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Friday January 09, 2015

Unfortunately, the new year begins with this...

Dear Barack Obama;

Don't you have anything more intelligent to do than invade my school payroll account?  Perhaps you might like to re-read your senior thesis for Columbia University?  Of particular interest is the chapter on our freedoms which includes...

"The 13th Amendment to the Constitution abolished slavery which freed white men from their incarceration by Africans."

Just ask your predecessor, Bill Clinton.  He will tell you if you have nothing to do, we can find something.

If you would like to refute what I am saying, you have my home address on file.  Please place your version of the events in writing, and send it to me.  I will publish such on this website, and apologize for any non-malicious misunderstandings I created.

Monday January 12, 2015

After my hospitalization, I did some Internet research on how to treat excessive prolactin hormone.  The only research angle I could think of was to find the remedy for production of too much milk by a lactating mother.  The number one herb is Sage.  I would have immediately gone to the vitamin store.  However, all my energy was to return to work, and I was still not certain this was the problem.

I was discharged on Monday, December 29th.  On Tuesday and Thursday, I returned to work for the company which has me service Michael's Crafts.  I had Wednesday and Friday off.

The Saturday after my hospitalization, I was back at work in Sam's Club.  For this, I am employed by a company called Advantage.  We perform the samplings.  On such day, my task was to serve a cheddar cheese enriched with herbs, including Sage.

During the first-half of the day I was very tired and not certain if I would persevere for the six hours.  I had a few bites of the cheese.  The second-half of the day I was fine.

Yesterday, I finally made it to the vitamin store.  I could only find Sage in liquid form.  I took my first dose.

This morning, I did not need a fiber supplement.  I have been taking this almost everyday, on and off, for a few years to stop the nose bleeds.

If I am correct in that prolactin is a hormone which cycles in five-month intervals in a non-pregnant, non-lactating female, and if I am correct that high prolactin interacting with a 30-day period hormone was partially responsible for my collapse, then this is the bottom line...

I did not need a million guinea pigs murdered in a medical laboratory nor did I require a billion-dollar Obama-care plan.  All I needed was a profile of my hormonal activity.  This should have been executed a few years ago.  I would estimate this would have saved at least $10,000 in medical expenses for my treatments.  I know I am not alone.

Sunday January 18, 2015

Is anybody capable of understanding that Targets came straight from my heart?  This was removed by abuses of power which I could not control.

Friday January 30, 2015

I do not know what my bill is for my emergency room visit at Manchester, Connecticut hospital after my arrival via ambulance on December 22nd.  I do know that the ambulance bill is over $600.  The Ambulance Service of Manchester is worth every penny.  Fortunately, I am making more money these days.  I changed my position with the Meriden Board of Education in that I am no longer a regular substitute teacher by working throughout the many schools of the system.  Rather, I am a building-substitute.  I report for work at one location every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  It is an elementary school and I cannot work any other facilities.  It pays more per day.

I do not know what my bill is for the few hours I spent in such emergency room of the Eastern Connecticut Health Network.  I do know that I applied for their financial aid programs.  Furthermore, I recently received in the mail a survey asking of me to comment on their medical services.  I will state here for the record that I believe they are excellent.

As you know, on Christmas Day I was hospitalized.  The bill for my five day visit is $23,000.  Middlesex Hospital of Connecticut is worth every penny.  Either they and their colleagues above are that extraordinary or, after my experiences at Northern Westchester Hospital in Mount Kisco, New York, I am easily impressed by anything else.

As you already know, my Medicaid was cancelled in August of 2014, effective June 30th.  I do not understand that sequence of events either.  However, Dannel Malloy is our Governor.

I have applied for the hospital's financial aid programs.  Their Free Bed Fund only qualifies for bills up to $4,000.  It has now taken the next step.  A direct application will be filed by the hospital's law firm to Medicaid.  I had a long talk with the paralegal who remembers me from the time of my hospitalization in August of 2011.  According to him, the qualification is directly connected to my income of December, 2014.  The gross needs to be less than $1,348 (or something like that).

You would think that because I did not work December 22nd, as well as December 25-29, it would be less than that figure.  However, there is one irony.  The Meriden Board of Education released my paycheck on December 31st because of the New Year's Holiday.  I was paid on Wednesday rather than the usual Thursday.

I explained all of this to the paralegal.  I understand what he was saying in that the State considers pay-stubs, such dates, and nothing else.  I would like Medicaid to understand what I am respectfully requesting--a consideration for the Holiday.

Tuesday March 03, 2015

Dear Hitlers;

You want me to walk to and from work?  On Halloween night in 1997, you had me do just that when you left me stranded.  It took me 90-minutes in the dark.  Then a couple of nice people picked me up and finished my journey home.  My isolation was a malicious act on your part because you blamed me for the fact that Donald Trump did not return your gambling losses.  Therefore, you called me a Dumb-Guoy only worthy of extermination.

Today, you are obviously angry with me because the German scientists are here again.  It is my understanding that their purpose is to study Officer Silly-String.  I could be wrong.  You will not believe me when I say I knew nothing about this until after their arrival.  I do not know their objectives.  However, I am certain it is a legitimate scientific pursuit.  The results of this will be published in a German psychology magazine.  In simpler terms, no one he knows will read it.  Therefore he does not have to worry about any damage to his reputation, even if they do use his name.

Are they blaming him for my hospitalization?  I do not.  I picked-up my prescription from a different pharmacy of the same chain.  It is only a coincidence that my initial collapse occurred 15 minutes after I took the first dose of the medication.  Additionally, December 22nd is exactly five months since July 22nd.  This earlier date was the day Hartford Medical Group administered two nebulizations for my asthma.  I believe hormone X, likely the prolactin cycling in such calendar-intervals, is to blame.

Furthermore, I did not phone-in my medication-request.  I walked-in, placed the order and made the payment.  This sequence occurred in less than half-an-hour.  There was no time for any extra preparation.

The hospitalization was December 25-29.  I did not use the inhaler during this period.  Perhaps I should have to prove the pharmacy is not the responsible party.

Wednesday February 04, 2015


I am NOT NOT NOT planning a legal action against you.  You have my name and address on file.  Please honestly tell me whether or not the inhaler was poisoned.  It is my understanding that there is another biochemical weapon of al-Qaeda which does not yet have a name.  It causes an immediate escalation of the blood pressure, while dropping the blood-oxygen level.  These were my symptoms in addition to the routine asthma.


Dear Officer Silly-String;

My ancestors were physicians in Germany.  Even before 1900, the Hippocratic Oath existed.  It requires of such professionals to administer medicine while only considering the health of the patient.

I do not like you.  Nonetheless, I am scientifically asking of you to see your urologist.

There must be one exception to the practice of the Hippocratic Oath...


Thursday February 12, 2015

Dear T;

In Barack Obama's Administration, a woman has to turn to prostitution to make the car-payments.  Don't blame me for that.

Friday February 13, 2013

That is how Barack Obama will be remembered in the textbooks.  In a few hundred years, when students peruse presidential history, that is what they will read.  Mysteriously, he believes that his face will be carved into Mount Rushmore because he is the first African President.  It is not that easy.  He probably also believes that because his military shot and killed USA-ma Ben Laden, he deserves this status.  He conveniently forgets that it is an obviously fraudulent story.  They did not kill him and then loose the body.

Hillary Clinton believes she will be the first woman president and henceforth, her face will be carved into Mount Rushmore.  She forgets that students will read that her husband's Presidential Administration left that philosophical legacy that the Constitution does not apply to issues of male impotence.

In a few thousand years, no one will have any reason to study either one of them and their names will be lost to history.

Tuesday February 17, 2015

Last week, before my period began, I felt like crying for no reason.  This is, of course, a symptom of high prolactin hormone.  I thought about taking the Sage to control it.  Then I decided that all hormones go into a frenzy at this stage of the cycle.  I also resolved not to push the prolactin levels too low.

Yesterday, I finished my period.  I was fine during the day, except for routine, small amounts of wheezing which are easily controlled by the prescription medications.  At midnight, as the asthma was raging, I took the Sage to control the prolactin levels.  I also took additional oily vitamin E to control the incontinence.  At 1 am, I was back in the emergency room.  I was released around 3 am.  This morning, when I awoke, the severe asthma was back.

During the Holiday, five-day hospitalization, I think on day three, I remember saying to the nurse, I'm not going to make it, am I?  She didn't answer.

I have a feeling that the German scientists have new technologies to deal with this.  As I prepare to return to the emergency room (because I can no longer trust my doctor but I can always trust Middlesex Hospital), I am begging them for their help, and for the American Medical Association and United States Surgeon General to validate all medical contributions.

PART II----February 17, 2015

Just back from the emergency room.  As I began some rest, I felt like crying again.  I took more Sage.

It also occurs to me, while my period began on time, 25 days after the last, it did not begin until 9 pm.  Usually it begins at 6 am.  I was almost one day late.  The condition of one day of tardiness was, of course, characteristic of the August 2011 and Holiday 2014 hospitalizations.

Wednesday April 01, 2015

I last attempted entry on this website on February 23rd.  I had issues transmitting.  These were just resolved.

There was a third trip to the emergency room.  This is what happened next.

As per the recommendation of Dr. William Lynders, I was confined for one week to the Secure Unit of the Psychiatric Department of Middlesex Hospital for "thought control", "saying disagreeable things", and using the expression, "don't kill the messenger."

I requested a "probable cause hearing".  It was scheduled on the third day and held in the library in this area.  As per the recommendation of psychiatrist Dr. Tariq Latif, the judge ruled that while I am not a threat to myself or anyone else, it was in my best interest to stay an additional three days.

During my third visit to the emergency room, I asked Dr. Lynders to present a copy of his license to practice medicine.  This was not produced.  After this alleged physician left my room, the person who drove me, also my landlord, disagreed with my reasoning and insisted he must be a doctor.   A few minutes later, a nurse appeared with a few pills and explained what these were.  To make a long story short, even my landlord knew that asthma is not treated with this medication.  After the nurse left, I explained to him that Dr. Lynders could not possibly be a doctor.  My landlord agreed.

As I was being transported in a wheelchair out of the emergency room, the psychologist who reviewed me produced a snickering smile while looking down at me.  I wondered, Where have I seen that facial expression before?

Later that day, I realized my emergency $50 bill was missing from my pocketbook.  I check for it every night.  This means that the last time I saw it was 24 hours before I noticed it was missing.  Security was alerted.  It was not recovered.  The following morning, I made a police report.  After, I remembered why the smile was so familiar to me.

When I worked at Lord & Taylor, this was the facial expression shoplifters had.  Then, I realized something else.

At the time I was exiting the emergency room, I saw the clear plastic bag marked personal belongings.  My clothes were in there, but I did not see my pocketbook and would not see it again for a few hours.

The psychologist is very welcome to write-up her side of the story, and send it to me with the address on file.  I will then apologize.  However, my 20-years of working in retail force me to believe that she stole the money.

As I explained to the police, the $50 was there for a reason.  My asthma medication is $54.  I have no prescription insurance.  I check for the existence of the bill every night because I have resolved that it will never happen that one mistake ensues my not obtaining my asthma medication.

During my confinement, I demanded of Dr. Latif to produce his license.  He showed me his name badge.

If either he or Dr. Lynders would like to produce their licenses, please transmit such directly to my attorney and copy-correspond such to me.  I will apologize on this website.

I have secured counsel to sue the hospital for medical malpractice and other civil wrongs.  If I am correct in that neither Dr. Lynders nor Dr. Latif are physicians, there will also be criminal prosecutions.  At this time, the hospital is refusing to give my lawyer copies of the records.

As part of my confinement, I was asked to sign paperwork asking of the State of Connecticut Medicaid program to pay for this.  I have no health insurance.  I would like to ask of the State to deny coverage.  The hospital cannot sue me for this money because it was a forcible confinement by unlicensed physicians.  However, if they do try to collect, I expect it will be consolidated as a counter-claim with my case against the hospital.

If you are a resident of Connecticut, please call Governor Dannel Malloy and ask of him to deny coverage.  Tell him to use the money to fix the potholes...


If you are not a resident of Connecticut, please call the United States Department of Health and Human Services.  Tell Secretary Sylvia Mathews Burwell that these are not our tax-dollars at work...


I would like to remind all attorneys that a request for an investigation is not an accusation.