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Wednesday April 01, 2015

I last attempted entry on this website on February 23rd.  I had issues transmitting.  These were just resolved.

There was a third trip to the emergency room.  This is what happened next.

As per the recommendation of Dr. William Lynders, I was confined for one week to the Secure Unit of the Psychiatric Department of Middlesex Hospital for "thought control", "saying disagreeable things", and using the expression, "don't kill the messenger".

I requested a "probable cause hearing".  It was scheduled on the third day and held in the library of this area.  As per the recommendation of psychiatrist Dr. Tariq Latif, the judge ruled that while I am not a threat to myself or anyone else, it was in my best interest to stay an additional three days.

During my third visit to the emergency room, I asked Dr. Lynders to present a copy of his license to practice medicine.  This was not produced.  After this alleged physician left my room, the person who drove me, also my landlord, disagreed with my reasoning and insisted he must be a doctor.   A few minutes later, a nurse appeared with a few pills and explained what these were.  To make a long story short, even my landlord knew that asthma is not treated with this medication.  After the nurse left, I explained to him that Dr. Lynders could not possibly be a doctor.  My landlord agreed.

As I was being transported in a wheelchair out of the emergency room, the psychologist who reviewed me produced a snickering smile while looking down at me.  I wondered, Where have I seen that facial expression before?

Later that day, I realized my emergency $50 bill was missing from my pocketbook.  I check for it every night.  This means that the last time I saw it was 24 hours before I noticed it was missing.  Security was alerted.  It was not recovered.  The following morning, I made a police report.  After, I remembered why the smile was so familiar to me.

When I worked at Lord & Taylor, this was the facial expression shoplifters had.  Then, I realized something else.

At the time I was exiting the emergency room, I saw the clear plastic bag marked personal belongings.  My clothes were in there, but I did not see my pocketbook and would not see it again for a few hours.

The psychologist is very welcome to write-up her side of the story, and send it to me with the address on file.  I will then apologize.  However, my 20-years of working in retail force me to believe that she stole the money.

As I explained to the police, the $50 was there for a reason.  My asthma medication is $54.  I have no prescription insurance.  I check for the existence of the bill every night because I have resolved that it will never happen that one mistake ensues my not obtaining my asthma medication.

During my confinement, I demanded of Dr. Latif to produce his license.  He showed me his name badge.

If either he or Dr. Lynders would like to produce their licenses, please transmit such directly to my attorney and copy-correspond such to me.  I will apologize on this website.

I have secured counsel to sue the hospital for medical malpractice and other civil wrongs.  If I am correct in that neither Dr. Lynders nor Dr. Latif are physicians, there will also be criminal prosecutions.  At this time, the hospital is refusing to give my lawyer copies of the records.

As part of my confinement, I was asked to sign paperwork asking of the State of Connecticut Medicaid program to pay for this.  I have no health insurance.  I would like to ask of the State to deny coverage.  The hospital cannot sue me for this money because it was a forcible confinement by unlicensed physicians.  However, if they do try to collect, I expect it will be consolidated as a counter-claim with my case against the hospital.

If you are a resident of Connecticut, please call Governor Dannel Malloy and ask of him to deny coverage.  Tell him to use the money to fix the potholes...


If you are not a resident of Connecticut, please call the United States Department of Health and Human Services.  Tell Secretary Sylvia Mathews Burwell that these are not our tax-dollars at work...


Thursday April 02, 2015

Today is Holy Thursday.  It is...




I would like to remind all officials that the whistle-blower need not be correct, only reasonable.

Friday April 03, 2015

While I never used the expression, Don't kill the messenger, in this website nor in the emergency room, this was a primary reason why I was confined to the secure unit of the psychiatric ward.  According to Wikipedia, the phrase originated in Shakespeare's Henry IV, Part 2 and Antony and Cleopatra.

In simpler terms, at Middlesex Hospital emergency department, while in the care of Dr. William Lynders, if you quote Shakespeare, you will be located up as a mental case.

Please use this information when telephoning Connecticut's Governor and Washington D.C.'s Secretary of Health and Human Services.


Dear Middlesex Hospital;

Do not give my lawyer any more trouble!!!!

Give him the records without further question!!!

Saturday April 04, 2015

Dear Middlesex Hospital;

I understand that Tariq Latif has been verified as a fraudulent physician.  And he is the unlicensed personnel we know about.  Why were those registered nurses so severely incompetent as to require training every time I was wheezing?  And why was your nursing supervisor and nursing manager so severely incompetent as to ignore these obvious issues?  They all repeatedly gave me the excuse, "This is not a medical unit."  This is one more reason to deny payment to your hospital.  Your bill is for medical attention.

The next obvious question is, Why am I still alive?  Do you realize that if my estate, rather then myself, was initiating a law suit against you, the object of the action would be in the millions?

Additionally, have you verified the legality of Tariq Latif's status in this country?  If he is an illegal immigrant, he is the one on your hospital staff we know about.  If your human resources department is as incompetent as your non-medical staff, you have bigger problems than imaginable.

Do not believe that because Dr. William Lynders speaks accent-free English and is Caucasian, that he is legally in this country. 

Do believe that you should not quote Shakespeare in his presence.


Dear Judge Joseph D. Marino;

At the probable cause hearing, why did you tell me that you had seen Tariq Latif's license when it obviously does not exist?  Do you know what a license is?  Was the document you saw written in crayon?  That would obviously be more comprehensible to you.

Either way, I want your immediate resignation from the bench.  Recall the old German expression, punishably dumb.  In your letter of resignation to the Probate Court, I want you to admit that is what you are.

And a few words of well intended advise...Do not execute such letter in magic markers.  Please use a pen.

Sunday April 05, 2015

TO; Mr. Vincent G. Capece, President/Chief Executive Officer, Middlesex Hospital

FROM; Vivian Lehman, former patient and future plaintiff

Dear Mr. Capece;

Tomorrow morning, without further incident, please give my attorney copies of all medical records, including copies of the licenses of all professionals involved in my care: Tariq Latif, William Lynders, and all registered nurses who needed basic medical training while I waited and wheezed heavily.  I believe you have already asked nursing manager Dominic and nursing supervisor Marcie who they are.

I also need you to alert the Connecticut State Board of Health to the fact that my fellow patients were exposed to a very dangerous infection.  I tried to isolate myself in my room, but was told that I would be denied food if I did not come out and join them in the community area for my meals.  I had no choice but to contaminate everybody.

Please recall the fact that the nature of this infection is to strangle its victim to death, particularly one with pre-existing asthma.

Monday April 06, 2015

p.s.  And that psychologist had only one reason to return to my room in the emergency department.  It was to give me that snickering smile as I was departing in a wheelchair.  My pocketbook had already disappeared.  Do not try to tell me that she did not steal the $50.  But if you are going to try, you may want to explain what her real purpose was.  Didn't the proud graduate of Yale University have anything more intelligent to do?

p.p.s.  And I want an apology from that security official for his use of a profanity in my room of the emergency department.  I understand he was not raised by my mother--a refined woman, who went to work every day and never accepted any charity from anyone.  He was obviously raised by a welfare-whore who had no knowledge of who fathered each of her children.  I am curious...How many siblings (i.e., different fathers) does he have?  And if he does not like what I am saying, my only response is...If the profanity fits, have his mother wear it.

Wednesday April 08, 2015

Another thing that happened at Middlesex Hospital is that upon my arrival in my room, I explained to the nurse that I have my period.  She then demanded that I give her my panties.

I think I should have been the nurse and she should have been confined to the secure unit of the Psychiatric Department.

Friday April 10, 2015

Dear Mr. Capece;

If you want to ridicule me about the fact that I was forced to undress while only a curtain separated me from the large security official using profanities, which happened at the same time the psychologist experienced her pay-day by reaching into my pocketbook, you can do that.

I can ridicule you too...

Let's call you Middle-sex hospital.

You want to save the rest for trial?

Saturday April 11, 2015

p.s.  But I am glad that she admitted to stealing the $50.  How and when is she planning on returning it?  I would like it to be via my attorney.

Thursday April 16, 2015

Middlesex Hospital still has not given my attorney copies of all the records.  What do you think we should do?

Friday April 17, 2015, 8 am

In two hours, the guy-with-the-tattoos has his court date.  I do not know what is going on.  All I know is that the website says, "Awaiting Deposition".  Furthermore, the docket is sealed.

I would like trial with an opportunity for myself to ask the witnesses a few questions.

Saturday April 18, 2015

The criminal case against the guy-with-the-tattoos has been erased from the records.

Monday April 20, 2015

Dear myambulancebill.com;

As you know, on December 22, 2014, I was transported via ambulance to a hospital local to my place of work (i.e., NOT Middlesex).  And, as you also know, I was billed $660.00 by your company, located in Wisconsin.  You are the billing contractor for this ambulance service, located in my State of Connecticut.

As you also know, on March 18, 2015, I used your website to make a check-payment of $50.77, as per the monthly payment agreement.  And on April 01st, you received another check-payment from me for $50.77 which I made using my bank's bill-pay service.

As you already know, this morning, I checked my bank account, not expecting to find anything unusual.  Instead, I found that today, another payment for $50.77 had been automatically deducted.  When I called your company, I was informed that I had signed up for such automatic deductions by agreeing to "reoccurring payments".

As I explained to the customer service representative, her supervisor, and your finance department, I never authorized this website to retain my account information.  I signed-up for a payment plan only.

Attached herewith is a copy of the bill you issued on April 02nd.  It is soliciting payment and not indicating that any automatic deductions will occur.  Henceforth, I am correct and you are incorrect.

Furthermore, a few weeks ago, I finally received my information for Medicaid enrollment, effective December 01st.  I gave your company such information and, it is my understanding, it was approved for payment.  Therefore, this deduction should not have occurred whether or not I signed-up for this service.

Fortunately, my bank is The Savings Institute.  They are placing a stop-payment on this.  You will pay the appropriate fee.  Do not attempt to pass the expense onto me.

Would you please stop lying?

stupid ambulance bill


Dear Wal-Mart;

Today, I submitted my Medicaid card to your pharmacy in Manchester, Connecticut.  I received a $60 refund on the asthma-prescription I picked-up last week.

Late in February, a few days after my last hospitalization, I picked-up two asthma-prescriptions.  Today, I received a refund for $4 for one item, but they said they could not issue the refund of $54 for the other.  (The $60 item is the same as the $54 item.  The price went up.)  According to them, I transferred the prescription out.

While it is true that I went to refill it in another Wal-Mart, it is also true that I visited such other store today and was informed that the refund must be executed by the pharmacy which sold me the prescription.

Would you please stop lying?


Dear Hitlers;

Did you tell the psychologist to steal the $50 from my pocketbook?  Or was this something she did on her own initiative?

Tuesday April 21, 2015

Dear Hitlers;

I know the satellites saw me check for something in my pocketbook every night before I went to sleep.  (These are the same satellites which are supposed to be protecting our national security.  Of course, the threat of my swinging this pocketbook is much greater than what any weapon of mass destruction can do.  And they call me paranoid.)  Did you see a $50 bill?  Did you tell the psychologist to take it?  Or did she find it on her own?

Part II----April 21, 2015

Or maybe you asked her what it was I was checking for?

Thursday April 23, 2015

Dear Walmart;

I apologize.

I just received a letter explaining why the prescription was not covered by Husky.  It was NOT because it transferred, as your customer service representative explained to me.  The following is the reason provided by the letter I received today;

Our records show that you just received a temporary supply of medication of your pharmacy (i.e., March prescription which was reimbursed to me).  The purpose of this letter is to explain why you could not get the full amount of the medication (April medication which was not reimbused)....

Federal law now says that HUSKY Health cannot pay for your medications unless the person who prescribes it for you is enrolled with the Connecticut Medical Assistance Programs (CMAP).  Your provider is not currently enrolled in CMAP.


I apologize again.  Your actions were non-malicious and exemplifies all the difficulties we all have understanding our new systems of health care.  Everyone is confused.

Friday April 24, 2015

Dear Virena C. Hermann, APRN;

Would you like to deny taking the $50 from my pocketbook?  If so, please place such in writing so I can reproduce it on this website.  I will then apologize.

Would you like to return the $50 you stole from my pocketbook?  Did you steal it while I was in the bathroom?

Now, let's take a look at your report...


HISTORY OF PRESENTING ILLNESS:  The patient reports having come to this emergency department three times within the last 24 hours, the first time from 1 a.m. to 3 a.m., the second time from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m., and the third time now.  She presented all three times with complaints of difficulty breathing and exacerbation of her asthma.  On all three occasions, she was instructed about using her nebulizer and in doing so realized that the patient had not been using a full vial when doing her treatments at home.  Then, on her most recent visit, when evaluated by Dr. Lynders, the patient opened up about some paranoid ideation regarding the FBI being involved, people stalking her, and other unusual concerns.  She was referred for a crisis evaluation as a result.

On interview, the patient denies any previous psychiatric history.  She reports that she had not been using her full vials of nebulizer at home due to worries that if she continues to use something that does not work immediately after a few puffs, it may lead to too much of the medication in her system and therefore may cause medication interactions.  She states she used to work in a pharmacy in 2000 and often heard the pharmacist making statement (sic) about various drug interactions during that time.  She also reports worries that if you take something that your system does not need, your body loses the ability to process it.  She gives the example of taking an herb remebdy (sic) for something at some point and looking in the mirror and noticing the shininess of her eyes.  Her thinking is loose and bizarre at times, in this way.  She also believes that her asthma symptoms are corresponding to her menstrual cycle and has demanded a consult with a GYN here in the emergency department.  When questioning whether the consult was actually ordered, she became quite alarmed and agitated that it might not have been.

She also reports some other paranoid ideation regarding various people stalking her, trying to cut a piece of her transmission on her car, popping one of her tires, and that the FBI is somehow involved in getting these people to stalk her.  When asked who these people are, she says she cannot reveal this as it will jeopardize an FBI case.  She also perseverates on current acts of terrorism stating, "The FBI assumes that terrorists are always Arabs when they can easily be Mexican."  She makes reference to Osama (sic) Bin (sic) Laden and states that "Bin" stands for "Bronx educated" and "Laden" stands for, "Now living in a den."  She also believes that Osama Bin Laden's names is actually "Mendez Antonio."

The patient denies any suicidal or homicidal ideation.  She denies any auditory or visual hallucinations, but her thinking is clearly delusional and paranoid....

She told me she is a Yale University Graduate.  Yet, very mysteriously, she changes verb form;

"....She gives the example of taking an herb remebdy (sic) for something at some point and looking in the mirror and noticing the shininess of her eyes...."

She should know better.

She also must have noticed that the December 2014 hospitalization, as well as this one, occurred during my period.  Why was she unresponsive to this?  Does she ever get her period?  Is she a female, or a male in disguise?  Why could I not make her understand?

Please notice that in her discussion of Usama Ben Laden, she omits, USA.  When she interviewed me, I noticed she does not know that this is an abbreviation for United States of America.

We choose to believe that because she is Caucasian, and speaks accent-free English, she must be legally in this country.  I would like the Department of Immigration and Naturalization to investigate this mysterious ignorance, while bearing in mind this could be a male.

The photo is from Linkedin.  Let's take a vote, is this individual a male or an ugly female?



This is definitely the woman who interviewed me.  (Can you visualize the snickering smile I received?)  However, according to my Google search, Virena C. Hermann is Verena Vogl and this photo and information are not on the former's Linkedin page.

Saturday April 25, 2015

Is the name really Herman Vogl?

She also wrote...

The patient is a disheveled, slightly overweight, Caucasian female who appears older than her stated age.  Her behavior during the interview is cooperative, although somewhat irritable.  Her eye contact is good.  She is alert and oriented x4.  Her concentration skills are within normal limits.  She is able to spell "world" forwards and backwards.  Speech is appropriate in rate and volume throughout most of the interview; however, she becomes loud and irritable at times with certain topics.  Mood is "normal."  Affect is congruent to ideational content, irritable at times.  Thought process is organized, although paranoid and delusional.  She denies any suicidal or homicidal ideation.  She denies any auditory or visual hallucinations.  She does endorse paranoia about being stalked and being involved somehow with the FBI.  Insight and judgment are impaired at this time and inadequate for safety.

According to her profile on Linkedin, she is also associated with VNA Community Healthcare, Yale New Haven Hospital, Georgia Regional Hospital at Savannah, and Tufts Medical Center.

I have a few curiosity questions for her associates.  Whenever she is around, does money mysteriously disappear out of pocketbooks?  If this is a male pretending to be a female, might we assume there is an obsession with this feminine accessory?  Is she a kleptomaniac or a thief?

This is what William Lynders wrote about me.  (Please note, I am not addressing him as Dr. because I do not believe he is a physician.  While the on-line licensure verifies he is, this could be identity theft.)

...When I went in the room, she had been given a neb treatment, which she stopped taking after it was started.  It is not clear how much she got, but maybe half of the neb was in the container when I saw it lying on the side of the stretcher.  The patient reported to me, when I asked her why she was not following up with her doctor, she told me that people who are stalking her probably told the doctor bad things about me (sic) and that the FBI is looking into these people as well.  This type of conversation continued with other paranoid thoughts about 9/11 and terrorism, paranoid thoughts about her own metabolism, how it is different than everyone else and does not respond to medications in the way others do.  Her fiancée (sic) who was here with her also agreed that she is paranoid and would be best by having help.  Possibly she had some psychiatric care once years ago at another hospital in New York when she could not string enough sentences together to explain what went on, and it just deteriorated into another paranoid story about unrelated things.


The patient has been seen by the crisis APRN in consultation with the psychiatrist and we all agree that given the patient's disorganized and paranoid delusional thinking, which has resulted in impairment of her ability to manage her asthma, which as recently as December resulted in a hospitalization, she should be admitted to a psychiatric ward.


I finished the nebulizer treatment.  There was no medication in it.  The head nurse was so focused on my doing a strip-show for the security personnel, that I could not hand it to her.  Therefore, it ended-up on the floor.

Let's take a vote.  Based on what was said above, is William Lynders a doctor?

This is what Tariq Latif wrote about me.  (Please note, I am not addressing him as Dr. because I do not believe he is a physician.  While the on-line licensure verifies he is, this could be identity theft.)

Upon my assessment on North 7, the patient was very agitated, labile, at times hostile, intrusive, guarded, dismissive, although able to engage in interview.  The patient reported that she believes that people are after her, someone cut off her transmission of the car, she had to pay $800, also believed that the doctors are not taking this seriously and questioned the validity of her primary care doctor, "I have fired Dr. Spero (sic)."  The patient also believes that people in the psychiatric unit are not doing their job and she has to train them.  She went on to tell that she has a Masters Degree in Psychology and has worked with famous psychologists in the past.  She was persistently questioning the validity of this author, asking for credentials, asking for medical license.  It appeared that the patient has made comments about being paranoid of people after her, the FBI is stalking her, she was persistently focused on being their focus.  The patient was clearly very disorganized, tangential with loosing of associations and impaired reality testing, seemed to be just reporting her medical conditions and no psychiatric condition.

At the time the patient is denying any hallucinations, suicidal thoughts, but given profound psychotic decompensation (sic) remained gravely disabled, in need of inpatient level of care, she is refusing any psychiatric medications.


She had reported about an ex-college mate and the FBI conspiring against the USA but denies any such thoughts now.  She seems more organized and seems to have better reality testing.



Is Virena C. Hermann an A.P.R.N., Advanced Practice Registered Nurse?

yes      no


Is William Lynders a doctor?

yes      no


Is Tariq Latif a doctor?

yes      no


If you live in the State of Connecticut, please submit your responses to...

Dr. Jewel Mullen

Commissioner, Department of Health

(860) 509-7101

If you do not live in the State of Connecticut, please submit your responses to...

Sylvia Mathews Burwell

Health and Human Services Secretary


Sunday April 26, 2015

If anyone wants to answer me, they can e-mail my Facebook account.  As you already know, I only have one name, Vivian Lehman.  I am located in Connecticut.

As you may have already guessed, I am not including everything above because there are some issues better left for trial.  However, I want to make certain these three-stooges are out of business before my next period.  It is scheduled to arrive on Thursday, April 30th.  This is two months since my February 13th period corresponding to my February 17th-23rd hospitalization.  I did not finish on time, which is unusual.  It is an additional two months since my December/Christmas December 25th-29th  hospitalization.  I also had my period on March 10th and January 19th.  As you also know, I believe Hormone X is the trouble-maker.  I believe this to be prolactin which is functioning on a five month cycle in a non-pregnant, non-lactating female.

Additionally, both hospitalizations occurred during school vacations.  Yesterday, I completed the spring vacation.  Wednesday thru Saturday, I had no work.  I sewed, cleaned and took care of a few other overdue issues.  I expected big trouble, and nothing happened.  This suggests to me that my act of relaxing is a non-issue.  This rules-out the hormones involved in such, whatever they may be.

I will make an entry everyday on this website.  If you do not hear from me, please contact Middlesex Hospital in Middletown, Connecticut.  I will probably be in the secure unit of the psychiatric wing, boasting about the famous scientists I have known as well as my post-graduate degree in this field, while fantasizing about those FBI Agents running after me, and never quoting Shakespeare.

U United
S States
A America
M Mendez
A Antonio
B Bronx
E Educated
N Now
L Living
A At
D Den

Monday April 27, 2015

Dear FBI;

I believe my attorney was threatened.  He is located in Washington, D.C.  Would you please investigate this for me?

Also, is Tariq Latif an associate of Al Qaeda?  He is definitely from the Far East--Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, etc.

Tuesday April 28, 2015

Last night, my attorney terminated our professional relationship.  However, if I am correct in that Tariq Latif is not a doctor, I would like to ask of one of his former patients to serve-and-file a class action suit on behalf of all his patients.  I will join and explain why I do not believe his credentials are valid.

Wednesday April 29, 2015

My period arrived on Monday, five days early.  While it is extremely unusual for me to be early, whenever it is early, it is difficult.  This period feels normal.

The December hospitalization came with warning.  For a few months before, my asthma had been waking me up several times in the night.  It was accompanied by incontinence which experienced its greatest extreme in the emergency room.

The February hospitalization came without any warning.  On my third period-day, after midnight, asthma suddenly woke me up, and would not stop.  I bled excessively on the fourth and fifth day.

This means that tonight is the dangerous time.  If I do not make an entry tomorrow, please assume that I am hospitalized and that they are confining me to the mental hospital.


Thursday April 30, 2015

Made it through the night!  The asthma woke me up a few times and was controllable with the prescription medications.

Friday May 01, 2015

My next period is due on May 22nd.  This day is already marked on my calendar with an X.  This is because on December 22, 2014, I arrived at work and realized I needed an ambulance.  I was treated and released by a different hospital than Middlesex.  On Christmas Day, I was hospitalized at the latter.

I believe my last period was early because the prolactin, most likely hormone X, is ready to complete its five month cycle.  I am also guessing this is the hormone which feeds the area of the brain which makes future plans.

Saturday May 02, 2015

I would like to give Middlesex Hospital something to think about...

I, now, do not have an attorney.  However, when this lawyer contacted them and asked for copies of my records, and as they realized they were about to be sued, they finally asked Tariq Latif for a hard copy of his license to practice medicine.  Of course, he could not produce this.  He then resigned.

The purpose of litigation is not just to make the victim whole again, but also to help the perpetrator understand what correction(s) needs to be made.

Suppose this correction waited until someone died in his care?

Sunday May 03, 2015

One week from today is Mother's Day.  Last year, I sent my mother the gift in the form of a request that someone was going to explain to her former supervisor, Jerome Kalmar, that just following orders is not an excuse to do anything.  It was also my understanding that Elie Wiesel was going to take care of that personally.  It never happened.

I would like to make an appeal to Alice M. Greenwald.  She is the director of the 9/11 Memorial Museum.  She also served as Associate Museum Director for Museum Programs for the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C.  In May, in such institute, she will be opening a new exhibit on the crucifixes of these World War II concentration camps.  Furthermore, according to the Internet, she lives in Brooklyn.  If Jerry still lives in Westchester County, New York, it would be a 1-2 drive for her to see him.

Before she departs for Washington, D.C., I would appreciate if she would deliver my Mother's Day present.

Monday May 04, 2015

A symptom from December returned.  This is my act of coughing while nebulizing.  I therefore took a few drops of the herb Sage.  It is my understanding from Internet research that this will lower the prolactin levels.  It is recommended for lactating women who produce too much milk.  The coughing then stopped.

Tuesday May 05, 2015

No news is good news.

Thursday May 07, 2015

Dear Hitlers;

From now on, every time you attack my employment status, I am going to send people into the Holocaust museums looking for crucifixes.  It won't be too long before these visitors demand their money back.  I do not mean the purchase price of the tickets.  I mean the taxpayer dollars which were used to construct these institutions.

So whatever you are planning for Saturday, forget about it.

Friday April 08, 2015

A VERY SPECIAL THANK YOU TO THE SAVINGS INSTITUTE OF CONNECTICUT FOR DOING SUCH A WONDERFUL JOB OF CONTROLLING THEFT FROM MY ACCOUNT!!!!!!!!!!!  I have been doing business with you since I moved here and am looking forward to many more productive years.

Dear Hitlers;

Here is an accounting of all stolen monies...

  ambulance service, payment made by me on March 18th


  ambulance service, payment made by me on April 02nd


  radiology bill, payment made by me on February 05th


  radiology bill, payment made by me on March 30th


  cardiology bill, payment made by me on April 08th 5.00
LABOR ON MARCH 14th 27.50



I believe all these companies issued the checks.  Where are these?

Are you still giving my money to Mara Addison to pay for the damage which a billionaire did my property?  Are you still using the reasoning that it is for my own good because I do not know what is best for my future income?  Am I still being characterized as "crazy" because I do not understand that her brain is superior to mine so therefore has the right to seize my resources without due process?  Or is this because my act of receiving money renders impotent the married-man-with-AIDS-and-the-$10,000,000-debt-who-wants-to-do-me-a-favor-and-sign-his-name-to-my-manuscripts-so-he-could-have-one-erection-with-me?  Of course, my failure to understand this is because I hate children, am anti-family, do not understand that my biological clock is ticking, or any combination of such.  A psychiatrist was needed to find out which so you could proceed to lure me into the death trap.  The only problem was this was an unlicensed physician who may not have a high school degree.

I know this may come as a shock to you, but the Constitution of the United States was written as a result of turn-or-burn as our forefathers said never again this genocide in the name of religious self-righteousness or anything else.  So please do not ever again tell me that your ancestors were the victims of mass-murders.    If that were true, you would be over-protective of this legal instrument.

Sunday May 10, 2015

Some people choose to believe that there was no $50 bill.  Their reasoning is that they have been closely monitoring my finances and never witnessed such a withdrawal.  Let me explain its history.

Recall the fact that in November of 2008 my pocketbook was stolen.  Instead of buying a new one, I went through my previously used pocketbooks and finally made my selection.  In these, I found travelers checks, foreign currency and, of course, the $50 bill.  I deposited all but the latter, then found a hiding place for the cash which was NOT my pocketbook.

Recall the fact that February 08th and 9th of 2013, we had a huge snow storm which dropped three feet of snow.  Please also recall the fact that I suddenly went through a two-week supply of asthma medication.  My neighbor has a pick-up truck.  As I explained on this website, "The only money I had left was $10 emergency cash....I then cleaned-out my pocketbook and found another $7."  We then drove to the nearest pharmacy.  I used this money to buy nebulizer solution, not an inhaler.

The $10 pre-dated the $50.

I do not recall exactly why I did not use the $50.  Perhaps it was because the total of the two prescriptions would have been more than $67, or maybe I had no refills left on the inhaler, or maybe such refills were in the care of another pharmacy.  As to the latter explanation, I could not transfer the prescription in advance of the trip because our phone was dead.  At the time, we had no cell phones in the house.

The incident taught me a valuable lesson.  After much thought, I transferred the $50 into my pocketbook and checked for its existence every night.

Part II---May 10, 2015

Dear FBI;

Are you so stupid, that you cannot see this for yourselves?

This is what we know...

Tariq Latif is al Qaeda.

Tariq Latif is not a doctor.

Tariq Latif is on record as being a licensed physician.

Whatever program he used to enter his name within the on-line verification system, is likely the program al Qaeda is using for everything else.

Monday May 11, 2015

Did my mother receive her Mother's Day present?

Tuesday May 12, 2015

May 22nd is five months since December 22nd, the day an ambulance took me from work to a hospital while receiving oxygen, and three days before the Christmas hospitalization.

Wednesday May 13, 2015

Today, my sudden dry skin reminded me of the oily-vitamin-E drain which occurred in my system before the December hospitalization.  However, last year, I did not notice it until Christmas Eve Day and therefore took large dosages of it hoping to prevent the necessity for medical care.  But it must have been too late.  Therefore, today, I resumed taking this supplement at a normal dosage.

Friday May 15, 2015

I have been coughing while nebulizing.  Additionally, my asthma woke-me-up several times last night.  I therefore am taking vitamin E and the herb Sage.

Sunday May 17, 2015

TO:  Vincent G. Capece, Jr.

President/Chief Executive Officer

Middlesex Hospital

FROM:  Vivian Lehman

Dear Mr. Capece;

It is my understanding that you have finally carefully reviewed the combination of pharmaceuticals "Dr." Tariq Latif prescribed.  You must have also realized that your in-house pharmacist(s) did not recognize the problem even though the computer should have overruled this.  This was going to be my trump card at trial. Additionally, you have finally recognized this was attempted murder by Al Qaeda and if it were not for the fact that I once worked in a pharmacy, my Estate, instead of myself, would be getting ready to sue you.

Here is my question for you and your nursing manager, Dominic:  "Are your nurses of the Secure Unit of the Psychiatric Wing really that incompetent, or were they told to play games with my asthma medications as Al Qaeda waited for me to die?"


Sunday May 17, 2015

I have not yet begun to tell you how ugly this was.

Wednesday May 20, 2015

Asthma has been keeping me very busy.  Friday is May 22nd, the expected day of the prolactin crisis.

Sunday May 24, 2015

Tomorrow is Memorial Day.  This is how we should pay tribute to the troops who fought in Afghanistan:

VNA Community Healthcare and Yale, New Haven Hospital must resolve to never allow Virena Hermann,  Nurse Practitioner & Licensed Clinical Social Worker, to treat military veterans or those currently serving.

All donations to Middlesex Hospital must cease, especially since the money may be redirected to al Qaeda and finance the next terrorist attack.  I would also like to ask all insurance companies to delay payments due and owing to this institution by at least five days.  I am curious to see how this will affect terrorist groups.

Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy should fire Middletown Police Officer Matthew Silvestrini, badge number 8934.

The health department must revoke the license of Dr. William Lynders.

I know the latter two entries seem extreme, but we are at war with al Qaeda.  The definition of the licensed and/or badged professional is that these people meet a higher standard and are role models.  Therefore, just following orders once, should result in such a revocation.  There is no other way we are going to win this war.

Wednesday June 03, 2015

Dear Hitlers;

We have two rules:

1.  Every time you touch my car, I will send people to fly over the nearest Orthodox Jewish Settlement Camp and photograph what they see.

2.  Every time you interfere with my employment, I will send people into the Holocaust Museums looking for crucifixes.

You have obviously noticed that I made the last payment.  It is too much for you to resist.  You have nothing more important to think about except, of course, for your addiction to welfare.

Monday June 08, 2015

Today I received a letter from Connecticut Department of Social Services, c/o Health Management Systems.  It is located in Texas;

Health Management Systems, Inc (HMS) is contracted with Connecticut Department of Social Services to identify and recover Medicaid funds.  Federal and State law requires the identification of anyone who may be responsible for paying the medical expenses of a Medicaid recipient.  Our investigation indicates that you received medical services on the below referenced date (02/17/2015) from the below referenced provider (Middlesex Hospital).  Please answer the questions on the back of this form and return this letter in the enclosed envelope....Failure to complete and return this form may result in the termination of your Medicaid eligibility.

The form inquires as to whether or not the services provided were as a result of an accident, whether or not I have an attorney, and if I received money from this event.


Connecticut Department of Social Services

c/o Health Management Systems

5615 High Point Dr.,  Suite 100

Irving, TX  75038


FAX:  866-276-1176

According to the written records of Dr. William Lynders, I was confined to the secure unit of the psychiatric hospital because I used the words, "Kill the messenger."  I said no such thing,  but even if I did, it is a quote from Shakespeare. 

During my confinement, I was told that if I did not take the prescription drug Haldol, I would never be released.  A side-affect of this is asthma.  While it is true that I hid every pill in my mouth and then dumped it in the sink, it is also true that I could not stop some granules from entering my body.  It is a very powerful drug.  A small dose is a substantial dose.  Additionally, they combined it with the anti-inflammatory drug Prednisone.  I willfully took this latter pharmaceutical to treat my asthma.  However, the two pharmaceuticals cannot be combined because they both act on the nervous system.

Of course, I had severe asthma attacks.  I then had to wait up to two hours for treatment.  Their excuse each time was, "This is not a medical unit."  Obviously, there was a medical unit downstairs, one flight away.

Please contact the above and explain VIVIAN LEHMAN was confined against her will for six days for quoting from Shakespeare, and then routinely treated for asthma which they caused.  Furthermore, she survived a potentially severe drug-interaction.  She prevailed because she worked in a pharmacy a few years ago and knew not to take the other medication.

IT WAS ATTEMPTED MURDER.  They cannot collect for that.

Please also tell this government agency that if Middlesex Hospital does not agree with what I am saying, they will sue me for libel.  If I do not hear from an attorney within the next five business days, they are tacitly agreeing with everything I am saying herein.

Wednesday June 10, 2015

It should also be noted that from my third visit to the emergency room on the date of February 17th, until my discharge on February 23rd, the quantity of times my lungs were listened was two.  Once upon my arrival, and the second at the time of my discharge.  The latter was over one hour after the administration of the Haldol.  I had my resultant asthma attack within the hour, received treatment and then the internist arrived.

The hospital knew that if an internist were to routinely check on me, such individual might arrive within the hour after my act of taking the Haldol.  Henceforth, this individual would have discontinued the prescription.

During this date range, not one nurse in the psychiatric unit ever listened to my lungs.  They routinely checked my blood pressure, pulse and blood-oxygen level.  It is possible that they did not know how to use a stethoscope.  This staff was on a level of incompetence not known in 1,000,000 years of human evolution.  Even though they had me open my mouth after each dosage of the Haldol, it was very easy for me to hide the pill.  None of them ever noticed that I ran to the bathroom immediately after.

Sunday June 14, 2015

I still have not heard from any lawyer.  So...

Dear American Bar Association of Hartford, Connecticut;

Would you please have all available and appropriately qualified attorneys contact Vincent G. Capece, Jr., President and Chief Executive Officer of Middlesex Hospital?  The main number is 860-358-6000.  I would like these individuals to offer to represent this institution in a libel suit against me, Vivian Lehman.  The cause of action is for writing herein that my forced hospitalization, occurring between the dates of February 17 and 23rd of this year, was an attempt to murder me.  Furthermore, it was planned several months in advance as phony doctor, Tariq Latif, was stationed in the secure unit of the psychiatric wing, where I was locked-up; pre-meditated attempted murder.

I have something tangible to sue for.  Bear in mind the fact that the $300,000 house in Coventry is still titled in my name.  Its address is 891 South Street.

If he chooses not to render such legal services, I would like these same attorneys to counsel him on sending a fraudulent bill to Department of Social Services:

1.  The hospital induced asthma attacks by giving me Haldol.  Then, it administered treatments for which it wants to be paid.

2.  Tariq Latif did not administer any services as a psychiatrist.  However, it is my understanding that he is billing for "reality testing" and a few other items.

3.  Social worker Lauren Vitale wants to be paid for rendering no services except her time of identifying herself to me, then explaining that the reason for my confinement was "thought control" and "saying disagreeable things."  This was a total of five minutes.  As I understand it, she is billing for several hours of services.

The bottom line is that Middlesex Hospital must sue me for libel and collect on this bill, or neither.  Which is it going to be?

Friday June 19, 2015

I still have not heard from any lawyer.  Let's talk more about this.  That hospital cannot deny the fact that this was attempted murder.

On February 18th, I was admitted.  On February 19th, I awoke to wheezing.

Recall the fact that this was an environment in which I would be checked-on every 15-minutes.  At 4:45 a.m., as a nurse opened my door and found me awake, she introduced herself by her first name.  She must have heard me wheezing, I was so loud.  But she was unresponsive.  I said with a nasty tone, "You can leave now."  I emerged from the room and entered the community area informing her of the issue.  She gave the excuse that I told her to go away.  Henceforth, I was not treated.

Can a licensed professional make excuses, particularly of such childish nature?

She then made a telephone call asking for instructions.  I believe this call was a fraud because it is a statistical impossibility for me to have been the first and only asthmatic this department has ever seen.

I had to wait until 5:30 a.m., 45-minutes, for treatment.  During this time, I had a long conversation with Marcie, the nursing supervisor.  She saw nothing wrong with the delay in treatment and was unconcerned with my wheezing.  As you know, she did not listen to my lungs.

On February 19th, at 2:45 p.m., I began wheezing again as I sat in the community area.  At 3:45, the occupational therapist of behavioral health, Tammy, introduced herself to me.  (It is also my understanding that she billed for services.  This was the only time we spent together.)  At 3:50, nurse Jen arrived for work and introduced herself to me.  Then, I stood near a nurse named Angie as she walked back-and-forth in front of me looking for the television remote.  I was practically wheezing directly into her ear.

My wheezing was very loud, and ignored by all three women.

At 4:45, Dominic, the nursing manager, walked past me.  When I was certain he was ignoring me too, I explained what was going on.  He appeared shocked, although I am certain it was an act, unless he was surprised to still find me alive.  I then said, "If your nurses are incompetent, don't you think you should apologize?"  He answered, "They're not incompetent."

I then received my nebulization.  As the devise was in my mouth, a different nurse explained to me that if I am not feeling well I should inform them of this.  She bent-over, attempted to make eye-contact with me, and asked "Does that sound like a plan?"  She wanted an answer.  Of course, I could not say anything.

I realize that the phrase, Does that sound like a plan? is often used in our culture.  But was this just her commonality, or was she referring to a bigger "plan", one which did not take into consideration that at least ten other patients would witness my death as a result of medical negligence?

Wednesday June 24, 2015

I visited Middlesex Hospital today and acquired a copy of the bill.

Room & Board, 6 days


Nebulizers for asthma 264.00
Drugs/other 981.00
Medical supplies, nebulizer 11.00
Laboratory 22.00
Lab/chemistry 500.00
Lab/Hematology 38.00
X-ray 385.00
Emergency room 2,017.00
Prednisone drug 66.00
Ed Psych Diagnostic Evalu 800.00
Pf ed level 5 comprehens 1,750.00
TOTAL $24,702.00


The sequence of events is...

Hospitalization February 17-23, 2015
Phone calls to CT Governor and US Secretary of Department of Health & Human Services April 01, 2015
Medicaid Payment $6,750.00 April 29, 2015
Medicaid Adjustment, $17,952.00 May 11, 2015
Phone calls to Health Management Systems June 08, 2015


The phone calls to Health Management Systems were superfluous.  It looks to me like Middlesex Hospital accepted payment for...




The figure of $17,868 is room and board.





I am not certain what else they eliminated.  I cannot find anything which corresponds to $84.00.  Nonetheless, the $800 Psychiatric Diagnostic Evaluation was paid for, unfortunately.

As you can see from the sequence, our first voice was heard.  The second set of phone calls was not necessary.


I feel so much better.