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PART II---July 22, 2018





At his inauguration, he said he

"will to the best of his ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States."

Now we now he does not know what the Constitution is.

Collectively speaking, when we attend college, one of the first lectures we receive is on this legal instrument.  According to his biography, he has an economics degree from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.  I am declaring this a fraud.  He is, at best, a third-grade-dropout.  This is exemplified by his simple-minded understanding of the English language.

Either that, or Wharton is a stupid school which should refund all tuition monies to all its alumni and current students.

Trump is good friends with Russian President and former Communist/KGB director Vladimir Putin.  Therefore, you can begin your e-mail or hard-copy letter with,

"Dear Comrade Trump".




Saturday July 04, 2015

Dear Hitlers;

As you already know, there are two rules...

1.  Every time you touch my car, I will send people to fly over the nearest Orthodox Jewish Settlement Camp and photograph what they see.

2.  Every time you interfere with my employment, I will send people into the Holocaust Museums looking for crucifixes.

Here is the third...

3.  Every time you call me crazy, I am going to demand of authors such as Elie Wiesel to provide the missing chapter of their books.  In the afore-specified, the book is titled Night.  On page six, he and his family are willfully standing at the train station, waiting to go into the Jewish Ghetto.  However, there is no explanation as to why.  I have reviewed books of other Holocaust survivors and found corresponding missing information.

On this Independence Day, I would like to remind you that this country and its Constitution were established as a result of turn-or-burn.  Every time you desecrate my civil rights, you desecrate your credibility as a people.

Additionally, I would like to ask if my mother received her Mother's Day present in that someone was going to explain to her former supervisor, Jerome Kalmar, why just-following-orders is not a excuse to do anything illegal.

Tuesday July 07, 2015

Dear Hitlers;

I never thought the day would come when I would say this to anyone, because it did not seem possible.

You are dumber than Stupid Sue.

During the night, you placed the hog-wart substance, a brownish-red liquid, into my nebulizer.  If you know anything about how your own biochemical weapon works, you should know these facts:

It contains anaerobic bacteria.  In simpler terms, upon making contact with oxygen, this facet of the substance dies.  Injecting it into my inhaler, a sealed container, has a different result.

The active ingredient is too heavy to nebulize.  Injecting it into my inhaler has a different result because this process is a liquid spraying as a liquid.  The nebulizer process is different.

I have developed immunities and resistances.  You attacked me too many times.

Why don't you check yourselves into the nearest Orthodox Jewish Settlement Camp?  They will explain everything there.

Saturday July 11, 2015

As you already know, in two months, we will be memorializing September 11, 2001.

Please contact these individuals and explain that we need all presidential candidates at the 9-11 Memorial on such date.  All party politics must be left behind as we say never-again.



Chairperson Debbie Wasserman Schultz (FL) Chairman Reince Priebus
https://wassermanschultz.house.gov/email-me ecampaign@gop.com
1114 Longworth H.O.B
Washington, DC 20515
Phone: 202-225-7931
Fax: 202-226-2052


Thursday July 16, 2015

Dear Hitlers;

Are you watching how those biochemical weapons backfire?

Saturday July 18, 2015

Dear Hitlers;

RULE #4.  I will ask of people to read and re-read the King James' Version of the Book of Ezra Chapter 4.  There is no condition.  I will apply such rule any time I feel like it, like when I receive a phony $286. bill.

Tuesday July 21, 2015

I have interesting news.

Lauren Vitale was the social worker in the psychiatric unit at Middlesex Hospital who claims that she treated me, and testified to this at the probable cause hearing.  She stated that I expressed paranoid thoughts to her.  This was, of course, perjury.  We had one five minute session in which she introduced herself to me.  Additionally, her bills to the hospital were fraudulent.




As you can see from her webpage, in addition to her employment at the hospital, she is initiating her own private practice.  Her specialties are depression, coping skills and anxiety.  She told me that I was locked-up because I "said disagreeable things."  I guess this falls under the category of coping skills.  The insurance plans she accepts are Anthem, Blue Cross & Blue Shield as well as HealthyCT.  I wonder if she submits fraudulent bills to them.

Look closely at her photograph on the website.  She has the wrinkles around her smile exemplifying the fact that she is delivering excessive amounts of opportunistic oral sex.


No matter who it is, her incompetence is unequivocal.  A real social worker would find a real job.

As to her act of committing perjury, I heard a rumor that she plead guilty to this, and will be serving time in prison.  I do not know when the sentence will begin.  So if you make an appointment at her office, make certain she will be there.

If she would like to disagree with any of the above, she has my address in her reports which, according to her testimony, exist in hospital files.  I will publish her written rebuttal on this website, and apologize for all non-malicious misunderstandings I created.

I assume this is a federal prosecution because I can easily research such issues on the state level.   I found nothing on the latter.

To whoever prosecuted this, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How much time will she serve in jail for this, and will her license be suspended or revoked?  She is very young and graduated in the year 2011.  It was a short career.  I wonder if she has student loans to pay.  How does she explain to the bank that she cannot make payments while incarcerated?

Wednesday July 22, 2015

As Lauren Vitale must already know from the court papers, the patient name is Vivian Lehman.

Tariq Latif, the phony doctor, also committed perjury.  However, he has much bigger legal problems than that, such as for being an illegal immigrant.

I am waiting for Lauren Vitale's rebuttal.  However, her ability to express herself is very limited even though her masters thesis was in psychology.  The hospital will probably do this for her.

Wednesday July 29, 2015

I need a big favor from the media.

The next time they broadcast excerpts from a speech by presidential candidate Donald Trump, would they please cut his sentences in-half, and then demand of him to pay to repair such damage?

Monday August 03, 2015

The Israeli Consulate General in New York City is hosting its own exhibit on the crucifixes of Auschwitz, Treblinka and Dachau Concentration Camps of World War II.  To raise awareness of this issue, I would like to ask of everyone available, including the presidential candidates, to schedule an appointment to view such.

800 2nd Ave, New York, NY 10017

(212) 499-5300



If you e-mail, please enter the following information in the subject line...

Crucifix Exhibit

One candidate is Donald Trump.  His address is 725 Fifth Avenue.  This is a 14 minute trip by car or a 24 minute walk.  His appearance will very effectively promote the never again cause.  Perhaps when the exhibit is over, he can move it to Trump Tower.

Monday August 10, 2015

The impossible has happened.

Remember Probate Judge Joseph D. Marino?  On February 19th, there was a probable cause hearing at Middlesex Hospital.  This is when and where I was held in the secure unit of the psychiatric division.  He ruled that even though I was not a threat to myself or anyone else, it was in my best interest to remain there.  I was therefore held until February 23rd while being forced to take drugs which induced asthma attacks.  These were treated by untrained nurses who continually made the excuse, "This is not a medical unit."

His office is across the street from the courthouse.  This is located on Court Street in Middletown, Connecticut.  In the window, he has hung-up a big sign saying, I AM SUSCEPTIBLE TO BRIBES.  Beneath it is a wooden box with a slit-hole in the top.  The sign upon it reads, DEPOSIT CASH HERE.  NO $1, $5 OR $10 BILLS AND DON'T FORGET TO SPECIFY THE CASE TITLE.

If Judge Marino would like to dispute this, he has my home address on file in the case name of Vivian Lehman.  His Honor can contact me and I will publish his written statement on this website, and apologize.

Tuesday August 11, 2015

One more point about the hospitalization...

When I was a child, my mother took me to Sunday morning services at the Unitarian Fellowship in Mount Kisco, New York.  A prominent psychologist was a member, Dr. Colvis Hirning.  He and his wife once visited a psychiatric hospital in Russia while this country was part of the U.S.S.R. and controlled by the KGB.  His foreign colleagues explained to him the diagnosed conditions of each patient.  At the end of his tour, one of the institution's associates whispered into his ear that the scientific information was a fraud.  These were political prisoners.

Wednesday August 12, 2015

When I was seven-years-old, I resolved never to forget this date.  We brought home my kitten, Meetzy.  He was a gift from a local veterinarian who treated our dog, Rombo.  She explained to us that we must keep the cat in one room for one week.  We selected the study, also called an at-home library.  On one evening of the first seven days, my mother let the kitten stay in my room.  I was lying in bed talking to him as he roamed around.  I fell asleep.  The next morning, my mother told me that when she arrived to say good-night, she found the cat curled-up next to me.  I asked her, "Why didn't you let him stay?!"  She said, "I was going to.  I was going to go get his litter box.  But he woke-up, took one look at my mother, and ran out."

A few weeks later, as the cat adjusted to the household, he was in my room, also during the evening.  When my mother came in, she noticed the cat had his back turned to her.  She explained that the cat thinks that if he cannot see her, she cannot see him.  She played his game and let him stay the night.

Tuesday August 18, 2015

Did my mother receive her Mother's Day present?  I need someone to explain to her former supervisor, Jerome Kalmar, that he must stop his personal crusade to prove the Holocaust story is a hoax.

If Jerry would like to disagree with me, he can find me on Facebook.  My page-name is Vivian Lehman.  I will herein print his version of the facts and apologize.

Wednesday August 19, 2015

Next week, a new school year begins.  Since December, the only issues I have been able to discuss herein are the two hospitalizations, especially the last one.  I am now ready to talk about how amazing the past year has been...sometimes too amazing to write about.

Between September and November, the Hitlers played games with the opportunities available.  They did not do this through the school system but rather the substitute teacher software used by many such institutions across the country.  I am certain there will be no such games this year.

There were no opportunities to my favorite high school.  This is the one which directed me to watch the movie, A Streetcar Named Desire, starring my favorite actress, Vivian Leigh.  There were opportunities to another high school.  During my free periods I was required to help in the media center.  (In my time, this was called a library.)

I frequently substituted for advanced math.  They were studying imaginary numbers.  The students explained to me that i-squared is -1.  Another student taught me the matrices.  This is new math.  As I began to settle in, the opportunities in this school disappeared.

I suppose the Hitlers assumed that no one wants to substitute teach in a middle school.  At first, I did not.  But with no place else to go, I went.  There was one day in which I kicked-out 20 students, total.  One morning, as I arrived, one student asked me if I was a certain teacher's substitute.  I said I was not.  He was relieved.  I remembered what classical movie actress, Betty Davis, once said, "If your children have not hated you, then you have not been a parent."

Even though I was not teaching algebra or Shakespeare, I was still learning much.  There was one basic mathematical principle which eluded throughout all the advanced math classes I took.  The students taught me that.  One morning I accepted a social studies assignment, and very frightened of what I might have to teach.  I arrived to find the assignments concerning the archaic cave paintings of France, especially Lascaux.  I studied this in college and graduate school.  It was wonderful to relive it.

Then, in mid-November, all opportunities disappeared.  The personnel manager of the Board of Education rescued me.  He sent me an e-mail offering a new and better position.  What was new was the concept of building-substitute.  We receive almost double-pay-per-day, and must appear in either a school characterized as extended-day (i.e., 90-100 minutes extra-per-day) for three-days-per-week, or four-days-per-week in other schools.  What was available was the former, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, beginning December 1st.

I knew my health was not good enough, but I also knew that the money was a good idea.  My only problem was that I had already accepted a big project for another company scheduled for the first two weeks in December.  While I understood this was a career opportunity, I did not want to burn-any-bridges-behind-me.  He nicely agreed to let me execute the other project and that my start date would be Tuesday, December 16th.  As the weeks after such date passed, I eventually met the other two building-substitutes.  One is a certified teacher, the other a retired principal.

To meet this new commitment, I reduced my weekend job from two-days to one, and tearfully resigned from one company which gave me a few assignments executable on one-day-per-month.

Before such date of December 2014, I was in an elementary school twice.  One day, I taught a 2nd-grade-class in another school.  On the other such day was this school, and my assignment was to relieve teachers for meetings throughout the day.  When I arrived, I found that the meetings were cancelled.  However, there was a child on in-school detention I could sit with.  He was in trouble for hitting a girl.  I helped him with a pile of class-work, then we sent for another.  At the end of the day, I said to him, "Let me give you a piece of really well intended advise.  Tomorrow, in front of the teacher, apologize to the girl."  He agreed.  A few weeks after I began as a building-substitute, we met again, without saying how we met the first time.  I said, "We had a really nice day together."  He said, "You looked happy."  I did not know that.

On December 16th, I arrived slightly apprehensive.  I was given my classroom assignment for 3rd-grade.  I arrived and was nicely greeted by the 3rd-grade teacher next door who told me to send all difficult children to her.  It was not too long before three were sent out, two boys and one girl.

As I sat at the teacher's half-round table with several female students, we had a great time doing the class-work.  Others self-sufficiently sat at their desks and routinely handed me their work.  The boys needed routine disciplining, but nothing more extreme.  During the day, one of the vice-principals visited me, as per her routine.  While I had experienced this before, it was not common.  I was grateful. 

The three students would be returned to me.  At one point, they ran out of the classroom.  I could not run after them, and abandon the children behind me.  I could not call the office, because I had not yet memorized the telephone number.  Additionally, I was stunned because in my time, this behavior was unimaginable.  Then, they ran back in with a woman behind them.  As I sat at the half-round table, one of the children said to me, "That is our principal."  I walked over to her and explained the issues I had with the three.  She removed them for the remainder of the day.

Toward the end of the day, I said to the female students, "I know this is not your mess, would you please clean it up for me."  Without complaining, they did.  As I explained to them a few weeks later, "You made a first day for me really nice."

On my second day, I was exhausted.  There were no vacancies.  I was therefore assigned to the observe the 3rd-grade-teacher next door.  During the next few months, I would be assigned to observe other instructors as I was being educated into becoming an elementary school teacher.

On my third day, I would co-substitute-teach music with another substitute teacher who was not a building substitute.  He is a retired lawyer.  Music, art and gym were my most difficult assignments because I had to use such equipment, rather than assign class-work.  Whether it was a DVD-player or jump-ropes, it was easier said than done.  As this third day progressed, he and I realized that the best technique was to have the children sit at the tables and draw with crayons.

As we took attendance during one kindergarten class, I learned there was a Vivian.  I explained to her that is also my first name.

Eventually, this class of the first day arrived.  They recognized me and then I recognized them.  The children then all sat one the rug, as per daily routine.  According to the instructions, these children were to only be given pencils.  I then explained to my co-teacher that there is a group of students who I trust.  Without knowing their names, I pointed at each female and directed them to the large back-table normally used for in-class discipline.  The other students explained that one student was absent on Tuesday and should therefore be included in the circle-of-trust.  I thought for a second.  Trust is earned, and let that be a lesson for life. 

I then gave the girls a pile of papers to distribute amongst themselves, and placed the large box of crayons upon their desk.  They responsibility distributed the papers, and, as I expected, as they each removed one crayon from the box, they returned it to the correct place after usage.  I received hugs from them as well as the drawing,

As I worked with them, my co-teacher yelled at the other students.

At the end of the period, they responsibly packed-up the crayon box.  One girl walked up to me and asked what she should do.  Even though I had strict instructions not to allow any child in the teacher area, I asked of her to place such upon the desk.  She did as told, placing it on the desk and immediately departing.

What evolved from that day was a very powerful bond between us.

On Monday, I arrived at my other job.  I was fine outside of the building, then, upon entering, realized I needed an ambulance. 

On Tuesday, it was December 23rd.  The last day before Christmas vacation began.  I was co-substitute teaching with an intern.  I sat at the teacher's desk helping students with their class-work to write Christmas poems, as well as other assignments.  He circulated.  I was routinely in the bathroom as the incontinent condition was dominating my life.  I was so grateful I was not alone.

From December 25th-29th, I was hospitalized.

The return was not easy.  One morning, I was still very pale-skinned while I was sitting in the front office waiting for my assignment.  I heard a familiar name.  I looked and realized that the hiring manager, whom I never met, was there.  I went over and introduced myself.  I explained I was very happy there and everyone was very nice.  He was glad.  This was when he explained to me why I received the assignment.  He said I was "experienced".  I guess by then I was.  I finally understood why he was willing to wait the two weeks for me to begin.

Vivian and I began to bond.  However, she was instructed by her teacher to address me as Ms. Vivian to comply with protocol.  I would routinely walk into the Kindergarten class and several students would say, "Hi, Ms. Vivian!"  I learned that this Vivian is just like me, always in a hurry even when it is not necessary, and does not need any discipline.

I made it routine to visit that 3rd-grade-class at least once-per-week.  This was easy because as the students arrive in the morning, the arrangement is they must sit in the cafeteria, organized by class.  I slowly learned their names.  One morning, I learned that they had another substitute teacher, not a building substitute.  One girl demanded that I be such teacher.  I appreciated the compliment, but explained I could not. I then explained to him the three difficult children, only to learn they had already been removed from the class and assigned to other classes.  This was the only time I ever heard of such pre-emptive discipline.  I then asked the girls to "take good care of him."

I spent much time in one Kindergarten class, not Vivian's.  I learned from the teacher's techniques.  A few days after the February hospitalization, I was sent to another school which was desperate for relief for parent-teacher meetings.  As I arrived, I was sent to my first class.  I worked with my first student who needed help.  I then imitated that teacher.  She said, "You are a really good teacher!"

Fortunately, I was working with a paraprofessional.  Especially fortunately, it was then time for snack.  She knew the routine.  I did not.  I therefore sat at the teacher's desk.  I placed my hands upon the desk, my head upon these and fainted.  Suddenly, she said to me, "Are you alright?!"  I lifted my head and looked up, realizing the teacher had returned a few minutes earlier.  The rest of the day went normally.

In mid-March I was transferred to another extended-day school.  On my last day at the first school, I walked into the class and explained to the girls I am being transferred.  Later in the day, as we passed each other in the hallway, they gave me big hugs.  I fought crying.  I then said good-bye to Vivian.

The next school was very much identical to the first.  However, one of my first assignments was very different.  The police department had instructed that the windows of the doors to every classroom must have a green fabric cover, rolled-up and Velcro attached on top.  This is for lock downs, and the green is a signal that there are no issues in the classroom.  I was given this assignment.  However, it became necessary to bring my sewing machine.  I set-up in the media center. 

Thursday August 20, 2015

I forgot to mention that on the day that I substituted for music, at the end of the period for which I received the drawing, I said to the girls, "I know this is not your mess, but would you please clean it up for me."  There were pencils everywhere.  As they did two days before, without complaining, they did the cleaning.

Saturday August 22, 2015

I checked my records.  The fainting occurred the day after the discharge from the February hospitalization.  Can the hospital explain this?

Sunday August 23, 2015

One other mysterious event occurred at the hospital during the February hospitalization.  I believe I finally understand it.

If I recall correctly, my discharging nurse was "Jen".  In addition to the prescription for Haldol, they needed to give me prescriptions for the Albuterol (for my nebulizer), Mometasone (an inhaler steroid), and Norvasc (for my high blood pressure).

Before I go any further with discussion of the mysterious event, my blood pressure was extremely high during both hospitalizations.  During that of December, I was given HCTZ.  It did not work.  When I began this hospitalization, they wanted to give that to me again.  I explained that they must check their records, it did not work.  I was therefore given Norvasc which also did not work.  Late in May, I suddenly remembered which herb resolves this.  My blood pressure is now slightly above normal.  That is a side affect of the asthma medication and a reality I must live with.  I am not going to tell you which herb.  Rather, I am going to ask of the head nurse of the emergency room to figure that out.  She must have taken a few courses in nutrition to be licensed.  The way she had me do a strip-show for the profanity using security personal still annoys me.  If she wants to play high-and-mighty with me with that tone of voice, she can.  She must know everything I know.  Either she releases this information to you, or we should hold her responsible for the $18,000 hospital-bill write-off.  If $180 is removed from her pay-check-per-week, she should have it paid-off in two years.

Back to the mysterious event...

At the time of my discharge, Tariq Latif had to return to the Unit.  Something went wrong with the latter three prescriptions.  However "Jen" was not very specific as to what the problem was.  When I received these, such were spelled aLBUterol, mometasone and norvasc.  The other information had appropriate capitalization.  Obviously, these names were manually entered.  The information was copied-and-pasted.  All three were on the same document.

When I went to fill the Mometasone prescription, I learned such was not possible because of the licensure of Tariq Latif.  The pharmacist did not know if he was completely unlicensed, or his license did not allow such execution.  Obviously, a psychiatrist cannot could only write a prescription for the Haldol.

I just figured-out that the hospital computer would not execute such prescriptions for the same reason the pharmacy could not fill such.  Tariq Latif returned to override it.  Such override could not have been in compliance with the software's standards.  If it was in compliance, he would not have had to manually enter the pharmaceutical names.



Tuesday August 25, 2015

Or maybe the discharging nurse was "Amy"?

Dear Nurse Sexually-Frustrated/Know-it-All;

You have not answered me as to which herb I must have taken.  Let me give you a few hints.

My blood-pressure went from 190/106, to just above normal.  I only needed one dose to resolve this.  It was in liquid form.  To my knowledge, my favorite brand, Solaray, does not manufacture any liquid herbal remedies.  Therefore, this was not a Solaray herb.

Which was it?

Wednesday August 26, 2015

Don't have any of the Hitlers look for it in my personal affects.  The bottle is long since in the garbage.

The Hitlers thought they played a game on me.  The game was on them.  Both hospitalizations were during school vacations.  Did they believe that to be a coincidence?  God made His game very obvious.

During the first hospitalization, my high blood pressure was treated with HCTZ.  Nothing changed.  But I needed a second hospitalization to prove that the pharmaceutical community does not have the answer to this medical condition.  I was sent to the hospital three times within a twelve hour period until they finally agreed to keep me.  The second failed demonstration was for Norvasc.

I know one of the Hitlers needs this information very badly for blood pressure control.  Until this individual inhales such last breath, I will not release the herbal information.  Do not try to force it out of me, or His wrath will strike again.

The Hitlers thought the game was on them.  It was our game.  We are, of course, about to win.

Thursday August 27, 2015

On this day in 1899, my maternal grandfather was born.

On this day in 2001, I initiated this website.

Sunday September 13, 2015

My computer is down.  It is ten-years-old and Windows XP.  My landlord has been struggling to correct its hal.dll error.  If anyone knows anything, please help.  The videos on Youtube did not have the information we needed as my computer issued different prompts than expected.

I am currently using his computer.

Tonight, the Jewish New Year begins.  It is my understanding that local Orthodox Jewish Settlement Camps will have fantastic fireworks displays.  To entertain everyone, it will include crucifixes.  Please board a private airplane and maintain a safe distance from the gases.  Bring a camera!  If you have any Jewish friends, please offer to drive them to such camps, and, of course, pick them up so that they may drink as much Manischewitz as they want.  But please, do NOT NOT NOT enter the camps.  We must respect their principles of anti-assimilation.

Tuesday September 22, 2015

As you already know, I believe that Donald Trump and his good friend Usama Ben Laden, Mexican immigrant Antonio Mendez, were co-conspirators in the September 11, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Towers.

As you already know, Ayman al Zawahari is second-in-command to Usama Ben Laden of Al Qaeda.  As you also already know, I believe his real name is Jeffrey Suarez.  As you additionally already know, I believe his wife, Maria Robbins Suarez, is Mrs. Anthrax.  And you already know, I believe her cousin, Amy Robbins Salerno, is a phony physician/psychiatrist.  (I received a small hint of this when she characterized my high white blood cell count, infection, as a "psychiatric disorder".)

Based on my conversations with Jeffrey Suarez, it is my understanding that his father died a few years prior to 2005.  I believe that.  It has also been my conclusion that he and Antonio Mendez are the sons of Fidel Castro, former Cuban dictator.  Such father is the brother of the current such leader, Raul Castro.

Pope Francis just visited Cuba, and met with Fidel Castro.  I am therefore mistaken as to the identity of such father.

As you already also know, my mother was a claims examiner for the New York State Department of Labor, Unemployment Insurance Division.  As you also already know, she blew-the-whistle on her manager's fraudulent activities.  Her name is Margaret Herrera Joblanski.  (Exactly spelling of married name was unknown to my mother.)  As you additionally know, I believe Margaret is the daughter of Raul and that Cuba is living off of unemployment insurance monies.

This is what you do not know.  Margaret has a daughter named Caroline.  Is it possible that she named such daughter after her mother?  And is it also possible that such mother is the famous dress designer, Carolina Herrera, whose corporate offices are down the street from Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue?

I believe there is a third sibling, brother or sister, to Fidel and Raul Castro.  My guess is that this individual resides at Trump Tower, and that such apartment was purchased and is maintained with unemployment insurance monies.  New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo, I am certain, is more than happy to sign such checks.  His father, former New York State Governor Mario Cuomo, was more than happy to harass my mother out of her tenured job.

Friday September 25, 2015

As you already know, the Pope is currently visiting New York City.  Tomorrow, he will visit the Holocaust Museum located at 36 Battery Place of Battery Park City.  The director, David Marwell, will be giving His Holiness a personal tour of the crucifixes of the World War II concentration camps.  If you want to make an appointment for an identical tour, please call (646) 437-4202.

Saturday September 26, 2015

Tomorrow, His Holiness will be in Philadelphia.  There, Pope Francis will also visit a Holocaust Museum and receive a guided tour of the crucifixes of such World War II concentration camps; 10100 Jamison Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19116---(215) 464-4701.  Please join him for this enlightening event.

Part II----------September 26, 2015

Yesterday, the law firm which evicted me from my home in 2008, had me fired from my position as a substitute teacher.  On September 30th, this law firm has a property tax payment due on this house which is still titled in my name.  It is un-sellable to them.    The bill was probably paid yesterday.

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This hyperlink will lead you to the GO FUND ME page.  I titled it Law Firm Harassment.  I want to put an end to this, raise the $300,000, and make an offer.

I only want to receive donations from people who do not call me a dumb-goy.  Thank you in advance.

Wednesday September 30, 2015

Dear Presidential Candidate Dr. Ben Carson;

I am directing this question to you because you are the only African American running for such office and I want the truth.

When Barack Obama authored his senior thesis for Columbia University, did he tell the truth when he made the claim that it was "Africans" who held Caucasians as slaves and that the 13th Constitutional Amendment discontinued such oppression?

In this document, he did not use the term African Americans.  This is probably because in 1980, this was not a commonly used term.

Thursday October 01, 2015

Dear President Barack Obama;

It is my understanding that you need my help with managing the issues in Syria.

Do you need me to remind you that your predecessor, George Bush, left in his desk, right-bottom drawer, a copy of one of Dr. Condoleezza's Rice's books?  As you already know, she researched and wrote this while she was provost of Stamford University.  In such work, for which she was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, she predicted the events we are now seeing in this Middle Eastern country.  She also offered several solutions which are still viable, for obvious reasons.  This is why President Bush believed he had to promote her from National Security Advisor to Secretary of State.  Recall the fact that General Colin Powell understood that he had to step aside as Secretary of State and submit to her intellectual prowess.

I have no such credentials, and I certainly do not have a Ph.D.  Your issue is obvious.  She is a person of color, I am a Caucasian.  It is therefore that I conclude that your dark skin color is make-up.  Eight-years-ago, when you declared your candidacy, you knew the time had come for a Commander-and-Chief of such character.  You are actually a Caucasian.

You must revise your 2010 Census Bureau form.  According to this, all occupants of the White House are African-American.  You are white, your children are mixed, unless your wife is also playing this skin-dying game.  If that is true, you are all Caucasian.

Tuesday October 06, 2015

Since I was fired, I have had some extra time.  I therefore had an opportunity to discuss the potential medical malpractice case with another attorney.  According to him, I have two years from April of this year to serve-and-file.  I thought it was six months and that the viability of such a legal action is now expiring.  Good news!

Now that I have been fired, I can explain the peculiar incident I had with a student of color who accused me of racism.

I was substituting at the high school.  One class was Advanced Placement.  This is typically the easiest.  The substitute teacher who brought me into this line of work also found these the easiest.  As they would sit down, I would distribute the class-work while explaining it is due at the end of the period or they would receive a zero-grade.  As these are very grade conscientious people, they would settle down very quickly and quietly get to work.

On this occasion, I was reading aloud the instructions left by the teacher.  I read a few words, and his girl had a tantrum.  I read a few more words, and she had another tantrum.  I said, excuse me over-and-over and this had no affect.  This cycle continued so many times, I finally became irate and asked, "Are you illiterate?!"  I then sent her to the principal's office for what I assumed would be disciplinary action.  She hinted she was going to tell them that I made a racist remark.  To my knowledge, she did not bring the class-work with her.  I do not know if she received the appropriate grade.  Nonetheless, I was not worried about the charge of racism because I assumed these executives are at least as well informed on the issues of illiteracy as I am.

She was not disciplined for abusing a substitute teacher.  Instead, the next day, the principal counseled me on making racist remarks. I answered, "I have known many illiterate Caucasians."  (I then made a list on this website.  I could continue this as I have remembered a few more.)  She answered, "Faith is not illiterate.  She is in AP history."

Although I did not say this, my thinking probably showed in my face, This administrator cannot be so ignorant.

Nonetheless, she asked of me to never return.  Then, all opportunities disappeared from the substitute-teachers'-website.  This, of course, was followed by the personnel director offering me the position of building substitute.

I have a question for this principal which I am going to nag until it is answered...

If this student legitimately earned AP status,

and if she is literate,

then why is she so ignorant as to abuse the civil rights movement?

I realize she is young.  But even at that age, I was old enough to understand that abusing anything renders it ineffective.

Friday October 09, 2015

Today, I realized that the Hitlers have been monitoring my cell phone activity.

The techniques used to illegally spy on me involve technologies purchased by the taxpayer for our security.  When I am violated, everyone is victimized.

As the Hitlers must already know, today, I requested a copy of my college transcript for another job application.  I tried to keep it a secret from them by making such request at the library rather than at my friend's computer.  This did not work.

I expect Lehman College of the City University of New York to treat my request as if it is anyone else's.  If they fail to do so, I will require everyone's help in forcing them to produce it.

The Hitlers should also know that the attorney I recently spoke to does not accept cases with an object of action of less than $1,000,000.  I might go for it!

I would appreciate if everyone would do for me the following favor...




Please explain to The White House that you will be writing-in my name, Vivian Lehman, for president on election day in 2016.  And when I arrive there, I will treat the Hitlers exactly the same way they treated me, before I arrange that they move to an Orthodox Jewish Settlement Camp.

Saturday October 10, 2015

I have tried everything.  Revenge is all I have remaining.

December 21st is, of course, the day Joseph and Mary were rejected by the inn.  On this day of 2015, we will make Hitler suffer they way he made us suffer.  It is the only explanation he will understand.

On this day, he will receive his third reprimand which will, of course, lead to his termination from employment.  (Please issue one reprimand on November 09th, my birthday, also the anniversary of Kristallnacht.  The second could be issued on November 20th, my mother's birthday.  Please recall the fact that she never received her Mother's Day present.)

On this day, his temple will receive the bill for the tax-audit.  (While I understand this organization is tax-exempt, I would like to ask of governors across the country to issue pre-emptive pardons for the laws which must be broken to execute such audit.  Consider yourselves plastic surgeons for his money-vacuum-cleaner.)

On this day, his privacy will be severely invaded.  (Pre-emptive pardons will also be necessary.)

He will be denied access to his medication.  (This is not a violation of the Hippocratic Oath as this action is medication for all of us "crazy" people who "say disagreeable things" and require "thought control".)

And anything else you can think of...

Sunday October 11, 2015

A few years ago, I asked a question.  Last night, I finally answered it.

It was when I lived in New York and was an employee of Staples, an office super-store.  I was a cashier.  The electronics associates and we had the responsibility, among other things, of selling extended warrantees on items such as computers, printers, etc.  One cashier, Bianca, had extraordinary sales statistics.  I once listened to her technique, learned from it, borrowed from it, and boosted my sales statistics.

The phenomenon of the store was George Silverstein.  I once listened to his technique, learned nothing from it, did not borrow from it, and my sales statistics remained the same.  He was eventually identified as being in the top 100 sales associates in the company.

I could not understand this phenomenon because, as a cashier, I witnessed some sales, but not a corresponding amount.  Furthermore, he took a day off for every religious Holiday.  This would mean that his statistic of [sales-of-warrantees]/[hour] would have been incredible and easily noticeable.

Furthermore, George's electronics wisdom was not impressive.  This was evidence by one other phenomenon.  Occasionally, he would sell a $1,000 system consisting of several routers and a few other devises.  I hated to accept such monies from these customers because I knew the system would be returned the following day.  The boxes were always opened.  We would have to re-seal these, apply a discount, and place such on the clearance rack.  This would influence the company's ability and willingness to give us raises and bonuses.

In simpler terms, anything which any of us did was a reflection on all of us.

And there was one more issue...

One day, a customer walked in and asked about virus protection for his computer.  The Staples generic version qualified as an extended warrantee for which we would receive credit.  I directed the customer to such section.  He made his selection.  As he stood on line, George noticed it, turned toward me, and asked of me to give him credit for it.  As the customer arrived at my co-worker's desk (a person I was training), I quickly entered my identification-number.

When George asked of me if I gave him credit, I answered that I took the credit and told him why.  He insisted, But it was I who recommended that he buy it.  (I am not using quotation marks because I do not remember his exact choice-of-words.)

I later went to the manager and asked, "Did George complain about me yet?"  He said he did not.  I explained.  Then George came over and gave his side of the story.  I answered, "There are video cameras all over the store."  I told the manager I was certain he never interacted with the customer.

Last night, I suddenly remembered something...

One day, Bianca was checking her warrantee sales statistics against her pay-check and learned that she did not receive credit for all such sales.

Did George use his computer skills to invade the payroll system and change accreditations?  If I am correct, and if such statistics from the year 2000 still exist, then this is easily verifiable.

I found him on Facebook...


If he wants to answer me, he can find my account on this website, Vivian Lehman.  I will publish his response and apologize.

Tuesday October 13, 2015

Dear Hitlers;

You touched my car.  What is the penalty for that?  That's right...

I would like to ask of everyone with access to a private airplane to please fly over the nearest Orthodox Jewish Settlement Camp, take photographs, and submit these to your local news agencies.

And if you continue to interfere with my attempt to get a date for my birthday, I will spend the evening of such day in a singles bar until I find someone.

I would like to change the subject to my health.

As you already know, I believe my trouble-maker, Hormone X, is prolactin and that it has been too high.  I have also concluded that in non-pregnant, non-lactating women, this cycles in units of five-months.

As you also know, in the past few years, I have become sexually active again.  What you do not know is that I have had multiple partners who I found through Craig's List, casual encounters.

After reading so many such advertisements, I one day decided I had to try a light dosage of bondage-discipline-sado-masochism, also known as BDSM.  In June, I answered an ad to be "tied-up".  As we exchanged e-mails, I learned he is an electrical engineer.  This was extremely fortunate for what I was about to learn about how my body functions.

I found everything very arousing, and my asthma eased.  I told him that I believed he was going to find the dysfunctional nerve.  I did not tell him my theory was that it was upon the diaphragm muscle, a theory for which I would be proven wrong.

He rented a motel room, and as he was playing with my right breast lower-inside area, I began breathing heavily.  I asked him if he noticed it.  He said he did.  Then, it happened again.  I asked him to reach into the pocket of the outside of my pocketbook, grab a pen, and label the nerve.  He drew an X.   When I arrived home, I noticed one black-and-blue mark.  It was not upon the regions where the ropes were, but rather in line with the X.

I decided that if we discovered this as I was acting as a sex-toy, then it had to be treated with sex-toy oils or creams.  I needed a stimulant of sexual appetite.  However, I also knew that what works on the male prostate, also works on the female breasts.  I therefore bought Kyolic Warming oil for men.  I rubbed this upon such area.  There was no change to the asthma, however the bladder was fully under control.

Recall the fact that according to the websites I found on the Internet, the herb to remedy excessive prolactin is Sage.  In January, I went to the vitamin store and bought a bottle of such in liquid form.  I took it orally, and nothing happened.

After the BDSM events, I went to Bath & Body Works (a company owned by the same company which owns Victoria's Secret) and purchased such cream.  It is made for men, of course.  I also rubbed that on such area.  The stiffness in my back is almost fully resolved, and I no longer have difficulty rolling over in bed.

As I explained to him in the e-mails before we met, I know how BDSM evolved.

When I began this website in 2001, I talked about Aquatic Ape Theory.  According to this, between ten- and four-million-years-ago, humans were semi-aquatic.  This is how we lost or fur, and gained our extra layer of sub-cutaneous fat.   This is why we expanded our diets to include fish.  This is how we lost our high speeds as quadrupeds, and became bi-pedal.  This is why we no longer engage in rear-mounting sexual intercourse, but rather face-to-face, among other changes.

Face-to-face intercourse results when the genitals move forward as we streamline ourselves to maneuver through the waters.

According to Elaine Morgan in her 1972 book, The Descent of Woman, what happened long ago was the male observed the incompatibility with rear-mounting position.  He attempted to flip her over.  She found this bizarre.  He did not have the language capability to explain the problem.  Therefore, the male which used jungle vines to tie up the female, became the reproducing alpha-male.

Thursday October 15, 2015

Perhaps I have mentioned that my mother had breast cancer.  I believe it was her left breast, not right.  She did not have a mastectomy, despite the astonishing pressures upon her to do so.  She had a lumpectomy approximately ten-years before she died.  The cancer returned a few times, and she had a few more such minor surgeries. 

In the Fall of 1991, both she and I became very sick with a virus.  A symptom was fluid accumulation in the lungs.  By May of the following year, our ten-year-old German Shepard dog died of similar symptoms.  The veterinarian tried to listen to her lungs, but could not hear anything through such fluid.  In November of 1992, my mother died.

Many people believed what they wanted--that my mother died because she did not obey the doctors.  I witnessed the fact that is not true.  I believe it was the hentavirus.

Nonetheless, I believe that high prolactin influencing the nerve which fed the breast, in conjunction with a liver which needed cleansing, caused the cancer.  As you already know, based on my personal experience with lung cancer, I have concluded that the cure for this ailment is the herb dandelion root in the Solaray brand.

I drew this conclusion because in early of 1993, as I was shopping alone for vitamins, I noticed the herb dandelion root.  This was in the Solgar brand.  I always loved this flower even though it is characterized as a "weed".  I decided to try it.  I saw an improvement in my varicose veins and pre-menstrual anxiety.  I then ordered this herb in my favorite brand, Solaray, and experienced its extraordinary power. 

I drew the conclusion that my mother's varicose veins, hemorrhoids, other anxiety issues, and cancer, were linked to this issue.  I now understand these are all about the liver.

In 1999, when I received my diagnosis that cancer was in my right lung and right uterus, I went directly to the vitamin store and purchased this.  I swallowed up to 100 pills-per-day.

I then did further research on this, beginning with my mother's personal library and one of her favorite books, Let's Get Well.  In 1965, nutritionist/author Adelle Davis published this ground-breaking work.  In this, she cites an earlier published work, The Liver and Cancer, which makes the claim, "Cancer is a liver disorder."

It makes sense.  Cancer grows on fat.  The liver produces fat.  As human beings, we are routinely replacing our organs.  We have new skin every 30-days, and every few days we have a new stomach and lungs, etc.

In my opinion, cleaning-out the liver enables this organ to replace bad cells with good.  It is very simple.

As you know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  Of course, I took a few pills of dandelion root on the Solaray brand.

Friday October 16, 2015

By now, most people have seen Ivanka Trump's perfectly poised interview on CNN for which she champions the cause of her father's presidential election campaign.  If you are wondering why you are not noticing any resemblance between her and Donald Trump, it is because her biological father was Ivana's chauffer.  My mother noticed the resemblance. 

This is my guess as to what Ivanka's life story is...

Almost ten-years-ago, she decided the time had arrived to get married.  She became pregnant as a result of an unplanned act of passion.  Then, because she is pro-life, she decided she had to have the child. Therefore, the father has to marry her and assume financial responsibility for her.  With a large payment from Donald Trump, he agreed.  I assume that at the time of the child's birth, Ivanka's husband buried the child, then took the money and ran.

Ivanka did not discuss this for two reasons.  First, she is too incompetent.  Second, this is a culture which focuses on blaming the victim.  (Many such blame-the-victim perpetrators are females who characterize themselves as feminists.  These women completely forget that an essence of feminism is to free women from much of the guilt we had been experiencing.)

If you analyzed Ivanka's body-language when she was a participant in her father's reality television show, The Apprentice, it exemplified a woman who has buried her child.  She did not exhibit such on the recent CNN interview.  My guess is she is taking the pharmaceutical, Abilify.  If you analyze its commercials, such is for women who have buried their babies.  I am guessing it was designed by pro-life researchers for other pro-lifers.

Donald Trump characterizes himself as a pro-lifer.  However, when I asked how many pregnant went down on September 11, 2001 (the day he murdered 3,000 people because he did not like looking out his office window and seeing two buildings taller than his), his answer was, only one.

During the CNN interview, Ivanka boasted about pioneering the website, womenwhowork.  Her idea of working is clinging to her step-father.  For other women, it was showing-up for work on September 11th, and never coming home.  For me, it is fighting for my Constitutional right to earn a few dollars without worrying about it rendering impotent a-married-man-with-AIDS-and-a-$10,000,000-debt-who-wanted-to-do-me-a-favor-and-sign-his-name-to-my-manuscripts-so-he-could-have-one-erection-with-me.  (This occurred during the administration of President Bill Clinton.  His legacy is that the Constitution does not apply to issues of male impotence.  Hilary is running for election to help her husband have his next erection.  She is hoping it will be with her.  I am hoping it won't.)

I understand that working as a substitute teacher paid more than working in retail.  When I used this money to buy food without requiring food-stamps, it rendered Bill Clinton, Donald Trump and Barack Obama impotent with their wives and girlfriends.  I was unsympathetic to this. Therefore I am anti-family, anti-child, a child-hater, have a sex-drive problem, or any combination of such.  I need a psychiatrist to help me understand the atrocity I am perpetrating against masculine egos everywhere, and to help them understand which issue(s) it is/are.  Once this matter is psychiatrically resolved, I will submit to all their demands, and do Obama's work for him.  For some mysterious reason, he cannot do anything intelligent or intellectual, even though his educational credentials are more substantial than mine.  Can anyone explain why?  (He should know that in addition to not watching the last two episodes of 60 Minutes, I do not ever again intend to watch this show which can be easily manipulated by any politician. In simpler terms, Obama should place his demands in his rear, then flush these down his toilet.)


If you are wondering what Ivanka's reaction will be when she reads this, the answer is, she will not have one.  She inherited her mother's illiteracy.  I therefore do not have to offer her the opportunity to refute any of this, contact me through Facebook, place such rebuttal in writing so that I may publish such herein, and then experience my apology.

And Ivana is another illiterate Caucasian I have known.  Ivanka is not.  She is half African-American.

I would like to remind all those harassing me that the Constitution of the United States was written as a result of turn-or-burn.  Therefore, when I witness a Jewish person desecrate this legal instrument (e.g., freedom of expression, etc.), insisting that s/he has superior Jewish intelligence and is therefore above it, do not then force me to believe that the dumb-goyem incinerated 6,000,000 over-protective Jews in less than one decade in Christian operated camps, punishing the Jews for the death of Christ, in which there were no crucifixes, at the time a few Jewish families were in control of the German banking industry of a country whose World War II leader was of an unspecified religious affiliation.  Can anyone tell me why I do not believe it?





As we revise the curriculums, we can begin with Barack Obama's senior thesis for Columbia University.

Thursday October 22, 2015

December 22, 2014, I arrived at work feeling fine, and a few minutes later, departed in an ambulance.  My blood pressure was 190/106, pulse was 130, and my blood-oxygen was 90% (i.e., below 95%).  My guess is that the hormone prolactin reached its peak of my speculated five-month-cycle for such.

May 22, 2015, I was in an urgent care center for out-of-control asthma.  The next day, I returned for the same.  On the third day, I returned for the same.  The doctor saw me and prescribed the duo-nebulizer formula which they administered on all three days.  This has Atrovent, an extra ingredient beyond the Albulterol.  I needed such at-home treatment for a few more days, then resumed using just the Albulterol.  My guess is that the hormone prolactin reached its peak of my speculated five-month-cycle for such.

A few weeks ago, my medicaid was suddenly cancelled.  I learned this when I attempted to pick-up a prescription for another pharmaceutical.  As October 22nd was approaching, I was concerned about not having enough of the expensive duo-nebulizer supply.  My asthma was intensifying, my supply of such was diminishing, and I had no money for pharmaceuticals.  I therefore decided to execute an experiment on myself.  I made the herb Sage the second ingredient of the duo-neb.  I placed a drop of such in my machine with the in-expensive Albuterol.  It worked better than the Atrovent.

October 22, 2015, today, I am weak, but fine.  No ambulance rides nor urgent care necessity.  I only need the Albuterol.

March 22, 2016...

Dear American Medical Association


Food & Drug Association;

If you do not attempt to control the harassment, I will, possibly by this date, drive every pharmaceutical industry and physician out-of-business.

Thursday October 29, 2015

I would like to remind all presidential candidates, particularly Republican, that if they want to advocate the integration of church-and-state, they must remember that tax-exempt-status is, by definition, the separation of these two institutions.  Therefore, the first priority of any such advocate is to request of his/her pastor to surrender such. This means that their congregation would begin paying property taxes, sales taxes on all supplies, etc.

Tuesday November 03, 2015

Dear Nurse Strip-Show/Know-it-All;

You obviously do not know your own job well enough to understand this (and as head nurse you should).  What caused Saturday night's emergency room visit was that the Haldol damaged the spine.  It cycled with the prolactin hormone.



Dear Middlesex Hospital;

If you want to deny this, you can place such in writing, and have a licensed physician sign such.  I will publish such on this website and apologize for any non-malicious misunderstandings I have created.

Do not bill Medicaid for this treatment.  It is your problem.  You solve it.  Just take all of the creative energies you used to place an unlicensed physician in the psychiatric ward, also known as North-7, and re-direct such into something more productive, such as resolving spinal conditions Phony-Dr. Tariq Latif caused.  DO NOT EXPERIMENT ON ANY ANIMALS.


Nonetheless, Nurse Strip-Show/Know-it-All finally has an ego which is under control.  She now understands that in the age of the Internet, anyone can document her obnoxious behaviors to an audience of millions of people.

(If you are wondering why I am not typing on the October-November-December 2015 page (i.e., OND 2015), it is because my computer is down and I am using a friend's.  I do not have access to this page.)

Wednesday November 04, 2015

I had a dream last night.  Before I explain it, I need to remind everyone of what happened almost 14-years-ago.

It was on January 26, 2002 that I arrived via ambulance at Northern Westchester Hospital Center.  This was when I lived in Bedford Village, a hamlet of the Town of Bedford, in the State of New York.  One year later, it was diagnosed as low estrogen (and, I believe, high prolactin as its peaked its cycle).  At the hospital, phony emergency-room-doctor Amy Robbins Salerno diagnosed my high-white-blood-cell count as a "psychiatric disorder".  The connection between the two medical issues is that estrogen feeds the immune system.  The infection which raged out of control that night was a manifestation of the problem, and not the primary concern.  (Her cousin, Marie Robbins Suarez, was the emergency-room-nurse.  I doubt if her credentials are legitimate.  I believe that was Mrs. Anthrax who, according to the FBI, was a high ranking official of Sadaam Hussein's Iraqi regime.  But that is another story.)

When I arrived in my hospital room, a different nurse gave me an injection.  A few days after the hospitalization, I asked my primary care physician what it was.  He explained it was not on my chart nor did he order it.  Through circumstantial evidence, it was eventually established as inject-able Marinol.  According to pharmacist Amy Hoag, who helped me with the follow-up research (but was NOT NOT NOT otherwise involved), this is classified as Control-Substance-Level-II.  Level-I substances are cocaine, heroine, etc.  Almost all Level-II substances are derivatives of opium because these are pain killers. Marinol is a derivative of marijuana, and is used on chemotherapy patients.

After the injection, I began wheezing heavily.  I was separated from my pocketbook and did not have access to my inhaler.  I informed the nurse of this symptom several times, explaining I needed a nebulizer.   She was very nasty as she refused treatment.  In addition to this symptom, I was extremely hungry.  They only had crackers.

Eventually, my pocketbook arrived.  I applied a dosage of asthma inhaler.  Then, with my hands upon my waist, fingers locked together, I apparently fell unconscious for several hours.  The nurse did not notice.  When I awoke, I observed I was not groggy, had no dreams, and my hands were apart.  But I was hungry, and then inhaled a full breakfast.

In 2002, a few months after the hospitalization, in my sleep, I had a dream.  According to this, while in the hospital, William, naked, was on top of me, trying several times to kiss me, but experienced no response.  He then jumped out of the bed.  A few months later, still not understanding I was drugged, he demanded to know why I insulted him.

Also on January 27, 2002, it seems that later in the night, the son of a very dear friend of my mother arrived in my hospital room.  He also attempted to make love to me.  Upon observing I was unconscious, alerted the nurse who gave me an injection of adrenaline.  (This would explain the position of my hands.)  I guess I awoke a few minutes later, and found myself alone, unaware of the wild night.

After the hospitalization, and after I understood it was a wild night, I was talking to a co-worker, providing a list of all of the medical malpractice.  I suddenly heard myself use the word, rape.  Then I wondered why I would say that when I knew neither of these males intended any harm.

Then I wondered why I was drugged.

The question has been, was there a third male.  If so, who was it?  Last night's dream may have partially answered the question.

According to this, I am lying on a table and, at the foot of this, there is a conversation between two males.  One is asking, "Is she drugged?"  The other answers, "No, she is in some kind of a trance."  Then the first climbs on top of me from such foot of my bed.

According to the dream, when I awoke, I decided to complain to his employer.  This was Pepsi.

In the Town of Bedford of New York, Pepsi Corporation had its headquarters in the hamlet of Katonah.  This was within walking distance of my former employer, 7-Eleven.  I worked there between 1995 and 1996.  In December of 1995, I fired my publisher, Dorrance of Pennsylvania.

If William witnessed this, why has he not said nor hinted anything?

Thursday November 05, 2015

Dear New York City Police Commissioner William J. Bratton;

My birthday is on Monday.  What I would like is for you to fly over an Orthodox Jewish Settlement Camp located in your law enforcement domain.

Monday November 09, 2015

There was one more event which occurred when I was a substitute teacher.  It was at the second school for which I held the position as building-substitute.

I was substituting for a third-grade teacher.  Near the end of the day, it was time for outdoor-recess.  During this, one of the students (I will call her Student A, or Abigail) suddenly came up to me and said that (Student B) Beatrice hit her.  As every child surrounding me was excited, I said calmly over-and-over that we would discuss it when we returned to the classroom.

A few minutes later, we were back.  As I sat at a table, I interviewed Abigail first.  She explained that it all began when Student C, Charlene, grabbed Beatrice by the neck of her t-shirt and pulled it down.  I carefully asked if there was any exposure.  She said there was not. (Of course, if there was, the shirt would have ripped.)  After all I heard at recess, this was the first time I heard that Charlene was involved.  Then, Abigail proceeded to explain that Beatrice hit her by "accident".  We eventually finished our discussion.  I then explained to Abigail that Beatrice stayed across the room as I interviewed her, therefore she must return the courtesy and let me interview Beatrice without her interference.

I then attempted to interview Beatrice.  Still convinced she was in big trouble, she would not stop crying.  I quietly convinced her that it was best for her to return to her desk.

Then, I asked to speak to Charlene.  Her explanation of why she placed her hands on Beatrice was ridiculous.  She also said that the hitting was an "accident".

Finally, I was able to speak to Beatrice who gave an explanation similar to Abigail's.  The former female then apologized to the latter for the hitting.

Two other students then came forward and explained that they witnessed Charlene's act of grabbing and pulling down Beatrice's t-shirt.

I thought about it.  Collectively speaking, when an individual frees oneself from the grip of another, the hands are in the air.  It is both a defensive and offensive move.  I believed that while freeing herself, she accidentally hit the other child.

When I first began the interviews, I was certain Beatrice's name would be on the top of the incident form as the individual responsible.  Instead, I placed Charlene's name.  I also decided that if someone does not explain to her now that she cannot place her hands on people in this way, in ten-years a juvenile officer will attempt to explain it to her, and in 20-years it will be a prosecutor.  And it is all a reflection on the school system.

The end of the school day arrived, and I walked the children to their areas.  Then, I proceeded to return to the classroom to finish the incident report.  I walked past the gymnasium.  Across from this, was a table with a few chairs.  I saw a student in the fetal position in one such chair.  Because her head was within her knees, I did not originally recognize her.  I asked, "Is this Beatrice?"  She explained that Charlene had her in trouble again.  I answered that was not true.  I showed her the incident report with Charlene's name on top.  I told Beatrice, "She had no right to put her hands on you."

Beatrice proceeded to explain that Charlene was going to "ruin" everything, including the field trip occurring the following morning, as well as the event in the gymnasium she was avoiding.  (I think she used the word ruin.  I do not remember exactly.)  I answered, "But if it is ruined, then she wins."  Beatrice unraveled herself.  I continued, "Are you going to let her win?  No!"  I pointed at the gym,  "Go!  Have a good time!"  At the moment I said "time", Beatrice was walking into the gym faster than I could speak.  I do not know if she heard my last words.


Mr. Pepsi wants everyone upset.  A long time ago, I decided to take a scientific attitude toward the whole event.  I want everyone to take the same attitude.  He is a waste of time, and not worth the emotional effort.  That is what he needs to know.

Wednesday November 11, 2015

There was no "denial".  The Haldol combined with the cycling of the prolactin probably released the memory.

Monday November 22, 2015

We now know that Haldol, when combined with the prolactin cycle, can be used to release memories repressed by other drugs.  This should bring more such perpetrators to justice and thereby render a safer world.  And that is the good thing which came from all of this.  Let's move on.


As you already know, one year ago, I found a $30 Brother sewing machine at a local pawn shop.  It was delightful and did not seem to care what type of needle I used (i.e., sharp for rayon, universal for cotton and wool, etc.).  A few months ago, something inside of it broke.

As you also already know, one of my employers is Baker & Taylor.  We service Michael's Crafts by packing-out the books.  Recently, one facet has expanded.

We have always had a few coloring-books for adults.  These sold reasonably well.  However, in early September, both companies decided to try something new.  A merchandiser was placed by the front door, a few feet away from the classroom, featuring only such product, with a collection of new titles.  Originally, the instruction was that the store should pack-out these adult-coloring-books, and we should only refresh the merchandiser.  The problem was that more titles arrived than facings.  And while sales were excellent, no titles were selling-out.

One day, a customer suggested to me that we should merchandise coloring pencils and pens on the same fixture.  I quietly pointed to a man a few feet away and whispered, "That is the district manager.  Tell him."  She did.  He looked enlightened.  A few weeks later, that is what arrived, but not from Baker & Taylor's warehouse.  It sold very quickly.  However, one of the supervisors I work with found in the store another manufacturer which makes nearly identical merchandise.  She moved that onto the fixture.  When that sold, I demanded all of such back-stock and placed such on the fixture, even though this product is out of our domain.  I then applied this wisdom to my other store, demanding all of their back-stock.

When I worked at Lord & Taylor from 1998-2000, my original manager, Filomena Serra, was my manager.  She is a genius at organizing the sales floor such that everything fits, no matter what the warehouse was thinking.  (And sometimes, no one knew what they were thinking or even if they were thinking.  They seemed to just dump product on the trucks.)  I also learned much from other managers such as Dina Sturtevant and Kathy McTigue.

Now, I have extra time because I am not substitute teaching.  I decided to devote a few extra hours into each of my two stores, especially since I enjoy the task.  Although we never discussed it, I assumed the task of the pack-outs of these books.  The store was too busy with Halloween/Thanksgiving/Christmas, and I wanted to do it.  It took every merchandising skill I had to organize and reorganize and reorganize.  During one week, I moved every book and writing-utensil in each store.  The big table in the classroom of each made it possible.  While I worked, I suggested to customers to shop in there.  They did, and made purchases.  Finally, I created a merchandising system in each store which worked.  I figured-out which shelves should be added and where.

The week before last, my supervisor informed me that my co-worker was out sick.  She needed me to do two of his stores.  Unfortunately, he was not trained at Lord & Taylor.  I arrived in each to find a huge mess.  Using the same system,  I cleaned these up.

While I was in the stockroom of one such store, I decided to visit the adult-coloring-book fixture again.  While it was perfect, I was frustrated because I wanted to do one more thing with it.  I knew that the time I would spend on it was my own.  I was not allocated that many minutes.  Nonetheless, I could not control this.  As I was perfecting the perfect, I found myself talking to a customer who was buying an adult-coloring-book for herself.  We were discussing what things in life we could not afford.  I said I wanted a new sewing machine.  She said she had one.  Her live-in boyfriend inherited it from his mother.  It includes a sewing table and was in their garage.  I gave her my e-mail address and phone number.

The next day, she called me and explained how incredible it is.  She said it was available to me for no charge.  Although I had worked all day, and needed a narcotic-pain-killer for my back to finish the pack-out, I found enough stamina to get out of bed and go.  My landlord collected some tools and bungee-chords, then went with me.

The machine seemed to be working, but I could not figure-out how to thread it.  Of course, I can research the manual on-line.  Then, as we were packing the cabinet into their SUV, her boyfriend mentioned that the seat of the cabinet-stool opens.  I answered that must be where the manual was.  We opened it and found such.  Nonetheless, the sewing machine was already packed-up in my trunk and it was too late to test it.

Then, she drove her SUV with my landlord and the cabinet, and I drove my car with her boyfriend and the sewing machine, back to my home.  They moved it into the downstairs living room.  The next day, a neighbor with a dally came over and helped move it into my room.

It is a Bernina 1230, embroiders almost any design including letters, and almost 25 years old.  With the cabinet, it probably cost $1,500.  It works very well.  My obsession with adult-coloring-books paid big.

Friday November 27, 2015

Mr. Pepsi did not like learning that he may have hurt himself more than he hurt me.  His other victims may eventually identify him.

Otherwise, the Hitlers touched my car again.  Therefore, on December 06th, at sundown, as the pre-Christian holiday of Chanukah begins, I would like to ask of everyone to fly over the nearest Orthodox Jewish Settlement Camp and photograph what they see.  I would appreciate if retired talk show host Phil Donahue included himself in this.

Thursday December 10, 2015

Dear Middlesex Hospital;

Let's recall the sequence of events on February 18, 2015...

2:45 pm...Wheezing began.

3:45 pm...Occupational therapist of behavioral health, Tammy, introduced herself to me.

3:50 pm...Nurse Jen introduced herself to me as my nurse who just arrived on duty.

4:45 pm...Nursing supervisor Dominic arrived.  I told him I had been wheezing for two hours and received no treatment.  I demanded an apology for his nurses' incompetence.  He insisted they were "not incompetent".

5:00 pm...Nurse Angie walked back-and-forth in front of me looking for the television remote.  I wheezed directly into her ear.  She was unresponsive.

5:05 pm...I received treatment as well as a request I must tell nurses if I am not feeling well.  This administering nurse then bent down and attempted to make eye-contact with me while asking, "Does that sound like a plan?"  I was unresponsive because I had an inhaler in my mouth.

Between 3- and 4:00, I was also working with nursing students on crossword-puzzles.  I showed them I was taking notes, preparing a legal action against the hospital, and will charge $1,000/minute for the time I was wheezing while the nurses ignored me.  I asked the students if they heard me wheeze.  They said they did and I was very loud.

Look at your own hospital records.  The students informed the nurses of this.  The nurses documented everything including my intended object of legal action.  These not incompetent people purposefully withheld treatment.  There are two possible explanations:

1.  Laziness

2.  Attempted murder

The more I review your records, the more I believe this was #2.  The original plan did not understand there would be witnesses.  While it is true that delusional, schizophrenic and suicidal people are not credible, the students are.

If you want my confidence back, you will fire all those responsible.

Sunday December 13, 2015

This past month has been crazy.  My backaches were very severe.  As per the advice I received through Internet research, I went to the vitamin store and purchased the herb Cayenne.  My brand of choice is Solaray, of course.   The herb is anti-inflammatory.  It helped, but reached its limit.

On Monday, November 30th, I went to Michael's Crafts in Manchester to execute my tasks for Baker & Taylor.  It was a huge Holiday-sized shipment awaiting me on a u-boat.  I pushed it into the classroom, which is next to the adult-coloring-book grid, my first priority.  Everything went normally.  I experienced some back pains and immediately took the narcotic pain-killer, Naproxen, as well as the herb.  These worked.  A few hours later, these did not.  This has happened before.  I required another Naproxen.

I was standing in the classroom, unable to move, screaming in pain every time I did, wanting to take another such pill.  However, I had nothing to drink it down with.  A person walked by.  It was the manager.  I asked him to stop.   He reminded me of his name as I said I could not remember it.  I explained I needed some water.  He went to the employee lounge and acquired one of the bottles.  There was a collection as part of a Holiday brunch.  I took the pill.  It began to work.  I proceeded with my work.

I was then working on priorities other than the grid.  I stocked my carriage with books for reading-mainline located across the store.  I stopped, screaming in pain.  The manager was nearby working on a Christmas display.  I explained that I needed help to my car.  He offered to go to the stockroom and get the wheelchair.  Reluctantly, I accepted.  He later pushed the u-boat back to the stockroom, disposed of the garbage, put the empty boxes in the bailer, and the full boxes in my corner.

By the time I arrived home, I was able to move enough to get into bed.  I e-mailed my supervisor.  She said I should stop pushing myself over-the-limit.

Tuesday went normally at another store of Michael's Crafts.  I decided not to pack-out the last few boxes, as per my supervisor's advise.  However, because my timing for this location-visit occurred earlier in the week than the week before, it was a double pack-out.  So under normal circumstances, I may not have executed everything.  Wednesday went normally.  Friday began normally, then I also decided not to pack-out the last few boxes.

Thursday, December 03rd, was my day-off.  As I lay in bed, looking at the collection of vitamins and herbs in my closet, I thought about my options.

1.  Go to my former primary care physician, Dr. Michael Spada.

1.  He may not prescribe additional highly addictive pharmaceuticals.  Furthermore, the Hitlers destroyed my relationship with such Group.  One year ago, they arranged with him that upon my next visit, he would confine me to a mental institution.  They also arranged that he would wait to issue a refill of my asthma medication until December 21st.  On such date, they were going to attack me with a poisoned inhaler.  The Hitlers also arranged that such Group issue a phony $286 bill with threats of credit reporting if I do not pay.

(I would like to ask of all credit-reporting-agencies to see if this is in my record.  It must be erased because the bill is a fraud and should be injurious to their credit.  If you do not believe me, look at it.  I was charged $200 for an office visit.  I typically pay between $41 and $125.  I hereby give you permission to review my billing history with Hartford Healthcare Medical Group.)

2.  Find a new primary care physician to prescribe more narcotic pain-killers.

2.  The Hitlers would destroy such a doctor-patient relationship.  Furthermore, a new doctor may not prescribe such to an unfamiliar patient.

3.  Then, in my state of desperation, I remembered the herbal blend Padma.

I discussed this in the beginning of my website.  It is an ancient Tibetan remedy.  There are three versions available on the market:  Padma Basic, Padma 28, and Padma Lax.  I had the latter two in adequate quantity.  While it is true that I did not need a laxative, it is also true that these are lower back-pains, the same location upon which a laxative functions.  It is also true that the Padma 28 includes the anti-vital homeopathic ingredient Akinoit.  I did not have a virus.

As I explained at the time, I believe this is what Jesus was working with.  He performed "miracles" (i.e., herbal medicine) on those with nervous system disorders.  On the Internet, it has been suggested that this is the cure for multiple sclerosis.

My improvement was dramatic, and I stopped taking the narcotic pain-killers.  Instead, I treated the pain with Padma.  Two Padma pills could do what one Naproxen could also do.  However, the former was not such relieving the pain, it was also resolving the problem.  I therefore cut the Naproxen pills in half figuring that if I needed it again, I would only require a small dosage.

Last week, I also had Thursday off.  Friday began with extreme asthma.  I needed the duo-nebulizer treatment.  This is both Albuterol and Atrovent.  Typically, I only need the latter when the prolactin cycles in its five month intervals.  However, this was the second period after the cycle ended on October 22nd.  The February, 2015 hospitalization also occurred with such timing to December 22nd.  What both circumstances had in common was that the fifth day had more bleeding than normal.  However, this time it was not as much on such fifth day.  Therefore, I did not need additional medical treatment for this reason and another.

A very special expression of gratitude is long overdue to Dr. Rich Greiner of Connecticut Urgent Care in Cromwell.  In May of this year, corresponding to the prolactin cycle, upon my third visit in three days to treat out-of-control asthma, he decided to prescribe the duo-nebulizer formula.  I never asked for it from any physician before because I assumed it was only available in a physician's office.  I did not ask him, he offered, to my surprise.

On Friday, I finished the pack-out at the store I visited.  While I had some discomfort, I took extra Padma.  On my way home, I stopped by Price Chopper supermarket to buy lunch and eat it at one of their restaurant-style tables.  As I sat-down, I screamed in pain.  I took the Padma.  I was finished eating, then went to the ladies' room.  I experienced more pain as I was unable to sit.  Another woman was in there and asked if I was alright.  I explained it was my back.  She asked, "Are you having back spasms?"  That term seemed correct.  I asked if she is a nurse.  She said she retired from such profession.

I tried to swallow the half-Naproxen without water.  Unable to do so, I was able to get some of the medicine under my tongue.  I emerged from the stall barely able to move.  She helped me to the water fountain next to the bathroom so I could take another pill.  She then helped me into a chair and advised me to wait 15-minutes.  According to her, it takes such time for this medicine.  My experience was that it only takes a few minutes.  She left me, and after a few minutes I decided to walk.  I was very slow.  She returned.  I said I was fine.

I made it to the bakery, and could no longer move.  Another customer attempted to help me.  She gave me her carriage to lean on, while she went to ask for help.  A store associate walked by and she said she would acquire help.  A large male associate then arrived.  Someone brought me a cup of water so I could take another half-Naproxen.  He then acquired the electric-mobile-chair/carriage.  (I do not know its name.)

We went to my car.  Before I emerged from my seat, I handed him my car keys and asked of him to unlock and open the door.  As I entered the car, I screamed into his ear.  I went home and fell into bed.

Yesterday, I went to my other job.  It is at Sam's Club, while I work for Advantage Sales.  I experienced some backaches, but needed no pain-killers.  I arrived home and experienced extreme pain, and decided not to take the Naproxen.  My landlord delivered my dinner to my room because I could not walk down the half-flight of stairs.  I ate at the sewing machine table.

You might attribute this to overwork.  I attribute it to the prolactin cycle and my extreme allergy to Haldol.  Either way, as I was screaming, I felt like picking up the phone, calling Middlesex Hospital, and screaming directly into their ears.

Tuesday December 15, 2015

I would like to ask of everyone to "FIND YOUR REPRESENTATIVE" in the United States House...


On Monday, December 21st, the anniversary of the rejection of Joseph and Mary from the Inn, I would like to ask of everyone to contact your House-Representative and demand that all financial aid to Israel immediately cease.  The anti-assimilates cannot accept this money from us Dumb-Goyem.

I have attempted to research how much this is, and cannot find a figure.  It is between 100-million and 3-billion dollars.  So please ask your House-Representative what this is.

Please explain that this discontinuation should ensue a tax credit this April 15th.  We would each appreciate $500-per-taxpayer, at least.

Dear Hitlers;

On Monday, December 21st, do not touch my car.

Enough said!!!!!

Wednesday December 30, 2015

They did not touch my car.  But you must have already guessed that.

This will likely be the last entry for this year.  Next year, hopefully,  I will be able to use the Jan-April 2016 hyperlink.  The problem is I am not using my computer.  It is ten-years-old and no longer functions.  I am using my landlord's.  It is a long explanation, but I could not use the hyperlink for the last quarter of this year.

The excellent news is that social worker Lauren Vitale and psychologist Virena C. Hermann, APRN, are no longer researchable on the Internet.  This suggests to me that they have temporarily or permanently suspended or expunged their practices.  Neither female understands her profession.

It is possible they have tuition debts to pay.  I would like to ask of Ms. Vitale's alma mater, whose identity is unknown to me, as well as Ms. Hermann's alma mater, Yale University, to refund their monies.  The former committed perjury because she was just following orders as per her role-model men of post World-War II Nierenberg, Germany.  The latter is a kleptomaniacIt is unacceptable to graduate people in this ignorant and socially un-adapted condition.  Such refund would be in the best interest of these institutions because these females carry their reputation(s).  When I marched in my commencement, the administrators said over-and-over, "The reputation of the school goes with us."  I suspect the same words were used in their ceremonies.  It is time these provosts, deans and presidents placed their monies where their mouths are.


I was hospitalized on December 25-29, February 17-23, as well as early September.  For the last, as I felt the symptoms returning, I drove myself to the emergency room of a different hospital, Midstate Medical Center.  I did not know, until my last day, that this is part of Hartford Healthcare Medical Group.  My former physician, Dr. Michael Spada, is a part of that.  If you will recall, I fired him because he does not know the Hippocratic Oath.  My grandfather and great-grandfather had to sign this when they graduated Kaiser Wilhelm University in Germany.  It is a universal fact of the medical profession.  The Mickey Mouse University which graduated Spada forgot that detail.

At Midstate, I was treated by Dr. Lii.  My only regret is that she is not in private practice.  I would have waited at the door to be her first patient.  While Middlesex Hospital treated this same infection with antibiotic Zithromax pills, she treated it with Azythromycin and Rocephin.  These are both antibiotics.  However, these apply intravenously.  As the former dripped into my IV, I could feel some of the symptoms returning.  I remembered my New York physician, Dr. Daniel Cameron, explaining to me that these are the interactions.  The latter pharmaceutical rendered nothing.

This hospital also has unique organization in that it has its own team of respiratory experts who listened to my lungs everyday, and administered the nebulizers.  I had one extraordinary encounter with one such individual.  She was an older female.  I am so sorry I never acquired her name so I could appropriately cite her.

I have had asthma since I was a teenager.  She is the only one who held a stealth-scope to my neck.  It was here that she heard the obstruction.  I would like to ask of all such experts to make this routine practice.

A few days ago, I returned to Connecticut's Urgent Care center.  It was the same infection.  As before, the physician's assistant claimed she could see the infection on the ear-drum (i.e., ear-nose-throat area).  As before, she prescribed the anti-biotic Amoxicillin.  This time, however, I am combining it with Padma 28 as well as Padma Lax.  I am doing this to neutralize the negative affects of the Haldol prescribed by phony-physician/illegal-immigrant Tariq Latif.  Nonetheless, I recently remembered experiencing over a decade ago that the herbal blend will deliver this antibiotic into the nervous system.  Hopefully, this is finally over.  It is an infection which lingered for over two years and caused some of the worst breathing difficulties I have ever experienced.

Thursday December 31, 2015

I should have also mentioned that I am taking St. John's Wart, in the Solaray Brand.  This is a natural antibiotic for the nervous system.

Dear Hitlers;

Did my airbag-light go on today, or are you playing with the dashboard again?  I understand you gave up on the engine-light when you realized it may cost the Israeli country money.

I am not servicing anything until I have an answer.


Friday January 08, 2016

This will be the year that the media explains to itself, as well as everyone else (especially Jerome Kalmar), why just-following-orders is not an excuse to do anything.

In simpler terms, this will finally be the year in which my mother, as well as all mothers like her, receive their long-awaited Mother's Day present.

I need as much public pressure on these journalists as possible, especially the celebrity television personalities as well as their writers, producers, directors, etc.

Saturday January 09, 2016

On Saturday, December 20, 2014, I accidentally departed from work one-half hour early.  When I arrived home and executed my on-line reporting,  I did not know.  However, I did notice I was reporting too early in the evening.  Then, I figured it out.

Two days later, I arrived at my other job, to find myself asking for an ambulance to take me to the hospital as my vital signs went out of control.

On December 25th, the five day hospitalization occurred.

Today, I made the mistake again.

Saturday January 16, 2015

I worked for Baker & Taylor on Monday, then rested Tuesday thru Friday.  I hope this works.  My schedule is 11:15-5:45, same as last Saturday.  Let's hope nothing more happens.

Dear Hitlers;

If there is any more trouble from you today, I am going to ask of every minister in this world to include in their sermons discussion of the King James' Bible, Book of Ezra, Chapter 4.

Sunday January 17, 2016

The Hitlers were quiet yesterday.

And I left on time, at 5:45.  I kept saying to myself, "Fifty-four, out-the-door."

On another subject...

I do not want to hear presidential candidate Hillary Clinton talk about equal-pay-for-equal-work.  She is a phony  feminist, an insult to all such civil rights initiatives.  During her husband's Administration, she saw nothing wrong with his official position that the Constitution does not apply to issues of male impotence.  Therefore, I was told I had a psychiatric disorder because I did not understand that my demand for such equality rendered a married man impotent with me.  I was also called a child-hater, anti-family, as well as unaware of the limitations of my reproductive years, and over-obsessed with my career.

Wednesday January 20, 2016

Of all the presidential candidates, the only one I like is Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley.  Because I am a registered Independent, I cannot vote in the Primaries.

Tuesday January 26, 2016

Dear Hitlers;

I am calling your bluff.

If you really want to give me that job as a reporter on museums, you will publish my article on a few of the permanent exhibits of the American Museum of Natural History and Metropolitan Museum of Art.  I wrote and submitted it over a decade ago, when we began this discussion.

I want no payment for it.  It is yours for free.

And while we are on the subject of your integrity, will you finally answer my question?  Did Mara Addison assure Donald Trump that my book would never be published, while demanding of me to pay for the $2,000 in damage he did?  According to her, such payment was required by me to maintain my contract with Dorrance Publishing.

Monday February 01, 2016

The calculation of the number of 6,000,000 has never been explained.  I assume it was a result of before and after Census Bureau studies throughout Europe.  Henceforth, it was established that such quantity of Jewish people were exterminated in concentration camps, also known as Orthodox Jewish Settlement Camps.

The problem I have with this number is that it was 10% of the worldwide death toll from World War II--60,000,000.  My guess is that the Jewish people were 10% of such affected populations.  Statistical verification that a genocide occurred is not by numbers, but rather numbers within the context of proportion.

I would like to ask of the German, Polish, Hungarian and Austrian Census Bureaus to review the percentages which constituted the Jewish and non-Jewish populations before World War II, and compare such to after.  If these are disproportionate, then the verification of such an event is conclusive.  If not, then I would like to ask of these institutions to submit their results to the United Nations for the ultimate conclusion that the Holocaust story is a fraud.

Monday February 08, 2016


It has been over two weeks and I am finally able to talk about this.  Roy-the-Cat, at age 13-years, had sudden kidney failure and was put to sleep on January 23rd.

When I moved-in during the month of January of 2010, this cat did not like me.  The other cat, Nina, indicated to me that she would appreciate a few extra hugs.  She often sleeps with me.

My landlord then tried to help my relationship with Roy.  He held the cat while I attempted to pet him.  The cat wailed.  I explained, Someone hurt this cat.  He explained that Roy was a rescue cat adopted at the Humane Society.

Roy's favorite activity was watching his master fix things.  If we were changing a light-bulb, he would come running in.  If my landlord was working on a car while instructing me on what to do in the driver's seat, this cat would carefully observe the workings of both parties.

In approximately January of 2011, one year after I moved in, I came home to find Roy stretched out on my bed watching my landlord fix my sewing machine (which would break a few months later).  My landlord left the room to acquire a few tools.  The cat wanted to follow.  I grabbed Roy from behind, gave him a few pets and then scratched his ears.  He indicated he appreciated that but I was not allowed to do anything more.

Eventually, my best approach was when Roy was lying upright, on all four paws.  I would approach from behind and scratch his chin, ears and pet him.  He allowed this for a few seconds.  He would also lye in such position upon the big chair in the living room.  I would lean over and talk to him.  He would eventually make temporary eye-contact with me.  I believe he was trying to understand how one female could hurt him so much, while another could not.

I have discussed Roy-the-Cat before in this diary.  It was also in January of 2011.  We were coping with a huge snow storm and were watching a local news-show which invited photographs of pets.  My landlord went outside to shovel snow while  I took a break from such activity to eat some lunch.  This cat went out to watch.  My landlord came back and explained I had to photograph some of this.  I pulled my sandwich out of my mouth, grabbed my camera, and ran.

I took several photographs.  Then, the cat wanted to re-enter the house.  I chased him away.  In the above photo, he is expressing, Will you let me back in my home?!  The answer was Not until I have a celebrity-style photograph.

I went back inside, downloaded all photos, and selected the one.  Then, I had to find the news show.  I Googled the information and uploaded with the following photo-caption;

"I am Roy the Cat.  I am not demanding, but the human beings I own have more important things to do than shovel.  For example, I did not receive all of my hugs this morning, and my nuggets were set in the wrong place.  So the weather people must stop this immediately."

Then, my landlord came back in and we had to find the news-show.  I remembered that the anchor-woman had a blue blazer.  He remembered she was a blond.  We found it.  A few minutes later, a male announcer showed the photo while explaining;

"And then we will tell you why Roy the Cat is so upset.  Roy the Cat is so upset because Roy did not receive all of his hugs this morning, and his nuggets were set in the wrong place."

I called him, Celebrity-Roy.

Roy also liked to move his dishes around.  In August of 2011, as we were coping with Hurricane Irene, there was some speculation that we might evacuate.  One morning, I entered the kitchen to find his water and food dishes by such entrance.  I took this as a sign that we were not to forget to pack his dishes.  I was certain we would evacuate and began to make all other necessary preparations.  We did not.

Roy would eventually take naps on my bed.  A few years ago, for my birthday on November 09th, I brought home a new comforter with magenta backing and colorful flowers.  One night, around 4 am, there was a scratch on my door.  I was certain it was the other cat.  I jumped out of bed and let the feline visitor in.  It was Roy.  He liked the colors and wanted to sleep upon them.  He jumped on my bed.  I collapsed back in.  He jumped away in time, and slept next to me.

There was one other time he slept with me.  My landlord was away for a few days.  Roy decided that sleeping with me was better than sleeping alone.  There was a feline-jump upon my bed.  I was certain it was the other cat.  I awoke, turned my head around and saw it was he.  I went back to sleep.  He stayed until I naturally awoke.

Roy was also a food-machine.  At 26-pounds, we did everything possible to lower his weight.  I now understand that his kidneys were probably never functioning at 100% effectiveness.

During his last few weeks, Roy had a change of behavior.  Routinely, as I was working on this computer in my landlord's room, Roy would come running up the stairs.  He would lye on the bed, upon all four paws with his back to me.  Of course, I would eventually break from the computer to scratch his chin, ears, and pet him.  I now understand that he was leaving me with the understanding that I was welcome to do this.

It was around 5:30 pm on January 22nd that the big trouble began.  Roy was asleep in my landlord's bed.  We were downstairs.  My landlord called to him that it was supper time.  He did not come charging down.  I joked, "Call the vet."  Then, my landlord went to the bottom of the stairs and shook his dish.  Finally, Roy came down energetically.

The following morning, as a snow-storm began, my landlord asked me to go to his room and pet Roy because he did not seem well.  I found Roy in nearly motionless condition and remembered the joke of the evening before.

I did not believe we were going to the veterinarian's, but decided to prepare anyway.

I did not believe I was going to work because of the snow-storm, but decided to prepare anyway.

I put on my work clothes--black pants with a white-collared shirt.  I then made my bed and brushed my teeth.  If I had known this was an emergency, I would not have performed the latter two activities.  While I was doing all this, I assume my landlord carried Roy downstairs.  I then emerged from my room and saw the cat on the couch while my landlord was offering him food.  I said we have to go the vet.  He answered that we should first see if he can walk.  He placed him on the floor.  The cat could not stand.  I then demanded that we go.  My landlord was in denial and unresponsive.

I never yell at my landlord.  I yelled, "MOVE!"  He moved quickly upstairs.  I went to my room.

I have a list of emergency telephone numbers by my bed, including that of a 24-hour veterinary hospital.  He answered that I should call his routine vet.  I answered-back, they are not open at 8:30 on Saturday morning.  He said they are and that such telephone number is on the refrigerator.

I called and arranged an immediate appointment, and then called-out from work.

The snow-storm was intensifying.

We arrived and it was explained to us that some tests were required, and then a "decision" would be made.  We went next door to the diner.  He had breakfast, which I already had.  I therefore had a piece-of-cake.  I said over-and-over that I did not like the use of the word, decision.  He was still in denial.

We returned and learned of the diagnoses, kidney failure.  The cat was placed on his side, upon padding on the lab table.  I gave him much affection.  I then stood in front of him and talked to him while not touching him.  Roy made eye-contact with me one more time.  Then, he placed his head upon his right paw.  I believe he fell unconscious.

Then the door opened.  The vet, with an injection in her hand, and her aide, came in.  I cried, "Please wait!"  I petted and kissed him on the head a few times and left the room.

A few days later, he was lovingly buried in the backyard.  We used the Christmas bouquet as a floral-spray.

Tuesday February 09, 2016

I understand.  My $81/month in Food Stamps will be restored as soon as I reinitiate TARGETS.  Let's Target the following...

1.  Delivery of the long-overdue Mother's Day present to my mother.

2.  Requiring of all presidential candidates to visit the September 11th Memorial on such day, whether or not Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump demands of them not to.

3.  Explaining to Mara Addison and all her supporters (e.g., Stupid-Sue) that she cannot demand money while subliminally promising something in return, which she realistically does not intend to deliver.

4.  Finding a job for the husband of the Beggar Whalen (i.e., poor-me-can't-do-anything--poor-poor-me!).

5.  Explaining to Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton that a fact of being pro-choice is that no one can try to force me to become pregnant (i.e., the-married-man-with-AIDS-and-the-$10,000,000-debt-who-wanted-to-do-me-a-favor-and-sign-his-name-to-my-manuscipts-so-he-could-have-one-erection-with-me).

5.  Isolating a presidential candidate who does not need me to breast-feed his/her impotent agenda.

Thursday February 11, 2016


I forgot to mention one Target...

6.  Teaching Barack Obama how to bring his wife, Michelle, to an orgasm.

Friday February 12, 2016

Recall the sewing machine and cabinet I received on November 18, 2015...


It is full of notions, including threads of various colors you see on the left.  I made six pairs-of-pants, two are pajamas.  I also made one shirt from remnants of two other shirts.

There was a lot of equipment which I do not use, such as quilting supplies.  Such are on eBay now to make room for my accessories.  My seller's name is sewinggift.


Monday February 15, 2016

Last night, I watched NBC's Dateline, "The Interrogation".  Keith Morrison issued this one hour report.  He presented it on the premise that one of three convicted individuals, Robert Davis, confessed to a crime he did not commit.  Davis was 18-years-old at the time.  The two other people, a brother-and-sister team named Rocky and Jessica, also confessed.  The guilty status of these siblings has not been challenged.

The victims were two people, a mother and her three-year-old child.  They died as a result of an act of arson upon their house and violent attack on the mother.  Her two older daughters emerged from their downstairs bedrooms unharmed.  The fact that these bedrooms are downstairs is, in my opinion, an important detail of the sequence of events.

At the end of the one hour broadcast, I was convinced that Robert Davis issued a false confession.  Then, I thought more closely about it.  So I found the documentary on YouTube and watched it again.


These are the pieces which I believe require closer attention.

2:43...According to the reporter, at the time of the fire, "Neighbors crowded-in behind police barricades...and one of them was an 18-year-old who lived up the street with a single mom.  His name was Robert Davis."

What was the location of his home compared to that of the victim?  The phrase "up the street" is a very broad term.  Perhaps Robert Davis was already there when the fire department arrived?

9:38...Rocky, the brother, admitted to law enforcement he was in the victimized house. "I started out downstairs.  Jessica went upstairs first.  I was supposed to just watch and make sure everything was happy."

The issue of "downstairs" and "upstairs" will have greater significance when the "porch" is discussed below.

13:17...According to the reporter, a law-enforcement-agent involved was "a family acquaintance who (was) a school resource police officer.  His name was Randy Snead.  He'd known Robert and his Mom for years."  Officer Snead was a detective when the arson-murders occurred.

14:39...Suspect Robert Davis tells the Dateline reporter, "I knew (the detective) since I was 12 or 13."

While I admit they may have known each other through routine association, is it possible that Robert Davis had a history of trouble?

14:51...Six hours into the interrogation, after initially denying his involvement, Robert Davis confessed.  According to the documentary, this was a "false confession".

17:13...Davis' State appointed defense attorney, Steve Rosenfield, explained to Dateline that as they were going to trial, the defense lawyer who represented the brother, "advised me that Rocky (the brother) wanted to get a favorable sentencing and was going to be testifying against Robert."

17:25...According to the reporter, "Rosenfield knew from long experience that any jury hearing Rocky's testimony and Robert's confession would certainly convict."

If I understand Dateline's argument correctly, the prosecution was going to trial with an obviously "false confession" (see below) and testimony by a convict (see below for information on Rocky's sentence).  In my opinion, Mr. Rosenfield was not contacted by another defense attorney, but rather by the prosecution who explained that the two surviving daughters were going to testify.

17:33...According to the reporter, "Robert would very probably get a life sentence, no parole.  Robert's only chance of ever getting out of prison was to agree to something called an Alfred-plea."

17:45...Davis' defense attorney explains to the reporter, "We told Robert that if you plead guilty under an Alfred-plea, you admit that there is sufficient evidence to prove you're guilty but you do not admit that you are guilty."

17:56...According to the reporter, such plea "meant accepting a 23-year prison sentence.  It also meant he could never file an appeal."

While I understand that 23-years is better than life-without-parole, it is also my amateur understanding that this potential sentence to an 18-year-old/first-time-offender, is very extreme.  The only explanation I can think of is that there was a juvenile record of similar behavior.  Therefore, he may not have been a first-time-offender.  While such records are sealed, the daughters' voices were not.  And while I also understand that it is universal legal practice that previously committed wrongful acts are not admissible at trial, the exception to such is if such wrongful acts place the prosecutable offense in a context.

18:32...According to the reporter, the brother-and-sister avoided the death penalty but received life without parole.

24:33...After an intense, over-aggressive interrogation in which there were obvious violations of ethics, including the detective terrifying the suspect with the threat of "ultimate punishment", Robert Davis asks, "How many years is it gonna (sic) be, if I was just on the porch?"

From where did the choice-of-words, I was just on the porch come from?  Obviously, it was not suggested by the detective.  Recall the upstairs/downstairs issue.

25:03...Robert explains, "I never went upstairs.  I stood right there at the door.  And then once I heard something, I -- I got scared, I freaked and I ran."

The door, I think, is downstairs.  According to the report, the daughters' bedrooms were also downstairs.

25:23...The officer then inappropriately leads Robert to his confession of stabbing the woman to death.

At the end of the story, we learn that after serving 13-years of his sentence, Robert Davis received clemency from the Governor.  We see his reunification with his mother.

Tuesday February 16, 2016

I would like to talk about my personal history.

When I was in seventh-grade, I arrived at school to one peculiar day.  As I was approaching the front door to South House of Fox Lane Middle School.  I noticed some graffiti.  It was a huge heart, and within such were the words, VIVIAN LEHMAN + ALAN...(another student of the same grade).

I was immediately summoned by the building-principal (who was not the principal of the Middle School).  He apologized.  I indicated my forgiveness and understanding that he had nothing to do with this.  He asked if I had any idea of who it might be.  I could not think of anyone.  There were no warning signs.

A few days later, he asked me of two females.  I remember the first name of one, Lori.  I do not remember the first or last name of the other.  I said I did not think they were suspects.  I never had any issues with them.

A few days later, in science class, the teacher, Mr. Steele, gave a peculiar lecture.  I will try to remember his exact words;

"Earlier this week something happened.  I knew right away who did it....to deny to an adult over-and-over again and say I didn't do it and after a few days to finally admit to it....All of the things you do (he gave examples of other egregious behaviors)...the writing on the walls..."

I was 30-years-old when I finally figured out that he was letting me know, between-the-lines, that the matter had been resolved.  Despite all the differences we had, and he knew I did not like him, I need him to know how grateful I am that he let me know this.  He was the only one.

But why did they not have to apologize to me?

And why was I not directly informed of this resolution?

I now have enough life experience to realize that their actions were so egregious, that these were not handled by school administration, but rather by juvenile officers.  It went into such court.  While I understand that the purpose of such privacy is to give these youths a second chance, I also understand that I have rights too.  And Alan and I had a right to an apology.  Furthermore, if the purpose of these courts is reform, should a court ordered apology be part of such procedure?

A few weeks later, Alan and I were summoned into the principal's office to discuss this further.  There was much additional graffiti on the stairwell, probably imitations of the original act.  It was in pen and pencil.  The three of us reviewed it.  I applied my after-school training.

The after-school training was experienced by me at home.  Everyday I watched reruns of Ironside.  It is a 1960's television series about a retired chief-of-detectives of San Francisco, who maintained his involvement with the police department.  It starred Raymond Burr, who also starred in another television series produced earlier in the century, Perry Mason.

(Fifteen-years-ago, when Hollywood tried to seduce me with one of their male celebrities, they did not understand they were competing with Don Galloway, the male who portrayed Sergeant Ed Brown.  After that, nothing could impress me.  X-Files...take a good look at him and see what David Duchovny is missing.)

Applying this training, I observed that some graffiti letters were all in capital letters, whereas others only capitalized the first letter of each name.  This suggested to me that more than one person was responsible.

When we returned to the principal's office, he expressed to me how impressed he was with my observations.  As I look in hindsight, I must have given him the idea to ask of teachers if they recognize the handwritings.  The issue was never again discussed.

The following year, Lori and I sat next to each other in eighth-grade-English.  She would frequently boast proudly about how many pairs of designer-jeans she had and her plans to acquire more.  She also mentioned her jeans-jacket.  She explained that she once brought home such a garment with a rhinestone-red-rose on the back.  However, her mother made her take it back.

As I look in hindsight, Lori never explained how this was paid for.  She also did not mention her mother's demands for a full-refund.

In early-September of 2015, when I was again hospitalized, I watched reruns of Law and Order, Special Victims Unit.  In one episode, high school teenagers acquire very expensive designer clothes priced well beyond their allowance of $25/week.  The detectives establish that it is acquired by giving oral-sex to the owner of the boutique.

I believe that is Lori's story:  designer clothes in exchange for oral-sex, exemplified by a grotesque sexual attack on Alan and me.

Lori and I were in the same ninth-grade social studies class.  Then, she disappeared from my life.  When I attended my high school graduation, she was not there.  It is possible she moved away, or was held back a grade or two, or was confined to a mental institution, or was in juvenile detention.

The courts must open these juvenile records to resolve the confusion that we law-abiding teenagers and adults experience when we are left in such a state of ignorance.

And maybe aggressive, repetitive interrogation techniques, such as that applied to Robert Davis, are a necessary fact of the judicial system?

Wednesday February 17, 2016

I have been accused of "nitpicking".  Nonetheless, I could only find the YouTube-reproduced Dateline story by copying-and-pasting the hyperlink.  Originally, I YouTube-searched it under Dateline the interrogation.

Let's review the YouTube video further...

20:32...Laura Nirider of Northwestern University's Innocence Project offers to assist Robert Davis' attorney in his efforts to free his client.  According to Dateline, she is a leading expert in false confessions by young people.

21:57...In the video-taped interrogation, Robert Davis insists, "I was nowhere near the house."

22:00...Detective Wells answers, "We've got evidence that's going to prove you were in the house."

22:02...The reporter then narrates, "They don't, by the way, have any evidence of that."

I believe they do have evidence.  It is the testimony of the two surviving daughters.

It has been my expectation that by now in 2016, these two children of 2003, would have come forward.  They have not.  It is possible that they did not learn of this documentary.  It is also possible they are afraid.

Laura Nirider's profile can be found at...


According to this, she is a Clinical Assistant Professor of Law and Project Director of the Center on Wrongful Convictions of Youth (CWCY) at Northwestern University School of Law in Chicago.

The president of the American Bar Association is Paulette Brown.  Northwestern University's president is Morton O. Schapiro.  I would like to ask of these individuals to find these two daughters, and talk to them off the record, assuring them of privacy.  If they confirm my suspicions, I would like to respectfully request of the University to terminate Nirider's employment.  It is bad enough that she added to their victimization, but she instructs others to do the same.  Furthermore, if you watched her on Dateline, you will see she is also a legal simple-mind.

While I understand this is not grounds for disbarment, I would like to respectfully request of Ms. Brown to find a way of removing Laura Nirider from her profession.

My profile can be found on Facebook, Vivian Lehman of Middletown in Connecticut.  If Ms. Nirider, or anyone else, would like to answer me, I will publish such on this website and apologize for any non-malicious misunderstandings I created.

Thursday February 18, 2016

I understand that in the video-tapped confession, Robert Davis offers over-and-over to take a polygraph test.  According to the subliminal information I received, this satisfies Laura Nirider as to his innocence.  It satisfies me as to the condition her legal simple-mindedness.

If I am correct in that he has been in-and-out of a police station for six-years, then he would likely have learned how to conquer this exam.

My criticism of the detectives is their failure to follow-up on the following statements by Davis;

24:33..."I was just on the porch..."

The follow-up question should have been, "Why were you just on the porch?"

25:03..."I never went upstairs.  I stood right there at the door.  And then once I heard something, I -- I got scared, I freaked and I ran..."

The follow-up question should have been, "What scared you?"  I believe it was the sound of the stabbing.

At 24:33, Davis was breaking-down.  They had an opportunity for a true-confession.  Instead, they pursued a false-confession which ultimately led to his release.

Friday February 19, 2016

It has been quiet.  This suggests to me that my argument has prevailed.

NBC's Dateline should stop to realize something.  All of the energies which are inputted into using subliminal information to harass, intimidate and enslave me, exemplify the same mentality which led to a their ridiculous presentation, "The Interrogation".  In this documentary, they emphatically stated it was about a false confession, which was obviously about a true confession that was incorrectly managed by detectives.  To prevent NBC from completely discrediting themselves, I would like to suggest that they begin by becoming real journalists--the character type I aspired to when I was editor-in-chief of my college newspaper.

As to the Innocence Project, this is my issue...

I have watched several different documentaries, on a few different channels, about individuals they freed.  Each time, I thought to myself, There is something missing about this report.  A few months ago, I finally figured-out what it was--the juvenile court records.

During and immediately after I watched "The Interrogation", my compassion was for the mother and convicted son.  Then, I remembered the missing detail, and I thought about the issue of the porch, as well as the extreme nature of the two choices presented to an 18-year-old:  23-years or life-imprisonment-without-parole.

I also wondered about a defense attorney who was afraid to go to trial because he knew that the prosecution's star witness was a convict.  How could this inevitably lead to a guilty verdict, especially considering the universal reality that juries can be totally unpredictable?  So I resolved that was not the defense attorney's concern.  I believe he must have advised his client, You can either listen to the testimonies of the two daughters at trial, or take the 23-years which are non-appeal-able.  The defendant chose the latter.

In 2003, the two daughters endured an evening of terror, then had to bury their mother and baby-brother.  The justice system responded by assuring them that the brother-and-sister were gone forever, and the third participant would not return for 23-years.  This is enough time to finish school and begin a new family.

We need to add that Laura Nirider will never again interfere.

Sunday February 21, 2016

The Museum of Yeshiva University, located at 500 W 185th St, New York, NY 10033, will be hosting a new and exciting exhibit on the crucifixes of the World War II concentration camps.  Tomorrow morning, at 9 am Eastern Standard Time, you can begin buying your tickets.


Wednesday February 24, 2016

I have been thinking...

Was the Beggar Whalen ever in juvenile detention?  Did she tell them it was all Fluffy's fault?


Recently, there is one student who was held back in the third-grade.  He should be watched for possible future juvenile delinquency, so we can understand what to look for.

Possibly, one early symptom is a parent who never stops finding ridiculous excuses to cover for her child, while never noticing how ridiculous she looks.

Friday February 26, 2016

As to my health...

The backaches are still severe.  However, I stopped the narcotic pain-killers.  Advil, also known as Ibuprofen, is now adequate.  Although I have been taking much of it, the dosages been slowly diminishing.  With or without this, I no longer require dinner delivered to me in my room.

A few weeks ago, I depleted my supply of Padma Basic and Lax.  I had no money for more.  Sometimes, having no money can be a good thing, because it forced me to find an alternate strategy.  I had other supplements which I find very useful:

Solaray's Patented D-Glucarate...It is for detoxification, and consists of Vitamin C, Calcium D-Glucarate and Soy Isoflavones..

Solaray's St. John's Wort, One Daily...While this herb is marketed as an anti-depressant, it actually works on the nervous and circulatory system.  I have used it in the past to cure my arthritic left ankle.  This symptom returned.

Solaray's Tart Cherry...This is for the circulatory system.


B-vitamins, for the nervous system, as well as fiber pills, to prevent nose-bleeds.  I purchased such at a local supermarket.

A few weeks ago, I returned to Connecticut Urgent Care for asthma treatment.  Dr. Richard Greiner prescribed Pulmicort Flexhaler.  It is controlling the asthma.  I am using much less Albuterol, while I am only waking-up twice in the middle of the night.

On March 22nd of this year, the hormone prolactin will complete its five-month-cycle.  On March 18th, my period is due.  This is a very dangerous combination.  Recall the fact that one year ago, at the time of a similar combination, my asthma delivered me to the emergency room three times within 12-hours.  Dr. William Lynders, the senior attending physician, diagnosed it as a psychiatric disorder which, according to one of his staff members, required treatment with Haldol.  (Lynders still cannot figure-out why I refuse to believe he is a physician.)  This pharmaceutical, of course, damaged the spine.

Then, after the emergency room nurse, Ms. Strip-Show/Know-it-All, forced me to entertain a security official who was new to this country and only spoke English in profanities, I was forcibly confined to a wing which did not know how to treat asthma.  Over-and-over they gave me the excuse, "This is not a medical unit."  I should have told them to go outside and read the sign on their building which stated, "MIDDLESEX HOSPITAL".

Middlesex Hospital needs to understand this...

If there is another visit to this hospital, and if I see either Nurse Strip-Show/Know-it-All, and/or Dr. William Lynders, they are going to see a side of me which only that wing witnessed.  It was characterized as "labile" by phony physician Tariq Latif, while another nurse called me "curt".  It can get worse than that.

As I explained to the associates of that wing over-and-over, these people do not have my permission to address me by my first name.  I am Ms. Lehman to them.  If the hospital nurses and doctors want to behave as my grandfather's D-students, they will be treated as such.

Furthermore, if I arrive with asthma, I am going to give them two minutes to treat me before I characterize it as medical malpractice.  I will wear a watch.

And if there is anything missing from my pocketbook...

Wednesday March 02, 2016

The gloves are off...

This Easter, I would like to ask of all ministers to consider including in their sermons a discussion of the King James' version of the Book of Ezra, Chapter 4.  This explains that the Jewish people and the pre-Christian Israelis are two different groups.  I would also like to ask of all Biblical scholars to research where the Jewish people came from.  I suspect it was Russia.

Dear Middlesex Hospital;

My February 26th entry on this website is not "overkill".  The fact is that during my last emergency room visit, which was either in November or December, your staff perpetuated the abuse.  I had wheezing I could not resolve with my home, prescription remedies.  While my back was in extreme pain, I was taken by wheelchair from the waiting-room to a treatment-room.  I think I remember the number denoted to it as "7".  While I waited for treatment, a nurse walked by and asked a co-worker, "There is no one in Room 7, right?"

Obviously, she was trying to play the game.  If she had any intelligence, and legitimately wanted to know if anyone was in my room, she would have looked in.

And obviously, your people were trying to validate the long wait times I had in the psychiatric unit each time I had severe asthma.  For some mysterious reason, these nurses of this "non-medical unit" did not take me to a medical unit one flight downstairs, or to the emergency room a short elevator ride down.

During my last visit, I waited patiently.  Finally, after over half-an-hour, I took some herbal pills from my pocketbook and somehow lifted myself off of the chair to drink water from your faucet.  Obviously, your video cameras saw this.  Immediately after, the practitioner arrived to apply the necessary treatment.  (The technique was new to me--a mask applied to my face for one hour.  At the end of this, I coughed-up a small piece of mucous.  I believe that was the problem.)

It is not "over-kill" until you have killed such behaviors.

Friday March 04, 2016

March 24th is Holy Thursday, National Whistleblowers' Day.  As you already know, I believe the archetypical (i.e., collective unconscious as identified by psychoanalyst Carl G. Jung) connection is to Moses of the pre-Christian Old Testament.  What you do not know, is that I suspect that Moses and Mohammed were the same religious character.  The two groups must have separated before the liberation of the pre-Christian Israelis.

I would like to remind all attorneys about the financial gain from recovering stolen and embezzled monies with the assistance of a whistleblower.  Therefore, on such day that the archetypes will activate, I would like to recommend that you all host an open house in which whistleblowers, without an appointment, can walk-in.  These people are not likely to schedule an appointment before such activation.

Although I am not an attorney, I would also like to remind everyone that the law very specifically states that the whistleblower need NOT be correct, only reasonable.  I would also like to remind everyone that a request for an investigation is NOT an accusation. 

As to Middlesex Hospital...

I believe they now understand the magnitude of the wrongdoing of allowing their psychiatric unit to be used to incarcerate and drug political prisoners.  I am the one we know about.  Tariq Latif knows best those we do not know about.  He is currently either in prison for practicing as a phony physician, or in Pakistan because he was deported for being an illegal immigrant.

The other person who would know is his accomplice, William Lynders.  I am not using the prefix of Dr. because I do not believe he is one.  (He has my home address, and is welcome to answer me.  I will publish such on this website, and apologize.)

I very strongly recommend of Middlesex Hospital to resolve this before their descendants are reading in the textbooks that this institution was a location for containing and drugging political prisoners.

Furthermore, I would like to point-out to Middlesex Hospital that during my last two days of imprisonment, I was demonstrating the symptoms of Restless Legs.  After my release, I researched it.  This is a side-affect of the Haldol.  At the time, I explained this symptom to the nurses, who offered me another pharmaceutical.  Instead, this should have been noted in my files, and this prescription should have been discontinued.  Whether or not the nurses have valid credentials, I believe they should be terminated from their positions.  They demonstrated no sense of responsibility.

The day after my release, I returned to work at the school.  Fortunately, I had an easy day of relieving teachers for conferences.  The next day, I went home early.  I then proceeded to the Vitamin Shoppe where I purchased a homeopathic remedy for restless-legs. 

Even though I only received small granules of the Haldol, the restless-legs symptom followed in the short-term, and the damage to my spine in the long-term.  If it were not for my knowledge of herbs and vitamins, I would probably be in a wheelchair now, while experiencing pain which could only be remedied with narcotics.  Addiction would be inevitable.  I would have to sue Middlesex Hospital for a lifetime of support because it would be unfair to burden the taxpayer with this in the form of disability.

This was obviously Barack Obama's technique of whipping me as he attempted to prove the validity of his senior thesis for Columbia University in which he made the claim that it was Africans who held Caucasians as slaves.  If you do not believe me, ask of him to publish this document on this Internet.  (He has my permission to access my address on my IRS tax returns.  He is welcome to answer me, and I will publish such with an apology on this website.)

It has been hinted that there was another unauthorized, much more substantial dosage of Haldol.  Is this true?  If so, how? Was it in the asthma inhaler?  Was I drugged to sleep and then injected with Haldol?

When the prolactin cycles at the end of the month, hopefully there will be another dream to explain what I cannot consciously remember.

Tuesday March 08, 2016

In February of 2015, I was confined to the psychiatric unit of Middlesex Hospital in the State of Connecticut.  This was as per the recommendation of emergency room physician, William Lynders.  As you already know, I believe he is not a doctor.  I was then in the care of phony-physician/illegal-immigrant Tariq Latif of Pakistan.

On one morning, I remember receiving my asthma inhaler medication, then eating breakfast, and then becoming very sleepy.  While it is not unusual for me to take naps on my day off, this seemed peculiar.

The dream last night may have filled-in the blanks.

According to this dream, I was asleep in my low-lying-bed, which was not a typical hospital bed. The dream was identical to reality.  I was lying on my right side.  This is how I typically sleep, and remember doing at the time. Near the foot of my bed, on the right side, upon his knees, was an individual in a lab coat.  He was a Caucasian-male.  (Lynders is also a Caucasian-male.)  The height of the person in the dream was identical to that which I remember about William Lynders.  The individual in the dream had a hand-held-machine which looked like a blood-sugar-meter for diabetics.  But that is not what it was.  It was brown and white, and had a straw-like devise attached to it.  In this dream, he inserted the straw into my mouth, and the machine was very loud.  He removed it, turned it off or down in noise-volume, and reinserted it into my mouth.

In the dream, I then tried to make a phone-call, but could not.  In the dream only, not reality, there was a phone on the nightstand.  I could not grab it.

Next, in the dream, he had a black, marble-covered, composition book.  In this he made the notes, "11/80", followed by extra information.  On another blank-page, he began the entry with "Scott".

I believe that with a different attachment, this hand-held-machine is the devise used to poison asthma-rescue-inhalers.  In this case, it was used to poison me directly with a biochemical weapon which cycles with the five-month hormone, prolactin.  (The hogwart (i.e., tumor at the base of the spine) also cycles with the prolactin.)

The user of the devise must have trained in a terrorist training camp.  Recall the fact that a few years ago, I had Duke William release to the FBI the location of such in Mexico.  (He trained there.  Please also recall the fact that Usama Ben Laden is of Aztec descent.)  I gave strict instructions that no animals should be harmed during the invasion.  The reply was directions on how that could be accomplished.  I explained by stating that destroying animals would also result in destroying valuable, irreplaceable information on this terrorist group.  I believe they then found a way.

There must be another training camp.

My question to Nurse Strip/Show/Know-it-All is for the information as to whether or not Lynders took a mysterious international absence, that was not too far away.

Will Lynders please allow the FBI to view his passport?

Thursday March 10, 2016

Donald Trump was born on June 14, 1946 to a Scottish mother.

If he was born in the United States, then his mother legally immigrated to this country as a war-bride.  The only problem with that reasoning is his father, born on October 11, 1905, was never a soldier.  She must have been an illegal immigrant.

It is possible that Donald Trump was born in Scotland.  However, he is still eligible to run for president if his father was an American citizen.  The only problem with that reasoning is his mother bore her husband five children with no knowledge of who their fathers were.  (If you do not believe me, ask anyone who witnessed her panic after paternity tests were executed on Ivana's three children, Donald junior, Ivanka and Eric.)

Typically, in a family of Wicca, it is the first-born who has a birth-date of mid-to-late June.  (That is, the child was conceived exactly nine-months before the end of the school-year as a result of an unplanned act of passion.)  Donald Trump is the third child of his parents.   His older sister (the most incompetent Federal Judge in America) was born on April 5, 1937.  I cannot establish his older brother's, Fred Trump junior's, birthday.

What this suggests to me is that Donald Trump's parents did not marry until after his mother began a long, aggressive hunting expedition for a husband.

Could someone please research the birth record?  Is he eligible to run for president?  If his certificate can be located in either the United States or Scotland, does it identify Fred Trump as the father?

Friday March 11, 2016

As Easter approaches, I would like to ask of the military to begin the project of eliminating concentration camps in the United States.  It would be good psychologically if the first is destroyed by Holy Thursday.  A very ambitious goal would be total elimination within our country by Christmas.  However, I do not know how many there are, or how large.  (Recall the fact that Auschwitz was half-the-size of Manhattan.)  Perhaps a more realistic goal is next Christmas?  Since our taxpayer dollars finance such, it would be a boost to our economy as the monies are returned to such rightful owners.

Please, no harm to animals.  However, if such does occur, I would like you to be equipped with a mobile veterinary care unit.

I would also like availability of more than adequate medical attention by licensed physicians, medical-assistants, nurse-practitioners and nurses, as well as all necessary medical equipment.  There is no such thing as expendable health or life of any military official.  I want them all returned to their home-bases in the same conditions as they were sent.

Tuesday March 15, 2016

Dear Ms. Carrol McCorkle;

I understand that it is not your fault that you are so dumb that your only destiny in life is Operations Manager, Input Correction Operations of the Internal Revenue Service.  I also realize that it is not your fault that the Administration of Barack Obama did not provide you with the necessary training to send me an intelligent letter explaining why the IRS needs "more information to process the return accurately."

In the letter to me dated March 11, 2016, you explain,

"According to our records, advance payments of the premium tax credit were made for health care coverage from the Health Insurance Marketplace for you or someone listed on your return.  You're required to reconcile the advance payment amount on your tax return using Form 8962, Premium Tax Credit, with the premium tax credit you are allowed on your return.  If you don't reconcile, you won't be eligible for advance payments of the premium tax credit or cost-sharing reductions to help pay for your Marketplace health insurance coverage in 2017."

This is what you either do not know, or do know but are not capable of understanding.

I e-filed through H&R Block on-line tax-preparation.  Henceforth, H&R Block is the agent.  You must e-transmit this request to the agent, while only copy-corresponding such to me.  I am using the forms of their software.  Therefore, you must tell them what forms I am missing, if any.  In simpler terms, I do not believe one word of your letter.  Are you also a born liar?  Or did this happen later, perhaps during a Presidential Administration you served?  Which one corrupted you?

In the same letter, you proceed to state,

"You should have received a Form 1095-A, Health Insurance Marketplace Statement, from the Health Insurance Marketplace.  Refer to the Form 1095-A to complete Form 8962.  If you didn't receive a Form 1095-A, visit www. healthcare.gov or your state Marketplace website."

I did receive such Form 1095-B.  To my knowledge, there was no reason to send me Form -A, and there is no information which could or should be transmitted onto Form 8962.

Vivian Lehman

Reference #...0227474801


If there is anyone out there who understands this better than Ms. McCorkel (and that is probably everyone), please explain it to her.  The office is located at...

201 W. Rivercenter Blvd.  Stop 361

Covington, KY  41011

Please use the above-specified reference number, as well as simple-minded, non-polysyllabic words only.  And if there is anyone with an extra children's dictionary, please lend it to her for use in this correspondence.

Sunday March 20, 2016

Dear FBI;

Would you please take Patrick Whitford into custody?

He is Kathy Sampey's cousin.  If you will recall, in 2007?, you recognized her as a co-conspirator to USAMA BEN LADEN (USA, Mendez Antonio, Bronx Educated, Now Living at DEN).

Patrick vandalized my car three times.

The first vandalism was in college, May of 1985.  He popped the rim of the left-rear tire.  He hated me because it was his understanding that I was jeopardizing his potential to earn a falsified transcript.  In fact, at the time, I was too ignorant to understand these exist.  All I did was work hard.  His life of lies is a very frightening lifestyle.  I noticed the vandalism after a car accident which sent my car flying all over the Hutchinson River Parkway and struck two other cars.  Fortunately, no one was hurt.

The second vandalism was while I was working at Staples in 2001.  He popped the rim of the front-left tire.  It was shortly after I opened this website.  For this, my first priority was resolving the issues of falsified transcripts and the mentality of those who acquire these.  At the time, the Hitlers told him when and where to find my car.  There was no accident because at the time, I was living a life where I was checking everything over-and-over.  I immediately noticed the vandalism and drove slowly to the mechanic's.

The third vandalism was within the last 48-hours.  He used an electromagnetic devise.  This must be a new invention of Al Qaeda.  It turned on the paper-shredder at two-o'clock in the morning.  He badly damaged the rim of the front-right tire.  He also made several scratches throughout the right side of the car.  He is obviously very upset about law enforcement locating the second terrorist training camp.  He was probably a student of such, and likely returns routinely for refresher courses and updates.  The Hitlers probably told Patrick where to locate me and when to execute the vandalism.

One person who can help you locate him is Melody Valitutto.  She was the news editor of the college newspaper for which I was editor-in-chief.  She is also a good friend of Antonio Mendez.

Another person may be Kathy Sampey's mother.  At the time I knew Kathy, her mother was in jail.  I do not know for what.

Another person may be Patrick Whitford's mother.  She once told me she was a copy-editor for the associated press.  I suspect that was an exaggeration of her credentials.  Either way, she may be able to help.

Another person may be Andy Wolf.  He was the New York City Commissioner of Human Rights for the Mayoral Administration of Ed Koch.  He owned the print-shop for which his re-election brochures were printed.  This is also where my college newspaper was produced.  All such staff, including Kathy Sampey, was on New York City payroll, and may still be.  This system is never audited.

One such staff member was Michael Gallo.

Monday March 21, 2016

Yesterday, as you must have seen on television, President Barack Obama arrived in Cuba on Air Force One.  He is the first United States President to visit this country in almost 90-years.  As diplomatic relations are being resolved, while business relationships are being established, this is an ideal opportunity to perform a socio-economic experiment.

My question is...

If human rights are prioritized,

do corporate profits increase?

I would very much appreciate if Wall Street would participate in this as a favor to me.

The first step would be for human rights advocacy groups, such as Amnesty International, to submit to all companies negotiating with Cuba (e.g., airlines, hotels, automobile industries, etc.) a list of all known political prisoners, with the understanding there are many more we know nothing about.  As this issue is included in the contract discussions, my guess is that these American executives will find themselves working with higher quality people of the Cuban business sector.  Quality easily translates into quantity, such as in dollars.

Of course, Barack Obama will want to address this issue of human rights in a speech before the Cuban government.  Such has not yet been written.  I would like to ask of everyone to call the White House and make creative suggestions.



Tuesday March 29, 2016

Barack Obama's trip to Cuba and Argentina was eclipsed in the news by the terrorist attack in Brussels, Belgium.  Therefore, if he made a speech on human rights, no one was listening to it, nor anything else he was trying to say.

On another subject...

This is the situation with my IRS tax returns.

For the 2011 return which was filed in 2012, and...

for the 2012 return which was filed in 2013, and...

for the 2013 return which was filed in 2014,

I was unable to pay any of these tax bills.  These ranged from $300-500.  I therefore arranged an installment agreement with the IRS.  In 2012, these payments began at a rate of $7-per-month.  Then, every year which I telephoned the IRS requesting this agreement, they explained such amount must be increased.  It is currently $25.  Furthermore, 2011-2012 is paid off, and I currently owe approximately $1200 for 2012-13, 2013-14 and 2014-15.

One-year-ago, when I called the IRS and requested this, it was explained to me that I had to change my W-4/payroll-exemptions from 1 to 0.  I did.  This year, I am owed $433, while being aware of the fact that it will be applied to the balance due.  The individual tampering with this is too primitive to understand such.  He therefore believes I am awaiting this cash.  I am not.  The only issue concerning me is the accrual of interest contributed to by the delay.

According to the H&R Block website, the 2015-2016 return is accepted.  However, I did not receive such a confirmation e-mail, contrary to such routine of prior years.  I do NOT blame H&R Block for the tampering.

According to the IRS refund website, "Your tax return is still being processed.  A refund date will be provided when available."  And, as you already know, I received that stupid letter from Carrol McCorkle pan-handling for another form.  In support of her argument, she provided unsubstantiated information.

In simpler terms, every morning, she looks at her reflection and asks, "Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who is the stupidest of them all?"  And everyday the mirror answers, "Stupid Sue, of course."

It will not be too long before it is, Crazy Carrol.

Sunday April 10, 2016

Mother's Day is on May 08th.  As I explained at the beginning of this year, my mother will finally receive such long overdue present.  It is that a never-again activist will explain to her former supervisor, Jerome Kalmar, why just-following-orders is not an excuse to do anything.  Therefore, he should not have reprimanded my mother for saying, "I can't" when he gave her an illegal order to take a case of a close friend of hers.  This incident occurred a few weeks after the New York State Commissioner of Labor ordered everyone to sign a document verifying that they understood this was not allowed.  My mother appealed the reprimand via the Union.  As the hearing date was approaching, my mother informed her representative that she intended to state at such, "I thought we heard the last of just-following-orders at Nierenberg."  The representative asked of her not to state this because it made them appear unsympathetic to the issues of Holocaust.  The problem with this reasoning was that this supervisor is Jewish.

Several times, I have made the request for the delivery of the Mother's Day gift.  I have directed such to never-again advocates, including those claiming to be Holocaust survivors.  None have fulfilled this task.  I am therefore asking of all of you to find him, and deliver the gift.

Jerry and my mother worked together around 1987.  He has a girlfriend named Gilda, and a wife with two children.  Such offspring were born around 1980.  The place of employment was the Department of Labor located in Peekskill, New York.  At the time, he lived in Yorktown, which is near such city.

If it is not delivered, then, on May 09th, I am going to ask of all schools across the country to delete the lessons of the Holocaust, and discard all textbooks which include such.

Wednesday April 13, 2016

Today, I began using the Solaray herb Butterbur to control the spinal spasms.  It is extraordinary. 

The prolactin-crisis hit around March 22nd.  I tried using the herb Sage to control it.  I used such cream which I purchased at Bath & Body Works.  At the supermarket, I found a shampoo, V-O-5, which includes this herb.

The weekend before such date, I arrived home from work, and took Ibuprofen to control the back-pain.  When that did not work, I took the narcotic pain-killer Percocet.  I proceeded up the seven stairs from the main level of this home, to my room.  I arrived at the fifth, and could go no further.  I fell on my knees upon the sixth-step.  I had my landlord bring me some water as well as another narcotic pain-killer, Valium.  I took that.  I lifted myself onto the floor above, could not get off of my stomach.  I therefore moved upon my rump and went back downstairs, then slept on the living-room-chair for a few minutes.  I finally forced my way up the stairs.  I pulled myself into my bed, slept a few hours, and then took my shower.

After the prolactin-crisis-day, it occurred one evening that I again needed pain-killers to go up the stairs.  I took Ibuprofen.  I arrived at the fifth-step, fell on my knees, pulled myself up, moved upon my stomach, and finally stood-up.  Shortly thereafter, I took my shower.

Last week, I had a virus which has been circulating at work.  On Saturday night, I went to the emergency room with asthma which was out-of-control.  (I did not wait until I was blue in the face and collapsing into a hospital wheelchair.)  I did not go to Middlesex Hospital.  I decided that was not possible.  This is unfortunate, because before all of that happened, I gave them all of my trust, confidence and appreciation.  I often wondered how I could pay them back for all of the extraordinary medical care.

The other hospital did not give me any prescriptions as part of my discharge.  While I believe the Hitlers ordered such compromise of medical care, what they did not know was that I did not want any.  I felt I was upon the resolution for my asthma, only a little more self-experimentation was required.

On Sunday, I felt another emergency room visit coming.  I went to the Vitamin Shoppe.  I had a long talk with Steve, the manager.  We selected the liquid herb Fenugreek.  I added this to my nebulizer.  Instead of going to the hospital, I spent the day sewing.  (I have a lot of work to do.  My insurance company gave me $964 for the damage to my car.  On April 01st, when the check cleared, I ran directly to the fabric store and spent over $150.)

Last night, I again found myself unable to go up the stairs.  My landlord brought me my Valium.  I took that, went up the stairs, arrived at the fifth-step, fell on my knees on the sixth, pulled myself up, moved upon my stomach, stood-up, and a few minutes later, took my shower.

On Sunday, I had my first period since the prolactin-crisis-day.  Typically, it is the second period which is an issue.  The virus must have complicated the situation.  Because the period began late in the day, at 9:20 pm, I recorded that it arrived on Monday.  The next period will be 25-days from that.  May 06th will be the next crisis date.

This is what I believe the prolactin story is all about...

The nerve-line which feeds the right nipple while being responsible for bladder-control, is weak.  This, in conjunction with the weak diaphragm muscle, is causing my asthma.

As to my mother, the nerve-line which fed her left nipple and was responsible for bladder-control, was weak.  This, in conjunction with her liver which needed to be cleaned-out (by Solaray's herb Dandelion Root), was responsible for her breast cancer.  She survived this by having a few lumpectomies, NOT a mastectomy, and NO chemotherapy NOR radiation.  Ten-years after the initial diagnosis, a lung infection which resembled a metastasis killed her.  I believe the resemblance of symptoms was because the same nerve affected the situation.  (I know it was NOT a metastasis because I had all the same viral symptoms.)

In both situations, the pituitary gland attempts/attempted to resolve such nerve-weakness by raising the prolactin level.  This is the hormone which feeds this nerve.  This is the wrong resolution, but the only resolution available to the system.  Therefore, we had other break-downs of the system (i.e., asthma and cancer).

When I went to the Vitamin Shoppe, I asked Steve which herb will stimulate milk-production, without increasing prolactin levels.  He explained Fenugreek.  I thought this was impossible because such herb is anti-diabetic.  He explained this is the leading herb in blends designed to stimulate lactation.  He showed me such packages.  Despite my skepticism, I had to believe him.  I bought the liquid and placed a drop in the nebulizer, with a drop of the liquid Sage, as well as the pharmaceutical duo-neb, Atrovent and Albuterol.  I believe the Butterbur is also helping.

I will conquer the asthma.

April 19, 2016

It was on Monday, March 21st, that I suggested the experiment of prioritizing human rights while negotiating with our new trade partner, Cuba.  My question asked if prioritizing such would increase profits.

This is the 2016 history of the stock market...

Jan 4, 2016


   Beginning of year.
Feb 11, 2016


   Lowest of year.
Mar 18, 2016


   Just before proposed experiment.
Mar 21, 2016


   Day of proposed experiment.
Apr 18, 2016


   Yesterday's close.

Yesterday, the closing figure of the Dow Jones Industrial Average was above 18,000.  As I write this, it is 12:54 pm and is holding this position at 18,009.53.

While I realize there are many factors influencing this, I would like to think that prioritizing human rights is one.

Wednesday April 20, 2016

Yesterday's Stock Market Close


Today, 11:50 am



Is this because we are clearing our conscience?

Friday April 22, 2016

Dear John Stossel;

I am sorry to learn of your diagnosis with lung cancer.  Would you please take the herb Dandelion Root in the Solaray brand?  Then, I would appreciate if you would tell me if such product has your endorsement?


On another subject...

Dawn Hochsprung was the principal of Connecticut's Sandy Hook Elementary School when she was murdered in the massacre.  She went down while attempting to confront the gunman (or gunmen, this has never been properly investigated).  It was an unsuccessful, yet valiant, attempt to protect her students.  Erica Lafferty is her daughter from her first marriage.


In this conversation with the family immediately after this event, this daughter cold-bloodedly watches her e-mail on her SmartPhone while the second husband remembers his wife (see 5:09).

Her name is now Erica Smegielski.  This is the advertisement she narrated in support of her presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton;


"My wedding was one of the last things I planned with my mom.  It was a very bittersweet day because it was just all one big reminder of the giant hole where she used to be.  My mom was my best friend.  She was the principal of Sandy Hook School.  My mom was murdered while trying to protect the children in her care from a gunman.  No more families should have to go through what we have.  Hillary Clinton is the only candidate that has what it takes to take on the gun-lobby.  No one is fighting harder to reform our gun laws than Hillary.  She reminds me of my mother.  She isn't scared of anything.  And that's how I know that she is the person who can actually make a difference.  That's why I believe in her.  That's why millions of other Americans believe in her.  There's finally someone who can change things...I'm Hillary Clinton and I approved this message."

Her wedding date was July 13, 2013.

The massacre was on December 14, 2012.

While I admit some weddings are planned seven months in advance, this one did not look too well prepared.  Any seamstress or tailor with that much time would have put more thought and energy into that dress.  (Unless, of course, she used the same designer who made Kate Middleton's dress.  This fool's name is Sarah Burton.  She mechanically used a standard pattern found in any pattern-book you might find in any fabric store.  Any freshman art student could do that!  It is a low budget dress, with lace found in any nickel-and-dime craft store.  And would someone mind explaining to me why no one at the palace ironed her dress before the ceremony?  Her sister Pee-Pee was her matron-of-honor.  She could have taken such initiative.  All she had to do was push-and-pull it.  (Now, Pee-Pee is the surrogate for the children because Kate is HIV+.  Kate has to watch each time William attempts to impregnate her.  He has been successful twice.  I do not know how many attempts were made.))

I would like to know the content of the Last Will and Testament of this deceased principal.

Anyone who would like to answer this may find me on Facebook, Vivian Lehman of Middletown, Connecticut.  I will publish any rebuttal on this website, and apologize for any non-malicious misunderstandings I created.

Either way, I resent a commercial who compares Hillary to a woman who went down while trying to protect children.  If you are a Hillary supporter, please contact this candidate's nearest office and request that the advertisement be discontinued.

It is very disrespectful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday April 23, 2016

David and Elizabeth Emanuel were the geniuses behind Princess Diana's wedding dress.   She moved with it and it moved with her.  This is the difference between making a dress, and designing it...


Sarah Burton should volunteer as their intern, if they will have such a D-student of fashion.

Tuesday April 26, 2016

Last night, at 11 pm, I arrived at the emergency room of MidState Hospital in Meriden, Connecticut.  I had a migraine pounding out-of-control, and high blood pressure at 180/?.  I was received into triage, then moved into a room.  The only physician I saw arrived at my room, took one look at me, and ran in the opposite direction.  At 1:15 am, I walked out.  No one noticed.  Today, I made a few phone calls at such hospital to complain about this.  They appear to be amused by the fact that there were no doctors on duty.

Dear MidState;

Do NOT bill Medicaid for this!


Dear Health Department;

I want that physician fired for this.  I know it seems extreme, but I must send out a message that the Hippocratic Oath cannot be compromised.

Tuesday May 10, 2016

I do not believe the Mother's Day present was delivered.

As I have stated before, the claim that 6,000,000 Jews were murdered in Concentration Camps during World War II is a statistic with no context.  This figure is 10% of the approximate worldwide death toll from this conflict.  The likely-hood is they were 10% of such population.  The real statistical verification that something beyond this War victimized these people is the before and after percentage statistics.  Henceforth, this claim is invalid and should not be part of the school curriculums.

It is my understanding that at that time, the lynch-mobs of the Southern States of America became very powerful.   This should be discussed with greater detail.  I would also like an additional chapter devoted to the fact that before any of this occurred, our United States military genocided Native Americas as we stole their lands.  In my opinion, these are the lessons which would help us comprehend why we still have issues relating to each other.

Thursday May 12, 2016

I would like to talk more about the mother of The Beggar Whalen.  This mother's name is Margie Whalen.  As you know, when I lived in New York, these were my neighbors.  It was a street with nine houses.  Three on the right, three on the left, and three on the cul-de-sac.  I lived on the cul-de-sac, in the house on the left.  The Whalens lived on the third house on the right.  Stupid Sue was on the first house on the right.

My home Cupaioullos  
Rodiers   Whalens
    Stupid Sue

In the top-center was another family about whom I will discuss later.  They have a son named Anthony.

When the Whalens moved-in, I remember there was a son named Jodi, another son whose name I cannot remember, and, of course, the daughter Whitney The Beggar Whalen.  She was born while I was in high school.

When I was 16-years-old, my mother was driving her car up the hill as I was in the passenger seat.  From the Whalen driveway, Anthony and his bicycle suddenly jumped in front of our car.  My mother slammed on the brakes.

A few weeks later, while I was driving and my driving-instructor was in the passenger seat, the same thing happened.  My reflexes had not yet developed and he slammed on his brakes.  His name is Horace junior, and he may remember the incident as he was shocked at Margie Whalen's unresponsiveness.  She just stood there.

In both circumstances, Anthony was not the only child-bicyclist.  In the latter, Margie was on the street with infant-Whitney in her arms.  I saw Margie signal the cyclists that a car was coming.  Even if she did not do this, she was facing down the street, must have seen the car, and could have stopped them.

I am aware of the fact that Jodi achieved good grades, and went to a good college.

I am aware of the fact that Whitney went through her childhood with her hands clasped together upon her waist-and-hips, her head down, and a frown on her face, while expressing, poor-me-can't-do-anything!--Poor-poor-me!  She then boasted proudly that she went to Cornell University.  Her father eventually boasted that she graduated, and went off to a job in France.  None of this educational prowess is reflected on her Facebook page, in the name of Whitney Whalen Carter.

I am not aware of what happened to the third child.

Additionally, if I witnessed two incidents of Margie and the children playing with cars. the other neighbors across the street must have witnessed the same, and even more.  Directly across from the Whalens were the Rodiers.  They were best of friends with Stupid Sue and her husband.  In the middle house were the Schultzes.  According to Margie Whalen, the mother is a registered nurse.  I do not know if that is true.  If it is...

The licensed medical professional must know that any suspicion of child-abuse and/or neglect must be reported to Department of Child and Family.  If she witnessed Margie play with the cars and the lives of children, while teaching such behaviors to Whitney, she should have reported it.  If any of these residents noticed the disappearance of a child, they should have reported such to the local police department.

Where is the third child?

Who witnessed what?

Monday May 30, 2016

I have waited since May 12th for an answer.  Nothing.  However, I remember a conversation which I had with another neighbor while we found ourselves shopping at the same time in a local supermarket.  She said she would never notice anything, including a murder which caused blood to flow down the street.  If this occurred in reality, it must have been while my mother and I were in California and Wyoming in July of 1984.

On another subject...

In the Spring of 1985, Patrick Whitford vandalized my Toyota Celica by jacking the car...He popped the rim out of the tire.

In 2003, he struck again by doing the same thing to my Volkswagen Jetta.

Recently, in this year of 2016, he attacked again.  It was on my 2006 Ford Focus.  When he could not pop the rim out of the tire, he damaged the rim and banged-up the side of the car causing almost $2,000 in damage.

I remember discussing this issue before.  If I recall correctly, it was in 2005, before the purchase of my current vehicle.  I believe Ford Motor Company must have heard me and designed the car such that this victimization could not occur.


Wednesday June 01, 2016

Over the past few days, there has been much outrage concerning the events at the Cincinnati Zoo.  As you know, a three-year-ago fell into the gorilla enclosure.  Such an animal violently cornered and dragged him through the water.  Zoo-keepers killed the animal of such endangered species.

There has been much criticism as many people believe that such officials should have tranquilized the animal.  While I am an extreme animal lover, I have never been a zoo-keeper.  Therefore, I am not going to second-guess the reasoning of people who never had a chance to have a strategy meeting.  They just impulsively acted.

But what I really want to talk about is the fact that the family of this child is refusing to accept any money offered by generous people.  In my opinion, the parents should set-up an educational fund for this child, accept such money, and later explain to him that the good thing which emerged from this is financial freedom toward an education.  We all know money is needed to make it happen.  Therefore, one day, when he is a doctor, lawyer, or another type of professional, he can thank the gorilla, rather than being angry at it.  He can pay tribute to the animal at his commencement address.

Wednesday June 08, 2016

I believe I have found another illiterate Caucasian.  Chelsea Clinton, the daughter of current presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and former President Bill Clinton, appears to be totally illiterate.  Nonetheless, she is a Stamford University graduate.

If I am correct, this proves that Faith's status as a student of an honors history class is a non-issue when judging her scholastic abilities.

Thursday June 09, 2016

I am very close to concluding that the partial cure for asthma are the Solaray herbs Blessed Thistle and Fenugreek.  I believe that these strengthen the nerves which feed into the nipples.  These herbs are commonly used to increase milk production in lactating females.

Sunday June 12, 2016

Dear Hitlers;

Final warning...DO NOT TOUCH MY CAR.

Tuesday June 14, 2016

I would like to remind one of my employers of a universal fact of retail. Failing to report a known-theft is grounds for immediate termination.  I could not report any such thing because I only witnessed the lead-specialist handing me an empty box while explaining that the contents had been removed.  According to him, it was the manager who found the evidence of the theft.  Such discovery of the event occurred the morning of the day before.  The theft likely occurred during the night.  To the best of this lead's knowledge, it was never reported.

I just-followed-orders and proceeded with the routine billing of the client for the merchandise.  I did this because I witnessed nothing, and because the merchandise must be accounted for.  Inventory shortages are unacceptable.  Furthermore, such theft-reporting must be done manager-to-manager.  I am not management.

I am trying to understand a manager who counts how many minutes I spend in the bathroom, while overlooking such a violation.

Additionally, this is upsetting to me because for the past few days, I cannot stop thinking about how my former publisher, Dorrance Publishing, handed me the bill for a form of thievery--sabotage.  As part of resolving my issue, all such issues must be resolved.

Part II----------June 14, 2016

The Hitlers are attempting to force me to participate in the efforts to understand yesterday's massacre in Orlando, Florida.  Of course, President Barack Obama is not participating in this.  There is a reason for that.

His wife, Michelle Obama, researched the issue of humans-killing-humans.  This was her contribution to the library at Harvard University, her alma mater.  While it is true that she focused on the KKK, her conclusions are valid when applied to other situations. 

I would like to ask of all journalists to contact this institution and request that this valuable information be released to the general public.  It should not be exclusively used by the FBI.

What we need is greater public involvement in law enforcement.

Tuesday June 21, 2016

Dear Hitlers;

Put the canoe away before I use the oars to paddle you.

Monday June 27, 2016

I need to clarify one point even though it is long after the incident occurred.

In 1996, before I established this website, I asked the Hitlers, "Who was the inferior-brained-horned-creature who agreed to officiate the wedding ceremony between me and the married-man-with-AIDS-and-the-$10,000,000-debt-who-wanted-to-do-me-a-favor-and-sign-his-name-to-my-manuscripts-so-he-could-have-one-erection-with-me?"

I did not know it was Mara Addison's rabbi.  He decided that the rules (i.e., pre-nuptial blood-tests, intellectual property rights, etc.) do not apply to him because he has superior Jewish intelligence.  This non-applicability included the United States Constitution which was written as a result of turn-or-burn as our forefathers said never-again this kind of a genocide in the name of religious self-righteousness.  This rabbi, in his arrogant condition, voided the Jewish Holocaust story.

I am not trying to compare my book to the Old Testament, but does everyone see a pattern between the Jewish people and books they could not possibly have written?

I also did not know that the plan was for the married-man and his wife to beat-me-up on the honeymoon until I agreed to pay for the $2,000 in damage to my book.  Such vandalism occurred while it was in the care of Mara Addison and her superior Jewish business brain.  While it is true that she was not qualified to be an assistant managing director of any publishing house, including Dorrance Publishing, her Jewish brain was an adequate substitute for a resume.  I disagreed with such reasoning, and was told to see a psychiatrist.  Domestic violence is a Holocaust.  If Mara Addison does not understand that, then I cannot believe that any anti-Jewish Holocaust occurred.

I am not trying to compare myself to the Nazis, but the words which pulled me through this most difficult time of intense harassment was when a suspected high official of such World War II party said on television, "The Jews will never change."

I also did not know that the married-man had acted in reliance of his expectation that I would pay him for one impregnation-erection.  He considered himself my victim because he had to wait longer than expected to sign his name to my manuscripts.  He assured his creditors that such money was forthcoming (i.e., the date of sale for when he would have sold my intellectual property with his by-line), and it never arrived.  According to the feminists who witnessed this, his mentality has nothing to do with why women are earning 69-cents for every dollar men make.  The President at the time, Bill Clinton, was sympathetic to this married-man.  Former First Lady, and current presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, was also sympathetic to him.  The rabbi understood the priority of the married-man's debts.

At the time, it was the Hitlers' interpretation of the events that the reason why I was not running after the married-man was because I was obsessed with my career.  They therefore had me fired from my job as a cashier/office-clerk in a supermarket, and terrorized anyone who thought about hiring me.  They set-up the ceremony without my knowledge.  Before such date, they had someone discreetly ask me, "Are you working."  I unknowingly answered, "No."  When they received this information, they decided I was available for marriage.  The evening before the ceremony, I heard the phone ring 11-times, but did not answer.

And if I misrepresented any facts or human character traits, please place such denial in writing.  I will print such on this website and apologize for any non-malicious misunderstandings I have created.

Please find me on Facebook, Vivian Lehman in Middletown, Connecticut.

Tuesday June 28, 2016

Did Mara Addison or did Mara Addison not assure Donald Trump that my book would never be published?

How much did her decade-long money-tantrum cost the taxpayer?  This figure must include the wedding.  How much was her rabbi paid?

On another subject...

This is the Hippocratic Oath...


I swear by Apollo Physician and Asclepius and Hygieia and Panaceia and all the gods and goddesses, making them my witnesses, that I will fulfill according to my ability and judgment this oath and this covenant:

To hold him who has taught me this art as equal to my parents and to live my life in partnership with him, and if he is in need of money to give him a share of mine, and to regard his offspring as equal to my brothers in male lineage and to teach them this art—if they desire to learn it—without fee and covenant; to give a share of precepts and oral instruction and all the other learning to my sons and to the sons of him who has instructed me and to pupils who have signed the covenant and have taken an oath according to the medical law, but no one else.

I will apply dietetic measures for the benefit of the sick according to my ability and judgment; I will keep them from harm and injustice.

I will neither give a deadly drug to anybody who asked for it, nor will I make a suggestion to this effect. Similarly I will not give to a woman an abortive remedy.* In purity and holiness I will guard my life and my art.

I will not use the knife, not even on sufferers from stone, but will withdraw in favor of such men as are engaged in this work.

Whatever houses I may visit, I will come for the benefit of the sick, remaining free of all intentional injustice, of all mischief** and in particular of sexual relations with both female and male persons, be they free or slaves.

What I may see or hear in the course of the treatment or even outside of the treatment in regard to the life of men, which on no account one must spread abroad, I will keep to myself, holding such things shameful to be spoken about.

If I fulfill this oath and do not violate it, may it be granted to me to enjoy life and art, being honored with fame among all men for all time to come; if I transgress it and swear falsely, may the opposite of all this be my lot.


*This was before abortion could be performed without risk to the life and health of the mother.  The oath does NOT concern the unborn.

**Emphasis supplied.

—Translation from the Greek by Ludwig Edelstein. From The Hippocratic Oath: Text, Translation, and Interpretation, by Ludwig Edelstein. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins Press, 1943.



As you already know, Dr. Michael Spada, of the Hartford Healthcare Medical Group, was my primary healthcare physician.  He was fired by me for delaying treatment I needed.  He waited until December 21, 2014.  In simpler terms, he was just-following-orders.

It has recently come to my attention that the reason why he was non-compliant with the Hippocratic Oath, was because he never read it.  Because the Oath is a fact of the medical profession, the only explanation possible is illiteracy.  This proves again that just because high school student Faith was enrolled in an honors history class, does not mean she can read-and-write.  And this is another illiterate Caucasian I have known.

The pressure has been on me to find another primary healthcare physician.  I am reconsidering Dr. Spada.  But first, he must follow in the footsteps of my grandfather and great-grandfather, by understanding this philosophy.

I would like to ask of all available patients of Dr. Spada, to read this to him and help him understand it.  Please be gentle, and do not shock him.  The other medical associates of the Group may not know how to treat him.

If Dr. Spada or his Medical Group wants to deny any of this, they have my home address and phone number on file.  I will publish on this website any and all rebuttals, while apologizing for any non-malicious misunderstandings I may have created.

Wednesday July 06, 2016

Did Mara Addison of Dorrance Publishing, or did she not, assure Donald Trump that my book would never be published?

Thursday July 07, 2016

Dear Middlesex Hospital;

I would like to thank your walk-in-clinic and emergency room for all of their helpfulness recently as I battled a mysterious infection which affected the spinal nerve damaged by the biochemical weapon.  The spinal spasms returned, but are now under control.

Additionally, I have been reviewing the on-line profile of social worker Lauren Vitale.  She is no longer an associate of your institution.  You obviously fired her for perjury when she testified under oath that I told her that the FBI was after me.  The judge then ruled I must remain in the psychiatric unit.

I would like the trust between us restored.  However, there are a few details which need to be resolved.

Please look at Lauren Vitale's photographs from the time she worked for you and now.  Her wrinkles stretch from her cheeks and reach down to around her mouth.  Such are not a result of early aging, but rather from giving opportunistic oral-sex.  Someone in your institution required it from her.  You need to know who it is.  There must be other victims.

This mentality compromises the treatment offered by the hospital.  If you want to avoid legal actions, you may want to begin with this.

She will never blow-the-whistle on this for two reasons.  First, she was not raised by my mother.  Second, she does not know it was wrong.  The latter is because she does not understand her profession of psychology.  If she did, she would have had at least one session with me.  All she ever did was introduce herself.  Your records reflect that.

Her current employer is the Academy at Mount Saint John which is located in Deep River, Connecticut. According to its own profile, it "provides high academic rigor with vocational certifications to young men ages 11 – 21."  Someone who does not understand that sexual harassment is wrong, cannot be allowed near minors, especially males upon whom she may give oral-sex.

You need to forward to them the results of all investigations.


If Lauren Vitale would like to dispute this, she has my name, address and phone number on file.  I can also be found on Facebook, as Vivian Lehman in Middletown, Connecticut.  I will publish her rebuttal on this website, and apologize for any non-malicious misunderstandings I created.

Friday July 08, 2016

As board of educations of school-districts all across the country are preparing next year's curriculums, I would like to ask for the following...

Please contact the publisher of Night, by Elie Wiesel.  This is Farrar, Straus & Giroux.  Please request that the Estate of this now deceased author release the two missing chapters.

1.  The chapter describing the crucifixes of Auschwitz and Buchenwald during his imprisonment of 1944-45.

2.  The chapter explaining the missing information on page 6 of such book.  In this, the author describes, without context, the moment that he and his family are waiting at the train station to go into the Jewish ghetto.  (This is consistent with the eye-witness accounts of the German people.  According to such, the Jews who waited at the train stations to go into the concentration camps, were NOT under arrest.)  Why did they go?

Farrar, Straus & Giroux

18 W 18th St.

New York, NY 10011

(212) 741-6900

If such missing chapters are not released by the Estate, please take all copies of the book, box these up, and ship back to the publisher while demanding a full refund.  Many attorneys and judges might argue that the denial of such a refund-demand is non-actionable.  However, I would like to remind them that the book was advertised as the whole-truth, a critical concept in the judicial process.  Without the missing information, it is not.  The Estate will only be open for a limited amount of time.  I would like to ask of the probate court judge to freeze such until this is resolved.


I would like to ask of all Connecticut customers of Progressive Insurance to request a quote from NLC Insurance Companies.  NLC is my insurance company.  I very much appreciate the way they managed the vandalism of my car in March of this year.  (And I do not appreciate the subliminal messages in the most recent Progressive commercial.)

NLC is now researching whether or not my policy has a clause which addresses garbage cans flying into my car at two-o'clock in the morning after they were propelled by a speeding vehicle which was being driven on the wrong side of the road.

If Progressive would like to deny any of this, I would appreciate such in writing.  I can be found on Facebook, as Vivian Lehman of Middletown, Connecticut.  I will publish such rebuttal on this website and apologize for any non-malicious misunderstandings I created.

Tuesday July 12, 2016

Dear Attorneys;

This is your assignment.

You make certain that all medical professionals of both hospitals understand that there is only one "plan".  That is mine.

Or there is plenty more where that came from.

Wednesday July 20, 2016

As you must have already guessed, there was more emergency room activity with my asthma, with more attempts to interfere with the treatment, with more neglect of the Hippocratic Oath, and with more professionals just-following-orders.  At another time, I will explain how I counter-attacked.  I hope their attorneys will never forgive me.

What is more important to me is the scientific conclusions I have drawn.  On June 09th, I explained that I am very close to concluding that the Solaray herbs Fenugreek and Blessed Thistle, in pill form, are the treatment for my asthma because these strengthen the nerves which lead into the nipples, particularly, my right nipple.

While my asthma is overall much better, I am rejecting this.  I believe that Blessed Thistle is one of the herbs, but Fenugreek is helpful, but not the second herb.  I suspect that the second herb is Yohimbe.  It is often given to men for prostate issues.  What works on the male prostate also works on the female breast.

One month ago, I went to Middlesex's walk-in clinic asking for help.  (I would normally have visited CT Emergency Care.  However, this appeared to be a gynecological issue.)  According to the clinical exam, I had a kidney infection and no yeast infection.  According to the results of the urine test, I had no kidney infection and a yeast infection.  Nonetheless, I had some kind of an infection somewhere.  I was prescribed Cipro.  A few days later, around 10 pm, Middlesex Hospital's emergency room changed the diagnoses to an infection near the kidneys.  The prescription was changed to Cephalexin.  There were no issues beyond the medical problems.

On Sunday July 10th, the asthma went out of control to the extreme of requiring one visit at 5 pm to the emergency room of a hospital near my place of work, a 2 am trip to Middlesex Hospital's emergency room, and, around 9 am, a third visit to Connecticut's Urgent Care.  The first doctor prescribed Zithromax for another infection.

Part of the problem was a mistake I made.  Several months ago, Dr. Greiner of CT Urgent Care prescribed the duo-nebulizer treatment, Atrovent and Albuterol, for use in the breathing machine.  The machine is also known as a nebulizer.  This was in response to my third visit in three days to the clinic.  Since then, I reorganized everything, forgot exactly how I reorganized, and, earlier this month when the asthma went out of control, I reached for the duo-neb, and withdrew the Albuterol.  I realized the mistake after the third visit on July 11th.

The asthma typically goes extremely out-of-control twice in a five-month cycle.  I believe this corresponds to the cycle of the hormone prolactin.  I believe that such hormone functions in such intervals because the quantity of five-months corresponds to the fact that a baby will begin transition from lactation at approximately such time.

I will cycle on August 22nd.  On such date, I expect the prolactin will surge.  I also expect that the next date it will surge will correspond to the second period within such cycle.

One month ago, I felt the asthma going out of control, even though such did not correspond to either facet of the cycle.  It was probably in response to the infections.  I reached for the duo-neb treatment when I experienced coughing while nebulizing.  I accidentally used the albuterol.

There were symptoms which preceded this, if I recall correctly.

1.  Crying for no reason.  This is a scientifically known symptom of high prolactin.

2.  Bladder control.  Almost two years ago, I concluded that the asthma is connected to such. I reached this conclusion when I used a Kyolic fluid to enhance male excitement.  I applied such to nerve which feeds into the right nipple, on the lower left of the right breast.  To my surprise, it controlled the bladder, but had no affect on the asthma. 

3.  Forgetfulness of my routines.  I am concluding that the prolactin hormone feeds the area of the brain responsible for establishing and adhering to routines.  For example, it is routine for me to bring a fresh pair-of-panties into the bathroom when I take a shower.  I forgot several times.

This is my scientific plan...

If I am having these three symptoms, I will immediately place a drop of the liquid herb Sage into the breathing machine.  I will combine this with Albuterol.  Hopefully, I will have no need for the duo-neb because this will prevent the prolactin surge from reaching the right nipple which will ultimately affect my ability to breathe.

Saturday July 23, 2016

It has been a long time since I discussed my only sibling.  He is a brother from whom I have been estranged all of my adult life.  There are a multitude of issues.  Here are a few.

What I do NOT blame him for is the fact that both my parents, as well as my maternal grandmother, decided for him that his destiny was to go to college and acquire a degree.  They therefore tried to shove all of this down his throat.  As he graduated high school, he was admitted into a community college.  My mother purchased for him a used Subaru for the commute.  He never wanted to go to school before, and he certainly did not want to go then.

His whole scholastic career was a disaster.

He had to repeat Kindergarten.  This may not have been his fault.  He was the youngest in his class, and today, many have questioned if parents should be allowed to wait one year to send their children to school.  My parents were still married and they agreed with the teacher that he was not ready to advance to the first grade.

He had to repeat his freshman year in high school.  This may not have been his fault.  My mother had him on a college-bound path.  He obviously did not belong there.  My parents were long since divorced and my father was not involved in this.

I am four years younger than he.  We originally were four grades apart.

I left high school one year early because a local college had admitted me.  I did not yet have my drivers license.  However, it was not a big inconvenience to my mother to help me commute.  It gave her an opportunity to visit campus and even attend a few lectures.  She enjoyed that, as well as one informal debate with my fellow students in the corridor after.  (The professor/lecturer ruled in her favor.)  During the spring semester, she purchased for me a car from her co-worker.  It was also a Subaru, but a slightly older model.

It took me years to understand that my brother resolved that no-car means no-school.  He tried and tried to wreck the car.  The incident I witnessed occurred when we found ourselves driving home at the same time.  Mine was the car in front.  It was a sunny day and his windshield-wipers were on.

When my Subaru reached 3,000 miles of personal usage, my mother's co-worker visited to oil-and-lube it, as per his promise.  It took me years to realize that my brother must have witnessed his act of of draining the oil from the car.

Over the next year, he experienced two blown engines.  And I experienced two blown engines.  And my mother and I each had near misses.

My mother found engines in the junk yard.  She helped us commute.

After his first blown engine, I helped him commute to his community college.  It was not far from my college.

After his second blown engine, we commuted together in my car to the same college, Lehman College of the City University of New York.

Each incident of an oil-less vehicle stuck on the side of the road occurred as the driver was leaving the house, with one exception.  It was the first such incident.  My brother was driving home from campus, stopped at the service station to fill his gas tank, did not mention to the mechanic that his oil light was on and ringing, and then, down the street, the engine blew.

As my first year of college came to a close, he had one blown engine and I had one near miss.  My mother threw him out and sent him to live with my maternal grandmother in California.  She enrolled him in summer school at a state college located there.

During the summer, we experienced an inheritance.  It was from my maternal grandfather's cousin's wife.  Her name was Hilda Lehman, a resident of New York City.  She and my mother were very close.  The check was for $7,500.  The letter from the attorney explained that $5,000 was for my mother, and $1,250 bequeathed to each child for my mother to distribute at her discretion.  The letter directed my mother to send a written response explaining that she understood.  My mother answered and informed the attorney that she gave me my money, but did not tell my brother about this.

My brother did not do well at that college.  My grandmother sent him back at the end of the summer.  My mother enrolled him at the same college I was attending, as a non-degree student (i.e., taking classes).

At some point, my mother informed my brother of the inheritance, and told him nothing more.

After the fourth blown engine, my near miss, as well as my mother's near miss, while he was failing his third college, my mother sent my brother to live with my father.  He enrolled him in a fourth college, also of the state system.  As that failed too, my father informed my brother that he will soon stop supporting him.

My brother immediately called my mother.  I answered the phone and passed it to her.  I watched her turn colors.  She later explained that he did not greet her.  He only said, "How much money did the Lehmans (i.e., Hilda and her previously deceased husband) leave me and where is it?"  My mother finally said, "It is in your (first) blown engine."

This was the first time that my brother realized that his actions are his to pay for.  One way or another, we are a family.  And one way or another, the bill is his.

Sunday July 24, 2016

Dear Attorneys;

You seem to believe that we are finished.  That is not my "plan".  We will not be finished for a long time.

Every time I have a spinal-spasm, the object of the action will increase by $5,000.  We now have a base of $75,000.  Over one hour ago I had a very painful spasm.  The object of the action is currently $80,000.

This is your second assignment...

The individual who administered this biochemical weapon to me, must go home and tell his children and grandchildren that he is the new, American, Josef Mengele, the man known as the Angel of Death at Auschwitz in Poland during World War II.

If that individual does not inform his family of this, I am certain I can find someone who will.  So it comes down to this...Does he want to tell his family the truth about himself, or have someone else do it for him?

You are probably wondering where all of this will end.  It will end when I know the exact contents of the biochemical weapon such that I may work with the scientific community to neutralize it.  If you want experimental subjects, you can use the individuals who just-followed-orders.

Because if you experiment on one animal...

Tuesday July 26, 2016

Dear Middlesex Hospital;

As I arrived via ambulance at your emergency room this morning, unable to stand or walk, thank you so much for threatening me with phony psychiatric doctor Tariq Latif.  Until today, it never occurred to me that he is still on your staff.  I am glad I learned of this with an easily treatable, non-injurious condition.


Dear Insurance Companies;

I understand that because the record reflects that Tariq Latif is a physician, you cannot deny paying Middlesex Hospital for his services.  My conclusion that he could not possibly be a doctor is not legally actionable.

I never explained why I am certain that his medical credentials are phony.  In our first conversation, I asked him about drug interactions.  He said, "I do not know anything about that."  He then prescribed Haldol with Prednisone.

This is what you can do:

1.  For every claim, you can request a copy of the medical record.  Any doctor who reviews his notes will understand that his diagnostics make no sense, his treatments are ineffective, and henceforth, coverage should not be made.  You can also call the hospital and talk to him directly about his care for his-patient/your-client.

2.  You can request verification that he is legally in this country.  I understand that this would appear discriminatory because you would never verify such credentials of someone named Dr. John Smith, for example.  However, we all understand that Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has declared war on all those from the Middle East.  Tariq Latif is definitely from Pakistan, as per the information of his license to practice medicine.  Pursuant to this philosophy of a potential president, you can demand documentation.

Let me also give you something else to consider.

If you deny coverage, and the patient takes legal action, Tariq Latif must take the witness stand.  You can have your attorney ask the judge to council him on the penalties for perjury.

My prediction is that Middlesex Hospital will not fight any denial of coverage.  Try it!

Wednesday July 27, 2016

Yesterday, the emergency room doctor explained it is a "muscle weakness".  He said his only treatment is narcotic pain-killers which cannot be ingested before driving.  I was given a few pills at the hospital, as well as two prescriptions.  I lay in the hospital bed thinking about how to treat this.  I could only think of amino-acids--the building blocks.

My landlord drove me home.  When we arrived, I carefully lifted myself out of his car.  I then slowly proceeded toward my car.  He demanded to know where I was going.  I answered, "To the vitamin store."   He vetoed.

I went through my collection of bottles...

1.  AMINO-ACID...As I looked through these, I found L-Glutathione.  It is in the Solaray brand, of course.  It helped.

2.  HERB...I researched the issue on-line.  Unfortunately, I can no longer find the website which recommended several herbs.  The list included Ginger.  I had such in the collection, in the Solaray brand, of course.

3.  VITAMIN...As I reviewed my bottles, I realized I have two of oily-vitamin E.  I decided to take that.  I did not have such in the Solaray brand.  It is in my second favorite brand, Solgar.

I have not touched either of the prescriptions, and was back at work today.  I visited a Michael's Crafts for my employer, Baker & Taylor.  I could not bend, and the manager allowed someone to help me.  In the six-years I have been doing this work, I never required help.

Otherwise, I have been thinking...

One-day/one-bed at the psychiatric ward of Middlesex Hospital is $2,300.  Phony doctor Tariq Latif must manage at least 20-patients/day.  The total is $46,000.  Additionally, there are treatments.  Because he is totally incompetent, it is reasonable to work on the premise that all treatments are/were unnecessary, and likely intensified the condition of the patients.

Furthermore, it is the responsibility of the nurses to monitor for adverse drug reactions.  I can testify that they never noticed, or wanted to notice, my severe reaction to Haldol.  I am a person who is capable of explaining her symptoms.  Many of the patients were not.

Tariq Latif is responsible for $50,000-$100,000/day of hospital billing, at least.  If insurance companies stop processing such claims, and sue for refunds since his tenure began at least 18-months ago...

Middlesex Hospital will soon be holding a going-out-of-business sale.  I have always wanted my own blood-pressure machine.

Thursday July 18, 2016

This is what happened...

For the past few weeks, I have had very bizarre symptoms.  Of course, these were diagnosed as infections.  Over one month ago, I experienced the first spinal spasm I have had in a long time.  I was at Michael's Crafts in Manchester.  I explained to the manager that I am leaving early.  He remembered the time almost one year ago that he had to take me to my car in a wheelchair.  This time, he saw how I was walking and knew immediately what was happening and why I was leaving before completing my work.

I drove up the street, to the Vitamin Shoppe.  I stepped out of the car, closed the door, and could no longer move.  I yelled through the parking lot, into the store that I needed the Solaray herb Butterbur.  They served me.  The pills helped a small amount, but not as much as I expected.

On Sunday, July 10th, after having been on Cipro, K-flex and Zithromax, I was at my other job at Sam's Club, perspiring intensely, for no apparent reason.  Otherwise, I felt fine.  I stepped away from my sampling table, and suddenly felt faint.  I yelled for my supervisor who just walked by, thought to myself that I must not hit the concrete floor, then turned around and leaned against heavy merchandise on a pallet.  A nurse walked by and helped me, an associate found a chair for me, another associate fanned me, a manager ordered a third to bring me a cup of Coca-Cola, and my co-worker cleared my table off.  The nurse advised me that I must explain to my supervisor that I need to go home early.  I pointed to the woman standing next to her explaining that is my supervisor.

I was finally able to walk off of the sales floor.  My supervisor then shared her lunch grapes with me.  I returned to the floor, then went home early.

On July 22nd, I experienced confusion with my arrival time at work, and was 15-minutes late.  I knew this was a very dangerous warning sign.

On July 23rd, I experienced my period, seven days late.  For me, this is extraordinary.

On Monday, July 25th, I had another spinal spasm at Michael's Crafts in Manchester.  An associate took me, in a wheelchair, to my car.

The following morning, it was worse.  My landlord had to tie my shoelaces.  I knew I had to go to the emergency room.  I also soon realized that I could not walk to the car parked on the driveway.  An ambulance must be called.  As I sat on the edge of my bed, I also knew that the gurney would have to take me down the half-flight of stairs in the split-level ranch.

It took all the will-power I had to sit on the floor, and, on my rump, go down the stairs, then walk a few steps to the living room chair.  I flipped through the channels, and, fortunately, found a childhood favorite, Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo.  It kept me entertained as my landlord moved his car out of the driveway, and made a few other preparations.  I finally called the non-emergency number of the police department, and explained the situation.

The paramedics arrived.  They recommend that I walk a few steps to get into the gurney.  I tried to stand and broke down crying.  They moved the gurney into the house, as close to me as possible.  Two large males somehow maneuvered me into it.  I arrived at the hospital, met the receiving nurse, and decided this was no time for kindness.

With a very nasty voice, I immediately demanded to know who was in charge.  I wrote down the name of the physician (not William Lynders) and head-nurse (not nurse strip-show/know-it-all).  Our debate over kindness and my attitude continued until she understood I was in charge.  I told her to learn to like it.

I was taken to my room.  I soon saw the same nurse as well as a physician's assistant.  He established that the pain was in my lumbar vertebrae.

In October of last year, a different physician's assistant diagnosed my pain as located between the thoracic and lumbar vertebrae.  This change explained why the Butterbur did not work as effectively.

They then moved my bed out of the room, around the corner, and into the hallway.  I was near a room where there was a psychiatric patient.  She was obviously classified as either a threat to herself or others.  A nurse technician was in front of her door, constantly watching her, and there were several security officials (not including the one for whom I had to do a strip-show for).  The patient was given a shot, and then stopped crying.

Phony doctor Tariq Latif soon arrived for me to watch.  While the hospital was trying to send me a threat, this is the message I received.

He briefly visited the patient, and then worked with the nurses and technicians.  He needed help with the diagnosis as well as the write-up.  His problem was that the emergency room staff was not trained the way his psychiatric ward staff is.

The medical doctor then threatened me with a psychiatrist, and finally explained to me the diagnosis of "muscle weakness".  I was given narcotic pain relievers, and discharged.  I wanted to go to the bathroom before leaving the building, but needed help.  The nurse technician went into the bathroom with me.

After what I witnessed, I believe that all of Tariq Latif's reports for all of his patients consist of material copied-and-pasted from the weekend psychiatrist.  This is a female who, I believe, has valid credentials.  I did not research this.  I did experience her competence and intelligence.

Although Middlesex Hospital may not understand this, it is my unprofessional legal advise to not to accept payments for Tariq Latif's services.  They should quietly turn him over to law enforcement, and fully cooperate with the investigation(s).

I must also say that if they do not understand what I am explaining, they should consult with their legal department.  However, I know from experience that these attorneys do not understand litigation.

A federal court action must be filed-and-served, not served-and-filed.  Furthermore, a summons must be attached to the complaint with a return date.  Additionally, a process-server in an action cannot also be the party to the action of the same action.  In simpler terms, on July 11th, they never noticed that I handed the doctor a phony law suit.

Can anybody help these helpless people?

Monday August 01, 2016

We cannot vote for either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump.  While you might consider it the worst selection in the history of the United States, I believe their predecessors had identical issues, which went unnoticed.

We need a third-party candidate.  There are other political parties, such as my favorite, Independent.  This party has several candidates on the ballot. 

We can wait until September 12th to select such party and candidate.  Whoever it is, I need to know we are unified in this pursuit of a real presidential possibility.

The signal I need is as follows...

I would like to ask of everyone to contact their local and national news agency and explain that we would like no additional reporting on either Clinton or Trump.  Furthermore, you do not want to see the advertisements of these candidates.  If they air any such information or commercial, you will boycott their other advertisers.  When you initiate such a boycott, please also notify the news agency and client of such activity.

For example, if you view a story on Donald Trump, and this is followed by an advertisement for a fast-food chain, please boycott this while notifying the news agency and such restaurant of your unwillingness to be such a patron.

When I can turn on the television set without seeing either Republican or Democratic candidate, I will know we can move on.  In the interim, please research all names, backgrounds and platforms of all presidential other candidates.  You can also encourage these same news agencies to publish stories about these possibilities.

And on September 11th, our candidate must visit such memorial.  A pro-life candidate will definitely memorialize the pregnant woman who went down.

Wednesday August 10, 2016

This is what has been annoying me these past few days...

On Friday, August 05th, I watched a repeat episode of Shark Tank.  It was season 7, first show.  Fragments of it can be found below...


The invention was Signal-Vault.  It is a card inserted into your wallet such that hackers cannot read information stored on such credit cards and other identifications.

Two Sharks, Robert Herjavec and Lori Greiner, invested $200,000 for 25% of his company.  They obviously evaluated the company to be worth $800,000.

In the fragments, you will not find the explanation of how the initial investment was made to pioneer this business.  Chris Gilpin claimed he required $8,000.  He then explained that he had a fiancée.  If I understood correctly, following such engagement, he purchased a lottery ticket for $1 and won $8,000.

It was an interesting coincidence that he required and won the same amount of money.

To me, it is obvious that he romanced a woman, promised her marriage, acquired $8,000 from her, and then forgot about her.

Please recall the prospective husband who tried to do something similar to me, and how the feminists characterized me as having a psychiatric disorder because I did not understand his demands.  According to these same feminists, this is not why women are earning 69-cents for every dollar men are making.

I want the Sharks to make arrangements to reimburse this fiancée with interest.  I believe she is owed $80,000 as per the pre-Shark-Tank evaluation.  If such arrangements are not made, I will never watch the show again.

Thursday August 18, 2016

We have had a heat-and-humidity wave.  I could not work on the computer more than absolutely necessary.  There has been much news.  Here is a cursory list which I will elucidate later.

1.  Most importantly, August 12th is the anniversary of the day we brought home my cat, Meetzy, in 1974.  In January of 2016, Roy the Cat died.  In both circumstances, we did not notice weight loss, as well as different behaviors.  The latter was the goodbyes.  Please routinely weigh your animals, and look for such subtle changes.

2.  Dr. Michael Spada is resigning from his practice with the Hartford Healthcare Medical Group, effective September 09th.  Although I have no explanation as to why, I believe it must be the health insurance companies auditing the bills for the work by Tariq Latif.  If this is true, Middlesex Hospital must be experiencing a financial disaster.

3.  I went to the Vitamin Shoppe and explained my back troubles.  Magnesium was immediately recommended.  I purchased such in the Solaray brand and am much better.

4.  On August 22nd, I will experience the cycling of the prolactin hormone.  The crying and difficulty with routines began.  Additionally, the asthma can no longer be nebulizer- (i.e., breathing machine)- treated with the pharmaceutical Albuterol.  I need the duo-neb, Albuterol and Atrovent.  I therefore added the liquid herb Sage in my machine.  These symptoms appear to be under control.  We will see if there are trips to urgent care, the hospital, or both.

5.  For my asthma and bladder control, I have been taking the Solaray herbal blend called Prostate, as well as the herb Blessed Thistle.  It is a scientific fact that what works on the male prostate, also works on the female breast.  As you know, I believe that the nerve which leads into the right nipple is weak, which is the primary cause of the asthma as well as bladder control.  Both conditions are much improved.

6.  Whitney Whalen Carter has been boasting again about her degree from Cornell University, as well as the job in France which she acquired after graduation.  On her Facebook page,


please look for images of her commencement and other interesting details of her scholastic career.  The gown she wore to the Dean's ball should begin a new fashion trend.  I would like all designers to take note of the extraordinary and unique details.  Through these photographs, you can also experience the pride felt by her father, mother and maternal-grandmother.  Please ask of Whitney to specify her major and minor.  Didn't she look beautiful in a cap-and-gown?

Tuesday August 23, 2016

Yesterday, my prolactin hormone cycled.  There were no trips to the emergency room nor urgent care.  The difference between this time and all the other times it cycled is that one week ago, I placed the liquid herb Sage in my nebulizer- (i.e., breathing-) machine.  Furthermore, a few days ago, I replaced the albuterol with the duo-neb, albuterol/atrovent, in my nebulizer.

On Sunday, I believe I ovulated.  My sex-drive is exploding.  I do not want to suppress this because it is a sign of good health.

I am continuing to take the herbal blend Solaray Prostate, as well as Solaray's Blessed Thistle herb.  (I am also taking Solaray's Magnesium.)  My bladder is exceptionally well under control, and the crying has stopped.  (My back has much improved.)

Wednesday August 31, 2016

I have a special request to make of the loyal constituents to the illiterate presidential candidate...

Please tell her to take her campaign and shove it directly into her ass with so much force, that she vomits it from the other end.  Please also require of her to clean-up the mess and disinfect it such that I do not smell it across the country.  Then please have her wash her feet.  These have been stinking lately, probably from being on them too often and for too long.

Her husband and their illiterate child can do the same.


Monday September 05, 2016

I have very interesting news about the illiterate potential first daughter.  Three different campaign contributors complained that the sexual intercourse with her was not satisfying.  We all know the PLAN for that.

Thursday September 15, 2016

On October 02nd, the Jewish New Year begins.  According to the Jewish people, this begins the Hebrew year of 5777.  It is a much older and superior calendar to the Christian system of annualized counting.  Our year is only 2016.

As tribute to this, I would like to ask of all religious leaders and professors to give sermons and lectures celebrating the archeological evidence verifying the existence of the superior Jewish calendar.

Furthermore, there will be traveling exhibits throughout the synagogues featuring the crucifixes of the German Concentration Camps of World War II, including that owned by Joseph Mengele.  I do not know which synagogues.  Please call to find out.  It is my understanding they are charging an advanced fee of $10/ticket.  Please enter in the memo-line, synagogue-crucifix-exhibit.

Wednesday September 21, 2016

I have a lot of good news.

For the past few weeks, I have been taking the supplement, Solaray Magnesium.  This is as per the advice I received in The Vitamin Shoppe.  My back is much better.  Occasionally, it acts up.  But it is nothing unbearable.

For the past few weeks, I have also been taking the Solaray herbal blend titled Prostate.  As you already know, it is a scientific fact that what works on this male-mechanism, also works on the female-breasts.  As you also already know, I believe that a primary cause of my asthma is a weak nerve line which leads into the right nipple.  I learned this through bondage-discipline-&-sado-masochism, also known as BDSM.

I have been taking this herbal blend in conjunction with Solaray's herb called Blessed Thistle.  My asthma is much better.  I am no longer waking up five times during the night, wheezing severely.  During the night as well as at home and work, I still have issues with asthma.  However, these are not about intolerable wheezing, but rather tolerable tightening which also requires a rescue inhaler.

Last week, on Tuesday and Wednesday, my days off, I had a brutal migraine which lingered until yesterday morning.  Last Thursday, I had to leave work early because I would not stop urinating.  The following day, it was improved.  Early yesterday morning, I finally figured-out what caused these.  The Solaray Prostate had concluded its work.  I stopped taking this, and the migraine stopped last night, and the constant urination stopped this morning.

I am continuing the Blessed Thistle.

The other good news involves the fact that on September 29th, I should experience my second period within the five month prolactin cycle.  This typically should place me in the emergency room with severe asthma, at least three-times within a 24-hour period.  I have learned that before the severe wheezing occurs such that I require the duo-neb (Albuterol/Atrovent) rather than singular-neb (Albuterol) treatment in my breathing machine (also known as a nebulizer), I typically experience unexplained crying and an inability to adhere to my well-developed routines (such as remembering to bring a fresh pair-of-panties into the bathroom before I begin my shower).  The crying and forgetfulness should be treatable by placing liquid Sage in my nebulizer.  I believe this delivers this herb directly into the weak nerve.

I should be crying and forgetful.  I am not.  Eight days to go.

I will conquer this asthma and, as my 50th birthday is approaching, reverse the aging process by at least 15-years.

Monday September 26, 2016

Thursday night, the uncontrollable urination returned.  I had a miserable night before returning to three days of work for the weekend.  On Friday morning, I discussed this symptom as well as that of the migraines, with a pharmacist.  He had no answer.  I then purchased an over-the-counter remedy for the urination.  By mid-day, the symptoms had changed.  The constant urination stopped and there was fresh blood in it.  I finally recognized what was going on.

It is a kidney stone.  This is the easiest ailment to treat.  Orange soda will shift the acidic level of the system and the stone will pulverize.  After work, I walked across the street to a supermarket to purchase such a bottle.  I was too weak to open it.  The store clerk was nice about opening it for me.  I wondered what she was thinking.  Why would a sick person be desperate for such a seemingly unhealthy product?

I had a kidney stone in 1997.  My doctor did not tell me directly that this is the remedy.  He was able to relay this information through the Hitlers.

While it is true that they allowed William to execute $8,000 in vandalisms to my New York home and car, cost me $35,000 in the sale of such house, cheated me out of the $10,000 in savings I acquired through such transaction, destroyed potentially lucrative career opportunities, as well as all other expenses, once in a while, they do something to make up for this.  I did not have a lifetime of surgeries to cope with the condition.

Tuesday September 27, 2016

Anderson Cooper of CNN and Martha Raddatz of ABC News will be the moderators of the next presidential debate scheduled for October 09th.  I would like to ask of everyone to contact these journalists, and ask of them to include the following feature in this event.

At the end of the debate, I would like both candidates to be handed the latest United Press International bulletins, read these out loud, and comment on such.


CNN is on Twitter and Facebook.

Their headquarters is in Atlanta, Georgia.

404-827-2300 or 1-877-4CNNTOUR

(The only phone number I could find

is that for studio tours.)



ABC News is also on Twitter and Facebook.

47 West 66th Street, New York, NY 10023


We need to know how the candidates' brains work, not their behind-the-scenes coaches.

Sunday October 02, 2016

These past few days, we have had computer problems.  Everything seems to be resolved.  Nonetheless, this is what I want to say before the presidential election.

The big issue is choice of abortion.  I remember during the tenure of the anti-abortionist President Ronald Reagan, women yelling We won't go back to the days of back-street abortions.  And I understand this.  What I do not understand is what I sensed in my middle and high schools, as well as college.  One issue was pro-choice-teenage-females becoming pregnant at least three-times, and having the same quantity of abortions, pursuing marriage and financial dependency.  Eventually, they figured-out what my parents instilled in me.  It is the value of an education because no one will do anything for you in life.  However, they were so far behind scholastically, and experienced so much psychological damage from all the running after men who inevitably abused them, that they could not catch-up.

According to the feminists, this has nothing to do with why women are earning $0.69 for every dollar men are earning.  But I did not witness their male counterparts having the same issues.  This suggests to me that it was a few males impregnating all these females, teasing them with love-and-marriage.  My guess is these fathers were considerably older than such teenagers, and knew exactly how to exploit the area of their brains which cannot talk about the abuse.

The pro-lifers all have a similar, hidden story.  When the female is around 13-14 years-old, she becomes pregnant exactly nine-months before the end of the school-year, as a result of an unplanned act of passion (i.e., Wiccen-rape of female-upon-male).  Then, because she is pro-life, she decides that she has to have the child.  Therefore the father has to marry her and assume such financial responsibility, and people like you and me have to give her money.  The female stalks-and-harasses the person she believes is most likely to be the father.  She gets arrested, and finally someone explains to her that the father is not going to marry her and no one is going to give her money.  She is made to understand that she has to abort.  And she does.  The female does not want that to happen again.  Therefore, she becomes pro-life and advocates illegalization of abortion.  That should solve her problem, and the next time, this strategy will work.

If you do not believe me, then please do what I have been doing.  Every time you receive a phone call from a pro-life female soliciting your advocacy, just ask, How many abortions have you had?  They typically go into shock as they cannot handle this direct hit on the truth.

While we pro-choice advocates want to preserve the 1973 Federal Supreme Court ruling characterized as Roe-v-Wade, it may not be the most efficient way to go.  The easiest remedy to all this is to acknowledge the legal reality that minors cannot have custody of minors.  Once these pro-lifers realize that they cannot use these unborn babies to ask people for marriage and money, these unplanned acts of passion as well as all other pregnancy-activity will stop, and these females will return to their scholastic pursuits.  We will then also witness more responsible use of the right of choice.

And then the gender salary-gap will close.

We currently have the pro-life Presidential candidate, Donald Trump, and the pro-choice presidential candidate, Hilary Clinton.  But is she really pro-choice?

She is, of course, a former First Lady.  President Bill Clinton also characterized himself as pro-choice.  But is he really pro-choice?

Recall the fact that during his eight-year-tenure, I experienced the married-man-with-AIDS-and-the-$10,000,000-debt-who-wanted-to-do-me-a-favor-and-sign-his-name-to-my-copyrights-so-he-could-have-one-erection-with-me.  It is now my understanding that I had to stalk-and-harass this married-man, jump into bed with him and his wife, push her aside, and demand impregnation-sex.  I did not then know this.  I therefore was characterized as having a psychiatric disorder, being anti-family, a child-hater, obsessed with my career of bagging groceries in a supermarket, unable to understand that my biological clock is ticking, and anything else they could think of.  The feminists agreed with these people.  I was too radical for these judicially oriented women, particularly when anticipating equal-pay-for-equal-work.

Their remedy to the trouble I was giving them as he waited for me, was to have me fired from my job, and terrorize all prospective employers.  One of my neighbors took pity on me, hired me as a babysitter, and paid me $30.  When my prospective husband learned that I used the money to buy food, it led to a night of terror on Halloween night.  I hope President Billy remembers our anniversary.

Is this choice?

I won't go back to the Clinton years.

Thursday October 05, 2016







I would like to ask of all routine donors (i.e., Christmas annual donors, etc.) to contact this office and explain the above as well as the following...

That nurse who told the ambulance workers to dump me in the waiting room, as she ignored my warnings for inevitable legal activity which would result in the loss of her license, and then told the waiting-room-clerk that if I am "disruptive" (i.e., demand treatment), to "call the police", is....


If it were not for the liquid Sage that I inserted in my nebulizer, as well as the Solaray Prostate and Blessed Thistle which I have been taking daily, I do not believe I would still be alive.  We have several infections attacking everyone at work, I believe I caught all of these at the same time.  Additionally, I am one week late for my period, and still do not have it.  Furthermore, this is the second-period in the five month prolactin-cycle--a time when, I believe, the prolactin level will surge as it does when it cycles.

Tuesday October 18, 2016

On October 02nd, I discussed the mysterious teenagers I observed in my middle and high school years.  Life experience suggested to me that they experienced legal trouble when they stalked and harassed the male(s) who impregnated them.

Then, I remembered the highly publicized events of 1992 featuring a female characterized as the Long Island Lolita of New York State.  She was 17-years-old and went to jail for attempting to murder the wife of her 36-year-old lover.

We all believed her when she claimed that this lover provided her with the gun, taught her how to use it, and gave her all other instructions.  He denied everything.  For some mysterious reason, he plead guilty to statutory rape even though Lolita was well beyond the age of 15.

Before such pleading, this lover's attorney appeared on a talk show titled, The Phil Donahue Show.  According to this lawyer, the way such law works is that if such an affair with a teenage female begins before her 16th birthday, and proceeds after, she has "validated her actions".  In simpler terms, if the decisions as to sexual activity which she made when she was, in theory, too young to make any such decision, is identical to that which she made when she was, in theory, of adequate maturity to make such a decision, then such decisions are "validated". Therefore, the activities of the male are non-prosecutable.  This, however, was not written into the law but rather the way it was practiced, according to his legal advice.

But why would this attorney strongly suggest that the affair began before her 16th birthday?  I could understand him providing this legal information as a footnote to all issues, but not as part of all issues.

In the past few days, I concluded we were missing one chapter of this sensational story which, seemingly, could not become more sensational.  (It was so sensational, that three made-for-television movies were created.)

I believe that at the time of the attempted murder, Lolita was pregnant.  I also believe it was not her first pregnancy with this lover.  I do believe that she thought that if she murdered the wife, he would finally marry her.

My guess is that the prosecutor and/or judge and/or Lolita's attorney arranged that the clinic of the latest abortion would keep the DNA material.  While it is true that this pregnancy was not a result of statutory rape, if previous pregnancy(s) occurred, these were a product(s) of statutory rape(s).  Of course, this lover would counter that he was not the father of the earlier pregnancy(s).  Perhaps there were issues in the juvenile courts?  I am concluding that he plead guilty to stop the investigation.  He served some time in jail, but not as much as Lolita.


I have rights too, and no other way of understanding the married-man-with-AIDS-and-the-$10,000,000-dollar-debt-who-wanted-to-do-me-a-favor-and-sign-his-name-to-my-copyrights-so-he-could-have-one-erection-with-me.

We can begin by opening the records of another case of a female my age.  This, if I recall correctly, occurred in South Salem, New York around 1978.

Thursday October 20, 2016

As to the presidential election, I did some research.

There are 538 members of the Electoral College.  The quantity required to claim this victory is 270.  In each state, the policy is winner-take-all.  Therefore, a majority vote of all 50 states does not automatically secure the election.  As my mother once explained it to me, "It is because we are really a Republic."

According to CNN's website, the vote is currently 307 for Clinton and 179 for Trump.  This includes states which this site characterizes as Solid Republican, Leans Republican, Leans Democratic, and Solid Democratic.

The following Lean Democratic...





New Hampshire...4






The Battleground States are...



Maine 2nd Congressional District...1

Nebraska 2nd Congressional District...1

North Carolina...15






TOTAL TOTAL VOTES...107+52=159



In other words, we can still resolve this.  So I suggest of Hillary Clinton to wipe that smile off of her face.

Friday October 21, 2016

I wonder what kind of presidential tantrums this will inspire.  Everybody, brace yourselves...


Lynn S Kahn for President 2016
Donation Receipt
DONOR Vivian Lehman
ADDRESS  Middletown, CT 06457, United States
OCCUPATION Event Specialist


DATE Oct 21 2016
TYPE Credit Card


Wednesday October 26, 2016

As you already know, I went to college with two cousins named Patrick Whitford and Kathy Sampey.  The latter has been identified by the FBI as a co-conspirator to USA-Mendez-Antonio-Bronx-Educated-Now-Living-At-Den, acronym-ed USAMA BEN LADEN.  Antonio  had an alternate name, Robert Crowe.

As you also already know, in the spring semester of 1985, I became editor-in-chief of my college newspaper.  I revitalized a tabloid which was about to be shut-down by the administration of this educational institution, Lehman College of the City University of New York.  I scared both of these people who then launched a terror campaign against me, which I was too young to understand.  Their issue was that the newspaper was not an educational tool to them as it was to me, but rather something to cling to as they were pursuing falsified transcripts.  These were issued by two faculty members of the English department, Prof. Jane Sicherman and Adjunct, Dr. Broadnax.  They were afraid that the administration might notice they have phony credentials.  I therefore had to be stopped, but I did not stop for anything.

Kathy Sampey lived with Patrick and his mother.  While we were on friendly terms, I once called this home and found myself having a lively conversation with the Aunt.  A few days later, I talked to Kathy I told her I spoke to her "mother".  She gave me a peculiar, baffled and absolutely silent look.  I then corrected myself.

Life experience has taught me that such silence means that the individual is in jail.

I believe that Kathy must have watched her mother be taken away in handcuffs, and not return.  She must have been afraid of the same fate.  She knew she was stealing a college degree.  Therefore, she intensely hated me.  This had more to do with her mother than me.  This is why no matter how hard I tried, I could not resolve it.

As part of his terror campaign, I believe, has been Patrick's act of  vandalizing my car.  The first incident was while I was in college, then again after I opened this website, and one more time recently as I was at work.  The last was after I identified an additional terrorist training camp.  I also identified the individual who could lead law enforcement to such.

After the third incident, I asked of law enforcement to arrest Patrick.  I hope they did, and do not know what they charged him with.  Whatever it was, I can add to it.

A few years ago, I mentioned one more issue.

Before I became editor-in-chief, Kathy and I talked often.  She once told me that there was an incident in which the newspaper ran an ad announcing that the Committee to Assassinate President Ronald Reagan will be Meeting...  The Secret Service investigated, then decided it was a bad joke.  One week later, on March 30, 1981, just 69 days into his presidency, the attempted assassination occurred.  The Secret Service returned, and again cleared everyone.


This is a video of the attempted assassination.  I would like to direct everyone to the 19th second of this.  Please look across the street.  There you will see Antonio Mendez and Patrick Whitford waiting to watch the whole event.

I do not know the arrest date of Kathy Sampey's mother, nor what the charges were.  I guess it was two weeks before and connected to President Reagan's priority of balancing the Federal budget.

Sunday October 30, 2016

Dear Hitlers;

You know the rules...


I would like to ask of the pilots of the Trump-Spence and Hillary airplanes, to fly over any Orthodox-Jewish Settlement Camp at an altitude low enough such that each candidate as well as their advisors can see what is going on.  I am certain that the radically pro-life vice-presidential candidate will need to know that the pregnant women are being cared for appropriately.  If not, I am certain he will be outspoken about it.

Monday October 31, 2016

I have been researching the attempted assassination of former President Ronald Reagan.

Six .22-caliber bullets hit the President, his Press Secretary James Brady, Washington D.C. Police Officer Thomas Delahanty, as well as a Secret Service Agent, Tim McCarthy.  Brady was disabled as a result.  The Agent was wounded as he spread his body in front of the President during the attack.  While it was his job, it was considered a heroic act.

From this, the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act evolved.  This mandates a five-day waiting period on all handgun purchases, as well as a background check.  The driving force for this was Sarah Brady, the wife of such victim.

If I understand the facts correctly, if the Brady Act had been in effect at the time, then the assailant would not have been able to purchase any handgun.  Therefore, I believe, United-States-America-Mendez-Antonio-Bronx-Educated-Now-Living-At-Den would have provided him with another gun.  It would not likely have been a .22, but rather of larger bullets.  This, I guess, would have killed all four victims.

In simpler terms, gun-control would have made this bad situation worse.

These are the facts as I understand such, and the questions I would like answered...

The Secret Service investigated a threat one week earlier.

Do Patrick Whitford and Antonio Mendez have histories with the juvenile courts?

Could such an investigation include a review of such sealed juvenile delinquency records?

If yes, did such investigation include research into such juvenile delinquency records?

If yes, and such did not include such research, why not?

Just before the attack occurred, the President gave a speech at a hotel to labor union leaders.

What was so important about this speech that it could not be postponed?

Did the Secret Service Agents present at the time of the assault know of this eloquent, yet cleared threat?

If yes, did they see Antonio Mendez and Patrick Whitford across the street as this was about to occur?

If they did see these people, why did they not turn around and go back into the hotel?

If they did not know about the threat, why were they not informed of this?

As I review the YouTube videos, the focus is typically on Agent McCarthy and his heroism.


He is currently the Police Chief of Orland Park, Illinois.  As I observe him, I am trying to understand his role in this.  It looks to me as if his only task was to watch the President.  Therefore, he may not have seen Antonio Mendez and Patrick Whitford across the street, awaiting the attack. But did he know who they were?

I would appreciate if former Agent McCarthy would help me understand what happened.

If I could write the Brady Act, it would focus on the management of juvenile delinquents.

Tuesday November 01, 2016

The plot thickens...


This is a video of a Larry King talk show discussion about the attempted assassination.  It was executed a few years after the event.  Tim McCarthy and one of his fellow Secret Service Agents described what happened, but that is not the interesting part.

Beneath the video-window is the comment section.  An individual identifying himself as Political Piper wrote one month ago,

"This is two years too late (referring to the two-year-old comment he is following up on) but I'll explain how it was able to happen. Originally, the limo was parked farther across the street. Secret Service moved the limo closer to the door just to save time. Spectators were able to stand behind the picket line as well as members of the press. The press started forcing there (sic) way up front which caused a ruckus. The police guarding the line were preoccupied with that issue, then when Reagan came out the SS (Secret Service) as well as police turned to face him instead of keeping an eye out around the perimeter which allowed Henkley (sic) to get his shots off.

It was discovered later that the SS were not yet trained to stare away from their subject instead of at them." (emphasis supplied)

I do not know how Political Piper knows any of this, especially the part I emphasized...

"Originally, the limo was parked farther across the street.  Secret Service moved the limo closer to the door just to save time."

Nonetheless, it makes sense, except for the fact that the reason was to "save time."

Did the Secret Service have the authority to take Patrick Whitford and Antonio Mendez into custody for questioning?

If yes, why did they not do it?

If no, this should be the new Brady Act.

Wednesday November 02, 2016

Put it in writing.  My website is your website.

Thursday November 03, 2016

Back to the Larry King, Youtube video, and Tim McCarthy's statement...

"The President had just finished his speech to the building trade counsels.  We came up the elevator.  I believe we took the elevator up to the street level and we were walking in formation around the President.  Jerry (Parr) being the Agent-in-charge was directly behind the President along with the shift leader, and the shift agents such as myself were in specific positions to provide 360-degrees of security around the President, and particularly when you are out in public that perimeter of security gets tighter-and-tighter around the President based upon intelligence and the environment that you are in, and we were just several feet from the armored car and the President was walking with members of his staff and John Hinkley pushed himself forward and actually fired six-rounds at about 1.3 or 1.4 seconds."

I wonder why he felt the need to emphasize that the perimeter of security gets tighter-and-tighter around the President based upon intelligence and the environment that you are in.

Was he suggesting that they were at maximum perimeter when they should have been at minimum?

At 2:37, Jerry Parr is explaining that the President was hit by a bullet which ricocheted.  It was Agent Parr's special training which enabled him to realize that the car must be redirected from the road to the White House to the nearest hospital.  This, combined with the President's "robust" condition, enabled him to survive.

What I wonder is if the attempted assassin intentionally shot a bullet which would ricochet around the Secret Service and into the President, rather than hit the President directly.  I know very little about guns.  However, if this is true, I imagine he must have been an extraordinary marksman.

Was the attempted assassin (who was eventually found not-guilty by reason of insanity) sane enough to withhold his fire if he thought he could not hit his object?

Did Agent McCarthy take a bullet which could easily have been stopped before it was fired?  Was he a victim of incompetence and/or a conspiracy between a Secret Service agent and Antonio Mendez?

Part II----November 03, 2016

Was anyone there by the name of


Saturday November 05, 2016

Did ballistic evidence confirm that all six bullets came from the same gun?

Sunday November 06, 2016

1:40...Did the "few prayers" include a resolution that this would never happen again?

Tuesday November 08, 2016


3:34...What does it take to make you explain this image?

Wednesday November 09, 2016

Donald Trump is now the President-elect.  Before he and his wife Melania are established on Federal Government payroll, I would like to ask of all Americans to send each of these people an I-9 form...


In the cover letter, please specify the due date as Veteran's Day with a possible extension to Thanksgiving.


Dear President-elect Donald Trump;

Congratulations on your victory.  These are the rules...

IF YOU GIVE ME ANY TROUBLE...I will ask of everyone to research your birth-record in the files of New York City and Scotland.

IF YOU THINK ABOUT GIVING ME ANY TROUBLE...I will ask of an inquiry as to the legitimacy of the immigration status of Donald Trump junior as well as Ivanka Trump.  The former was fathered by your first wife, Ivana's, legitimate husband of Canada.  The latter by Ivana's chauffer.  Ivana is, of course, an illegal immigrant from Romania.

Thursday November 10, 2016

The ending to the movie of AIR FORCE ONE was that the President, First Lady and First Daughter survive.  Agent Gibbs does not.  At the White House, the power struggle between the Vice President and Defense Secretary is thereby resolved.

In my opinion, the ending to this movie should have been that only the First Daughter and Agent Gibbs survive.  This would have left the audience yearning for more, with a second opportunity for between-the-lines insights as to what really happened on March 30, 1981.

Friday November 11, 2016


0:40...scream..."THAT'S MY HUSBAND!"

Do I understand that person in the background correctly?  However, no female appears in the video.

Four people were injured as a result of that attack:  Press Secretary James Brady, Secret Service Agent Timothy McCarthy, Police Officer Delahanty, and, of course, President Ronald Reagan.

It appears from the information we have that the First Lady, Nancy Reagan, was not there.  Furthermore, that does not sound like her voice.  It was easily recognizable and at least one camera-person would likely have turned toward her if she was screaming.

We have many samples of Mrs. Brady's voice.  After the incident, she became an outspoken advocate of gun-control.

We have one record of the voice of Mrs. McCarthy.  At the time of his hospital discharge, the Secret Service Agent attempted to read from a podium to the press.  It was a written statement of appreciation.  He choked-up and she completed the speech.  I remember how my mother and I watched this moment on television.

If there was a second gun-person, was this a male or female with an extraordinary ability to aim a gun?

Why did the gunman or gun-people wait until President Reagan was upon the armored car before initiating the six shots?

John Hinkley Junior had little chance of hitting Reagan in such a position.  However, as the President emerged from the door of the building, he had a clear perspective, as you can easily witness from the beginning of this YouTube video.  Take a good look, place yourself in the position of Hinkley, and ask yourself when you would have fired the gun.

Is there any possibility that Hinkley was aiming for McCarthy, Delahanty, or both, while the possible second gun-person was aiming for Reagan?

Does law enforcement still have the bullet which was removed from the President?  Can we establish from whose gun it originated?

Saturday November 12, 2016

0:10...Agent McCarthy emerges.

0:14...Agent Parr emerges with the President.

0:20...Shots fired.

Sunday November 13, 2016

I have been shaken to conclude the following...

The advertisement in the student newspaper announcing the meeting date-and-time for the Committee to Assassinate President Reagan was published for the exclusive purpose of misleading the Secret Service as to the purpose of the attack.

The intended object of the gunfire was Agent Tim McCarthy.

There was only one gunman.  He did not aim at the President, but rather one of his six bullets accidentally ricocheted off of the door of the armored car, and into Reagan.

This one gunman also accidentally hit the police officer.

Now, all we need is an explanation.  Based on the information I have, which is very little, there is only one possible conclusion.

Agent Tim McCarthy was the law enforcement officer who arrested Kathy Sampey's mother.

Monday November 14, 2016

There was one more peculiarity...

During my one semester tenure as editor-in-chief of the college newspaper, student elections occurred for the campus senate.  Patrick Whitford ran for office.  Each candidate submitted to the tabloid his/her statement.  Many were very long, while being full of spelling and grammatical errors, as well as serious sentence structure issues.

Patrick's had none of these issues.  He wrote, "Continued good service."

My GUESS is this was the bigger picture...

A few days after March 30, 1981, there was a court-date for which Agent McCarthy was expected to appear.  It was either a pre-trial conference, hearing or trial.  The Agent did not need to submit an excuse explaining why he could not attend.  It was a national headline.

Patrick probably expected that the court-date would be cancelled.  Instead, the legal terminology which was likely used was continued as the event was postponed.

If I am correct, this raises one more issue.

As the prosecution against the attempted assassin was proceeding toward trial, did the judge of the other case contact this former judge and explain that the whole truth was not available to the jury?  Henceforth, the judge presiding over the case of the attempted assassination would have to wait to sign the certificate of trial readiness.  Or, if such certificate was already signed, served-and-filed, it would have to be vacated as per the court's own motion.  This case would also have to be continued.

Tuesday November 15, 2016

There were two Secret Service Agents credited with saving President Reagan on March 30, 1981.  In addition to McCarthy, the other was the shift leader, Jerry Parr.  His date of death was October 09, 2015, at age 85.

The attempted assassin, John Hinkley Jr. was found not guilty by reason of insanity.  He was institutionalized until September 10, 2016 at St. Elizabeth's Hospital in Washington, D.C., 35 years after the incident.

According to what I read on Wikipedia;

"Around 1987, Hinckley applied for a court order allowing him periodic home visits. As part of the consideration of the request, the judge ordered Hinckley's hospital room searched. Hospital officials found photographs and letters in Hinckley's room that showed a continued obsession with Foster (the movie star he claimed he was trying to impress when he perpetrated the assault), as well as evidence that Hinckley had exchanged letters with serial killer Ted Bundy and sought the address of Charles Manson, who had inspired two women to try to kill Gerald Ford (USA President from 1974-77). The court denied Hinckley's request for additional privileges." (emphasis supplied)

They searched his room, but did they check hospital records?

Was he really there?

Is he sane enough to play the system?

Was his psychologist a kleptomaniac?

Was his psychiatrist phony doctor Tariq Latif?

Before you call me crazy, you need to understand what Antonio Mendez and his co-conspirators are capable of.  It is my conclusion, anthropologically speaking, that these individuals are of a counterfeit human species whose only purpose is to live off of Homo Sapiens Modern.  Ten million years ago, their ancestors did not become aquatic apes, but rather waded in the water.  They were close to, but not upon, the new source of sustenance, while they developed an intense jealousy of the early humans who conquered the new environmental challenge.


3:33...When I see at this image of McCarthy lying on the ground, and look into his eyes...

3:35...and I look at the facial expression of an individual, who I assume is his colleague, as he attempted to bring comfort to McCarthy by loosing his collar and tie,

I am reminded of the images in the back of my mind of my fellow students and myself after Kathy Sampey and Patrick Whitford were finished working over the student newspaper...WHAT JUST HAPPENED?!

Wednesday November 16, 2016

I am going to take a guess that retired Agent McCarthy has been harassed during the past 35-years by an unknown perpetrator.  Now, he probably knows who it is.

In 1985, Kathy Sampey and Patrick Whitford were pursuing falsified transcripts in English writing.  Prof. Jane Sicherman and instructor Broadnax were assisting them.  Kathy and Patrick used the student newspaper as a technique to make appearances on campus.  John Hinkley Jr. probably used a similar technique at the mental facility.

Let's return to saga of the Long-Island-Lolita...

Recall the fact that in a television interview with Nancy Glass, she explained that immediately after her arrest, she and her mother talked several times.  Her mother was begging for a resolution.  Lolita told her over-and-over, "Joey will take care of everything."  Eventually, Lolita  realized that the justice system is much larger than Joey, and if he wanted to take care of everything, he could not.  Instead, he attempted to fully burden her with the blame for the attempted murder of his wife.  Lolita then took responsibility for her actions.

If you look closely at the mug-shot of Hinkley, I believe he is also thinking that Antonio and Patrick will take care of everything.  They probably did.

But do I have any evidence of that?

I think I do, if Lehman College of the City University of New York kept a record of it.

The incidences occurred near the end of the spring semester as my tenure as editor-in-chief was coming to an end.  I was counting pennies to pay for all production costs and produce as many weekly issues as possible.  Kathy and Patrick attempted to sabotage me in any way they could think of.

At the time, another seemingly unrelated and repeated occurrence was that when I arrived at the office in the morning, I observed that one desk had experienced activity.  It was the one by the front door, and was occupied by our secretary, Yolanda.

Then the phone bill arrived.  It was too high.  It included several long distance phone calls across the country, after 9 pm.  The first was to Virginia, and one of the others, if I recall correctly, was to California.  I reported this to our advisor, the Dean of Students, Glen T.  Nygreen.  While I am certain he would remember this, he is, unfortunately, deceased.

Yolanda could not have made these phone calls.  The telephones were in the offices within such office.  She only had a key to the front door.

The Dean counseled me to write a letter to the school's business manager.  I copy-corresponded such to Dean Nygreen.  His subordinate, the student director, summoned Yolanda into his office.  I was never informed of the conclusion of such.  However, while Kathy Sampey was due to graduate in August, she did not until three-years-later.

The State of Virginia is and, as I understand the situation, was the location of the Hinkley's parents in 1987.  I am surmising that Kathy called this house to establish Hinkley's possible locations, and then made the follow-up phone calls.

Does the school still have such record?

Is the United States Supreme Court willing to acknowledge the argument that a verdict of not-guilty-by-reason-of-insanity can be converted to guilty if it is established that the claim of insanity was fraudulent?

Thursday November 17, 2016

Kathy Sampey's graduation was postponed by three years because of a $20 phone bill?


Kathy Sampey's graduation was postponed by three years because she engaged in Committee activity?


Did the University copy-correspond the phone bill and my cover letter to the Secret Service?

Did Agent McCarthy see it in 1985?

Does he remember it?


On YouTube, I have been watching a National Geographic documentary on the attempted assassination...


19:14-20:08...It identifies the woman screaming, "That's my husband!"  She is Carolyn Parr, the wife of Agent Parr.  The Agents explained to her that he is in the car with the President.  Furthermore, according to this, she worked across the street from the scene.

And it only took her 20-seconds to come running out.

Do not tell me that she saw the shooting from a window and thereby witnessed her husband go into the armored limousine.

Do not tell me that she thought that the police officer was her husband.

Do not tell me that she thought that the person in the light blue suit (i.e., Agent McCarthy) was her husband.  Very few men can wear such color.

You can tell me that she thought that Press Secretary James Brady was her husband, if she viewed him from an upper window.

Then you need to explain to me how she ran downstairs at such a speed.  I admit, from watching that video, she moves fast.  But no one moves that fast down an elevator or at least one flight of stairs.

Now, I need someone to explain to me...

How did John Hinkley Junior know that Agent McCarthy would be the one to hold the door open for the President?

If Hinkley, or any member of the Committee, had been watching and stalking Secret Service activity, could they have known such from watching the arrival routine?

In other words, are the arrival and departure tasks for each Agent coupled identically for each event?

If you look closely at the video, the only reason why Hinkley did not fatally wound McCarthy was because the Agent kept moving.  The movement was as per his training to make himself as large as possible to protect the President.  But I believe that the only person he protected was himself.

Part II----------November 17, 2016

Dear Hitlers;

What is the penalty for tampering with my car?

Friday November 18, 2016

In 1985, I believe that the University did copy-correspond to the Secret Service both the phone bill and my letter to the school's business manager.

Additionally, I believe that the four phone numbers had very substantial investigative significance which the Agent(s) may or may not have fully understood at the time.

I also believe that they remember all of this, as well as the fact that the letter was signed by Vivian Lehman of Lehman College.

Finally, I believe that they found my website a few years ago, and have been waiting for all of my information to process.

Our time has come.

Saturday November 19, 2016

I do not know who is working with the Hitlers to attempt to steal money from my paycheck, tamper with my car, and engage in other forms of harassment.  If it is who I think, I would like to see her arrested in front of her children.

Is it possible to be able to trust the Secret Service in a way I could never trust the FBI?  I taught the latter the building blocks to decode Al Qaeda.  I would like to be able to do the same for the former.

Please resolve this.

Sunday November 20, 2016


3:02...The President and Agent Parr are almost upon the armored limousine, and the latter looks at McCarthy with a snickering smile.

Tuesday November 22, 2016

I know you are all waiting for me to say more about Donald Trump's Presidential victory.

On December 21, 1994, I received the package from the publisher which included the sabotage he inflicted.

On December 24th, after coming home from working all day, I found it.

We will be celebrating our anniversaries.  I only wish I knew the date that Mara Addison assured him that my book would never be published.  If you can acquire that information for me, we can begin earlier.  I believe it was in December, because this is when the change in attitude occurred.

Part II-------November 22, 2016


Larry King on CNN talking about the assassination attempt.  I believe the program occurred on the 20th anniversary of such; March 30, 2001.


A 2004 documentary about the event.

1:57...After the six gun-shots, the narrator explains, "As the (Presidential) limo- speeds toward the White House, Agent Jerry Parr searches President Reagan for gun-shot wounds.  Everything looks okay until the President starts spitting-up bright, frothy-blood." (emphasis supplied)

The emphasized information was never corroborated by Agent Parr.


National Geographic documentary on the event.

5:37, 8:22...According to the narrator, a government report concluded...

1st shot...hit Press Secretary James Brady.

2nd shot...hit Officer Delahanty.

3rd shot...hit Agent McCarthy.

4th shot...hit the window of the armored limousine.

5th shot...hit President Reagan after ricocheting off of the door.

6th shot...hit the building across the street.

I would like to know the location of the 6th shot as it related to Carolyn Parr's location at such same time.  It makes sense to me that this was the signal for her to come down screaming.  That is consistent with a 20-second lapse, if the shooter was an extraordinary marksman.

6:01...According to the narrator, "Three bullets, three wounded.  At least one of them because no one was wearing the customary bullet-proof vest."  Agent Jerry Parr then explains, "I didn't wear it.  The President didn't wear it.  McCarthy didn't wear it.  I figured it was such a routine visit that it wasn't necessary to wear it that day."

Agent Parr had more explaining to do than that.

Wednesday November 23, 2016

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving.  Please remember this is the busiest day of the year for hospitals.  Be careful and enjoy, not over-enjoy, your meals!

As to Donald Trump, if you do not want me to wait, we will not wait.


The Media.




You and I do.

Every time you see news coverage about Donald Trump, please change channels, or turn on the DVD player, or turn to your favorite hobby for relief from boredom.

Contact advertisers!  Tell them not to allow their commercials to run while Donald Trump is receiving coverage.


For all networks to understand that broadcasting the inauguration will cost them big money and, in the long-term, possibly drive them into bankruptcy.


During the inauguration, these same networks broadcast documentaries about September 11, 2001.


Dear Justices of the United States Supreme Court;

It is my understanding that President-Elect Donald Trump is refusing Presidential-payroll.  Henceforth, it is his legal interpretation that he does not have to fill-out an I-9 form.  According to the Official Website of the Department of Homeland Security, such legal document is for...

"Form I-9 is used for verifying the identity and employment authorization of individuals hired for employment in the United States. All U.S. employers must ensure proper completion of Form I-9 for each individual they hire for employment in the United States. This includes citizens and noncitizens (sic). Both employees and employers (or authorized representatives of the employer) must complete the form. On the form, an employee must attest to his or her employment authorization. The employee must also present his or her employer with acceptable documents evidencing identity and employment authorization..."

The term "payroll" is never used.  Am I correctly legally interpreting this as I herein state that an employee's act of refusing payroll is a non-issue as to the necessity for an I-9 form?

In simpler terms, does Donald Trump have to fill out an I-9 form before entering the White House with the inaugural title of President?

Thank you for your attention.


Friday November 25, 2016


In this interview with CNN's Larry King, President Ronald Reagan does not corroborate the claim that Agent Parr searched him for bullet wounds.

Sunday November 27, 2016


0:20...In this Associated Press interview with former Agent McCarthy, he explains that just before the shooting, "...people were yelling Mr. President...only five- or six-feet away (from the armored limousine).  John Hinkley pushed himself forward and fired six rounds in 1.4 seconds and hit four people..." (emphasis supplied)


0:31...In this documentary, Agent Jerry Parr explains, "At just about six or seven feet from the open door (of the hotel), I heard two quick shots and then four more." (emphasis supplied)

Is there any possibility that the gun changed hands?  Would that explain the separation between the two- and four-shots?  Can a change-of-hands happen in such a short period of time?


5:17-5:21...In the photo presented by this National Geographic special, the female standing in front of and to the right of Hinkley may or may NOT be Kathy Sampey.

These are the "two quick shots"...

1st shot...hit Press Secretary James Brady IN THE FOREHEAD.

2nd shot...hit Officer Delahanty IN THE BACK OF THE NECK.

My guess is that the aim was high.

3rd shot...hit Agent McCarthy in the chest.

4th shot...hit the window of the armored limousine.

5th shot...hit President Reagan after ricocheting off of the door.

The three of the "four more shots" are approximately 12-inches lower (and all in the range of McCarthy who is by this time in constant motion.  These are not directed at Brady nor Delahanty who are falling to the ground at this same time.)

6th shot...hit the building across the street.

There is no information as to where this struck.

I am raising this issue because I believe that if Agent McCarthy arrested Kathy Sampey's mother, and if he was about to make an appearance against her in a courtroom, then she would likely have wanted to fire the gun herself.  I believe she tried and failed.

Monday November 28, 2016

I understand that in this Fox News report,


titled, The Day Reagan was Shot, Jerry Parr at 4:06-4:22, states that he "examined the President thoroughly" looking for bullet wounds, and provides details as to how he searched him.

However, this documentary was published on March 29, 2011, 20-years after the fact of March 30, 1981.

The Larry King interview was published on March 30, 2001, 10-years after the fact.  In this, Jerry Parr makes no such statement.

In my opinion, the older broadcast of 2001 is the credible one.  Therefore, I conclude, he never searched the President as he assumed there were no bullet wounds.


If you want me to be a racist, I have no choice but to invoke Master Race Theory.  I cannot reproduce with you.

Tuesday November 29, 2016

Since I began researching the Reagan assassination attempt and watching this video over-and-over...


one detail has baffled me...

1:45...The Secret Service Agent demands a "marked unit".

Why does he need to specify this?

Is it possible that they also demanded an unmarked unit for the juvenile?

Friday December 02, 2016


1:42...At this moment of this 2001 Larry King documentary discussing the attempted assassination of Ronald Reagan, they are showing the video of the attempted assassination of 1981.  Such is presenting the time of day as 2:25 pm Eastern Standard Time on such day of March 30, 1981.

I remember learning of it approximately two hours earlier.  I was a freshman in high school in the Eastern State of New York.  I was at my locker while getting ready for lunch when a locker-neighbor informed me that Ronald Reagan had been shot at.

Saturday December 03, 2016

Does anyone else remember the time of day that they received such information?  Am I correct in that after 2:30 pm is at least two hours too late?

Sunday December 04, 2016

The whole sequence of events is finally making sense to me.

As I have previously explained, Kathy Sampey and Patrick Whitford are cousins.  Kathy was living with Patrick and his mother.  In 1985, early in my tenure as editor-in-chief, I telephoned her home from my home.  She was not there.  Her Aunt and I had a long, lively conversation.  During such time, she informed me that she had previously worked as a copy editor for a New York newspaper.

While I now believe that this was an exaggeration of her credentials, I also believe that she had connections to the Associated Press.  In the early- and mid-1990's, Kathy worked for them, according to an alumni bulletin of this time.  Furthermore, according to such, she was an editor.  It is my understanding she was a receptionist.  However, that is a non-issue.

The bottom line is the connection to such journalism network.

The other bottom line is that Secret Service Agent Tim McCarthy was obviously the individual the gun-man or -men are/were aiming at.  If the assassin(s) wanted to shoot the President, the shots would have been fired a few seconds earlier.

I am concluding...

Before March 30, 1981, the co-conspirators were certain that Agent Jerry Parr's scheme was flawless in that the President would NOT be shot.  However, they needed to make the future prosecutors, judges and jury members understand that he was the intended object of the six bullets.  Therefore, one week before, they ran an advertisement in their student newspaper eloquently expressing such phony objective, characterizing themselves as The Committee to Assassinate Ronald Reagan (emphasis supplied).

Three hours (not two, as I finally remember my lunch as being around 11 am, not noon) before the assassination event, the Associated Press was contacted and notified that shots were fired at Ronald Reagan.

But the President was shot, and, according to all medical information available, barely survived.



5:19...At such moment of this National Geographic documentary, you will see a photo of those waiting for Ronald Reagan and his staff to emerge from the hotel.  On the left, in back, is John Hinkley jr.  In front of him is an individual who looks like Kathy.  There is one more person who is seated on the ground.  The face is not visible.

I believe, based only on my understanding of her character, that is Kathy Sampey.  While I have never seen the ballistic evidence, I believe it will show that two guns were used.  She must have fired the first two shots, realized her aim was inaccurate, and ran.

Monday December 05, 2016


This is a interview of former Agent now Police Chief Tim McCarthy.  It was executed by the Associated Press on July 29, 2016.

0:01. McCarthy states, "I hope they're right that they are releasing a man who murdered one person, Jim Brady, and almost killed the President of the United States..." (emphasis supplied)

0:41, Associated Press reporter asks, "Do you think John Hinkley is still a danger to anyone?"

0:44, McCarthy; "I don't know.  They say he's not.  Again, I hope they're right.  Only time will tell.  Only time will tell." (emphasis supplied)

The name of the reporter is never stated.  I have researched this information and found nothing.  I do not recognize his voice and am concluding that I did not go to college with him.

I would like someone to explain to me why he has to ask of Police Chief McCarthy for a psychiatric opinion after such Chief stated he has no psychiatric opinion.

According to Wikipedia, the Federal Judge ruled on July 27th and the release date was on August 05th.  The citation for this is the Washington Post.  The above interview was between these dates.

Why did the Associated Press need McCarthy's approval?

Part II---------December 05, 2016

On a very different subject...

I researched the woman who tried to steal money out of my paycheck and has been harassing me.  She is a financial investment counselor.  It is my understanding that the money was needed to pay investors for money she lost.  This is the attempted theft we know about.

May I please have an audit?

Thursday December 08, 2016

The harassment has stopped.


I Googled what type of gun John Hinkley jr. used.  According to this, it was a Röhm RG-14 .22 cal.


This YouTube video concerns itself exclusively with the use of this gun and does not mention the attempted assassination.

0:01-0:07...I counted six-shots in as many seconds.

0:10-0:12 or -0:13...I counted six-shots in two or three seconds.

0:26..."You're very high.  So bring it down about 12-inches."

0:27...A shot followed by the suggested height adjustment.

0:35...Next shot.

Recall the fact that in the Larry King interview, Tim McCarthy states that the assassin's six-shots occurred in 1.4 seconds.

Recall the additional fact that the original two shots of the assassin(s) struck James Brady in the head and officer Delahanty in the neck.  The third shot hit Agent McCarthy in the chest.  The aim of this was also brought down by about 12-inches.

This 1:16 video is everything I know about guns.  Nonetheless...


December 12, 2016

As per request, I have made the appropriate edit of the November 15th entry herein.  I understand that someone reached-out and lost money because of it.  I am curious as to who it was and how my fantasies could influence someone else's income-earning potential.

I apologize, but it was unintentional.

Tuesday December 13, 2016

Dear Hitlers;

Whatever it is that you are trying to subliminally say to me...


Can you guess why?

Saturday December 17, 2016

My obsession with the attempted assassination of Ronald Reagan has finally relaxed, as well as my fantasies, with the exception of one detail.

It is my understanding that the United States Supreme Court has taken the position that John Hinkley, jr.'s validated plea of not-guilty by reason of insanity cannot be converted to guilty as it is understood that if he is and was sane enough to play-the-judicial-system and falsify serving 35-years in a mental health facility, then he was sane enough to understand and prevent his actions on March 30, 1981.  The response I received was that such conversion of plea would be double-jeopardy--prosecution for the same crime twice.  This is Constitutionally not allowed.

I am suggesting that the original legal action be continued by allowing the prosecution to appeal.  Henceforth, the legal concept of double-jeopardy is a non-issue.

My obsession has nothing to do with any of the four victims, but rather because Patrick Whitford, a likely co-conspirator, attacked my car three times in as many decades.  A resolution to my personal issues cannot involve part of his issues, but rather as much as possible of what I know about him and his associates.  Hopefully, law enforcement now has what they need to prosecute and imprison them for as long as possible.

If Kathy Sampey's mother is still alive, she will watch her daughter go away in handcuffs, and not return.  If Kathy really loved her mother, she would have taken things in the opposite direction.

So onto the next, and completely different, subject...

Yesterday, I watched on television gymnast Gabby Douglas.  Four-years-ago, she achieved astonishing Olympic glory.  This year, it was extraordinary by most standards, but not as astonishing by her original standards.  She has been the victim of much hatefulness which has confused her because she does not understand it.  While I do not know anyone who hates her, I would like to try to help.

My guess is that before the Olympics, these people bet much money on her.  Choosing to believe she is a sure-thing, they probably spent their winnings before Gabby competed.  Then they lost.  They do not blame themselves for what they do to themselves.

Sunday December 18, 2016

Dear Donald Trump;

On December 21st, it is our anniversary.  I thought I would begin the celebration early.

You are in the process of selecting your cabinet.  The first thing the United States Senate must understand before beginning the confirmation process, is that any female you select has absolutely no knowledge of who fathered her children.

Any such female who would like to contest this, please have DNA tests on these children, and compare such information to all husbands and boyfriends.  The more pro-life she is, the more possibilities and uncertainties there are, particularly as such concerns her aborted offspring.

Please then take any information refuting my claims, and find me on Facebook, Vivian Lehman of Middletown, Connecticut.

I will print such information on this website, and apologize for all non-malicious misunderstandings I created.

Monday December 19, 2016

Donald Trump has two female nominees for his cabinet:

For Secretary of Transportation, Elaine Chao from Kentucky.  She is the wife of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

For Secretary of Education, Betsy Devos from Michigan.  She is a member of the board of the Foundation for Excellence in Education.


For United Nations Ambassador, Nikki Haley, the Governor of South Carolina.

A priority of the Trump Administration is to overturn Roe v Wade, the United States Supreme Court's decision guaranteeing a woman's right to privacy and henceforth, her right to choose whether or not to have an abortion.

Pursuant to this legal philosophy, these three women must surrender their right to privacy and testify under oath as to how many abortions they each have had.  (My guess is three, each.)  They must also explain the paternities of each of their offspring, with appropriate laboratory verifications.

If you are a resident of any of these three States, please contact these women directly and explain the priority.

If you are not such a resident, please know that Vice Presidential nominee Mike Pence will soon also have the status of leader of the Senate.  Please contact him and explain this.

Tuesday December 20, 2016

Elaine Chao is President-Elect Donald Trump's nominee for Transportation Secretary.  Her spouse is Mitch McConnell, the Senate Majority Leader since 2015.  They were married in 1993.

I would like to ask of any magazine to do a cover story on their storybook wedding ceremony.  This would be a tremendous boost to the United States economy.  All items, including her wedding gown, the bridesmaids' dresses, and all tuxedos were designed and made in the United States of America.  The fabrics were also home-grown.  The clothing is so timeless and extraordinary, American fashion statements are still inevitable.

I predict that after the publication of the magazine, 1,000,000 permanent, not temporary, jobs in this country will be immediately created.

Sunday December 25, 2016

I was back in the emergency room last night.  My asthma was out of control.  I do not know why.  The five-month-prolactin will not cycle again until January 22nd, and this is not the second period of the cycle.  Additionally, I have experienced no symptoms of surging prolactin (i.e., crying and inabilities to follow routine procedures).  The only explanation I can think of relates to the fact that in early October, with the nasty throat infection, my hormonal cycle was seriously disrupted.  My periods have been crazy.  Perhaps this involves another hormone?

I did not go to Middlesex Hospital.  However, it is my understanding that my $50-bill has been recovered.  It is now in the care of a non-Connecticut police chief, who, a few weeks ago, waved it at me while I was asleep.


I have two more questions about the attempted assassination of Ronald Reagan.

1.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=igqLsKF6hSA

This is the July 29, 2016 Associated Press interview with retired Secret Service Agent Tim McCarthy.

0:14-0:20..."In just about the time the President was going to get in the car, people were yelling Mr. President, Mr. President, as they always do.  The role-playing was only five- or six-feet away..." (emphasis supplied)

McCarthy is an educated man.  He does not need me to explain to him that his usage of the psychological term role-playing was incorrect.

What did he witness which he is not telling us about?

2.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bTEi27JpwBY

This is President Reagan's interview with CNN's Larry King in which they discuss the event.

1:45-1:51...Reagan explains he was wearing a "brand new" suit "for the first time".


This is an article about the event, dated March 27, 2011, by Andy Grimm of the Tribune Reporter.

In the first paragraph, it is explained that Agent McCarthy's suit was also "brand-new".

Is it a coincidence that the person that they were aiming for, and the person they pretended they were aiming for, were both wearing "brand-new" suits?

Thursday December 29, 2016

Another crazy year!

A very special expression of gratitude to those who accomplished what the FBI and Secret Service should have, could have, yet would not.  I want to say THANK YOU to the health insurance companies who performed the necessary audits of phony physician Tariq Latif and his associates. They disabled his silent war.  I will never again complain about the high cost of medical care.  What I received in exchange was priceless.

The best thing which happened to me this year was the receipt of the letter from my primary care physician informing his patients that he was discontinuing his practice.  This occurred almost exactly one month after my request for audits.  With this document in my hand, I began to feel that we were winning the war and this is, somehow, still the United States.

The most amazing thing this year was finally understanding what I witnessed when I was in college.  Unknowingly, I was communicating with the Secret Service in Washington, D.C.  I still do not know the significance of the information I procured, but I imagine all of those men passing-out when they received a copy of my letter and attached phone bill.  (At the time, I directed these to the business manager and Dean of Students of my alma mater.  The school must have forwarded such.)  That must be why at least one of these Agents remembers me.

The most painful moments were the spinal spasms.  With herbs, and advise from the Vitamin Shoppe, I was able to almost completely resolve such.  As always, I am emerging from the biochemical attack much stronger and healthier than before.

The worst moment was, of course, the loss of Roy the Cat.  For the few weeks before he died, he made certain I understood that despite all of his complaining, he appreciated the way I was allowed to pet him.  As I would sit at the upstairs computer, he would come running up, jump on the bed behind me, lie on all four paws with his back to me, indicating that I could come from behind, as always, pet him and scratch under his neck as well as on his ears.  I first achieved that privilege after living here for one year.

This was also the year that my $50 bill was recovered.  I would still like an apology.

Sunday January 01, 2017

Dear Hitlers;

Do you want to make this the year that we go back to the way things were from June 04, 1989 until December 24, 1995?  It was a time when the only issues which mattered to us were our crusade for human rights in China, and my litigation to which Donald Trump was an unofficial third party.


Monday January 02, 2017

I would like to begin this year with a continuation of what I discussed last year.  It was about the Long-Island-Lolita and all the mysterious activities I witnessed in middle and high school, but could not understand.

The conclusion I have drawn is that a few older men teased these females with love and marriage.  The teenagers competed with one another, choosing to believe he would select the nicest and prettiest.  After their third abortions, they finally figured him out.  Unfortunately, they were too embarrassed to discuss what happened.

I concluded it was a "few older men" because it requires life experience to understand how to manipulate the areas of the brain which cannot discuss the victimization.

If I am correct, then this situation is probably extremely common.  The elementary school students I came into contact with during the last few years have and are soon to enter the middle school.  I would appreciate if this is resolved as soon as possible.  I would therefore like to ask of law enforcement agencies to attempt to find these few men, and follow-up with appropriate prosecutions (i.e., statutory rape, etc.).  It may appear to be a complex pursuit.  However, these teenage females are probably all stalking these men while harassing their spouses.

Wednesday January 04, 2017

This is the only legal form I could find which appears relevant...

This also creates a situation in which the child is legally being told the truth when informed she is cared for by her "father" rather than grandfather.  The biological technicalities had to wait for issues beyond anyone's control.  That is not a lie.

Although the form does not require a witness, I would guess that if such is required, the family priest may be able to assist.

The child is helpless and defenseless.  If anyone has a jealousy tantrum concerning the attention she has been receiving, I am going to sink my virtual teeth into whomever I perceive is responsible.  I will have no guilty conscience if I guess wrong.  You behave as gangsters, you get treated as gangsters!  If one is guilty, all are presumed guilty!!

And never forget the fact that my maternal ancestors are from the German Nation of Prussia!!!

Friday January 06, 2017

I never revise what I write (except, of course, spelling mistakes, etc.).  However, I am deleting today's entry within one hour after entering it for two reasons.  First, I am not sure enough of the subliminal facts I received.  Second, I am hoping that one individual never saw it.  It is the person I am suggesting should be arrested and held until court is back in session on Monday morning.  I am also hoping that the two students never saw it.  However, the two probably have nothing else to do except laugh at the child, father and me, while the female is probably at work.  I hope both schools understand my request for expulsion without possibility of graduation.  If not, I will make an additional entry explaining my reasoning.

One more thing...

I would like as part of her plea deal an understanding that all returned bail monies be deposited into the child's college fund.  Additionally, I would like the journalist who was amused by the subliminal message of violence, have to also contribute $10,000 into this.

This will be the good thing which emerges from all this. 


Since I posted this today, I heard the term "payback".  I assume this is a subliminal message expressing your interest in having a physician sign an emergency-certificate declaring you a "threat to others".  "Others" is the child and myself.

My special request of law enforcement is to arrest her in front of her client(s) and co-workers.  My special request of the court is a restraining order forbidding her access to her home.

I would like this resolved by midnight tonight, or my requested value for bail will double, and continue to increase exponentially.


Saturday January 07, 2017

Last night, before midnight, I received the subliminal information that this is resolved.  Today, it is too quiet.

Otherwise, I must make a correction.  I have made one other substantial edit.  I deleted my letter to the "Dumb Jock".  This is because he withdrew his threat, so I withdrew my attack.

Sunday January 08, 2017

It is a disquieting quiet.

My guess is that there will be much court activity tomorrow.  If there is, I would like to respectfully request of the judge(s) to acknowledge the fact that I am entitled to live my life without fear.  The threats are verifiable and real because indirect contact is legally considered contact.   Therefore, I am asking for something which I call subliminal latitude.

I would appreciate that no bail is set, just lock them up.

As to the responsible adult, if she attempts to convince the court that she was too incompetent to understand her actions, then I would like it recognized that she is simultaneously attempting to convince the licensing board that she is too incompetent to manage other people's money.  She cannot be characterized any way she wants, however she wants, whenever she wants.  She is either competent and licensed, or incompetent and unlicensed.

Monday January 09, 2017

You want another Blitzkreig?

Tuesday January 10, 2017

I assume they took photographs and circulated these among their friends.  Their friends will not betray them.  However, if these friends have to choose between award money and such friendship, I believe they will choose the former.

Wednesday January 11, 2017

You want another Blitzkreig?


Of course, you do.

I would like to ask of the American Bar Association to find two attorneys I cannot ridicule.  (Dig deeply, there must be at least this many within the total State quantity of almost 40,000.)  I am making this request because I want this non-appeal-able.  I would like the responsible adult to write the two retainer checks, $10,000 each, at least.  This money must be withdrawn from her IRA, with the remaining balance going into the child's college fund.  (Is the bank able to make such a conversion from one form of non-liquid asset into another?)  Then, I would like these attorneys to explain to their new clients the term registered sex offender, and how such status will change their lives.

I would like to additionally ask of the prosecutor to avoid all such issues until midnight on Friday.  Next week, this will change.

Until the next Blitzkrieg...

Sunday January 15, 2017

Thank you, Judge.

Thank you, prosecutor.

Thank you, American Bar Association.

Thank you, Friedlanders, Poseners, Caspers, Peisers and Lehmann's of Mother Prussia.

Monday January 16, 2017


On Monday, January 22nd, the prolactin will complete its five-month-cycle.  I am currently monitoring myself for two symptoms:  First, unexplained crying;  Second, inability to adhere to my well established day-to-day routines.  Neither symptom has occurred.  If it does, I am ready to place the liquid Sage into my nebulizer to calm the surging prolactin levels.

For the past few months, I have been experimenting on myself.  For the past few weeks, I have been placing the liquid herb Lobelia into the nebulizer.  It is characterized as the asthma herb.  I believe I feel it strengthening the weak nerve line which leads from the diaphragm muscle into the right nipple.  Henceforth, the pituitary gland is not raising the prolactin level to strengthen it.

So, hopefully, on Sunday, there will be no visits to urgent care or the emergency room.

Tuesday January 17, 2017

Don't forget to convert temporary to permanent.

Wednesday January 18, 2017

Dear Hitlers;

As you know, in two days, Donald Trump will be sworn-in as President.  I will then likely receive a list of all the things he cannot do...

1.  National Economics;

2.  Management of Congress;

3.  Constitutional interpretations;

4.  International relations;

5.  Everything else.

Please do not violate the truce by handing me this list.  For all the help he needs...

1.  I would like to ask of President Obama to return the favor he received from his predecessor, George Bush.  The latter left a copy of former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice's highly acclaimed book.  It was in the lower right draw of the Presidential desk.  In this, Trump should find all the information he needs on managing international threats.

2.  I would like to ask of President Obama to leave a copy of his senior thesis for Columbia University in the opposite drawer.  In this, Trump should find all the information he needs on understanding the Constitution.  Please tell him to ignore the discussion of the 13th Amendment.

3.  For everything else, he can talk to Nurse Know-It-All of Middlesex Hospital who has never apologized to me for having me to do a strip-show for a hospital security official.  It is not my fault that he had not had sex since he left Puerto Rico.  Why didn't she have one of her teenage daughters take care of him?


Saturday January 21, 2017

Tomorrow, the prolatin will cycle.  For the past few days, I should have had issues with uncontrollable crying as well as difficulty adhering to day-to-day routines.  I should be placing the liquid herb Sage into my nebulizer to control these.  Neither has occurred.

Normally, I should expect at least three visits to the emergency room and/or urgent care tomorrow.  While the asthma is bad and I am otherwise consuming much medication, the liquid herb Lobelia appears to be in control.  We'll see...

Sunday January 22, 2017, 6:15 pm

While I went through much asthma medication at work, there were no trips to the emergency room nor urgent care.


From subliminal information which I may or may not have correctly received, it is my understanding that the child now has a substantial college fund.  I do not know how it happened without anyone knowing her name.  If it is true, I am glad that she is relieved of the psychological burden of worrying about how to pay for the post-grammar school education she will need.  My only concern is that I do not know whether or not the money is in one account or distributed between different accounts in different financial institutions.  As easily as she was attacked, so too could the money.  Diversification is essential.

Monday January 23, 2017

If I am correct in that this education fund exists, some of the money can be used now to acquire harp and/or piano lessons to play a certain Mendelssohn tune.

Tuesday January 24, 2017

In March of 2016, Patrick Whitford vandalized my car.

A few weeks later, I received almost $1,000 from NLC Insurance Company.

On the day it cleared, April 1st, I drove directly to the fabric store.

(I still have not fixed the car.  It has 155,000 miles on it, and is 11-years-old.)

I decided to make a wedding dress, petticoat and veil with the hope that my day may finally come.  I worked with one memory from one day.  On July 29, 1981, my mother and I watched, in awe, the wedding of Princess Diana.  That evening, on the national news, we saw a story about a British seamstress.  She had a television-set in her shop.  This expert watched the about-to-be Princess step out of her carriage.  The seamstress viewed the dress, then produced a cheap imitation which was featured by a live model in her window within a few hours.  Of course, it was not made of silk taffeta, 10,000 pearls, a 24-foot train, and antique hand-made lace which belonged to Queen Mary.

My intention was to not create a dress which could be copied within a few hours.  I decided to apply the same mentality to the veil and petticoat.

I have a pre-existing utility (not design) patent.  I re-engineered it such that a new patent, hopefully, will be possible.  I am also hoping to patent three other utilization features.  Two are visible, the others are hidden.

And then, I want to have the same fun with designers that I have with attorneys.  I am going to begin by asking for the cost of First Lady's Melania Trump's inauguration wardrobe.  I want to know the exact dollar amount she was charged for clothing which required that she starve before the January 20th date.  (Don't tell me she didn't.  When was the last time you saw her eat anything?  And would her doctor please test her liver?  I am certain it is falling apart.)


I also want to know why ABC News Lara Spencer as well as New York Times fashion critic Vanessa Friedman championed the cause of anorexic-clothing.  How is this an ""America First" wardrobe", 0:31?


If the answer is nothing, I want to know why President Donald Trump cannot afford to buy her anything.

If the answer is more than $100, I want an explanation from Reem Acra, Norisol Ferrari, Ralph Lauren and Hervé Pierre.  Why are these designers price-gauging?




When you take your daughter to the music shop to select sheet music, would you please also visit the vitamin store?  Solaray products they should have include Dandelion, Heart and perhaps ProstateFo-Ti is also a possibility.  My un-professional guess is Prostate should also treat the heart.

Wednesday January 25, 2017

When I originally wrote that the college fund would be the good thing which emerges from all of this, I did not know how bad it was.  Additionally, I theorized that your sons would never cross that line.  I am still not certain they did.  Is she remembering something which happened before she moved-in with you?  Although I understand they started talking when the issue of registered-sex-offender came up, did they confirm that they committed such offense?

Thursday January 26, 2017

Can you do a line-up with Mr. Only-Time-Will-Tell?


12:25...Is this Sue?  If so, you are legally entitled to an annulment.

Friday January 27, 2017

I spend a disproportionate amount of time discussing my one semester as editor-in-chief of my college newspaper.  For some mysterious reason, it was the most important experience of my life.  In some ways, it was for my mother, but that is another long story.

I began volunteering on the student newspaper when I was in high school.  I continued this activity where I spent my freshman year.  I then transferred colleges.  I was the editor during the second-half, Spring semester, of my sophomore year.

It was during my freshman year that I had another interesting experience.  We had our own photo-lab.  The photo manager purchased materials from a local store.  I received the bill, and paid it.  Then, another similar bill arrived.  I asked the same person about it.  He said it was for another student organization and he would take care of it.  At the time, he also became somewhat flirtatious with me.  I did not respond.

A few months later, the bill was not paid.  I received a phone call from the company.  I explained everything I knew.  Then, I called him.  I told him my purpose for the phone call.  There was a long silence.  I finally broke it by exclaiming, "John, that's fraud!"  I called the company back with the follow-up.  Then, the contact person wrote a letter to the dean of students explaining everything.  The dean copy-corresponded this to me and advised that he either pays the $80 bill, or faces dismissal.  It was paid.

As I previously explained, when I was editor-in-chief, I received a mysterious phone bill which featured $20 in cross-country activity.  Kathy Sampey's graduation was postponed by three years as a result.  When I learned of this penalty, the feeling I had was that it was disproportionate.  However, recently, when I realized that the purposes of the calls were for domestic-terrorism, I decided it was a mild penalty.

I just had that feeling again of disproportionate crime-to-penalty.  This was when the responsible adult seemingly was sent to jail, no bail, as were the two students.  The latter, I can easily understand, because I requested it.  The former, I cannot.  To my knowledge, she was only an accessory.  What this suggests to me is that the justice system knows her in a way her close associates do not.

As to Mr.  Only-Time-Will-Tell, he does not seem to be available for a live line-up.  Is a photographic line-up with the victim possible?  If his is the last such photograph, will the child have a unique reaction?

Saturday January 28, 2017

Today, I have some fun news.

Almost one year ago, I was in need of extra cash.  I went through the Gigs of CraigsList and found a college student of photography in need of a model.  When she arrived, I learned that she needed nudity.  This is, of course, a fact of art.  I told her that I enjoy posing nude and have been sketched, painted and photographed.  She also went through my wardrobe and selected a pair-of-pajamas she liked.  I was amazed at her selection as I told her I made these from fabric I purchased at a tag sale for $1.

She paid me $20 for the photo-shoot.  A few weeks later, I received another e-mail from her.  She said her professor "adored" me and she wanted to do more photography.  She also offered to pay me more.  I said this time, there was money in the bank, and that what I really wanted was photography of the cat in exchange.  That was my project.  The project she was working on as homework was "Voyeurism".

Over the next few months, there were a few more photo-shoots for which I did not need to be paid.  One project was titled, "Psychological Space".  Other sessions included one which occurred a few months ago.  For this, I explained my wedding dress sewing project.  She photographed that and suggested a modification of the garment by showing more skin.  I followed her lead and made such change.

Yesterday, we did one more photo-session.  I explained to her this time, there is no money in the bank.  At the end of the session, she paid me $10.  For this session, I believe that the people with whom I am in a truce (formerly known as the Hitlers) influenced her to do an elaborate wedding portfolio with no nudity.

It is my understanding that the images of the veil were distributed without her knowledge.  I would like to remind these people that she is on a professional level, and must be paid...perhaps $30?


If images of the train are also being distributed, do you understand the altar that I am requesting to be designed and built?

Tuesday January 31, 2017

As part of the ceremony, I will arrive fully clothed, and you will partially undress me, without nudity.  (I hope this is a patentable feature.  I should be a utility, not design, patent.)

I found a bouquet of artificial flowers with a flat-bottom.  I will explain below the significance of the latter feature.

I made the train ten-feet long.  This is because I want to do some sewing on the end of it as part of the vows.  It must be long enough to circle around me, and drape upon an altar.  The structure must also be able to accommodate the positioning of the bouquet.  Before the day, I will teach my maid-of-honor how to thread-a-needle and do some cutting.  The bow at such end-of-train is unknotted.  We will do that together.  The altar should also accommodate the act of signing paperwork.   I must be unveiled to perform the sewing, knotting and signing.  Therefore, the conclusion must wait.

We will...

Build, sew, sketch, knot, sign, conclude, or...

Build, sew, knot, sketch, sign, conclude, or...


Wedding March by Mendelssohn - Easy Piano Version (With Chords)


Wednesday February 01, 2017

President Donald Trump's selection for the United States Supreme Court is Judge Neil Gorsuch.

I would like to ask of everyone to send Donald Trump a post-card, e-mail or other form of communication requesting the following information...





1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW

Washington, DC 20500


Then, I would like to ask of everyone to contact your local tax offices and ask what your church property tax bills will be.

Furthermore, according to Google, Judge Gorsuch's academic credentials are...

University College, Oxford, Columbia University, University of Oxford, Harvard University, Harvard Law School.

Please contact your United States Senator and request verification of such credentials.

DEAR SENATOR____________;




Please also contact the Judge...




They should have a copy of his senior thesis on file.


Then, please contact Judge Gorsuch's wife, Mary Louise...



The location of the office of the Judge is

the Appeals Court of Colorado.


Mrs. Gorsuch cannot make the claim that she never had an extra-marital affair.  We know she did not orgasm in her marriage.

Thursday February 02, 2017

Yesterday, I forgot to include contact information of the White House, United States Senators, and the location of Judge Neil Gorsuch.  I revised the entry and you will now find hyperlinks for the former two, and all the information I have on the latter.  All I know about the Judge is that he serves on the Appeals Court Colorado.  If you find the address of the his office, please share so we and he may communicate as a Democracy.

Also, as to this issue...

On January 15th, when I said, "Thank you, Friedlanders, Poseners, Caspers, Peisers and Lehmann's of Mother Prussia", I omitted the lineage of Barlach.  There was a reason for that.

They did not bequeath upon me the virtual mentality of the Blitzkrieg.  Rather, they bequeathed upon me the virtual mentality of the Prussian Panzer Division.  In the German language, the word Panzer means armor.  In simpler terms, these Divisions can fire upon anything, but nothing can fire upon them.  A few days ago, President Donald Trump announced that his selection for United States Supreme Court Justice is the son of the woman who, between 1981 and 1983, directed an environmental genocide, including human miscarriages.  Henceforth, the virtual Prussian Panzer Divisions appeared on the horizon.  These will move forward, unless there is no virtual object to fire upon.


Virtual Prussian Panzer Divisions now surrounding the White House.  All unforgiving mechanical eyes are on the West Wing...

In the interest of protecting the unborn, it must be understood that Anne Gorsuch Burford's management of the Environmental Protection Agency between May 5, 1981 – March 9, 1983, included the agenda of perpetrating a genocide against the unborn.

I would like to ask of all women who experienced miscarriages during such time, to please contact the White House and provide copies of all medical records.


1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW

Washington, DC 20500

If President Donald Trump and/or Judge Neil Gorsuch would like to deny that such genocide occurred, please contact me at my Facebook page, Vivian Lehman in Middletown, Connecticut.  I will publish such denial, and apologize for any non-malicious misunderstandings I created.

Friday February 03, 2017

Columbia University is researching their files for a copy of the senior thesis of Judge Gorsuch.  They are requesting the month-and-year of his graduation.  I do not have that and cannot find it on the Internet.  Currently, it would be easiest if the American Bar Association would research the month-and-year he passed the Bar Exam.  This should provide some parameters to such search.

Could the ABA please produce this information as soon as possible?

Saturday February 04, 2017

Dear Hitlers;

What is the rule about interfering with my employment?

The truce survived the whole month of January.  Why did you violate it?


Dear German Prime Minister Angela Merkel;

The next time President Donald Trump telephones you, would you please do for me a big favor and explain why he cannot stand-up to virtual Prussian Panzer Divisions?  I do not want to waste too much time on this inevitable victory of chasing Judge Gorsuch out of the United States Supreme Court.




Sunday February 05, 2017

I want the New York Times to stop lying.

In an on-line article, "In his own words:  Gorsuch's Lively Writings at Columbia", there are quotes from The Columbia Daily Spectator as well as a co-authored statement from The Federalist Paper.

If he wrote these passages, then The New York Times must recognize that these were plagiarized from their own Op-Ed columns.  LOOK IT UP, STUPIDS!

There are no such articles in The Columbia Daily Spectator or The Federalist Paper.  I know this because the above-hyperlinked article does not provide page numbers for such articles, nor reproductions of the articles highlighting the by-lines of the Judge.

As the search for Judge Gorsuch's senior thesis continues, and as the American Bar Association cannot provide the month-and-year that he passed the Bar Exam, and as the Prussian Panzer Divisions do not see a white flag upon the White House...

The information that I have received is that Judge Gorsuch's education was financed by the Environmental Protection Agency's Superfund.  This is baffling because his mother resigned from the EPA when he was 15-years-old.  This means that the resignation was only theatrics and she remained in control through the Bush Administration.

We must audit the Superfund.  Has it also paid for the abortions Judge Gorush's wife had, as well as the abortions of all of his girlfriends, and additionally, for all of the abortions by his two daughters?  It is also my understanding that this family is the most important reason why their local abortion clinic has a thriving business.

Can the records of this clinic be subpoenaed?  Does it have an account with the Environmental Protection Agency's Superfund?

I would like to ask of all these girlfriends to contact their United States Senator and explain how their abortions were paid for.

My Facebook page is Vivian Lehman of Middletown, Connecticut.  Please direct any rebuttals to such.  I will publish such herein and apologize for any non-malicious misunderstandings I created.

Monday February 06, 2017

Is ten-feet of train long enough to wrap around an altar?  If not, could Joann Fabrics please keep in stock the white Ditsy Flower, priced at $16.99/yard?  (Please check the factory for high quality employee conditions.)  There were two versions, 99% and 100%.  Either is good.


And I want to walk over this bridge...



I just re-measured the train.

The tail-of-the-trail is three-feet-long.  This is the train from the waist-to-floor.  From the end of the tail to the unknotted-bow, it is five-feet-long.  From the knot to the end of the train, which is where all of the activity will be occurring, it is two-feet-long.

Is that enough?

You are probably thinking that by releasing the information on the Ditsy Flower, I am making it possible for seamstresses to imitate this dress within a time frame of a few hours--my worst nightmare.  They cannot copy the partially and potentially fully patented veil, nor the potentially patented removable part of the dress, and neither the two hidden, potentially patentable, features of the petticoat.  They will not understand the structure while they witness the function.

I want them all to watch with their mouths dropped wide open, scissors in one hand, needles in the other.

Thursday February 09, 2017

Today, I figured something out.

Kathy Sampey's graduation was postponed by three-years as the University's administration had her wait until President Ronald Reagan finished his two terms.  He ran for office in 1980 and 1984, and served from January of 1981 January of 1989.  She graduated in June of 1989.


I want a thank you for what I did do on this website, and no more greed for what I did not do.

Friday February 17, 2017

You may have witnessed an increase in prices at the gas-pumps, as I did today. There is a reason for that.  Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu just visited President Donald Trump at the White House.  It was to request such price change to finance this country's socialism.

In my opinion, if we have to pay, then President Trump must also pay...

Trump Entertainment Resorts (MM)



profit/loss...$ -188.68M

Let's take it down!

Monday February 20, 2017

Dear Hitlers;

You know the rule about tampering with my car.  You leave me no choice but to follow-up on your violation of our truce.


Dear Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey;


Dear Governor Terry McAuliffe of Virginia;

According to Wikipedia, you are both running for re-election.  I would like to ask of you to fly over the Orthodox Jewish Settlement Camps in your States.  Then, I would like you to research how much monies from Social Services are directed toward such addresses.  If you are also able to research their histories of purchases with Food Stamps, you will learn that much of the money is used to buy potatoes to make potato soup.  They serve this to their "guests".  You will also find much of the remaining balances are to purchase baby formula.  This is because cannibalism ensues biochemical imbalances which renders their women's breasts unable to produce milk.

The taxpayers are paying for everything.

By canceling these benefits, you should be able to give your voters large tax-breaks by Election Day in November.  My guess is they should each have $1,000 extra take-home-pay, at least.

Tuesday March 07, 2017

Today, I began the second period within the five-month prolactin cycle.  For the past few days, there has been no crying nor difficulty complying with established personal routines.  Therefore, I did not add the herb Sage to my nebulizer to reduce the level of this hormone.  Furthermore, for the past few weeks, I have not been adding the asthma herb Lobelia to the nebulizer.  I did not feel like it.

Yesterday and today, the asthma was bad.  However, there has been no need to change my nebulizer medication from Albuterol to the duo-neb which includes Atrovent.  And there has been no trips to the emergency room or urgent care.

A few months ago, before I began using Lobelia, the asthma was waking me up every hour.  Since I began using this herb, it has been three-times.  For the past few days, there has been no such change.

What this suggests to me is that the nerve which connects the center-front of my diaphragm muscle to my right nipple, is adequately strong.  But I need a few more days to be certain of this.

Don't worry Middlesex Hospital.  I am not coming to you, nor ever will again.  This is unfortunate because there was a time I had much respect for you.

Wednesday March 08, 2017


As you already know, the confirmation hearings for United States Supreme Court nominee Judge Neil Gorsuch will begin on March 20th.  Here is a list of the members of the Senate Judiciary Committee, as well as a list of what I believe must be done...


Dianne Feinstein (California) Ranking Member, Democrat

I would like to ask of all available California residents to contact her and demand that she research the month-and-year which Judge Gorsuch passed the Bar Exam.  I cannot acquire this information.

331 Hart Senate Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20510

Phone: (202) 224-3841
Fax: (202) 228-3954
TTY/TDD: (202) 224-2501



Patrick Leahy (Vermont), Democrat

I would like to ask of all available Vermont residents to contact him and demand that he acquire a copy of Judge Gorusch's senior thesis for Columbia University.  I cannot acquire a copy of this.

437 Russell Senate Bldg
United States Senate
Washington, DC 20510
(202) 224-4242



Richard Durbin (Illinois), Democrat

I would like to ask of all available Illinois residents to contact him and demand a copy of all of Judge Gorsuch's decisions on environmental issues.  Is he perpetrating the environmental genocide initiated by his mother, former Environmental Protection Agency director Anne Gorsuch Burford?

711 Hart Senate Building
Washington, D.C. 20510
p: 202.224.2152
f: 202.228.0400
vrs: 202.540.9782
tty: 202.224.8180



Chuck Grassley (Iowa) Chairman, Republican

I would like to ask of all available residents of Iowa to contact this Senator/Chairman and remind him of the fact that the United States Supreme Court decision of Roe v. Wade guarantees a woman's right to privacy.  If Gorsuch does not like it, that is fine.  What this means is that his wife, girlfriend(s) and two daughters must testify as to how many abortions they have each had.



Orrin Hatch (Utah), Republican

I would like to ask of all available residents of Utah to contact him.  The Senator is now in his seventh term.  He was obviously serving at the time of Anne Gorsuch Burford's environmental genocide which included countless human miscarriages.  Hatch was absolutely silent.  What is so pro-life about that?

104 Hart Office Building
Washington, DC 20510
Tel: (202) 224-5251
Fax: (202) 224-6331



Lindsey Graham (South Carolina), Republican

I would like to ask of all available residents of South Carolina to contact this Senator and raise the following issue.

While I cannot find a copy of Judge Gorsuch's senior thesis for Columbia University, I have acquired the information as to its content.  As expected, it states that Africans held Caucasians as slaves.  (For this comment, he probably plagiarized Barack Obama's senior thesis.)  The Judge's resolution to this historic injustice is to offer a revision of his mother's environmental genocide against the unborn.  According to him, the regrettable fact is that it included white babies.  In this document, he proposes a new environmental genocide focusing exclusively on Africans and other minorities.

I would like his pro-life comment on this.



The other members of the Committee are...

Senator John Cornyn, Republican of Texas

Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, Democrat of Rhode Island

Senator Michael S. Lee, Republican of Utah

Senator Amy Klobuchar, Democrat of Minnesota

Senator Ted Cruz, Republican of Texas

Senator Al Franken, Democrat of Minnesota

Senator Ben Sasse, Republican of Nebraska

Senator Christopher A. Coons, Democrat of Delaware

Senator Jeff Flake, Republican of Arizona

Senator Richard Blumenthal, Democrat of Connecticut

Senator Mike Crapo, Republican of Idaho

Senator Mazie Hirono, Democrat of Hawaii

Senator Thom Tillis, Republican of North Carolina

Senator John Kennedy, Republican of Louisiana (R - LA)


I would like to ask of all available residents of these States to select an issue above, and contact them.

1.  The month-and-year Judge Gorsuch passed the Bar.

2.  A copy of Judge Gorsuch's senior thesis for Columbia University.

3.  Judge's Gorsuch's history of ruling on environmental issues.  Is he continuing his mother's attack on the unborn?

4.  The information as to how many abortions this pro-life Judge's wife, girlfriend(s) and two daughters have had.

5.  Where were these Senators when the environmental genocide perpetuated by Anne Gorsuch Burford occurred; May 20, 1981 until March 9, 1983?

6.  What is so pro-life about Judge Gorsuch?

Sunday March 12, 2017

A few hours after my last post, I woke-up in the middle of the night needing the duo-neb medication for my nebulizer, as opposed to the Albuterol which I typically inhale.  If it were not for the fact that a very insightful Urgent Care physician prescribed the Albuterol/Atrovent for me one-year-ago, I would have gone to the emergency room.  The clinic is not open so late.

I still have much more self-experimentation to do.

Monday March 13, 2017

Dear Hitlers;

NEW RULE...Every time you express your fascination with my visits to the bathroom while I am at work, I am going to follow-it-up by requesting of the Census Bureaus of Europe to execute some statistical research.

The number of 6,000,000 has no context.  It is 10% of the worldwide death-roll from World War II.  If, before WWII, 10% of such affected populations were Jewish, then there is no statistical verification that an anti-Jewish genocide occurred.

(Please note that I am not using the term anti-Semitic.  This is because the King James version of the Book of Ezra, Chapter 4 characterizes the pre-Christian Israelis and Jewish people as separate groups.  The Semitic people is the group of individuals who authored the Old and New Testaments.)

I would like to ask of the European Census Bureaus to research the pre- and post-WWII statistics which constituted the Jewish and non-Jewish peoples while maintaining an awareness that there was large emigration of Jewish people from Europe into Israel.  If 6,000,000 Jewish people cannot be accounted for, this may be the reason.

Is it too much to ask for privacy while I am in the bathroom?

Thursday March 23, 2017

On Sunday, March 19th, I drove myself to the emergency room after I completed my shift at work.  Throughout the day, I consumed much asthma medication while experiencing a severe stiffness in both my knees.  At the time of my departure, I appeared normal.  At the time of my arrival at the hospital, I almost collapsed.  I could not carry my sweater from my seat in triage into my room.  I could not untie my boots to remove these from my feet.  I then sat on the edge of the bed, unable to maneuver myself into it.  As the intravenous solutions and oral inhalations of medications passed into my system, I recovered.

I was back at work on Monday and Tuesday, although it was not easy.  I then had Wednesday off.  I also worked today.

Thursday March 30, 2016

Dear Hitlers;

Thank you for letting me peacefully use the bathroom at work.

Here is another new rule...

#6...Every time you tamper with my medications, especially my asthma rescue-inhaler, I will ask of the German government to begin to prepare libel suits against any publisher who circulates the knowingly false and malicious information that the Christian German government was responsible for creating the Camps in which there were no crucifixes.

Saturday April 01, 2017

Great news!  President Donald Trump was impeached today.

April Fools!

What is not April Fools is that on Thursday, April 13th, is Holy Thursday, National Whistleblowers' Day.  I would like to remind all attorneys...

1.  A request for an investigation is not an accusation.

2.  The whistleblower need not be correct, only reasonable.

3.  Legal protection for whistleblowers should be available in your State.  If it is not, this must be remedied by next National Whistleblowers' Day.

As usual, all whistleblowings are welcome.  However, I would like to focus on two issues...

1.  I have speculated teenage girls of any community are typically romanced by a few older men who are in their 30's and 40's.  These males tease them with love, marriage and money.  As each teenager has her third abortion, she realizes it is only a manipulative game.  They are too embarrassed to discuss the details.  Henceforth, they do not acquire the psychological treatments required.  I would like to encourage such whistleblowings on these older males and to discourage as strongly as possible the act of blaming these girls for their victimizations.  An essence of feminism was to free women of the guilt we had been feeling.

2.  I want to encourage students of all grammar school levels, kindergarten-through-12, to blow-the-whistle on all drug-dealers.

In simpler terms, I want to clean-up the schools.

Tuesday April 18, 2017

Little is known about the genetic material of this child's mother.  This means it is possible that she will grow-up to be bigger and stronger than her biological father, now a teenager.  This biological father must understand that there is an old saying, Whatever you send out, you get back.  With enough karate lessons, she may eventually return his treatment of her and beat-him-up.

As to the child's education...

My guess is her Marshall Arts and piano lessons can be paid for with the education fund.  My additional guess is that such payments must be executed through the bank's bill-payment system, and that any such payee must be either a "school" or "learning center".

As to my health...

For the past few months, my asthma has become severe, while I experienced mild blurry vision, and as the stiffness in my knees returned.  I researched the stiff-knees issue on Google.  The recommendation is the herb ginger.  I originally took such regular Solaray herb (green bottle), and am now taking the Solaray extract (purple bottle).  My vision and knees are normal again, while my asthma is slightly improved.

Ginger is commonly used to relieve muscle tension, such as motion sickness.  Today, at Bath and Body Works, I purchased a ginger-aromatherapy cream.  It immediately appeared to help.  But I need more time to reach a conclusion.

Friday April 21, 2017

Dear Hitlers;

You are obviously about to send me to the emergency room.  If you do, I will then find a pilot and photographer.  I will fly with them over the nearest Orthodox Jewish Settlement Camp, and show the world the truth.


Dear President Trump;

It has come to my attention that you are too stupid to do your simple, little job.  I will gladly help you.  All I ask for in return is that you answer the following question...

Did Mara Addison assure you that my book would never be published?

A simple yes or no will be sufficient.

Saturday April 22, 2017

Stop teasing me!

Friday April 28, 2017

In my family, there is a $60,000 inheritance which is missing.  It was bequeathed to my relative.  My suspicion is that three of my cousins convinced this vulnerable relative that he should invest such in their phony corporation.  They probably promised a million-dollar return.  He is likely still waiting for this reward.  It has only been 20-years.  I am certain they have defrauded at least one other relative.

I would appreciate an investigation by the United States Attorney General's office.  The money originated in a bank of San Francisco, California.  It was "in trust for" this relative.  The date-of-death was October 24, 1990.  I believe the fraud took place in 1991.

Wednesday May 10, 2017

Dear Hitlers;

You know Rule #1 about tampering with my car.

You know Rule #7 about sending me to the emergency room.

One week ago today, and on Sunday of this week, I was in the emergency room of Hartford Hospital of New Britain, Connecticut.  The first time, they did not know why my asthma was out-of-control.  The second time, the Hitlers informed them that I was poisoned with a bronchial infection.  What no one knew is that I already killed the infection with the liquid herb Sage.  I inhaled it through my nebulizer.  Nonetheless, Zithromax was prescribed which I did not take.

As to Rule #7, I do not have access to a private airplane nor photographer to fly over the nearest Orthodox Jewish Settlement Camp.  However...

I would like to direct everyone to the following hyperlink and its associated satellite photograph...


It is of Settlement Road, in Mount Kisco, New York.  (I am a former resident of the nearby town of Bedford.)  This road is where the Orthodox Jewish Community resides.

I would like to direct everyone's direction to Nitra Grocery, next to the "Girl's School".

What is marketed in the former

(e.g., "Kosher meat, lamp shades, soap, etc.)?

What is in the dumpsters behind the latter?

Sunday Mary 14, 2017

It is Mother's Day.

When my mother worked as a claims examiner of the unemployment insurance of the Department of Labor, she experienced many frustrating moments, including the following.

Occasionally, her claimant was a licensed blue-collar worker (e.g., mechanic, etc.).  The issue of "availability for work" was reviewed by her.  Among her questions, was whether or not s/he has the "tools-of-the-trade".  Sometimes the answer was "no" because such was sold to pay bills.  Henceforth, the individual was not "available for work", did not quality for unemployment insurance, and was referred to Department of Social Services for welfare.

To this issue, I would answer the following.

My landlord once told me that his brother was in the construction business.  He would often hire carpenters who had been out of work for a while, and had no tools.  Upon hiring, he would have to give them cash to acquire their tools from the pawn shop.

I would like to ask of Department of Labor to reconsider this condition of "availability for work".  If the tools were pawned and can still be reacquired, then the individual is "available for work" and thereby qualifies for unemployment insurance.

Tuesday May 30, 2017

For some mysterious reason, there has been no harassment to document.

Otherwise, I received the subliminal information as to the definition of "Nitra".  It means that Nitrogen is the gas of choice.

Thursday June 01, 2017

Did Mara Addison of Dorrance Publishing, or did she not, assure Donald Trump that my book would never be published while she was demanding from me the $1,300 to pay for his act of vandalisms of the page-proofs of my book? Such payment was to maintain our professional relationship as publisher/author.  Her expression of her professionalism was, "MONEY!  MONEY!  MONEY!  MONEY!  MONEY!  MONEY!..."

Anyone who wants to answer me, please find me on Facebook, Vivian Lehman of Middletown in the State of Connecticut.  I will publish your rebuttal herein, and apologize for any non-malicious misunderstandings I created.

Saturday June 03, 2017

Dear Hitlers;

I owe you a sincere apology.

However, before I apologize, I would like to place the situation in its appropriate context.  Please do not interpret this as my act of making excuses for my victimization of you all.

You people harass, intimidate and sabotage me any way you can, whenever can, with whatever you can, and however you can.  You do it for two reasons.  The primary is because you blame me for the fact that Mara Addison could not deliver all the free money she promised you.  According to her, such failure was because I refused to pay for the damage which a billionaire did to my property.  The secondary reason is because you can get away with it.  Whatever the reason(s), the inevitable consequence is that every time something goes wrong in my life, I blame you.  In these set of circumstances, I finally understand it was not your fault.

For the past year-and-a-half, the engine light in my car has been activating, and then deactivating.  When several different mechanics could not understand why, I choose to believe that you were tampering with it.  On Friday, another mechanic found the problem.  It had to do with the exhaust system and the catalytic converter.  Without any such prompt from me, he asked if the engine light has been coming on.  I confirmed.

Whenever you harass, intimidate and sabotage me, you are harming yourselves more than you are harming me.  It is only a matter of time before you are falsely accused of something more serious and then face the inevitable consequences.  It would not surprise me if such would include the death penalty for an act you did not commit.

Tuesday June 06, 2017

Several news agencies are reporting that a 25-year-old female by the name of Reality Leigh Winner has been arrested for her act of whistleblowing.  The charge is leaking information to the media.  Such information is classified material concerning a 2016 Russian military intelligence cyber-attack.  She is a contractor with Pluribus International Corporation in Augusta, Georgia.

According to textbook law, she should have been able to blow-the-whistle within our law enforcement system.

According to practice law, she could not.

Dear President Donald Trump;

I want her released tomorrow morning by 9 am


NO EXCUSES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday June 08, 2017

Dear Chief Tim McCarthy;

Congratulations on setting such a good example for your two sons.  I hope they pass your actions of today onto the next generation.

Tomorrow, are you going to take the next step?

Monday June 12, 2017


1.  The release of Reality Leigh Winner.

2. The revocation of temporary custody of the child who I discussed in January.  She needs a real parent, not one who raised the two local bullies who eventually beat-up on her.

3.  The identification of the illegal drug Jordan's mother has been administering to him such that the only way he can function in school is by rolling around the floor.  I want this parent shut-down, as well as the source of such drug.  (Tell her not to try to deny it.  She almost admitted such to me during our telephone conversation.  I recognized what she was saying, because I once worked in a pharmacy.  And please also tell her not to talk on her cell phone while driving a car as her child is in the backseat.)

Wednesday June 14, 2017

1.  I want the release of Reality Leigh Winner.

2.  I also want a certain person to understand his impotence with me.  You cannot vandalize my new car six-days after I acquired it, and at the same time make love to me.  In simpler terms, it is biologically impossible for you to love-and-hate me.  If this was during the Bill Clinton Presidential Administration, or if Hillary had won the most recent Presidential election, the Hitlers would be blaming my new car and therefore, blaming me for the impotence.  My act of refusing to drive an unsafe vehicle requiring over $2,000 worth of work is the problem, according to their mentality.  Nonetheless, if you blame yourself for your impotence, I will reconsider demanding revocation of custody of the child.  This is because you will not likely be raising another generation of bullies.

3.  Jordan was rolling around the floor and talking uncontrollably.  The mother told me her child was on Ritalin.  This pharmaceutical keeps the child calm, energetic and able to concentrate.  He was excessively energetic.  Therefore I conclude he was drugged, but not with Ritalin.  I am demanding that the parent(s) is/are arrested, and the child rehabilitated, before the new school year begins.  (You can stop the subliminal messages.  I know he was thrown out of the elementary school.  I know he was scholastically held-back by one year.  You now know why I was silent for so long.)

Friday June 16, 2017

1.  I want Reality Leigh Winner released from prison.

2.  If you had married me twenty-years-ago, you would not now have a son who, without conscious, destroyed your driving record.  Henceforth, you would not be having a boyish jealousy tantrum at my act of buying a new car.  Whether you like it or not, I am going to make every car payment, even if I have to turn to prostitution to do it.  So if you want to interfere with the car payments, I will be curious to know if your future tantrum concerning infidelity would be more or less extreme than your current tantrum concerning buying power.

3.  Do not send me any subliminal information that the mother is "destroying evidence".  This is easy to research.

Take a good look at the name with which she identified herself.  Is that a real name?  Or is she identifying herself as someone who is maliciously sabotaging her son's education?  Then, look at the son's last name?  Is that a real name?  Or does it tell you something else about this woman?

The drug she is giving her child may be illegally distributed, or maybe not.  One possible explanation for all of the child's behavioral issues is a pharmaceutical for which she has a fraudulent prescription(s).  Ask any pharmacist the following questions...

Which drug would cause the child to roll around the floor and talk uncontrollably?

Is there a limited period of time for which this pharmaceutical can be prescribed?  Request specificity as to the limitations for children and adults.

Would the pharmacy's computer system red-flag such a situation either with age and/or duration?

You can also ask the school nurse for any recorded peculiarities.  This may provide you with enough information to request an investigation by Department of Child and Family.

Monday June 26, 2017

1.  A whistle-blower is in jail.  I do not want to discuss anything else until this is resolved.  While I understand that she cannot release "classified" information, I also suspect that in this circumstance, the United States Government went too far in its actions.  This led to her act of blowing-the-whistle.  Henceforth, her illegal act may have been justified and patriotic.

It is my understanding that prosecutors lied to the courts and therefore she was denied bail.  I do not know what the lies were.  However, I read on Wikipedia, "Federal agents found her diary during a search of her home in which she allegedly expressed support for Taliban leaders and Osama bin Laden."  I suspect this was the lie.

***May I please know what domain of United States law enforcement these agents are from (e.g., FBI, CIA, etc.)?

***I would also like these Federal agents to publish these entries from her diary.  Do not tell me this is left for trial.  Do not falsify anything.

***May I please have the name of the United States Magistrate who presided in this case?

***Would someone please go talk to Reality Leigh Winner at her jail in Georgia and provide me with the answers to my questions.  You can communicate these to me on my Facebook page, Vivian Lehman of Middletown, Connecticut.

Friday June 30, 2017


Dear Second Stupid Sue;

You can take all of your biochemical weapons and shove these directly up your cowardly husband's ass.


p.s.,  Please also tell the coward that I am declaring the video a staged fraud.  He could never be so valiant.

Saturday July 01, 2017

2.  There is much frustration as to how I brushed-off this biochemical weapon with such ease.  There is only way to control this tantrum...

As the 2017-18 academic year begins in September, I would like to ask of all ministers to consider including in their sermons a reference to the King James' version of the Book of Ezra, Chapter 4.  This, of course, states that the Jews and pre-Christian Israelis are NOT NOT NOT the same people.

On December 21, 2017, we will ask of the United Nations to reverse its 1947 decision allowing for the formation of the Jewish state of Israel.

Saturday July 08, 2017


Reality Leigh Winner

Reality Leigh Winner

Reality Leigh Winner

Reality Leigh Winner

Reality Leigh Winner

Reality Leigh Winner

Reality Leigh Winner


Friday July 14, 2017

1.  Reality Leigh Winner's birthday is on December 4, 1991.  I would appreciate any help available from the greeting card companies on finding the correct words to send her.  Please begin mailing these on November 20th.  This was my mother's birthday.  As you already know, she was also a whistle-blower.

Until then, PLEASE consider visiting her.  If officials do not want her discussing the document(s) she illegally released to the media, ask of her to explain what she wants for her birthday.

I still do not have any details on the issue(s).  However, more silence means more relevance.  More relevance means more impeachability.

My guess is that this document(s) is adequate to void the 2016 presidential election.

Friday July 21, 2017

Dear Hitlers;

What are the rules about interfering with my employment?

Additionally, you are obviously playing a game with the $800.  Stop it immediately or there will be more rules.

Wednesday July 26, 2017

Please tell me that Reality Leigh Winner is receiving visitors.

Monday July 31, 2017

Dear Senator John McCain;

I was very sorry to learn of your diagnosis of brain cancer.  Before you begin expensive treatments, paid for by the United States taxpayer, please do the following:

1.  Take the herb Dandelion in the Solaray Brand.

2.  Ask of the media to stop characterizing you as a "war hero".  As you already know, I do not believe one word of your Vietnam prisoner of war story.

3.  Release the information as to where you and your wife are detaining the missing-in-action/prisoners-of-war, also known as MIA/POWs.  I believe you are using these people to produce the merchandise marketed by the corporation inherited by your wife.  She is the chairperson of Hensley & Co., one of the largest Anheuser-Busch, BUD, beer distributors in the United States.

stock value

Anheuser Busch




As I have stated many times on this website, anyone who would like to deny anything I state herein, please find me on Facebook, Vivian Lehman of Middletown, Connecticut, then contact me and I will deny all non-malicious allegations made.

If you do not believe me, contact this Belgian based company and ask them where their product is manufactured.  If they can verify that it is anywhere except Vietnam, I will apologize.



Anheuser-Busch Companies, LLC.

One Busch Place. St. Louis, MO 63118


1-800-DIAL BUD (342-5283)

Monday-Friday, between 11am-8pm (CST).


Tuesday August 01, 2017

Anheuser-Busch Companies, LLC


If you still do not believe me, contact the office of Senator John McCain:


2201 East Camelback Road
Suite 115
Phoenix, AZ 85016
Main: (602) 952-2410
Fax: (855) 952-8702


407 West Congress Street
Suite 103
Tucson, AZ 85701
Main: (520) 670-6334
Fax: (855) 952-8702

Ask him two questions...

1.  Was he a POW of the Vietnam War, or is he holding such soldiers as prisoners-of-war?

2.  Are his stories as a POW about what was done to him, or what he is doing to others?

Monday August 07, 2017

I am interrupting my tantrum concerning Reality Leigh Winner for the following...

Dear North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un;

The United States has received its threat from you of retaliation.  You are upset because of our sanctions against your country.  Obviously, you are not worried about the reaction by President Donald Trump.  You are also not concerned about his Vice President's threat to run for this office in 2020.  You find it amusing.  So do I.  We can definitely agree on that.

If you retaliate, or if you are caught scheming to retaliate, you will be dealing directly with my Freedom of Speech and my website.

I will begin by eliminating the divide-and-conquer campaign initiated against your country before 1950.  This proceeded against Vietnam, and was initiated before 1955.  My suspicion is that former prisoner of Korea, Otto Frederick Warmbier, was visiting this community during his "tour" of Korea.  Is he dead, or did he fake his death?

Tuesday August 08, 2017

Dear President Donald Trump;

Did you say thank you for my "fire, fury and power, the likes of which this world has never seen before"?  I did not hear you.  I was too busy screaming Reality Leigh Winner!



Dear Secretary of State Rex Tillerson;

According to the news report I just watched on NECN, you are currently in Malaysia.  Hopefully, you will soon be in North Korea.

If you do proceed to the latter country, I would like to remind you to begin your negotiations with human rights issues.  You must initiate with a discussion of political prisoners.

If President Trump criticizes you, please ignore him.  You are only to answer to me.


If I recall correctly, the gas refineries of the United States are in China, a powerful ally of North Korea.

On June 02nd, I unintentionally discovered a technique to save $10/week on gas.

It was on this day that I acquired a second opinion as to the repairs my 2006 Ford Focus required.  It was true.  It needed over $2,000 worth of work.  While I only had a fraction of this to spend on anything, I decided that any money should be toward a new car.  By the end of the day, the Nissan Dealership in Middletown, Connecticut leased to me a brand new 2017 Sentra.  I selected the cheapest one in the lot.  It has none of the new technologies, such as a key-less ignition.

I expected my mileage-per-gallon to decrease because I had to lease an automatic transmission vehicle.  All my life, I only drove standard-shifts.  It is my understanding that the latter consumes less gas.  Unfortunately, I needed a new car that day, and only automatics were available in their lot.

I made no down-payment, because there was no money in the bank.  I gave them a worthless car in exchange for a rebate.  I now have 36-months of car payments, $371.76 each.

It executes 39-miles/gallon.

Some of this savings is counter-balanced by the fact that my car insurance increased $5/week.

If you drive more than 150-miles/week, and if you are acquiring less than 39-miles/gallon, you may want to consider purchasing a 2017 Nissan Sentra, automatic transmission.  Furthermore, I highly recommend this very nice dealership which listened to me, understood me, and saved me from driving an unsafe vehicle.

Thursday August 10, 2017

Dear Donald Trump;

That was a very nice, small thank you.

I expect a very big thank you for the following.


I would like 10,000,000 people to each find a way of saving $10/week on gas, while improving their quality of life.  The result of the former will be $100,000,000/week draining from this facet of the international economy, which includes China.  I believe this country is financing North Korea's nuclear program.  Eventually, the money will run-out.

As to the issue of improving quality of life, it is easier done than said.

These are a few suggestions...

1.  UPDATE YOUR VEHICLE...As I explained yesterday, new technologies may save you $10/week on gas.  Furthermore, if you do not wait until you are desperate, as I did, you can consider other technologies which may improve your quality of life.

2.  MANAGE YOUR HOT WATER TANK...When I lived in the New York home I inherited from my mother, I had a gas-operated/hot-water-heater.  I one day noticed something.  I was paying to produce hot-water 24-hours/day, seven-days/week, yet only using it one-hour/day.  So I turned its thermostat down, and raised it one-half hour before each such usage.  (It is my understanding that you can purchase a timer for electric operated tanks.)  My gas bill was reduced by approximately $10/week, and my quality of life improved in that there was a small reduction of the quantity of air pollutants released into the household environment.

3.  TAKE A DAY OFF...(I said this a few years ago.)  While I was living in New York, the gas industry did me a favor and increased such price-per-gallon to a figure over $2.  I decided I had to reorganize my life.  My resolution was that one-day-per week, the car does not move.  This means that I arrive home one such evening around 9 pm at the latest, and do not activate the car again until two days later, perhaps around 9 am.  For approximately 36-hours, the car rests.  This resulted in a savings of a few dollars-per-week, as well as one other benefit.  The repair costs sharply declined.  Furthermore, my quality of life improved in that I found myself acquiring necessary rest.  Additionally, in my current residence, on such day off, I walk to a pizzeria located one-half mile down the road from me.

4.  CHECK YOUR TIRE PRESSURE...(I also said this a few years ago.)  Before I began driving at age 16, I saw a television commercial.  It showed a gushing oil well.  Then, as the camera pulled away, it showed that this gusher was in fact a tire loosing air through its uncapped plug.  A human hand then placed a cap upon this plug and stopped the gusher.  In simpler terms, routinely checking your tire pressure translates into savings of gas.  Additionally, your tires will also last longer as these do not have to work as hard.  The improvement in your quality of life will be that your tires will perform better.

5.  RECONSIDER YOUR WORK SCHEDULE...When I worked as a substitute teacher, I received a position as a building substitute.  This meant that I was assigned to one elementary school, three-days/week.  After a few weeks in one such school, I was transferred.  The school-day of the latter began one-half hour earlier.  I found myself saving approximately $10/week on gas most likely because I was not stopping for so many traffic lights.  Whenever I look at rush hour traffic and its congestion, I wonder how many people must be on the road, and how many people can modify their schedule for an easier commute--a quality of life improvement.

Saturday August 12, 2017

On this day when I was eight-years-old and about to enter the third-grade that my cat, Meetzy, came home.  As I lay in bed that night, I memorized the date and resolved to never forget it.

Sunday August 13, 2017

Dear Donald Trump;

It is true that China voted with the United States as the United Nations unanimously resolved to impose sanctions on North Korea.  It is also true that such sanctions are punishment for the latter country's nuclear arms program.  However, China is likely financing this nuclear arms program.  The Chinese leadership probably believes that such sanctions are ineffective on this issue and will only harm the citizens of North Korea, not the leadership nor such technological developments.

This is your plan...

FIRST...You will contact the North Korean leadership and demand a copy of its plan to launch a nuclear attack against the United States island territory of Guam.  The request will be denied.

SECOND...You will contact the Chinese leadership and demand a copy of North Korea's plan to launch a nuclear attack against the United States island territory of Guam.  The request will be denied.

THIRD...You personally will go the United States docks where the gasoline shipments are received from the refineries of China.  You will personally turn away such shipments.  Your signature will go on any necessary documentation, including the paperwork these vendors must bring back to China.  We know that since August 10th, at least 10,000,000 people of the United States had their vehicle's tire pressures checked and appropriately adjusted for maximum gasoline consumption.  Henceforth, they should each be saving $10/week.  You can refuse a quantity of merchandise retailing $100,000,000.  This will not result in an inventory shortage.

FOURTH...To avoid a repeated attempt at deliveries, you will arrange that such rejected ships be peacefully escorted by United States military vessels back to China.  It would be best to deliver these ships to a dock located on the Yellow Sea, if such is peacefully possible.  This Sea is located between North Korea and Beijing, China.

FIFTH...When the ships arrive back in China, you will wait in your office for one hour.  By the end of the sixty-minutes, you should have in your hands a copy of the plan to launch a nuclear attack against Guam.

Tuesday August 15, 2017

This CNN report just appeared...


"China urged the US and North Korea to urgently "put the brakes" on provocative actions and words on Tuesday after North Korean leader Kim Jong Un appeared to back away from a threat to fire missiles toward the US Pacific territory of Guam.

"Speaking with his Russian counterpart Sergey Lavrov on Tuesday in a phone conversation, China's Foreign Minister Wang Yi said peacefully solving the nuclear issue on the Korean Peninsula is in the interest of all relevant parties, including China and Russia.

"Wang also agreed to coordinate closely on the nuclear issue, strengthening the countries' strategic communication, working together to manage and control the situation in order to prevent an "August crisis," according to statement from the Chinese foreign ministry...."

And 11 hours ago, NPR reported...


"North Korean leader Kim Jong Un reviewed his military's plans to rain "an enveloping fire" around the U.S. territory of Guam — but opted not to fire missiles at this time, according to state media....Kim visited the Korean People's Army as the self-imposed mid-August deadline for a missile demonstration approached, the Korean Central News Agency reports. But after hearing the plan and considering it, Kim opted not to give the order to launch missiles, and instead "would watch a little more the foolish and stupid conduct of the Yankees," the report says...."

So please keep on finding ways of saving time, money and energy, while improving your quality of life.  Here is one more suggestion...

6.  GET A HORSE...Several years ago, I saw a news report on a television business news-show.  If I recall the details correctly, there is an area of California which considers itself to be "horse country".  One scholastic year, the school system began to charge $80/child for busing.  Outraged parents staged a protest.  They had their children ride their horses to school.  The school responded by providing a corral and water.  As families decided that their children must ride their horses anyway, it became a way of life.  As the school year is about to begin, I would like to ask of communities to consider this possibility.

Wednesday August 23, 2017

As you already know, on Monday there was a solar eclipse.  I did not watch it because I was at work.

I just watched a news-report explaining that many people are complaining about "eclipse headaches".  According to this report, there is no such thing.  Such pain is attributive to the position of holding one's heading during the eclipse.

Around 3 am this morning, I was awoken by a brutal and unique headache for which I took ibuprofen.  I went back to sleep wondering what could have caused this.  It is still bothering me.


In July, I should have paid my property tax bill for my car.  For the first time since I moved to Connecticut, I have not received it.  According to a recent news-report, it is because Towns, such as that which I live in, are still awaiting for the resolution of the State budget which would ascertain what I should be charged.  This is called the "mill-rate".  The estimated State deficit is $5,000,000,000.  It is expected that the inevitable budget cuts will be in the field of education.

On Monday, August 28th, many school districts will experience the first day of school.  Henceforth, next week will be amnesty week for returning stolen monies of the State.  This is occurring in all 50 States.  You will need an appointment with your governor.

WEDNESDAY - FRIDAY, AUGUST 23rd-25th...Please make your appointment with your State's governor to return stolen monies and receive your preemptive pardon.

MONDAY, AUGUST 28th...All those individuals or institutions returning $100,000,000 or more will have their appointments with their governors and receive their preemptive pardons.

TUESDAY, AUGUST 29th...All those  individuals or institutions returning $10,000,000 or more will have their appointments with their governors and receive their preemptive pardons.

WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 30TH...All those individuals or institutions returning $1,000,000 or more will have their appointments with their governors and receive their preemptive pardons.

THURSDAY, AUGUST 31st...All those individuals or institutions returning $100,000 or more will have their appointments with their governors and receive their preemptive pardons.

FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 01st...All those individuals or institutions returning $10,000 or more will have their appointments with their governors and receive their preemptive pardons.

You are probably asking why they are doing this and why I am announcing it now.

The answer is because...


If the 50 governors of the United States do not like it, they can ask North Korea's leader Kim Jong-un for an explanation of how I handle disobedience.

And if Connecticut's Governor Dannel Malloy does not like it, he knows where to find me.

And the other 49 can all complain to President Donald Trump about me.

Thursday August 24, 2017

This morning, I saw a news report explaining that the schools of New London are facing $2,000,000 in budget cuts.

By 10 am on Monday, August 28th, Governor Dannel Malloy should have collected at least $100,000,000 in stolen tax-payer monies.  I would like to ask of all such residents to call him and request...




Why double?

Because Democracy is a two-way street...

Governor Dannel P. Malloy
Office of the Governor
State Capitol
210 Capitol Avenue
Hartford,, CT 06106

Phone Number: (860) 566-4840
Toll-Free: (800) 406-1527
TDD: (860) 524-7397
Fax: (860) 524-7396

Wednesday August 30, 2017

Dear United States Ambassador to the United Nations,

Nikki Haley;


You are an associate of the Administration of President Donald Trump.  This is a status which can only be achieved if...

1.  You have had at least three abortions which are not your fault because abortion is legal and you could not force the fathers to marry you;


2.  You have children for which your husband is not the father.


3.  You have no knowledge of who fathered your children.


I have stated before and will say it again, if North Korea retaliates against our demands, I am the only one who is to manage the resolution of the North Korean weapons program, not Ambassador Ding-Dong.

The retaliation we witnessed was that the North Koreans fired a missile over Japan.

Originally, I stated that I would respond to any such retaliation by eliminating the divide-and-conquer campaign initiated against Korea before 1950.  I have changed my mind about the timing of addressing this issue.  I will do it later.

My earlier strategy was that I instructed President Donald Trump to send back to China the ships which carried the refined gasoline.  He disobeyed.  Instead, after the missile launch, he issued the statement, "all options on table".


Dear Donald Trump;


I am the only one who is to manage this situation.



1.  You are NOT to compromise your quality of life.  Instead, improve it while conserving gasoline consumption.

2.  If you have a household which relies on gasoline (e.g., heating, hot water tank, etc.), and you have financial flexibility, please take this time to convert to solar or another environmentally friendly energy source.

3.  And, of course, continue to improve management of your automobile's gasoline consumption.  It is easier done than said.  I am proof of that.

The goal is conservation of $100,000,000/week.


Dear North Korean leader Kim Jong-un;

You are working directly with me now.

Sunday September 10, 2017

President Donald Trump and Ambassador Nikki Haley are not shutting-up.  There is nothing I can do.  For an appropriate resolution, Kim Jong-un and I must fight this out together, without any of their stupidity.  I cannot do it with their stupidity.

On another subject...

For the past few weeks, I cannot stop thinking about something which bothered me when I was a teenager. It is about the made-for-television movie, The Burning Bed.  It is based on a true-life story.  These are the facts...

According to the Internet, on March 09, 1977, in Dansville, Michigan, Francine Moran Hughes (1947-2017), told her three children to put on their coats and wait in the car. She then poured gasoline around her ex-husband's bed and lit the substance on fire.  The resulting fire consumed the home.  Francine then drove herself and the children to the police station.  She confessed to the killing of her ex-husband, "Mickey" Hughes.

The couple had four children.  However, the youngest, Dana, was not home when this occurred.  I cannot establish why.

The burning of the bed occurred after 13-years of extreme abuse by Mickey.

According to the movie, during their marriage, Francine applied for welfare to feed their hungry children.  Her husband, the head-of-household, did not accompany her to the Department of Social Services.  In simpler terms, the case-worker required his statement as to his paycheck.  She was counseled by such case-worker to file divorce papers.  The case-worker reached into his wallet and gave her $7.00 for the application fee.  She then qualified for welfare.

After the divorce, her ex-husband had a terrible car accident.  She moved back in with him to help with his recovery.

It is my understanding that this was when their fourth child was conceived.  However, I could be mistaken.

According to the movie, The Burning Bed, Francine then received a grant to return to school and finish her high school education.

In the hours before the burning of the bed, Mickey forced her to burn her school books and papers.  Then, she attempted to feed TV dinners to the three children and herself.  Mickey threw the dinner table and such dinners on the floor, then beat her mercilessly, giving her a black-eye.

Later that evening, she burned the bed.

She then drove herself and the three children to the police station, confessed to the act of burning-the-bed, and was arrested.

Francine was found not-guilty by reason of temporary insanity.

(The verdict of this trial was a turning point in feminism.  According to this, years of domestic violence justifies murdering the perpetrator.  I agree with that.  We are all entitled to self-defense.  And I do not believe you have to wait 13-years to act in such self-defense.)

According to the Internet, in 1980, Francine married Robert Wilson.

As a teenager, after I watched the movie for the first time, I remember thinking, something is missing.  A few years ago, I watched the movie a few more times on YouTube.  I still had that feeling.  A few days ago, I finally figured-out what it is.


This is a 7:25-long excerpt from the movie.  It includes the burning of the books, kitchen beating, black-eye, trial-testimony of Francine Hughes as to the events that day then night, as well as the missing detail.

0:01...Burning of the school work.

1:47...Kitchen beating.

2:32...Trial testimony of Francine Hughes including the former and following recollections.

5:45...Francine opening the garage door.

6:14...Mickey sleeping, neatly tucked-in under the covers, then the sound of liquid pouring as a shadow of a person moves around the bed.

6:28...She arriving at the car in which the three children are waiting.

6:35...Beyond the car, the exploding of the fire, then the departing vehicle.



Where is this BURNING BED??????

These are my questions...

Did the police report include a notation of the black-eye as well as other evidence of the beating which she claims occurred earlier that day?

After she moved back in with her ex-husband and, I assume then, became pregnant with the fourth child, did her welfare status change?

And if her welfare benefits were affected, was her education grant also impacted by this reunion?

Why did Mickey not attempt to escape from the fire?

Did the Fire Marshall's report include a record of a body within the fire?

A few days ago, it finally made sense to me.


I discussed it with one of my supervisors.  She said they did not have computer-generated-imaging.

On the Internet, I cannot find a photograph of her first husband.

On the Internet, I cannot find a photograph of her second husband.

PART II-------September 10, 2017

A few more details...

In 1980, Francine Hughes married Robert Wilson.

In 1980, the book, The Burning Bed, by Faith McNulty was published in New York by Harcourt Brace Jovanovich. It is my understanding that the author, publisher, or both, purchased from Francine the rights to this story.

Is it a coincidence that this occurred within the same year?  Or is Robert Wilson also known as "Mickey" Hughes?

Francine Hughes' attorney, Arjen Greydanus, is still alive and on Facebook.  Would he please answer my questions?  If he does not answer, I assume it is because he is worried about a disbarment.

I am Vivian Lehman of Middletown, Connecticut.  Please find me also on Facebook.

Monday September 11, 2017

This is the subliminal information I am receiving...

The court did NOT know about the fraud.

Department of Social Services did know.

It was 1977.  Jimmy Carter had begun his four-year tenure as President.  His Administration practiced extreme welfare generosity.  However, The Burning Bed is the reason why a single mother on welfare could no longer expect to receive an apartment.

Tuesday September 26, 2017

I am always amazed at what I have to explain to grown human beings.

Dear Ms. Financial Planner, also known as the other

Stupid Sue;

At the time I purchased a new car, two changes to my personal finances occurred:

1.  I received a check for my old car, and deposited the money.  This facet of my finances increased in value;

2.  I no longer owned a sellable vehicle, but rather acquired a lease, contractually obligating me to pay $371.76-per-month for 36-months.  This facet of my finances decreased in value more substantially than the afore-mentioned increase.

Henceforth, on June 02nd of this year, my personal worth declined.

Is there anything else you need me to explain to you?

Would you like me to visit your office and give you a presentation explaining that an asset-and-liability sheet includes bank accounts as well as leases?

Monday October 16, 2017

I have a BIG question.  I need the BIG answer by tomorrow morning.  Tomorrow is my day off.

1.  If the B-Complex vitamins as well as the herbal supplement Garlic, in the Solaray brand (of course), was the cure for his confusion and high blood pressure, while immediately delivering him from critical care into a regular hospital room...


2.  If the amino-acid L-Argenine as well as the Solaray herbs Tart Cherry and Dandelion Root were the cure for his congestive heart failure...


3.  If the vitamin-E content within the Solaray Dandelion was the resolution for his coughing...




Tuesday October 24, 2017

No answer.  I guess no one has ever used the Padma Basic to treat Parkinson's Disease.  Otherwise, he is fine.  I have since given him Magnesium, in the Solaray Brand, as well as B-vitamins.  The hospital is no longer allowing me to bring him any supplements.  I therefore sprinkled the former on a take-out pizza, while delivering the latter in the form of a bottle of Vitamin Water Essentials.  A few hours after this meal, to my surprise, his catheter fluid was normal.  I gave him the Magnesium for the severe constipation.  I later researched this and learned that the kidneys use Magnesium.


Today, I watched a part of the Megyn Kelly Show on WNBC.  Three women, including Megyn Kelly, as well as Kate Snow and a third female whose name I cannot remember, discussed their history of being victims of sexual harassment as part of their careers.  Kelly repeated her previous claim that Fox News CEO Roger Ailes sexually harassed her multiple times.  Today, she also explained that he eventually became her mentor.  The third female complained about a moment in which she did not receive equal-pay-for-equal-work.

None of these women have ever concluded that there is anything wrong with the way I have been harassed.  I know they witnessed it because the media has allowed itself to be the medium for these menaces to send me subliminal messages.  The menaces, who I also call the Hitlers, only communicate subliminally because they want me to believe that a connection with them exists, without allowing me to talk about it.

One woman on this show today talked about the "conspiracy of silence" that victims have participated in for many years, thereby perpetuating the problem.

The harassment I have been the victim of is to force me to accept no-pay-for-more-work.  Furthermore, none of the men, or women, who harassed me or participated in such harassment, ever became my mentor(s).  Rather, with each, there would be an eventual and permanent break-away.  They departed from my life as I explained to them on this website why their actions were wrong and more hurtful to themselves than to me.

It is therefore that I conclude that these three women, Megyn Kelly, Kate Snow and the third woman, did NOT NOT NOT describe what was done to them, but rather, what they did to others.

I want Megyn Kelly to apologize to Roger Ailes for the false and malicious allegations of sexual harassment.



Roger Ailes...Did Megyn Kelly drool all over you for sex?  And when you reformed her, did you then become her mentor?

If Megyn Kelly wants to answer me, she can put such in writing, I will publish such on this website, and apologize for any non-malicious misunderstandings I created.  She can find me at Vivian Lehman of Middletown, Connecticut on Facebook.  Or, I can go on her show and apologize.

Friday November 03, 2017

To:  Luisa Parente, Social Worker, Social Work Services

State of Connecticut, Department of Social Services

2081 South Main St.

Middletown, CT  06457

Dear Ms. Parente;

I took your advice.  I looked through the lobby of Water's Edge Rehabilitation.  I also asked the two receptionists at the front desk.  They directed me to a panel by their desk, and then to another panel by the elevators.

You said I would find this facility's licensure.

I did NOT.

You have my name, address and phone number on file.  Would you please contact me.  We will arrange a time and a date to go together, and I would like you to show me the license(s) that you said I would find.


Vivian Lehman

Facebook, Middletown, Connecticut

Saturday November 18, 2017

On November 22nd, my prolactin hormone will complete its five-month-cycle.  In simpler terms, such level will surge.  Currently, I am experiencing an extreme weakness in both my legs.  The Solaray Ayurvedic herb Boswellia is helping.  As to the asthma, I have added the liquid herbs Sage as well as Olive Leaf to my asthma inhaler as a supplement to the prescription medication, Albuterol.

The asthma appears to be under control.  In early August, I accidentally discovered that the Flovent prescription inhaler is extremely effective when combined with a stimulant to the circulatory system.  Two herbs which work extremely well are Solaray's Tart Cherry as well as Maca.  I took these at separate times.  Another stimulant is a hot bath.  Without a stimulant, the Flovent has minimal effectiveness for me.

I hope there is no emergency room visit.  If there is, I do not want to witness any violations of the Hippocratic Oath, nor any just following orders.

Friday November 24, 2017

No problems on November 22nd.  I am so relieved.


What has received much media attention lately is something called the Slender Man Stabbing.  According to Wikipedia, Slender Man is a fictional character of murderous horror who lives in the woods.  Additionally, according to this same source...

"On May 31, 2014, two 12-year-old girls in Waukesha, Wisconsin allegedly held down and stabbed a 12-year-old classmate 19 times. When questioned later by authorities, they reportedly claimed that they wished to commit a murder as a first step to becoming proxies for the Slender Man, having read about it online.[34] They also state that they were afraid that Slender Man would kill their families if they did not commit the murder.[35] The victim was able to crawl from the woods, where she had been left, to reach a roadside. A passing cyclist intervened, and the victim survived the attack. Both attackers have been diagnosed with mental illnesses[36] but have also been charged as adults and are each facing up to 65 years in prison.[37] One of the girls reportedly said Slender Man watches her, can read minds, and could teleport.[34]...

"On August 21, 2017, one of the girls, now 15, pleaded guilty to being a party to attempted second-degree homicide, but claimed she was not responsible for her actions on grounds of insanity.[43] Although prosecutors alleged that she knew what she was doing was wrong, the jury determined that she was mentally ill during the attack. She will spend at least three years in a mental hospital.[44][45]...

"On 25 September, 2017, it was reported[47] that Morgan Geyser, then 15, had agreed to plead guilty to attempting to commit first-degree homicide in an arrangement that would allow her avoid jail time. In terms of the arrangement Geyser would remain at the mental hospital where she had been staying for the past two years for at least a further three years."

It is my understanding, from other articles on the Internet, that the diagnosis is shared delusional disorder.

There is one contradiction in the story.

According to other information I found on the Internet, after the attempted murder, the two girls went looking for Slender Man.  He has a fictional residence in the woods.

According to a CNN article I found, a sheriff's officer found them, after the attempted murder, near Interstate 94.   This is a real highway.

Were they waiting for their ride?

If so, that is not a delusional disorder, but rather a cold, calculating act.

Sunday November 26, 2017

I would like to further discuss the Slender Man stabbing.  I researched on-line articles by Newsweek and The New York Post.

According to the latter, "In a case similar to the Slender Man attack, two 16-year-old West Virginia girls in July 2012 lured a third friend, Skylar Neese, into the woods, stabbed her and left her to die. Sheila Eddy and Rachael Shoaf were arrested six months later, after Shoaf had a nervous breakdown and confessed."

Are there other cases in which a third friend was found stabbed to death in the woods, for which there are no suspects?

As to the Slenderman stabbing, this is the sequence of events.

May 30th...Payton Leutner, the victim, and Anissa Weier went to Morgan Geyser's house to celebrate her 12th birthday.

May 31st...After breakfast, the three girls went out to play in a nearby park, then woods.  In the woods, the stabbing occurred.  The two perpetrators, assuming she was dead, abandoned Payton, and then she crawled out of the woods.  Four hours later, law enforcement found Morgan and Anissa by Interstate 94.  One had a knife with a five-inch blade.  At the police station, their clothes were tested for DNA.  During interrogation, Morgan asked Detective Tom Casey if Payton was dead.

At a later date...Morgan's attorney said his client had been diagnosed with schizophrenia.

It is my understanding that the diagnosis of schizophrenia can only be made if the patient sees images that are not there.  I studied this in college.  According to my professor of physiological psychology, the patient cannot be told the image(s) does/do not exist because the brain is creating these images.  According to everything I read on the Internet, this was not a fact of Morgan's condition. I therefore would like to correct this attorney and/or psychiatrist.  The diagnosis of schizophrenia can only be made if Morgan saw a fictional image, such as of Slenderman.  To my knowledge, this never happened.

Nonetheless, I believe a real person incited both the West Virginia and Wisconsin attacks, as well as others as of yet unknown to us.  We need to find that person.  We also need to understand that if both girls lied by omission, then, in my opinion, neither suffers from any psychiatric disorder, especially schizophrenia.

Additionally, in my opinion, this is what happened on the morning of May 31st.  I must herein emphasize, it is completely unsubstantiated.  It is also based on my brief memory that in one of these Internet articles, I read that Anissa and Morgan carried packed-bags with them as they searched for Slenderman's house in the woods.  I cannot find this information again and could be mistaken.

Anissa and Morgan stabbed Payton.  Then, these two perpetrators returned to Morgan's house where, with the help of her parents, they changed clothes and destroyed all evidence of the sleepover and stabbing.

The two girls, as well as their luggage, then entered a car where one or both of her parents began to drive them out-of-state.  As they did, one parent turned on the radio, and learned that Payton had survived, and was in critical condition while being able to talk about what happened.  Additionally, law enforcement was looking for the two girls.

Anissa and Morgan were quickly coached on a phony story about Slenderman, and then deposited by the side of the road on Interstate 94.

If I am correct, then...

1.  Morgan and Anissa did not transport their luggage into the woods with Payton (assuming such luggage existed).

2.  Payton's sleepover belongings were never returned to her.

3.  Payton's DNA was not found on the girls' clothes nor on the knife.

Additionally, if the police visited Morgan's house after Payton was discovered, one or both of Morgan's parents was/were not home.

Tuesday November 28, 2017


12:42...This 20/20 documentary shows us the location where Morgan Geyser and Anissa Weier were found.  Prosecutors did not need my help to make them understand that there are no trees in the area.  Henceforth, they were not looking for Slenderman's mansion in the woods.

13:00...It is explained that the backpacks of the two girls contained granola bars and water bottles.  Prosecutors did not need my help to make them understand that these are for a road trip.  Henceforth, they were not going to live with Slenderman.  Furthermore, there is no claim that such backpacks had blood stains.  Henceforth, the girls donned these after the attempted murder, most likely at Morgan's home.

25:08...The Police Chief, Russell Jack, who found the two girls, explains that Morgan and Anissa previously visited Walmart, located on the south side of Waukesha, to "clean-up".  Prosecutors did not need my help to make them understand that if they wanted to impress Slenderman with their murderous actions, they would not have cleaned-up but rather would have showed him the blood.  Henceforth, they were not looking to meet Slenderman.

25:19...According to this Police Chief, they were walking to Nicolet Park to find Slenderman.  Prosecutors did not need my help to make them understand that the myth does not specify that he lives there.


Why did prosecutors not take this to trial, but rather allow a plea deal for which mental illness was blamed?  I do not believe there was any mental illness.

Can the resolution still be appealed or vacated?

Part II----Tuesday November 28, 2017

I must correct myself.  Anissa Weier's case did go to trial.  The jury found her not guilty.  I have found clips of the trial on Youtube.


45:32...Under direct examination, the psychologist, Dr. Melissa Westendorf testified, "...they (Morgan and Anisa) have incorporated themselves into it (Slenderman culture) because Slenderman, despite adults maybe not knowing about it, appeared to be part of the culture of middle school.  At least there seemed to be a lot of people who knew about Slenderman.  As part of their culture they incorporated themselves into that culture." (emphasis supplied)

In my opinion, the prosecutor should have objected to this answer as unresponsive.  She cannot testify that it "appeared" to be nor what "seemed to be" a fact of this culture.

46:55...Cross-examination by the prosecutor began.  In my opinion, this is what he should have happened next...

Prosecutor;  "What do you mean by your statement that Slenderman appears to be part of Morgan and Anissa's culture?"

Psychologist; "Other middle school students believed Slenderman to be real."

Prosecutor; "Did you interview any of these other students and place the cultural beliefs of Anissa and Morgan into a context?"

Psychologist; "No."

Instead, this was what happened.  The prosecutor asked if Slenderman was part of the middle school culture.  Her answer was, "It appeared as though other kids knew about Slenderman."

This was an unresponsive answer.  Henceforth, it was not admissible.  But it was admitted because the prosecution did not object.

48:12...The prosecutor then changed the subject and asked, "You testified earlier that this shared delusional disorder is very rare, correct?"  She confirmed.  "And even among shared delusional disorder cases, one between two friends is even rarer, right?"  She answered, "The cases I read.  I didn't see one between children who were friends."  The prosecutor followed-up by asking about spousal, sibling and parent/child cases.  He asked if these are more common.

48:54...She answered, "Those are the cases that I have read about."  (emphasis supplied)  She also cited an "individual and a dog" that was considered exceptional.  She proceeded to state that she had never read about a case which included two children.

Does the prosecutor need my help with this?  She is not an expert on shared delusional disorder.  She has only "read" about it.  Despite all of her impressive credentials, she obviously never witnessed it.  Nonetheless, he proceeded.




This is an earlier clip of Dr. Westendorf's testimony.

15:20-25:30...Under direct examination, she began her testimony by explaining her credentials.  It is a long and detailed curricular vita.  She was never asked about her experience with the condition of shared delusional disorder.

25:31...The defense attorney then asked of the Court, "Judge, I believe the status may be stipulated to her being an expert.  If not, I am going to ask that she be found to be an expert in the ability of assessing the issue of not guilty by reason of insanity."  The prosecution did not object, and she was allowed to proceed.

In my opinion, this is what should have happened.

Prosecutor..."Dr. Westendorf, what experience do you have with patients diagnosed with shared delusional disorder?"

Dr. Westendorf..."None."

Then, she should have been laughed out of the courtroom.

I still have not found the testimony of the other two experts. I will probably find the same thing.  The defense attorneys knew how to evade the issue while appearing direct.  I am asking that the prosecutors be fired, and the case appealed.  Furthermore, I would like to ask of all cases in which Dr. Westendorf testified, to be voided.

If Dr. Westendorf has the Ph.D. and law degree which she testified to, she will answer me; Vivian Lehman of Middletown, Connecticut, Facebook.

Thursday November 30, 2017

In one of the YouTube videos, either Morgan Geyser or Anissa Weier state that Slenderman was watching the stabbing.  I do not believe that either Morgan or Anissa perceived Slenderman's presence, but rather a real male who incited them to do this.

I need Payton to think really hard.  Was there a male stalking the situation, and finally watching?

Saturday December 02, 2017

Still no answer.  So, on another subject involving another individual of another situation...

If you ever come back, do not have anything of lesser value than this in your pocket...

Blue Nile, Infinity Twist Micropavé Diamond Engagement Ring in Platinum (1/4 ct. tw.) with Round 3.00 - 3.15 ct. Diamond, valued at $44,446.

If you want to know what I am going to do with this ring, the answer is obviously not wear it.  Rather, I am going to sell it so I can pay for the damage which the billionaires did to my property (i.e., Donald and William's vandalisms of my book, bathroom, as well as the compromise of price of my sale of the house I inherited from my mother--$35,000.).  They perpetrated these acts because they did not like me using my money to buy food.   Such action by me rendered them impotent with their girlfriends.  This, of course, gave me the titles of anti-family, child-hater, career-obsessed, etc.  They therefore forced me to use my money to repair such damages.

And do not ever again complain to me about how expensive it is to not be married to me, nor of all of the issues you have because you did not marry me 30-years-ago.  Instead, you married the other Stupid Sue.

We can never get married because of the difference in our heritages.  My ancestors invented education, while your ancestors invented begging and alcoholism.  We are therefore not of the same species.

Sunday December 03, 2017

I forgot to mention that I was also accused of having a sex-drive problem.

I would like to execute a psychiatric experiment.  I would like to have Donald in one bed with his wife, having intercourse. William should also be in a bed, perhaps at another time, with his wife, also having intercourse.  I would like to show them a video of my act of spending my money to repair their vandalisms.  Would they loose their erections?  Then, I would like to show them a video of my act of spending my money to buy food.  Would they loose their erections?

I believe their erections would first be strengthened, then lost.

Donald's erections are typically very weak.  For some mysterious reason, his wife experienced an orgasm anyway and gave him a son.  Did they have intercourse while watching me experience his abuse?

Wednesday December 06, 2017

I have to take painting lessons to show the phony artist how it is really done.

Wednesday December 13, 2017

I have some incredible news.

Do you remember Middletown Police Officer Matthew Silvestrini?  Late in 2014, a few months before I was confined for five days to the psychiatric ward of Middlesex Hospital, he threatened to have me transported via ambulance to such hospital for a 72-hour psychiatric evaluation.  His visit to my home was my physician's follow-up to my requests for a refill of my asthma-rescue-inhaler.  My phone calls were not answered by my doctor nor the nurses.  Instead, Officer Silvestrini arrived demanding of me to never again contact the medical group.

I was just on the computer, searching without any direction.  I typed in his name, then learned that in January of this year, a fundraiser occurred for the benefit of him, his wife, and two small children.  He has brain cancer.  At the time, doctors performed surgery, radiation and chemotherapy.

Obviously, he did not listen to me and take Solaray Dandelion Root.

I wonder how he acquired the cancer at his young age.  Was he exposed to a poisonous biochemical substance?

Friday December 22, 2017

I would like to ask of law enforcement to excavate the yard of the Robinson family, former occupants of the street upon which I lived in New York.  This was Peters Lane.  If I recall correctly, the house number is 2.  If I also recall correctly, they moved away around 1995.  Such house is across the street from 1 Peters Lane, the former residence of Stupid Sue and her family. 

In the Robinson yard, I believe you will find the third child of the Whalen household.  It was a neighborhood secret.

If I am incorrect, Margie Whalen knows where to find me on Facebook; Vivian Lehman of Middletown, Connecticut.  I will publish her rebuttal herein, and apologize.

Of course, it was all Fluffy's fault.

Tuesday December 26, 2017

This morning, it was in the national news that in November of this year, the president of the American Heart Association, John Warner, had a heart attack during the organization's flagship medical conference. According to the news report I watched, he is claiming he had no symptoms.

I do not know him nor have ever met him.  However, I am certain he had one symptom.  He is not mentioning it for one of two possible reasons.  Either he is embarrassed to talk about, or does not understand the connection to his heart attack.  I suspect the latter.

I believe that for a few weeks, and possibly months, before this event, he was sexually impotent.

In this news report, his son expressed his concerns about his future with heart conditions.  My amateur suggestion to him is that he routinely sees his urologist.  When he experiences sexual impotence, I would like to make the additional amateur suggestion that he takes the herbal-blend by Solaray titled, Prostate.

Furthermore, I would like to recommend of Dr. Warner that he follows-up on this issue by taking the afore-mentioned supplement, and has an examination by his urologist.

Thursday December 28, 2017

Dear Hitlers;

What is the rule about interfering with my employment?

I would like to ask all teachers, school administrators and parents of students, to look at such textbooks.  If such includes discussion of World War II, please review the photos of the Holocaust.

Are there any crucifixes?

If not, please contact the publisher(s).  These camps are characterized as Christian operated, punishing the Jews for the death of Christ.

Revision(s) are required.

Sunday January 07, 2018

This is how we are going to begin the new year.

I will seek the dental care I require, after the arrest of the male who drug-raped me.  It was at three-o'clock in the morning on January 27, 2002, in Northern Westchester Hospital Center of Mount Kisco, New York.  Furthermore, I want the operators of the satellites who witnessed this, to also be arrested.  They are accessories and possible co-conspirators.  The only difference between the two legal concepts is whether or not they had advanced knowledge of the act.

A possible legal issue may be the statute-of-limitations.  If such can be invoked, I want the following argument made...

I was hospitalized because my estrogen level was too low, and my prolactin too high.  The drug-rape must have been an attempt to disrupt my hormonal balances beyond this.  Henceforth, it was attempted murder.

Furthermore, I want the satellite video to be used to educate future nurses.  Obviously, the drug-rapist walked past the overnight nurse, and into my room.  She made no attempt to stop him.  I am certain he did not have a friendly smile on his face.  Henceforth, I want future nurses across the country to understand that the way nursing is practiced at Northern Westchester Hospital Center, is inappropriate.

If Northern Westchester Hospital Center wants to deny any of this, please find me on Facebook, Vivian Lehman of Middletown, Connecticut. I will publish the rebuttal herein, and apologize for all non-malicious allegations.

Either way, I also want the drug-rapist to apologize to all of his victims, including me.

Then I will enter the dentist's chair.

Wednesday January 17, 2018

I have to change the subject completely.

Since 2010, I have worked for Baker & Taylor.  For such, I merchandise the books and pamphlets in Michael's Crafts stores.  It has been a wonderful 7.5 years.  While I visit my three stores, I never look at the clock, and I rarely take a break.  I enjoy organizing, creating store displays, and watching the merchandise sell.

A few weeks ago, I received a phone call from my supervisor.  She explained that because I had been with the company for so long, she wanted to explain to me personally what was happening.  She did not want me to first learn of it in an e-mail from her nor from the staff of the stores.

The contract between Baker & Taylor and Michael's Crafts is ending on February 28th.

It was  total surprise.  There was no warning.  If there had been, I would have said herein that whatever the problem was, we can fix it.

Nonetheless, 7.5 years is a long time to be executing one project for one company.  There was a time when I did such work for several companies.  I watched as the projects moved between such employers.

One manager I work with researched such and learned that another company is assuming the contract.  To my knowledge, I have never worked for them.  However, I would appreciate if they would research my name in their system, Vivian Lehman.  Companies sometimes merge, change names, etc.

At the same time that this manager produced the information on the new contractor, Baker & Taylor presented an on-line survey.  It was in addition to routine reporting and asked if they can share my information (i.e., phone number, e-mail address, etc.) with the new employer.  I gave such permission.

In one of my three stores, I have witnessed a slight panic.  They appear convinced that if all merchandise is merchandised as per planogram (diagram for merchandising), without any deviations, my status as such representative will be continued.  They appear to believe that any such deviation will jeopardize my status.

The first phase of the panic occurred when the assistant manager executed a reset for me.  It was 100% set to planogram.  Then she placed the merchandiser as closely to the front door as possible.  I believe this was to vociferously announce to an arriving auditor, "Do you see how perfect she is?"

One side of this merchandiser was recently reset again.  I explained to her that we could not comply with the planogram because we already sold some of the product.  Such sales occurred because I violated another planogram.  I had to violate such because the original product was almost sold-out.

The second phase of the panic occurred on Monday.

I was at the register queuing line altering a set-up.  It is difficult to explain in writing.  The planogram was for all merchandise to be set in a square grid, two-feet-wide, front and side, while the back is four-feet tall.  All merchandise was to be flat, and below the rim of the two-feet tall front and sides.  I decided to apply the technique I was using in my other two stores.  Upon its four-foot tall back, I attached a merchandiser consisting of three-rows.  This would allow me to place the merchandise upright, and at a height above two-feet over the floor.  While it is true that my technique holds less merchandise, my experience has been that it sells much more.

While I was working on such, the manager must have seen this on the camera.  He ran out of his office, and asked me to stop.  I thought it was because of the intense holiday business as I was standing near the registers.  I explained to him that it will only take me a few seconds.  I made the change.  Later, I explained that all such merchandise was out on the floor, nothing in back-stock.

I want to end the panic.

My experience in retail has been that the first and last thing that anyone reviews are sales statistics.  My guess is that year-end sales statistics were already provided to the new employer.  To my knowledge, in all my three stores, such is on an appropriate level.  I say this because in all three stores, there is very little back-stock.  My experience in retail is that is the best way to judge this issue.  (My experience has also been that zero-quantity back-stock is impossible to achieve.)

Between the first and last thing, there is, of course, review of planogram compliance.  All three of my stores currently have a few planogram deviations.  To that issue, I would like to say this.

A few years ago, one of my stores (not the panicking one) was instructed to build three Christmas grids.  For one such grid, the merchandise was shipped with corrugate (i.e., cardboard) merchandisers.  Such merchandisers were two-feet wide to comply with the dimensions of such grids.

Before I received such shipment, the floor-space was over-loaded with other Christmas merchandise

I placed some of such Baker & Taylor merchandise into a carriage and ran after the manager, while he tried to run-away from me, asking for space.  He finally observed that the non-Christmas merchandise on one of the end-caps was also merchandised in another position of the store.  He suggested that I move such to the other position and take this end-cap.   Even though I am not supposed to merchandise other product, I did that.  I placed my merchandise on the end-cap.  There was one problem.

The corrugates were two-feet wide.  The end-cap is two-and-a-half feet wide.  I had an extra six-inches on each shelf.  I asked the florist if I could borrow some of her table-centerpieces.  She said that if I was willing to climb a ladder, I could.  I did.  Each shelf had flowers and books.

Later, other merchandise arrived, not coupled with corrugates, and for which no planogrammed grid was available.  However, an assistant manager moved clearance merchandise into the back, and allowed me to use a second end-cap.  A third end-cap was also provided.  I do not remember those circumstances.

At the time, Michael's Crafts hired a new district manager.  While I watched from a distance, he and the manager reviewed everything I did while understanding that all three end-caps were not as per planograms.  He liked the floral arrangements combined with the books and instructed the manager to have me expand this practice to the other end-caps.

What I am trying to say is that planogram compliance is important.  However, each planogram is applied to up to 1,000 stores.  Furthermore, some of these stores have older fixtures which may not allow such compliance.  Absolute, 100% compliance is impossible.  Instead, of greatest importance is the teamwork between the managers and the representatives, combined with the insight by the district manager,  such that the merchandise moves immediately out of the stockroom and onto the sales floor any way possible, with or without planogram compliance.

When the auditors of the new company arrive, they will see planogram compliance that is close to 100%.  They will also see that almost all merchandise is on the sales floor, while they observe customers reviewing the product, and buying it.

It will not be easy to say good-bye to Baker & Taylor.  Can the contract still be renewed?

Thursday January 18, 2018

I have very different news.

As you already know, Monday, January 15th was Martin Luther King Day.

On such day, my former high school friend, Carolyn Cuello Smith, intended to visit King's grave and apologize for her attempted desecration of the civil rights movement.  Such desecration was her act as a teenager of making excessive demands from the welfare office.  She wanted an apartment for herself and the daughter she had at age 13.  This social services program was one of the first programs which President Ronald Reagan eliminated when he assumed the Office of President in 1981.

At the time, Carolyn characterized such child as her "baby sister".  Also at the time, she explained to Department of Social Services that her pregnancy was a result of her inability to control her sex-drive.

Carolyn never arrived at such grave to issue her apology.  Next year, we will have to encourage her.  Perhaps we should offer her free transportation?  She can be found on Facebook.  On the cover you will find a recent photograph of her and such daughter.


Saturday January 20, 2018

Dear Middlesex Hospital;

As your third anniversary is approaching, I would like to ask you one more time for a copy of the license of "Dr." Tariq Latif, as well as verification of his legal status in this country.

If I do not receive these two documents, I will, representing myself, serve-and-file in the Federal Courts a civil suit against you.  The object of action will be $1,000,000,000.

I will use such money to run for United States president in 2020.  I will be an Independent Party candidate, where cats belong.  The slogan will be, Make America Finicky Again.

My vice presidential candidate will be a dog.  Such slogan will be, For a Barker Tomorrow.  In every parade he participates in, this canine will march with his paws planted firmly between the two yellow lines in the middle of the road.  This, of course, is dog-lane.

If President Donald Trump wants to march down such lane...

Sunday January 21, 2018

The Prussian Panzer divisions have appeared on the horizon upon the White House.  This time, these are accompanied by the Luftwaffe which is now dropping upon Washington, D.C. the name Jim Montaldo.  He is a former stock broker for Merrill Lynch.  It is my understanding that, in the mid-1990's, he served jail time for such illegal activity.

Only one condition of surrender is acceptable...Donald Trump's resignation.

Tuesday January 30, 2018

Tonight is, of course, President Donald Trump's first State of the Union address.  I will be looking for two things...

FIRST...A list of everything he cannot do which I must do for him.

SECOND...I need to follow-up on an issue.  During one of his television appearances, I think I witnessed a contagious urological condition.  Please recall the fact that my grandfather was a urological surgeon.  As my grandfather explained this to me, such condition was controlled up to one point.  The one point is that scientists could not contain it within the population of European prostitutes.  Furthermore, as he explained, failure to treat this leads to the condition castrating the victim.  In simpler terms, the penis eventually falls off.

I would like to ask of all urologists and urological surgeons to please look closely at this issue.  Do you see what I think I saw?  If I am correct, please find the European prostitute who is living in this country, and quarantine her.

Thursday February 01, 2018

To my other employer;

Please understand that I will buy clothes to comply with your dress-code.  However, I must wait until my income tax refund is transmitted.  It is my understanding that President Donald Trump will not allow that.


Dear Census Bureaus of Europe;

This has nothing to do with your prostitutes.

Would you please review for me the pre-World War II and post-World War II statistics which constituted the Jewish and non-Jewish populations?

As you already know, the Jewish people are claiming that 6,000,000 of them perished in "German" concentration camps.  However, the worldwide death toll from WWII was approximately 58,000,000.  In simpler terms, the pre-WWII compared to post-WWII statistics must be a decline in quantity greater than 10% to verify this "Holocaust" claim.  Based on my conversations with people of Germany, it is a number less than 10%.

It is also my understanding from such conversations, that the number 6,000,000 is the quantity of Jewish people who emigrated from Europe into the British Mandate of Palestine.  This is today known as Israel.

Sunday February 04, 2018

I would like to ask of President Donald Trump to stop wearing white shirts, and start wearing shirts of other colors, such as blue.  This is for his future moment when he will be standing on the White House lawn, in need of a white-flag to wave in the air.  The only instrument available to him will be his underpants.

The name "Jim Montaldo" of Merrill Lynch was only the beginning.

German U-Boats are now departing from the European continent, fully equipped with more names and information to completely expose his Administration.

Thursday February 08, 2018

Dear Hitlers;

I know that at the end of this month, you are planning on financially cornering me, and then making your greedy demands.

Give it up now!

If you follow through with this, I will serve-and-file the legal action.

NATURE OF ACTION...attempted murder.

CAUSE OF ACTION...hospital medical records.

OBJECT OF ACTION...$1,000,000,000.

Then, I will run for president, and drive you all out of the United States and into the region of Russia where you originated.  I will act as per the King James' version of the Book of Ezra, Chapter 4.

And, as the virtual German military is arriving at the White House, surrounding it with Luftwaffe in the air, Prussian Panzer Divisions on land, and U-Boats at sea...

Sunday February 11, 2018

Interesting news about my former high school friend, Carolyn Cuello.

She is the one who has a "baby sister", 13-years younger than she.  She is also the one who demanded of New York State Department of Social Services to provide her and her "baby" with an apartment.  Unfortunately for her, this was one of the first welfare programs which the Conservative President, Ronald Reagan, cut-back on.

On Valentine's Day, the father of this child will be apologizing to Carolyn and her daughter for his act of abandoning them.  He will propose and provide an apartment such that the three can finally be together, as they should always have been, according to him.

Wednesday February 14, 2018

As the pro-life President Donald Trump is in office, the anti-abortionists have launched a very aggressive campaign to promote their agenda.  If you receive such a telephone call from a...

FEMALE...Ask her how many abortions she has had.  She will not answer.  Therefore, please answer for her that it was three, and all occurred while she was a teenager.  However, it was not her fault because if abortion was illegal, she could have forced the possible fathers to marry her.  I say possible while using the plural form of the word father, because these women never know who that might be.  All that matters is that they want a male to take care of her while everyone else gives her money.

MALE...Ask him how many abortions his teenage girlfriends had.  This number is likely far beyond three.  Additionally, he may not have been a teenager when these occurred.  However, it is not his fault that he cannot force any such potential in-laws to give him money in exchange for marrying her. If you do not believe me, ask Vice President Mike Spence and his wife Karen for their history with this issue.


You can also ask the most famous anti-abortion activist of all, Randall Terry, for his history with this issue.  I am especially curious to know his teenage encounters with such.  At what such age did he make monetary demands on potential in-laws, and how much did he demand?  Of course, if abortion was illegal, he would have received his money.  My guess is he was 13-years-old and demanded a lease on a very expensive apartment.  Instead, her parents had their daughter abort.

If these anti-abortionists approach you in-person, do not say any such things.  They can turn violent.  These are deeply rooted secrets you are reaching.

Monday February 19, 2018

As you already know, on Wednesday, February 14th, a school shooting occurred at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, resulting in 17 murders and many more injured.  Within hours, law enforcement announced that the alleged perpetrator was arrested.  On such day, they released his name, Nikolas Cruz, and his mug shot (i.e., a photograph of him).  Law enforcement also claims that he immediately confessed to such.

The fact that his name and his image were announced immediately after his arrest, tells me one additional fact of this case.  Witnesses of such shooting were never given the opportunity to select him from a line-up.  The defense attorneys are not making an issue of this.

In simpler terms, both the prosecution and defense know that he is NOT NOT NOT the shooter.

It is my understanding that some students of this school have formed their own task force.  I would like to make a suggestion as to how they should begin resolving this.  My suggestion is that they review every detail of every school shooting, beginning with that of Columbine High School on April 20, 1999.  I suspect that one person is causing all of this trouble, while allowing a different person to take the blame each time.

Saturday March 03, 2018

German U-Boat now suddenly surfacing...

If investigators cannot find President Donald Trump's history of financial investments, it may because they are researching with the wrong name.  Donald Trump's alternate name is John Towers.

Sunday March 04, 2018

Dear Hitlers;

What is the rule about interfering with my employment?

Wednesday March 07, 2018

Dear Donald Trump;

May I suggest that you resign before National Whistleblowers Day on March 29th, Holy Thursday?


Dear Hitlers;

Is Jordan in juvenile detention yet?  Is his mother blaming me?  Does she want me to pay the legal fees and all other damages?

Thursday March  28, 2018

If anyone who wants to challenge anything I write herein, he/she/they may place such in writing and send the denial to me, Vivian Lehman of Middletown, Connecticut, Facebook.  I will reproduce such denial herein and apologize for any non-malicious misunderstandings I created.

Please recall the law firm of Banks, Pickett, Gruen & Shapiro.  Charles Banks was the senior partner with whom my mother prepared her Last Will and Testament.  She trusted him to take good care of me.  Instead, while administering her Estate to which I was the only heir, he sold my personal information to Donald Trump.  He then included such services in his bill to me, as executrix of the Estate.  Banks proceeded with his career to become a local town judge.  He was susceptible to bribes.  He has since retired.  However, it is my understanding that he still works for Donald Trump.

Barbara Pickett was the attorney who was primarily responsible for the administration of my mother's Estate.  She also sold such personal information to Donald Trump.  Additionally, she tried to steal the life insurance money as well as the house,  and give such to him.  I was also billed for such attempts.  You do remember her.  Recall the addition consulting business.  I believe Donald Trump was the author of that.  She insisted over-and-over that she is the proud owner of this addition consulting business.  She told me that it was in my best interest to present to her all my personal financial issues so that she could make a list of all expenses and counter-balance such with a list of all my income.  In simpler terms, she knew how to imitate a checking-account-statement from the bank.  I told her that my father is an economist.  She did not know what it is.  (Obviously, Donald Trump did not know either.)  She has since retired.  I also believe she is still working for Donald Trump.  However, please also recall the fact that she was really a paralegal who somehow registered herself with the local Bar Association as an attorney.

I was so disgusted with what happened, that I did not want to pay them for any of their legal services.  They sued.  I represented myself.  My opposing counsel boasted proudly to the Judge of the law firm's addition consulting business.  This attorney was Steven Waldinger, and is now a partner in the firm.  It is today titled, Shapiro, Gettinger, Waldinger and Monteleone.

According to the law firm's website, Waldinger, "serves as President of Somers Holocaust Memorial Commission, an organization dedicated to educating students on the holocaust, genocide and human rights issues."  (Of course, one human rights issue is the right to proper legal representation.  This does not include a law firm which tries to steal and sell everything owned by a helpless dead woman.)

I would like to ask of Waldinger to assemble an exhibit on the crucifixes and other evidence of Christian faith practiced within these World War II concentration camps.  Please tell him that you are willing to make a donation of $100 for each ticket to such exhibit.




118 North Bedford Road Suite 300
Mount Kisco, NY 10549

Friday March 09, 2018

Dear North Korean leader Kim Jong-un;

It is my understanding that you have an upcoming meeting with United States President Donald Trump.  The date is not yet set.

I know what you are thinking.  You are more intelligent than he is.  Truthfully, anybody can and should think that.  However, you are not more intelligent than I am.

As you might already know, I am considering serving-and-filing a legal action against a local hospital, Middlesex.  The nature of action is attempted murder, the cause of action is a hospitalization I experienced in February of 2015, and the object of the action is $1,000,000,000.  I want to use such cash to run for president in 2020.  Of course, a Republican Trump versus Independent Lehman battle will be an inevitable and easy victory for me.  This is because I can talk face-to-face with him, but he cannot talk face-to-face with me.

I have herein previously mentioned my plans for the legal action.  Therefore, I am certain that by now the hospital's legal team has reviewed the medical files and found what I found.  It is a concise, precise and to the point strategy for murder.  This was thwarted by their incompetent nurses who never noticed that I was hiding their pills in my mouth and then running to the bathroom.  If you do not believe me, go meet these nurses yourself.

My point is that you can meet my demands now, or I will serve-and-file the legal action, and you will meet my demands later.  At the upcoming meeting with President Trump, you will be negotiating with me, albeit televising yourself as negotiating with Trump.  He is a President who functions as my puppet and marionette.

The first priority is, of course, human rights.  You must first release your political prisoners.

As you then arrive at the negotiations table, I will help you with your worst enemy.  We both know it is not the United States.  It is an unscrupulous group of people who have been playing their game of divide-and-conquer with your Korean nation.  (They have also been playing this game with Vietnam.  Additionally, they did such with Ireland.)  This strategy of divide-and-conquer has the ultimate goal of acquiring money to waste.  This includes your money.

Sunday March 11, 2018

My "boyfriend" is finally figuring-out whose side of this battle he should have been on.  Mine.

There will be no mercy for the defeated.

Tuesday March 13, 2018

Dear Hitlers;

Do not tempt me with any jackpot.

There will be no mercy for the defeated.


The bull's-eye seems to be my discussion of the Somers Holocaust Memorial Commission.  I would like to ask of the IRS as well as the attorney general's office to investigate what this is.

Friday March 16, 2018

March 29th is National Whistleblowers' Day.

Wednesday March 21, 2018

March 29th is National Whistleblowers' Day.  I believe the archetypical connection is to Moses.  Furthermore, it is my opinion that the Islamic Mohammed and Biblical Moses are the same ancestral character.  The two cultures must have split before the liberation of the pre-Christian Israelis.

I would like to remind all attorneys, real and phony, that the law is very specific in that the whistleblower need NOT be correct, only reasonable.  Furthermore, a request for an investigation is not a legal concept interchangeable with an accusation.


I am over three weeks late for my period.  Although I am 51-years-old, I am very regular.  It might be the result of a medication the doctor gave me to help with my asthma.  It might also be from an herb I took with this medication.  I do not believe it is menopause because I am not having hot flashes nor am I experiencing vaginal dryness.

If I am pregnant, the guy I thought I was going to marry is NOT the father.  I threw him out of my bedroom almost one year ago.  I learned he has two wives and two sets of two children.  The infant grandchild who, over one-year-ago, was almost beaten-to-death by the second set, is the daughter of the oldest of this teenage-set.  As I understand it, she is now in good care with her grandfather.  Nonetheless, she, and her biological father, and her biological uncle, have this grandfather's last name on their birth certificates.  Obviously, that must be legally resolved.  The two sons must use the maiden name of the mother/grandmother, and the granddaughter must use her biological mother's last name.

If I am pregnant, it will be a daughter.  I did not orgasm, but I had a very good time.

Thursday March 22, 2018

You are probably wondering why I am not going to the pharmacy and buying a pregnancy-test-kit. It is because the Hitlers manipulated my finances such that I do not have an extra $20 to do so.  My former prospective husband enjoys watching this financial sadism.  They use government computers to monitor my bank accounts and payroll-checks.  These computer systems should be used for national defense.  We are all victims of compromised government services.

My menstrual-period arrived a few hours after my last post.  My former prospective husband should appreciate that more than anyone.  I was very close to destroying his reputation by accusing him of something terrible.

Sunday March 25, 2018



Monday March 26, 2018

Dear President Donald Trump;

This is the first term of your surrender.  You have 24-hours to comply.

Read this You Tube commentary...


It is called "Pray for Alina Zagitova".  Alina is the Russian figure skater who won the gold medal at the 2018 Olympics.  Another Russian figure skater, who trains with her, Evgenia Medvedeva, won the silver.  They train with the same coach, who sat next to each one as their winning scores were announced.

However, it seems that Evgenia did not appear in the more recent Worlds competition.  Alina did appear and did not win any medal.  This YouTube video observes the body language of her coach and another individual, whose role is unknown.  According to this analysis, this coach and other person will severely punish Alina for not earning a medal.

I would like to add one detail to the analysis.  I do not believe that the coach is their actual coach.  I believe it is a KGB agent who stole the credit from the real coach.  I also believe that this other individual of unknown significance, is another KGB agent.

Donald Trump, your first assignment will be to contact Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, who is also the former leader of the KGB, and demand that no harm will be inflicted upon either Olympic skater.  Then, you will contact each Olympic skater, as well as their real coach(es), and offer them and their families as well as any pets they may have, a better life here in the United States where they will be appreciated for who they are, not what medals they won or do not win.

You will also thank Koola King, the insightful YouTube person, who observed, explained and published this.

Friday April 06, 2018

I want an investigation.  Did an innocent person yell at me?


It is my business because...


...and I was told I have a psychiatric disorder because I did not go running directly into the death trap.  I was characterized as a child-hater, anti-family, and having a sex-drive problem.  All this, because I did not fulfill their predictions in that I would board an airplane, fly from New York to California, jump into bed with him-and-his-wife, push this woman aside, and hand him my manuscripts for his authorship while he called his creditors to announce the issues were resolved.

Of course, it was not his fault that his creditors had to wait for me to recover from my psychiatric issues.

Furthermore, as my privacy is constantly on the auctioning block to the highest bidder, I do not want to hear any criticism of my concerns for others.

Additionally, I do not want to hear any more criticism of anything I do.

If the police chief wants to criticize me for what I did and said, I would like to remind him of something else I did and said when I was 18-years-old...

"#1, #2, #3 and #4..."

I did all the work.  He received all the credit, and a promotion, for a successful investigation.

Thursday April 19, 2018

Dear Hitlers;

You want me to loose my temper, don't you?

No more criticism of my work nor of my act of calling the police when I realized that something was seriously wrong.  My only regret is that I did not demand of all of you to go into that hospital room and witness her condition.  I cried for a long time on that nurse's shoulder.

Friday April 27, 2018

I would like to talk more about my former middle and high school friend, Carolyn Cuello.  (I usually talk about Sarah Latimer.)

When I was a junior in high school, Carolyn assume the leadership role of a club we were associated with, Youth in Action.  The purpose of this club was to bring the races of the high school closer together.  Many students attended the first meeting, very few attended the second and all subsequent meetings.  She thought it was her dark skin.

As I explained before, according to the rumor-mill, her "baby sister" was actually her baby.  That was not the issue.  The problem was that she apparently was in the office of Department of Social Services every week demanding an apartment.  President Jimmy Carter would have given it to her.  His official position was that minorities cannot control this mechanism, especially since she claimed that the pregnancy was a result of an "unplanned act of passion".  This President's successor, Ronald Reagan, took the official position that she can control it.  He reformed the welfare system accordingly.

In high school, Carolyn would proceed to have more pregnancies.  These resulted in abortions.  Such medical procedures occurred after Department of Social Services sent her the letters declining her demands.  In simpler terms, our parents, including mine, were not willing to go to work to earn the money to finance her claim of an inability to control her sex-drive.  Nonetheless, they could not avoid paying $1,000/year for baby-formula so Carolyn could go to school without having to nurse.  They also could not avoid the Medicaid expenses associated with the fact that Carolyn did not do natural child-birth but rather was put to sleep.

But this was not the primary issue...

Carolyn and her sister, Barbara Lisa, often visited a clothing store in the local Bizarre Mall.  (This no longer exists.  The building housing these stores was destroyed and replaced with a department store.)  They also visited a beauty parlor where they experienced very expensive hair styling.  I do not know if this was also located in the Bizarre Mall.  You are probably wondering where their cash came from.

They did not pay in cash.  Men of these stores gave merchandise and services to teenage girls in exchange for perverse sexual favors.  They kept a local abortion clinic in business as they enjoyed manipulating these girls of all races, teasing them with love and marriage while destroying their self-respect.  Some teenage females disappeared without any information as to what happened to them.

According to the rumors, these men were also the driving forces behind the local chapter of the KKK.

I would like Carolyn as well as her sister Barbara Lisa, to answer the following questions...

Was the beauty parlor located in the Bizarre Mall?  If not, where was it?

Did these men own or manage these stores?  If it was the latter, they also stole from the former who may not have known what was going on.

In what abortion clinic did these men have an account?  While I am pro-choice, I cannot understand how this could be legal.

Where did the girls who disappeared go?  Are they still disappearing?

Were these men of the KKK?

And Carolyn Cuello can also explain why she considered herself to be a person with the necessary leadership qualities to guide a club whose primary purpose was to bring the races of the high school closer together.

Carolyn and Barbara Lisa know where to find me, Vivian Lehman of Middletown, Connecticut, Facebook.

Sunday May 06, 2018

You may have noticed that prices at the gas pump are rising.  This is President Donald Trump's technique to pay North Korea for the upcoming meeting he will have with such president, Kim Jong-un.  I would like to ask of everyone to immediately find a technique to conserve gasoline, while improving your quality of life.  If I can do it, anyone can.


I can no longer watch you fail as President, while jeopardizing my personal safety.  I will help you with your meeting with North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un.  You probably don't even know where North Korea is on the map.



As you know, you have an upcoming meeting with President Trump.  It is my understanding that he is raising prices at the gasoline pumps as a technique to send you advanced payment.  I am counter-balancing this.  No money for you.

I am in control of this meeting.  You already know me well enough to know that my first priority is always human rights.  Releasing three prisoners, who are also United States citizens, is not enough.  You will have to do better than that.

It is my understanding that there is an Orthodox Jewish Settlement Camp within your territory.  These people have been playing divide-and-conquer with your nation since World War II.  It is also my understanding that such camp is financed by the United States Department of Social Services.  I would like you to provide this government agency with the necessary information (i.e., address, etc.) to discontinue such assistance.  We would be doing these people a favor.  Anti-assimilates cannot accept our monies.


DEAR ALEX AZAR, Secretary of the United States Department of Health & Human Services;

Do you need the assistance of the North Korean president?  Or can you find this information yourself?  If you can find the information, can I have such financial termination within 72 hours?



I do not want you to say or do anything about this meeting between the United States and North Korea.  You know the old saying, A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.  That is all you have in your tiny brain.  Therefore, you are a dangerous thing.

I expect to receive confirmation of this when I watch the news.



You will arrive at such encounter and have both these men say nothing.  You of both sides will await my instructions.  I will be giving both men a script.

My apologies in advance if you have to wait for me to finish dinner, or arrive home from work, or finish shopping at the fabric store, etc.  They may have to sit speechlessly for a few hours, depending on traffic.  Depending on my asthma and recent back troubles, it may be a few days.

If there is any activity not authorized by me, including any deviations from my upcoming script, I will discontinue my help.  This, of course, will lead to inevitable failure.

First...I have to decide whether or not these two men will shake hands before, after, before-and-after or never.  Henceforth, at this time, hand-shaking is not allowed.

Second...You are allowed to place bottle-nipples in each of their mouths to maintain the silence.



Any questions?  To receive your information, I will have to watch the news.  If you want me to do such, you will have to make at least one of my car-payments.  I will review such information on such web-page first, and then go to the television set.

Thursday May 10, 2018

I watched the local news for a few minutes to see the weather report.  I learned that United States President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un will be meeting in Singapore on June 12th. 

The announcement was made immediately after the release of three American prisoners who had been detained for more than a year in North Korea: Kim Dong Chul, Kim Hak Song and Kim Sang Duk.  While I am happy for them, I do not believe this is the necessary fulfillment of the first, and still only, item on the agenda, human rights.

We all know that Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un do not have the necessary qualifications to execute such meeting.  I am the only such leader of this summit.

Friday May 11, 2018

I am not your wife, Carol.  Ask her for help with your daughter/granddaughter.

Tuesday May 15, 2018

I am not taking any road trip through Ohio to see you and your wife.

Tuesday May 22, 2018

Dear Gligor Tashkovich;

On May 05, 2018, I received your invitation for a reunion which includes all classes of 1980-86 of Fox Lane High School located in Bedford, New York.  This, of course, includes my class of 1984.

We are going to do this correctly.

This means we are first going to resolve issues which silently haunted us while we were attending Fox Lane High School.

One of the most important issues involved two men.  One owned or managed the designer clothing store in the Bizarre Mall.  The other owned or managed a beauty parlor.  I do not know this location.  I do know they teased pre-teen and teenage girls with love and marriage.  Each of these females submitted to the perverted sexual fantasies of these men who had an account with a local abortion clinic.  Each of these girls had three abortions before they were 16-years-old.  According to the information I have, Carolyn Cuello was one these females.  In our junior year, she was the leader of a club whose purpose was to bring the races closer together, Youth in Action.  She wondered why no one wanted to go to the meetings.  I hope she understands it now.

These men were also the leaders of the local chapter of the KKK.

Many of these victims did not graduate.  They were either temporarily or permanently confined to mental institutions, or drug-rehabilitations centers, or committed suicide.  Carolyn Cuello was not at my graduation ceremony.  I know she is still alive.  I do not know where she was in June of 1984.  I would appreciate an explanation before attending such reunion.

Collectively speaking, according to the feminists, such activity has nothing to do with why women are earning $0.69 for every $1.00 men are receiving.  If these victims never entered the labor market, the feminists are correct.  If these women did enter the labor market, they would have had to demand equal-respect-for-equal-work (i.e., equal-pay), while they had no self-respect.  I do not know how this can be accomplished.

Personally speaking, I partially blame these two men and their victims for my life experience with a married-man-with-AIDS-and-a-ten-million-dollar-debt-who-wanted-to-do-me-a-favor-and-sign-his-name-to-my-manuscripts-so-he-could-have-one-erection-with-me.  As his creditors waited for me to want a family and/or overcome my sex-drive problem, it was this married-man's understanding that the reason why I victimized him in this way was because I had a job working in a supermarket.  The solution to his victimization was to have me fired, and terrorize all potential employers, including a local store manager who was a mother of two small children.

I want each of these former fellow middle and high school students to provide the FBI with all the information they have on these men who may still be alive and destroying lives.  It is my understanding that these two men and the abortion clinic maintained a list of all these girls as well as how many abortions they each had.  If this list can be presented to a court as evidence, would it be legal to publish this list?  This might be necessary to resolve this, while sending a message to all those who need to receive such a message.


If anyone wants to answer me, especially Carolyn Cuello, they can find me on Facebook, Vivian Lehman of Middletown, Connecticut.  I will print their rebuttal herein on this website, and apologize for any non-malicious misunderstandings I created.

Friday May 25, 2018

Dear Gligor Tashkovich;

My last transmission was on Tuesday, May 22nd, after 11 pm.

On Wednesday morning at 6:54 am, I received your notice;

Fox Lane High School Reunion for Classes '80-'86 is no longer being planned on Classmates.com

Either way, we are going to finally resolve this, and bring these men to justice while answering the following questions:

What happened to the pre-teen and teenage girls who disappeared?  Why did their parents not file missing persons reports?

Why teenagers such as Carolyn Cuello were not at my graduation ceremony?  According to the information I have, she was in a mental institution, being treated for a severe anxiety disorder.

Where was this beauty parlor and abortion clinic?  While I am pro-choice, I cannot understand a clinic whose only purpose is to co-conspire with these two men to destroy the self-respect of these pre-teen and teenage girls.

Why the feminists believe this has nothing to do with why females are earning $0.69 for every $1.00 men are earning?  Would they please explain how any of these females could demand equal-respect-for-equal-work (i.e., equal-pay) after their self-respect had been destroyed?  Is it that they never entered the labor market?  If we include these non-entering females in the statistics, exactly what is the comparison between the income of men and women?

If anyone wants to answer me, especially Carolyn Cuello, they can find me on Facebook, Vivian Lehman of Middletown, Connecticut. I will print their rebuttal herein on this website, and apologize for any non-malicious misunderstandings I created.

Friday June 08, 2018

On Tuesday, at 8:25 am, the other cat who lives here, Nina, died of natural causes.  She was at least nine-years-old.

I am not yet ready to talk about the details, especially how she told me that despite all of my attempts to remedy her with herbs, vitamins and minerals, she understood that I could not successfully treat her.

Nonetheless, for the past few weeks, I have not been feeling well either.  I go to work, come home, collapse into bed without eating or taking my shower.  My landlord offers to fix me dinner.  I am not hungry.  My muscles stiffened.  It was so bad that there was one incident in that after I had lunch at a local Friendly's Restaurant, two waitresses had to help me stand-up from my booth.  I treated such stiffness with Solaray Chamomile herb.

The only good news was that I did not go to the emergency room this month.  This was to be expected because I experienced my second period within the five-month-prolactin-hormone-cycle.  In simpler terms, my prolactin hormone surged.  This time, I had in the house the duo-nebulizer treatment of Albuterol and Atrovent.  Furthermore, the pulmonologist recently prescribed Pulmacort.  This is a medicine new to me but appears to be very effective.

One symptom the cat had was dehydration.  Although I do not have this condition, today I learned that many people do, and have been treated in emergency rooms and urgent care centers for such sudden attack by this.

Although this may seem crazy, I have been blaming the volcanic activity in Hawaii.  I understand that I live in Connecticut, a half-a-world away.  Nonetheless, I believe that the gases may be so toxic, that a small dose could kill a seven-pound cat while playing havoc on my system.  Furthermore, if we have never inhaled these gases before, we have no resistance.

Wednesday June 13, 2018

Yesterday, we all watched the live television coverage from Singapore.  It showed us President Donald Trump signing an agreement with North Korean leader, Kim Jong un.  According to this document, the latter will denuclearize and the former will provide "security".

If "security" means financial security, then gas prices are going to rise.  I would like everyone to observe carefully the prices they are currently paying at the gas-pump.  If such rises by as much as one-cent, then please contact President Trump, and demand his resignation...


I paid $3.09/gallon.

If billionaire Donald Trump wants to buy anything, he can pay for it himself.  If he cannot pay for it himself, maybe he is not the billionaire he thinks he is.  Furthermore, according to his own definition of sex-appeal, he must be impotent.

Saturday June 23, 2018

I want to resolve the following issue before it presents itself.

This is the background...

During the Administration of President Barack Obama, I found myself in need of some extra cash.  I went on Craig's List and found a Gig of a local photography student who required a model.  I answered the ad.  She arrived within a few hours.

She went through my wardrobe and selected clothing she needed me to pose in.  Her favorite was a pair-of-pajamas which I made from four yards of flannel fabric.  I purchased this for $1 at a tag sale of a dress-maker.  I had been wearing it for over one year.  The outfit was out of shape and full of non-removable stains.  When she first selected it, I answered that she could not possibly want that in her portfolio.  She insisted she did.  I complied.

I also posed nude.

She paid me well beyond what was promised in her ad, $20.00.

A few weeks later, she contacted me again for another session.  She explained that her professor "adored" me.  She also promised more money than she had paid me before.  I explained that I did not want cash, but rather photography of the cat (who just died).  As we awaited the photographer's arrival, my landlord ridiculed the situation, explaining that the cat had been "putting on make-up all morning."

There have been other photography sessions with her which included nudity as well as clothes I made.  I did such for free.  However, at one time, during the Administration of Donald Trump, I explained that I had to charge.  She paid me $10.00.

Her college career has advanced such that she is now an advanced photography student and will have an exhibit.  I am requiring of her to include the nudes.  I promised that I will sign all such releases.  I told her that I wanted the title of our exhibit to be, Feminine Beauty Begins at Age 50.  I also explained that the history behind this is that Hollywood attempted to exploit my inevitable panic as I was approaching age 40.  I was not panicking.  They decided that is because I am either ignorant, have a sex-drive problem, and/or hated children such that I did not want to inspire the married-man to have one-erection-with-me while signing his-name-to-my-manuscripts so he could pay his debts.

Whatever the exhibit will be titled, I am predicting that some people will try to interfere with that.  Guess who that might be?

I want the record to reflect that during the Presidential Administration of Barack Obama, I had to pose nude to acquire $20.00 which I used to buy food.  It was his defining moment.

The defining moment of the Presidential Administration of Bill Clinton was The-married-man-with-AIDS-and-the-$10,000,000-debt-who-wanted-to-do-me-a-favor-and-sign-his-name-to-my-manuscripts-so-he-could-have-one-erection-with-me.

The defining moment of the Presidential Administration of George Bush was his Secretary of State who desperately tried to prove President Obama's statement in his senior thesis for Columbia University.  Such statement was that in the history of the United States, it was African Americans who held Caucasians as slaves.  In simpler terms, the Secretary of State wanted me to be her slave because she is African American and I am Caucasian.

We will soon establish the defining moment of the Administration of President Donald Trump.  My prediction is that it will be the reason why he is not releasing his tax-records.  It is probably because these do not exist.  Such is probably because he has no Social Security number.  This is probably because his mother illegally immigrated from Scotland with him as a baby.  In simpler terms, he is an illegal, undocumented immigrant.

As always, if anyone wants to rebuttal anything herein, please contact me at Facebook, Vivian Lehman of Middletown, Connecticut.  I will publish such, and apologize for any non-malicious misunderstandings I created.

Thursday June 28, 2018

I am going to discuss two issues today.


As you might already know, a United States Supreme Court Justice, Anthony Kennedy, has just resigned.  President Donald Trump will be selecting his replacement.  The President will be selecting from a Conservative, anti-abortion, list.

I am one step ahead of him.  I already have the list of all abortions each member of that list has been associated with.  My favorite is the one who impregnated a female when he was 14-years-old, then demanded from his potential in-laws a new car as well as a lease on a very expensive apartment.  Instead of allowing their daughter to marry him, they had her have an abortion.  The way this potential nominee understands the situation, if abortion was illegal, he would have received his money.

I hope Donald Trump selects that one.


The month of June is almost over.  This means that all schools are out-of-session, including Sunday schools.  As to the former, I would like to ask that the curricula be revised such that the Holocaust is no longer included in this.  The Jewish people characterize the Christians as the "Dumb Goyem".  The Dumb Goyem did nothing to them.  As to the Sunday schools, they teach that the pre-Christian Israelis and Jewish people are the same.  According to the King James' version of the Book of Ezra, Chapter 4, they are not.

Wednesday July 11, 2018

I have finally stopped crying long enough to talk about the loss of the cat, Nina.

As you already know, I have been blaming her death, as well as health problems I had, on the volcanic eruptions in Hawaii.  According to a news report, I am half-correct.  A geyser at Yellowstone Park suddenly became active.  We all know Old Faithful.  This one is called Steamboat.  It is spewing its venom to regions as far away as Connecticut.  I am blaming such for everything.

Nina originally lived in another house in the neighborhood.  The owner, who no longer lives here, left her outside to freeze and starve.  As the overnight temperature was due to go below zero-degrees Fahrenheit, my landlord went over and threatened to contact the authorities on the treatment of this cat.  The final agreement between them was that my landlord would take custody.  He brought her home and nursed her to health.

I then moved here in January of 2010. The other cat did not like me, but eventually changed his mind.  This cat immediately let me know she would like some additional hugs.

When I first moved in, she was exclusively an indoor cat.  However, Nina seemed to indicate that she wanted to go outside.  She issued confusing social signals.  I finally realized that she would step across the threshold, if I stood in the doorway with the door open.  One day, as I entered with my arms full with a bag of groceries and materials of the Census Bureau, my then employer, she ran outside.  I called to my landlord.  He came downstairs.  I explained that he needed to stand in the doorway while I unpacked.

Eventually, I was able to go outside with Nina.  She grazed while I stood behind her.  The neighbors thought it was an adorable sight.  Eventually, she would go outside on her own.  As winter approached, she found it too cold.  In the spring, we went outside together again.  For the spring season of the following year, she went outside before I had a chance to offer the opportunity.

At some point during all of this, she went to the veterinarian.  The speculation was cancer in her throat.  I answered my landlord that I know how to cure that.  We took three initiatives...

1.  A visit to another veterinarian for a second opinion;

2.  An e-Bay fund-raiser for the $600+ treatment would cost;

3.  Application of the Solaray herb Dandelion Root.

As to the first, such doctor confirmed the preliminary diagnosis.

As to the second, we auctioned off everything we did not need in the closet.  (Then, there was room for everything we did need.)  We raised enough money to cover what had been spent.

As to the third, I opened a capsule of such supplement, and sprinkled a fraction of it on some wet cat food.  I placed such food on her fur.  She was horrified, and immediately licked-it-off.  A few minutes later, she looked at me expressing, You gave me something.  After that, she understood that the bottle by my bed was her bottle of herbs.  She often slept near it.  One day, I realized that I should take a dose as my liver probably needed a cleansing.  I therefore took a pill.  She demanded of me to but the bottle down.  I did.

The next visit to the veterinarian was a clean bill of health.  I put the bottle away with my other supplements.  As the next few years passed, she would often stand on the side of my bed with her rear paws upon the mattress and front paws on the nightstand.  I wondered what she was doing.  A few days before she died, I realized she was looking for her pills.

While it is true that she had a clean bill of health, her lifetime experienced a constant activity of vomiting.  Sometimes, it was daily.  Sometimes, it rarely occurred.  I did not know how to treat that.

A few years later, she was suddenly spending much time in my living room chair.  I wondered why.  Fortunately, her annual check-up was due.  It revealed an infection.  By sleeping in my chair, she was expressing, I am sick!  Give me a pill!  She did not understand that the pills she was given last time would not work this time.  She received anti-biotic shots, pills, as well as cold-compresses for her infected eye.  She fully recovered.

In early April of this year, she began sleeping in my chair again.  At the same time, I visited the emergency room complaining of extreme stiffness in my legs.  I could not be diagnosed.  I explained to my landlord that something is wrong with Nina.  I finally convinced him to allow me to give her Solaray Dandelion Root.  I also gave her a few liquid herbs.  I sprinkled these onto some canned salmon I purchased for her.  There was no change.

She dropped from seven-pounds to four.  He finally took her to the veterinarian.  This doctor found a mass within her which was attached to nothing.  Nina also was diagnosed with an infection.  This was treated with anti-biotic shots and pills.  She recovered.  However, weight gain did not occur.

We went back to the veterinarian.  She was diagnosed as dehydrated.  There was also another issue.  In late September, the cat had been diagnosed with an over-active thyroid.  My landlord did not treat it.  That day, we began treatment.  She experienced some weight gain.

The next day was Friday.  I was at work and experienced my first spinal spasm in a long time.

The day before her death, she took a turn for the worse.

I went to work.  This is the job which requires of me to visit Michael's Crafts store.  As I visited one store, I also visited the pet shop next door and purchased some highly nutritious canned-cat-food.  As I visited another store, I also visited the vitamin store and purchased a powder supplement which has everything, including electrolytes.  This was the suggested treatment for dehydration.

I did not spend too much time in any Michael's Crafts store.  I have always tried to be a step ahead with all of my projects knowing that the day would come when I would have to borrow such time.  In addition to this, I was lucky in that the shipments were small.

I did not go directly to my third store.  Instead, I came home, opened the canned food, and sprinkled a small dose of the powder onto this.  She ate such.  My landlord was skeptical.

I then went to my third store.  While I was there, he surprised me by giving her an additional dosage.  This was because he was impressed by her progress.  I came home, and went onto the computer.  Downstairs, I heard a meow.  I went down and realized that she wanted to go outside.  We went outside.  She began running around as she always did.  She wanted to go into the backyard.  I could not let her go into bushes or tall grass.  I was afraid a larger animal would see how weak she was and pounce on her.  So she rested on the front walkway and I stayed with her.

That night, she slept on the couch with my landlord's arms wrapped around her.  I routinely woke-up to make certain she was still breathing.  Around 8:15 am, she was laying on the couch and I realized she was near the end.  I told her that I tried and tried with the vitamins, and that I gave her the Solaray Dandelion Root, as per her request.  She used her claws, to maneuver herself against the back of the couch such that she could lift her head and raise it back to make eye-contact with me again.  I knew I was forgiven.  My landlord heard me, woke-up and came downstairs to hold her again.  Then he put her on the couch.  At 8:25 am, I saw she was no longer breathing.

I went outside and was screaming and crying.  He called me back inside before someone called the police.

I concluded that the mass caused the death.  Furthermore, I decided, she was probably born with this.  It must have been mobile such that sometimes it was pressing on the digestive system, and sometimes not.

A few days later, we went to dinner.  We had a long talk with the waitress.  On the same day I had my spinal spasm, she had one too.  She went to the emergency room where she was diagnosed as dehydrated.

Thursday July 12, 2018

Dear Judge Brett Kavanaugh;

Congratulations on your nomination to the United States Supreme Court.  I am certain your wife, Ashley Estes, is very proud.  I would like to make one request of you.

Would you please release to the United States Senate your personal financial records?  Of course, such should verify that you honorably reported all income to the IRS.

If you would like to answer me, please find me on Facebook, Vivian Lehman of Middletown, Connecticut.  I will publish your response, and apologize herein for any non-malicious misunderstandings I created.

Vivian Lehman

P.S.  How did your girlfrields' latest abortions go?  Who paid for these?  Will their husbands attempt to influence their representative(s) in the United States Senate to vote for or against you?

Sunday July 22, 2018

There are a few chapters in my life which I have been intending to mention, but have not yet.  There were too many other issues which required immediate attention.

One such event dates back to a moment when I was a freshman in college.  A very intense United States presidential campaign was occurring.  One Democratic candidate was Senator Gary Hart.  Prominent members of his New York State campaign were my fellow students.

On the day of such primary, I was informed that there will be a party at the New York City Roosevelt Hotel.  As my mother arrived home from work, I opened the door to the garage and yelled this information to her.  Her response was, "What should we wear?"  Then, we drove down there.

His loss was very unfortunate.  Several people then took the stage and spoke to us.  Then, he arrived, gave a speech, while standing next to his wife, Lee.  After, she came down and shook hands with those of us in the audience.  As she shook hands with me, I innocently asked, "Why didn't you speak?"  She was stunned by the question.  Then, she immediately answered, "I think there is enough hot air in here."  I laughed.

Later, as my mother and I were standing outside of that room, Mrs. Hart was in the distance.  We called to her.  She came over and my mother showed her a letter she received from her union's political action committee.  It endorsed Gary Hart's competitor and eventual victor for the Democratic nomination, Walter Mondale.

As she already knew, in one of the original speeches by Mondale, he promised to never receive any assistance from such groups.

My mother and I pointed out to her the signature of such PAC's director.  She was amazed and kept the letter.

Later, I will tell you the story about how our dog, Fluffy, became lost one day.  I found her walking in dog-lane.

PART II---July 22, 2018





At his inauguration, he said he

"will to the best of his ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States."

Now we now he does not know what the Constitution is.

Colectively speaking, when we attend college, one of the first lectures we receive is on this legal instrument.  According to his biography, he has an economics degree from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.  I am declaring this a fraud.  He is, at best, a third-grade-dropout.  This is exemplified by his simple-minded understanding of the English language.

Either that, or Wharton is a stupid school which should refund all tuition monies to all its alumni and current students.

Trump is good friends with Russian President and former Communist/KGB director Vladimir Putin.  Therefore, you can begin your e-mail or hard-copy letter with,

"Dear Comrade Trump".

Part III---July 22, 2018

Furthermore, if you are a student getting ready to attend the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, please reconsider.  I understand it is very late in the season as the semester begins next month.  However, I am herewith asking of colleges and universities across the country to open their doors to such students, and honor all such scholarships, as well as tuition bills if such is lower than theirs.  I am also asking of the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania to refund all tuition monies already accepted, as well as all application fees.  I would also like all banks who processed such educational loans, to waive any and all fees which may apply to the students.  If they want to charge the University of Pennsylvania, please bill for the maximum amounts.

The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania engaged in false advertising when they promised to educate you.  Their alumnus, President/Comrade Trump, does not understand the most basic principles of the Constitution, the backbone of United States culture.  Therefore, it is not an educational institution.

It should not be called the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.  It is the College of Stupid.  You do not pay money to become an idiot, and no bank should approve such loan.

If anyone would like to answer me, please find me on Facebook, Vivian Lehman of Middletown, Connecticut.  I will publish such rebuttal herein, and apologize for all non-malicious misunderstandings I created.

I am looking forward to hearing from the attorneys of the College of Stupid.  You already know why.  I enjoy lawyers I can easily ridicule.

Unless, of course, the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania wants to state for the record that Comrade Trump was never there.

Dear Dean Geoffrey Garrett;

Would you like to answer me?

Monday July 23, 2018

I received an e-mail from the photography student.


However, that does not change the fact that Comrade Trump cannot fulfill his oath of office.  It also does not change the fact that the Wharton School has some explaining to do.

I know I have said the following many times...

When I attended my college graduation, the deans, provost and college president said over-and-over that the reputation of the school goes with us.

Wharton School must embrace a reality.  We have in the White House their alumnus who speaks English on the third-grade level.  Should parents give this University money to educate their children?  Should students take-out loans to give this University money to education themselves?  Obviously not.

Nonetheless, we have a new problem.

A very dear friend of mine (not the photography student) was hospitalized in early April of this year.  She was in the intensive-care-unit, barely alive.  The only good news was that she recognized me.  This was not predictable, but the nurse was glad to have this medical fact in her records.

There is no information as to what caused this.  It looked to me like someone took a blunt object and beat her.  Whatever happened, I recently spoke to her employer.  There is no information as to whether or not she is still alive.

Furthermore, in early May, I attended the funeral of a mutual friend who was 76-years-old.  I expected to see this other friend, and wondered if she would arrive in a wheelchair or somehow walk-in.  She did neither.

I am concluding she is dead.

Sunday August 05, 2018

I would like to remind everyone that Donald Trump junior and Ivanka Trump are NOT the biological children of President/Comrade Donald Trump.  If you do not believe me, take a closer look.  Do you see any resemblance?  Donald Trump junior is the son of Ivana's second husband.  I believe he is still living in Canada.  Ivanka Trump is the daughter of Ivana's limousine driver.  I am not worried about Ivanka reading this.  She inherited her mother's illiteracy.

Nonetheless, if Ivanka Trump wants to go on television and discuss the economy, I believe she should mention the leading economic indicators.  The next time she gives a press conference, I would like to ask of any journalist to ask such appropriate questions.

Furthermore, when Russian President Vladimir Putin visits the White House, I would like to ask of any staff member to collect a sample of his DNA.  Then, I would like this compared to that of the First Lady, Melania Trump.

Please remember the fact that Ivana Trump is the daughter of the late Romanian dictators, Nicolae and Elena Ceausescu.  They were likely close associates of Putin.


Dear Hitlers;

What is the rule about interfering with my employment?

That's correct.  However, I am modifying this rule...


I have a special request to make of all governors of the United States...

Please stop all welfare payments into any and all Orthodox Jewish Settlement Camps.  I would like to ask of you personally to send a letter to such addressees explaining that the money is stopping because the addresses could not be verified.  The inevitable response will be that it is verifiable.  This, of course, will result in an inspection of the property.  Please use the military for that.

Then, please take all undistributed monies and issue a refund to all taxpayers.  I am expecting at least $10,000.  However, I do not believe that my Connecticut governor will be interested in this.  He is not running for re-election.

If any of his competitors want my endorsement and vote...

Sunday August 12, 2018

It was on this day, just before I entered the third grade, that we brought home my cat, Meetzy.  The veterinarian said of him, "He talks more than most cats."  At home, one of the things he talked about was his demand that his nuggets are centered properly in his dish.  This was a large bin, approximately 12 x 6-inches.

As to less important issues...

I called-out sick today.  The last time was one year ago.  For the past few weeks, and especially during the past few days, I have been experiencing modest spinal spasms.  By "modest", I mean that these have not been inducing me to scream.  This morning, I also had a headache.  This has been occurring intermittently for several weeks.  Originally, it required three pills of Naproxin sodium as well as three pills of ibuprofen to control.  Then, it eased.  I believe it is connected to the fact that my period has become completely erratic.  My last one was very late.  Today's is very early.  I am struggling to walk.  I believe with rest, this should resolve itself.

Nonetheless, I want this employer to understand one thing.  This morning, as I was making a decision as to whether or not to call out, I thought about many issues. This long list of issues includes the fact that on Monday and Tuesday, I have much work to execute for my other employer.  I want to do a good job for them.  Therefore, I need rest.  On September 17th, I know I have a job with this employer of Monday and Tuesday.  I do not know whether or not I will have a job with the employer of today.  Therefore, my other job is my priority.

Otherwise, another concern less important than Meetzy...

An issue which has been receiving much attention lately is that of a subject I never discuss, sports.  There has been frequent discussion concerning football players not paying proper tribute to the National Anthem.  Two days ago, President/Comrade Donald Trump was quoted to have said, "Stand proudly, or be suspended without pay".

When I worked as a substitute teacher, the class, of course, said the Pledge of Allegiance every morning.  I found myself unable to do this.  It was unplanned.  I do not believe I have to explain why.  If Trump wants to inspire me to say it, he can begin my demonstrating an understanding of the Constitution.  Then, I would appreciate a few governors shutting down a few Orthodox Jewish Settlement Camps such that I can receive a tax-break.  In November, as I vote in the gubernatorial election, I may write-in Hitler or Mickey Mouse.  I should hold my own election as to which it should be.

Beyond this, in the schools, we were still using the phrase "under God" as part of the Pledge of Allegiance.  As a new school year is about to begin, I would like to remind all educators and law-makers that this means that all religious organizations must surrender their tax-exempt status.  Religious tax-exempt status is, by definition, the separation of church-and-state.

Do these churches want to pay their property tax bills?  Perhaps their towns should send them sample bills?  It would require one very big bake sale to cover that.

On another subject, less important than Meetzy...

Today at 4 pm, Ion television will air a re-run of what it is, in my opinion, one of the most important episodes in the history of television.  It is Law and Order, SVU, "Hooked".  It helped me to understand what I witnessed in middle and high schools.  I only have one suggestion, not criticism, for the script-writer(s).  The story should be slightly revised to include the details that these two students each had three abortions as a result of this significantly older man manipulating them.

If you are pro-choice, you should be especially concerned about this proposed fictional fact which, I believe, reflects reality.  "Choice" means that we are in control.  The teenage girls that these two fictional females represent, are not in control.

I would like to ask of everyone, especially law enforcement, to watch it, and then make the appropriate observations of this unfortunate reality.

If such law enforcement officers have pre-teenage daughters, they can use their skills to resolve such issues before these begin.  (For the past few months, these officials have been focusing their energies on harassing people of color.  They should realize how much they are hurting themselves.  Waste is no good for anyone, especially to those who are wasteful.)

As a tribute to Meetzy, please hug your cat, and make certain that his/her nuggets are properly centered in the dish.

Part II--------August 12, 2018

Ion television must have changed its schedule.  It will not be airing today at 4 pm.

Nonetheless, I have received several messages from people asking if I am being fired from my other job.  The answer is I am not.  The program is being discontinued.

Tuesday August 28, 2018

I have very interesting news.

Do you recall the issues I had almost one decade ago in that a company named Pro Tech Oil claimed I owed them $2,000 for oil deliveries to the house I lived in while residing in Coventry Connecticut?

Pro Tech Oil was represented by a man named William Reveley.  When I first received his letter demanding this money, I contacted his office.  I spoke to a woman named Mattie Turk.  I asked to see a copy of his license to practice law.  She answered that he did not have one.

Then, they sued me in small claims court.

A woman named Karen Jones was Reveley's client.  At trial, she claimed she was the executive director of Scasco Energy. According to her, Scasco purchased and owned Pro Tech Oil, the plaintiff.  I later researched such transaction with the State of Connecticut.  Scasco did not make such purchase.

Under my cross-examination, she testified that she "did not know" if all payments were applied to the account.

At such trial, I raised the issue as to whether or not Reveley was an attorney.  He hesitated, and finally said, "I am a member of the Hartford Bar Association."  The Magistrate stated that he believed that Reveley was an attorney.

I then was ordered by the court to pay the $2,000.  I did in monthly increments of $35.

As I was making such payments with him as payee, Reveley sent me a letter demanding that I make such payments to Scasco Energy doing-business-as Pro Tech Oil.  The problem with that was the phrase "doing-business-as" means neither were corporations.  Henceforth, their licenses to distribute such flammable materials did not exist.

It is my understanding that Reveley gave the money to Mara Addison.  Karen Jones should then have reported him to the Hartford Bar Association.  She did not.  She could also have reported him to the attorney general's office.  She did not.

Weird, hugh?

Not yet.

This is where it gets really weird.

According to an anonymous source whose credibility is unknown to me, no one by the name of Karen Jones has ever worked for Scasco Energy or Pro Tech Oil.

There is only one way to verify this...

Dear Internal Revenue Service, IRS;

Have you ever received a tax return from an associate and/or employee of the name Karen Jones with either a W-2, 1099 or both identifying her source of income as Pro Tech Oil and/or Scasco Energy?

YES or NO?

Friday August 31, 2018


Purchase over $100 worth of Solaray vitamins, minerals and herbs.  I would like two sets for security...


Calcium EAP



Dandelion Root


Olive Leaf


Purchase cooking supplies...


2 non-stick cupcake trays

4 non-stick bread-loaf trays

1 non-stick cooking-pot with lip and cover

1 mixing bowl

1 knife with cover

1 cutting board


Purchase storage supplies...

storage container for perishable items


small refrigerator which can be plugged-into car-outlet

Purchase presentation supplies...

2 two-by-four-foot-folding-tables

blood-pressure machine

Rent SUV for 1,000 mile trip.

On Saturday, I will drive first 250-miles of trip.

First stop will be at a farm in Eastern Pennsylvania.  I will stay overnight, as well as all day on Sunday, and again overnight into Monday.  I assume this is where I will execute most of my shopping, as well as the final research required for this contest.  I will likely purchase...


vegetable oil (if available)

On Monday, I will drive the second 250-miles of trip.

Second stop will be at a farm in Western Pennsylvania.  I will stay overnight.

On Tuesday, I will drive the third 250-miles of trip.

Third stop will be at a farm in Indiana.  I will stay overnight.   The following morning, before departing, I will purchase all perishable items necessary...




milk or fruit juice or cider

On Wednesday, I will drive the final 250-miles and arrive in Chicago.

On Thursday, I will compete.

First, I will invite each judge to use the blood pressure machine.  It is likely that at least one will have high blood pressure.

Next, I will prepare the four corns.  I will cut each to appropriate size.  This would likely be five-inches such that these can be separately placed into the four bread-loaf trays.  My original plan was to cook these in farm-fresh-butter only.  However, I discussed this with a customer who was a gourmet chef.  He explained that I must add some olive oil such that these do not burn.  For reasons to be explained, I would prefer corn oil.  However, I will have to see if the farms have anything to offer.

After cooking, each corn will be cut into small, round pieces.  During cooking, each corn will be enriched with one herb. I will take one capsule of each of the four herbs, open these, and deposit the powders.  This will explain to the judges how each tastes.  Although they may believe they know how garlic and parsley taste, Solaray has unique knowledge as to the appropriate method to cultivate herbs.  To serve such, I will use four dinner plates.  Each plate will have a saucer in the middle with the appropriate bottle.  Each corner of the 4x4 table will have such a plate.

Then, I will prepare the sauce.  I will take the red zinfandel wine, mix such will farm fresh egg(s), as well as a few other ingredients.  One ingredient may be the oil, another may be something else I may find on the farms.  I will stir the pot until the sauce looks like ketchup or barbeque sauce.  I will pour into a clear crystal serving bowl.

Then, I will prepare the burgers.  I will take the mixing bowl, deposit one pound of farm fresh meat, one-quarter cup of red zinfandel wine, and then open the capsules of each of the supplements, and drop such powders in.  I will then mix well and deposit into the cupcake trays.  This will create sample-sized burgers which will cook quickly.

The wine content of the burgers and sauce should, hopefully, satisfy the demand for wine-pairing.

For beverage, I will serve either the milk or other fruit juice.

Then, I hope, the judges will eat and drink.

Finally, I will invite the judge(s) with the high blood pressure to retake such test on the machine.

On Friday, I will ship all non-food items home.

On Saturday, I will fly back to Connecticut.

I estimate this will cost $3,000.

Friday September 14, 2018

As you already know, on August 25, 2018, Senator John McCain died.  As you also already know, he is being characterized as a war hero who was detained for five years in Vietnam as a prisoner-of-war.  As you also already know, I do not believe one word of his story.  I believe he and his wife Cindy are the ones holding soldiers missing-in-action as prisoners-of-war.  I also believe that the stories he told about the atrocities he experienced were actually the atrocities he perpetrated in the name of manufacturing Budweiser Beer.  His wife, Cindy, is the chairperson of its distributor, Hensley and Co.  She inherited this position.  It was founded in 1955.  The Vietnam War was from 1954-1975.

Included in his stories was his experience with a broken arm and an unscrupulous Vietnamese doctor who set it without anesthesia.  However, one set of x-rays with confirm or deny this.

Not everybody believes me.  This can now be easily verified.

I would like to ask of the Probate Court managing his Estate to freeze all assets until all POW/MIAs are home.  If Cindy McCain has to choose between homelessness and complying with this demand, she will choose the latter.  Furthermore...

As the Probate Judge already knows, the Estate must be appraised as of the date of death.  (For example, let's say John McCain had stock in corporation XYZ.  Today, the shares are worth $5, each.  However, on the date of August 25th, these were worth $4, each.  It is the latter value which is typically of significance to the Court.)

I use the word typically because I believe that for this Estate, one more issue must be considered.  It is the issue of growth and income, as well as the source of such.  Since August 25th, I assume that Hensley and Co.  transmitted money (i.e., profit-sharing/commission, etc.) to him.  The source of this will verify my claim.

I would like to ask of the Probate Court to appraise the Estate of John McCain as of his date-of-death, August 25, 2018, and as of today's date, September 14, 2018, as well as all future appropriate dates.

Case closed.

Part II---September 14, 2018

Let me clarify what we are looking for...

Has the Estate of John McCain received any payments which were converted from North Vietnamese currency into United States dollars?

I am asking of the residents of the State of Arizona to demand of the Probate Court to freeze the assets of this Estate.



Friday September 28, 2018


This is the part of the article I want to talk about...

Senator Jeff Flake of Arizona says that without evidence to corroborate Christine Blasey Ford's allegation of a sexual assault by Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, "our system of justice affords a presumption of innocence." (emphasis supplied).


Dear Senator Flake;

I do not know why I have to explain this to you.

There is a presumption of innocence for any criminal defendant.

There is no presumption of competence for any job applicant.

Kavanaugh is a job applicant for the position of Justice of the United States Supreme Court.  There is no presumption of innocence concerning this allegation of a sexual assault.  Rather, it is the responsibility for those interviewing him (i.e., the United States Senate), to review all issues and decide if all job standards are met.  Furthermore, because such a Justice is a permanent position, the standards must be higher.  If there is any reason to believe that her story is credible, Kavanaugh must be removed from any such consideration.

According to your profile, you are a graduate with a master of arts degree from Brigham Young University.  For any student of any university, one of the first lectures is on the Constitution of the United States.

They cannot graduate you in this ignorant condition.  You have just destroyed the reputation of this educational institution.

And please have paternity tests on your five children and three grandchildren.  They are not all yours.  That is obvious from the one photograph on your official site.

Furthermore, please also have maternity tests on these five children.  I know what you do.  You impregnate females, then bring the babies home for your wife to raise.  You like playing this game.  This is why you are pro life.

If you want to deny any of this, please find me on Facebook, Vivian Lehman of Middletown, Connecticut.  I will publish such herein, and apologize for any non-malicious misunderstandings I created.

This is how we are going to resolve this...

Dear current President Kevin J. Worthen of Brigham University;

I am officially asking of Brigham Young University to return Jeff Flake's tuition monies.  You cannot graduate someone in this ignorant condition.

And that must be the last time I have to explain basic law-making principles to a law-maker.

Sunday September 30, 2018

I did not work this weekend.

It actually is not a problem.  I have to make my winter pants.  I need two-pairs.  Because these will be lined, I am making four-pairs.  I also finished a pair of autumn cotton pants and am continuing a winter shirt which I began over the summer.  Furthermore, now that my asthma has been partially resolved with Pulmacort, I have been working out in the gym.  I never did this before, but my landlord has encouraged me many times.  In the past few weeks, I have done it twice.  The first was for 45-minutes.  The second was for 60-minutes.  I worked-out until I believed that if I worked additionally, I would need a shower.  That appears to be my limitation.  I have not been having problems with soreness.

When I did not work on Saturday, my landlord's niece bought lunch for me at the local pizzeria.  It was a small party with a few other of his family members.

Nonetheless, I would like to ask Judge Brett Kavanaugh for his opinion of my payroll-situation.  Is it an issue to him that it is my opinion that he should NOT be confirmed to the United States Supreme Court?  Would it bias him to know that I formulated such opinion because it is my conclusion that he will be President/Comrade Donald Trump's puppet?  That is not how our system of checks-and-balances is supposed to function.

Thursday October 04, 2018

As you already know, the FBI concluded its investigation on the allegations made by Dr. Christine Blasey Ford concerning Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.  Before the information is made available to the general public, I would like to discuss these.

One issue which has been mentioned is the fact that Dr. Ford originally claimed that the alleged sexual assault occurred during her late teens.  Later, she claimed, it was during her early teens.

1.  My first guess is that the FBI did not research the legal drinking age of such years in the State of Maryland.  My additional guess is that it was 18.  In simpler terms, Dr. Ford tried to avoid stating for the record that she engaged in under-age drinking.

2.  My second  guess is that the FBI did not find the house in which the alleged sexual assault occurred.  My additional guess is that they researched every residence except one--that of Dr. Ford.  It is my assumption that the reason why she cannot recollect how she arrived at and departed from the "party" at which such alleged assault occurred, is because she hosted it.  It is my additional assumption that her parents were not home.

3.  My third guess is that the FBI did not research the dates-of-deaths of her parents.  My additional guess is that each such date precedes that when Dr. Ford first began discussing this issue with her husband.  According to her, she first mentioned it to him when she and her husband were making home renovations.  She had a peculiar request for a second front door (i.e., escape route).  This required explanation.  My explanation has nothing to do with the renovations.  Rather, she was no longer afraid of her mother-and-father.

4.  My fourth guess is that the FBI made no effort to research how Brett Kavanaugh arrived at and departed from such "party".  I would like to ask everyone to look closely at Dr. Ford's comment about not driving at age 15.  I assume she did drive her parent's car(s) while they were not home.  I additionally assume that she drove Kavanaugh to the "party".  I also do not believe there was any "party" involving more than two participants.

5.  My fifth guess is that the FBI did not interview other members of Kavanaugh's family.  Did any such member receive a telephone call one night from an inebriated Kavanaugh, requesting a ride home?

6.  My sixth guess is that the FBI did not research the school records of either Kavanaugh or Dr. Ford.  If the sexual assault occurred, wouldn't her grades have then fallen?  If the sexual assault occurred, wouldn't he have a history of violent behavior?

Thursday October 04, 2018

For almost five years:

I was 100% punctual.

I had a history of 100% same-day-reporting.  In simpler terms, the company could always bill the client.

I had nearly 100% attendance, except for the time that renovations were done without warning to me, while the company knows I have asthma.  (I experienced a medical bill of over $50,000.)

I never brought my cell-phone onto the sales floor, knowing it was a violation of company policy.

I always remembered my uniform and never allowed the company to incur the expense of such replacement.

I had very high sales statistics.

I routinely took the temperature of the food I served while complying with all requirements (e.g., 140, 165, 180-degrees, etc.).

To now be...

Told I do not want my paycheck because I said that I did not want to "run after their computers."

Told I was "insubordinate" because I decided that the company's computer problems belonged to the company.

Told I was due in to work while I could not access my schedule and did not know I was due in for work.

Told I should call my supervisor when I am "ready to work" while I have always been ready to work.

What do you think is my current opinion of the situation?

And tell me the truth...

Did anyone show-up for work last Saturday?

Sunday October 07, 2018

On Friday, October 05th, Megyn Kelly broadcast an interview with an alleged rape survivor, Amber Wyatt.  It is one of the most annoying stories I have ever heard.

Let's go over the details...


2:12...We see Amber Wyatt's attorney Gloria Allred.

As soon I see this lawyer, the victim's story immediately looses 50% of credibility with me.

0:45...Megyn Kelly cites the Washington Post headline, "Twelve years ago, Amber Wyatt reported her rape.  Few believed her.  Her hometown turned against her.  The authorities failed her.  (emphasis supplied)"

2:19...The alleged rape occurred on August 11, 2006, as Amber was on the varsity cheerleading squad.

It is possible that she was on such squad before the school year began.

2:35...The sequence of events originated at a party at which there was underage drinking.

4:01...We see an image of the party as it is marked by police tape.

In my opinion, that cannot be characterized as a failure by the authorities.

5:32...Amber reported the alleged rape to the adult who hosted the party.

5:43...Amber received a sexual assault exam.  She also went to the police.

6:29...Nurse confirmed Amber had been raped.

8:10...The female who hosted the party is identified as Cindy Marks.

8:30...We see a clip of the police interview with Cindy Marx.  The date on the video is October 03, 2006, two months after the date provided by Megyn Kelly as well as the article she cited.

Furthermore, in my opinion, this interview cannot be characterized as a failure by the authorities.  The interviewer is very authoritative.

11:29...Megyn Kelly states, "Wow!  Did the courts let (Amber Wyatt) down!"

17:35...Gloria Allred states that Amber Wyatt and the nurse were NOT called to testify before the grand jury.

17:37...After such hearing, according to Gloria Allred, the prosecutor told Amber Wyatt's father, "It's his word against hers.  We are not prosecuting."

If I understand that choice of words correctly, Amber did testify before the grand jury.

I would like to ask of Megyn Kelly to acquire a copy of the nurse's medical report.  I am going to guess, and I emphasize the word GUESS, that it verifies that another girl was raped, and Amber was a participant in the aggression.  This is why the community turned against her.

Saturday October 13, 2018

As you must already know, I have been having some problems with one employer.  I will call this the other employer.

First, let me tell you about TNG, the good employer.

As you already know, until March 01st of this year, I was employed by Baker & Taylor, my previous employer.  I had an excellent relationship with this company.  For these people, I packed-out books at Michael's Crafts.  I also had excellent rapport with all the Michael's Crafts managers I worked with.  Perhaps you remember one?  It was in 2013???  I had a carriage full of Christmas merchandise, while the manager had no room on the sales floor for it.  I followed him, nagged, and finally, he found something.  The condition was that I had to merge two sections of his merchandise to make room for mine.  In theory, I should not do that.  In fact, I did.

The Baker & Taylor contract moved to another company.  This is not unusual in this profession.  What was unusual was that the contract remained unchanged for almost a decade.  I was hired in July of 2010.  Eight-years is a long time for this type of work.

On March 01st of this year, TNG assumed the contract.  I again have excellent rapport with my supervisor.  Furthermore, from one month to the next, as the contract changed companies, the Michael's Crafts managers I worked with had no knowledge of the change, except for small modifications in routines and a few technicalities.  I also received a larger territory.  As I entered one added store, the manager (with whom I had worked with at another store) saw me and said hopefully and doubtfully, "You're not here to do my books?"  I smiled and nodded.  It was a very happy reunion.

I also received a raise and a free lunch.  Furthermore,  while the book program appears to be expanding within Michael's Crafts, this has led to more labor-hours.  My rapport with the Michael's managers has also led to even more labor-hours.

The managers have been giving me extra space within the store.  For example, on Thursday, I asked one manager to allow me to move the Halloween books to the empty space at the register queue (i.e., best selling location).  I explained that it is in her best interest to sell these before such holiday.  She agreed.  I ran to the back room.  With my back trouble still an issue, I received much help to get fixtures down.  Nonetheless, I was able to install these myself.  I moved most of the books there.  As I was going to get price-tags, my supervisor made a surprise visit.  I told her I have wonderful news.  I then showed this to her.  She photographed it.

(There was a time when I shared such photography on this website.  However, because of technical problems connected to this site, I am still using a webpage of three-years-ago.  As photography requires more cyber-space than type, I do not have enough such space.)

I also met with such TNG supervisor on Tuesday, September 02nd.  This was planned.  I explained the problem with my other employer and asked for additional work.  After she expressed her shock, I received this.


My last day of work for my other employer was Thursday, September 27th.  From September 28th to the 29th, the contract changed companies.  However, this change was as a result of a takeover.  I am not going to discuss all the details about what happened, except to say the following, in addition to what I said on October 04th.

According to one of my co-workers, there were no paychecks on October 05th.  Unless payroll closed on Friday, September 28th, my co-workers should have been paid for the work executed on Saturday, September 29th.  On Friday, October 12th, paychecks must have posted.  I waited until after this day to discuss such issues.

I waited because it was obvious that the company was playing with the payroll.  In a situation when I am asked over-and-over to come into work while I cannot login into the system, there is only one explanation.  My co-workers may not have understood this.

Another reason why I waited is because I also knew that other things would calm down after such date.  For example, please recall the fact that I was characterized as "insubordinate".  In simpler terms, I knew I would not be called bad names as my co-workers were calling them bad names.

I work with good people who each earn an honest living.  I am ready to promote a Go Fund Me campaign to appropriately compensate them.  Will this be necessary?  Or can I assume that by Tuesday, September 16th, this will be resolved with an apology from corporate?

I would like an apology too.

Saturday October 20, 2018

Today, I witnessed Republican Gubernatorial candidate, Bob Stefanowski, privately campaign.  He definitely believes that church-and-state should be integrated.  Therefore, he will resolve Connecticut's deficit by...


I guess this means that all such worshippers could experience an audit by the IRS.  Have they been taking deductions they are not entitled to?

I am a registered Independent.  However, I think this should upset his Republican constituents within this State, and any other state which may follow such lead.


239 North Main St
Branford, CT

And when you talk to Bob or his wife Amy, please also explain that he should stop his campaign and see a urologist and/or urological surgeon about the growth I think I saw.  It may have been there for a few years.  This is why she never experienced an orgasm with him.

As you already know, my grandfather was a urological surgeon.  He taught me a few things as to visual diagnostics.  I am not 100% accurate.  However, Bob can allow his physician to release this information to me.  His campaign staffers have my address on file.  They can either mail this information, or, when we meet again, he or Amy can give me the written diagnosis.

Saturday October 27, 2018

You are probably wondering why President/Comrade Donald Trump has become the Eighth Wonder of the World.  You may be able to answer your own question by looking closely at those who attend his rallies for which he champions the causes of his favorite candidates (e.g., those running for governor, senator, etc.).  The audiences are primarily urologists and urological surgeons as well as all their students.  They come from all over the world.

What happened was that someone, I do not know who, showed Trump a video of my act of using my paycheck to buy food.  Then, on such video, he saw me eat such food.  His penis immediately fell off.  No one knows how to reattach it.  However, theoretic research has begun.  This material would be a good dissertation for many graduate students.  Trump should soon be asking Congress for such scientific grants.

You are also probably wondering why President/Comrade Donald Trump is not coming to Connecticut to champion the cause of the Republican Gubernatorial candidate, Bob Stefanowski.  This is because Trump is afraid I will attend such rally, and see such damage.  I can assure him he has nothing to worry about.  I already saw it.


Dear President Donald Trump;

I would be most honored if you would please visit the State of Connecticut and host a rally for the Republican Candidate for Governor, Bob Stefanowski.

Please ask of him to forgive me for my act of shaking hands with him, and then authoritatively, directly into his face, making my demands upon him.  Please believe me when I say it was never my intention to frighten his staff, especially the tall, lanky one.  And I am sorry that Mr. Stafanowski has been rendered completely speechless.

The cat got his tongue.  I would appreciate an opportunity to give it back.  May we please meet again?

Part II-------October 27, 2018

I just picked-up the mail.  This letter was enclosed...

Dear Vivian Lehman,

Nissan-Infiniti LT ("NILT") has received and paid the personal property tax bill(s) on the above-referenced lease.  According to this lease agreement, you are responsible for all personal property taxes paid by us on your behalf.  The amount you owe is $450.56.

For your convenience a self-addressed stamped envelope is enclosed.  We at Nissan-Intiniti LT are please to have served you in the past and look forward to servicing you in the future.  If you have any questions, please call 1-800-xxx-xxxx.

This my answer...

1.  In August of this year, I spoke to the Town of Middletown.  There are no outstanding property-tax bills due on the car.  If you do not believe that I made this phone call, ask Tim.  As he already knows, I am a very detail-oriented bookkeeper.  If he does not know, then he is stupid.

2.  "NILT" enclosed no property-tax bill.

3.  "NILT" enclosed no evidence that any such payment was made.

4.  I am not as stupid as Tim.

Of course, it is now expected of me to search my files and find a copy of such lease.  I know that such records were stolen a few months ago.

Tim will probably now tease me with the notion that he will punish me by returning to his ex-wife, Carol.  He is so stupid, that it does not occur to him that I found the obituary.

Tim, I knew this letter was coming.  Why else would I have attacked you when you tried to get into my bed again?  Are you so stupid, that you could not figure that out too?

One day, your grand/daughter will be treated this way.  This will occur because, partially, you promoted these bad seeds of civilization.  Stop pretending you love her, and start admitting you hate her.

Saturday November 03, 2018

Here in Connecticut, the gubernatorial race is very tight.  However, President/Comrade Donald Trump is not coming to champion the cause of the Republican candidate.  This must because I scared him.  The farther away he is, the more dangerous he becomes.  The pressure will be on me to pay the $450 property tax bill which must have been for the lease.  This was from June 02, 2017 thru February of 2018.  It was during the latter month that I traded in the first 2017 Nissan Sentra for a nearly identical 2017 Nissan Sentra.  The difference was that the second car was a dealer car and had 6,000 miles less on it.  Furthermore, the interior is black rather than the cream color of the first car.  I prefer the darker color because it always looks cleaner.  The arrangement would also allow me to skip one month's payment, while giving me two more free oil-and-lube servicings.

As you already know, I currently only have one employer.  I was alienated from the other employer.  In late September, we changed companies as part of a takeover.  This is what happened during the end of September and whole month of October...

1.  My supervisor did not include me in the training of how to login to the new system.


2.  I could not login to the new system because it did not recognize the login information I was given.


3.  I could login to the new system which prompted that it would send me a code, that never arrived.


4.  My supervisor finally made an appointment for me to train on how to use this system.  I sat at his desk for 45-minutes until he finally had me clock-in.


5.  He had me do training on his computer.  The computer lost record of all I completed.  I was told I would have to repeat this.


6.  He told me I was on the schedule for the following day.  I explained that I already made other plans.  (I did not explain that the plans were to directly confront the Republican gubernatorial challenger at a private party.)  My supervisor and I then agreed that I would work on Sunday.


7.  I reviewed my profile in the system.  Direct-deposit was "not available".  I asked payroll when it would be repaired.  They said they did not know.  I was informed by my supervisor's supervisor that I would be mailed a paper-check.  I told her what I explained to my recruiter a few months before---I do not allow money in the mail.  The recruiter and I reviewed all my information, and she assured me this would not happen.


8.  In late October, the payroll department informed me that they did not know when the direct-deposit system would be repaired.

I gave up.

All this time, TNG gave me all the work available.  I am very very very grateful.  Nonetheless, it was not enough to pay the bills and the $450 bill.  If Donald Trump looses big on Election Day, this upcoming Tuesday, I am certain that the pressure will be upon me to pay such property tax bill.

I cannot do it.



I am NOT asking of Donald Trump to pay this bill because it is my understanding that Melania will eventually inherit a mountain of debt such that their son, Barron, will starve.  Trump's disastrous finances is why, during the presidential election, my phone rang over-and-over with Trump asking for $25.  While his record reflects that he has over three-billion dollars, I am certain this is a negative, not positive, number.

Sunday November 18, 2018

Dear President/Comrade Donald Trump;

It has come to my attention that you cannot perform your duties as Commander-and-Chief.  You are requiring of me to re-initiate Targets.  Before I do such, I need to know why you are having this difficulty.  Then, I can administer the appropriate assistance.  Please fill-out the following form.  You may check more than one box...


I, President/Comrade Donald Trump, cannot execute my duties as Commander-and-Chief, and cannot deliver my campaign promise of Making America Great Again, due to the following reason(s)...

I am....

___an illegal immigrant from Scotland.




___an asshole.

___other--please specify.


I have...

___a phony education.

___a valid education from a stupid school.

___other--please specify.


I was....

___raised by a mother who was a whore.

___raise by a father who was a whore-fucker.

___raised by respectable parents who I am purposefully disgracing.

___born in another country and have no understanding of how the United States and its government functions.

___other-please specify.


My health condition is...

___no brain.

___no heart.

___a penis which fell off because Vivian Lehman victimized me by using her paycheck to buy food which she ate.

___other--please specify.


My wife, the First Prostitute, is...

___a female impersonator.


___not faithful.

___bore me a son who is not mine.

___bore me a son who is mine, but I cannot confirm this because I am too illiterate to read the lab report.

___other--please specify.


I, Donald Trump, do hereby certify this incomplete list of excuses for my inability to execute my duties as Commander-and-Chief to Make America Great Again.  Furthermore, during my re-election campaign, I will never never never contact Vivian Lehman asking of her to donate $25, 25¢ or any other amount and will thereby not earn for myself the title of Donation Donald.  I am a billionaire, and do not require any donations from anyone for my campaign for election into public office.

As my wife and I are preparing to file a civil-suit against Vivian Lehman for her act of referring to my betrothed as the "First Prostitute", I understand that Vivian Lehman will represent herself as defendant, pro se.  I also understand that Vivian Lehman has no assets to sue for.  This is because I stole them all.  (I did not earn my billions-of-dollars.  I plundered it.)

Furthermore, I am aware that at pre-trial depositions and at trial, Vivian Lehman will require both of my wife, the First Prostitute, and myself that we present Federal identifications.  Such will include verifications of status of immigrations.  We will verify under penalties of perjury that Donald and Melania Trump are not our real names.  We will also prove that I am an illegal immigrant from Scotland, whereas the First Prostitute is an illegal immigrant from Hungary.

Or at least I think these are the names of the countries.  I am currently studying basic geography.  Until recently, I believed that Hungary is a collection of five-star-restaurants, while Germany is a place to find a lot of germs.  I also thought that the North and South Poles are both located in Poland, while Austria is the capital of Australia.  This is why I informed my travel planner that, as we prepare to tour Europe, I want reservations in Hungary, immunizations from Germany, husky-dogs for Poland, and the first Waltz with a kangaroo while in Austria.

________________, November 19, 2018



Thursday November 22, 2018, THANKSGIVING!!!!


That was going to be everything I was planning on writing today.  Then, yesterday, I received subliminal information.  I hope I misunderstood.

As you already know, a few years ago, I thought I would finally get married.  It was to a man with two teenage sons and one granddaughter.  After the former two people almost beat the latter to death, this grandfather and such child moved-out of their home.  This man was awarded custody of the infant, gave her a puppy (who is now a big dog), and found a new home for them.  I was ready to love this little girl as my own, while finally having my children.  I anticipated a son I would name Peter, and I always wanted a daughter named Daphne.

It did not happen.

According to the subliminal information, one of the sons has a pregnant girlfriend.  Of course, I am expected to assist with this.

If that is correct, this is what I know...

She became pregnant exactly nine months before the end of the school year.

If that is correct, this is what must also be true...

She became pregnant as a result of an unplanned act of passion (i.e., Wiccen attack by the female upon the male).  Furthermore, because she is pro-life, she decided that she must have the child.  This means that the father must marry her and assume financial responsibility for her, while the grandfather must financially support all three of them, and people like myself must assist her.

If all of that is correct, then this is what can be expected...

She will force him and his daughter/granddaughter, with their dog, out of their current home.

Fortunately, the Supreme Court ruling of Roe v. Wade is in effect.  If not, it can be expected that she would turn violent against the current occupants of the house, while choosing to believe that there are no legal consequences for such actions as she needs a home for her baby.  Always bear in mind that she is the pro-life hero.

If this man does not believe me, I would like to ask of him to review the history of the Long Island Lolita.  A married man, in his 40's, romanced a teenager.  Then, in what has been characterized as a "jealous rage", the teenager visited their home, and shot the wife in the head.  She barely survived.  Please recall how the teenager initially presented herself in court.  She did not understand she was in trouble.  Please look closely at the situation.  She was pregnant, and thought that was a free-ticket.

Another good example to cite is the Swiss Nanny case of Westchester County, New York.  As a nanny from Switzerland was home with a baby, there was a fire.  The baby died.  The nanny was charged.  The jury found her not guilty.  If you looked closely, the owners of the home were not the "parents", as they testified to in court.  Rather, they were the grandparents.  The teenage daughter was the mother.  She and her boyfriend committed the arsenic act.  Obviously, during the pregnancy, they demanded ownership of the house.  Request was denied, and they took their revenge.

As a footnote, another case we should cite is that which I previously discussed.  It was about Amber Wyatt.  Earlier this year, she appeared on Today with Meghan Kelly.  She explained that in August of 2006, she was raped.  The investigative police tapes are dated early October---exactly nine months before the end of the school year.  Additionally, Amber claimed, she was not allowed to testify before the grand jury.  Television hostess Meghan Kelly includes in her resume that she is a former prosecutor.  If this is true, she did not need me to tell her that the reason why Amber could not testify was not because she was the victim, but rather the defendant.

While we are on the subject...

It is very likely that, during the Trump Administration, Roe v. Wade will be overturned.  This will allow States to regulate abortion rights.  However, before any State has the opportunity to introduce any such legislation, these teenagers will loose control, especially during the weeks of early October thru Thanksgiving.  There will be similar violent outbursts across the country.  In anticipation of this, I would like to ask of the following...

1.  All such counties expand their staff of law enforcement officials and juvenile detention facilities;

2.  All such laws protecting the privacy of these juveniles be overturned.  I propose this as a public safety initiative.  If such females, as well as the males who anticipate these monies, will be released on bail, their violent rages will continue and intensify.  Therefore...

3.  I would also like extra police officers on duty at the middle and high schools.

On another subject...

Now that it is established that I am not returning to my other employer, I would like to deliver a practical Christmas present to my former co-worker,  Lynn.  In early April, she disappeared.  I made several frantic telephone calls, desperate to find her.  She was in the intensive care unit of a local hospital.  I entered her hospital room.  Then, unable to recognize her, exited and asked of the nurse to confirm her identity.  I cried for a long time on this nurse's shoulder.  Then, we re-entered together to establish whether or not Lynn would recognize me.  I did not say, "It is Vivian."  She recognized me and called me, "Viv," as she always did.

When the Hitlers realized that I found her, they became very nervous.  It is still prosecutable.  This is the deal I am offering.  If the Hitler who did this comes forward and confesses, I will not release any more names.

Carolyn, did you do this?

Saturday November 24, 2018

She did.  She took a blunt instrument and beat Lynn into a coma.  It was Carolyn's peculiar nervousness over the past few months which had me very suspicious.  I do not know why she attacked Lynn.  Does it involve Carolyn's greed for welfare, her phony civil rights activism, and the fact that she insists that she cannot control her sex-drive?  Were the three abortions she had in high school also an issue?  Should we also consider the issues of her visit to Department of Social Services at age 16?  She explained she had a three-year-old child as a result of an unplanned act of passion, while being pregnant again.  This time, abortion was not an option.  Therefore, she was entitled to a furnished apartment.  She did not receive this, but is still baffled as to why.  Perhaps Lynn tried to explain it?


If you have a new representative in Congress, please contact that person and request the information as to how many billions of dollars the United States Government gives to the anti-assimilation nation of Israel.  Additionally, I would like to know how this affects each of our paychecks (e.g., $10/week, etc.).

By December 21st of this year, I expect it to stop.


Saturday December 01, 2018

Again, I received the $450.56 tax bill from Nissan Motor Acceptance Corporation.  Of course, I cannot pay this.  Therefore...

Dear President Donald Trump;

Will you marry me?

I will meet you at my church on Sunday, December 02nd, at noon.

Vivian Lehman

p.s.  This is an honorable proposal of marriage.

Thursday December 06, 2018

Here in Connecticut, we have a pro-choice Governor, Dannel Malloy.  He did not run for re-election.  In January, he will be replaced by the pro-choice Ned Lamont.

After Roe v. Wade is overturned, pro-life pregnant teenagers will engage in violent rampages.  They will murder the wives of the fathers of their pregnancies, and push people out of their homes so they may occupy such.  They will steal your money and my money without conscience.  These juveniles will choose to believe that their condition of a pro-life pregnancy is the only excuse they will need.  This will be especially intense in states which have pro-life governors.  Henceforth, the State of Connecticut will eventually be characterized as one of the safer states to live in.

In theory, a preemptive action which can be taken is to acknowledge a legal reality that minors cannot have custody of minors.  In fact, some of these teenagers will choose to believe that because they are heroically pro-life, no laws apply to them.  Other teenagers will find techniques to falsify their ages.

The only effective preemptive action which can be taken is for all states, especially those with pro-life governors, to expand their juvenile law enforcement divisions as the day approaches that Roe v. Wade is overturned.

Saturday December 15, 2018

Today, I would like to talk about my health again.  It is all good news.

In August of 2017, Hartford Hospital in Southington convinced me that I must have a pulmonologist treat my asthma.  After a few exams, and trying a few different pharmaceuticals, Symbicort is working very well.  Before, I routinely needed the prescribed rescue inhaler, particularly at work.  After, I rarely required this.  The Symbicort is so effective that in September of this year, I finally took my landlord's advise and went to workout in a gym.

When I first stepped on a machine, I screamed and jumped-off.  I was so loud, I was certain the management would evacuate the building.  They did not.  After a few visits, and talking to a few other customers, I finally established a routine.  While many people work-out on one piece of equipment for a long time, I do many pieces of equipment for a short time each.

I originally worked on my back and knee troubles, then found equipment which, to my surprise, treated my asthma.  Next, came the expected weight gain. Muscle weighs more per cubic-dimension than fat.  Therefore I weigh more, but am the same size.  Based on my experiences and the pattern of weight gain, I am concluding that it is all in the chest region.

I am also concluding that what caused all of this breathing trouble, was that I lost 20-pounds of muscle in the chest region.  I have regained more than ten.  Additionally, I have had the pleasure of observing the diaphragm muscle moving very effectively with each breath.

Then came two complications.

Oxygen is a natural antibiotic and, when used to treat anaerobic bacteria (i.e., that which does not consume this element), is the most powerful such medicine available.

Several hours after using the chest machine for the first time, I awoke in the middle of the night with a vaginal itch.  While it felt like yeast, I concluded that was impossible.  Around noon the next day, as I dined with friends for lunch, I felt it was definitely yeast.  I treated it with cream.  It came back.  I concluded that was because the oxygen was continually feeding it.  I therefore used pro-biotics.  At some point, I believe, my body adjusted to its new normal of oxygen supply.  I therefore returned to the gym, back to that machine, and found other machines for the chest.

The other complication was that I could not longer wear short-sleeved t-shirts to work.  These were very uncomfortable.  I believe that my under-arms had to discharge excess amounts of oxygen.  I quickly had to make short-sleeve/button-down shirts.  The cuffs of these sleeves do not cling to my arms.  Therefore, I can ventilate.

The yeast returned.  I controlled it, then returned to the gym.  I could not resolve it.  I used pro-biotics, over-the-counter creams, as well as the Solaray herb, Fo-Ti.  Additionally, I discovered pre-biotics.  I do not know what these are except for the fact that these helped.  Nonetheless, yesterday morning, as I awoke around 3 am and could not fall asleep again, I theorized I may have mis-diagnosed myself.  It was time to seek professional attention.  I went to the emergency room.

As you already know, I cannot go to Middlesex Hospital.  I was afraid Judge Hitler would be waiting for me.  I also cannot go to the Hartford Hospital in Meriden.  I had to travel over half-an-hour to Southington.

It was yeast.  They prescribed a cream as well as Diflucan, and gave me one dosage of the latter.  I dropped-off the prescriptions at my local pharmacy.  They had the pill, not the other in stock.  I had to drive to another pharmacy.  On my way back, I decided I had to take additional action.  This could not go on.

It was time for some high school chemistry.  I had to neutralize the unprocessed oxygen.  But with what?  Nitrogen?  Obviously not.  Hydrogen?  Where would I get that?

Carbon, as in Carbon Dioxide, CO2.

It was eight-pm. The Vitamin Shoppe closes as nine-.  I quickly drove there.  After working with two associates for one hour, I found that the herb Rosemary is rich in this substance.  Unfortunately, they did not have this in Solaray.  Nonetheless, it worked.  I had a very peaceful night's sleep.  I awoke early and realized that the gym opens at 7 am.  I would get there before the crowd.

Sunday December 16, 2018

On Friday, December 21st, if there is any trouble, I will file the legal-action served on December 07th.

Friday December 28, 2018

The bad news is that I have been battling a respiratory infection for a few days.  It is the reason why I have not posted anything since December 21st.  I was sick December 23rd-25th.  I lay in bed, while taking excessive amounts of Symbicort to keep the asthma under control.  When the trouble began on December 22nd, I immediately placed the liquid herb Sage into the asthma nebulizer and inhaled it.  I believe it killed the infection, but the inflammation was already excessive.

The good news is that I did not go to the emergency room.  Four years ago, on Christmas Day, I also had a respiratory infection.  I arrived in the emergency room, and collapsed into a hospital bed.  I was completely incontinent, and too weak to change the dressing for my period.  This resulted in blood and urine everywhere.  I was in the hospital until the morning of December 29th.  A few days later, I tried the herb Sage for the first time.

The interesting news is that this year of 2018, I also experienced my period on Christmas Day.  Additionally, as we all know, December 21st is the shortest day of the year in this hemisphere.  There must be something about the way my hormones are interacting with this shortage of daylight.

The good thing which emerged from all this, is that I am now aware of it.  In the future, before December 21st, I will inhale the herb Sage through the nebulizer.  I noted it on my 2019 calendar.

There was no attack against me on December 21st.

I expected such because, according to the missing version of Matthew, this is the day which Joseph and Mary were rejected by the Jewish operated inn.  Henceforth, every year, on such date, Jews must attack Christians.

As per my promise, I am not filing the law suit.

Sunday January 06, 2018

Dear Donald Trump;

I understand you are attempting to bill the taxpayer for the border-wall you want to build between the United States and Mexico.  I have a better idea for the procurement of such money.

Why don't you put the First Lady, Melania, to work?  You can charge $1,000,000 per labor-hour.  You need $5,000,000,000.  That is 5,000 labor-hours.  Based on her experience, she can achieve that within one month.

That is why you married her.  She is a multi-purpose, income-earning asset.

Monday January 07, 2018

Am I the only one who is experiencing a bizarre surge in the amount of State income tax which is being deducted from my paycheck?  Is this money for the border-wall between the United States and Mexico?  In simpler terms, am I financing billionaire Donald Trump's lack of leadership?  It was bad enough when, during his campaign, my phone rang over-and-over with him demanding $25.  Now this!

On Wednesday, January 09th, Ned Lamont will be sworn-in as the Governor of Connecticut.  According to his transition-team website...

"The swearing-in ceremony will be held at the William A. O’Neill State Armory at 360 Broad Street in Hartford and is free and open to the public. Following the oath of office, Gov. Lamont will make brief comments about his vision for the State of Connecticut. Tickets are not necessary and seats are first come, first served. Doors will open at 11:30 a.m. and the ceremony will begin at 12:30 p.m. Guests are asked to arrive early and to refrain from bringing large bags in order to ensure smooth admittance through security protocols. Please RSVP here to tell us you will be there.

"Directly following the inauguration ceremony, the inauguration parade will step off at the Armory, turning east on Capitol Avenue, passing the historic State Capitol. The parade will then turn north on Trinity Street and come to a close at the intersection of Trinity Street and Elm Street. Guests attending the inauguration ceremony should plan for road closures in the areas surrounding the State Capitol and the State Armory.

"Following the conclusion of the inauguration parade, Governor Lamont will deliver the State of the State address to a joint session of the General Assembly inside the Hall of the House of Representatives at the State Capitol."


I have to be at work to earn all this money.  If you do not, please attend with a copy of your pay-stub and demand the appropriate revision.  Please let him know that we must experience this revision immediately, or he must resign.

Friday January 11, 2019

As you know, many Federal Government employees have been laid-off because of President Donald Trump's tantrum.  He wants a border-wall between the United States and Mexico.  Congress does not want to give it to him, especially at that expense.  Of all the issues he has addressed, I do not understand why he is so fanatical about this one.  I do not believe it is for the reasons he specified.

As you know, I have been out-of-work many times because of the Hitlers trying to force me to run-after men.  According to them, I should not earn my own paycheck.  Every time I have been out-of-work, my practice has been to find techniques to save time, money and energy such that I can continue to do such when I return to work.  Some techniques would save me $1/week.  By the end of the year, that would be $50.  With enough of these, my lost paychecks would be recovered.  Here are a few suggestions...

1.  Talk to your banker.  This should be free.  Is there a fee you routinely pay which you cannot find your way around?  Now is the time to figure something out.  While you are doing this, try to reorganize your accounts such that you earn more interest and/or rewards.

2.  Talk to your insurance agent.  This should be free.  Are the insurances you previously purchased still exactly what you need?  Is there a policy or policies cheaper and more effective than what you currently have?  And always ask if you have "preferred" status.  Do not assume you have such and do not assume you do not deserve it. 

3.  Talk to your stock broker.  This should be free.  Is your money working as hard for you as it should?

4.  Review your property tax bill and talk to your neighbors about what you should be paying.  This is free.  Are you paying too much?

The good thing which will come out of all this is that you can show your children how to live without a paycheck.  It should be one of the crucial lessons of childhood.

Saturday January 19, 2019

By now, you must have figured-out how much money can be made by looking at your money.  Most likely, your only regret is that the furlough did not happen a few years ago.

Now, let's look at what is free...

1.  Another expert you should contact, who probably will not charge you anything, is your Union's benefit coordinator.  Are you entitled to anything, such as an annual physical, for no charge?  How about some tuition money for your children or you?  Now is the time to update your skills so that you are ready for the next offer of a promotion.

2.  Another expert you should consult with, who probably will not charge you anything, is your pharmacist.  Review your profile.  Are you, for example, taking medications in the morning when it would be best to take such in the evening?  When you go, do not forget to bring your photo identification.  Ask for a list of all of your expenses for 2018.  If you itemize your deductions, such might be tax-deductible.  Part of your tax bill may be free.

3.  If your car is new or nearly new, and you purchased such from a dealer, you can ask the dealer what you are entitled to for no charge, such as an oil-and-lube service, full-car-inspection, etc.

4.  You also need to have a consultation with your tool-box.  Do you have a staple and/or caulking gun?  Review your heating insulation.  Whenever I did this, it was my goal to save $1/day, $365/year, on such fuel.  Additionally, does your local or state government have free services such that they will review this situation with you?  Now is the time to ask as many questions as possible.

Part II------------January 19, 2019

As you have seen on national television, the parents of a teenager are going to receive $2.3 million dollars in a wrongful death suit.  The teenager's name was John Albers.  Those who fired the fatal shots are police officers of Overland Park, of Kansas City, Missouri.



Before they issue such money, I have a few curiosity questions...

1.  Was John Albers his real name?

2.  Was 17-years-old his real age?  If so, and if I recognize him correctly, this could only be true if he was held back more than two grades.  If not so, and if I recognize him correctly, he could not possibly have been old enough to drive a car.

When I listen to the video of the incident, I believe I hear the police officer telling John to "stop the car", 2:11.  I also believe I hear him telling John to "shut-up", 2:15.

Part III---------------January 19, 2019

A question for your morning coffee in Cleveland...

Were/are John Albers and Jordan the same person?

Sunday January 27, 2019

Federal government workers are finally going back to work after a shutdown which lasted one month.  And after you all talked to your banker, insurance representative, stock broker, neighbors, pharmacist and car dealer, with the goal of saving at least $1/week for the next year, you should each eventually recover (6 x $50)=$300.  Furthermore, you hopefully found techniques to resolve energy losses within your home with the goal of saving $1/day for the next year.  This should recover $365 by January 01, 2020.  The total is $665.  Additionally, you hopefully found tuition monies for your children and yourself.  If a promotion is offered, and you have the necessary, up-to-date credentials, you have a better chance of acquiring such than before the furlough.  The goal would be to earn $10/week more, $500/year.

Whether or not you are returning to work, these are my additional suggestions...

We discussed analyzing what your money is doing, as well as researching what is free.  We now need to discuss toll-free/800- telephone numbers.

Your cable, telephone, electric, and all other service companies likely have these.  Call them and review your bills.  Are the services you purchased previously still exactly what you need?  Is there another arrangement which is cheaper and consistent with your current needs.  For example, are you paying to watch television channels which no longer interest you, whereas other channels would captivate your attention?  Ask questions and more questions until you find yourself saving $1/week as a result of each telephone call.

Tuesday February 12, 2019

As you know, I currently work for TNG.  We perform many projects.  Mine are to service books in Michael's Crafts store.

Over the weekend, my employer sent me on my first business trip. As I live in Middletown, Connecticut, there is a Michael's in Stamford which required servicing.  Stamford is on the border of New York and in the region where I formerly lived.  The Lord & Taylor which employed me is and was located there.  Middletown is near the center of the State.  Stamford is in the South-West.

Late Friday, I researched driving directions from the store to the hotel my employer reserved and paid for.  I carefully studied and recorded that which I found on Google, as well as the hotel's website.  It was not the same.

On Saturday at 8 am, I met my supervisor in a city of the mid-West of Connecticut.  She gave me a $50 gift-card for meals, gas, etc.  To verify that it was activated, I used the card to buy breakfast at McDonald's.  My supervisor then took the receipt for the gift-card, and departed.

I drove through Bedford, the Town where I grew-up and lived-in until I was 39-years-old.  By 10 am, I arrived at the store.  I introduced myself to the manager.  I explained I needed a $1-rack by the registers.  He initially offered the empty bottom shelf of a Valentine's Day candy rack.  We talked more.  Then, he asked of his staff to move the candy to another location so I could have the whole rack.

This rack's size is four-feet wide, four-feet high, and two-feet deep.  He assigned another staff member to help me with back-room issues.  She gave me a guided tour of the stock-room.  We then went into the fixture room.  I selected, from its highest shelf, the fixtures I required.  She climbed a ladder, brought these down and carried such to the rack.  I changed the fixtures on the rack.  She helped me return the former fixtures to the fixture room.  Then, I moved approximately $500 worth of merchandise from the stockroom onto the sales floor.

By 1 pm, I sent my supervisor a photograph of the new $1-rack.  She answered, "You go!"  I went to lunch, then returned to "go" more.

As I prepared to depart to go to the hotel, I decided to call such and ask for one more set of driving directions.  The desk-clerk researched this on Yahoo.  She produced a different set of instructions and explained that according to the computer, the store and hotel are nine-minutes apart.  I said, "See you in nine-minutes."  While I may have had too much information, how hard could it be to find a large building with a big sign and is so close?

I departed, and found myself driving round-and-round Stamford.  As I consumed gas, I was very close to, at my own expense, checking into another hotel.  Two days later, I explained to my supervisor that if it were not for the fact that I used to work there, I would have been so lost that she would never have heard from me again.  We agreed that in the future, I would be booked at a hotel or motel closest to the store.  While this may be more expensive to the company, it would be cheaper for me.

A local resident finally explained what went wrong.  The City changed the names of some of the roads.

I would like to ask of all states, cities, towns, and anything else which is responsible for naming and re-naming streets, to appropriately update as soon as possible.

Wednesday February 20, 2019

In two months, April 18th, we will experience Holy Thursday, National Whistle-Blowers' Day.  All whistle-blowings will be welcome.

When I originally launched this concept, law-makers did not like the idea.  However, when whistle-blowing brought issues to the fore which were necessary for national security and all other priorities, many such officials changed their minds quickly.

This year, I would like to ask of all Governors of the United States to prepare for this day by flying over as many Orthodox Jewish Settlement Camps as possible.  After verification of its activity, and on Holy Thursday, I would like at least one such Camp in each State to be shut-down.  As these communities are welfare dependent, this should generate a few million dollars of saved monies in each State.

I would like tax-rebates then issued accordingly.

Thursday March 07, 2019

Dear President Donald Trump;

It has come to my attention that you are running for re-election, even though your first term was, is and will continue to be an absolute failure.


Do you understand?  Please acknowledge.

My kindest regards to the First Prostitute and your illegitimate children from your first wife, Ivana.  I hope Donald Trump junior stops making a fool out of you soon.

Vivian Lehman

Sunday March 17, 2019

I have a curiosity question for Mara Addison.

How much did the "superior qualities of her Jewish business brain" charge billionaire Donald Trump for reading my unpublished book while it was in her care, and then his sabotage through the act of cutting sentences in half?

How much did the billionaire pay?


I think the time has come for Carolyn Cuello to tell her "baby sister" that she is her baby.  Carolyn should also explain that she became pregnant for the exclusive purpose of inducing Department of Social Services to give her an apartment.  She never received this, so therefore became pregnant again-and-again.  By the time she graduated high school, she had three abortions and two pregnancies which went to full term, including that of her "baby sister".

Wednesday March 27, 2019




Wednesday April 03, 2019

There are three items on my agenda for National Whistleblowers' Day. 

The first you already know...

The governor in each State of the United States must shut-down one Orthodox Jewish Settlement Camp.

The second...

I want to know exactly how much money Donald Trump has.  He is documented to be a billionaire.  However, during his presidential campaign, my telephone rang over-and-over-and-over-and-over again with his voice on the other end demanding a $25 campaign contribution.

That makes no sense.

(Each time that phone rang, I pushed the buttons instructed as necessary to cease this harassment.  Then, a different telephone number called me.)

The third...

If you are on jury duty, please execute a literacy test on the judge, prosecutor and all other attorneys.  You can acquire one from your local elementary school.

This is the history behind this request...

A few months ago, I received a jury summons.  I had to appear on March 20th.  (Then, there was no court activity on that day.)  As the date was approaching, I thought about two moments in my life.  After each of these, could I deliver a guilty verdict?

FIRST EVENT, 1997...New York State Supreme Court Justice Harold Wood was so impressed by my former attorney's Addition Consulting Business, that he was ready to set a precedent that the laws which protected me from being billed for unsolicited services did not apply to such.

The law firm was Banks, Pickett, Gruen and Shapiro of Mount Kisco, New York.  They administered my mother's Estate.  Barbara Pickett boasted proudly to me about her Addition Consulting Business.  She tried to enlighten me with the idea that I must explain to her all of my expenses so she may make a list of such and counter-balance that against all my income.  The woman was so financially illiterate, she did not know what a checking-account-statement from the bank was.

I refused to pay their legal fees and all other billing.  They sued.  Judge Wood yelled at me because I refused such services and refused to express any gratitude for her act of imposing such.  I therefore chose to believe that this Justice's wife manages all of his finances.

A few years later, he was my customer while I was a cashier at Staples.  He paid with a check from his checkbook in which there was a checkbook register.

I was stunned!

Then, I witnessed the fact that he is only functionally literate.  He struggled to write and record that check, but eventually accomplished such.

SECOND EVENT, 2014...I was held against my will at the mental-ward of Middlesex Hospital in Middletown, Connecticut.  I immediately knew that psychiatrist, Dr. Tariq Latif, was not a physician because I asked him about drug interactions, and his answer was, "I do not know anything about that."

There was a probable cause hearing as I demanded my release from this institution.  Justice Joseph Marino was the Probate Judge.  The alleged doctor presented him with his high school diploma from Pakistan.  Marino ruled that was a valid license to practice medicine.

Marino is not functionally literate nor literate.

(And he is another illiterate Caucasian I have known.)

What is the verdict:  guilty or not guilty?

Saturday April 13, 2019

If you live in the Northeast of the United States, you know that the workers of Stop-and-Shop are on strike.  I have never worked for this company.  However, 20-years-ago, I worked as a cashier for the Grand Union for almost two years.  I had a few issues with them...

1.  We had the responsibility of not selling alcohol to people under the age of 21.  If anyone who appeared under the age of 25 attempted to buy such, we had to ask for photo-identification.  The problem with this was that we were not notaries-of-the-public and could not legally identify anyone.  Additionally, I was aware of the fact that if I accidentally sold such to a minor, I could go to jail.  Furthermore, if such minor drank the alcohol, drove down the street and killed someone while there was a receipt in the car with my numbers on it, the consequences would be big.

I was earning $7.00/hour.

2.  One day, without warning, corporate decided to have a dress code.  They wanted all of us to wear white shirts with collars and button down fronts.  They also wanted black pants or skirts. I had to buy clothes to their specifications.

I was earning $7.00/hour.

3.  The company policy was that when a worker, such as myself, reached the threshold of employment for two years, we received full-coverage health insurance.  As I was approaching this date, I was fired.  You may choose to believe that we all faced such consequence for loyalty and longevity.  However, my co-worker, as he was approaching such date, was not fired even as he was caught stealing.  Loss-prevention knew of a $6 theft.  The estimation, based on research and calculations, was $2,000.  He was suspended for three-days.

4.  When I was fired, there was a hearing.  At such hearing, the manager, John Acocella, complained that I, on a previous day, called him twice asking for the explanation of my termination.  He was disgusted with my actions.  This was after all the times I was telephoned by the store requesting of me to come in and work on my days off.  The reasons were no-shows and call-outs by my co-workers.  I was never a no-show, and called-out sick once.

Yesterday, for two hours, I joined the Stop-and-Shop workers on the picket-line.  I felt much better.  The time has come for management to listen to itself.  That is all I am asking for.

Friday April 26, 2019

The person I rent a room from was just hospitalized.

He is a Vietnam Veteran.  He once told me that when they returned, the public, disappointed at the results of this war, "threw things at them and told them they did not belong in the Army.

I would like to ask of everyone to thank such a Veteran for his service, and, if necessary, apologize.

Sunday April 28, 2019

I have some very interesting news.

The White House is beginning its plans for the 2019 memorializing of September 11, 2001.  As the President characterizes himself as pro-life, he will dedicate this day to the unborn child of the pregnant woman who died.  He will definitely be in New York City, at such location of the former Twin Towers.  The television networks, including CNN, NBC, CBS and ABC, will have anchor-people by his side.

The problem is his staffers have never done such a project before, and do not know how to prepare such a ceremony.  I have a few ideas...

1. President Trump should shake hands with  pro-life, pregnant women, as many as possible.

2.  President Trump should give a speech, at least 1,000 words, on the sanctity of life.

3.  The following women should each give a speech explaining that they have never had an abortion, and why...

a.  First Lady, Melania.

b.  First Daughter, Ivanka.

c.  Former First Daughter Jenna Bush Hager.

4.  The replacement Tower should have a candle in each window, as the pro-lifers characterize themselves as candle-in-the-window.  (You often see such decorations at Christmas.)

I would like to ask of everyone to make appropriate suggestions.  You may borrow my words, without using quotation marks or making a citation.


Friday May 17, 2019

This is what I need...

A person who...

1.  Needs a place to live;

2.  Needs a car to drive short distances with;

3.  Can help a Vietnam Veteran with bathing and changing;

4.  Knows how to cook and clean;


5.  Has a personal hobby or profession of servicing cars.

My supervisor is helping with this search, as a personal favor to me.  (It is good thing I am working for TNG.)

If we find anyone through this website, I want this Veteran's family to understand that for this diary to exist, I pay $15.45/month plus a biennial fee of $55.

I am Vivian Lehman of Middletown, Connecticut.  You can find me on Facebook.

Friday May 24, 2019

Dear Medicare;

Please deduct the cost of my stolen hub-cab from this medical facility's bill.  Please also advise them that if there is any more trouble, their invoices will be "bleached".

I would also like to make one more statement.

Please recall my hospitalization at Middlesex Hospital in February of 2015.  Please also recall the following facts...

I was treated by a phony physician who was illegally in this country from Pakistan.

This phony physician combined asthma medications with anti-psychotic pharmaceuticals.  When I asked about drug interactions, he answered, "I don't know anything about that."  Of course, I had symptoms of such issues, which the nurses ignored and did not record in their notes.  (These are additional illiterate Caucasians I have known.)

Every day, these nurses administered asthma medications without listening to my lungs before and after these administrations.  In fact, my lungs were listened to once during my five-day stay.  It was a few hours before my discharge.

Each day, as I waited for asthma medication, up to two hours, the excuse that these nurses gave was, "This is not a medical unit."  They could not read the sign in front of the building which says, "HOSPITAL".

After I wrote about it on this website, the son of one of my grandfather's former students contacted me.  According to him, a few decades ago, the German Government assembled a team of medical experts, including licensed doctors and nurses, to visit Third World countries and educate them on standard medical procedures.

If I had contacted him during my hospitalization, arrangements could have been made for them to leave the remote regions of Russia and visit Middlesex Hospital to provide the necessary training for my care.

Now, I would like to ask of this team to interrupt their schedule to visit this other medical facility.  (He is NOT NOT NOT at Middlesex Hospital.)  The first lesson must be that stealing a hub-cap from my car will not cure the patient.  The second lesson must be that breaking into this home will not treat the patient's symptoms.  Please explain these lessons slowly and carefully, repeating such information as many times as is necessary.  It will only take a few hours before they understand.

Nonetheless, it appears he is making an excellent and unpredicted recovery.  Please cancel my previous request for someone to move-in and help him.  However, he may need someone from a visiting nurse service to come over three-times-per-week to assist with showering.

Saturday June 08, 2019

He took a very frightening turn for the worse.  The good news is that this morning, I was very impressed by the nursing care he is receiving.  If he has a chance, it is in their care.

Dear Hitlers;

If you, in any way, attempt to exploit this situation, I will never again watch television or read any newspaper.  You already know that I have not turned the television-set on since this occurred on April 26th.  You also already know that when this occurred, all delivered newspapers were delivered by me directly into the recycle-bin.  You also must already know that the subscription was recently cancelled, effective May 18th.  This is because last night's caller "does not care", therefore neither do I.  (The only item I will watch is Donald Trump's arrival at the former site of the World Trade Towers on September 11th.  He will definitely be accompanied by television host, Jenna Bush Hager.)

So you must already know that I will make good on this.  It is not a plan.  It is my plan--also known as the only plan.

Monday June 10, 2019

He is making an impressive recovery.  Very few people experience a pneumonia for only three-days.

Saturday June 22, 2019

He is getting better.  I am no longer worried.

The good thing which is emerging from all of this is that I may have accidentally encountered the cure for Parkinson's Disease...

Padma by Econugenics;

Circu-Legs by Solaray;

Fo-Ti by Solaray;


Magnesium by Solaray

I was very sick also.  This past weekend, I had one trip to urgent care and three to the emergency room to treat my asthma. For the past few weeks, I seem to have had an infection.  I used q-tips to insert the liquid form of the herb Olive Leaf into both ears.  This appeared to have resolved this.  Nonetheless, since early April, I have been very weak.  I am beginning to feel the return of my strength.

Otherwise, I am seated here at the computer with some extra time.  I am now going to take care of some unfinished business.

In the summer of 1985, I was in college.  Around Memorial Day, there was a spectacular display of fireworks around my home.  Many pets in the neighborhood ran, including our German Shepard, Fluffy.  Although we did not witness this.  Nonetheless, she had disappeared.

We searched for her, and requested the assistance of our neighbors.  The visiting cousin of the Whalen's believed she witnessed Fluffy run into the woods.  According to Margie Whalen, the fact that this child was from the city made this statement non-credible.  To this girl, running into the woods would mean three-feet into shrubbery.  Nonetheless, the child was proven correct.

After we could not find Fluffy for over one day, I returned to the Whalen household requesting more help.  Margie called me over.  She had a list of several local organizations which help such animals.  She claimed she assembled it when their dog was missing.  She said I could borrow it, but after a few weeks needed to return it.

It was an interesting list.  However, there were no results.

Finally, three-days after her disappearance, in the evening, we received two phone calls from two different neighboring households claiming they saw Fluffy within the village of Bedford.  My mother had just arrived home from work and was changing.  I therefore ran away from her and jumped into my car.  I drove through once, and did not see her.  I tried again.  There she was, walking down dog-lane.

It was Fluffy's understanding that the area between the two yellow lines in the middle of the road must be for the accommodation of a dog's paws.

When I first saw her, she was standing still and her head was looking back at a blue Volvo station wagon.  She was wondering what that was all about.  Then, she resumed her activity of walking with her head down low expressing, What am I going to do?!  I stopped my car, and called her name out the window.  She was in such a state of shock, that she did not hear me.  She timidly distanced herself from the car by a few inches as she continued to walk down dog-lane.  As I continued to call her, she turned her head up and around.  She began to cautiously approach me.  Then, I opened the car door.  Her ears flew back in delight as she ran into the back seat and rejoiced with me in the front.

When we began to quiet down, I noticed a man on the sidewalk with a collar-and-leash.  He asked me, "Is that your dog?"  I nodded with delight.  Then Fluffy indicated to me that I should take her home.  He watched us drive away.

The following occurred during the years of 1995-2000.

I was living in the house in Bedford.  One day, there was a peculiar set of noises above my bedroom.  I could not see what it was.  At the same time, I noticed a raccoon roaming upon the one-acre piece of property.  I did not connect the two issues.  I understood I was living with a raccoon.  I did not know I was living with a raccoon.

As the next few months past, the noises became louder and louder, and I repeatedly saw this raccoon on the trees and throughout the yard.

One evening, I also heard some peculiar scratching at the louver vent.  Then, over the next few months, I occasionally heard what appeared to be an animal walking within the attic.  At one point, it sounded like she knocked over a pile of National Geographic magazines.  The next day, I went to the attic and found such on the floor.  Nonetheless, I concluded that I misunderstood what I heard.

Another night, I heard her scratching on the roof of the house.  I yelled, "Will you knock if off?!"  She thought I did not like the noise.  I did not care about the noise, I was worried she might peel a roof-shingle off.  She then continued the scratching but was not as noisy.  I yelled again.  She stopped.

A few weeks after that, I was playing the radio in the kitchen.  She stomped through the attic and then tore-up a piece of insulation.  I shut-off the radio and sat in a chair with my head down low.  Then, I went to bed.

Eventually, one day, I was looking out the front door, and observed her walking toward the house.  She arrived at the two trees in front of this entrance.  As she began to climb these, she looked at me expressing that she knew who I was, but that she did not mind me living here too.  Then, I looked up.  I saw her babies.  They were walking on the roof.

A few months later, I believe a daughter assumed the territory.  It seemed as though she was not living over the attic and roaming within.  Rather, she was living within the attic just below where she was raised.  Nonetheless, I refused to believe she was in the house.

Early one morning, I went to the attic on a routine issue.  To my shock, I found that every box was thrown around.  It was an unbelievable mess.  I concluded an intruder caused this and called the police.

I explained to the Officer that I knew a raccoon lived on the property, but could not have done this.  He found the louver vent with the railings slightly separated.  I told him that I had seen this animal.  She was too big for that.  He explained that they are very soft.

A few weeks later, she found a marble and was running all over the attic, playing with it.  A few weeks after that, as this nocturnal animal came home from foraging, she jumped through the louver vent, ran through the attic, and pounced upon her favorite toy.

When I told people I was living with a raccoon they would joke, Does she pay rent?  I explained that she ate all of the mice.

I still refuse to believe that she trashed the attic.  Her mother did not make a mess out of her own home.  I believe that neither would she.  I have long suspected that Donald Trump used a ladder to enter it through a window, and they found each other.  While she did not mind me living there too, he was not welcome.

If I am correct, he must have a nice set of scars and some torn clothes.

Saturday June 29, 2019

I forgot to mention one thing about Fluffy's trip down dog-lane.

As she and I were celebrating our reunion, the blue Volvo returned while driving in the opposite direction.  The male driver stopped and asked me, "Is that your dog?"  I confirmed she was.


It is my understanding that our representatives in Washington, D.C. have new websites such that we cannot contact them.  Therefore, we will have to communicate face-to-face.  The next time you see such a Senator or House member, make certain s/he understands that President Donald Trump will be visiting the September 11th Memorial in New York City, on such date in 2019.  It will be to remember the unborn child who went down that day.  Furthermore, the President will be accompanied by television host and former First Daughter, Jenna Bush Hager.  Included in the service, this female as well as the First Lady and First Daughter Ivanka, will each give a speech explaining that they have never had an abortion and why they have never had an abortion.

Sunday June 30, 2019, 3:15 pm

To Whom it May Concern;

By May 1st of this year, I knew who you were.

By June 1st of this year, you recognized my bookkeeping skills.

On July 1st of this year, you will do the correct thing.

And the two women can take these words to the bank.

Thursday July 04, 2019

On Sunday, he was discharged, and is in good condition.  Nonetheless, at the same time he was hospitalized, I was not feeling well either, and did not pursue extra work.

I have a back property-tax bill on my car, as well as a new such bill to pay.  I need approximately $600.  I also have to make a car-payment for $375. To raise the $1,000, I have three options:

1.  Pursue Donald Trump for his sexy money.  According to him, his wallet is the arousing bulge in his pants.  However, before I do this, I must be certain that he has $1,000 in the bank.  His wife is very skinny and does not look like she gets enough to eat.  She only wears clothes with high neck-lines so no one sees her neck and rib bones.

2.  Offer to do Donald Trump's job in exchange for this money.

3.  Go to the dealer of Nissan, and see if they can help me.

The obvious answer is 2.  My Facebook address is Vivian Lehman of Middletown, Connecticut.  Please let me know which task must be completed with my education and intelligence, as opposed to his illiteracy and stupidity.

1.  The illegal immigration issue;

2.  Foreign policy with North Korea;

3.  The failing economy which will establish Donald Trump's place in history as a worse President than Herbert Hoover;

4.  Something which I am unknowledgeable of because I have not watched television nor read a newspaper since mid-April;

5.  Helping him win re-election;

6.  Ask everyone to buy some groceries for skinny First Lady Melania.

Part II----Thursday July 04, 2019

I spoke to Middletown, Nissan.  They will try to help me.

Otherwise, it was my prediction that everyone will want me to help resolve the issue of illegal immigration, #1 above.  Instead, the majority vote is to feed the starving Melania.  How do we induce the billionaire Donald Trump to buy some food for her?

Friday July 05, 2019

The new school year will begin soon.  I have 25 requests for the Board of Education in every region.  I will list one-per-day.  (All car and car-tax payments are due in 25-days.  I will stop if I receive equal-pay-for-equal-work from my government such that these can be paid.)

Please relay the messages to your representatives on the Board of Education...

1.  All lessons on World War II and the Holocaust much include specification of the religion of Adolph Hitler.  Excluding this fact can only be characterized as lying by omission.  If the lessons are not the whole truth, then such must be deleted from the curriculum.

Saturday July 06, 2019

2.  One book which is likely on the curriculum of high school students is Eli Weisel's, Night.  He claimed to be a Holocaust survivor.  On page 6, he is missing a chapter.  He and his family are at the train station, waiting to enter the Jewish Getto.  They are NOT under arrest and there is no explanation as to why.  Obviously, this raises the question as to whether he was the victim or a perpetrator who joined a movement to exterminate other peoples.  The publisher is Hill and Wang.  Please explain to the Board of Education in your region that the missing chapter invalidates the content.  Please also contact Hill and Wang and ask if they have the missing chapter.

Sunday July 07, 2019

3.  The school curriculum will probably include discussion of the history of the Jewish State of Israel.  Please ask of the Board of Education to ask of the teacher to explain the two names:  Jewish and Israeli.  According to the Jewish people, these are interchangeable.  According to the King James Bible, Book of Ezra, Chapter 4, these are not.

Monday July 08, 2019

4.  Please ask of the Board of Education in your area to review the lesson about how the Jewish people characterize themselves as "anti-assimilation".  Please explain that this means, among other things, that the Jewish Nation of Israel cannot accept our taxpayer money while they accept ???? billions of dollars in aid from us.

Tuesday July 09, 2019

5.  Also ask of the Board of Education in your area to include in the school curricula at least one lesson on the Crucifixes found in these Christian operated, German Concentration Camps.

Wednesday July 10, 2019

6.  Ask of the Board of Education in your area if the children can take a helicopter ride over the nearest Orthodox Jewish Settlement Camp.

Thursday July 11, 2019

I am interrupting this sequence for the following...

Dear Connie Podgwaite's Attorney;

It is my understanding that you are soon going to begin eviction proceedings against me.  Here is what Connie (my landlord's neice) did not tell you.

My landlord was originally hospitalized in October - November of 2017.  During this time, the heat in the house did not work.  In legal theory, I could have reported him to the State of Connecticut.  In fact, I decided that because he was hospitalized, the rules of a tenant/landlord relationship did not apply.  Then, as a very cold Autumn night was approaching, I began to pack my bags to take myself and his cat to a motel.  At such time, a neighbor gave me an extra space-heater he did not need.  So the cat and I stayed in my room, and I took my shower during the warmest time of day; 3:00-3:30 pm.  When Connie and her mother (my landlord's sister) arrived from Georgia, they purchased additional space-heaters.  On November 10th, immediately after Connie was appointed conservator by the Probate Court, she had the furnace repaired.

Furthermore, immediately after his hospitalization on October 01st, I also took a day off of work to, with this same neighbor, retrieve his car.  Additionally, I had personal expenses including paying the Internet bill of $75, and purchasing minutes for his cell-phone, $30, so he could talk to Connie.

Nonetheless, my landlord and I had an understanding.  If I am the...




At-home receptionist taking his phone calls,

I am not also the...


Connie did not want to understand that.

My landlord was again hospitalized on April 26, 2019, and discharged on June 30th.  Connie resolved that the rules of a tenant-landlord relationship applied.  Therefore, according to her, I should give her rent money in the continued amount of $100/week.

By this time, the house had no refrigerator, no washing-machine and no on-duty landlord who could immediately repair anything.  Furthermore, she has been refusing to pay the Internet and cable bills.  Connie insists that is my responsibility.

But this is the most important detail in this story...

After my landlord was hospitalized, he instructed me to assume the household bookkeeping.  I learned that Connie, as conservator, had done nothing.  Absolutely nothing!

There were unpaid bills for which he had to pay late fees.  Most importantly, she had refused to pay the mortgage.  As per my landlord's specific instructions, I made such payment two-days before the deadline for foreclosure.  Then, I made another payment early in the following month.  The next month, my landlord made a third payment over the phone.

According to Connie, I executed this last payment with my feminine voice while impersonating his masculine identity.  This is false and malicious.

Additionally, her allegation that I invaded his closed bank account is also false and malicious.  No explanation is required.

Nonetheless, the next mortgage payment is due on August 01st.  It is my understanding that she does not want to make it because, according to her, there is no equity in the house after the value of the mortgage and cost of necessary repair-work.  I believe there is equity, and this can be easily verified with estimates for necessary work (e.g., new roof, outside paint-job, etc.).

Please explain to your client that if she does not make the mortgage payment, her status as conservator can be deemed null-and-void.  That is, never to have existed.  Henceforth, any legal actions against me will also be voided.

Friday July 12, 2019

I forgot to mention, he is now in a retirement home in Georgia.  I was informed of this move a few days before his discharge on June 30th.  Now, she is throwing me out.  I would like to ask of this same attorney to have her stop harassing me.  She has been asking of me over-and-over to give her the date of my move out of this house.  Furthermore, we did NOT reach any agreement.  I could NOT have agreed to pay her $100/week for a house with NO refrigerator, washer/dryer, Internet or Cable.  At the time I moved-in, all of this was included in the price.  On May 09th, she informed me of her price.  I asked of her to consider all of my efforts to assist her Uncle.  This included responding to his requests to buy him clothes, new sneakers, a new cell-phone, etc., etc., etc., etc.

Monday July 15, 2019

Donald Trump's money is so sexy.  How much does he have?

Friday July 19, 2019

If you are wondering about what happened to me, it has been very very hot.  When I go on the computer, I perform a minimal amount of tasks.  However, I will return to the project of earlier this month.

I still do not know the dollar value of Donald Trump's sexy financial assets.

I do know that he cannot do his job.  I will NOT do it for him.

Sunday July 28, 2019

7.  The Board of Education in your community will include in its curriculum the story behind the diary of Anne Frank.  According to this, during World War II, as rumors of the activities within the concentration camps were circulating, her father hid his family and himself in an annex behind a bookcase of his place of work.  They were eventually found, placed in such camps, and such father was the only survivor.  The missing chapters are...

a.  What type of work did her father do and what type of place of employment was this?

b.  Why was her father the only survivor?

c.  How and why were they found?

No one has ever asked the first two.  The last is a known missing chapter.  According to a magazine I was looking at a few days ago, an FBI Agent is currently investigating this.  I would like to ask of such Agent to re-initiate the investigation with such father as one of the suspects.  Nonetheless, the lessons cannot be taught without the answers for the first two questions.  Please discuss this with the Board of Education in your area.


As I am living in a household with no washer or dryer, I visited a Laundromat today.  While I was there, I watched the news for the first time in a few months.  This has not been possible in a household with no cable.  I learned that the United States Supreme Court is allowing President Donald Trump to use $2.5 billion of military money to build a wall between the United States and Mexico.  In our nation of 330 million people, this is $7.50/person.  It is the price of the sandwich combo I had at Subway Restaurant.  This morning, I ate such for breakfast as there is no refrigerator in this house with which to prepare my own sandwich.  Of course, my rented-room is still worth the original price of $100/week, although I do not know why.  Would Connie Podgwaite please explain?

Trump claims that his issue is national security.  On the contrary, I am certain he has secret campaign promises to his friends in the construction industry to give them work.

Before I give them my breakfast, I am going to resolve the immigration problem.  To do this, I must return to my days as a supermarket cashier at the Grand Union in Mount Kisco, New York.

Many people purchased their groceries using WIC, women-infant-children, checks.  These specified items such as one-dozen-eggs, one-gallon-milk, etc.  The total for each check was approximately $15-25.

Some such customers also used Grand Union member/discount cards to save money on other items.  Such consumers from South America, Mexico and Puerto Rico did not.  Every time I asked for their "Grand Union card", they expressed a mysterious indifference to it.

Obviously, if they are illegal immigrants, and the WIC program already has their names and addresses on file, it should not concern them if the supermarket has the same.  But what if there is someone or some people within the WIC program who is distributing such money to illegal immigrants?

The only thing Donald Trump has to do is an audit to find such person or people.

Monday July 29, 2019

8.  You must also discuss this with the Board of Education.  The textbooks make the claim that 6,000,000 Jewish people died as a result of a genocide during World War II perpetrated by the German people.  Statistics must be cited within a context.  The lone number of six-million means nothing.  It is 10% of the worldwide death-toll from such War.  What we need are the pre-WWII and post-WWII demographic statistics of the Jewish and non-Jewish populations of Europe, while bearing in mind that a large emigration occurred consisting of Jewish people leaving Europe and entering Israel, known at the time as the British Mandate of Palestine.

Saturday August 10, 2019

$1,200 for "hot air"?  I hope not.  And if that is the last thing you have to say to me, I suggest you take a good look at how you lived your life and what your results are.


As you all already know, I am looking for a new place to live.  Currently, my landlord's niece is refusing to pay the Internet bill.  Henceforth, I do not know how much longer I will have a connection here.  Originally, it was my intention to publish the following tomorrow...

Sunday August 11, 2019

One month from now will be September 11th.  It is the day we will memorialized such day of 2001--the day the United States was attacked.  Since the beginning of his campaign for president, and through his Presidency, Donald Trump has, each year, released images to the media which appear to be of him visiting such site.  The media has intentionally discredited itself by publishing such lie with a convincing photo caption.  Last year was the last such year.

This is what we need...

1,000,000 Republicans

...must write to...

President Donald Trump

The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW

Washington, DC  20500

...the following letter.  I would like each correspondence to be unique.  So please, add your own words and/or modify mine...

Dear President Trump;

As a registered Republican, I am trying to be loyal to the Party for which I am a member, and you are its leader.  However, you have never visited one of the most important landmarks in the history of the United States.  It memorializes the day which changed this country politically, culturally and economically.  This is the site where the World Trade Towers once stood.

Next month, I want this to change.

I would like to see you and your family arrive on a boat at such site.  I will be watching

in person.

on television.

on my cell-phone.

Furthermore, as the pro-life agenda is a priority to our Party, I would like you to pay tribute to the unborn child who was one of the victims of such terrorist attack.  Then, I would like to see the First Lady and First Daughter, Melania and Ivanka, give speeches explaining that they have never had an abortion, and why.

I am looking forward to voting for you in the 2020 Election.  Additionally, I am planning on voting for you in the Primary to reaffirm my loyalties to you.  However, if you fail to participate in this day of celebrating our strength as a nation, I cannot perform either function.

It is not too late to find a write-in Republican candidate to challenge you.

This is also what we need...

1,000,000 loyal viewers of

The Today Show

...must write to...

The Today Show

30 Rockefeller Plaza

New York, NY  10112

...the following letter.  I would like each correspondence to be unique.  So please, add your own words and/or modify mine.

Dear Today Show;

I am a loyal watcher of your show.  However, this may soon change.

One of your celebrity hosts is Jenna Bush Hager.  She is the daughter of former President George Bush.  It was during his Administration that the terrorist act of September 11, 2001 occurred.  While it is true that she is on maternity leave now, she should be able to interrupt her schedule to escort President Donald Trump and his family for their visit to the site of the former World Trade Towers on such day, next month.

If this necessary act of celebrating our strength as a nation is not performed, I can no longer continue to watch your show.

We also need...




non-viewers of The Today Show

...to contact your United States Senators...

Senator ___________

United States Senate

Washington, D.C. 20510

...the following letter.  I would like each correspondence to be unique.  So please, add your own words and/or modify mine...

Dear Senator______;

Please make President Donald Trump aware of the fact that on September 11th of this year, I will be observing his arrival at the former site of the World Trade Towers.  Furthermore, I will be listening to his speech which will pay tribute to the unborn child who was victimized that day.  I then will carefully observe the speeches delivered by First Lady Melania and First Daughter Ivanka explaining that they have never had an abortion, and why.

3,000,000 unique letters

within the next 3-weeks.


Saturday August 17, 2019

I do not know which will be shut-off first:  Internet, electric or gas.

I do know Connie Podgwaite has not paid any bill and yet wants $100/week for a house with no refrigerator, washer/dryer or cable.  She is threatening to begin the eviction process.  Furthermore, when I treated her as a landlady and informed her of a plumbing problem, she texted me instructions on how to fix it.

There is another problem.

As I explained, late in April, I took control of the household bookkeeping, even though the Probate Court appointed her as conservator.  I made the mortgage payment two days before its final deadline.  A few days later, I made the next payment.

Sometime in mid-May, someone contacted the mortgage company and said that my landlord was dead.  This household then received the condolence letter and request for a death certificate.  I contacted such company and explained that I am a witness to the fact that he is alive.  The customer service representative explained that they could not receive any such information from me even though my address is the same.  I am certain that my landlord did not make this call because there was no landline in his room, and he was beginning to learn how to use his new smart phone.  Furthermore, he did not have the telephone number of this company.  And how would he explain his phone call declaring himself dead?

Connie Podgwaite lives in Georgia.  Would somebody please ask her if she was the one who telephoned the mortgage company?  If so, why did she believe he was dead?

On June 20th, I arrived home to find that the house had been broken into.  The door was cracked horizontally through the middle by the lock and doorknob.  Upon seeing this, I re-entered my car and telephoned the police.  Assuming that the intruder was still in the house, I dialed 9-1-1.  The dispatcher researched the address in the computer and learned that the police did this.  I spoke to the Officer.  He explained that the police received an "anonymous" request for a wellness check.

I telephoned the helpful neighbor who I have mentioned before.  He witnessed everything and, before they broke-down the door, explained to the police that my landlord was alive and at a recovery center.  Nonetheless, after knocking on the door and telephoning the house for two hours, the fire department was summoned.  They used a crow-bar to break the lock and search the house.

As this neighbor received my telephone call to him, he was at the hardware store purchasing the equipment necessary to re-build the door.  He later arrived and replaced the lock and re-enforced the damaged area.  He did all he could.  Nonetheless, during periods of high humidity, the lock does not work.  At night, I barricade it.

The house has no refrigerator, no washer/dryer, no cable, no secure front-door (as I live here alone), and soon will have no Internet, electric or gas.

And she wants $100/week including back-rent beginning May 09th.

Dear Bank of XXX;

I know you are NOT NOT NOT the mortgage company.  Nonetheless, during the month of May, did anyone tell you he is dead? If so, who?

Friday August 23, 2019

I telephoned both the electric and Internet companies.  My connections will be in effect until the end of September.

How are we going to get President Donald Trump to visit the September 11th Memorial on this date of this year?  How are we going to get the media to stop lying every year about this issue, as they show images of his look-alike at such?

Thursday August 29, 2019

I am treating each update to this website as if it is my last for a few weeks or months.

We now have to boycott The Today Show.

Additionally, I have done some research.  In some States, you can change your political party affiliation.  Therefore, I would like to invite Republicans to join the Independent Party.  (Please be forewarned, it is not easy being one of us cats.  You will have to purr and look beautiful all of the time, especially between naps.  When you sleep, you must occupy the full content of a king-size bed while the humans can only find adequate room on the floor.  Don't forget to meow in the middle of the night.)

When I was 18-years-old and registered to vote, my mother, a Democrat, tried to talk me out of Independent Party affiliation.  She explained that I would not be able to vote in any primary.  Then, she witnessed all candidates pursuing my vote.  Hers was easily predictable, and henceforth, almost insignificant.  Mine was the deciding vote.

Sunday September 01, 2019

A correction...

Of course, I meant you can change your party affiliation any time.  I was referring to this election year and that the deadlines vary between the States.

Nonetheless, the shut-off has not yet occurred.  I do not know what to expect.

This is what I have been intending to discuss for a long time.  I did not have time to mention it before.  Furthermore, I did not know how many more times you wanted me to discuss my semester as editor-in-chief of my college newspaper.

I inherited the newspaper with almost no staff.  Within a few weeks, I found editors, writers, an advisor, and everyone else I needed.  I convened our first meeting.  As per our arrangement, the photographer first photographed everyone as a group for publication in the newspaper.  Then, just the editorial staff such that students would know who to approach.

When I received the photography, I noticed one female with the editorial staff who was not such an editor.  I never observed her jumping into the picture as she was on one end and I on the other.  I was baffled.

As I look back upon this with my life experience, I realize that I never saw her with books, never saw her go to any classes, and never saw her read-and-write.  She was an illiterate who wanted the status of a college graduate without doing the work required.  She thought that if she attached herself to the college newspaper, such status would attach back.

Please recall correctly that Prof. Jane Sicherman and instructor Brodnax were issuing falsified transcripts.  This is how Kathy Sampey and Patrick Whitford acquired their college degrees, while attaching themselves to the student newspaper.

I believe that these three people are only a fraction of those like them.  There was, for example, a person named Henry Rivera.  He attended every meeting of the student newspaper while never writing an article.  Aside from his time spent in such office, he could always be found in the office of the Puerto Rican Organization, but never anywhere else.

As the school year is beginning, I would like all administrative and security associates of all schools to be on the look-out for such people, and remove them from campus.  A few should be arrested for trespassing as a technique of sending a message to others like them.

Saturday September 07, 2019

On Wednesday, September 11th, the credibility of the media will be tested.

If they display an image of an imitation Donald Trump visiting the site of the former World Trade Towers, then they will need to be reminded of an old saying, Lying about one thing, lying about everything.

If they display an image of a real Donald Trump pretending to salute something which appears to be a tribute to this atrocity, then we will have to question the validity of all of their photographic images.

Sunday September 08, 2019

Dear Hitlers;

I know what you are doing.  You are trying to force me out of this house.  Then, you will force me out of my next home.  Then, you will make a deal with me that I can be re-admitted into this house, if I pay the $100/week as of May 09th.

I want you to take these plans, and use these for toilet paper.  This what you should do with all of your thoughts.

I should continue...





Dear Donald Trump;


Please answer the question...

Did Mara Addison of Dorrance Publishing, or did she not, assure you that my book would never be published?

Sunday September 15, 2019

As you already know, President Donald Trump did not visit the September 11th memorial on such day.  While I cannot speak for Congress, I believe everyone is thinking the same thing.  While there is not enough evidence to prosecute Trump for such the act of causing this, there is enough reason to terminate his current employment.  The presumption of innocence and necessity to prove beyond a reasonable doubt are non-issues.  In simpler terms, he must be impeached.

As to my Internet connection, I have been working with Frontier Communications.  While service should be terminated on the 21st, it may not be.  I told them that in addition to all other issues, I do not want to loose the best modem I ever worked with.

But just in case I loose my Internet connection, I would like to remind everyone that if a pro-life candidate comes to your door, you must ask how many abortions she has had.  It is always at least three which are not her fault because if abortion were illegal, she could have forced the father (or that who she thinks is the father) to marry her.

And just in case I loose my Internet connection, this is what I have never mentioned.

As you know, after my mother died, I remained in the house in which I was raised.  One day, after I went to pick-up the mail, I was walking down the the back walkway when a squirrel and I noticed each other.  We greeted each other for a few moments, and then I went inside.  A few days later, I opened the back door, and the squirrel noticed me then ran towards me.  I was overwhelmed at such gesture of friendship.  I immediately ran back into the kitchen and grabbed a collection of almonds and left such on the back stoop.  S/he picked each one up, checked it for edibility, and then buried each one in a different place.

It has been said that squirrels cannot find the nuts they bury.  However, a few months later, I saw her with what appeared to be a dirty almond.  In simpler terms, this animal found the nuts s/he buried.  Her two neighbors would gang-up on her and chase her off of her territory.  They, then could not find such nuts.  Their solution was to take more territory.

After I gave her the almonds, I went to the store and bought a bag of bird-seed.  Every time she appeared at the back-door, I gave her such.  Sometimes, I noticed her on the lawn and called-out the name I gave her, Squirrellie.  Occasionally, she immediately remembered me.  Other times, she had to think about it.  Eventually, she always remembered me.

She always asked for seconds.  Sometimes, I gave-in to her.

One time, as she was walking down the neighbors driveway, I called-out over-and-over.  She stood-up and looked at me.  Then, finally, she began to run toward me.  She stopped, and then proceeded to run toward the back-door.

This neighbor just arrived home from work and wanted to know to whom I was speaking.  So she took her dog for a walk.  Then, this neighbor noticed the squirrel at the back-door, sampling and burying as I was talking to her.

It was a mild winter, except for one major snow storm.  I shoveled the driveway three-times in one day.  Each time I looked for her, but did not find her.  I did, however, find her footprints as she must have looked for me while I napped.  The following morning, I jumped out of bed and ran to the back-door.  I looked out the window next to it.  She was on top of a pole waiting for me.  Then, she looked at me and expressed, It snowed.  I acknowledged as she descended the pole.

She did not know how to explain that when it snows like this, her request for seconds is not a luxury, but a necessity.

I opened the back-door.  The screen-door would not open because it was blocked by snow.  Fortunately, the upper screen had a hole in it.  This was from a few years earlier when I locked myself out.  I dropped the food down to her.

And then I did it again without her asking.

And then I did it again without her asking.

And then I did it again without her asking.

In the middle of the fourth serving, as I was kneeling and talking to her, she looked up at me, while eating, and gestured, It's delicious, thank you.

One day, a squirrel appeared at the back-door.  She danced around just like Squirrellie always did.  I fed this squirrel.  As this squirrel was eating, another squirrel appeared.  As I looked out the window, I wondered why I had two squirrels.

I opened the back-door.  The second squirrel climbed the pole, stood upon it and leaned forward as far as she could.  She looked me straight in the eye and turned her head back-and-forth over-and-over begging me to understand that she was Squirrellie, while the squirrel in front of me was an imposter.  A few seconds later, I ran into the kitchen and grabbed another handful of food.  Then, I opened the door.  The first squirrel ran from me in a way she never did.

One day, I noticed Squirrellie had lost weight.  I decided that next time, if she has lost more weight, I would give her seconds without her asking.  While she was eating, she repeated the gesture, It's delicious, thank you.

S/he was saying goodbye.

Sunday September 29, 2019

This is a test.

Sunday February 09, 2020

Here I am!  It was a wild few months!  When I had to vent my emotions, I went on Facebook.  The battle between my former landlord's niece and myself became very ugly.  Nonetheless, my time there expired.  The electricity was about to be shut-off. The trash cans were repossessed because no one paid the bill.  Additionally, as you already know, there was no Internet, refrigerator or washer/dryer.

Nonetheless, I found a great new place to live.  We finally set-up my computer today.

I am on a new herbal regiment.  I never before took trace minerals.  Now, I am taking Manganese every day.  There is a little story behind that. 

When my landlord was hospitalized, I took some of the cash he left in the house for me, purchased a Mastercard/Visa gift card, and went on-line to buy the herbal blend Padma Basic by Econugenics.  They were back-ordered, and it would take a few days for such to arrive from California to Connecticut.  So I visited the Vitamin Shoppe and purchased a Solaray multi-vitamin.  I delivered such to the hospital.  He took a few pills and it worked well for him.  I decided to take a few myself daily and found my asthma improving.  This was baffling because none of the ingredients had helped such in the past, except the one I never tried.  It was the Manganese.  For the past few weeks, I had been combining it with Solaray Prostate.  While this product may appear to be for men, I have found it is helpful for the asthma.  Yesterday, instead of the Prostate, I combined the Manganese with Solaray's Circu-Legs.  This includes the herb Butcher's Broom.  As of now, 12:34 pm, Eastern Standard Time, I have not had any daily medication today.  My breathing is very healthy.

So we may begin again with an excellent start.  Hopefully, next weekend, I will be sewing again.

Saturday February 15, 2020

I have decided that the time has come to finally explain what happened.

I moved into that home in January of 2010.  The original rent agreement was verbal and set at $100/week.  There came a time where I had very little work.  He accepted no rent money from me and fixed many meals for us.  While I cannot cook, he enjoys the activity and is very good at it.  (Any female who wants to believe it is women's work is depriving herself of a wonderful opportunity to be served on by men.  Any male who wants to believe it is women's work is depriving himself of such pleasure.)

Eventually, there were issues.

The washer/dryer stopped working.  He did not know how much longer he would be in the house.  Therefore, he did not replace these.  We relied on the coin-operated laundry in town.   

I would not go into the kitchen.  While he was never the best housekeeper, it reached a point that I could not enter and did not accept any more free meals.  I purchased a few microwavable dishes every week.  For each such dinner, I would quickly go into the kitchen, fix the meal, run out, eat it, and run back in to do the dishes.  Approximately one-and-a-half-years ago, I stopped doing that.  I relied on fast-food such as McDonald's and KFC.

Another issue was that he did not agree to my instruction to not get on a ladder or mow-the-lawn while I was at work.  While both my employers allowed me to stay beyond my shifts and earn more money, I would routinely leave at the end of my shifts.  On April 26, 2019, I was glad I did.

At some point during these ten years, I do not remember when, I began to give him the $100 every other week.  It was understood that this was to counter-balance all the issues.  As I recently tried to explain to his niece, if we did a complete accounting, the likelihood is that he would owe me money.  She could not listen to that.

In mid-September of 2017, his cat began to cling to me.  She would spend a few hours with him in the evenings, and then return to my bed.

On October 01, 2017, he went to his 50th high school reunion.  On this day, I arrived home from work as he was going out.

At 2 am, he was driving home.  A police officer observed he was too slow and pulled him over.  He explained that he was returning from his high school reunion and lived up-the-street.  The officer saw he was not intoxicated nor on any drugs.  He let him go.

At 6 am, I told the same officer that he never came home.

The officer drove the route that he should have taken home, and did not find him.  We did the missing person's report.  Four hours later, our phone rang.  It was a police officer of another town.  They found him driving around looking for his home.  As he was going into an ambulance, his car was going to be parked at the fire department, and such keys would be on him.

At the time, I had an excellent relationship with the niece.  I contacted her.  She did not immediately return my call.  I had to wait a few days.

A few years earlier, the car was purchased from a neighbor, John.  It was the property of his mother who died at age 90.

I explained to John what happened to my landlord.  John's day off was always Monday.  Therefore, that was the day we had to go get the car. I re-arranged my schedule accordingly.

We boarded his pick-up truck and drove to the hospital.  He was in critical care.  We acquired the keys and drove to the fire department of the other town.  John showed me how to adjust the car's seat.  The vehicle was almost out of gas.  There was a station across the street.  I tanked at my expense.

I drove home as I sat in an awkward position.  The car was not designed for someone of my height.

Finally, the niece returned my call.  She told me, "We are two intelligent women.  We should be able to think of something."

I agreed.  Then, I researched his symptoms on the Internet.  He had a textbook case of a B-vitamin deficiency.  I always have some in chewable form in the house.  I packed that in my bag, as well as a few more herbs, in the Solaray brand, of course.  Then, I went to the hospital.  As I arrived, he was being served dinner.  He was too weak to sit-up.  They tied him to a chair.  When he finished his dinner, I closed the curtain between him and the nurses and gave him his vitamins and herbs.  He was reluctant, but swallowed everything anyway.

The following morning, I brought him more of the same.  He was finally much more agreeable on this issue.  By noon, he was out of critical care and in a regular room.  I continued to bring him vitamins and herbs twice-per-day.  A few days later, he was transferred to a rehabilitation center.  Then, he had a problem.

When they removed his catheter, they damaged his foreskin and left him lying on a bed for half-an-hour.  He telephoned me and instructed me to come and get him.  I brought him home.  Then, his niece arrived.

It did not take long for him to go from being perfectly normal, to rambling incoherently and experiencing extreme weakness.  I explained to her that I could not miss any more work to this and she would have to drive him to the emergency room.

The following morning, I went to work.  At lunch, I telephoned her to ask of the diagnosis.  While I knew it was serious, I was not expecting what I would hear next.

Congestive heart failure, and he took a turn for the worse.

I returned from lunch crying, explaining to my supervisor that I had to leave. He tried to have me explain who this guy is that was in so much trouble, and finally said, "It is up to the man upstairs."

I left work and went to The Vitamin Shoppe.  The books said Co-Q-10, Hawthorne herb, with the amino acids L-Arginine and L-Carnitine.

We researched the amino acids.  I bought the former.  Unfortunately, it was not available in the Solaray brand.  I also purchased the Solaray herbs Tart Cherry and Dandelion Root.  I then went to the hospital.

The following morning, I telephoned.  He explained to me that he was told to disallow my practice of bringing him supplements.  There was a nurse in the background who yelled, "You can't bring that in here."  This was when I knew he was going to live.  I went to the hospital and had him take one more Dandelion Root.

The niece informed me that he had constipation.  She did not tell me, and perhaps did not know, that his other major symptom was his catheter fluid was not clear.

The former symptom is easy to treat.  It requires Magnesium.  I had some in the house.  I did not know that the kidneys use this mineral.

Now the hard part...how to bring it to him.

I called the local pizzeria.  Instead of ordering our usual of a large sausage, I ordered a small. I picked-it-up.  They were amazed it was I.  (A few years later, I encountered the waitress.  She explained that they thought she misunderstood our order.  She was in trouble.)  After the small sausage was placed into my hands, I went into a booth, opened a capsule of Magnesium, and sprinkled it on the pizza.  Then, I proceeded to the hospital with this, and two bottles of Vitamin Water Essentials,  It is enriched with B-vitamins.

Feigning my innocence, I asked the nurses if I was allowed to bring him this.  They asked the nutritionist.  As long as this was not routine, I could.  We then ate the six slices and drank the juice.

After he was finished, I explained.  He thought it was funny.

When I returned at the end of the day, he was no longer laughing.  I suspect he was yelled at.  Furthermore, the nurse entered the room and examined his catheter tube.  It was clear, according to her.

He was transferred again to the rehabilitation clinic.

His niece returned home to Georgia.

His cat was due to go to the veterinarian.

There was some cash in the house.  It was understood this was mine to take care of the cat if anything happened to him.  It happened.  We always conducted this annual journey together.  We would place the cat in the carrier together, drive together, listen to the cat scream together, and work with the vet, together.

This time, I did it alone.  The first thing I told the doctor was to not go over $300.  I did not have it to pay them.

As to the rent, I used the $100 to pay a one person company, Save A Dollar, to clean the bathroom.  She did a beautiful job removing over one decade of filth.  I then purchased a new shower curtain and two new bath towels.  I decorated in the color of green.

Then, the household heat went down.  As a brutally cold night was approaching, I was ready to pack-up the cat and go to a motel. John then gave me a space heater he did not need.

Nonetheless, I established the temporary habit of taking my shower around three-o'clock in the afternoon, the warmest time of the day.  Finally, the date came that the niece and her mother were due to return.  It was to attend a probate court hearing to establish this niece as his conservator.  On that day, I waited and waited for their arrival.  Finally, giving up on them, I took my shower.  As I stepped-out, the doorbell rang.  I answered with a towel wrapped around me.  They then arrived late for the meeting.

On November 10, 2017, the niece had the heat repaired.

It had been my understanding that the niece's mother (his sister) was having issues with wandering off.  Furthermore, I observed once, during the night, that she opened the door to my bedroom and started to enter.  The niece pulled her back.  I thought she made an innocent mistake in an unfamiliar household.  When I spoke to the niece in early May of 2019, she explained to me that this happened several times.

During this visit of 2017, I gave her the Solaray herb Fo Ti, which is anti-aging.  I also gave her Solaray Magnesium.   I assumed that both siblings must require this supplement.  She seemed happy to receive her pills every morning.  I do not know if the activity of opening my door diminished.  However, during her visit, she did not wander off.

Then, while I was at work, they brought him home, and boarded a plane back to Georgia.  I arrived at the house to find him in his usual place of on the couch in front of the television set.

To be continued...

Sunday February 16, 2020

One important footnote...I have been discussing the mineral Magnesium and trace mineral Manganese.  These are two supplements with no relation to each other except similar spelling.

It was a few days after his homecoming that his cat informed me that she was no longer in need of my services.

Nonetheless, he was not the same.  He was weakening and weakening.  The lawn was mowed less and less often.  While I wanted to assist with this chore, my asthma prevented me.  I could, however, assist with shoveling the driveway.  I have always helped with this.  It is not long nor winding.  Toward the end of 2018, John paid a landscaper to mow.  This person was in the neighborhood doing another lawn.  John offered him a second job without the additional expense of transportation.

In 2018, the cat died of old age.  She was at least 11-years-old.

Then, 2019 arrived.

It began very well.  The company I work for expanded my territory of Michael's Crafts stores.  My task is to pack-out the books and create such displays.  I originally had three stores.  In 2018, when the contract transferred from my former employer to this, I had five.  In January of 2019, it became eight.  I enjoy the work.  I organize, organize and organize.  This causes the merchandise to sell, sell and sell.

One day, my supervisor visited one of my stores.  This is typically routine as I am occasionally audited.  I do not remember if this is why she was visiting, or if it was the time that I asked of her to visit to show her an issue.  Whatever it was, she informed me of a store in another district which had been badly neglected.  I offered to visit, if the company would pay for a motel.  The next day she called me and said that was what she was going to do for me.  It was a one overnight stay, while providing me with a $50 gift card for expenses.  I had a Saturday thru Sunday visit.  (If you will recall, it was followed-up by my request herein of all cities and towns to appropriately update on-line maps after road-names are changed.)

The following week, she called and invited me to return for a second visit.  However, a motel and gift card were no longer included in the offer.

I fell into a routine of executing my eight stores on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  Each day would be up to a 12-hours.  On Thursday, I would visit this other store.  Such visits were six-ten hours each as everything needed to be done.  I would break once for ten minutes.  Instead of lunch, I had a large breakfast at either Dunkin Donuts or McDonalds, and dinner at a local diner.

On February 14th, I began a normal menstrual period.  My cycle was that every 25-days, it would begin at 6:00 am.  While I am 53-years-old, I have the gynecology of a healthy 25-year-old.

In early March, the trouble began for seemingly no reason.

A few months later, I encountered on the Internet the geologic term, high pressure atmospheric dome.  According to this, it affected Alaska.  While I understand Connecticut is not Alaska, it was the first thing which made sense since everything started.  The possible "dome" made me miserable.  While my landlord, having been previously diagnosed with the early stages of Parkinson's Disease, never had a chance against it.

On that day in early March, I worked six hours at the extra store, with the usual one, ten-minute break.

I was driving home, feeling normal.  I had only been on the road for approximately one-fourth of the trip home, when, suddenly, I felt myself falling asleep at the wheel.  I opened the window.  It did not help.  I stopped at a rest area and had some ice cream and iced tea.

I went to the diner then home and thought about telling my supervisor about what happened.  Instead, I dismissed it as a one-time mysterious, unexplained event. 

My periods stopped.  While some may interpret it as menopause or pre-menopause, I was certain it could not be.  I had none of the other symptoms.

My spinal spasms returned.

The following Thursday, I executed a 12-hour day with the one break.  I drove home.  There was no trouble.

On the Thursday which followed, the falling asleep at the wheel began at the same location.  I stopped at the same location and ate the same foods.  When I arrived home, there was an e-mail from my supervisor explaining that they found a person to assume that store permanently.  I called her.  During our conversation, I began to explain the situation, but stopped myself while choosing to believe these were isolated incidences.  I therefore agreed to return to such store on Wednesday to train her.

On Monday, I drove from my Torrington store to that in New Britain.  It happened again.  This time, I did not stop as the latter store was close enough.  I called my supervisor from the store and explained that something was wrong.  She said I had "gone above and beyond the call of duty."  She said she would train her.

I then became very weak.  Instead of looking for extra projects in each store during each visit, I would routinely pack-out the merchandise, go home, and collapse into bed, often with throbbing back pain.  I became aware of co-workers who experienced long-term absences without any diagnosis.  My supervisor later explained that I was very pale at that time.

My landlord showed me how to pay the household bills.

In mid-April, I arrived home to find him complaining about "people" who were in the house during the day.  He said they were now in his car and he was going outside to bang on the windows.  I wanted to watch him, but my back kept me in bed.

Around April 19th, I called his niece.  Her husband took my message.  She did not call me back.  I finally called again.  She explained that her mother is in a retirement home.  The facility is locked such that she could not wander off.  According to her, my landlord probably also belonged in a retirement home.

The routine then became that I would come home everyday to find him announcing that we were going to dinner as he had not eaten all day.  Each evening, I waited and waited for him to get dressed.  Part of the problem was that he could not find his clothes.  During dinner, he reminisced on the times that he fixed my car.  He also explained what these "people" were about.  They were performing an "experiment".  At the end of the meal, he handed me a few twenty-dollar-bills as I paid the check.

In simpler terms, he was saying goodbye to me.

I called April 26th, the night he fell apart.

I arrived home.  He was at the front door.  It was slightly ajar.  He explained he had called the police.  He had enough of these "people in the house".  I went upstairs and prepared for their visit.

They arrived, and summoned me downstairs.  My back did not allow me to walk the seven steps.  One officer came upstairs and recognized me.  In 2017, he was the one who stopped him as he was driving too slowly at 2 am, and did the missing person's report at 6 am.  I broke-down crying.

I finally made it down the stairs as the other officer was asking him where these "people" were.  He answered, "One of them is sitting right here."  He then went through the pillows of the couch looking for this individual. 

The ambulance arrived.

There was again some cash in the house for me to take care of everything.

What herbs should I buy?

During the night, I went to a 24-hour shopping center to purchase a Visa/Mastercard gift card.  I then went on-line and purchased Econugenics Padma.  The company is located in California.  The product was back-ordered.  I would have to wait at least one week.

In the morning, I contacted the hospital chaplain who is a Catholic priest.  I explained he needed the Holy Oil.  It is an ancient remedy.

I arrived at the parking lot and called the Father.  He explained that he was just in his room and received the response that he is Episcopalian and did not want it.  I answered that I will be there in a few minutes to "set him straight".

I arrived in his room and did not greet him.  Instead, I explained that the Holy Oil is an ancient herbal remedy and has nothing to do with religion.  He declined and declined as I nagged and nagged.  Finally, I started crying.  He agreed.

But nothing seemed to happen.

At home, on the Internet, I researched his symptoms as well as the fact that I could not get my period.  According to that, we had a deficiency of the Vitamin D.  I bought a bottle and we both took it.  It appeared to resolve my weakness such that I no longer had to worry about falling asleep at the wheel.  Otherwise, nothing happened.

I also purchased a Solaray multi-vitamin.  It included Magnesium and Manganese.  I knew the former would help him with the hallucinations, even though it was a tiny dosage.  After I first gave it to him, he asked if those "people were arrested."  Then, he said, "I hallucinated that, didn't I."  I quietly agreed.  Otherwise, over the next few days, I gave him Solaray's Fo-Ti, Circu-Legs, and a few other things.

After the Fo-Ti, he informed me of another issue.  The house-phone had been ringing and ringing from the collection agency of the mortgage company.  He had not made a payment since October.  The deadline was May 01st.  He explained where the paperwork was.  I drove home and returned with it.  He said he could not manage it and I would have to do the payment.  With his checkbook, I made the May payment.  A few days later, I made that for June 01st.

He was then transferred back to the rehabilitation clinic.

The niece arrived from Georgia.  She did not stay at the house.  Nonetheless, upon her arrival, we went to lunch.  We had a good time talking.  We then returned to the house where she began a clean-up.  I lay in bed.

The Padma arrived.  I brought it to him while I took a pill.  The niece continued the household clean-up.

As he could not walk, I drove to a Vionic store to purchase such sneakers for him.  Two days later, he was walking.

On the day he walked, I had a normal period.

The niece could only stay in town for one week.  She arranged to have trash people visit the house.  She asked of me to receive them.  I agreed.  She explained to them and me that she was not cleaning-out the refrigerator.  She wanted to dump it.  She was also trashing the washer/dryer and living room couch.  The latter was 95% filth and 5% furniture.  They issued a quote of $300.

When they arrived, I explained that they must inform me when they are at $300.  After dumping the refrigerator, washing machine, couch, and two living room chairs with broken legs, they made such announcement.  We called her.  She told me to continue.  (The dryer could not be dumped because it was connected to a gas-line.)  Otherwise, I dumped, dumped and dumped.  The total was $525.

To be continued...

Saturday February 22, 2020

I have to make a correction.  After checking my notes, I realized that, in 2019, he did not walk on the same day I experienced a very late period.  Rather, he walked a few days earlier.  On the day I experienced the period, he walked to the desk of the rehabilitation center.  It was down the hall from his room.

Today, I am working exclusively off of my notes...


MID-SEPTEMBER...His cat began clinging to me.

SEPTEMBER 30TH...He went to his 50th high school reunion.


2 am...Police pulled him over for driving too slowly.

6 am...I informed same officer that he never arrived home. Missing person's report filed.

10 am...Police of different town telephoned me to explain that they found him driving around looking for his house.  He was taken by ambulance to the hospital.  He went from emergency room into critical care.  I telephoned his niece and left message.

OCTOBER 02...Neighbor John and I retrieved his car.

OCTOBER 04...Niece returned my call.  I then researched his symptoms on Internet.  Pursuant to such, I delivered B-complex chewable pills.  He consumed two.  I also delivered Solaray herb Garlic.  He consumed one.


7 am...He took two B-complex, one Garlic, and one Solaray Prostate.

Noon...He was out of critical care and in a regular hospital room.

5:30 pm...One B-complex, one Garlic, one Prostate and one Solaray Maca herb.

OCTOBER 06...one B-, one Garlic, one Prostate and one Maca.  Blood pressure then taken.  Instead of too high, as per his previous health issues, it was too low.

OCTOBER 07...Transfer to rehabilitation clinic.

OCTOBER 08...one B-, two prostate, one Garlic and one Maca.

OCTOBER 09...Against physician's orders, he discharged himself from clinic and I took him home.

OCTOBER 09 or 10...Niece arrived.

OCTOBER 11...Late in day, niece took him to emergency room.

OCTOBER 12...Diagnosis of congestive heart failure as he took a turn for the worse.  I departed early from work, went to Vitamin Shoppe, and purchased Solaray's Tart Cherry and Dandelion Root as well as the amino acid L-Arginine of another brand.  I delivered these to hospital.

OCTOBER 13...I gave him one more pill of Dandelion Root as hospital demanded that this activity ceased.  His symptoms were constipation and unclear catheter fluid.

OCTOBER 15...Niece returned to Georgia.  A few days later, household heat ceased to function.


11 am...I delivered pizza loaded with Magnesium.

6:30 m...His catheter fluid was clear.

OCTOBER 25...Transferred to clinic.

OCTOBER 28...Cat had nightmare at 3:45 am.  I later telephoned him.  He was fine, but understood what I was thinking.

NOVEMBER 07...Niece returned with her mother.  Hearing at clinic with probate court.  Niece attended and appointed his conservator.

NOVEMBER 10...Niece had household heat repaired.

NOVEMBER 11...He was home.


To be continued...

Saturday February 29, 2020

By now, you must understand what an audacity it is for this niece to ask for any money.  If she wants $100/week, then, as of the day in mid-November of 2017 when she was appointed conservator, it was her responsibility to...

Learn how to pay the bills;

Return my phone call immediately after I made it on April 19, 2019;

Board the next plane and work with his hallucinations, rather then wait until after his hospitalization of April 26th;

Replace the refrigerator after she had it removed;

Replace the washing machine after she had it removed;

Repair the dryer which could not be removed;


It is her understanding that rent is pure profit.  This man earned his money by taking care of everything.  When he could not do everything, we compromised the price.


February 9-10...I first visited the extra Michael's Crafts store which was temporarily in my territory.  I stayed overnight at a local motel.

February 14...I had a normal, on time, period.

February 18...I returned to this extra store.

February 28...I returned again.

March 07...I returned again.

March 14...I returned again.

March 21...I returned again, and had issue with almost falling asleep at wheel during the drive home.

March 28...I returned again.

April 04...I returned again, and had issue with almost falling asleep at wheel during the drive home.

April 08...I was driving between two stores which I service in my permanent territory.  I had the issue with almost falling asleep at wheel.

April 19...I telephoned niece to explain there was a problem with him having hallucinations.  She did not return my phone call.  I followed-up and explained everything.

April 26...He was hospitalized.

April 27...I arranged to have him anointed with Holy Oil.

April 28...I gave him vitamin D3, the Solaray herbs Garlic/Parsley, and Solaray's Fo-Ti.

April 30...I gave him two Solaray multiple vitamins.

????...Pacemaker installed.

May 02...His blood pressure was taken in the morning.  It was high.  I gave him Solaray Garlic/Parsley in the morning and Solaray's Circu-legs in the afternoon.  His blood pressure was taken again.  It was low.  He was transferred to a rehabilitation clinic.  He called me and asked of me to buy some clothes for his meeting with niece and probate court.  I went to a Goodwill thrift store and found some in new condition.  For this, I used some of the household cash he left for me.

May 04...I delivered clothes to him.  The niece arrived from Georgia.

May 06...I delivered more clothes I purchased.  I also gave him two Padma Basic by Econugenics.  The Padma just arrived from California.

May 07...I gave him Solaray Garlic/Parsley.

May 08...I arrived before his morning appointment with cardiologist.  I brought him more new clothes.  I also gave him Solaray's Circu-Legs.  He was then transported via wheelchair to her car.  He could not walk.

May 09 or 10...His catheter was removed.  He was able to walk.

May 11...I used some of the cash he left for me and drove to Manchester, Connecticut.  I purchased Vionic sneakers for him.

May 12...He was out of pacemaker sleeve.

May 14...I had a normal period.  He walked from his room to the clinic's desk.

To be continued...

Sunday March 01, 2020

As I was giving him Padma Basic, vitamin D3, Solaray Circu-Legs, and everything else, I was giving such pills to myself, albeit not the same dosages.  He had decided one pill-per-day.  I would sometimes push for two.  For myself, it was often more than that.  I knew we were somehow going down the same path, but was not certain what that path was.  Finally, one day, on the Internet, I encountered the phrase, high pressure atmospheric dome.

Aside from that, I have decided today to discuss the clean-up of the household, with special emphasis on all the contributions made by all the neighbors, including those were never met before.  Everyone seemed committed to bringing him home, but not just home, but to a comfortable home.

When the niece was at the house, she executed a lot of cleaning of the living room and kitchen.  I would have helped, but was lying in bed, after work, with an aching back.

When the trash people were at the house, I asked of them to bring his exercise bicycle from the basement into the living room.

After the niece departed for her home in Georgia, and the $525 dump was executed, I began cleaning...

LIVING ROOM...one weekend.

DINING ROOM...one weekend.

EXTRA BEDROOM...one weekend.

HIS ROOM...two weekends.

KITCHEN...one weekend.

Through it all, I cleaned the bathroom.  For the extra bedroom, I shredded documents throughout the weekend and during the week.  I shredded so many papers, that I broke the machine.  These papers included pay-stubs dated over ten-years-ago.

The neighbor, John, was constantly receiving phone calls from me.

TELEVISIONS...As part of the $525 dump, I discarded the television set in the living room which no longer worked.  He brought upstairs the set in the basement which did work.

LIVING ROOM CURTAINS...We removed the old curtains in the living room.  I trashed one and revised the other.  I also purchased a $10 curtain from WalMart and revised that.  It required a few trips to the house by him, as I kept revising the revisions.

DINING ROOM CURTAINS...We removed the old curtains.  I took these to the Laundromat.  We reinstalled these, yet they still seemed no longer appropriate.  At WalMart, I purchased three yards of clearance fabric at $1/yard, and made a curtain with a valance.

KITCHEN...I could not reach most of the shelves of the cabinets.  We threw all food items out and cleaned.

HIS BEDROOM...He had been sleeping on a pull-out couch since I moved into his bedroom.  After ten-years, I could not condense it.  It took John a while, but he finally did it.

LAWN...The grass was three-feet tall.  I tried to find someone to mow it.  However, it was so late in the season, their schedules were fully booked.  The year before, John paid someone to do it for him once.  This year, John did the whole lawn once, and half of the lawn for a second mow.  Before he did either, he insisted that I go to the clinic and ask his permission.


As part of the $525 dump, I discarded the living room couch and two chairs with the broken legs.  I found two other chairs in the house.  They were not living room quality, but when displayed properly, these worked.  I knew the couch had to be replaced because he liked to watch television while relaxing on it.  I went door-to-door in the neighborhood.  I found someone we never met, who had a couch she wanted to discard.  I also found two neighbors, with a truck, who wanted to help.  We never met them either.  They tried and tried but could not push the couch through any outside door.  The joke was that the house must have been built around the couch.

Nonetheless, there was a love-seat in the extra room of the house.  The two teenage males across the street brought that down into the living room.  My landlord was good friends with the mother.

Throughout all of this, I visited a few Goodwill stores as well as a Restore of Habitat for Humanity. I spent a total of $25 on art for the dining and living rooms.  After he departed for Georgia on June 30th, I knew my time there was limited, but decided that there is nothing wrong with wanting to feel good through that short period of time.  Art has that affect on me.

Sunday March 09, 2020

I will return to discussion of the sequence of events, as well as all the herbs, vitamins and minerals I used.  However, today I would like to talk about the house.

A few days after his hospitalization of April 26th, and a few minutes after I gave him the anti-aging herb Fo-Ti by Solaray, my landlord explained to me why the household phone was ringing over and over again from a collection agency.  He had defaulted on the mortgage.  The deadline for the first payment of a new payment plan was May 01st.  He explained where the paperwork was.  The next day, I delivered such to him as well as his checkbook.  He explained that he was too weak to do anything and that I must do it.  I made the first payment.  A few days later, I made the second, due June 01st.

The niece arrived early in May.  One day, as she was cleaning, I lifted myself out of bed to talk to her.  She explained all the issues with finding a retirement home for her mother.  She was now going to face these issues again for him.  She also told me of her plan for the house.  She was going to allow it to go into foreclosure and have the bank perform the final clean-up.  It was too expensive and time consuming for her.

Her financial plan made sense to me.  However, a few months later, he complained to me that she "had no right to destroy my credit."  Then, it did not make sense to me.

The pressure from the niece for rent money from me was incredible.  It began after she gave me a list of things to do.  (I will discuss the list when I return to the sequence of events.)  This pressure began a few days after the $525 trash pick-up occurred.

During the exchange of hostile e-mails and texts, I had a thought.  What if I did an on-line fund-raiser to buy the house?  At the time, it was my perception that the house was worth $167,000, minus the $67,000 mortgage, minus $25,000 worth of work.

While I understood that very few on-line fund-raisers accrue $75,000, I also knew that talking to a real estate agent would be free.  There was an agency down the street from the house.  On September 08th, a person with 20-years experience in the field visited.

He toured the house.  When he was finished, I asked if I should do the fund-raiser.  I expected to hear, Absolutely.  There is no reason why you shouldn't try.  Instead, I heard an absolute, "NO!"  According to him, the house required over $100,000 worth of work.  Furthermore, considering the fact that it was built in 1959, may have asbestos shingles.  He explained that all that could be done was a "short sale for $40,000."  I assume that would require consent of the mortgage company's collection agency.

I gave him the niece's phone number and suggested he call her.  He did.  I spoke to him a few days later.  According to him, she did not understand.  Nonetheless, he made an offer.  He did not tell me how much.  My guess is $20,000.  She obviously declined it.

Approximately two weeks later, perhaps not coincidentally, a postcard arrived in the mail.  It explained that it could help me arrange for a federal grant to re-build the house.

Approximately ten days later, the doorbell rang.  It was a person running for common council.  (I voted for him, and he won.)  I invited him in for a long talk.  According to him, the postcard was likely a scam.  However, federal rehabilitation grants do exist.  Between the asbestos, and the fact that my landlord is a Vietnam veteran, it was a possibility.

My plan was that when the house goes into foreclosure, I would talk to the foreclosing law firm.  I would explain that if we all start fighting each other, the house will fall down.  If we all work together in that they use their credentials and skills as a law firm, while my landlord (still the homeowner) signs his name to everything, and I allow all professionals into the house, we rebuild it.  Then, he can sell the house to pay for his retirement, or execute a reverse mortgage while I housesit.

I recently researched his address on the Connecticut Judicial branch's website.  No foreclosure is occurring.  To my knowledge, no payments were made.  I believe this because the collection agency left notes on the front door until my departure date of December 25th.  Therefore, the property still might be served with such papers, and my plan is still a possibility.  Furthermore, it is my understanding that the house is not on the market.  The last time I drove by, there was no FOR SALE sign.

But after she removed the refrigerator and washing machine, allowed the cable and internet to be shut-off, did not pay the mortgage or electric bill, and as the garbage cans were re-possessed, the niece executed a formal eviction.  According to her, this was necessary because she had to sell the house to finance his retirement.  Legally, I can no longer enter the property.

I wonder how much that cost her or him or both.

Nonetheless, I would like to ask of the probate court to inquire as to why she declined the only opportunity she had to sell the house.  As conservator, she must always consider his best interests.  Whatever money was offered, it was in his best interest to accept.  And did she have the right to destroy his credit?

Thursday March 12, 2020

I am endorsing Donald Trump for President, 2020, after his excellent first term as Commander-in-Chief.