military Command and all Law Enforcement Agencies;

Please immediately validate.


Dear Hospitals across the country;

If the validation occurs, please be prepared.  You will be very busy.

Sunday September 28, 2014

Did my mother receive her Mother's Day present in that someone explained to her former supervisor, Jerome Kalmar, that just following orders is not an excuse to do anything?

Please recall the incident.  While she was working at the New York State Department of Labor, Unemployment Division, and as she was at the short cases desk, he handed her a long case of a good friend of hers.  He knew they often went shopping together during her lunch-break.  He ordered her to take it.  My mother said over-and-over, I can't.  He shrieked with delight and repeated over-and-over, You're refusing.  She was reprimanded for insubordination.  My mother appealed via the Union.  Her representative asked of her to not say at the hearing, I thought we heard the last of "just following orders" at Nierenberg.  He did not want to seem unsympathetic to Jerome Kalmar's never again cause.

The rule against servicing a close friend or relative is universal.  When I worked as a cashier at a supermarket, it was also not allowed.  We all know there is a good reason for that.  Beyond that, these are your tax dollars my mother managed.  Did you really want her to handle an unemployment insurance claim of someone with whom she went shopping?  In simpler terms, Jerome Kalmar victimized all of you, himself and my mother.

And he planted Holocaust seeds, and enjoyed it.  So when you explain this to him, please ask if he likes exterminating himself.  Obviously, he enjoys the attention.

Monday September 29, 2014

Did my mother receive her Mother's Day present?

Please also let Jerome Kalmar know that my mother and I nicknamed him Mr. cow manure.

Tuesday September 30, 2014

Dear Law Enforcement;

If you are looking for Gerald Cella, his alternate name is Harry Solomon.

If you are looking for Harry Solomon, his alternate name is Gerald Cella.

He has almost $4,000,000 in a Wells Fargo Bank account.  I assume it is stolen money.

Please return it to the taxpayer.

Wednesday October 01, 2014

Dear President Primitive;

You are making every effort to ruin my birthday because you have nothing else to do.  We can give you something to do.

Ask Billy Clinton what that means.

Thursday October 02, 2014

The issue has been raised as to whether or not my mother's former supervisor, Jerome Kalmar, knew about this most important moment in the history of international law.

When Jerry first arrived in the office, he and my mother had a friendly relationship.  They would eventually learn that they went to the same college, both majored in history, and marched in the same commencement.  Their paths never crossed at this institution, the City College of New York.  It is a huge campus.  When I was in graduate school, a few of my classes met there.  I can therefore easily understand how they could have walked in the same footsteps without noticing each other.

This lesson of history was a prerequisite to graduation.  He therefore must know.  He did not care.  The only conclusion I can draw from that is the Nierenberg Trials were not a fact of Jewish history.

According to Wikipedia, the worldwide death toll from World War II was over 60 million, 2.5% of the earth's population.  I cannot ascertain the pre-WWII percentage which constituted the Jews.  However, 10% seems correct to me.  This means that six million Jews died as a result of this conflict, as they were not uniquely victimized.

Furthermore, if you look at my mother's employment history file and all the write-ups and reprimands he executed against her, she looks like the worst demon in the history of civil service.  However, none of this Jewish supervisor's predecessors said anything like that about my mother.  Additionally, I witnessed people recognize her in the street, and thank her for all of her help during their most difficult time.

If such a hoax is possible individual-against-individual, wouldn't it also be possible nation-against-nation?  The fact remains that the concentration camps are characterized as Christian operated for the purpose of punishing the Jews for the death of Christ.  However, not one image includes a crucifix.  This is easily verified at the Holocaust museums found all over the world.

When will my mother receive her Mother's Day present?  I do not want discussion of anything else until then.

Friday October 03, 2014

Did Mara Addison assure Donald Trump that my book would never be published?

For years she ridiculed me because my book did not have a publisher.  This, of course, was my fault because I refused to pay for the $2,000 in damage he inflicted upon it.  Then, my reputation was destroyed as she called me a child-hater because I did not go running after the married-man-with-AIDS-and-the-$10,000,000-debt-who-wanted-to-do-me-a-favor-and-sign-his-name-to-my-manuscripts-so-he-could-have-one-erection-with-me.  The way she understood the situation is that if she cannot abuse my interest in having children, I must be anti-family.  The fact is that he and his wife were going to beat-me-up until I agreed to make such payment.  Mara Addition appreciates the Holocaust characterized as domestic violence.

If such a hoax is possible individual-against-individual, wouldn't it also be possible nation-against-nation?

Saturday October 04, 2014

To the Person Who is Interfering with my Scheduling;

If your children are still alive, please tell them you joined the Nazis.  Do not blame me if the truth destroys their respect for you.

Sunday October 05, 2014

When is my mother going to receive her Mother's Day present?

The incident and other harassment would eventually drive my mother to resign.  She was a claims examiner for 13 years.  For her and her colleagues, there were very few promotions available into the senior position, which is what Jerry had.  He had transferred from the Bronx, a different district which had such positions available.  His girlfriend, Gilda, was also a senior in such office.

I know Gilda's name so well and so many years after the fact because she was calling Jerry several times a week requesting availability.  Occasionally, he would return her calls.  One such return was immediately after he handed my mother's co-worker a write-up.  Jerry explained to her, "I am working on it."

What finally became available was a new type of senior position.  It was for an auditor to travel between the different offices.  The plan was to provide a promotion for someone on my mother's level.  She was considered.  However, after all of Jerry's nagging, it was given to Gilda.

When the happily reunited couple went on their first lunch date, my mother said of her, "She is no Marilyn Monroe."  Her co-worker answered, "Well he ain't no Tyrone Power."

My mother described her as a grotesque character whose speech was dominated by the utterances of "uh" and "ew".  Claimants found her revolting as her audits consisted of cursory reviews and demands for them to sign the form she filled-out.

I will take a guess that she reminded him of his mother.

Sunday October 12, 2014

I do not believe that my mother received her Mother's Day present.  Nonetheless, her birthday is on November 20th.  It will take a little time to prepare such present.

I would like to ask of Germany's Chancellor, Angela Merkel, to find individuals who witnessed and remember World War II.  This is for the purpose of finally recording this nation's side of the story.

Thursday October 16, 2014

I would like to remind everyone that just following orders is not an excuse to do anything.

Would someone please give President Boy a doll to play with so I do not have to experience this harassment?  He has nothing to do.

Sunday October 19, 2014

When I lived in New York, I resided across the street from a Jewish family, Henry and Debbie Pearlman.  You may remember them.  They called me a child hater because I did not understand that the school system needed to buy nine school buses such that their three children could have door-to-door bus service.  I was also called anti-education because I did not appreciate the fact that their nanny was on school payroll.  I thought anti-assimilates could not accept Christian money.

Henry Pearlman liked to trespass on my property and leave garden snakes in my garage.  It cost me $365 to have these removed.  These events occurred when I was not working.  I had been fired from my $7/hour job at the supermarket because the married-man-with-AIDS-and-the-ten-million-dollar-debt-who-wanted-to-do-me-a-favor-and-sign-his-name-to-my-manuscripts-so-he-could-have-one-erection-with-me was becoming impatient for me to pursue him.  Of course, my job was destroying my sex-drive.  President Bill Clinton took the official position that the United States Constitution does not apply to issues of male impotence.  Therefore, these people were allowed to stalk and harass me while intimidating potential future employers.

Many of these menaces are Jewish.  They took the official position that the Constitution does not apply to them because as Jews, they have more substantial intelligence.  And, as Jews, they experienced more substantial victimization during World War II.  I do not know what it means but I am required to believe it anyways.  I do know that the Constitution was written as a result of turn-or-burn as our forefathers said never again such a genocide in the name of religious self-righteousness.

I asked the local Police Department for help with the trespassing.  They said I did not have enough evidence and warned me about aggressively making accusations.

One day, these Jewish people sent me subliminal ridicule.  I knew Henry was coming again to leave another snake.  I therefore left a Swastika for him to find.  He never returned.

I would like the Bedford Police Department to explain why they could not help me, yet the 1940's Nazis could.  Particularly, I would like an answer from the Officer who, at the time, had served in that district for over 20 years.  He did not appreciate the fact that I validated the Pearlman's act of embracing Nazism.

Wednesday October 22, 2014

Today, I received my birthday-$10 from Victoria's Secret.  As we already know, it is not about that, but something much more valuable which has not yet been resolved.

Thursday October 30, 2014

Dear Governor Andrew Cuomo;

Belated condolences for the loss of your good family friend, Cuban dictator Fidel Castro.

Before I proceed with discussion of your re-election campaign, I have a few curiosity questions.  These are connected to your former wife, Kerry Kennedy, the daughter of Robert and Ethyl Kennedy.  Robert was, of course, the brother of assassinated USA President John F. Kennedy.  When Robert ran for president, he was also assassinated.  I subscribe to the current theory that the CIA perpetrated such as they reached their limitations with both men.  If it is true, I am an advocate of their decisions.

The resemblance between JFK and Desi Arnaz has been a fascination to me for a long time.  As you know, the latter was a Cuban immigrant, although it has never been explained how this immigration was possible.  As you also know, Arnaz was married to Lucille Ball.  You must also be knowledgeable of the fact that former Senator Joseph McCarthy characterized Ms. Ball as "red" in that, according to him, she was associated with communists.  He must have been referring to the Cuban Communist Party.

Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz divorced one year after Fidel Castro became the dictator of Cuba.  It is my understanding that the efforts to bring him to power were code-named, The Project.  It is also my understanding that their marriage was extremely violent.  If you look at their 1960's television sitcom, I Love Lucy, you will see much make-up concealing her black eyes.  He must have been beating-her-up every week.  When I look carefully at her later date movie, Yours, Mine and Ours,  I believe that the excuse she made for him was that he was nervous about being an illegal immigrant.

Is Desi Arnaz the son or nephew of JFK?

Was his purpose in this country to subvert our government while bringing Fidel Castro into power?

What was JFK and/or Desi Arnaz's possible connections to the failed Bay of Pigs military invasion of Cuba, as well as the failed assassination attempt of Fidel Castro, and the Cuban Missile Crisis?

Was Senator McCarthy the lead which we should have followed?

If you want to refute anything herein, please place such in writing.  I give President Obama permission to take my current address and copy-and-paste such in an e-mail to you.  He has such on file.  It is part my 2012 tax return which he illegally stored on his computer.  I will publish your denial on this website, and apologize for any misunderstandings which non-maliciously ensued.

Now, let's talk about your re-election campaign.

As you know, during the Gubernatorial Administration of your father, Mario Cuomo, my mother blew-the-whistle on serious wrong-doing in New York State Department of Labor, Unemployment Insurance Division.  This involved her new manager, Margaret Herrera Joblanski.  I do not know the exact spelling of her nuptial name.  I do know that her husband is a computer programmer.

Margaret arrived in my mother's office at the time of computerization.  My mother requested investigations because she believed fraudulent claims were being inputted.  Furthermore, Margaret had very interesting techniques to place my mother's signature on some of this.  My mother's act of blowing-the-whistle was self-defense.  We knew eventually this would be uncovered and my mother would be wrongfully accused of this while Margaret would play the same self-pitying the game the Jewish people are now playing.

I believe Margaret is connected to the Cuban dictators.  She looks very much like Raul, Fidel's brother who is the current leader.  Is she the daughter of either?

I believe that the reason why my mother was eventually forced to resign was that your father was directly involved with this.  Is this true?

I believe that you and your father systematically direct New York State monies to Cuba and this is what is draining such economy.  Am I correct?

You are mafia.


P.S.  JFK's birthday was on May 29, 1917.  Desi Arnaz's was on March 2, 1917.  Were they twins, and the latter birthday is really the former, or vice versa?

And they were both six feet tall.

Friday October 31, 2014, HAPPY HALLOWEEN

Yesterday, I surprised myself when I looked at Google photography as well as historical data of former President John F. Kennedy and Desi Arnaz, then reached the conclusion that they were identical twins with one having an altered birthday.  Such a worldwide, long-term deception is a scary thought on this day of fright.

From White House website. From Google.

As I continue to consider this, I realize that the Kennedy Administration revolved around Cuba.  I researched his father, Joseph Kennedy, on Wikipedia.org.  According to this, "In the 1920s (Joseph) Kennedy made huge profits from reorganizing and refinancing several Hollywood studios, ultimately merging several acquisitions into Radio-Keith-Orpheum (RKO) studios."

It connects.

Also, according to this, much of his fortune was made during prohibition.  It is my understanding, through other sources, that his money was made by illegally selling alcohol during this time; boot-legging.  Perhaps the merchandise was smuggled from Cuba?

Looking at photographs of Joseph and his wife Rose, I realize that the alleged twins look like him, not her.  Joseph must have had an affair with a Cuban connection, then took one twin home to Massachusetts.  Desi Arnaz was raised in a tropical environment with such diet, John Kennedy in the colder climate.  Furthermore, Arnaz experienced his career in the warm sun of California.  This made his skin tone slightly darker so he could appear Hispanic, but in reality was not.  His Spanish accent made this more convincing.

This Cuban connection probably still exists.  We need to find it.

Saturday November 01, 2014

On November 04th, in the state gubernatorial election, I will be voting for the challenger, Tom Foley.  I cannot afford the incumbent and all his new taxes on over-the-counter medications and clothing, as well as fabric which will become clothing.  (The Governor's attack on my sewing hobby was what finally cost him my vote.)  I am certain that the feminists will not applaud my decision as the former characterizes himself as pro-life.

Today and tomorrow, you will receive many visits from those running for office.  If they characterize themselves as pro-life, ask the females if they have ever had an abortion, and ask the males if any female has ever had an abortion because he did not marry her.

Did you ever notice that the pro-lifers never talk about themselves?

Life experience has taught me that pro-lifers have more abortions-per-pregnancy than pro-choicers.  However, these anti-abortionists believe that it is not their fault that they had this procedure.  If abortion is illegalized, all their demands for marriage and money would be met.

A pro-lifer typically has the life history of becoming pregnant as a teenager exactly nine months before the end of the school year, as a result of an unplanned act of passion.  Then, because she is pro-life, she decides that she has to have the child.  This means that the father has to marry her and assume financial responsibility for her while people like you and me have to give her money.

According to them, this is not prostitution in its most grotesque form.

According to me, it is an elaborate pan-handling routine.

The pregnant female will typically stalk and harass the male, while behaving impossibly in school because she thinks she does not need the education.  Eventually, she finds herself in juvenile detention.


The male will pursue money any way he can, while behaving impossibly in school because he thinks he does not need the education.  Eventually, he finds himself in juvenile detention.

After the abortion(s), realizing that this technique does not work, they will attempt to catch-up on their school-work.  By this time, it is likely impossible.

The solution to all this is simple.  We need to finally ask the legal question as to why a minor can have custody of a minor.  Once these people realize that they cannot use these pregnancies to ask people for money, the unplanned acts of passion will mysteriously no longer occur, and the pro-life movement will disappear.

Then you will witness these females doing their school-work as they gain respect for themselves.  This is the step forward which feminism desperately needs to close the salary gap.

Thursday November 06, 2014

I need a few favors...

From the news media, I need a report explaining that illiteracy in America affects all races.

From Carolyn Cuello, I need her to think back upon our days as eighth graders.

At the time, Carolyn had just arrived in this school.  We sat next to each other in science class.  She is from the Dominican Republic and has dark skin.  I know she can read and write because we often did homework and class-work together.  Whatever we did as a team, it always resulted in a good grade.

At the time, for lunch period, I found myself originally sitting with a Caucasian girl.  I do not remember her name.  Perhaps Carolyn does.  I had never seen her before.  Typically, someone like that will explain, we just moved into the neighborhood, I was just transferred from a private school, etc.  She had no story.  However, she did tell me that her grandfather was my school bus driver.

Now, as I look back upon the situation, my theory is that she was never sent to school.  Department of Social Services caught-up with the situation, and she was dropped into her age level, which was not commensurate with her educational level.

More than one fellow student had informed me that she was crying during her math class.  She would put her head down saying over-and-over, "I can't."  I believed these rumors because her face often had red blotches consistent with such emotional activity.

After lunch, this girl and I would go to our lockers.  She would get her long purple coat.  I would get my coat as well as my books.

One day, she decided to slam my locker shut before I was finished.  Then she did it again and again.  And every day was the same, and more and more often.  She had a vicious laugh with it.  Other students became angry with me when I became angry with her.

I finally stopped eating lunch with her, and began eating lunch with Carolyn, as well as a few other friends.  The lunch monitor was furious at us for neglecting her and leaving her alone at her own table.  I do not know why Carolyn distanced herself from her.  I assume she had her own issues.

Although I did not notice it at the time, this girl was not at our graduation ceremony.  As high school began, Carolyn informed me that she was held back.  The following year, she joined us.  Carolyn observed that the year was good for her.  She arrived in high school with a Caucasian boyfriend and other Caucasian friends.  One day, I did not see these people anymore.  I assume they turned 16-years-old, and dropped-out.

A few years after I graduated college, I was watching a news show on illiteracy in America.

It fit like a glove!  She was illiterate.

Yesterday, while I was substituting in an advanced English class and reading through their assignment, I heard the vicious laugh again.  This time, it was from an individual with dark skin.

Saturday November 08, 2014

I would like to state a few more facts...

I knew at the time that Carolyn Cuello was originally from the Dominican Republic and then New  York City.  I knew nothing about the girl whose name I do not remember.

The lockers given to us in the middle school had built-in locks.  In other words, we did not bring our own locks.  Every time that girl slammed it shut, I had to apply the combination to re-open it.

Another illiterate Caucasian person I have known is, of course, my former neighbor, Whitney Whalen-Carter.


She is, obviously, illiterate.  Her Facebook page has almost no written material except what others wrote and her occasional thank you.  I assume she received help when copying and pasting the photos.  Twenty-five years ago, to resolve her illiteracy, her literate mother talked to police about our dog.  Of course, this meant that my mother had permanent financial responsibility for her, and I inherited such.  If you look at how people such as Mara Addison and her friends supported such philosophy, you cannot call it uniquely crazy.

The news show of many years ago which addressed the issue of illiteracy in America, included a Caucasian, formerly illiterate school teacher who was coping with this painful personal history.  He explained how he copied each lesson onto the board before class, then proofread such to verify that all shapes were identical.  No detail was given as to where the lesson originated from, and no information was provided as to how he graduated college and/or falsified his credentials.

Illiterate people develop the talent of lying.  To resolve this, we need to know which came first, the ability to lie or inability to read-and-write, or are these mutually generated conditions?

Both of Whitney's parents are literate.  I witnessed it.  While it is possible that she is missing the language center of the brain necessary to develop this talent, it is also true that I witnessed her mother's Munchausen's-by-Proxy syndrome.  Recall the fact that she stood by the side of the road, with infant-Whitney in her arms, while cars would drive-up the street.  Then, she would coach the neighbor's child, Anthony, on exactly when to jump out with his bicycle.

It is actually a good thing that our dog Fluffy was the source of a phony story to use.

At the time she was playing with the cars, Joseph Whalen talked to my mother.  He told her what I now believe was a lie.  He explained that one of his sons had an eye infection and we had to be very careful when driving up the street.  My mother immediately informed my brother, a new driver, of this.

This means that the lies came first.

Sunday November 09, 2014

Another Caucasian illiterate person I know is a cousin of a former neighbor.

I was visiting their home one evening when one literate adult member of the family decided to make a list of all the things she must do the next day.  The cousin added to the list Toy Soldiers.  The y and both s letters were backwards.

She and her husband have two children.  If I recall correctly, their names were Sven (boy) and Stevie (girl).  Obviously, she needed both children to have names of similar spelling.

My guess is that if she cannot think of a third name of such spelling, she will not have a third child.

Monday November 10, 2014

Another illiterate Caucasian is Ivana Trump.  She could never make-up her mind as to whether she was from Austria or Czechoslovakia.  Additionally, her maiden name was either Zelnick, Zelnicek or Zenichekova.  This confusion is because she cannot read her own false papers.  Her birthplace is Romania and her real maiden name is Ceasescu, daughter of the executed dictators Elena and Nicolae.

Tuesday November 11, 2014

Another Caucasian illiterate person rode the bus with me in elementary school.  One day, she ridiculed me, then asked me for my phone number.  I knew it was listed, so I decided to give it her as if it did not matter to me.  I watched her, out loud, recite the information over-and-over.  She did not write it down.  My guess is that when she arrived home, she recited the information to another member of the household who did the dialing.  She had nothing else to do than make several harassing phone calls to me.

Wednesday November 12, 2014

I know that somewhere in the State of Connecticut is an attorney who is inciting students to entrap the school system into a civil suit.  The cause of action will be discrimination.  I am not the only one who was accused of practicing racial bias.  Characterizing someone as "illiterate" because they were ridiculing me while I was reading the teacher's instructions, is not a racial slur.  It is estimated that 25% of the population cannot read-and-write.  This statistic does not correspond to any racial proportionality statistic.  Henceforth, the argument that it is a "racial slur" is untenable.

I also know this lawyer has acquired a copy of the school passes (i.e., permission slips to the lavatory, school nurse, office, etc.) and is distributing these while instructing students how to manipulate the system.  There will be an incident and legal activity with different causes of actions.  These will likely be criminal and civil.

I also know this attempted entrapment is grounds for disbarment, assuming that such individual has valid credentials.  I would like to ask of the Board of Education to provide the identity of this individual to the Hartford Bar Association before this escalates.  I would also like to ask of the American Bar Association to research such attorney's background.  If this individual ever attended law school, wouldn't s/he already know it is illegal?

But if it does escalate, I would like to perform the cross-examinations.  Does everyone remember what I did to Barbara Pickett and Karen Jones?  In simpler terms, I will use my training as an anthropologist to force the attorney to admit to everything from the witness stand.  I will begin with, "Where did you go to law school?"

Thursday November 13, 2014

Would somebody please give Barack Obama a basic literacy test?

His illiteracy may explain why he wrote in his senior thesis for Columbia University that African Americans held Caucasians as slaves.  He did not write it.

Friday November 14, 2014

Dear Democrats;


You lost big in this election, and this was only mid-term.  In two years, you will likely loose again.

The only thing any Republican had to do was attach a Democratic opponent to Barack Obama.  While I cannot speak for the voters, I believe it is not just his policies which they find aversive, it is also the way he abuses me.  Six-years-ago, he took the job as President to send money to his nation of Kenya.  Then he realized there is routine work to do.  He believes he can financially manipulate me into doing that for him.

He's dumb.  You are now known as the Dumb-o-cratic Party.  Your only solution is to tell him to either hide under his desk for the remainder of his four-year-term, or try to behave non-abusively toward me and anyone else he hates.

Saturday November 15, 2014

Dear Hitlers;

First, you have one of my employers tamper with my payroll before the Easter Holiday.

Then, you tamper with job assignments of my primary employer.

Finally, through the first employer, you suggest I lay-out the money to see the dentist because I need more expensive care.

Do you have any idea why your role-model characterized you as inferior brained?

Friday November 21, 2014

Dear George Stephanopoulos;

It is my understanding that on Sunday's This Week, you will be broadcasting your interview with Barack Obama.

Did you give him a basic literacy test?

After that tantrum over my use of the word "illiterate", I am certain he cannot read and write.

Thursday November 27, 2014

On this Thanksgiving Day, let's all remember that just following orders is not an excuse to do anything.

Friday November 28, 2014

I would like to remind my doctor's office about the Hippocratic Oath, and their policies against price-gauging as well as distributing copies of my medical files to the first incompetent President they find.

I always pay $40 for an office visit, not $200.  Although I understand that Barack Obama needs the money to pay his urologist.  His insurance does not cover because the treatment is in the research and experimental phase.  Nonetheless, he is finally having his condition of urological-mush treated so that he does not urinate around the toilet seat, but rather into it.  Michelle may enjoy cleaning it everyday, but his other girlfriends do not.

If the physicians' office wants to regain my trust, they will have to fire all those responsible.  If they do not fire all those responsible, I will have no choice but to publish the bill (as well as my bill history) on this website and have the public fire those people.

It is an excellent medical practice, and I am sorry it is coming to this.  But with President Illiterate-Mush in the White House, it had to happen.

If President Barack Obama wants to refute anything I write herein, he can place such in writing, research my address in the IRS files, and transmit his document to me.  I will publish it on this website, and apologize for any non-malicious misunderstandings I created.

Or, he can have his urologist scientifically refute this information.  With the President's written permission, I will publish that also.

Thursday December 04, 2014

For the past six months, more or less, some kind of throat infection has been haunting me.  On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of Thanksgiving (last) week, it made me very weak.  On Tuesday of this week, it attacked.  I spent the day in bed.  On Wednesday, I returned to work.  On Thursday (today), I lost my voice.

My birthday was almost one month ago.  Nothing went wrong.  It was on a Sunday.  I was able to arrange the day off.

I began by going to Wal-Mart.  I selected the $65 Vivo machine.  It is not  a fully equipped sewing machine.  It is for mending.  A few years ago, I bought a Shark mending machine for $20.  It made approximately ten garments, then went into the garbage.  On my birthday, I proceeded to remove it from the shelf.  Then, I decided not to buy the more expensive machine.  I am assuming I know that the problem has been the rayon and polyester (i.e., fabrics which require a sharp needle) damaging the tension by inducing overheating.  What if it is not?  Then I noticed the child's Singer sewing machine for $25.  I decided to buy that instead.  It runs on batteries.  I could see it was a good product because the swatch beneath the needle featured the high quality stitches it made.

I then went to a thrift store.  For $15, I bought three incredible sweaters.  One is cashmere with a Lord & Taylor label.  As you know, around the year 2000, I worked there.   I suspect the date of this item is 1995.

I proceeded to Banksville Fabrics in Norwalk, Connecticut.  This store originated before I was born in the town of Banksville, near the border of New York.  The first owners were the parents of the current owner.  My mother and grandmother were two of this couple's best customers.

I brought in the sweaters, as well as the swatch from the four yards of fabric I purchased for $1 at a tag sale.  Recall the fact that I used two yards for pants (see photos), and reserved two yards for lining of such a warmer garment.  In the store, I found a rayon blend of fabric in two colors, red and blue.  These are a double-knit for $12.99/yard.  Double-knit means it is reasonably warm.  I had the sewing expert select my machine ball-point needles.  There was tax.  (Before our current Governor's tenure began, the fabric would not have been taxed.)  The total was $58.97.

When I arrived home, I set-up the sewing machine.  I accidentally pulled on the thread of the stitches on the swatch, and the whole thread immediately separated from the fabric.  I proceeded only to realize there is no bobbin.  It is a half-sewing machine.   In my aggravated condition, I drove through the darkness to return it.

A few days later, one of my employers sent me to a mall close to home.  I noticed a new pawn shop.  I asked if they had sewing machines.  They had one hidden on a top shelf, over my head.  Apparently, there is not too much demand for sewing machines.  It is a Brother.  I saw it was missing the arm in front of the bobbin-holder.  Furthermore, I have never worked with such a model, only Singers and Berninas.  I was skeptical, but willing to try.  I said I needed to test it.  He quoted a price of $30.

I went home.  I had long since cut-up the remaining two yards and hand-stitched the edges.  I returned with this, as well as some thread and bobbins.  The owner plugged it in.  As I began to thread the needle, I noticed there was a thread trapped within the machine.  I asked for a screwdriver.  They said I could choose from their selection.  I opened the side.  I did not want to pull the thread too hard.  One of the employees knows how to sew and helped me.  Then I proceeded sewing.

It is an incredible machine.  While I was working, I paid the $30 in cash.  He handed me a receipt which I ignored.  I continued until the four pieces of the pants were sewn together.  Customers who entered, including a police officer, thought this had become a seamstress shop.  The owner noticed the pants I was wearing and that I was making were identical.  When I finished, I went to my car.  In my trunk, I always keep a box and some Styrofoam wrapping.  I returned to the store and carefully packaged it for the three mile trip home.  As I exited, and made certain I had everything, I unknowingly asked, "Do I have my pants?"

Friday December 05, 2014

Yesterday, I asked of my doctor's office to phone-in prescriptions for two asthma medications.  Today, I went to pick these up.  The only one which was taken care of was for the machine-solution.  The rescue-inhaler which I carry in my pocketbook was not prescribed.

I believe the Hitlers told this office what to do.  If that is true, then my doctor joined in the Nazis.  This group includes Maria Robbins Suarez, the woman known to the world as Mrs. Anthrax.  She is the new Joseph Mengele.

As per the United States Patriot Act, I would like this doctor's license revoked and I would like to precedent set that such cannot be recovered.

I left a phone message.  I gave them one hour to respond.  If I do not receive a response, I will identify all names on this website.


One hour later...

I called the main office to leave a complaint.  I was placed endlessly on hold.

Dr. Michael Spada


Hartford HealthCare Medical Group

1025 Silas Deane Hwy, Wethersfield, CT 06109


Half-hour later...

Just received the call.  They will refill.  Thank you for all of your help.


I would like to remind everyone...

U United
S States of
A America
M Mendez
A Antonio
B Bronx
E Educated
N Now
L Living
A At

And Barack Obama can takes his whole stupid fucking-ass administration and shove-it-up his wife's polluted, filthy vagina.  He has nothing else to put there.


I went to pick-up the prescription.  It will be available on December 08th.  Obviously, this is after it is poisoned.

I would like immediate disciplinary action against Office Silvestrini of the Middletown Police Department, Badge # 8934.  It is not illegal for me to threaten to have the FBI investigate my doctors' association with the terrorist cell.  I did not "threaten with terrorism".  He does not understand that.  He cannot threaten to have me committed for 72-hours into a mental institution if I continue to invoke FBI.  I would also like my doctors' office to play the tape-recorded message I left.  They can use YouTube for that.

Middletown Police Department

(860) 638-4000

I would like to again remind him that 60 of his colleagues went down on September 11, 2001.  Maybe we should characterize this as Blue-Line suicide?



I spoke to the officer while he was in his car.  Then he told me to go inside while he made some phone calls.  I saw him with his cell phone.  I would like to know the identity of the individual(s) he called?  Did he call the terrorist cell?

It is my understanding that the FBI computer system can research this.  Such information should deliver them to the location of such terrorist(s).  Can they make the arrest(s) tonight?

I would like to remind Officer Sylvestrini that he does not have the right to withhold such information from law enforcement.  He is paramilitary.

If Officer Sylvestrini or anyone else would like to refute anything I say herein, please place such in writing.  I will publish it on this website and apologize for any non-malicious misunderstandings I may have created.

Saturday December 06, 2014

I researched Police Officer Liar.  His name is Joe Silvestrini.  According to Linked In, he is stationed in New Haven, Connecticut.  This is consistent with what he told me.

I explained to him that I am working with FBI against this terrorist cell.  He asked for detail.  I answered the office in New Haven.  He asked me for names.  I said it is a violation of FBI protocol to release that.  He explained he was stationed in New Haven and worked with the FBI and that I am wrong about such characterization.  I am certain I am correct.  I am also certain that he lied when he said that he worked with FBI.  If he did, he would have known that I cannot released names.  I told him I did not believe him.

I saw the complaint on his computer screen.  It is two sentences and cites a woman from my doctor's office named Barbara.  I asked him if he asked a few questions.  He said the information is from his dispatcher.  Then he proceeded to threaten to confine me to a mental institution for 72 hours.

If this is the way police officers feel about terrorist cells who murdered 60 of their colleagues, that is fine.  I would like to ask of Barack Obama to pardon every cop-killer in America.  It makes no sense to me that the Blue Line would protect an organization which performs such a genocide, and at the same time aggressively prosecute individuals who each murdered one officer.

And after they are all pardoned...



It has 336,617 likes.  I would appreciate if this number would increase dramatically.

Saturday December 06, 2014


Dear Officer Sylvestrini;

If you write in your report that I "threatened with terrorism", I will sue you for libel, and will win prima facie, summary judgment motion because my message was into an answering machine.  I threatened to have the FBI investigate terrorist activities.

Any questions?  Ask my opposing counsel.

Monday December 08, 2014

They are still playing games with my Albuterol prescription.

Would someone please explain the Hippocratic Oath to my doctor?  He was absent that day of class in medical school.  While you are doing that, I will be researching the validity of his credentials.  If he missed too many days at school, he could not have passed the exams.

Michael Spada, MD


Until I have completed my research, you do not have to address him as doctor.  Mr. Spada will be adequate.

Any lawyer out there want this case?

Thank you in advance.

Tuesday December 09, 2014

Prescription was never phoned-in.  I will be changing primary care providers.  There are plenty in the neighborhood.


On Tuesday, December 02nd, I became very sick with the virus which causes the severe pain in the throat.  I spent the day in bed.  I have not been sick like that in years.  The next day I was back at work, with severe laryngitis and a cough which I am still battling today.  Nonetheless, I am finishing everything for all of the companies I work for, before all deadlines.

Last week and this week I have been rushing around trying to get all of my work done to secure a few days off for Christmas.  Of course, one stop will be the fabric store.  Another stop will be the mall with my favorite Christmas Tree.  I go to see it every year.  It is upon Santa Claus and all the kindergarteners and pre-kindergarteners who sit on his lap.  Brings back memories!

Part II----------December 09, 2014

I have been thinking about my theory that President John F. Kennedy and actor Desi Arnaz were twins.  I decided if I am correct, then the latter must have been at the wedding of the former.  Unfortunately, the quality of the movie is inadequate to scrutinize faces.  Tonight, it finally occurred to me that Arnaz outlived his twin.  Henceforth, he must have been at the funeral.  Considering the fact that he was only a half-brother to Teddy and Robert, he could only half associate with them...


Thursday December 11, 2014

I discontinued my professional relationship with Spada.  Fighting for my prescription is a big waste of my time.

Otherwise, I figured-out who experienced the ambulance ride for a 72-hour psychiatric evaluation.  It was Whitney Whalen concerning her Munchausen's-by-Proxy syndrome.  Officer Sylvestrini has nothing better to do than act out her frustrations.  I would like to remind him that if he is tenured, such status does not protect him from a termination due to lack-of-work.  Governor Dannel Malloy is, of course, cutting government any way he can while raising and creating every tax he can think of.

Whitney is obviously waiting for me to "take care of this".  With the assistance of the Hitlers, I would like a scripted demonstration of taking care of this broadcast on television.  While the writers are working with her, they need to bear in mind that this is an illiterate female who froze her maturation process when she was six-years-old.  Her mother and neighbor Stupid Sue Hallinan applauded this.  And as Whitney insists on her playing her game of poor-me-can't-do-anything--poor-poor-me, I would like to ask her to explain why she should have custody of her infant daughter.

Sunday December 14, 2014

Dear Sam's Club;

Please immediately secure the video-tape I worked underneath today and submit to Department of Child and Family.  Those people are trying to engage their infant-children in an accident(s) such that they can sue.

The mother told me that she "did not care" if anything happened to her child.

Friday December 19, 2014

I just received the automated call.  My prescription is finally ready.  Did anybody gas it?


Sunday is December 21st.  According to the "missing" version of Matthew, it is the day Joseph and Mary were rejected by the inn.  Obviously, I can expect to be attacked on such date.  The biochemical weapon probably takes 48-hours to settle into the lungs.

Saturday December 20, 2014

This cannot go unpunished...

Rite Aid Corporation
NYSE: RAD - Dec 19 4:02 PM ET


Please take the stock into the toilet.

I will not be satisfied until the non-whistle-blowing pharmacist is bankrupt and on welfare.


And to all patients of Hartford Health Care, I ask of you, when you enter such a facility, please appropriately address such.  You must use the Yiddish expression and salute,


Please do the same to Officer Sylvestrini of the Middletown, Connecticut Police Department.




And if anybody of German descent encounters either Mr. (Dr.?) Spada or Officer Sylvestrini, don't forget to apologize for what Germany did to Italy during World War I.  If the massacres had not occurred, there would be more Italians in medicine and law enforcement.  And the world would be a better place.

Sunday December 21, 2014

In the United States, I should have no trouble acquiring the medications I need when I need these, particularly in the age of Obama-care.  Which country am I really in?

Today is December 21st.  Be careful!!!!  I do not believe that the descendants of the people who rejected Joseph and Mary from the Inn, can control their urge to attack those who appreciated their offspring.

And if you find the missing version of Matthew, please publish on the Internet.

Wednesday December 31, 2014

It was a crazy week.

On Monday, December 22nd, I woke-up not feeling my best.  But I felt well enough to service one of my stores.  It was a few days before Christmas, and these would require much attention.  The day before, on Sunday, I awoke to find a snow storm.  While I was waiting for the plow, I decided to call-out from my weekend job.  The day before that, on Saturday, I accidentally went home a half-hour early.  It was a very unique mistake.  These were all warning signs that I had reached my biological limitations.

Exactly five months earlier, on July 22nd, I went to my doctor's office in need of two nebulizers to control my asthma.  For several years, I have had my suspicions that there is a hormone which either was not isolated by the medical community, or was isolated but not fully understood.  I believed it was NOT on a 30-day cycle.  I am herewith conlcuding that the cycle is five months.

On such Monday, I ate half a breakfast.  Then, I picked-up my long-awaited prescription.  I used a different pharmacy of the same chain and had it transferred.  As I applied the asthma medication, I realized it was not working.  As I arrived at my store, I felt something going very wrong.  I told the manager that I needed an ambulance.  The technicians arrived.  My blood-pressure was 190/106 and my blood oxygen was 90.  The former was exceptionally high whereas the latter was below the minimum range of 95-100.  I was given oxygen and placed on a gurney.  At the emergency room, I was given the usual treatments for my asthma.

Then I was discharged and went home.

I e-mailed the supervisor of such company and explained what happened.  I informed her that I will take care of both stores on Friday, December 26th.  My plan was to do straightening on the floor only, and then all pack-outs the following week.  She thought that was a good plan.

On Tuesday, I was substitute teaching.  It was a long, difficult day, but I enjoyed it.  Fortunately, I had a substitute-teaching partner who is extraordinary.  I was not strong enough to manage this myself.  The fourth grade teacher was out sick.  Furthermore, the office associate I typically work with was very ill.

On Wednesday, I had a small project for another company.  On the way home, I purchased oily vitamin E.  At home, I took this as well as the dry.  The form in which I took the latter was with the herbal supplement Solaray Dandelion Root.  It is rich in this vitamin.  An overdose of either should cause a facial outbreak.  Nothing was happening.  I realized I was drained of this vitamin.  The only symptom I had of a vitamin E drain that one month earlier, I noticed a few gray hairs.  The Solaray herb Fo-Ti could not remedy this, even though it typically does.

A routine facial outbreak should have occurred as my period was approaching.  It always does.  I was definitely vitamin E drained.  I assume the infection caused this.

As the asthma intensified, I knew I would feel better as soon as my period arrived.  The outbreak never occurred, but at midnight, the period did, one day late.  I felt better and continued with both forms of vitamin E at very high dosages.  Within a 24-hour period, I believe I consumed 20,000 international units of the oiley.  I do not know my exact dosage of dry.

The period was one day late, even though I am typically very regular.  I remembered my three-day/two-night hospitalization in August of 2011.  This occurred before my period, which was also one day late.  I do not recall if a facial outbreak occurred.

I awoke on Christmas morning.  My landlord fixed his delicious French toast for breakfast.  I felt much better.  He believes I must have experienced a sugar surge, followed by a sugar spike.  After I ate, I returned to my room.  I pumped more pills and asthma medication into me.  Finally, I emerged and asked, "Guess where we are going?!"  He knew.

We were at a different hospital than I was on Monday.  However, we were in the same hospital as in August of 2011.  I coughed the whole trip to the emergency room.  Upon arrival, I was crying.  I walked to a bed, and collapsed into it.  This was an improvement upon 2011 in that I arrived and collapsed into a wheelchair.

I was completely incontinent.  Incontinence has been an issue for a few years.  Since this hospitalization, I reached the conclusion that it is a deficiency of both the dry and oiley vitamin E forms.  I am going to guess that something internally is dry and not opening and closing correctly.

I was admitted.  The cough was ferocious.  Occasionally a small amount of mucous would surface.

My blood pressure was still very high.  This was a new symptom.  I assume the infection is responsible for this and that the fourth-grade teacher as well as office associate probably experienced this as well.

As I lay in the emergency room bed, a diaper was placed beneath me.  I could not do the routine tampon changes because I did not have enough supplies with me, nor the energy to change these.  I had to send my landlord to the pharmacy across the street to purchase such.  I gave him a written detailed explanation of what I needed.  He returned with the bag.  As I emerged from the bed to receive his package and change my dressing, there was urine and blood all over.  A male nurse cleaned it up, explaining he had seen worse.  Either way, I had no more dignity.

I was admitted.  This was a five-day/four-night stay.  As usual, Middlesex Hospital proved its extraordinary capabilities.  I received round-the-clock injections of steroids, nebulizers and a few pills.

On my second or third night, I could not sleep.  The nurse recommended oxygen.  I was given the nasal tubes.  I also knew that oxygen is a very powerful, natural antibiotic.  In simpler terms, it would give me a vaginal yeast infection.  Nonetheless, I went to sleep.  When I returned home, I went to the pharmacy.

As I lay in that bed, I decided I had to learn what this five-month hormone is.  I could only think of one helpful fact.

In the spring of 2010, I was sitting in the beauty parlor.  As I had a head full of plastic wire and towels, as well as a body full of plastic, there was a magazine in front of me.  One article explained that if you are having issues with excessive crying (which I was), this is a symptom of excessive prolactin.

After that, every time I felt like crying, I would tell the prolactin to relax.  It did.  Apparently, that was not enough.

When I returned home from the hospital a few days ago, I learned that prolactin is the lactation hormone.  While it is true that I am not pregnant nor lactating, it is also true that it is still active in my system.  I researched at what age a baby begins its transformation from breast milk to solid food.  It is 4-7 months.  I concluded that the prolactin has a regular cycle of five months.  It has been high, and occasionally collided with a period hormone causing both hospitalizations.

I now need to figure-out how to lower the prolactin level.  In the interim, my calendar is marked.  On May 22nd, this current cycle will complete.  I will watch it closely for the next few years.

Otherwise, this has been a very good year...